Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, September 22, 1899, Page 6, Image 6

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FurnJthf d Kvcrj Week by lh (Taraa.
man Abstract k Tru-I Company,
J K IVdman, by ehetitr, lo A 1
pr-l w1 tract ol "J" Clackama
.Light "5
4 It irk win tT 1 Jackson ';J
1 Jai'Urn claim, 1 4 ami S t, r 2 e 1
C Ogle to (1 K Volerg 5 acre lot
rrmiolanil -'
r tim.li lo KJ Hoilinit tract "K"
"K" parfC" Clackama Krult
Lamia 1000
:S V Lewelling to Sec Sev AT Co
21 ) acte see 17, t 5 , r 1 e; Iota
1 lo 0, 24 to U, rrutieland 32i'i5
a J Schneider to F M Sampson, 22
acre sec 17, t 5 s, rle 200
25 Slrouse to M lluuderson, lot 2
Atkinson 300
wV 8 Hauer, to L E Anderson 1.67
itm in sec fl. t 4 . r 1 20iX)
IV 1' Herman to J liar less i,' tract
8, Molalla. 150
3-: II llurghard to L K Kolilman,
lO.Cii acre sec 5, t 2 a, r 3 e 100
T Charman to State Hd Sen Com
1M.50 acres see 2t, t 2 , r3 e;
lo 40 acre l.atwell claim 2S34
a V Lewcllirirf to F E Olson, blk 31
Milwaukie 10
V S to C Kyler, , a'', ee1' ne4,
see 8. t2i. r6. 1'at
T Cauley to M M Fgan, lota 7, 8,
"blk 27, Oswego 200
H Weirick to J L Cochrane. 31, and
n .-c S. 1 5 a, r 1 a 1 j00
W Stratton to M M Farrall lot
TRUST CO. are the owners of the copy
right to the Thome system of abstract
indexes, furClackamaa county, and bate
the only complete net of attracts in the
County, can furnish information as to
title to land at once, on application.
Loans, investments.real estate, abatracti
tc. OthYe over Rank of Uretrou City.
Call and investigate. Addrese box 377
Oregon City Oregon.
Byib-McMi rbav. At the residence of
the hri le's parent at Patnasrus, Sept.
11. 1SW. by the Rev. J. F. Leie, Mr.
Win. Myers, of Clackamas and Miss
Jtie Mi Murray, of Damascus.
T!:e wedding was a quiet one, only the
members of the immediate families
le.ng present. The youug couple are
both well and favorably known in this
connty and the Enterprise joins with a
larke list of friends in wishing them a
life of pios(erity and happiness. They
will reside on a farm near Stone.
Letter List.
The following is the lint of letters re
maining in the poetoffice at Oregon City,
Oregon, on Sept 22 .1899 :
IHonne Km ma Shannon Kate Mr
Fox, Adie Miss Smith. Annie Mrs
Miiier, Mary Mrs Stephens. Violet Mrs
Pope Margie Mrs Tompkins, S Mrs
men's LIST.
Boy Ian, I) L
tiro ii, A 1
Ballard, John
Deardorrl. J E
Mayo, Geo R
Miller, Henry
Schooling, V A
Trotter, Geo B
Two Hundred Dollar Given Away.
In order to introduce our beautiful
flowering bulbs we have decided to give
$200 in cash to the person making the
longest list of words formed from the
letters as follow! : FL-O-W-E-R-S.
Take the letters ai shown here and form
u many words as you caa, using the
letters backwards or forwards, but don't
use any letter in the same word more
times than it appears in the word
"Flowers". It is interesting and in
structive to see how many small words
can be correctly spelled using only these
eeven letters; for example, so, flows,
flew, etc., etc. The Eagle Bulb & Seed
Company will pay $200 in cash to the
person making the largest list of worda
formed as above. If you are good at
word making and wish to make the $200
wriro your name and address plainly on
yonr list and enclose the same w ith 15
.2 cent etamps for ten beautiful flowering
Imlbs of ten popular and different varie
ties. Our object in giving this $200 is to
attract attention to and introduce our
bulbs all over the world. This offer will
be carefully and conscientiously carried
out and it should not be classed w ith
""cat' h-jK'nny affairs". We will spend
a large amount of money to introduce
cur bulbs and want your trial order.
You will receive the greatest value in
. bulbs ever offered. If two or more
jiersonn succeed in making the same
aiuaiber of words the $200 will be divided
equally between them. Many extra
special prizes of value will be awarded
' to all persona who send in at least ten
worda and who will asmst in introducing
our bulbs to their friends. Satihfaction
is absolutely guaranteed or your money
will be promptly refund d. Send your
iliat H8 early as possible.
jL Eagle Bci.b a Skeh Company,
Chamber ol Commerce Bldg.,
Chicago, III,
UiMiiark's IrouMene.
Was the result of bis splendid health,
indomitable will and tremendous energy
-are not found where atomacb, liver,
lliidoeys and bowels are ont ot order. If
you want these qualities and the success
41iey bring, use Dr. King's New Life
TillH. They deyelop every power of
brain and body. Only 25 cents at
ieo, A. Harding's drug store,
The latest Golf bats. Miss Goldsmith.
