Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, July 28, 1899, Page 8, Image 8

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A full line of litont Medicines,
Choice Cigars anil Toilet Articles.
The Most Select Stock of
In Clackamas County.
W. II. EVANS, Prop.
(Concluded from psg one)
Trullinger Pro., per m at mill $ " 60
jht tu delivered on road 7 W
Stafshy Hroi, per m deliverfd on
tle road 7 00
l.indm-jr A Son, per redelivered on
t lie road 00
Mulino Lumber Co., per ui deliv
ereJ on the rosd 7 IX)
and the board not being fully slvixed,
it is ordered that wid bids re laid over
ontil the a.ljnurniHl term of this board,
nhtch will be held on the inst.
In the matter ot h. Freeman, a county
-char It it ordered by the (ward that
-j be granted L. Freeman for the pres
ent, he agreeing to ask no further assist
ane from the county, and th order
inf' at the June term in regard to s.iid
matter is hereby rescinded and an
nulled. 1, Freeman $5 00
In the matter of the application id
Crl Cioodmen for a peddler's license
This matter coming on to be heard on
the application of Carl Goodmeu for a
jwddler'i" license in Clackamas county,
and the board lieing tally advised, it is
ordered tint said Curl liixidmen be
granted a peddlers license for two
month for the mini of li.tio. and the
clerk of thi board is hereoj ordered to
4"is said license.
hi the matter of the report of the
Viewers of damages on the petition of 15.
F. Linn et al for a county road The re
port of Bai l viewer of damage coming
r on no to be heard and the affidavit of
said viewers of damage hiving no mag.
is'rate's jurat attached to it to show Out
said viewers had ever been sworn, and
the board being fully advised in the
matter, it is ordered that sat 1 report be
declared illegal; and it is further or
dered that John Shannon, L. l. Mum
power and C. E. Spence, said viewers of
damages, he orderel to meet at the
premise of Owen Hughes, said claim
ant for damages, on the 3 1 si innt., and
view said road the whole distance
through the lands of said Owen Hughes
and see haw much less valuable, if any,
said laud would become by reason of the
opening and location of said Linn road
s petitioned for and report inin wrting
al the next regular meeting of tins
The hoard now aJjourned to meet to
morrow, the 7th inet., at 9:3 J a. tn.
Fridav, July 7th, WW.
Board met pursuant to adjournment,
bvard at.d officers pretent as of vwter
day, the 0th inst. The minutes of 4hat
day l-eiit(! read and approved, and now
on this day the following business was
had, to- it:
In the matter of the application of G.
C. Fields for a railway franchise At
this time the application of U. '. Fields,
of Canemah, Clackamas county, state ol
Oregon, for a franchise to lay down and
operate a r:lway along ana upontne.. .
maintain the track of said railway that
the top of the rail shall be even with
the surface of said street or road, where
permanently improved. It ia further
ordered an I understood that this fran
chise ia granted upon the condition that
in the event of any portion of sail rail
way l'ing hereafter taken within the
citv limit of any town, city or munici
pal corporation, this franchise shall le
subject to enforcement by such munici
pal corporation.
In the matter of the claim of G. II.
Perrott for a ta rebate In the matter
of the claim of li. II. I'errott for return
of $7.LN paid on an erroneous tax sale of
ot ne1 sec. 20, twp. 0 s, range 2 e,
for taxes of the claim is allowed
and the clerk ordered to issue a warrant
for said amount.
H Terrott 7 23
In the matter of advertising (or wood
for the court house It i ordered by the
board that the clerk advertise (or fifty
cord of irod, sound body tir wood (or
the court house.
In the matter of the individual petition
of the Portland General Electric Co. for
the relocation of a portion of the Wil
lamette Fall mud Now comes the IVrt
land General Klectric Co., by their sec
retary, Chas. II. Cautield, and petition
the biuird (or a relocation of a part of the
Willamette Falls road where it runs
through their property, as ("Hows, to
wit: Part o( survey of Willamette Fall
road to be vacated Beginning at the
center of the northerly end ol the north
erly approach of the suspension bridge
across the Willamette river at Oregon
City, in section 31. township 2 south of
range 2 esst, from which an oak 6 inches
in diameter bear south 3'J (leg. west
1.10 chains marked K A. K. T. Var 21
deg ; running thence n.irth 34 deg. 20
tnin. west 5.15 chains to fir stake 4
inches square marked It. A., from which
an oak 6 inches in diameter bears south
1H'4 deft, west 1 "rt chains marked H. A.
