Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, November 10, 1899, Image 1

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    Oregon Ci
ty Enterprise.
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Ormion Oily, Or.
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LADIES SHOES to make room
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Republicans Take Nearly Everything In
factional I'lgliU In Maryland Puts It
In the DciiKM rallf Column, 'union
ists t'arr liraka and
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Induce and Commission Merchants.
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IliKUat rr,.,k,t ,!.., ,,j for WhM 0lU
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ualwh, ( il.l rroani. all kind of
Ihfft"1"! billfaok.
; H m Uiit (rtn Cltjr, Or.
lUilroa l Tickctn U all outi East at low rates.
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H Brlr work a HHUr.
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Mttni aiaia.L ita aramaaa.
t. aO la I lia. d.MMal4. Maiaa rol-
J4 mIIi atrhant on all t-HnU
K'MaiM, Ktirt.M aul llu Knaa
11 mn, a.ib).ri ( cbart ak
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-ttOt'ktTTK. rmtilanl.
r. J. MKTKk Caahit.
Unlcrnewmanaiem'nt The Electric Hotel
Itaa Ixt-n thoroughly rvfilti'd anl in future
will comliiiU-.l on t strictly firnt claM
plan. Fint-claaa taMo aorvice at as reason
ahloraU iascan LohaJ in the city. Prompt
ami cjx'cial attention given to banquets.
My many fricndu and tho jrcneral publijare
roHially invit.-d to stop and see me.
JAC00 CASSELL. Manaeor, Oregon City, Oregon.
Com Miii a.O., Nov. 7. Tlie returns at
hanl alio tlutt Ju la (ieore K. N.ili,
rep., la liM:t(i governor by a plurality
ol 30,000 to 40,000.
After U p. m., the rnturna ah owed Mia
(IdiiiocuUc Kalna in Cincinnati and other
oitit-a wr rlucd and that McUin.
dam. waa likely third at Cleveland, and
oaalhty at ToUdo, in which cities Jones,
nonparilaan, drew much more heavily
from the democrats than from the re
publicans. At Ibe lime time, the re
publican net xaine outalde of Cincinnati,
Cleveland and Toledo were increasing at
sucu a rate as to indicate a plurality of
from 30,000 to 40,000 for Judge Xaeh (or
governor and the entire republican atate
ticket, including a majority of the legis
lature. Chairman Dirk had, previously to the
eUt-tiun, realodIy claimed the election
of Hie entire republican atate ticket by
not lea than (000 plurality. Ho far
tonight he baa refuaed to give any
Igurea, but those around him aay that
this means that he now hai reasons to
change his firat figure.
The later returns srem to be growing
in fsvor of the repubiicnni, especially
aince tli returna indicate that Jones
burl the democrats much more than the
republicans in Cleveland, Coluuibu
and other cities, while the first re porta
Indicated exactly the oppoaite effect,
Judge Naih it receiving the congratula
tion ol hisfiiendt and neighbors at the
Neil house. After ll p. m., beaaid:
"I claim my election by at leaat 30,
OX), but I am too much engaged to giye
statement of the Cannes or to analyse the
returns of the pres."
The banda and clubs are out serenad
ing him.
At 11:30 p. m., Chairman Dick gave
out the following:
"Tbe returna from Hamilton, Cuya
hoga and Locas countiea are as yet too
meager to give definite figures. Enough
bave been reeei ved to Indicate the elec
tion of Judge Nash by a grater plurality
than that of Governor Bushnell, two
yeara ago, which was 28,1)13, thus insur
ing the election of the entire republican
slate ticket. ISotli branches of the legis
lature are republicans."
bellies, Attorney-General W. 8. Taylor
republican, Ima been elected governor ol
Kentucky by a majority variously esti
mated at from 7000 to 15,000 over Ooebel
dem. Iieturna received opto midnight
also Indicate the election of the entire
republican ticket, while the coi.ipleaion
of Ibe leglilalure Is In doubt.
The weather throughout the slate was
perfect, and more than an average rote
was polled, the total falling but little
short of the vote polled In tbe last presi
dential election. Comparatively little
disorder prevailed, and, aside from sev
eral arrette lor alleged violationa of elec
tion law, the election was characterized
by a remarkable degree of quietude.
