Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, September 15, 1899, Page 2, Image 2

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bnpinoM a aort tiuif ). nMurnml
rt V'dkl. In. .I.itk a. I,, .rat !.. taa ... I tia.a la a
j i no iweruea arc iu nan uieir
iCi rc-ffi. tlirealier tiliy Ml J. V. IKiiiImnh.
Mirk iir (iilon ami M m Cork
(iilimn liavo gone lu tlie lui llolili to
umVe their fortunes.
8TArroHi, Sept. t. Cap, llaye'a eoaa
cot inlo tlio Urn l'tl Saturday night ,
and Ielei1 tliemi-elvea at the grain bin. Tlie (irrinville hop yanl will ootn
The renult waa a tleal row, ami it waa ineiu- harvesting their hop tmlay.
aa valuahle a one ai haa h en in tlu eeral of the Kaglt I'nvk folks are
roods (or years The other will un- going to pick then1.
ilotihtetlly pull through.
Clureiire l-amon lout favorite Uog
Fumlav wliilo hauling grain. The log
laid down under (lie wagon in the
hade and when trie team started it was
run over and killed.
A few days of very hot weather has
come to viit with, us.
The greater iHrtion of the grain will
be threvhed this week. Somt late oat
are being rut.
Mr. Weifsenhcm has put np consider
able board fence.
Mr. I. B. (jag arrived liome from
Keskorwin Saturday.
Sprouted grain it no exception, much
wheat won't be suitable for market ex
cept for bog feed.
Samuel Mayer and family moved out
fr.ni Portland lat week, lie will run
bis farm that Mr. Jaster baa had rented
the past year.
Five team thrtvhes were running
ii our neighborhood la.it week.
All that could conveniently ab.ent
themselves have gone to the hop fields.
Babtox, Sept. 12. Our good weather
has come at lat and farmer in this
Ticinity are very glad to see it.
Lottie and Elmer Metzger of Greshani
Wt-re the guests of Ernest Burghardt.
Mr. Gos Gard, of San Francisco, ia
visiting bis aunt and uncle, Mr. and
Mrs. Gordon.
Oar school opened Monday under the
management of Misa Mary Leader.
Most of the young people of this burg
went bop-picking.
Miss Rosa Norris is home for a visit.
Mrs. Mary Maithemsy ia improving.
We all wish to see her with os again.
Mr. Willie and E?tIla and Lurena
Richer were the guests of Miss Emma
and Onnie Burghardt Sunday.
Mr. E. Preston lost another horse.
Mr. E. V. Burghardt went to Portland
today with a load of butter and eggs.
Mr. Chas. Burghardt and Mr. Udell
are goinic to the mountains after buckle
Scksvsidi , Sept. 11. Quite a number
of people left here for the bop yards last
week. f
Mr. James Reed baa purchased a new
threshing machine.
Miss Allard, of Troutdale, is the guest
of Miss Olive Becker.
Mies Ruse Bowerman has been en
caged to teach school in the Barlow dis
trict, which opened ept. 4th.
Miss Ketub Wiles was home on a
visit lat-t week.
A quilting at Mrs. E. Hunters was
well attended by the ladies last Tuesday.
Mr. Uenema's are having an addition
built to their hone w hich will improve
its looks very much.
Miss Clara Cotty has been on the sick
list for several weeks but is better now.
Frank Griffith lias a very sore band.
The ioie is thought to come from a
Mr. J. Ii. Welch is dicing a well for
Mr. Gennna.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellar went to a picnic at
Jo'inson Creek lio-t Sunday. i
.Matt .k'g, l Sainly iirl.lga, near
Kagle Creek, is building a nice teaidc nee.
He baa it neatly inclosed.
- i
Mr 1.1x0, Sept. 1!. Howard Flouring
Mill ia running night and day now with
Mr. Hien and Jack Carliale at the helm
and Mr. Allen, our new minister, at first
Sunday school waa organited at the
Grauge Hail yesterday with Mr. Hien
as superintendent. All are cordially
Tansy, our regular Herald correspond
ent, has gone to the bop Held.
About half of the ho-picker at the
Paine yards quit. The reason was
China bosses.
Five teams left Howard Mill thUeven-
ing loaded with Hour and feed for
Oiegon City.
The people of this section are anxious
ly looking for the rock-crusher and plank
to cover the new grade between here
and the plank toad. One heavy rain
would make it hnnsib!.
