Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, October 20, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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Oregon City Enterprise.
gPutlllie1 Kvry Friday.
L. I- rOKTKK, I'aoraiaroa.
Onsyrar U1
Nil tiionlhi 1 '
Trial subscription two nionthi 23
A discount ot .V rents on all subscriptions
Jbr on vrar, 23 cenla (or ail monilia, tl
paid in aitiauca.
Advrril-ing ratra lvn on application.
to Rln unli'M pun-hams! within tlx
months from the date o( the trvaty. It
1 matter of rvgret that tome couhl not
be secured.
8uosrntrs ill find Ilia dat of uplra
tion laii-rd on ihelr aia following
tholr nam. II Ibia data la nut changed
within two tffki after a pavnirnt, kindly
notify oa and w III look aAar IU
Entered at tit poalofllca In Oregon City,
Or., a second claaa mailer.
Beaver Creek..
Clark am aa
Union Mills...
alra.l.w Uroot.
firm Kra
Wllsonville ....
I'ark place
Manilla m
Eagle I'rwk..,.
Cherryvill ,
...,1'r.T. It. Thomas
Oeo. Knlk'ttt
A. Mather
lrar Wissinirer
O. J. TnillinKsr
t'hu. Ilolnian
W. H. Newberry
Henry Miley
t L. Ktissell
C.T. Howard
R. M. Cooper
Annie Hliibhe
E. M. Harm. an
B. Jennings
.... Henry A. Hnyilrr
11. Villrn
J. C. Klliolt
K. Oo-tach
....... Geo. J. Curnn
.Mra. M. J. Hammer
Adolph Aacbod
Ahmiiul Dsv, In hia recent Inter
view with President McKinley, rrlutei
the widely scattered statement of Ag
ulnaMo that the Independence ot the
Philippines was promised him when he
went from Hon Kong to Manila. Fur
ther, the admiral made the emphatic
declaration of his desire to have It known
that he favored auhjet-tion of the Tagals,
and particularly requested the order for
the tailing of the Prooklyn and other
ahi to Manila be accompanied by the
statement that they were sent at hia
sicial request. Probably thia will
prove not lees di heartening to the in
surgvnts in Luson than to the Agulnald
iaU In the United Plates. Oregonian
'The way to build ip Ores." City
la t fire Urrgoa lit; People year
All Americani re joire in the work of
the Columbia, althongh the Shamrock
is a splendid boat and managed by a
true sportsmsn.
Tin Illinois federation of labor bat
dropped from itt statement of principles
the declaration of free silver in spite of
an attempt to retain it.
Jokes, of the National Democratic
Committee tayt it is to be the tame old
issues with new ones added. If the
democratic party would gel some seDse
tbe issues would not be bothering them.
EsGLA.sa is sending a larger force to
South Africa than she did to Egypt or
had under Wellington at tbe battle of
Waterloo, and twice tbe force she tent
to Crimea. England intends to make
an end of the question as to who is the
ruler of South Africa.
As an evidence of the friendship ex
lating between Great Britain and
America the consuls of the latter will
look after the interests of the former in
the Transvaal during the war just broken
out. Eugland stood by us when we
were having trouble with Spain and we
should reciprocate.
Is tbe Venzuela loundary decision
Great Britain gets the bulk of the land
contended for, although the former gets
Borne territory that Salisbury was un
willing to euhinitj to arbitration, The
English gained the bulk of the conten
tion although they lost important terri
tory that they wished to hold.
Govkhnob W. V. Thaybb who died in
Fortland the first ot the week was one of
tbe beat known men in Oregon, He
was a man ot strict integrity, large ex
perience and ability of do mean order
He took a leading part in the history
and development of Oregon. Being both
governor and on the supreme bench he
did much for the state and did it in a
manner that was a credit to the state
and to himself.