1 II K AI.I M HAKIM '0WI:il.
Name of some of the Principal Itraads
Sold la this Vicinity.
The recent discussion in the papers of
the effect upon the human aystem of
food inaI with alum baking powders
and the opinions that have been pub
lished from noted acientlitta to the effect
that such powder render the food un
wholesome, have caused numurona In
quiries for the namei of the various alum
The following lint of baking powder
containing alum is made up from the re
ports of State Chemist Nicholson of
Nebraska, the City Chemist of St. Louis,
the Food Com miiwion of Minnesota, or
other reliable authority :
llaklng I'uwder loutalnlag Alum.
K. C Contains Alum
JaotiM Mf. Co.. t'huaiio.
CALUMET Contains Alum
Calomel llakina l'odr Co., I'nicaKO
HOME Contains Alum
Mom linking I'owilrr Co., San KranciH-o,
WASHING ION Contains Alum
Pari he Chemical Morka, laeom.
CRe SCENT Contains Alum
Crfx-ent Mfg. Co.. Seatlls.
WHITE LILY Coniaim Alum
P. t'rrrera ,t Co., Clm-ago.
BEE-HIVE Contains Alum
VahiiiKton Mfg- I'o., San Kranrix-o.
BON HON Contains Alum
Grant Chemical Co., Coicavo.
DEFIANCE Contains Alum
Portland Collee and Spire Co., I'onlaq.l.
PORTLAND Contains Alum
Uno,t llallli, Portland.
In addition to theee, it is learneJ that
many grocer are selling what they call
their own prirate or special brand.
Theae poadert are put up (or the grocer
and hit name put upon the label by
manufacturer of alum powiler in St.
Louis, Chicago. Kansas City. Tacoma,
San Francisco and elsewhere. The
manufacturer, it i said, find their el
fort to market their good in this way
greatly aided by the ambition of the gro
cer to sell a powder with hi own name
upon the label, eni-eciafly wben the gro
cer can make an abnormal profit upon it.
Many grocer, doubtless, do not know
that the powder they are thus pushing
are alum powder which would le actu
ally contraband in many atction if sold
without di'guise.
It is quite impossible to give the name
of all the alum baking powder In the
market. They are constantly apearing
in all eon ot diuise, under all kind
of cognomens, and at all kinds of price,
even as low aa five and ten cent a
pound. They can be avoided, however,
by the housekeeper who will bear in
mind that all baking powder sold at
twenty-five cenU or lee per pound are
liable to contain alum, a pure cream of
tartar baking powder cannot be pro
duced at anything like this price.
Somewhere between the FarkpUce
tore and Pat Harri'i place on Sept. 20,
a nickel open faced American key wind
with No. 23'.)3oC, Elgin. Finder will be
rew arded by returning lame to this office
or Parkplace tftore.
Having sold out my bunines to G. W.
Grace, I must have money to settle my
business and all persons owing me wdl
please call at the store snd settle ac
counts. Das Williams.
The latest in millinery and prices the
best. Miss Goldsmith.
Fur Sale.
One span of horses and a span of
broke mules for sale.
R. J. Baowx,
New Era.
Chester II. Brown, Kalamazoo, Mich.,
says: "Kodol Dyspepsia Cure cured
me of a severe case of indigestion ; can
strongly recommend it to all dyspeptics.
"Digests what you eat without aid from
the stomach, and cures dyspepsia.
Geo. A. Harding.
To Oor rrleils awl Palms
We invite you one and all to at
tend our
Fall and Winter Millinery
Tuearinj- and Vlnflnj, cj.
temher UH and !7.
At the Red Front.
Where we promise to show you some of
the daintiest, prettiest and most stylii-h
hats of the Sanson .
iJM21 iHs(EJliQyiK
a km i:it i, in. a km vi 1 1 ii
Work done irinplly and
at reununnble prices
o ki:vi:.m ii hi Hi:i:r
Oregon City,
School of Academy Grade.
Tuvroiigh liifttrucflon.
Patronage solicitel at low rates.
Fall term opens 2nd of October.
Ituv. W. II. Davis,
Mas. M. J. Davih.
a j
lirllaiiie pcrMiniuf a nirciianb al nrlnreiitlyenilud
dralrlniratrlpluthe I'uria Kiimalttou. Willi guod
lalary aud riiiriiii'i paid, aliould wrlie
XL I'AiLtil li;C01iI, lltUtlmore, Md.
Scrubbing Floors
can never bo made
a pleasing pastime,
but one -half the
labor will be saved
and the results im
proved by using
Gold Dust Wash
ing Powder.
to tar rM WooUrt " Outda !
tut Imwrnik "
Cakar Si. Laal MVr
School books and school supplies; si
Portland price at Charman A Co the
cut price dru'gista
Wheat Wanted
Highest maiket prii paid for old and
new wheat. Wheat stored Iteo until
August 1st l'.XX). Sacks furiii-lied free.
Fhkd P. HiKr,
Aurora Roller Mdls, Auroia, Or.