15. T. ; north 79 den. 4" min. west 4.01
chains to fir stake 4 inches square
marked II. A , from which a tir 10
inches in diameter bears north 84 S deg.
west 1.15 chains marked K.A. B. T.;
South 2"J deg. 25 min. west 5.50 chain
across corner of Cluhhous projerty to a
tir stake marked It. A., from which a
maple 14 inches in diameter bears north
55 leg. west 0.55 chains marked U. A.
B. T. ; south 3 de. 10 min. went 4 30
chains to fir stake marked K. A., from
which a fir 8 inches in diameter bears
north 69 de. 40 min. west 0.) chains,
marked K A. B. T.; south 44 deg. 22
min. wext 10.2S chains t' a fir slake
marked K. A. at 4 55 chains across old
road up the hill from w hich an oak 8
inches in diameter bears south 64 deg.
40 min. west O.tiO chains, marked K. A.
B. T. ; south 3 deg. 55 min. west 4.63
chains t a stone 10xl020 inches, X on
top, from which a large hutiMcr marked
W. K. bears north 2S deg. 40 min. west
QJfrt chains; south 57 (leg. 25 min. west
2.20 chains to a stone X on top 8x3x.'!0
n e....n n....a.. 1:1 .1 ... sii M.
cemah, where V.dcoua.y road enters! " fn', L i4 .T-'
town of Canetnah, thence aloii arid up
on said Main street in ihe town of Cane
mail to the Southermont limit of said
town tf (iunemaf', aud to erect poles and
appliances and stretch wires thereon foi
the purpo.-e of transmitting power over
the same, comes on to be heard; and it
appearins from the petition and testi
mony heard in the m titer, and after
viewing ntiid roa-l, and it appearitig that
it would i" for the best interest of all
concerned lhat the prayer of said peti
tion be granted; and the said petitioner
Appearing and assenting thereto, it is
therefore ordered lhat G. C. Fields, his
heirs and assigns, be and is hereby
granted the full privilege and right for
and during the term of fifty years from
the first day of July, A. D. to con
struct, maintain and operate a tingle or
.double track railroad of iron or stf-el,
with necessary turnouts, turntables and
awitchea, and to erect poles and stretch
-wires thereon for the purpose of trans
mitting power and current over the
same along and upon the county road on
and near ihe east bank of the Willam
ette river between Main street in Ore
gon City and Main street in the town of
C!nemah, Oregon, also along and upon
Alain street in the town of CanemUi
from the no-th to the south boundaries
thereof, for the purpose of transmitting
past-enKOrs, freight and exprtHS, with
privilege, to propel the cars with horses,
. electricity, cable or otherwise, except
south 40 deg.2-) min. west 2.10 chains to
a tir stake marked K. A., from which an
oak 6 inches in diameter bears south 53
deg. eaxt 0 94 chains, marked U. A. li
T.; south Gljg (leg. west 5.0i chains to
an angle oak 7 inches in diameter
marked K. A.; south 47 deg. west 18 03
chains to a fir stake in center of north
easterly end of finished grade of Willam
ette Falls read now built. Total dis
tance, 64.88 choins.
Change in line, survey of Willamette
Falls road Field notes as follows:
Beginning at the center of Ihe north
erly end of the northerly approach of the
suspension bridge across Him Willamette
river at Oregon City, in section 31 , town
ship 2 south of range 2 eaid, the center
line of which bridge bears north 35 deg.
30 min
west, running thence north 10 1 Houth M deg. 15 min
ently copied the assessment of one An
Kust Yerguiii and entered same as
against said K. J. Yocnni on said roll;
and It further appearing that the assess,
meiit of the went ol said Wm. Ie
Shields D. L. C, belonging to Win.
Mubhe, for the year ISHS, ssld west t
W'ing of same quality of land a eal l .
was IV p-r a iv for tillable and $ I 25 (or
noil tillable land; that im it loner owned
at time of making said IHIW roll 50 acres
( tillable and 110 acre of iion-lillablo
land and that the value of petitioner's
improvements upon said hinds hat been
fixed by the assessor (or IHiiO t o0.