Governor Bradley remained in Lonla-
ville during tbe day, and had the Looie-
ville Legion in readiness for marching
orders. Tho militia was called out after
the close ot the poll to enforce an in
junction granted by a local Judge, Lot
tbe presence of the militia waa not
needed, and the companies were soon
ordered back to the armory.
Chairman Long, of the republican
campaign committee, aaid at midnight
that Taylor'a plurality would not be leu I
than 15,000; that Taylor bad carried the
third, fourth, fifth, ninth and eleventh
congressional districts, while the eighth
and tenth were close. Tbe republicans
have made heavy gaina in most all of
the democratic atrongholds, which were
expected to give Goebel large majorities
Chairman Long claimed Louisville for
the republicans by Irom 3000 to 5000
i DittSfir.lt.
w JlrKntrt- k'sHlio Hiors, near
! Hank ol On gun City.
UlClTt, .
"tumor raoraatv rcaaiaaao.
'ttk0ri.m CUt Knirrirl-a
Hoi the Northwestern Unlvcr
M Dental Hchool, Chicago,
""csn College ol iHmtal Hurgery,
"nietta Mock, Oregon Clly.
l0rOKK(ic CITY,
taoi dobsi ii tit cur.
, . . .
viiai. , ctrnaLiv
eso. a. at am Me,
a. e avriat.n.
'nfhn," trati.aotod.
'Hi. ..'if "' ' "r part ol th world
KekiMA'"". on I'ortlaud, Bau
Syracuse Chilled Plows
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Easy to Fix." Wo carry tho largest
Stock of Hardware in tho City.
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Jobbing Neatly Done . . . .
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WJT, 031.
Oovarnor Shaw's Plurality Will Be
About 00,000.
Pea Moinks, la., Nov. 8. At 1 :30 a.
m.,bS0 precincts out of 2082 in tbe state
give Shaw.republican, for governor, 91,-
5'J.T; White, democrat, 67,505. The
same precincts, two years ago, gave
I Shaw 80,505; White, 73,31)2. This is a
net republican plurality of about 60,000.
There are a few republican gains in
! the legislature, and the indications are
the republicans will have 115 of the 150
icembers. The indications are that the
republican total vote wilt show a de
crease of 0 per cent from two years ago,
and that the democratic total vote will
show a loss of about 10 per cent.
Chairman Huffman, of the democratic
state central committee, concedes the
state by 40,000 while the republican
state chairman claims it will go 05,000 or
KlblUhed IH9S.
IT n
and Exjifejiji,
M and Darnnl 1..1lnAM.l
I'lrta of the city.
o all
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In Baking
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factured by the Portland
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Republicans Carry th State by 80,000
Trknton, N. J. Nov. 7. The returns
at midnight indicate that the republi
cans have carried the state by about 20,
000 plurality, although there was no di
rect vote on a state ticket. The republi
cans will control both houses of the leg
islature by good working majorities, and
will have an increased representation in
the houseof assembly. The republicans
have elected senators in Camden, Glou
cester, Somerset, Union and Essex, and
probably in Salem, and Monmouth. The
democrats have elected but one senator,
in Warren.
The senate will stand 14 republicans to
seven democrats. The democrats lost
three assemblymen in Middlesex and
one In Salom, and the next assembly
will be composed of 41 republicans and
10 democrats, as against 37 republicans
and 23 democrats last year. The result
In Monmouth is very close, but it is be
lieved that the republicans have elected
Francis senator, and that the democrats
have elected assemblymen and county
ollkers. The republicans carried Cum
berland for the assembly, but the demo
crats elected the county clerk And sheriff.
The republicans carried their entire
ticket in Middlesex and Union counties.
Th Canal Majorities Prevail la lb Old
r States.
Bobtos, Nov. 7. The republicans car
ried Massachusetts today by 65,000 votes
electing XV. Murray Crane governor,
The entire republican state ticket was
elected by practically the same plurality
as the head of the ticket, and the legis
lature of 1900 will also be republican by
the usual majority, there being few
changes in either branch.
Tbe total vote for governor, with one
town missing, was as follows:
W Murray Crane, rep 108,840
Robert Treat Taine, jr. dem 103,812
The same towns in 1803 gave Wolcott,
rep. 191.198; Bruce, dem. 107,957. Tbe
result shows a net republican lone of
Tbe senate of 1900 will stand 31 repub
licans and nine democrats, and the
house 160 republicans, 70 democrats, 2
socialists and 2 independents. This
shows a loss of two republican senators
and three republican representatives.
