Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, September 15, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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Oregon City Enterprise.
Published Kvery Friday.
L. I rORTKK, raeraiiToa,
On year .
Pii month
Trial subscription two niontlit...
$ 00
A discount of .V) cents on all ubonpllon
for on vear, 2S cents lor tlx months, i(
paiJ in tlvkiir.
Advertising rates Riven on application.
8urcriler alll Bmt lb dat of eiplre
Uonstenred 0" nir per'"' I"1'1'"1"?
their name. If this dale u not changed
within two trfki after a pevroent, kindly
notify ui and w ill look after lu
Entered at tta poslofflce In Oregon City,
Or., ai second clas matter.
Bearer Creek.
Clack ant m
Milwaukie ....
I'nion Mills...
Meadow Brook
hew Kra ,
Wilson vill ...
Kale Creek...
..lr. T. B. Thomas
Ueo, Knight
A. Mather
...Oscar issmger
...,U. J.Trulltnger
.... Oh as. Holtnan
...W. r. Newberry
Henrv Miley
F. L. Russell
J.O Uago
0. T. Hosrard
R. M. Cooper
Annir i tubus
.... E. M. Hartroan
B. Jennir-m
.. Hsnrv A. Sny.ler
, H. Will-em
J. C. Klliott
F. G.vtsch
. ... Geo. J. Currin
Cberryviile Mrs. M.J. Hemn.er
Marmot Adolph Ascbotl
lsTThe way ta fcalM Bp Oregon City
to U give Oregon City People jonr
Tuasptdlof weather that haaaettled
down upon the Willamette valley baa
played baJea with the populiatic crop.
Good crope and populism don't mix.
Thi bop picker and threaher were
abroad in the Willamette valley Sunday.
Circumstances sometimes warrant a
complete fracture of the Sabbath and
this waa one.
A Niw Yoke anti-expansionist paper
declares that the Dewey reception is a
political job, ala Courier-Herald. What
horrible bogies those antii do raise op
for their own torment.
Thi calamity howlera whothave been
predicting all kinds of distress for the
Oregon agriculturalist are forced to seek a
new subject since the reports have come
in from the bop yards and wheat fields.
Osegos bids fair to produce the world's
(Neatest billiardist in W. D. Harrison, a
Portland boy. It's a mighty wet day
when the great Webfoot state cannot
keep in the bald-headed row in any old
The only way to build np Oregon City
ia to drop all petty jealousies and every
body work together for the interest of
the town. Don't be afraid to advocate
anything that promises to help your
neighbors business. What helps your
neighbor helps you.
Tiiebe is a strong similarity between
the resolutions on the Philippine war
which are being passed now by demo
cratic conventions, and the resolutions
on the civil war which were adopted by
the democrats in 18G1-4. It would seem
strange that the party would risk the
disastrous experiment of the 00's in the
eame century.
Oveb at Forest Grove at a public
meeting it was decided that hop picking
in all wrong because hope are used In
the manufacture of beer. The humor
of this appears in the fact that while
Forest Grove is a small burg and re
markably healthy, there are three drug
stores in the town and the owners are
among the wealthiest men in town.
Forest Grove is a prohibition town, but
from outward appearances the people
there don't practice what they preach.
. Now that Dreyfus has been found
guilty by the court martial the Court of
Cessation may take the extreme course
it was empowered and inclined to take
when it granted the plea for revision.
It can set the entire proceedings aside
and return Dreyfus to his place in the
army. It sometimes looks as though
tiiia would be the only solution of the
problem. The military gentlemen know
Dreyfus to be innocent, but they cannot
prevail upon themselves to acknowledge
it. They woulJ be thankful if they were i sold them out to Spain for f 100,000
relieved of the whole matter, and the in cash.
Court of Cassation has the power to ac- It knows him to be a brigand who da
eommodate tketa. manded $7,000,000 lrom the Spanish
At a democratic gathering In New
York last week lo promote the Bryan
boom the name of Aguinaldo produced
greater enthusiasm than tliat of Bryan
and now Billy's campaign managers am
Instructing their spellbinders to Jrop
Aguinaldo. Standing at Bryan does for
the principle of pulling down tha Amerl
can flag In favor of a horde of murder
ous rebels, w hy not put Aguinaldo at
head of (lie democratic ticket and be
dona with it? It would be at least con
Hardly had Mr. Bryan resigned his
colonelcy in the volunteers and laid
away his unbared sword before he
jumped into the political arena to de
nounce expansion as imperialism, and
national authority as national despotism.