Now, oii motion of Hedge A UritlUh.
attorneys (or petitioner, it i ordered
that the said tax roll for l"H I and the
sheriff is hereby authorised to amend
the same so that the assessment ol peti
tioner, K. J. Yocum, thereon shall read
a follow:
K J. Yoctitii, eat j o( the Win. pe
Shield I). L. C. ill ikv. 27, township 3
south, range 4 east, TO acre tillable,
$(50; 110 acres non-tillable, 1137 50;
improvement on lauds, $50; Ihe other
items of said assessment to remain the
same; and the sherill is hereby directed
to ccllect taxes on said amended assess
ment and to collect from said K. J. Yo
cum state taxi foi ISiiS on the lull
amount of assessment a entered on the
roll More the making o( thi amend
merit. In the matter ot the petition of Ward
Ijiwtou aud more than 12 hoilehollers
ol the county living in the vicinity of
the road desi'iilN'd in full s follow:
Commencing at a atone 2iixtxtl inches,
markel X on top, set at the point w here
the center line of Third ctreet, In Ore
gon City, intersect the wel line ol the
right of way of the Oregon and Califor
nia railroad, and running thence south
17 deg. 10 min. eist 72 U bet to a tir
stake 4 inches in diameter marked It.
A., across track and 45 fe-t distance (ruin
center line of the main track; thence
south 40 deg. 40 mill. wet 31 1.5 fce to
a fir stake 4 inchea square marked li.
A., set 45 feet dihtauce from center line
ol in it i n track ( O. V C. railway ; theme
south 42 deg. 40 nun. went 417 leet to a
stone 3x3x3 inches marked X on lop;
thence south 30 deg. went l2 feel to a
stone marked X on top; thence south U
deg. east 316 5 feet to a stone 3tt'.'x3
inches marked X on top; ttience muith
31 deg 24 min. cl Vl'i.i feel to an oak
slake '.' inches Kpiare marked F 0 7 on
southeast; thence south 56 dtg east
along center line of Seventeenth street
165 fret to a stake marked C 5.50 al the
center line of Seventeenth and ilign
Streets; thence south 34 deg. wel along
center hue of High street lu3.0 feet to a
stake marked C 1.4; theme south 44 deg.
It) min. west x4 3 feet to a stake marked
Sta 3x58 grade; thence south 33 deg.tl
min wet 110.2 leet to a stake marked
Sta 4x'i'.'.5,C 1.70: thence south 63 deg.
8 min west 113.8 leet to a slake marked
St 5x77 J grade; thence south 51 deg.
37 min. west 6'J.3 feet to a stake marked
Sta 6x46.6 grade; thence South 41 deg.
12 min. west 2l'J.H feet to a slake marked
C5.75; thence south 31 deg. 34 nun.
went 123.2 leet to a stake marked Sta
VxS'..2 grade; thence South 16 deg. 42
min. west,67.6 (eet to a stake marked
Ma 11x50.8 grade; thence noulll 3S deg.
4'J min west l'S) (eet to a slake marked
Sta 12x57 Jl grade; them e south 47 deg.
2 ) min. wen 117 7 (eel to stake marked
Sta 13x74.5 grade; thence south 37 dej.