Bevan is in Kentucky, denouncing the
government of the United States for not
hauling down the flag in Luzon and turn
ing the sixty tribes in the Philippines
over to the Tagals. There is no prospect
that tbe unscarred Nebraska colonel will
adopt the patriotic sentiment of Ore
gon's staunch old-line democrat, Judge
John Burnett, of Corvallis, who pithily
says that "if a man can render the gov
ernment no other assistance, he can at
least held bis hand over his mouth.
Wab Is a calamity but when it must
be had it should l made as shoit and
decisive as possible. England recognises
this tnd it tending a man, HuMer
South Africa who baa the reputation of
striking hard. Before he would go he
had to given absolute command and
allowed to select his own staff. It is
said that he will cut the wires behiml
him when he is once in the Geld so that
ne cannot De interierea with by the war
office. This it auspicloua for England
even if she had an equal foe. The mlli
tary commander that has confidence in
btmself enough to go into the enemy's
country cutting his communications be
hind him makes a situation where be
must win. This it the way successful
war it carried on. All great commanders
have acted on this basis when necessary.
Thi Boers have declared war and are
going to try and whip England, a large
task. The Boers will win at first and
probably will win victorious of consider
able importance but defeat in the end is
asiured and all persons that understand
the situation tee nothing but folly in the
diclaration of war. England is too large
a foe for the Transvaal and the latter
made the diplomatic mistake of be
ginning the fight although she will get
some advantage in getting possession
of strategic posilon. This fight is to de
termine whether the Boers or the Eng
lish shall control South Africa and to a
thinking man there is only one answer
to this proposition. To give the right of
franchite to the foreigners meant that
the Boers would lose the control of the
government, as tbe latter would be out
voted. The Transvaal being a colony
oi Great Brilian the latter has insiHted
that the foreigners, a large number ofj
whom are Englishmen, be given auiong
ottier reforms the right of suffrage,
Rather than do this the Boers have
undertaken the job of whipping Entr
land. In either event the Transvaal
:tl t. .. i .
win u removed ironi tne map. A con
dition that makes most nations fight
' iVwey Is In Boston and gtt a great
The yacht race ia awaln postponed on
(account of no wind.
An rxpreaa train juxt out of Chicago Is
held tip and robbed t'.M.OOO,
Chaplain Gilbert goes to Calvary
church Portland.
Sunday October 15.
The Boera have captured two armored
trains but were repulned several tiuus
in their attack on Marking.
Buxton premMita IVwey with a watch
and freedom ot the city,
A tteamer burnt on Long Island sound
and ten persona are lost.
WMa'a lhea 4 Tfcele llU.
It certainly Is a pity that women,
with all their neatness and correctness
of dress, should be so dreadfully hu
RtHtut the heels of their shoes. If II It
not clearly understood what Is meant
by this, junt take a look at (ho heels of
tlis next woman panning. As alio
ralnes her skirt diilnllly to croa the
street, there Is a swish of sllkeii dra-iH-rlea,
a wee bit of bright hued rultli
displayed, aud, a In a, two woefully
downtrodden heels.
The run dow n heel Is a characteristic
of almost every woman-the athletic
girl not excepted. They are exceeding
ly reuiUa In this direction. When a
iiisii's shoes tieglu to get run dowit, ho
Immediately bundles them off to the
atioemsker, who speedily makes them
preseutahl. Women should take les
sons on this score from their brothers,
The president continues hit trip, is and attend to the "aloppy" shoes with
now in South Pakota.
out delay.-Ht. liouls Post Itlspatcb.
Neither Oermany nor any other powsr
will Interlere In South Africa.
Chicago beats Cornell at football.
Not Ik AtU Ktwr4.
After spending more than a quarter
of a century lu active business life In
the city a certain merchant purchased
a much which he cousldcrs to ad
Sheriff Maasie, of Columbia, who was
tried for embextlement of county lunds Ullrnl,,r i(apted for dairy farming,
oat Deen acquitted Having had no practical training In
SumHer geu first prise at the 8K.kane i.'rl, ul,url l"'1'. Is dependent
lir Uis sun ii-ikp vl lilt mi iiim
mineral exhibition.
Monday October 10.
