Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, September 22, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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Oregon City Enterprise.
PulIUIel Kvry Friday.
L. U PORTER, I'li'ttiiwi.
On year . 'S
Trial subscription month
A discount ol .V) cent on kit subscriptions
for on vear, 2S cent for u months, If
paid in advance.
Advertising rates given " P'ilctlon.
Subscribers will find h d1 ,,,r;
ttoit unrd on tbeir paptrs following
their nam. If tUi. tlaU is l,0 '''"'J
within two weeks afler pavmenl, ,ml'J
oolify us end w lu'r ,L
Knlered at tr poumc tn Oregon City.
Or., m second clasa matter.
Braver Creek...
I'nion Mill... .
Meadow Brock..
New Kra
Park place
aurora.. ,
Kagle Creek....
....l'r. T. B. Thomas
Ueo. Knlk'ht
A. Mather
Oscar Wissmger
U. J.TnilliiiKr
Chas. Holniall
V. t. Newberry
Henrv Miley
F. L. Itussell
J.Q Oa
. ... C. T. Howard
,' K. M.Oooir
Annie Mubhs
K. M. llaruiien
B. Jennings
V...Hnry A. Snyder
....H. Wtlbern
V.'..'. J.CKIIiou
K. irtsch
'.'.77.. Geo. J.Curnn
.Mr. M.J. Hammer
Adolph AscborJ
VTbe way t build npOreteiClly
to U give Orrgen City People jonr
Thk People' Trew fy that usually
a p!g doesn't equeal unlee it ia pinched.
Judging from Bro' Cheney's squalling in
hi hut week' edition be must hare
been pinched rather hrd.
Tut government ia beginning to re
aliie the importance of Fortfand aa a
shipping point and will embark the
Thirty-fifth regiment from thia port.
Portland baa a good facilities a any
city on the coast for shipping and gradu
ally ia gaining OrienUl trde.
Tut advantage of Portland as a grain
market is recognized by Girsen and Eyre,
grain brokers of San Francisco, who
open np a branch house in Portland.
Wheat of Eastern Oregon and Washing
ton must cotue to Portland and the
heavy grain brokers and shippers recog
niae this and are now all in the field at
Portland for the business.
As the grain crop is threshed it is
found that the percentage of spoiled
grain is much smaller than was at first
aupposed. The ideal weather for har
vesting the hop crop has secured it in
llae shape and the yield per acre is one
of the largest ever harvested although
the area is not so large as some former
The man from"the land of blizzards and
wheat" considers the source of the per
sonal attacks upon him in the last issue
of the Courier-Herald and deems them
unworthy of notice, notwithstanding Mr.
Cheney's cheerful statement "I will
give Maw h I as Porter will be back
next week and he (Maw) cannot retali
ate." That is a very sickly whine the
Courier-Herald puts np when it is called
np for making false statements by the
chairman of the general reception com
mittee. The article was circulated in
the proper paper and the way the editor
of the Courier-Herald tries to wiggle out
of his original statements would make
biro the laughing stock of the street if
any one paid any attention to him.
V Capt. J. F. Cask of the Second Ore
gon who was breveted major in the
Philippines bus been appointed major of
volunteers. Major Case was the engi
neer for the East Side Kailway Company
when that road was built, and built the
reservoir for the Oreuon City Water
Works. He has many friends in Oregon
City and was a schoolmate of the
writer at the University of Wisconsin.
BoLHKa Cochkan offered to bold a
joint debate with Byan at the trust
conference but the windy Nebraskan
refused to take part. A demagogue will
always do as Bryan did, give the com
mittee to understand that he is
anxious for the debate until he finds
that he has met his match snd then
"crawfish" out of it. This man Bryan
thought he could fool the people on the
gold standard but now he wants to put
Imperialism ia alaq
Tin Coi kih-11iuu lua k whole lot
to My ol what was done at th volunteer
reception. After tmautlintr the volun
torn and railing them murdorere ami
finding that the eopla wouM nut
approve any nch course that short tried
to stpur Itself by contributing $10. The
editor foitnil subscriber were quitting it
and took thla course to stem the tide.