A black Sheppard dog, long hair, stmts
over eyea, hi(lit on hreaat and fr lega,
three broken teeth in front. 110 reward
for return of same and no queatlona
iJMxKr & Hon,
Cams, Oregon.
To those who promiaed lo bring in
woo.1 to Hie hnterpriae we can aallr
VOU that there i room in the shed for a
', i i iii.
few more cord. Gotnl woo.1 is what we
(lly Treaurer' .Notice.
Notice i hereby ifiven that there ars
sutlieient fund in the yrneral fund of
Orettun City to pay sll onttniinu war
rant endoraed prior to March I. 1 H'.is.
interest ceavs with tli" date of thi
notice. 11. K. Sra.iHinr.
City Treasurer,
Oregon City, Sept. 14, 1H..
Tearher" Meetlnsr.
CUi kama County Teacher's AaaiH-ia-lion
will meet at Sprintfwater on Sep
teuiber 3th. lS'ni. at 10 ::!) a. ni. The
program i aa follows
"Music in the Country ScMvila"
Mr. J. II. Mru kU r
"Compoeition Writing", .l'ryf. Stalnaker
l :30 p. m. Solo Mr. Strickler
"Our Course of Study, How to Make it
KfTevtive" I'rof. T. J. tiary
Iicniaion (teneral
'Value of Tiofesiiunsl KeadinK
. ..
I t M,w.r.,l f. II M !,.,..
.. --
i lie r.. ranniei orier
Provrain Committi-e Miaa Kannie
Porter, T.J. Oary. N. W. Bowland.
Ie Witt'a Liitle Karly Kim-rs ierma-
nently cure chronic constipation, bilious.
ness, nervousness anil wornont feelir.K;
cleanse and rvulale the entire system.
Small, pleasant, never xripe or sicken
"famous little pills."
(ico. A. Hahuino.
HiflD flCII
MBoth mr wife ao4 myaelf have been
Balnr CA.sCAKETS and
their are tbe beat
In trie bouae. Laal
medicine we bate eeer bad
week my wife was frmotle
beadarhe for
twodays. sbe tried some of your CASr.'AJiKTS,
and Ibey rellered Ibe pain In ber head almoat
Immtdlately. We Iwtb recommend Cascartta."
Ciua. BTiiiiri.Hi).
PltUburf Bat Uepoait Co, I'HUburf, Pa.
aW A a SWhaswiaSh
Plaaianl. Patatahle. Potent. Tate Ooml. Do
Good, Merer Hicaao, Weaken, or Orlpe. 10c, ijc.'Jjo.
itrltof ktway CBMr, Ckleiae, Saalnal, In T.rt. f
tin.Tn.RAf! Bo"1 andrnaranfeert hr all rtrug.
riU'lU-DAW ilataio tVKK'Iobaow llabli.
R Do You
Know the News
You can have It all for
il in the Evening Telegram, of Port
Li land. Oregon. It is the largeHt
evening newspaper published in
r Oregon : It contains all the
of the State and of the Nation.
Try It for a month. A sample
cony will be mailed to you free.
The Telegram,
M Portland, Or.
It ills
Legal NotlceH.
M M VI !.
is tiik ci iter i r eot iiT
of 111
Siala ul Crt-KOii lor
eoiiniy of Clai k
J. Frank Wa'n, plaii'titl. v. Kiltiu K
Jmin. Kiiima J Jonea, Ira K. Whrrifr, (..
V. Slianmiii. John O. Hliantioii, Hvlvia
Mianiiou and William N. allllvr, ilalaml
To William N. Miller, one of (aid ilrfrnd-
In the Name of Hiala of OrrKoii, jrou
are lirrrliy rrnml In api-ar ami atnarr
iiim ,-.,iiti.lAh,i lli,l a..aliiBl vnii III tlia alHita
vninlrl ut on or !l.rt .HaitiMav, .M ni
I Ix-r II, Ko.i. ami If ynu (ail lo an'r lor
I mai't IIiii Ilia plalnlllt alll applv to Ilia
ruift lur Ids rrllrl ilriiiainla-l hi ail ohm
I plaint, iiaui'lv, Ul rr I, if ni a raftaln ilr'l
i n.a li- ami ifK-iir li John O. Htianiion
ami St I VIM I. HIiaiiMiili. iia Olla. on IliaXili
lav ol Kvlirnarv Ival I., Kiuina J. J"i"
mlilrll ilrvl I ilulv rvcoiilr.1 In Vulniii
i- ..I r..r.l. ..r .1.1. i
; i-i.t.,,m Conntv. Hr-aon. on Ida I..I
i namr.l ilaie wu lo mak Iha Uracrlpllnu
I thrrrin rral a fnlloar: "Tlia f l l' Irm
j ,lrvrHsl pererl of r.al e.late lluala In Ilia
cmm I'l l lat llisa Bull ill
t.vait: ltrjcin 111 nat al a lilnl In Ilia a-mlli
l.iunlary ln ul tlia P. I. C. n( Samurl W.