2J min. west to stake marked Sta tlx
27.7 grade; thence soQth 1 deg. 8 mill,
west 16.3 (eet to stake marked C 4.10 ;
thence south 26 deg. 22 min. east 10 2;
(eet to stake marked Sta 15x4 '. 2 gr(!cy
thence south 69 deg. 36 min went 126.;
(eet to tUke marked Sta 16x75.5 gailc3
thence south 50 deg. 23 min. went 240.2
feet to stjkn marked Sta l'x 15.70 grude;
thence south 26 deg. 55 mm. wst 10:1.3
feet to stake marked Sta 20x25 grade;
thence sooth 21 deg. 2 min. west 131 leet
to stake marked Su 21 x 5U grade ; thence
south 10 deg. 5 min. west l'.3.7 (eet to a
stake marked sta 22x82.7 grade; thence
south 21 deg. 30 mm. ejat 107.4 feet to a
stuke marked Sta 23x'.M.I0 grade; theme
souih 1 deg II mm west 110.7 feel to a
stake marked Ma 25x0.M) grade ; them e
south 16 deg. 18 min. west 71.1 h-el to a
stake marked Sta 2."ix80.'JO grade ; thence
south 8 (leg. 43 mill, east 51.3 feet to a
stake marked Ma 26x31. 20 grade; thence
south 30 deg. 28 min. west 70 feet to a
stake marked Sta 27x1.20 grade; thence
south 2 deg 43 min. west 52.2 feel to a
slake marked Sta 27x51.4 grade; thence
south U deg. 37 iniu. west 130.6 feet to a
stake marked Sta 28x!H) grade; thence
south 20 deg. 54 mill, west "H.7 feel to a
stake marked Ma 2Ux"8 7 grale; thence
soutti 10 deg. 5 min. west 55.3 feet to a
stake marked Sta 30x24 grade; thelice
south 26 deg. 32 min. west 82 feet to a
stake marked Sta 31x6 grade; thence
south 84 deg. 10 min. west l!8 feet to a
stake marked Sta 33x4 gradu; thuncu
south 60 deg. 10 min. West 1 10 feel to a
stake marked Sta 34x5'J 30 grade ; thence
south 56 deg. h min. west :;01 .7 feet to a
stake marked Sta 37x54.8 grade; thencu
south 61 (leg. 40 iniu. west 187 feet to a
siaxe marxed Ma .y.ixa.n graue; inem e
west U7.0 feet to a
ol beginning on the 31st nt. and sub
scrilsi to a written oath of oilice admin
istered by J. W, Mi Idriim, a skilled snr
veyor, Ihe Mug aptxilnied by the hoard
to survey said mud) before proceeding
to view and liM iitii said roiid, aud refill
In writing at the next regular term ol
this hoard.
In the mutlerol rotten bridges In road
disiilit .No. '.'l-ll Is oidered oy the
b.urd that the supervisor repair said
bildges al once.
hi the mailer of bids (or spikes Bids
were received as follows, to-wil!
Wilson Conke, er Ion 77 50
Bellomy .V Busch, xr 100 pounds. 3 75
aud the bid ol Bellomy A Busch Mug
the lowest and best, the contract (or a
ton id nails wa awarded to Bellomy A
Bunch al the rale of fj 75 per hundred
In Ihe matter ol the petition of I. 0.
Itoiiea (or a poll lax rehnle It sppear
lnK to tne Isiard that laid assessment of
1, C. Koiies is eiroiiiMius, ss he Is over
50 years o( age, and being fully advise I,
It is ordered thai said l. 0. Bonus be
granted a rebate of sn Id poll tax III the
sum ol r)3.
I C Kone 3 00
In the matter ol the report ol h run k
(l-lsirnu, Jsrnes Wilson and Fred iVt'isc.
viewers apNnitod at the last li rm ol
this hoard to view and redis'sle a county
road in Clackamas ivunty, Orcg'ii, M
iug a part i( the Foster and Milwaukln
rosd known as the lleiSer road .ald
viewers IIIihI their reimrt showing that
they had met on the 3tith day of June,
lS'f.i, a day named in the notice served
iisni them, aud were duly sworn, after
winch they prweeded in the designated
pl.ee aud did vie slid cause to he sur
veyed by said deputy count v surveyor
the slsive descrils' I rosd. Sai l viewer
rcxrt (avorah y to the re-hs-slloii of
said rosd as viewed and surveyed, (or
the reason that it Is a good, practical
route and ol public utili'y; an I It ae
eiiriiig lo the Immm that there is no re
slid protest against the ' ,
rri o'hlse.snd the I being ''illy "'I
vised. It is ordered t.oit ss.O ;
Uiesnii), '
laid over until
August, sm.
In Ihe mutter
F. A. Moling l'r a Ihpmr
..i (hrt niillcstlon
. li. r license Now
" i. i. .l l,v
comes F, A. Memig """ ' ' , , '
d s.io..iey.i i:.ii-y.;.
. ,.,tion to the l-s.dprs I ug t a t.
Il.p.orll.i Ih. a'snte. ..... or .1"
e't six months I., sell H'l-"'"
cade preclnct;ndlhelaid U'lmt l"'7
advl.l-d.l. isohh red that a..i sai'l K
A. M Ig filing Ihe ...M-e..ar) Ian d the
cleik shall issue said license losalil r. a.