Geo. Mi-Cord baa let a contract of log
ging for one million teet to be delivered
at the saw mill. 1
Mr, Allen, the new minister, hai re
modeled the Evans boure and moved
his family here.
Mr. Baker, our new blacksmith, has
moved in the old store w ith bis family.
He is a first-class workman and ii get
ting lots of work.
Charley Boynton bai Invested in a
new organ and violin and Lis many
friend gathereJ in a few nights ago and
dedicated them.
Adkins Bros, hare moved back to their
old logging camp for the winter, one
half mile east in Mulino.
Mrs Geo. Force, on a visit to Colum
bia Slough, ia reported very lick.
Mrs. Albert Neukirshner has returned
home after a week's visit to her parent
near Beaver Creek.
Frank Manning, jr., our mail carrier
on the Meadow brook route, has come out
with another new wheel. He has now
a first-class ladies and geni'a wheel
girls hello.
If you are young you nat
urally appear to.
If you are old, why ap
pear so?
Kern young Inwardly; we
will look after the out
wardly. You nerd not worry longer
about those little streaks of
tray; advance agents of age.
Aims, Sept. 8 Gery Makefield re
turned to Portland today to attend
Quite a number of persons from this
locality have gone bop-picking.
Miss Jessie Francis wat the guest of
Lida Bramhall a few days this week.
School opened Monday with Mies New
as teacher.
Miss Anna Donahue is visiting her
aunt, Mrs. Thomas.
We wish to correct a mistake that
appeared in the Sandy items of last
week, as to the 4(XO ties of K. S. Brain
hall that were lot by the boom breaking
in the river, there were none lost ami all
are safe in the boom at Troutdale, and
begin today taking them out,
The wea'ber has been line for the pa-t
MIhs Butler has gone on a visit to
Mrs. Free and Mrs. Inlow spent the
day at Orient Saturday.
wtll aurcly restore color to
gray hair: and It will also
gne your nair all the wealth
and gloss of early life.
Do not allow the falling of
your hair to threaten you
longerwith baldneti. Do not
be annoyed with dandruff.
U"e w ill tend you our book
on the Hair and Scalp, free
upon request.
It ya do ntH obiAin mil th toa.
fits t tip"-!.! frt.n, ih t ,f
Ilia Ylror, rila Ih iWut h..t,i 11.
i-r4tu ihr u av diavuli
with Tar nrl tftot bkh
Bur aiiy rmov4
J. I- ATM. I J
UU. Km,
D jvi:u, Sept. 1 1 The people of the vici
nity ur,; through harveiitii.g and are
ready tothre-li. The good weather is
doin lots of good.
L iii.iiKV wi.i.k, ,-epi. J. unce more
tho welcome raya of the huh are giviii
warmth to mother Earth.
Mr. and Mrs. Wi'inn, of Portland
i.MVt. l.i-i n viHitiror their fricliilH M r utu
niiooM evi-ry urn- iihh gone 10 IIM? nop ,. i i .
yar lH ,'jr a few d.iys.
C. Pau'li lias hi en very fixk but is im
proving IiOiv.
C I'.oAiiiiin ha" returr.ed from Eastern
Or ."ii where he I . bi-cn spending the
su iiim-r.
Jo-ejih DeShii.i-r made a (pick trip to
J'hjaKiM Jloine last Tuesday on buHincB-i.
Mr B jwiw.nV l.ui,'l,tcr has ret.irned
o In r hoini; in Portland. ,She enjoyed
Per virit i-ry inm li.
Mr. Jacol, I'cSbiizcr was vinitin
hcie last week.
Tlo; pci pb of I)((ver have bought a
thrPHbin macbini! and intend to com
mence thrashing todnv.
Kalu t'retk.
Eagi.e Chekk, Sept. 11. The
W f ither of ibe pat-t few davH was
a )preciated by all.
TheKrainin this ccction is nearly all
cot and some have threnhed. The grain
Biema to turn out as well or better thun
the farmers expected. There are several
steiiu threshers at work in this section.
Matt Zofg threshed VJ'.',0 buHhels of oats
and wheat ffom '24 acres which was a
tormut of 67 bushels of oats and 42
bushels of wheat to the acre. Fred
Harrington threshed some wheat that
m win GO bushels to the acre.
; Miss Millie Wilson in to teach the fall
term of school in district No. 50.