The Boers are concentrating on Male-
king ami Kimberty.
those books which purport to tell the ur
ban bred how to do the trick. He desires
I to learn all he can concerning dnlrylug
and for advice U'timk himself to his
friend aud pastor, Itev. Ir. Htetbln.
The outbreak planned at Manila failed lu U"M' oiil"-tcnce and wide read
as the natives were Informed on. ,u ",uw w .
ih you know anyibiiig khmi on
The steamer Laura.la It wrecked in milk. doctorT" he asked the veuerahle
IWhring tea, St. Oeorge't Island. man of ti I.
,, , 1 T , . The Jovial pulpiteer, who knows
Horenee. Idaho is having 68 tons of . .inorre milk of the word"
minning machinery taken in w ith teams tmul of uy ott lacteal fluid, an-
125 miles.
The N. P. has 40 miles of railroad com
pleted on the Clearwater, Idaho.
It is said that news has been received
that Lieut. Uilniore is alive in the P. I.
Tuesday October 17.
Boers retired and did not Invade Natal.
Shafter is retired from the regular
army but retained as major general of
volunteers for the present.
The Columbia wins a fair race.
swered solemnly:
"Yea, my dear sir, 1 believe I am
familiar with th thing on milk
that can be found anywhere."
"What la It, doctor r eagerly and
unsuspecttugry asked the budding
"Cream," ejaculated the preacher as
be hurried rouud the coruor. Kau
Francisco News Letter.
The president Is at Milwaukee on his
western trip.
A trlgatfol IllnauVr.
Will often cause a horrible Burn, Scald,
Cut or Bruise. Burklen's Arnica Salve,
the best in the world, will kill the pain
and promptly heal It. Cures Old Sores,
Fever Sores, Ulcers, Boils. Felons,
The Kentucky campaign ia getting hot. Corns, all Skin Eruptions. Bst Pile
Seventy thousand troopt and forty '". Only gk els a box. Cure
r ' I C.I I I - 1 II--I!....
five war vessels are ready for the Filipi
guaranteed. Sold by Geo. A. Harding.
Dewey is to come West.
Three couples are married at tbe ex
position Portland.
Chamber of Commerce at Portland
asks for a reduction of tbe tariff at
During the winter of lKy? Mr. James
Keed, one of the leading rilisena and
merchants of Clay, Clay Co., W. Vs.,
struck his leg against a cake of ice In
such a manner aa to bruise It severely.
It became very much swollen and pained
him so badly that he could not walk
without the aid of crutches. He was
Wednesday, October IS. I treated by physicians, also used several
The Boers are meoting with strong re- kinds ot liniment and two and a half
l til. I a .ti . s . .
si ela nee. gauons oi wiiisxy in naming it, hut (min
ing gave any relief until he het'an Using
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. This brought
almost a complete cure in a week's lime
ami he believe that had he not ue
rra Ashamed
To go anvwhero with my face In this
condiiion.w la the riprraslon of a wry
natural frelmjf. To a l-eaiillful wimimn
ait eruption n tho lacs la the grratrat of
calamities, her very Uanty seeming to
imrrske the disfigurement. Ninety
eight times in every hundred, eniptiniia
are cured by t. Ilerce's (ioldetl Mrdical
iHacovrry, and the skin movers Us
maiden fdiMilll and anltnraa. "Golden
Medical Discovery" la a medicine which
acts directly on the bhl urifylng It,
tucreiuing its iiuanlity and lla rich
ness. ICrupttons, blotches, plniplra, etc.,
are but surface signs of the rnrut
bliwxl current underneath. Diarovery
rlrausrs the blood, ami so tlrauare
the skill.
fnt ihnl on w ss4 s Kslf r Sue
ntt U.V? l.i..k. mil. wtli. M1m Unw
A Uml v( IIS I Mais M . lUMlc, i.. MUh
.iHi a (r.l ileal ul IIN t..l..i. smt
. il rt.i.nl kn l.u nx-lklut ImI tw
brnrfll. Al m I l4 ! ' " S.lll.
i.bi sml itUln.4 a bwlll i IX ruiw s
l.ol.lrll Mr.lU.I IxtvTIT Sb' I h"l !