'in'llie mailer ol the a. c plan.e o( the
F.sgloCieek br.ds'..-Cvu....1..ioner Mrj
,,, mvng esan.l.MM sal I btld.o and
,.iind it built acceding to .oi.Uacl. a ml
said report having Ih-.mi accepted by he
Is.ard, it I ordeied that the cmilUi t",
W. S. Pavn, I "'ld the cults. I price,
2:m. lor said bridge, le.s the .,5li. ady
paid oil same.
Miller Bros !
W H I'ayn
In the matter ol the petlllon "I lleliry
FplNirsoil ..r the adjusiineiit ol over
..s it-. Now comes said I perii
and wlilloiis Ihe hoard lo adjust said a-
I , . I. - - I. I -
m ss Ill, Willi It is iwice as linn n "
1 iielghlsirs' l-T the same kind id laud,
'and ih lard being fully sdOted, l is
ordered llmt Ih.u lerk issue att order ill
reeling the sherill lo rodme said asm-ss-
inenl Iroin I H.H.I per a. re oil unpron-i
land lo f I per acre, that Mug
as adiaceiit proieity Is assessed ah
In Ihe matter of the bids lor plank lor
the, Molalla road -This matter having
Is en laid over (mm the 7lh Insl , and
the Isiard U lng lully s l Is. d, II is of
derivl that all the bids received ml sal I
date le n jcte-l all I lhl the colilrai t
l.ir 2 s,0ni d el ol plsnk lor so l r-Nd I
war. led lo Cumins A CsMier I"' '."
Ivi llobhlns.,..
Henry I limns
lohii tlroshoiiK , ,
J M llroshong
(1 K BUckuey
J F Min 11111
J sine Itussell
Ksymmid Wylain!
Alexander I'lilsrd. .
Alliert Cios.en
(t F lllai kuey, road fund ,
J II lllsckliey
J F Sherman
I, B Tnilllnger
James Itnssnll
J I. lls.lt
Win Maslmjn
George Wylsud
Itaymmid Wylaud
II Wlls-iu
James Nli kh soii
George Nli klesun
Jamr Mllstead
Alexander I'hurd
I liner Williams
Alls-rl Crosseti
(load district No 34 (sis
Charles Ityler, road ftin.f
A.lolph As. hiiir
I llhi As. huff
John Mi-Adam
Charles I eal
Curllsa lloffniail
Pal Mc Adam
Sharp llnltuiail , , , ,
lor TalM'ideil
Jsmi'S IrgaU
1 1
1 1
In the lustier id the ai'isnntin.
bicycle ll SU.rrvlsnr In
rei On t ll IS ordernl Uy hU,(Jl,
Win Johns.ni l bicycle pstlj u,'
In Isiuas us prtM'Inet,
'I'lin Isutrl liow a ljournr-l i,
Tuesday, August Mill, lvU, ,
o'i . k a. in.
i.iiii.i rs.n M nr lu.i itiuM li.r lUm.i.'iis lllisl. ' i.r lh,.ussiid lix'l. .al I hlsuk to Iw de
an t Mlig sallslbil that said r-lUe W'll ! liven-.! hy Nov. I, Ivei, and .aid parties j
tieotprii.llcalUllllty.lt IS orlere an.l j lo lorlelt -icelils lor eai ri Binrpr
adju lge. lhat Ihe field notes and plat id j tlion.aiil he I of plsnk not dclurr.l hy
said survey U' received and In all re- ! said dale.
sjievts sppruvisl and thai said view at'.d In the matter nl lucretsiiig the adow.
survey lo cstal'li-lii'd a a county ro.d ' ance ol Miss Korrester, a county i barge
11 I ohh r. . hv the l-xr 1 Dial ssi i al
lowance I Increan-d Iriiin 'i lo fs . r
and that ihe exs-i:seso said view and
survey Ih pail hy t l.h kamas county
r rank Oststru, I d.iy, H mpes
James Wilson, 1 day, 4 mile ....