,s . a on aii'l a'h J Mliannon dia
IwiiK K'lai nt No, To, T. "J. f K. I K. ol in
W ilianiail Mariilian olih li IkiIhI Iwari
imrili ilrK.. ar.l I'l I') rlialna itnUi I
Iroln Hi amilliraat rororr ( Hiatal I i-lalm
runniliK llirm.. nurt li 1.S chaina lo Ilia
rriitrfol Ilia eon lily nml, llirmv alona "alii
i-ouniy rnal amilh ni ilaa. A mm aa.l .11
i haliia, tliani a amilli I ilr lo mln ral li Hi
i-ii.lni. Iliriic wl It iliaim. Ilirnia ami Hi
P T'i cliama lo Ilia amilh txillinlar, ol lalil
riaiin. Ilianc iiorlft ijilr. aa.l '.'J llrhan i
lo Ilia plaia of triifiii t i.af. r.nilaiiiii II
ai-rf iiinr of lra'' Ilia aall nmrwi l
"thanra writ 11 cliaina; Ibaneaaoulli pi 7 j"
hating tit mutual miak ot ifaiiloi ami
tr'anti'i" lfii omillril In Ilia taut uV.rtptliii.
A In in rriorm rvrialn mnUii.'i l--.l
ina li" anil rx-ri.ini mi Ilia .11 I ila "I Janu
art I ti ; bjr KinmaJ. Joiira ami K ihu K
Jinr, lirr liii.lnnil to' W. Cary John.mi,
ahh'li lnoriiraaa aa ilnly raci ir.nl nn
Krhmarv '1, In Voliima .11 on paa 'IIA
rrninlaol iiiiirlKak'a of Clarkamai rounly
alnrall givan io KK'iir patinriit of a rrr
lain note ma le by the aahl niorta-aiira lo
aid W. Cary Juhnann or order on January
31. HO. lor In f. H. lt coin wiiii
Inleieal from dale al 10 r caul per aniiiini.
ami for reasonable allornrya fre niaef
' it"rin
aa lo iiiaka In ilvwrip-
1 lion ol ths realty mortirairml read aa fulloaa:
Mituele In in rounly of t larkainaa, atate ol
Oreitnn, l : IIPKimiiiii; al a iilni In Ihe
eonth Nuiiidary line of the donation land
claim of hamuel W. S'lannmi and Harah
Jan tjlianiioii. lilt !fe. hrin; claim No. "o
in lownanip .'. eotim ran. I ra.l ol Hit
1 1
I Willanietla Meri.lian wln-h point Ix-sra
fiortb HI deit. weal 111 I'l rhalni dlt ant from
Spring water class aoiillieaat corner nt the aald claim run
' , .. , I ulii thence nortli Vi 1.1 rlialna lo lbs renter
of tbe counly Mad ; Ihenee along laid conn.
ty nl aonlrt i d'. 1.1 mln. al .VI in
Cliaina; Iheim aoulh I iirg, 10 mln. eatl II !M
rhaint; them e weal II chain; thence aoutli
10.7.1 chain lo Ibe muth boundary of aald
Claim; thence north m d-K. weal '.'Ml
chains lo the place of bcjrliiriluK, containing
i3 arret mors or leea.
Alao tli followlni di-acrlhe.1 lamli
lluateil In (.'larktniaa county, Oreiton, he-
f lnnmn it a inl In the aoulh iMiiindary
in of thai). I,. C. of Hamuel W. Hliannon
and Sarah J a met Hhamion Mt wife, helng
claim .No. TO. in T. 2, H. It. 1 K. of Ilia
Willamette Meridian, which point tieari
north (ii lies;, weal 12 rhalni diaiant from
tli Kiulheaat corner of Ihe aald claim run
Inn lhanre north 1 lei(. 10 mln. et IM.Vi
Chaltia; thence weal II rhatiir; theme amilh
lO.T.'i chaina : tliica aouili in aatt l.'.T.I tlrft.
rhalni to the place ol beginning, containing
IS acre more or le.a.
Alio to foreclose aald rnorlKK when o
reformed ami for a ilerree for the ele ol all
said moriKait'd proerly aa uiHineieruilon,
ave and except lota H and 7 In block iiiiin
be red forty-all and alao all of blink n n in
hered tlilrly. lour In Hliaiiiion'i addition lo
Oregon City, (Jlackamaa county, Oregon, lo
atlaly the mm due ukii Ihe iioteifnreaaid,
to wil: I'M" in li, H. gold coin with Inti-r-et
thereon from January Ihiu, (leaa
ll'fi mi) with a reasonable atlorneya lee ol
j.'lu0 'JO ami the coala and (liabiiraementa of
tdii suit ami the cti and acrrtiltiK coaia
ot making sale. Alao to Ihe payment to
plalntilfof pnn.'ft of money Xiemlei for
iaxe on inortKaKed property, Willi laalnl
Intereat thereon from May II, 1 n!7, ami to
bar (lefeiidanta and each of them of any
Interest III taid moriKiired properly ao to he
aold, save only the atatutory rlk'ht to re
deem. Also for Jihlirmnnt "Kulnht aniil
Khhil K. Jones and Kiiima J. Junes hn
wife fur the amount due aa sloreanld on
said note In I). H. K'ld coin InchnlInK a
reasonable attorn)! lee of I.HKi.M) nml lor
any (lellclency remaining ilnn on Ihe aald
imte alter aale or inld iiiortKu'l protieriy
and application ot proreeili an nlorenalil
and that execution may laaue llierelor. and
for audi other and further relief as may he
meet with eiiiily.
