Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, September 08, 1899, Image 1

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    Oregon City Enterprise.
NO. 43.
' '
,.,. . ' OaSIO
i.. .11 ikaMiHtfl III lh feUlA ll,
..I'llP. V"w
IJ t.ui.lllllM.
p 4 p 0 UToCKKni,
.. .......... ...... 1 m m 1 ...
l.(M .aPr.MMin At LAW
Lm oakuo mv.oasoo.
i.k iinirwia ' Till. In atnti.v , tVe-
" U iu.lase.
.(TKK'KI.AM), M. .
r C.
! . . .... .... .
bli ,r,,(rlnnl services la Hi o
........... I 'ii ami nil lull .
...... ii.im i !( lo alarrh
( tirnfllr til"". i. iii rvivr-
tnrm '' In Willamette
i ultra hiiiiftl 10 hi 12a. m ,
4 10 0 I'. Ml.
iium I ..sastt liIN t'iia.
Lu Mil. 4iritikWl at.tM tl
I Hilt arhaatf all t4uu
(uu4 iiiia. Ivium aaJ .( totif
:u ibl-i o chart JUuk
'mIi.i lot r
UTUl'klUk. r-ri.tM
r. j. x;vru r . !,
4T Ml"i All (xuil'oi
llull'ling Oregon ("II y, Or.
' .ritri.
1o -mi lliilillrjr'a Prtift Hlore.
(,'ilr, - Oregon,
3 Havo You Decided
WlmtYou Would Like
For Your Now Suit.
No matlfr what tm
you rat, flnJ It
"tyle, color, nlmilo or pattern you fancy,
ln'U' tailoring matly 0no.
Mamm, , M' C,LDEnT. The Portland Tailor.
Main Htr.. 0,r,,i. KI.M trtn UI.
Tlie 33d Annual Encampment
M-eU In I'falladtlplilt.
uoveuxikxt run tiik inusdh.
run Agreed I'inm fur New I'okMMh,na
A Truce to flic Bmimlarj Dispute,
War Preparation In the
ill? Sais Is
They tl aay tint
8 0
lUdiarlera lot ll.y, Unrfplwmr, Hs.. Ktc.
Cafflna tlit mwt com lct stock
Jl Fitit Claaa (imcerUta to bt
found In the City.
I'lin.Ai.iti.piiu, Hpt. 4. The XUi
annual eiiCHnipinent of the Grand Army
KepuMIc bf'ijan here twilay. The
of tin
ur itii nijr
1 1 .)
niu: AND
Hailroad TicketH to all points East at low rates
GE't ll'iKYK.
Lqn4 llnlf. ra a HiMX-ialiy. All!
tj(l afianti aii'l Mli.lacUoa
Oitlre In Tauflald ftlk
il iii.nii'in irltr.n in County Court
nil I'miiale bmlnw..
krialrt. u.tl(e llmitlvy'a IVox)
tVul.fr I?bporat.
torn Mrkiiirkk'a Hluie Htore, ntar
Id Hank of Or(m City.
' Cut
UiuliTncwtnanatremont Tho Electric Hotel
han U-en thoroughly refitted and in future
will lw conducted on a atrictly first-clans
j'lan. Firnt-claxa lalle aervico at an reaaoiv
aldo rates aa can be had in the city. Prompt
ami xcittl attention given to banueta.
.My many frienda and tho general publuare
cordially invited to atop and aeo me.
JACOO CASSELL. Manacor, Oregon City, Oregon.
U of Irriti, nli erovna, til klrnli of
niltriKa ami bililKof k.
Mb Bt. nar iroU Oratfon City, Or.
om M Kiurlrk'aHtioa Store.
lh Hank ul Oregon City.
"TtirriovraiiraaTV rukHUHto.
itoOriiiofllT KUrprl
' of tin N'orthweatrn Unlver
Itr lVnittl Sdiool, Chicago.
American ColL,,,.,,! tbml.l Nurirnrv.
P0. w. BWOl'K,
''"ona, Forccloaure of Mortgitgca,
M k Kmicral law IxiNlimaa at
t"ndml to promptly.
Kt. KirHt ilfMir Ronlt. tf r.ltwu1lat
SinVlnir tlnnm ( II.. fill
in. ' ..
fuiiiiiM cetttaa a. CArnau.
...i. " a. a. oaunaLD,
' i nii.ki... t .. .
a . -"' !ir.aj (i l ainflll it inn.
"OnimiT.i.. ouriir,
Mfttia'. -.fill.
lo1iihu.,Ln; "n Portland, Baa
'""ontlma dapoalta.