The quitters are atill coming in, a
sensible people are not bought that
It I becoming clearer every day that
the trade with the Orient should be to
large extent in the hand ot Americans.
The product (rota the Far Kant can
reach the market of the world quicker
and easier throtigh.the point o( America
on the reiflc than by auy other route.
Our export trade ha grown lyond all
precedent tnd our cottou trade with
Chin ia In keeping with it. We are
entiled to thi trade ami ran have it it
we will make the effort. It hould be
A CoNsiPiiALB adverse criticism i
being mde on ccounl of the govern.
ment xchnging patented land in the
timber reserve for timber outside. The
claim beinti that the timber 1 lost or
Uken on both pieces. The government
gets the reserve entire by this process
and thereby given an advantage it would
not otherwise have. A great deal of
criticism is also bad because the iheep
are shut out. The course of the govern
ment we believe is the correct one and
will be to shown in the end.
Tua CocaiKU-HiBALD would niske a
child cmile. It talk about it editorial
when most of them are sent from the
east and dictated from the democratic
campaign committee, and are known a
boiler plate. It talk about lU circu
lation and that the republican here
want to boycott it. It cut so mall a
figure that it opinion are never noticed
here by anyone, even the democrat.
A to our borrowing matter from that
paper, it happen every week that ome-
ttiing of thi kind i done. Thi week'
iasoe of that paper ha over a column
set in the Enterprise otlice.
Wukx it is realized that one-fourth of
Portland's trade ia with the Orient we
begin to comprehend w hat the retention
of the Philippine means to us in a
commercial way. The commerce of
Portland represent half the state and
it is largely products that the farmers
and laborers are interested in. This has
only commenced and every effort should
be made to enlarge it. The retention of
these islands is the first step. We will
then be at the door of China where our
trade is growing rapidly. The possibili
ties in the Orient fur trade to Oregon is
such that no mistake can be afforded.
II we take advantage of our opportunities
this coast w ill reap advantages that can
not be foretold now.
fl ,
.XX 6. A A A A A A fOl ibi
Friday September 15.
The Thirty-fifth regiment will embark
for the Philippines from Portland.
The draft of the reply that Kruger will
make to England is being debated in the
The conference on trust is not at
tracting a large amount of attention.
There is a strong rumor that Dreyfus
will be pardoned,
The native of the island of Samoa
want the protection of the American
troops as the Tagals are forcing thmn to
pay tribute.
Surnpter is attracting considerable at
tention as a mining center.
The Philadelphia export fair opens.
America has no interest warranting
inUrferferenue in the Dreyfus matter or
the Transvaal.
Mayor Van Wick was before the
Mazet committee and lost his temp' r on
being questioned concerning the affairs
of the city.
The crop outlook of the country is
A fisherman off Long Beach clings to
a boat all night and is rescued.
A Pittsburg man buys $5000 worth of
Portland exposition tickets. Probably
to advertise on.
Capt. Kern, of Portland, invents an
automatic range finder.
Another biit grain bouse from San
Francisco opens in Portland.
An irrigation congress is to be held at
Missoula this month.
Saturday September 18.
Bourke Cochran was ready to hold the
joint debate with Bryan at the Trust
conference but the Utter refused.
The Transvaal dispute 1 more strained
than ever.
It I claimed that the gold depostta at
Cape Nome extend under the sea.
It I claimed that Aitulnaldo was
otlVrred the leadership of the natives
and f000 a year as a condition of sur
render by the peace commUnlon.
The organized agitation In America In
favor of Ureyfu ha been dropped a it
might injure the prisoner.
Mataafa ha sent to the president
I.leut Landsdale' watch w 1th a letter of
regret at the latter death.
One fourth of Portland's commerce Is
with the orient.
The Pslouse country is enjoying a very
successful harveel.
The atate fair ohii in Salem under
favorable circumstance.