W. F. Douglass, w ho was down on
Mr. and Mr. N. A. Flynn haw-re
turned huliie f, oui vi -i'ii.g Uo-ir i
Mrs, iJouglat-.-i ol Eaii'e Creek.
ilis. (Alburn and ciiiMien scn; t!,.
, tjiit-ms oj .Mr j. r.:i-!':rhtiy it'irtn ij .
I Mr. I ra ier has been sowing hii fab
(.'has. Shank, who ban been liorrc- on x
visit has r..iiii returned to P.i.M.i-r,
G. L. pi-cbe 'm Howin.' his lull vr.un.
Mr. Sir in In n and two childi.-n l,av.
Went hop-picking.
Mr. and Mm. Endi;rnby and f.nniij
have gone to Portland for a few days.
For Hid pant few days the fanm-rii havi
btiuu looking (juilu biuu and wiiliin wi
could have a little Kiimnicr pretty hoon.
Potatoes are looking fine to those that
are fortunate enough to have them
N. A. Flynn has been Improving his
place by putting up a new kitchen.
Sunday school is progressing nicely in
spite of mud and rain.
r a Certala ! Appol. .,.(
Waa .Nrr (galrnr.
An Incident which oi-curred during
tire first Cleveland administration Il
lustrate the good fe-llng existing Ih
tweeu the newsparx-r men and the
chief of the bureau of naval construc
tion. A certain correspondent, who
was on particularly Intimate term
with the chief, called at hi olllce ami
wna received with unusual cordlullty.
Calling the correspondent by hla first
name, the chief said: "Look here,
l'.lnnk, I want you to do something for
ine. Mr. 'a apKlntmetit to a place
lu this department, after being fought
through two congresses, has prevnlhd.
has Ih-cii signed by Swretnry Whitney
and only wnlts the signature of the
pn-ftldent. Vou. of all men In Wash
ington, can tlnd out what action the
president will take, ami I think you
know a wny to prevent the document
M-llig signed."
The correspondent replied, "I think I
know a way." He left the building nnd
went for Mi . who was nt that
time doing Washington society for
the Associated Press. To her he told
the story nnd explained what he
wanted lorn.
Miss obtained un audience with
Mrs. Cleveland nnd told what slie
mine for. Mrs. Cleveland went to the
president' desk mid slni;lei nut
priM-r with the remark. ''I'hcre, I cue
that Is the one you mean " She then
turned n corner of the document down
nrel left It.
In the course of his work the presi
dent came to the paper nnd then, lu a
Mirprlscd tone, said to Secretary I,n
uiotit, "I i.iii. do you know anything
U'tioiit tills iipiiolntini'Ml?"
Mr. I.aniout did not know anything
ubout It.
"Well." said the president. "I'l.lliees
hnsj evidently turned this down for n
jiurjMi.se. I guess It's nil rlht." And Die
oflidal sigmitiire was not n t t:i bed.
I'hll.-idelphla Post.
Mum Natl rawelv.
In early lime It wa ciiishbrd that
bad luck would certainly attend any
jH'tnoti who tiiiglucti'd to either burn ur
bury tha jmrings or lit linger nana.
Among the Hebrew It was tlis custom
to pare the nulla mi a Friday, ami the
operation had to be conducted In a cer
tnlu manner. Hie little linger on the
left hand had find to be operated mi
then tha middle linger, followed by tha
fourth finger, thumb and forefinger
Tim nail of the middle finger of tha
rigbl band had next to Ixi cut. Then
came tha thumb, then the forefinger
ud afterward tha fourth and llttlu flu
When fortnna tailing wa mora lu
vogue than at pr uncut, tha iapa and
amx'arauca of tha linger nails wera
looked on aa having reference tooiie'
destiny. The uaila wr tkrst rubUd
over with a mixture of wax and aoot.
aud after being tbn prepareil wrr held
o that tha auullght fell full ajmu them.
On tha horny, transjiareut aiitwlnnce
weie iipjnihI to appear sign and tut r -acters
from which the future could b
Interpreted. Woman' I.lfu.
Vala r Hank Tll.
It I ld that Samuel Richardson on
hi deathbed told hla wife that alio
would Hud among hi effect some ex
cellent title which only nmUd to have
book written for them to give her an
Income, There I no question of the
great Imjxirtance of a well elected
name for a book a for a person, K.ma
Very wretched book have achieved at
leart a j rotitable tale by ineaii of a
taking title, aud, on the other hand,
many a Rood Uk k ha tx-en handlcjijHd
by an awkward or an Insignificant litl.