Imperial Wheels.
FOR $25.00.
Wohavoafew 1890 Mcxlel High Grade
Imperial Wheels wo will close, out at
$2.").(M) rather than carry them over.
Como and Examine Them.
Cor. 4th and Main Sts.
For Perfection
In Baking ,
Use Patent Flour Manu
factured by the Portland
Flouring Mills Company,
Oregon City, Or. All our
Flour is Ground From
Old Wheat.
vanguard of the veterana liaa reaehud the
city and foond the ople with out
atretrhed lianda. Never again, rhape(
III I'lilladclphla le the acerie of a'
national encampment of the G. A. It.
Of the valiant nieo who defrnded the
cauae of the Union there remaina but a
remnant, and with the depletion of the
renka, the welcome la the more heartfelt
and eiilhuaiaatie. Admiral gainpeoa
and hia fleet of fighting ahipe arrived to
dr and marki the liegmning of the
week'i celebration Tim city la crowded
wild atrangeri, while the Incoming trtini
from all acctiorn are bringing thouaaodi
to help twell the throng. The city baa
borne Ita ahare of the work, and the till
leni of Philadelphia, by contribution! of
canh and in welcoming btnnera, have
ahown their interest in the reunion.
The route of the veterana' parade, ia
one eolid blace of color and light. Not a
building but hai ita front encae! lo red,
white and blue. The avenue of Fame,
which extendi from Walnut to Cherry
atreet on Broad, a distance of five block,
with the city hall aa the center, ia the
moat magnificent piece of decoration
ever attempted in the city. The north
and aoutb fronta to the city lAtll will be
illuminated with rnaaaive electric light
plecee 30 feet in length, repreaenting the
U. A. K. badge.
Camp KexU.n near Ilelinont Park, con
lama jouo jenti. it ia intended to ac
commodate thoae poata of theUrand
Army which prefer to camp ouf rather
than be quartered in hall, armories or
private houaea. The tenta will shelter
' 10,(100 veteran.
j The big parade on Tuesday w ill. be in
' 12 diviaiona. Poat No. l.from Kocklord,
. III., the oldeat poet in the Grand Army,
will head the line. Aa the veterana
j paaa around the city hall they will be re
viewed by Prealdent McKinley, who ia
expected to arrive Monday night, ac
companied by Secretaries Root and Gage
tnd roetmaater-Genertl Smith. There
! aill lie over 42,0)0 men in line. ' A fea
ture of Tueaday'a eventa will be the
cliorua of 3000 children who will occupy
a portion of the grandetand on the north
aide of the city hall. Aa the parade
pasaea this point the children will aiog
patriotic tire.
Of all the milittrv organizations to at
tend the encampment. probably none
will tttract more attention than Boyu's
girl cadets of Topeka, Kan. Theae
young women are the daughters of veter
an! tnd tre commanded by II. N. Boyd,
who w ta sergeant of company L, Seventh
Illinois ctvtlry, during the civil wtr.
A question of tbsorbing intereet to G.
A. It. veterans which will be decided dur
ing the encampment, ia the election of a
commander-in-chief and other officers.
Two candidates prominent in the field
sre Albert D. Bhaw, of Joe Spratt Post,
Watertown, N. Y and Judge Leo Rasa
I cur. of St. Louis. "Private" Jamee L.
Pa1aell,of company II, One Hundred and
Sixteenth Ohio, ia also a candidate.
thiialaarn. One vetaran broke ranks
and, standing before hia comrades
ahouted: "Three cheers for the biggest
man on eaith Major William McKinley,
of Ohio." Thla Invitation for cheere waa
followed by a mighty roar, which wta
echoed and re-echoed among the specta
tors for block a.
Aa the various posts passed In review,
the president stood smiling and bowing,
and on numerous occasions waved hia
hand to tiie more enltmsiatt.'c of the
marchers. When the torn battle-flags
were dipped In salute, he Joined In the
applause by clapping hia binds.
After leaving the reviewing sttnd, the
president wta entertained for luncheon
in the rooms of the department of public
works. Mr. McKinley enjoyed the
occtaion with the spirit of a man un
fettered with oIlclal honors and the
cares of the nation.
pendence, the new government elected!
will he recognized by the United Stalest
and will he given encouragement and
very opportunity to establish ita stabil
ity, If annexation, the president will
be governed by the sentiment of Ameri
can citizens as it may then exist.
Porto Kico Civil vovernment of that
territorial form, similar to that which
prevails In Arizona.