In addition to the three republican
places the democrats today hare also
filled two seals held by independents
last year. While tbe socialists lost a
representative in Haverhill, tbeir candi
date for governor led the democratic
nominee in that city and in other parts
of tbe state tbe socialistic doctrine waa
given some indorsement.
Autonomous OoTrnmnt E.tabllahed
In th I.land or Ns;roa.
Largo Republican Gatna In Man y Demo
cratic Strongholila.
Louisville, Nov. 7. By the combined
efforts of the republicans and anti-Goe-
Manila, Nov. 6, 11:15 a.m. At
Bacolor, in the island of Negros, the
autonomous government of the Filipinos
was established today. General Smith,
governor ot the island of Negros, admin
istered the oath ot office to the judge ot
the supreme court who, in turn, swore
in tbe governor, three judges. 12 council
men, tbe auditor and secretary of the
interior, ,
Tbe natives ot the entire island at
tended the ceremony, The officers from
Ilo Ilo were also present. Three days'
feasting will follow in celebration of the
new government and the first anniver
sary of the surrender of the Spaniards
to tbe Negros revolutionists. American
fioga are displayed in the village. Tbe
celebration consisted of horse racing and
other sports, music, religious functions
and illuminations. The hall tonight at
tracted the wives ot the wealthy planters
and there waa a great display of rich cos
tumes and costly jewels such as would
be seen at a similar affair in America or
Elections were held October 2, the
number ot votes cast being 5233. There
were 43 caudidates tor the various oQices.
Melecto Kevirnio was elected governor,
receiving 1305 votes. Senor Gaime re
ceived 1277 votes. Suffrage was deter
mined by property qualification and
ability to read and write.
Colonel Minor welcomed the officials
on behalf of the United States. In tbe
course of his remarks be said : "Negros
leads in the van of civil government in
the Philippines. Your honor lies in
adding a new star to freedom's flag."
General Smith, during a speech which
he delivered, said : "Your future prom
ises as brightly as Japan's, who today is
recognized as among the civilized nations
of the world.
Senor Revirnio, in replying, said that
the best thing for the future ot Negros
was the continuance of close relations
with the United States.
General Smith then announced the
grauting ot freedom to the political pris
oners in commemoration of the event.
Th T.ata.l KUatlon Kaw.
Despite democratic claims in Ken
tucky, Taylor, reo., for governor, has a
plurality of 6000 or 8000. The returna
are Incomplete, but the counties to be
heard from are strongly republican. The?
Goebel people cling to their claim of
5000 plurality. A contest seems inevi
table. The democrats probably have tha
legislature, and, In the event of a con
test, It will come before it. A fact to be
reckoned noon, however, is the strength
of the antl-Uoebellt in the legislature.
who may hold the balance of power.
Returns In Ohio are still incomplete.
Unofficial republican returns give Nash
a plurality of 50,364 over McLean. The
Western Union figures are 40,206. That
democrats claim a majority of 33 in the
general usemblv,
Io Maryland, the democrats will have
a majority in the legislature of 45 on
Joint ballot. J. W. Smith, for governor,
was elected by 11,000 majority, and the
other democratic candidates fared as well
The New York assembly will stand 93
republicans and 57 democrats, a republi
can gain of 12.
Great republican gains are shown in
New Jersey, the pluralities running from
16,000 to 20,000.
With nine counties to bear from.
Governor fchaw, of Iowa, baa a plurality
of 60,000. In the legislature, tbe re
publicans gain 17 votes on joint ballot.
The fusionists carried Nebraska by not
less than 12,000.
The complete vote in Massachusetts
for governor follows: Crane, rep.,
168,876 ; I'aine, dem., 103,814 ; republican
plurality, 66,062.
In Pennsylvania, Barnett, rep., for
treasurer, baa 109,465 plurality over
Creasy, dem.
The republican majority in South
Dakota waa 4070.
Outside of Denver and Arapaho county
the republicans made gains in Colorado.
Returns in Kansas show republican
The plurality of Pbelan, dem., over
Davis, rep., for mayor of San Francisco
is 7756.
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