This summons Is published by order of
the Hon. 'i'liomaa K. Kyan, county Jude
of Clackamas county, which order ei
made and dated September 1,1, Hy. aMI
the llrat piihllnnilon ol this summons beinu
on September 22, IH'.h
(J. 1). & I), (J, bATouitr.TTit and
J. W. WiiAi.ur.
Attorneys for pluintlir.
police orritml Neillemenf.
T, John Mutton, give notice that I have
Hied In the county court of Clickarnaa
county, Oregon, my accounts and vonchera
for final -ul"i.eiit of the eiituUt nf Jane
Darker, ileresasd, and the court hnn np.
pointed tbe mh .day of Noveinlwr, a. 1.
at 10 o'clock s. m. for settlement 0j
niv said truiit.
lJate.1 Sept. 1ft, 1S!.
0- 1W0 10 Kxecutor.
I,lnor Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that I will apply
to the city council at It regular meeting In
October, 18!, for a license to sell liijuors
for six month at my saloon in Oregon City
on Main street. Bald license to date from
October 7, WJ3,
J. X. Miller,
In Ilia Circuit ( otiil ol ll.e Kiel nf
K.in, for ll'.e C.mnly of CI, kau...
ThVa.hlnKionNib'ial llasll.liMM l-a
sml Inyeatmenl Aa...ciMon, s wriKiisiHMi.
plalntlir, . All.'. II. Hchwii sml A. W.
Hchwaii. her l.uW...l. Mry '"" '"
Mary A. Ilaly, elielllilna of Ibe !! ol
John C.ibary, il-ra.e.l, ilelalidanU.
To AIIihiO. Kiueaii and A. W. H.haaii,
Iwoolll.aalHiv iiame.1 difaodaiilai
Ida Nam of lb hiai of "'''.
and ea. li ol you a' n"',r rnpnied to ap-
au.va ent.ile.1 . a.. on or helm
li e "Till day ol (. lolr. l-. MI.MH
U.I d.y l i... t.m. P.en.d In I... o.d
loa l. l.y tb 1-...H.I) J..-'K "I Cle.kan.ee
:;;:1!,,,y,r.....o.(.rell...j..i..r ';t;;i-''
ihl.iiimmoi.a, ami II ' ' .
pear and anewer. a de. tee Ml. I - taken
L.I.,.ly....amle.el.ol ton M Hi''
prayed f..r In aal.l iompial.il. Mhl. b I. Ir a
there la .Hie and
olyou 10 plaiM.ll. I-""
premium mere... ' .
iH-nt wr annum from ami ever alne ll.e llrel
day ol Mar. . Until paid, ami Ihe ful l.rr
auiii ol I'll""' mm. I of lain paid l-y
plali.li.tuii Ihe tii.iHieo""' 1'iemlaee l.erel.o
.Iter ileaerlhrd. Mllh l.ileiral llieismi al U"
rate ol ul r lent per annuni Ir.nn and
,y.r aim-. lh. M ' -a.t-a..is. T.
until paid, and lh l.irli.ei a.i.ii ol W on
atvoiliilnl llia.iram . premium on ll.e u.iil.l
ni;.iinal.l ni.i'ii(ed preml"''. '"
teie.l thereon al lb. ral. ol an lr .enl p.r
ier aiimim ami eer ain.e ll.e sin day
of Aii.il, I'.'. """I l ',,i "' l,"u"'
ail in ol .m Bil.imeia lera In IhU a.ill and
hcola and dl.li.u. .enla of Ihla Kill,
and declaim all ol ll.e ale.ye a. una a oral
lien upon lh. niorial prem.wa and in.
oertlll. ale l. aliaiea ol al e k Ormnalter Ue
a. r.l.l; nd lor Ihe lorn ..ne ul a certain
inurttfaKe made by yon and ee b of uu lo
plainllll, dated Manh II. "" "
I . ,i.m note made by il ami
....i. m.i v.iii I,, i,l. inn It dated Mat. h .11. I
f,.r the mm of e .) and lb. Inleiaal and
pieii,liiiina. li at Ibe ral. ol an per caul
.r .,,111,111 nn Ill nam. ami a rTi,
i.irney Ire III raw mil or action ihuiild
I ii all I n led t roller! aaul n. or any pari
IheraHif. hy Mhli ii InoiUas linllmi aa. ui
toll cmtryr I by say ol ii...M-ee lo pUllt
lllt I..U II. O end Ml In bonk .T In IheUl.
(pin I mo and Meel Company. a PM-
limi in MiMi-fi, In Cla kamaa i-ouniy. r:al.