The hop crop is Mug secured In good
Pres. Hill of the (ireat Northern
viit Spokane and makea arrangement
for putting in large Improvement (or hi
Sunday September 17,
The reply of the Boer i in the hand
of Sec. Chamberlain and la believed to
be warlike,
The first day of the state fair i a sue-cers.
The trust conference close with a
speech from Bryan.
labor! I In London and la the hero of
the hour.
Ilanna praises the political system of
A fire at Lincoln, Neb., destroys
half million of property.
The thirty-fifth regiment la making
preparation to sail from Portland to
Uermany deeply reent the Henne
verdict a no notice w taken her denial
of the guilt ol Dreyfus.
The Mexican congress open with a
message from the president, Diaz.
Dr. Kasmua having served five years
in Grace church Portland, severs hi
connection with that church.
Ship vard of the coast are all buy
and a large number of new vessel will
be launched in HM).
The record in Northwest for Saturday
was three accidental and fatal discharges
of guns in the hands of the victims.
Monday September IS.
The Transvaal' reply to Knglsnd'a
note is very unsatisfactory and practi
cally repudiated British suzeranity.
A riot at Cartersville, III., between
negro and white miners results in six
deaths and many wounded.
England is buying American mules.
She wauta 1000 for use in South Africa.
A recruit at Vancouver commit sui
cide by taking poison.
The Odd Fellows celebrate the dia
mond juhilee anniversary at Detroit.
Tuesday September 19.
Buvrs are massing on the bor Jer for
the defense of the republic.
Alger withdraws from the race for U.
S. senator.
I Yellow fever is making headway at
Key West.
Johnson, of Kansas, is selected as ex
ecutive officer of the democratic national
Sheep must be off the Rainier reserve
by the 25th of the month.
China has protested against Gen. Otis'
order excluding Chinese from the Philip
pines. Wednesday, September, 20.
Dreyfus' decree of pardon was signed
yesterday morning.
England' deliberation in Transvaal
dispute is said to be due to a desire to
gain time.
Yellow fever is assuming serious pro
portions at Key West.
Filipinos offer to release American
LI Hung Chang has been recalled to
power in China
Thursday, September 21.
Firebugs attempt to burn Baker City
The Gold Standard mine in Jackson
county gets richer every foot.
DreyfiiB is free and leaves for the
south of France.
A recent typhoon in Japan causes
hundreds of lives to be lost.
The O, R. & N. has granted tho gov
ernment right of way for boat railway
around the Dalles.
The City of Rio de Janeiro and Sikh
are ordered to Portland to transport the
Thirty-fifth regiment to Manila.
Experience Is the Bent Teacher. Use
Acker's English Remedy In any case of
coughs, colds or croup. Should it fail to
give immediate relief money refunded.
25 eta. and 60 cts. Geo. A. Harding,
A inSTOUlCAIi ltfi)E.
Mwrewa Wfcllaiaa'a WIIJ aaa Peril-
Joaraer .,MMI 'r"m
ii.ni la vaahlala aaa taa
..II. Ualea 'lluwea la II WaU. j
The rldo of Mnrcua Whitman vn
ever snow rapped mountains and along
(ink ravine, traveled only 1X mvbu
men. It wa a plunge through Icy riv
er and aero trackle pralrlea, a
rldo of 4.(HH) utile across a continent
In the dead of winter to aav a mighty
territory to the Vnlon.
Compared with thla. what wn the
feat of laul Hever. who rod IS mile
n a calm night lu April to aroue
handful of sleeping patriot and there
by save the powder at Concord?
Whitman' rid aaved three ,atar to
the American flag. It wa made In
In 17t2. during the flmt diiilnlatra
thm of Washington. Captain Robert
dray, who had already carried the
American flag around the glol. dis
covered the mouth of the Columbia
tlver. Ho sailed several mllea up the
great stream aud landed and took p
sewlon lu the nam of the Culled
lu 15. under J fferaeti' administra
tion, thi vat territory wa explor.il
by Captain Iewls aud Clark, who
rcHrta were popular reading for our
grandfathers, but the exteut aud value
of this dltant pneslon ' were very
slightly understood, aud no attempt at
cidonltatlou wa made, aav the ctab
ll.hmrut of the fur trading slntlou of
Astoria In LSI1.