Oil U4llu( lilt mlIH I Si4Ml a ..
su.l slln U.lug lhi. bull. I m tUitl
I r Pierce's Pleasant Pellets ktep the
bowels iu healthy cuiulitiun.
Yes! Thoy nr
Wlietlirr you want Sl
w - - tt-'Vf I
Hlimwrs. UlililMra
nr ()veriraitira vmi w illn.. . .. 1
... , .... iiiioi)qu(
what jrou get frin
jolt llio must satisfactorv tf,J
look rlcjjatit all the tune, lt
always Im cuiiifortttbli) t0 ,0,
Krausso Bro
mm: ti i ric iioitwi:miuta
mrU dM rsMll mm4 I
al 1.1 - f
- - prir
reasonable rle
Urat Wanted
Highest market pries paid lor ol. and
new wheat Wheal stured IreA until
August 1st 1I0. haik furnished free.
Fasn P. Hi aar,
Aurora Holler Mills, Aurora, Or.
A fine lins of Hrtlerrs just received
at the
Oregon Citv Auction Houm.
We.lliiK atalionerv. the latest strles
anl finest arti'ipnt over brought to
Oregon Citv at tha F.aTsararsa oltlea.
J Wll7iamT8 Kldnoy Pllla f
T Ibis no ei I n ii I In tllM-asra of the J
Kidneys aid t'rliiarv Organ. IIave
you li.-ln U-il your Kidneys? llaveT
T Voil overworked Vour lienrotia tt-l
Portland wants the duties reduced at
Manila and (Jen, Beebe has seen tbe
secretary of war to that end .
The Shamrock's top mast gave wsy this remedy his leg would have bad to he
News of the Week
Friday October 13
Schwan does good work in the country
south of Manila
The Boert declare war on England and
their troops with those of the Free State
cross tbe border.
The Minnesota regiment arrives home
and is addreseed by the president.
A statement is issued by the state de
partment to the effect that the United
Slates will take no part in tbe South
African trouble.
Dewey is welcomed home at Montpe-
4000 people lose their liyes in an earth
quake in the Moluccas,
attempt at a yacht race is a
Gov. Geer is in Washington in the in
terest of the state as a shipping point.
00,000 bushels of wheat is sold at La-
Grande at 60 cents.
Gov. Geer has been to Washington
and secured a cannon captured in the
Philippines which is to be shipped to
tialem and there made into medals for
the volunteers. ' This is as it should be
and every patriotic citizen will thank the
governor ffor.the interest he has taken
in the matter. It is probable that no
guns can be obtained for the soldiers
mon imont as under the treaty they go
The Presbyterian
synod meets at
Saturday October 14.
Fighting begins in South Africa.
Scouts engage the rebels on the west
shore of the lake P. I. and three Ameri
cans killed.
The president gets as far west as the
Dakotas on his trip.
The American navy is now third in
The murderer of Mrs. Elson in Curry
county Ore. has been captured and he
has confessed.
The mineral zone of South Africa is
said to resemble Eastern Oregon.
The British ship Comliebank brings
into Portland tons of sea shells as ballast.
iviug the Columbia the second race.
r.ngimu parliament opens witti a
Seech from the throne on the Trans
vaal affair.
imputated Pain Balm Is uric ii'luhtd
I for sprains, bruises and rhcuuiatiitm.
For sale by (. A. Harding, Druggist,
!l-in nod raiiw-d tnmlile with yur
Kiilueva and llla.ld. r? Have youT
pains in tho lotus, side, bark, irroius 3
.... I I.I . . I. !.. II .. , . . T
(mid Id.i.l.ii r? Have You a flabby ap-
ix-iinn.-c of tho face, et" lil f
tr under the eye ? Too fr.xpi. r.t ilr-1
sire piou ur.no ? William's Kidney
Tills n IU iiiHirt Hew life Ui the do, f
riMseii orsmiis, tt Ul) the avstem k
and niiikooiiew man of y oil lly
Ilia! I .VI criits ,-r J
.. . o , ITiis.,llrrrlan,1 f).