,.f (lieH1m, Miui h ii, i. ii.. Maaim Ihe aaij
Slelday of Mart b, duly -.ifde.l In
the utile ol the !if.lr ol I'outeianrei
of aald Ciai kao.aa nniniy. H'aie d Kirrfon,
at pae MI ol It.e.k IT ol the pnhlii re.Me
of m;ina' llieia'l, and ore.oli,a and
barilna- )onr. and ce Ii id )our and each of
Ihe deleiidanl a and all l-.ra.ma rlaimina
by. IbroiiKh oruii'.er ou or eilbef l yu.,,
or'-), ilirmnjh or uml.i any ..thei ol to
,rfeileiirli line ami, ll.eir e'Uliy of le
leiiiplmn or other mureal In, Hat'1 I"
lien uptiii aald morl'; I piemiaea and
etery pail thereof ario only Ihe alatnlo'y
r i t l t lo re.le.in . and ll Mn ( a It'll ol
p. aiiil.lt upon a lenilj. ale i"J. for
lilteen a!,a" of aue k In Ihe ttii,inl.iii
National It ul Itl 1 1 K h.a.1 ami Imralioei.l
A K-ia;i,in, a iofioialiiii, st'4iiel by
reaxilt of aaid leil.llia'.e liii ple-e.1 ly
you a. ae nitty for i, payment of aa.l
proii,.a.irr Hole , and lor an older ul en. of
aid moriKaired piemiara and aaid rail. Ural,
lo aaliilt aal l itrrrre.
And )".i ami r h ol ymi are hereby noil,
de l thai mi ll.e I Mb 'lay of (w.inli, .
lh Honorable lime K. lit an, County
JuiIk of Cla. kamaa I onnly. Mate of W
(nn, n.ade an ore.lr thai ar yn. of lint.
mniia in Una a. ill li. mad. uni you ami
ra. ii of ymi bv puhtii alinn ihrieol. ami
thai the date of the llrat lnil.llr.il, in ol Ihla
iiinmona la heplember I'lIi. I and ll.e
dale of tbe laal pnlill. aliotl of Una euliiinolia
la Iklnber, ;.. 1'.
tit Y U. WIl.t.tM.
Attorney for I'lainl ff.
In tbe Circuit Court of the Mtale of urejon
for lh County of Clarkamsa.
Tom I. llamlall. plalnl.ir, ve. VI r. A. K.
Martin, II. K Martin, bar hinhaml ami
Carl Itootb, delemlauU.
To Mr. A. K. Martin and i. K. Martin
her huiheml, defemlaiila.
In th nam of Ilia Mate ot Oregon, yon
axe hereby required In appear ami ameer
lh complaint died aa-alual you In Ihe al.jte
enntleil mil on or brfor. Ibe 77th day of
(Irtoher. Ki, that beln Ihe laal day pr.
niMMl Iii lh ordar ol pubi. ati.in of una
etiiumone, and Ify.iuao 111 to atar ami
anawir aald roiuplamt, tbe plainllll aa 1 1 1
apply to lh mort fr lh rrllrl therein
demanded, lo wil : Kuril. cai.eeilai.on of
one certain deed KKen by plainllll In Mra.
A t. Martin on Or lobar 1.1. Ii for o M,
blork 3 In Mount I'lraaant A Idltlon in
)rKin Clly, ()reon, accordln lo Ihe map
or platnf Ibe aiilHliflalnnanl the aald block
3aa eubdlvlded by laid Turn I', llamlall.
ami for inch order aa will protect the rlehta
of lh niori(aK'e herein and lor ciiait ami
dtahuraemeota of thll aull and lor inch
olhrr and lurlber relief aa to Ihla court may
aeem meet and eiuitahl.
Thla ii.iiinma la pnhiiahed bv or lar of
Hon. Tboa, S. Kyin, JihIk of the Cminlv
i nun ol lh mate oiureiroii. for Ibe Counly
oi i.iackamaa, which order aa made An-
KU't'U, A. I). I I'll.
ruhllahed drat lime Hedeuil.er Nib, vl.
(i. II. Dixii K ah. linsrar A. Mil l ia,
Attorueyi for rialnliri.
i.n thi: cntci rr ou ur of tb.Hi.io
of Oregon fur Cla. kamaa County.
Dorli Martin, plainllll ya. C. I Martin.
To ('. U Martin, ilrfrmtant :
In the name of the Hint ol llreiron: Ymi
are hereby repilred to ipje ar and linear ,
lb.) complaint tiled HKn.i.et ynu In the above
enlltled mil mi or before Ihe 4th !.. ,.f 1
Novemlier, IhKi, ami If ymi fad to ao anaaer
lor want Iheniol the plainllll will spniy t 1
the court for the relief demamli d in the'
complaint, to wn: For a decree ill.aol vma 1
ami roreveretlinKaaldei.b bnmla ol ma. I
tfllipiliy now and berelolitre en.lllmr !.
m-rii pinmiiii ami ileiemlunt. J.,,r nlf
care and Ciiatody of Kdna Maruerile Mar
tin, and th eonta and dlahurviuenta nf Ihla
"tilt, ami audi other and lurther relief aa lo
ll.e court may neen.jiiat. ihie publleatlou
mad by order of ll.m. T. k. Ityan.