Strangely enough, England, to,
claimed this ame territory by virtue
of right ceded to It by ltula and
also by the Vancouver aurvey of Kfi
The Hudson' Bay company establuh
ed a number of trading pots aud Mb-d
the country with adventurous fur trad
era. So here waa a vat territory, a
large a New Kngtand and the state of
ludlana combined, wulou seemed to t
without any positive owncmhlp. But
for Marcus Whitman It would havt
been loat to the I'nloB.
It was In 13(1 that Dr. Whitman and
a man by the name of Spatildlng. with
their young wlvea. tli first white wo
men that ever rroed the Hx-ky
mountains, entered the valley of the
Columbia and founded a mixtion of the
American board. They had Ni-n Bent
out to Christianize the Indian, but
Whitman waa also to build a state.
ne waa at thla time 3. year old. lo
bis Journey to aud fro for the mllon
be soon saw the vast Mlblllth-s of
the country, and be saw. too. that the
EnglUh were already apprlied of this
and were rapidly pouring Into the ter
ritory. I'llder the terms of the treaties
of ISIS and fCn It was tho tacit t-e
lief that whichever nationality aettlml
and organized the territory, that nation
would hold It If Kngland ami the
Kncllib fur trader had wen sucrc
ful In their plans, the threo great slate
of Washington. Oregon and Idaho
would now ronHtltute a pnrt of llrlt
Isb Columbia. tut It was not dentlm-d
to tie.
In the fall of 1HI2 It looked as If
there would bo a great lupoiirlug of
English Into the territory. aiu Dr.
Whitman took the alarm. There was
ao tJme to Inso. The antharltle at
Waahlngtou tnunt x warned. 'llntlly
bidding his wife adieu. Dr. Whitman
started on hi hazardous joiirtivy. The
peril, hardiihlp and delays h en
countered on the way wo ran but faint
ly conceive. Ida feet were frozen, he
nearly starred, and once he rame very
near to losing his life. He kept
pushing right on. and at the end of live
terrible mouths he reached Washing
ton. He arrived there a worn, bearded,
strangely picturesque figure, chid en
tirely In buckskin and fur, a typical
man of the pralrlea. He asked audience
of President Tyler and Secretary of
State Webster, and It was accorded,
him. All clad a he was, with his
frozen limb. Just In from his 4.'KK)
mile rldo, Whitman appeared before
the two great men to ptuaU far Ortgini.
Ilia statement wa a revelation to
the administration. Previous to Whit
man' visit It was the general Idea In
congress that Oregon was a barren,
worthies country, fit only for will
beast and wild men. Ho openml tho
eyes of the government to the limit
less wealth and splendid resources of
that western territory. He told them
of It great river and fertile valley
It mountains covered with forests and
It mines tilled with precious treas
ure. He showed them that It was a
country worth keeping ami that It
must not fall Into tho bands of the
English. He spoke a a muu Inspired,
and hi words were heeded.
What followed the organization of
companies of emigrant, the rupld set
tlement of tho territory and the treaty
made with Great Britain In 1H4U by
which the forty ninth parallel wis
mnde tho boundary Utie west of tve
Rocky mountains are matters of his
tory. The foresight and the heroism of one
man aud his gallant ride had saved
three grent state to th Union. Oma
ha World Herald.
The Wlit Its.
The w4se man will not rpKt too
much from those about blm. He will
bear and forbear. Even the bot have
foible and weaknesses which have to
be endured, sympathized with and per
haps pitied. Who I perfect? Who
does not need forlcaranco and forgive
ness? Haniuel Hmilea.
The flesh of young giraffe, especial
ly that of a young cow, Is extremely
good, somewhRt like veal, with a
gamelike flavor. The tongue, from H
to 20 luche long, Is also very good.