Yet it would be noforlnnatv If author
ahould Come to regard the title a bar
ing any considerable weight braides the
content of tha book.
Perhapa many jinipla do hot know
that on ran copyright a tills wlthont
having written a page of the book We
know a man who never wrote a book in
bi life, and probably never will, who
hi copyighted a score of title for
novel which he would like Ui write.
Borne day b will hold an anction and
elloS bit tltloa. KanauaCity JotirnaL
f r I v i
Mi i IM I U L) I
is Tmmr.. . :t7. . i a t
Tlio Klnil You lluvo Ahvwya Itotiulit, nml which )ut ,rpn
iu uao for vcr .'JO yoitra, Ima horno tho alu-iutture f
itnil Ima Iirrii iiiuilr) tinder III i.r.
aioiml aujKTvlslon aluco It liiruurv
Ci,CAU iiw no out) to mIcmtIvc you In ti,u
AU roiiiitprfrlta, liiiltrttlona mitt Hubstlt utra nro hut V.u
Tlinctit tliut trlfln with wiul riuluiitfrr thr lienlih of
InfUitta wiitl I'hlMrrn-r.xiirrlriM'O njfHluat lUiM'rlinrnt,
What is CASTOR I A
Cxatorlu l ft atihatlttito for Cuator Oil, 1'nrrirorlo, Drop,
nml Hoothlnjr Hyruja, It U llnrtiilra mid riciuiuit. t
(oiitnlna neither Ojlum, NorphliiB nor other Nnrcotbj
aiitiataiue. Itangti U Its inmrmitor. It tleatroy Worms
nml wllitya lVverUhnraa. It ctirra Dlitrrha- and ia
('olio. It relieve Trethlnir Troiihlea, nirra t'oiitliutlin
mul riiittilenry. It naaliiillnlra tho Tom1, regulute. t
Monuuh mid llovtela, ehlnjr henttliy mul natural alcrp.
The thlldren'a rmuucii-Tho Mother'! Trletiil.
Bears tho Signature of
The be'f controversy growi more and
more conspicnona. Two of the Urgent
Chicago firm of packer have offered to
pay 100.U00 vi any one who will prove
that cheiuicala were used In any wt
packed by them, and on top of this Ir
C Maxwell ChrUtlne of Philadelphia
offer to aud aflldavluto General Mile
that he saw It done In llilcagiv It
would eni that theao two r(iionght
to adjust inath-ra ja-rily. Ut Dr
Christine go to Chicago and get tha
1 1 00. 000 In exchange for bia affidavit
The Kind You Have Always BougM
In Uso For Over 30 Years.
mm ii
"Known as the Wobble fioar."
J 1 1' lilM I Olll It ii 1 1
Ij fXs nsive. A f ii
our jircp.ir.itiw
better than a
rrnwn of glorintin
hair. To attain
Ix'.iutifiil It .at r it
tieiilu-r ililln ult or
ur tri.il of
kiih con
Mm. S.F.. C.- I..nd,
fl.ikl.iml, Kansas, writci:
" I have uwil ihc Svn 5ulhfland Wtf '
Hair Orowcr and Kalp Ckancr (t ul lu
nionlln ami fin. I I Iul my lull lu trAn lalllnf
Dill ami i I. mhl mul liralihy In .-iib c.
Any lnuiriri Kill t clictflully aiivicft.l "
Wliat this wiinderful remedy has ilotic
fur her it will do (ur anyone.
5uld by dealers every her.
I I . A !t -f ftT! tAf
I 1 I . ' iul I 1 Ti
f i u i ' fi i 1 - s j i m. ' v:
I I II I I - -VI I III . k iM I
Wl I1 1 . i v 1 i l.r J 1
I "iMi ially ailapti'd fur rnt'ii-g aiiinritf stuuips, a'one etc , ami nV
" r'en 1 1 r : i.-1 i or Jul In anv l;imi il Ii the km.'t
There's alaaya boj while there's
One Minnie Cough Cure. "An attack
of pneumonia left my lungs in bad shajie
and I waa near the firnt stages of con
aumptioii. One Minute Cough Cure
completely cured me," writes Helen Me
Henry, Eismark, N. D. Given instant
relief. (Jko, A. Habwno.