Kor sale by C. O. Iluntlt
The president continues on his trip,
going to Ohio.
If you are intending to purchase a
piano or orgau in the near future, now ia
the time as all piano dealers have been
Tbe Anti-imperialists open their cru- advised by the manufacturers of a
sade at Chicago against the administra- material advancement in the wholesale
A lumber vessel is burned at Tacoma
partially loaded.
Dyspepsia Cure.
Di'fjcsts what you cat.
ItartlflrlallydlgeHtsthe food and aldi
nature In lengthening and rccon
cost of pianos, to be effected from the
first of the month. Th kilra I'i.nn ' tiMiii ii.V
- "hhpiuk mo rinauMeij OlgftStlVe 01
House, of Portland now have on exhibi-1 Kns. lt is the int est dlscovured differ
tion at BurmeiMUir A Andresen's Jewelry 'nl ,n1 U)nlc'. lO Ot her preparation
The W.C.U. is in session at Port- .tor. several high grade pianos, placed Z"v LViJL
i . r.,. H.- ..i i... ... i. . . ' . i" " on vuict
.'J, in. vciiiriico ui iiiienoing
purchasers, residing in or near Oregon
City. The prices are exactly tho same
Thursday, October 19,
The first serious engagement will take if ohtaincd in Portland, and should
place near Ladysmilh, South Africa. terms for payment be desired the same
accommodation are accorded you that
are enjoyed by the patrons of the house
in Portland. Mr. Davis their renresenta
Gen. Pilar wants to surrender for pay
to the Americans.
McKinley will come out strong In his tive, may he seen any afternoon or eve-
message for expansion. ning at Burmeister & Andresen's store
i i
England calls out the reserves for the
Sooth Africa trouble.
If.. . I. 1 a L ....ft T t
Federal troops will stay at Wardner to ."" " ""V oe,luly.f 11 0' un'
guard the mines. swoauun, inu.gesuon, nicx Headache
are me principal causes. Karl's Clover
The indications are that sheep will be Koot Tea has cured these Ills for halt a
excluded from the forest reserve.
The W. C. T. U. adjourns at Portland.
century. Price 25 eta. and 50 cts.
Money refunded if results are not satis
factory. C. 0. Ilnntley, Druggist.
l,..a.4 ft a ite. h.N , ... it....... . ,
S.ih.( s li i- mm rM ip-kiiIum. .lu.i
f Dn Sliilohs
I 9 m
touati and
Tills is ym.t tjonil.. iK.
sucxvmIuI Icwsh Mu.
KMitif Ian) iKkm.i a
! Atm aaiial,lf cuia Iks
! ras el ( mi(h, ( fop
aifl Hiuitchllla, wliila nt
ilr(u lihitM In IKs tl of
( i.ininitHi Is iiHihiI a i.
ollsl Is lb hi.l.yol min ..
Mb. lis Si.l U w.'t.ir ii aa
si4 vn a uihi., a
hi. S ao Mli.f tu.au is
rs siaK'i. It y.Hi I,.. a
luilSh, MIM,I ai( yltn
l'iliH In I mii ki.im.M
l'ah1a fr , kn.-. an4 l . I
n Ki(Ua4 Is. U , I. 1 o4
tt S4ir . y I,. It. Ilu.iilry I
ourtofff": L,,vr'-,?H
saM.t a. ( . a a. sianU-t aajsl W f
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
flalulcnre. Hour Ktomsrh k..,..!
S ckHeadache.fiast ralgln.Crampt.an3
11 other resultsiif ImrM-rfiTtdigeatloa
Praportd by C. C. DsWitt Co.. Ch'aoggT
l K. ! ft. lflM IMM
I.S S.U .Ml .m4 I. 'f
iu.il p..a. an.1 it fm k-f ' t
Miuni, riw(nliadllll
.in. i..htf, I.. ... ti... aid ftSwi e-
1VOO l.Sll .M. -Ml .IM fl.'')