From week to week and month to month
ever since he has lost no opportunity to
repeat Una misrepresentation. Ho has
extolled the Filipinos as liberty-loving
patriots. Ho has execrated the United
States government as a despot in the
Orient. As far as in him lies be la doing
his utmost to discredit and distort the
present effort of the United Statea gov
ernment to suppress relation against its
authority and to bring the rebels to
Datms has been convicted. It waa
almost a foregone conclusion that a court
martial would do tbia. The military
power of Franco ia going a long way to
keep the nation under its control. One
of the ways to do this waa to predjudiie
the people against Dreyfus because he is
a Jew. Then a man accused by the
general staff is not apt to bo cleared by
subordinate officers. The military power
is now afraid of a reaction and has rec
ommended that Dreyfus be not again
subjected to the indignity of having bia
stripes cut from his clothing and bis
sword broken before the army. As
Dreyfus has served five years solitarv
confinement this counts as double time
and the result of the sentence will bo a
dismissal from the army ' as a traitor.
Dreyfus and bis friends will fight the re
sult in every possible way but without
much hope of bavins the result changed.
The world believes this man innocent.
He certainly waa not con vie tod on evi
dence that would have been taken in
anv other country. France is a country
of queer doings in politics and the army,
but this is a greater outrage than ever be
fore perpetrated. France lias disgraced
herself and does not deserve to be
recognjied as a civilized nation.
Representative Democrats who ad
dressed the Chicago platform meeting at
Cooper Union, New York, last Monday
night, extolled Fmilio Aguinaldo and his
cause. They expressed sympathy with
his revolt against, the authority of the
United States. They held him up as
one of the world's great patriots, a hero
and an idol, and crowned their demon
stration in his favor with three cheers
for the rebel chief.
The resolutions adopted by the meet
ing declared that the war carried on by
tho United States, whose sovereign
authority over the Philippines is recog
nized by all the nations of the earth, to
restore good order and give good govern
ment to the islands, "is a grossly im
moral assault on American principles of
government and a cruel and brutal at
tempt to crush a weak people who are
bravely contending for their natural ana
God-given right of self-government,"
and condemned the action of President
McKinley "in conducting the most cow
ardly and unjustifiable war carried on in
the history of ttie republic" not even
excepting the war carried on by Presi
dent Lincoln for the preservation of the
Union. The speakers and resolutions
also affirmed the principles contained in
the Chicago platform of 181)0 and urged
the "renornination and election of Wil
liam Jennings Aryan, so that free gov
ernment shall not perish from the face
of the earth."
The Democratic party thus, in a (fath
ering which must be regarded as in
every sense representative, has giyun
free rein once more to its inborn sym
pathy with treason and sedition, and has
proclaimed Its adherence to the cause
of a barbarian, Bimply because that har
barian happens to be in revolt against
the United Statea government. That
party knows hirn to be a hoodler who,
after inciting his countrymen to revolt in
government aa ransom for the Ppaulsh.
priaoneis In his power.
It knows him to bo a pirate who
seised, looted, and burned a Htacoable
It knows bint to lo a murderer who
has killed Americana and loyal Filipinos,
after decoying them Into his camp.
It knows him to be a savage who has
encouraged Ids followers to the mutila
tion of the bodiea of dead American sol
diers. It knows him to bo an Incendiary w ho
sent emissaries Into Manila that they
might burn and loot the town and mas
sacre all the Americans, Kuropcant, and
friendly natives whom they found there,
It knows him to be an assassin who
dispatched confederates to tho American
camp with instructions to turn ujon
those who had received them and stab
them in the back.
It knows him to be all this, and yet
the Democratic party merely because the
people of the United Statea elected that
a Republican should lo Intrusted with
the maintenance of this Nation's author
ity at a time when Aguinaldo chose to
defy that authority, sets up this creature
aa tho idol that, tn the campaign of 1900,
is to share its adoration, devotion, and
honors, equally with William Jennings
So let it be. Chicago Inter Ocean.
P V 11...
Friday September 8.
A. L. Mohler Is re-elected president of
the O. it. A. X.
The last witness ia heard in tho Drey
fus court martial.