(limn of f'ntlnrp.
"Whnt Ih n cosmopoit;in'f"
"He's n mnn who c;in no nil riroun 1
the world without buying n Houvenlr
pooii."-Chicago fiecord.
His Lire Vas !M.ivei.
Mr. J. K. Lilly, a promiiient i it -n of
n.irmiliiil, Mo., lately had H Won !, rf il
iveiitliee fiolli H friiihli'lll rj(--,t Ii . In
i I'in of it he snys : "I wan taken u i 1 1 1
lyphoid Kever, that inn into i'lii uiHi ilia,
ly Iiiiis heciirii: hiinleneil. I mm kj
eak I coulilent even sit up in l,,,)!,
Vothiiiu' helped inn. I 4-X peeled to soon
lie of ( 'onsilluption, wheji I he,in of J)r.
Kind's New Ilincovery, One bottle ltve
.'reat relief. I continued to line ii , and
now am well and Htrong, I can't hay too
much id its iiraiHe." This marvellous
modicljie is the Hiirewt and rjuickent cure
in the world for all Throat and Lung
Trouble. lingular sizes 50 cents nnd
$1.00 Trial bottles free at 'ieo. A
Harding's Drug fjtore; every bottle
. Your train will hnvo tlio lienl
of earn and
Full Measure of Feed
At Un:
(.Ivr. I,i. I. ..li.fnrllm, ol .,y lunrloeo on , (,.
I l.r -,irev Ki-ptl l..r aor u,k-, II, r in,d,lir ,, , ,.
rrllitl re In II e HR'urnl 11 , . w ( il.r , , ,,i ,,,
dui-Ms li t of orr i .,rv lor;,. l, M, ,...:.
Ilii'i-rre. , In wli,,!,,!, I i,,,,.r .( ,, ,,,, r. j
hIhTI " i ..h- on l.'io ..il.,-,, .,, ,.
I. Ulelle l, l,,.,,, ,,,... .., ,, , (.
Ho e J'"' " I" " ' I o.T . I,r.-.t.-.l ,.
JlAVI'IiiN IJIMU'I: ii. I. i
i"N i;iM'i'.i: ii
You cnino.t iifVorl
i a. I.
... . .It al! at.altriiir
i"li f a. la, ii. rtil la nn.'
m 1 1, lo-f a okrt nil ,,r e '
ol' out I tie loi-i; i-ean"
I' ', I I T I lit I ."I" !' :
i. i ol II, aiirr 1 1 nl "
v Inni I Inr on I I K n aik'l
to buy a !,., r t Unul- r until viiif
City Stnljk-H.
V. H. YOUNC, Prop.,
W. l. ConV.r
liivi-ry l'H un Hlmrt Notice.
Telephone No. 42.
I'OltTKSTIMoNlAl, Huoi; . ,. frm-r-
()n ;-.in an, a-lui.-tun ,:i(l. ,,.;. ,!, ,nV u,(llll ,(,,.,. Vr
wiHibl not ii-e aiHitln r inake aft-r n-i .; t!,, '( ' 1 1 A M I' K )N."
Mitchell, Lewis & Slaver Co.
First antl Taylor Streets
Porthinc!, CrcgC
H 1 1 Cfei r
To Cora t'miatlt ion foravrr.
TaUe CttBcurfita fJunilv (.'ntlmrtlc. Vk; or2So.
If C. C. C. full to cure. ilruKKihto rcfurnl money.
Bean tha The Kind You Haw Always Bought
h U1UU
1m$kt and Epre,
Freight and parwlH dr-livcrn!
to all jmrts of the city.
Dim liiShij
m iii.vi in iiouii:Miiti it
Work done roiilly ami
nt roHwiiiil prleea
Do You Need Any
D'jors, Windows, (Jlass, Moulding
Cr Other Rulldlnj; Material.
C. H. Bestov & Co.
Oregon City, On coii.
.ii rn
Coiner mil i,.,l AT a i ia St.
i Ji :'i;i
.-I. -i
If You VVnnt
a r '
Al i
1 1
1. 1
i Ut n
r Diu
In Ju
r M
If. J.
7 ti
nli ai
fat liu
If lll
' I'rea
it fim
On Mi
h on i
f ' Dim
11 fruiii
"n ol l'
JUie u
""1 il
'"n our
irmun v
von liy
Ii lu- u