Hawaii Territorial form of govern
ment ts recommended by the Hawaiian
cjrnmlseion and as provided for ia A
measure now pending in congress.
Philippine Coinnil.aloe la OU.olvail Met
Afulnaldo Hu.l to OIL.
Aarv.d I'poa Bolwoaa the Anmrlraa
anil Hrltl.h UovcrainvnU.
Nkw Yokf, Sept. 5. A special to the
Herald from Washington says: Great
Britain and the United 8 tales have prac
tically agreed Upon a temporary line de
fining the boundary between Alaska and
Canada. Negotiations now in progress
relate only to minor qneetions growing
out of the definition of the line.
One of the onttled questions relates
to the statu of mines owned by Ameri
cans which may lap over territory w hich
has been under the control of Canada.
Ilepreaentttivea of American mineownera
J say that it would be unfair to American
miners if no provision should be made
for them in caiw their property should lie
half on the American and half on the
Canaditn line.
The prospective settlement of the boun
dary quewtion is due to concessions mule
not only by Great Brittin but by tbia
government also. Secretary Hay baa
won in the matter of excluding Canada
from the Lynn canal, but a port of entry
in the ctntl will be given should the
final aettlement fail to give Canada a per
manent harbor,
Special Commissioner K futon, who ia
a member of the Joint hijh commission,
conferred with Secretary Hay today re
garding the boundary negotiationa. The
modus vivendt baa nothing to do with
the other qoestiona pending between
Ctntda and the United States.
Chicago, Sept. 5. A special to the
Record from Waabington says: The
cabinet nceeting today decided to suspend
negotiations with the insurgents through
the Philippine commission and the com
mission will be quickly dissolved. The
president and hia cabinet advisers have
reached the conclusion that it ia nnwlsa
to maintain the commission tnd tttempt
to negotiate with the insurgents for sur
render. An aggressive campaign baa
been ordered. The military men of the
service will be given fall sway.
Colonel Denby and Professor Worcester
the two civilisn members ot the com
mission now in the Philippines will be
ordered home and the insurgents notified
that any commui.ication they may have
to make in the direction of surrender
mnst be addressed to General Otia.
To Cutoff Contiabaad Supplies for th
Filipino Iacarg-aats
Tho Hltaatlaa la
tlauea Strained.
tho Tran.vaal Con
Tho Crl.l. U Near.
ThliiT-nre Thou.antl Veterana Make a
Bravo Showlnt. Reviewed by
the President,
riiti.ArjRi.rniv, Sept. 5. Today wag
the big day of the Grand Army encamp
ment, and the city was alive at an early
Shortly after 9 o'clock the presidential
party, which Included Admiral Sampson
and captains of hia fleet, entered
carrisges and went over the route ot the
parade. Aa the president started np
Broad street, a great wave of cheering
started that never ceased until he had
traversed the entire route, The party
reached the reviewing stand at 10:15.
The head of the procession started at
10 o'clock and marched five miles.
Thirty-five thousand men were In line.
i A chorus of 3000 school children assem
I bled at the city hall and sang patriotic
airs as the veterans passed.
The parade waa aix hours and 10
minntea passing the reviewing stand.
After a portion of the department of
Pennsylvania had passed, these veterana
bringing up the rear, the president left
to vlmt Admiral Sampson')! fleet, Gover
nor Stone reviewing the remainder of the
procession. At the head of each organi
cation marched military ban'da and
drum corps, and as the veterans' moved
j proudly along tho streets, tumultuoua
applause greeted them, and a aea of
handkerchiefs and small flags waved in
admiration and welcome.
When the Ohio posts appeared, the
aged paraders became wild with en
Lo.nikmc, Sept. 4. A dispatch from Jo
hannesburg to Ileuter's apency definitely
announces that the reply of tbe Trans
vaal republic to tbe British communica
tion withdrawa the franchise proposal
and agrees in tbe principle of a confer
ence at Cape Town.
Tbe afternoon papers take the view
that if the foregoing ia correct, Krnger's
reply ia ominous, aa it waa palpably
made to gain time. Sir Alfred Milner'a
suggestion of a further conference at
Cape Town waa instigated with tbe sole
purpose of considering detaila and for
tbe enforcement of concessions offered
by the Boers.' If these concessions are
withdraw n there can be no object, from
t British point of view, of parleying
longer. The only inference to be drawn
it that the Boers have taken Chamber
lain at his word in a broader sense than
he intended, and they now want to be
gin negotiationa over again on a new
The shrewdness of this is not likely to
save it from being interpreted by the
British government aa a thinly veiled
defiance, and unless it ia accompanlod
by a vague agreement to further confer,
it will generally be taken as sufficient
cause lor immediate hoatilitiea. Regard
ing the exact terms of the reply in ques
tion, reports continue mystifying in
their contradiction, but all agree that
the excitement In Johannesburg is un
abated, and the exodua from that city is
continuing, and that distress there is in
creasing. Cablegrams from Boer and
British South Africa sources detail war
preparations on all sides.