I J! !!.. ftk..M.IM St. S ll -
ll( .I...I.M I,J, I1M0
a auai t k.,iMi ina
k.s. li.taM,Mii'oe'J
ii l..f ! iaisjM T
lu.ta, llllllM. I
1 ll.s.1 sorsura a CO itss.)diicit
ttMn, a la. m MMMaskli lSMfc --
' itwt fl.ll II.
m nasi.
Npaln's (ireatest Need.
r t AM..I. l ri i ti ;
mr. i . w.ivia, ui uarteiuiia, npuin, Tl.o.i.an.ls ara Trln II.
spends liis winters at Aikon, 8. C. Ttt order to prove tho crout mnrit of
Weak nerves had caused severe pains in iy s Cruam Jiuuu, the ihohI siieoiivo curs
the back of bin head. On using Elec- Ior VaarrU a"a Uola n.lloou- '"v
I o.osSA.l 01 luillnSAiia nl a, tA a. . m 1 . i .
trie litfora Amfirma'i rraolanr tUnsA I -B . . in-aj.
...wo - .n. a.Wu UotitoryourdruggiHtorMouaiOtonUto
una .irve neineay, an Vmnn 8fon ien ELY LItOS., 50 Warnn Ht.f N. Y, City
iiltu. 11D MTO UMB KIMIJU IlirUlUlIlO JH 1 9 tm i t 11 ....
wbathii country needs. All America .... .iuc6 bov. and 1 never ho..c,l t...
1 il , t. i- .... I . .. . . . . -
anowa mat 11 cures liver and Kinney curs, uni urn urearn Jiaim sontns to do
trouble, purifies the blood, tones up the Ton. tUttt MlinJ snquaintiinccs hare uned
On Easy
m Payments;
stomach, strengthens the nerves, puts
vim, vigor and new life into every muscle
nerve and organ of the body. If weak,
tired or ailing you need it. Every bottle
guaranteed only 50 cents. Bold by Geo,
Harding, Druggist.
Educate Your Bowels With Cnscarets.
Candr Catliartlr. euro rnnulmtin.
10c, 26c. It C. C. C. fall, druKglnu refund mouejl
"If you scour the world yon will never
find a remedy equal to One Minute
Cough Cure," says Editor Fackler, of
the Micanopy. t la. "Hustler." It cured
bis family of La Grippe and saves thou
sands from pneumonia, bronchitis,
croup and all throat and lung troubles.
Gao. A. Habdino.
it with excollont results. Oscar Ostruin,
I - II' 1 . "II ! Ttl '
if nanvu avo., vyuiuuo, in,
Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged
cure lor caturrn ami 0011 turns 110 oocuins,
mercury nor any injurious drug. Trice,
CO con la. At druggists or by muil.
On the 10th of December, 1898, Itev.
S. A. Donahoe, pastor M. E. Church,
South, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va., contracted
a severe cold which was attended from
the beginning by violent coughing. He
says: "After resorting to a number of
so-called 'specifics,' usually kept in the
house, to no purpose, I purchased a
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,
which acted like a charm. I most cheor
lully recommend it to the public," For
sale by G. A, Harding.
Itw caHytoolitainagtMHlono. Where no local
dealer -ell- them, Wfl wilI Hetlj ft )ian() for
a Htnall caHh pay.nont, hakneo ir, monthly y
inonu. wo years timo to finish purclinN. if do
wreJ. Wo would like to explain our method. Wo
wi i HeniUn inHtrumcnt Kuarantoel.ig Hutisfuction,
r ho juano may 1,0 rcturi!ej to ftt 0()r M
UtalKur- free for tho asking, toll all ahout them.
Pc.al pnceH and full information if youwrito.
iler's Piano !!onsc
Portland, Oregon.
Tho homo of
ml a
" M"i unv.A'v iii Ui i iiv iiixjt)