Judgs ol tin i Counly Court of the Hlati of
Oregon for Cla. kttinn, r(1iinly duly made
anil I entered heptemher Imb, mt, and lh
lirat publlrailmi ol thi. ti,i,1(), , m,,
HentemliMr 'i'M U.
. . . . . n
Heptvmlier 2:'d, jM-er,
A. K. KI.KfiKI,.
Atlnrney fur plainllll.
! :'21l 3
I.liiior Jailer,
Notice li ben hy given that I will apply
10 the city council at Its regular meeting hi
Octolmr, lHW, f, , lkttnM U) , g
for klx monilu at my alo..n In Oregon
City, Oregon, on Main itr.et. Halt! IImiiss
PJilate OctolN-r Mlh, l8!lf).
M. It A u no.
.ii'i'i"? U .""!,,y. Krn that "' ttn.ler.
K. r:l..,n,..b"m,1 .,luy "m-int-d s.i.,,iis.
dereaeert .erf , " """7 ""'"".""It,
derenael snd all perioni Uvlnir olnlini
glii.t the said ea.nl. n.M preaeia the '
duly ver.lleil, U, tlli u.,d.,ralge, ( '
H month, fro,,, ,, )f M0,.eumn
AdnilnlNtratorof aald satat.
OlMICk 1. l .UT.. .U
r).e,i.uoA.:r,,ry''or .in.n.i.ir.i.'.r.
U r,.in in UBjr ol ""P''uber, A. D. PKK).
In lb rireiiil ixnin of n( ,UI rf
r the iHinsiy of l!lai kamaa, "U
Jainaa Markaixla, plainllll, .
llililrr, Weyna (irliler, I harlr, u,, '
K, llol.al.laoll I
and John I'nit,,. ,,i '7 '
r.. ti.il... ii.i.i..
'" ' -r m (1,,.
tan of III I hoy a named ilefeint.ni.
In Ihe nam ol Ibe Htate ni (Ir,,,,!
.ia hareliV reinilieil In .,,!.... . '
lliepoioplallil Iliad BKalml ton I,, n"'1
aiitllle.1 aull oh or Iwl.iia Saliinar
day ol SovainlMir, lm, and utt fiu ? I
ai'iear and anaaer. hn taai.L n... , kl
tuf win spfiy aid iniiii i... vr.fi
piayeil lor III aald complaint, (ll ."'I
(la. fra thai plainllll hay and rm, 'I
and f'lilil Hi ilefemlania Ktan f ,, I
aim alanine tinner ami each f o ,' I
.inn of Ii7.;u. Mllh IhUrr.i n... l
il.. I.I il.v nl M.i.lninlr 11- ., .. '"'a I
uhl ief ni I ir annum ami n . . wl
l 117 til III. Il.la,,..! ., '
'I.I da of July. If I and II.. !
- . , . .- ,,MHH.
ol .VI ailiirney a lee, ami l,. r,Ml.,'
illthiiraeineitla of Ihla anil;
and ik
inorla-a ernliHl and iMial
drlemlanla Ktan T, Urldrr al y
(Hi lar Upm Ihi lolloalny il..,l
prii.erly eiluaied In the lonnt, ,
mat. Hal of llrrgnn, loan,
hall of Ihe liorlhaeai ia'i.r nf aarii
o loaiialilp 1 Kiolh, fnf 1 ltH J
Wlllamelie Meridian, e.mlaiiiin! m k
mm. or leaa, lie derred
1.1 ih. .... -
iiix.ii aald real prowrly
and thai o. '
, lielher Mllh i, a l..iu ,ti4l
,i ..... .. ii.. .i.i.. i. .'.
aai l real pr..fly. he f..rel M''
aald real property aold aa up. aieu I
" ' - iia II
lii una an. i. ami inai me ealil il.ltt.1
and ea. h of Ihein be loieter banT'
foirrhwed of all rlhl. Idle n,, l)tafJ M
... I., j.l.l . . I ,hi,.,l, ... I
,., ... WW.: . . ... .
ami that lh piie.a a'.tii.f ,, v I
aa.e .nan eri'neM ,iar,, n,a aaUi.'an
of pla.nlin i derree herein. a4 o.a .
balance, If any, ahall ai nie. la k)l
'I e-pillahle
snd Dial plali,l1 kin ,
uiher and fnrllier relief aa In lhcw,rt,
eeem meet and e-pitleb.
Thll eonini.i't le pl.bll.lia by ark,. I
l, moraine t r O'ao, -ne uiil .
.. .. it... ..
i the nniniy of CUrkamaa. Kate ut in
ut. .y n.e'ie oie-i in in, ei.iye ettl
Kill III Hi. aald rlirull ruiirl nn Cluikl
ut Kepteitiljer, li, ami aald order (. I
pti'illreoon " ii "I mil leatal
oi,i.aak lor all weeki, and I
ahall ao apaf ami a'.a.er un a Ws,l
Hammer im uay in n oa.ir, a
Ihe dale of Id fir. I puUuaiuieWa
ail IK .mm l.l'if ,, I u.y "1 r-- .i.itier, ( i
I uittaaai til, iM.aiiaA kauaii
Allurneia l.,f u.(
iitaaalaUlrMlvr's .slle.