Tbe pessimistic view of the Transvaal
situation Indicated by the afternoon pa
pers is strengthened by a well-defined
rumor that the cabinet council has been
hurriedly called, and the evident feeling
at the colonial office ia that the crisis
has become more acute.
Wasiii.notox, Sept. 5. The matter
of making an effective blockade in the
Philippines, and especially around tbe
island of Lnzon, to a, to prevent tbe in
surgents from obtaining ammunition
and supplies, ia giving the army con
siderable concern. It has not been
deemed feasible to proclaim a blockade
as it would indicate a state of war and
poeeibly open a way to tbe recognition
of the insurgents.
Whether or not it is feasible to attack.
subdue and garrison all tbe porta of Ln
aon which might serve aa porta of supply
for the Filiplnot baa not yet been deter
mined. Heretofore there have not been
sufficient troops in Luzon to make this
possible, and tbe question will now ariae
whether troops bad best be spared for
(hia purpose.
Tbe president baa been advised that
the navy should be utilized for the par
pose of preventing the introduction of
contraband of war and supplies for the
Filipinos. At every port a naval vessel
bad been stationed, and under the mili
tary law of tbe island every incoming
vessel could be made to exhibit ita
manifest. One trouble about carrying
out this plan ia the fact that there is not
a sufficient number of light-draught
vessels to go into all the places where
the Filipinos can receive their supplies.
Fnrnlshrd Every Week by the Clacks.
mas Abstract A Trust Compaay.
Our Foreign Po.sen.loii. Wilt Each Itava
Different form of Government.
Nkw York, Sept. 4. A special to the
Herald from Washington says: There
is good authority from the statement that
the president baa returned to Washing
ton with these eeneral ideas uppermost
in his mind aa to, his future course In re
lation to the new dependencies :
The Philippines Civil government by
three commissioners to supplement mili
tary rule immediately after the rebellion
is crushed.
Cuba Continued military control un
til it is determined by means of a general
election whether the inhabitants want
independence or annexation. If inde'
W W Dickenson to H B Bethke,
net sec 22, t 2 s, r 2 e 100O
II Bethke to WW Dickenson. n
ot ne4 sec 8. 1 3 s, r 3 e. . . .
U L Stratton to M EOlda, Irac 1,
lotlblk 2, Falla View
V A J C Cox to T Brankon s' lots
6,7, 3 sec 16,t3s,r le....
M E Maple to F C Fraxer, n.',' lot
11 blk4. Parkplace
T Charman to J T Apperaon w of
nej ae4, and ne. aw", sec 32,
t6s, r2 e
II Cartwright, by sheriff to T Char
man, a of sec 11, t2s, r3 e..
G D Cardew to T Charman, w'
ne,1, nw4 se and ne4 aw4
sec 32, 1 6 s, r2 e 239
W P O'Connor to T Charman, se
neli sec 24, t3 s, r 2 e, sw sw
oel4, 8 nw'4' sec 19, t 3 s, r 3 e 330
E Jones to II and A Bridenstein
ne4' ne4 sec 23, t2s, r2s,5e.. 150
J K Gribble to L L Gribble 80 acres
A E Gribble claim 1
RAH Dane to M M Bingham 20
acres lot 3, sec 35, 1 2 a, r 3 e.... 1
0 E Freytag to E J Howard, lots 13
14, blk 16, GladBtone 225
W H II Fouts to F Rakel, lots 1, 2
blk 4, Canemah 25
TRUST CO. are the owners of the copy
right to the Thome system of abstract
indexes, for Clackamas county, and have
the only complete aet of abstracts in the
County, can furnish information as to
title to land at once, on application.
Loans, Investments, real estate, abstract
etc. Office over Bank of Oregon City.
Call and investigate. Address box 377.
Oregon City Oregon.
Doat Tobatrt Spit sail Saoka Toar Lift Avar.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, be mag
netic lull ot lite, nerve and visor, take No To
Itao, tbe wonderworker, taat makes weak men
atrong. All druggists, too cr II. Cure guaran
teed. Booklet and . aamplo free. Address
Sterling Itemed Co.. Chicago or New York.
Money to loan at
Hkdqss A Griffith.
lowest rates.