But the marrow bones afford the great
est luxury to the South Aiirab hunter.
... ian Trala.
Hlow railroad train. r pr.d.a dy no
,M.cultnr lo any l."'"r The
he conductor who walled forth I
tocon.i othedo.en of eggs f..r Hi
Inarket I ' fulU,'r "f
widely diverse region.
There u.cd to run over Vermont
road -and to. It J
over a VIii'Ulu rond-what was
known a. the "huckleberry train." J h
Jest being that II " ''
pa..enger. could Jump off -Mm. front
,nd of the train and pick ... Wl. 1 rrl..
for awhile and then get on at the rear
end a It came u.
The engineer of the Wrmoiit train
f this tltU Is Imaginatively declared
to have shot two partridge on day
from hi int.. w li the fireman "r-
trLvod" without any additional ".low
lug up "
r !'""' Tralr.
Mr. ltigloy-CIia. I mut lult
that you send young Mr. tlranley away
earlier. It 1'i.g after II o'clock
Ut night "hen you closed tho front
door after him.
Clara - I know, timinuia. and I have
made up my mind a doni different
tune to make him have early, but he
ha a way. somehow, of always giving
th Impression long after the shsnk
of the n cuing has pasl that he I
Just etH.ut to soy something oil lis
Ih-ou walling for. If wful etss
poretlng - St. Uuls Republic.
American Dcouilcs.
There are none fslrer or saertrt th
world over. Ciifrttrird and unttm.
titalad the American wtmn qurens It as
woman in ine
world. Yrt hrr
vrrr eiiargv and
iuhttwa are of
tru timr her un
iting, bhe st-
trlltK ! rtllM tl.
Mrf hralthls Utl-
Iritnlned. And
hrlt health tp
twauty g '".
Th use I.
I'lrrr' (Vi.ldcn
MedUal Dt-o-rry
th health. H
aire dlsre of
the stomach and
organs of digr
in,o and nutri
tion and assuir
(irtfrvt assimila
tion of foul aud
th proper Hour-
ithmrut of the
'ody. It In
.. ,v.. I.I. ..I
'yVJUiule the luitnir
:litlr that
in yirn
cloud the completion.
Mr. Msrv K LU. of Tsnt f,llf C.
W Vs. wrllM fWfr .ol.i Mrlw.l
punmfy, ' fatins rt"""!!" ' ri
..I rl(' iut.l w h Xkmm ! Kl.rf
.iitii f i tut an r.r t s,,4
anli.ld kivit I ul is p .0 ol
I cual.l 4 M oamm lo Hl
nd lho. I .1 w.wM Im.-t ttamt, la
Was nfj nrrnm an.1 oii. hai.111
liaaaiiM ran. i un n,nf .im
vhrn I cunimroccl lalklnj ihrtr mr.lt.lu mt
yrara ago. I su wrtgh im hnJrl .4 kf i
n.nil,inl am Kairtnj la-ltrf IvmIIS lhN
trfan rt u. k ! wfi
knOIra S ol ' rfeami.llo.' 'lty' B4
Iw. IVrce' I'lrawnt Pellet a t gently
but effectively. Women value them.
r.ilri Tour I1uwu VTIlh Tasrarsl.
I'shily f-hrilr. tur. fonatipaiinn lotat.r,
llX.Sac. lri' t'C (all, (Irub-KlatafcluodiuuMj.
Wedding stationerr, the latest itvles
and finest as,rti-ient ever brought lo
Oregon City at the Ksrsar-Nis nfllea.
I'or Vounr .Hen and Young tfmnrn.
There is nothing tlmt will ami. mi lb
Iro uf a young man or woman to tjolck as
to have inferior laundry work put off on
thrui. They my dress ever so well,
but If their shirt front or shirt waist is
mussy their neat appi'sianee Is skilled.
The Troy laundry mnkes a specialty of
Indies' and gentlemen' line work.
There can be no (tetter Work than I
done at the Trov. b-ave your oidor al
Johnson's barlter shop.
Money to loan
Hzixtss A (JHirrrni.
at lowest rates.