British and Transvaal troops are gath
ering on tbe Natal boundary line.
Portland merchants are enjoying an
unprecedented run of business.
Tho Ibex mines, one ol the richest tn
Fastern Oregon, is sold to a company of
Loudon capitalists.
Southern Oregon pioneer hoi J their
annual reunion at Ashland.
He ports from Key West are that yellow
fever is spreading with poor prospects of
stamping it out.
Minnesota and South Dakota troops
arrive at San Francisco on the it way
Kentuckey'a democratic nominee for
governor is campaigning by roasting the
SaturJay September 0.
Demange nukes a owerful plea for
Dieyfua in his closing address.
Kruer cools off and does not apear
so anxious (or war.
Storms in the gulf of
St. Lawrence
causes many wrecks.
Thirty new casea of yellow fever are
reported from Key West the past 24
Australian militiamen offer their ser
vices to fight in the Transvaal.
Spanish and American companies con
template building modern railways in
The G. A. R. enbampment at Phila
delphia closes with a great naval review
on the Deleware river.
A vote is ordered in Orange Free
State to decide whether tkey ahull re
main neutral in the Transvaal matter or
The Samoans are restless and the
joint commission may prove fruitless.
Columbia river cannerymen have
agreed to pay two cents for salmon at the
0ening of the season.
A scarcity of harvest hands is re
ported from eastern Oregon.
Portland's custom house collections
on Imports during the month of August
amounted to over $100,000.
Sunday, September 10.
The judges in the Dreyfus trial find
him guilty and fix his punishment at 10
years imprisonment.
The Transvaal accepts the proposal
for a joint commission of Inquiry.
Nine new cases of yellow fever
one death at Key West.
General Miles may be sent to
charge of the Philippine campaiifn.
James 15. Eustis. minister to France
during the second Cleveland adminis
tration, died at his home at Newport,
R. I. last evening.
Orders have been issued for the orga
nization of two colored regiments.
Canada is given free ports in Alaska
under the boundary agreement and in
return New England fishermen gain
additional privileges.
England's cabinet council has decided
to send 10,0W troops to South Africa.
Work on the Kiparia-Lewiston exten
sion of the O. H. k N. lias been stopped
under the six month's truce between the
O. R. & N. and N P.
All Is once mora peaceful ami lmi,( 1,1
the Cour d' Alemi district.
The trial of the prisoners concerned
In the Wardhttr rlola last April has been
postponed until the January term.
Monday, SepieiiiU-r It.
Franco remalnsuuiet alter the Dreyfus
The condemnation of Dreyfus roimea
indignation throughout the tlvlhaed
Kuroean Influences are working
against pan American unity caused ly
Our colonial trade leats all records so
far for 1KW,
Peace in South Africa la likely to
prevail although war preparation con
tin ties.
Baker City la getting to he a great
mining center.
Injury to the grain crop Is nominal and
the leneflte from rain considerable,
Many ateamen will t taken from the
lower Youkon caused by the falling
off of traffic.
A free portage railway la agitated (or
the Columbia.
Tuesday, Sept. 12.
There Is talk of a lycoit of the I'aris
exposition on account of tho Dreyfus
The Judges ask that Dreyfus t not
suhjecled to another depredation.
Otis' friend !elieve that ho will be
re'.ained In command at Manila.
Fariuahr succeeds Sampson In com
mand of the North Atlantic aipiadrun.
The Transvaal situation remains un
changed and war preparations continue.
A great deal of distress prevails In
Porto Kico, especially In lack of fod.
Mexican guards and Texas cobys
tngage In a fight and one on each side
Is kill.nl.
An attempted jailhreak takes place at
A thresher explode at Colfax, Wash,
Fx-mlnia'er Barrett addrete the
business men of Portland and urge
them to secure a put of tho Asiatic
It is not thought that all the trouble
Is over In the Idaho mines aa threats are
made yet.
Wednesday, September 13.
Cornelius Vanderbilt die suddenly In
New York, lis was a grandson of the
founder ol the family and a great finan
cier himself.
The steamer Lennox is chartered at
Portland for a lrantrt.
Loubet will probably pardon Dreyfus.
The government U openly roblied of
timber by sim ulator.
The campaign opens in Ohio.
Hobo have scattered smallpox
throughout F.atern Vnh.
Oregon farmers have generally
learned the benefit of slacking grain
this season.