Nolir. la hereby (Iren that IU i, I
inel Im Im.ii duly api-ilnt.
lor ol ibe e.aie ol W. J. Curr.n. oVm I
and all raona are hairi.y nop!,)
aeiit a I rlaiina arainal aa. I .ia la a,
ii, y leai lroc al l ull ln. II... I,i
onitiiy. I irefoii, nn or !(,. ( a.
ff.nn Ihe Orel puhllrat.oii of II. la k
aald clalma nuiel be prot-.il, ynla
, roninie. by lh l "ir iuikI
pated Auual l, !'
II. K. Ct K;t
A tmliilatraior of lb rata a ot V.
Cur'tn. deaee.. I.
Attorney for Admairar
l0 15.
Mt tut:
Ni.tlc I hereby flyeii hal I aj ajf
In tba ri y council al Pa regular tfx.n
IVInl.r, l. for a tlrsna toaall
for all nmiilbi at my aal.em In I'rrf
onMalnalrMt. Held llreite laak".i
lobar U, 1I.
A. Kurt
,4 tleaeleilalraleir'a ,Mlrr.
NTH K M IIKIlKllY dlVKX Tkaia.
undrraicnr.1 ballpen duly ei'fMCW
Ihe Hon. Thoa. K. Ktan, J ire J k
County Court of lb ttis'e of tiny;.
C: kimaa I'mintf, a Imlnlatraiu af
eatal of Auauala Srla..li, darMMd. 1.1
lra..i.a bat In claim aeau.al
are herehy notilled lo pieaeul Ui atn. al
n.e. prorly rtrtel, aa by la r,il
al n.y ree.delirw In Mlliainellea 'al.'
Mlilnn an nioitlba Irom Ihe date k
tilled Ihla otn day of P.plaM.bet, l
One r. 0. ,
Admlnlalrator of Hi ataiof
Nrln.n, Uw
OS; Int.
of tifee-on. fur Iheniunty uf Ciexkliaei
II C. Ilealb, plali.Ult, . MarylMieUl
de fend a II I.
To Mary . Heath, sbor fi.nti
In lb nam of lb Mat of Off. "I
ars hereby required In appear In IM """I
eiiiiueg rourl ami anaaer un coi- I
llle.1 herein on or hefnr Monliy, W'l
day ol November, Nil Ihe aaiii bet!
i ftral day of lbs next reamer lermeil
court: and If you la. I ao Ui at'l0!
I anewer. the plaintiff Mill apply lolMW
II spi
for lb relief orare.1 for lnlbco;
lo-arit: lor a decree tl.aa.tl VI ng tbkH'
I'lalrlmnny eilatli.f Iwlaeen ptt" I
lh ermimla uf Mllfol ahaiidj.imml "
lriiHl of mors than on yaar prior a!
C'ininieiicem.tit of Ihla mil.
Thla mmiiinn I piibliaha.1 by V '
Hon. Allre.1 . Heara, Jr , J'lil
Iniirlh u.lli aldlalrlelofli.ealatao"W
I'ltcd Hriiiiilwr u, u.
o ... ,ii v i-1 i a. riXIPrtELU
1 I, ' j
Atl-r.eyilor i-iii"
of Oregon, tor lh counly ol ClnM"1"
J. It. Welln. nlalnllir. Vi. TlirreS I
Wavllal llawfallwlailkl
Tn Thrre.a I. Weill, abov Hissf I
lell lant:
In tli nam of th ili of '"'""v'JI
are hereby required lo appear In lM"5
entitled court and anaser ll',w"lij
llled herein on or lefor Mnhdiy,!"
iiiv,.r...,k., ivKt ihe eain bn'F
ftral day of the next regillir l"mCf
rouri, and If ynu fall ao in l'l' ' '.
snawer, lh plainllll will apply ""L
for lb relief prayed for In 'l'..
In wit: for a decree illaaolvlng
inairiinniiy rxiaiing ueiereu i -
oeiemiaiii on ine grouini"
d.iiuneut for a period of 'or" i".
year prior to ths collllllllc"lll, "
Thlaiiiinmoni I punHiM .Jti
th lion. Alfred K Heafa, '
ltd Judicial district, stale) of OriK"
Dated Nept. II. pew. .......eil
AUnrnevi f"
.Nlotleei for IMllt!atl
Land Olllc st Oregon City. 0rt
A UK IH, PCIfl. Thai
noi'ick is ii khkiiy
followlng.named leitler b nlf' ,
hu Inleiiilon to link tins! Pr" ,, L
of hli claim and Ihalaal.l pn" 0i
hefora th Itegiater and Itecelvsr n
City, Oregon, on Oct 1 iw'.
II K H7(IV for th 8 W of Sefl
bouih, Ho Kast. , -iimmKI1!
lis ii.inr. ths following
prov hli oontiniioiii ramiijenru r
cultivation of aald land .i.hiiu
John Metrlcki and Orsnt, W'Zjy
Oregon filly j Osorg Iteml o Jc1.
Herbert 1). Msriton. of Oregon t .,
ClIAS. It. W' jiiiir
8 2o-0 21).