A Pew 1'olnlrr.
Tl - - ...!.! t .t i .
The recent statistic ol the number of
deaths show that a largo majority din
with consumption. This diseaM) msy
commence with an apparently harmless
cough w hich can be cured instantly by
Kemp' Ilalsam for the. Throat and
Lungs, which is guaranteed to cum and
relieve all cases. Price 25c and oOc.
For (ale by all druggists.
B.ntha lln K nrJ Van Han Alwayg BougH
The llomclle.t ,M,m In Orefcron City,
As well as the handsomest, aud others
are Invited to call on any druggist and
get free a trial bottle, of Kemp's llulsam
for the Throat and Lungs, a remedy that
is guaranteed lo cure snd relieve all
Chronic and Acuta Cotiifha, Asthma,
lironchitia and Consumption. Price 2.rc
and ode,
Of Million's Consumption Cure ia this
guaranlei): "All wo ask of you is to use
two-third of the contents of this bottle
aithfully, (hen if you cun say youaro not
bencHted return the bottle lo y0Ur Drug
gist and he may refund the price paid."
Price 1'5 cts., W) cts. and $1.00. CO.
Huntley, Druggist.
A fine line of portierres just rocoiyed
at the
Oregon City Auction House.
Vos! TJioy arc
Wlii tlief yntt want Hhecr
Fllcr, Kublwra, r!ioe itrirp
or Ovrrgltcr, ymi w ill fin(j
what you K''t ('"in is will r
j ml (lie must satisfactory ,
look elegant til tho t i , lvj
nlway lo ooinforlablo U, j.,
Krausso Brot
V V V p ifr f
3. TDmilejwtcJ
Wagon M.kir,
1 .
4th and Main l. OrrguCrtr(
rk A Jt-J-J. AAJLS
Carrir rot..Ul Hut nf Cs
ksis, t'rt1lis. Itn an. l.ltikri
o( uirtr iis!ilr and M
nioU'sis p !.
Wllllain't Kidney Pill.
iml III lra- IX U 1
ICI.lnrya aui t 'lluarv Otgatis, lUw
jnii lo'tfl. ' t-l your KUIiwjsJ Un
yotl otrrworUrd ymr iw-rvnut m
U-iii sod cauwvt lrtiil.Ui with Juv
Klititrt and ItlBuhU-rT lla
alna lu the lulus "I'l", Inv k.grwt'
land blad.U r? Ilato Vi.u a flsblJ f
ln'orniiiti of tho lr, epiii;
I 'oti.b-r the rye 7 Tim frvursl dr
i slrn puns ur no f William' Kidix?
I'lll m 111 Itnrtart iipw life Ui tlieds
r-4 ore an, lore up tlx) ri
I A . . ".'Hi
j a an, i inuko a new man ol you. v;
j mud an i-rrit M-r lx.
ft imtoi sru, t o., it"ti. iviu
Korsaleby C. O. HunlU"
Dyspepsia Cure
Diacsts what you eat
Walur In itrengiliening na r
itrucUnstha eihausted dlgestlij
gana. Uuthelafrstdlscovereddlf
ant and tonic No other prP
. ..... U l In mxl.iftr. II V
,inUBl'IUM IIIU hiwi. '".
.tantly MlUve and pcrmaiientlycn
T).n,nl lndltfeallon. IleariDUis,
Flatiilrnce, Hour Stomach, N"J
ftll other resulwof InipiTfeciQiKr''-
Prparo by I. C DWI a to-. v
For sale by (loo. A. llsnling.
s :itCTIN0n v
Karl's Clover Root Tea
ll.ll..li, lillVe..l(..l,. ami sll uJl V,f
III. Skin. An rM.I'l l u' u ill
I milt-, h,,, l.,!iilf K.iiir.nl
ilruMKlals at llftt-., 60c. slid I-""' M y
8. C. WELLS A CO.. USOYt "
on ...to
Kail. Lria- - alfiAF J
For sale by 0. 0. Huntley-