Thursday, September II.
Itoliert We!, a prominent farmer nf
CUtstp county accidentally killed him
F.'istern tennis cxs rts defeat Portlands
crack at Multnomah field.
Portland customs Inspectors capture
an opium smuggler with lOiX) taeis of
contraband stuff.
The attendance at the trust conference
at Chicago is proving disappointing.
Hong Kong authorities detain trans
port Tartar.
Mrs. M. F. Long, of L Loup,
Franklin Co., Kans., writes : " Worda
cannot express how grateful I am for
your kind advice and good mrdi
cinea. I have been In poor health
more or less all my life. In the ,t
nine years grew worse, and two years
ago I was so poorly could hardly drnjr
around. I consulted a specialist, ana
he mid I hail ulceration and that an
operation wrould have to 1 per
formed. Thia did not seem necehaary
to me, so time went by, arid at last
I wrote to Dr. JHerce asking advice.
I soon got a helpful mmw lujvwing
me to try his mediciues. the 4 favor
ite Prescription,' 'Golden Medical
Discovery,' and also hia 'Pleasant
Pellets.' I began taking 'Favorite
Prescription and the other med
icines as advised. When commenc
ing I weighed 11)'A pounds, and af
ter taking one bottle of each I felt
like a new woman. In one month I
Gained 8 pounds. After taking two
ottles of each of the medicines,
I began to look like a woman and no.
like a skeleton, and that weary tired
feeling all left me."
When my wife has company, she
apologise for everything !.e put on
.. .. t.1.1,. 1. ni u heri no one I there but
Imy.clf she defend H.-UOUII Home
The appropriation of fRUOO to enable
the secretary of agriculture to inveall
gat and report upoii the physiological
action of alcohol was brought aU.ul by
the pressure of a great many prominent
i..vU lu alio Uulted HUtea "
g,,t an ofllclal declaration from the gov
eminent on tho alcoholic nuat li. II
1 really a temperance and not au In
dustrial move.
The third welding nf Adellna Patll.
which took place at llieeon. Wale, re
cently, 1 said to have urpiMl In ktb
llancy either of her previous efforts la
thi line, Shu waa agisted by Are bri
gade, the polic. an ex-lord mayor and a
double rlioru of village maidens. Her
btuUiid. Haroo ('edentrom. I '! 8
years old.
r.lr.l. Vuf rloU WIIH trr.
r.iulj I'dliaMIr, ur minllpsiltw l.if.
I0,i. IIUl'l' Uil, lru'iiruu4Bwtt.
Wedding ttiorierV, the latrat trle
and finest assortment ever trough', lo
Oregon City at the FTaraia oftlco.
For loung Men and leuar ifumi-a.
There I nothing that will arot Ih
Iro of a young man or woman o "jul k a
to have interior laundry work put off on
1 1 .mii. They may drrs ever so well,
but if their shirt Iront or shirt waist U
tniiwy their neat appearance la spoiled.
The Troy laundry make a scialty of
Udiea' and gent'eiiien's line work.
There cau be no twller work than I
don at the Trov. Iave your order at
Johnson's harder shop.
Acker's r'arH.k Itemed; will slop a
cough at any lime, and will cur the
wort cold in taelvo hours, or money
refunded, '.'j it, and M ct.
Money to loan
lUiK.ts A (iairrmt.
at lowest rate.
K. K. Cumpatoii teacher of Voice cub
ture and piano playing. Studio orer
Bank of Oregon City.
VOl Mi MoriltKi.
Croup is the terror of thousand of
young mother liecause It outbreak I
so sgoiilsing and frequently fatal.
Shiloh's Cough and Consumption Cur
acta like magic In ia f ('roup. It baa
never been knon to fail. T1e url
raw relieved Immediately. Price, '.'5rla,
Met, and $100. C. 0. Huntley, the
Kixlol lypi-pt4 Cure I a scientific
cornH)iind having the endorsement of
eminent phrsician and the medica'
press. It "dli'ila what ymt eat" and
positively cure d)epl, M. A.
Ketron, Blooiiiingdale, Term., aaya It
cured him Ol ilnienlion of ten years'
standing. A. IUsoimj.
A MlnMrr'a Mistake.
A cliy minister wa recently handed a
notice lo t read from bis pulpit. Ac
companying it waa clipping from a
r.ewnpaper lx-armg ui-ori Ihn matur.
The clergyman started to rea l the ex
tract and found that ii Ihkii: "Take
Kemp's Balsam, the l-t Cough Cure."
This ws hardly what he had eiHHrd
and, after a moment' hesitation, he
turned It over, and found on Hie other
side the matter Intended for tl.n reading.
BtarstU ,INrdT3iiHjj;inriBo,:;1
10 Uomellrtt Miin In Ore iron City.
As well a tho handsomest, and other
are invited b call on any druggist and
gel free a trial bottle of Kemti'a Balsam
for the Throat ami Lungs, a remedy that
Is guaranteed lo cure and relieve all
Chronic and Acute Coughs, Asthma,
Bronchitis and Consumption. Price 'I'k
ami 50c.
A grand old remedy fur Coinrh. Colds
and Consumption; used through the
world for half a century, ha cured in
numerable cases of lm inieiit rorisiinir.il.
on and relieved many Iinidvariced stages.
it you are not satisfied with the results
we will refund your money. I'rli.e .'.
ets., and W) eta. and 1 1.00. C. (J. Huntley,
me Druggist.
HMaAl Tea hiedtlrcir cure .Mck Head.
aebe. indigestion m, constipation, a
aitlightlul herb diink. Iteinoves all
eruptions of tho skin, producing a
serfect complexion, or money refunded.
24 cts and f0 cts.
A Dno line of portierrus just received
at the
Oregon Citv Auction Hoiiho.
Daniel Williams,
at the northeast corner of
Center and Seventh streets.
has a choice und well selected slrx k of
ingatvery reasonahlo rates,
iiis motto is:
"Live and let llvo, with honest
Weights and no-uun,-,.., n
Yes! They
Wlii'llier yoti wind F!m,
8llM"f, UublM-ra, Hineitrj,
or Ovrrgallers, you i (ih(j
a hat you gel from tu
joil llio Iimsl satisfactory ,H
look rlcgrtlit Alt llie tj,l( t
always l comfortable to jt
Krausse Brtt
Dlscktmllhlrf ,
WKon M.ktf.
4th and Main st.
('mr a eomplela lino o( P
ki. I'.iltlins, Bui aiv l Unite)
n( tiinor pililjr ail bhni I
nuxUra' rl.
Moifs Nen'erine Pi
Tin ftr
ntrvo r
S7 afl sim.
(U'HOOohhUiiii. tin of ar
. rt ....' r.t.
ma, mn u iicrvuua I rairiism, i 1
kal MinrHwJ, Impotivy, NirJrr U
tirmt. Youthful lno, Nknlil Yarrf,
rrmvs uv of 1 otutco or Opntnv
bad lo GxMornpttim and lmanity. Ii
per boa hy nuill 0 boxtt U iLX
K0TT3 CHEMICAL CO. Ptcp t, tMxt t
KpraalobyC. 0. HuntUr
Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you eat
Waturo In atrengthciilnif and W
structlngth cihausted dlgMtl"'
irana 1 r. la I ha latetY.fllaCOverpddtf
tot and tonic Ko ot her pfp;'
I can approach It In eftlclenry. H
: stantly relieves and nermanentlj
1 DrstM-trtlii, Jndlgrsilon, He',1
I Flatulence, Hour Ktnniach, N"?
Hick I Icadacbe.O Ast ralgl.Crmp''"
ll Other reatllUtirilli perreriuiK--Prtportd
by I. C. DsWitl Ce-. W"
For sale by (ieo. A. Harding.
f Vr. Shilolis
) tough ana
This I heynml niiMllon
nii aun'msfiil luugh M"'
elm evnr known t clrni:
lew ito.r liivurlslily curs tn
worl eitar i.( t imgli, treup
are! Illn.ii lillH, while, lis w""j
il'rriil siii rra In Ih curs
I oti.iiiniitlon la without s r'
sllel III t he hlntory el iiinlli"1';
Klnee III fiit illwovury Its"
hrpti soi on a K"r"",irn.
which no ritfinr im-'h'1"'
can siaml. II y"U hv
Cough, we earnnnlly s T'J
iiiiiwir in I n (1.1 n
CanmU Mo. sml l
in), n)
III KnulunJ U. H.I.. K.l. "
U. 0l.
Ooods dolivered to any part of the city
For sale by 0. O. Huntley-