Fred Weise, 1 day, 4 miles
Arthur Mail, I day
Fr::. Iloi-er. 1 day
tltto llelser, I day
John W Mel drum, 1 day, 22 miles
6 1
Total II'J DO
In the matter of heiltioii trout Carus,
Oswego and New Kra lor the purchase
of a rock crusher Now comes G. K
Mayes latfore the Uiar.l and presents
I millions from Carus, Oswego aud New
a asking the hoard U purchase a ris k
crusher for the use of ihe county, and
the board Uung (ully advised, it is or
dered that Said purchase be made at
In the matter ol the rexris of collec
tions by the clerk and recorder (or the
mouth ol June, iS'.sj This lsard having
rxalilined the reisirts of Collections ol
clerk and recorder for ihe month
month to date from July I, lssi. and
that on and f r- in August the warrant
4(1 1 lor said allnaame I drawn III lavof ol
on; Mr. Is-an.
00 j In Iho matter ! devl (r uu Mr. U. h
HO' man an. I wiln and Mr, Mieehsti lor Buck
creek hndgesiin and r.s rlci surveyor
un survey It Is or h r.d by lh lr I
that Said li-s-la l-e ai epte. and nrderisl
recorded by the ronniy nvorder, and
lhl ihe repurt of Iho surveyor un tlie
survey ol said bridge siln bractrplrd
ami eis'ne account Iw paid hy the
JohnW Meldrum.S.lavs.l.Mniles i .t)
Charles 1. Mi l.lfum. 2 day 4 (
PS Mel lrum, 2 days 4 un
Total ff 1 7 20
III the matter of the erroneous s.m--llielit
n( M. W. Bingham Th" tssird b
iug lully advisisl, it is ordernl that s.i
iM'iitioii Im grai tel, and the sherft Is
oljherrhy ordere.l to make Ilia lirsessary
cnrreciimi on ihe tax rod l IS'is,
In the matter ol the s-iitln ol Henry
K. Suiilh lor a correction o hi a.a-ss-
, incut lor lsy lids matter coining on
,.i I now to he heard are! the Isiard Uung
llisl sal s-
June, WW, and U-Ing (ully satistbil, it
is ordered that Ihe sains !e ami are
hereby approved. The rep irts show Cul
lection a follows:
Clerk's office 2I7
Kecorder's otlke 170 15 ( lully advised. It Is ordered
In the matter of the mlleaH and rwr i tltloll la) denied.
diem of the county coin in 'snioiicr (or In the matter ol suervisiri' rrsr!a
the JUiy term, istri-ll isonlerril l.y the Irom road districts Noa. 2s. 7 and 31
ltfiMiit Ihsl lli.i iiil..s.. sn.! .... .Ii..i., ,.f i l'i... ..I , r l 11
II" , 'l I', llii., l l f Nf., t.'UIIII
stake marked Sta 40x3!).8 grade; thence
south 60 deg. 30 mm. west 130.11 feet to a
stake marked Sta 41x60,8 grade; thence
south HI deg, 15 mm. west 767 led to
Oeg. 27 min. west 277 feet to a fir stake
thence north 83 deg. 22 iniu. west 4 W.6
(eet to a fir stake ; thence south 20 deg.
52 rnin. west 429 leet to a fir stake ;
thence south
(eet to a
34 min. west 549 leet to a fn stake
thence south (leg. 4t) min. west 337 7 M min. east 300 (eet to a basalt stone
leet to a iir stage; thence souin oi deg. Hx'JxlU inches out o( ground marked X
on top, the same being the southeast
iiitli 42 deg. 43 rnin. wet 287 I make marked Sta 4!)x28.6 grade ; thence
fir stake; thence south 4't deg. wmth 3 (leg wet 35 (eet to stake marked
I Sta 4')x03.6 grade; thence south 54 deg.
14 min. west 138.3 feet to a fir stase;
thence south 63 deg. 14 min. west l.V.i
feet to a fir stake; thence south 62 deg.
44 min. west 785 (eet to a lir stake;
thence south 41 deg. 40 min. west !U7
feet to a fir stake in center of northeast
erly end of finished grade of Willamette
Frlls road now built. Total distance.
sdeani, and with privilege of collecting L , ft ,
Z rn," I I hereby certify U..ttl,?. ,.boo survey
UVI I.I.V. ..-..j- - - . - .
DaHsage between the terminal points I
mentioned, upon condition that at least
one trade of said railway shall be com
pleted and In operation by the firnt day
of December, A. D. 1900 ; and if for any
reason the whole line or distance de
scribed is not finished and in ojxjration
within the time stated, the right granted
herein over the unfinished part shall be
forfeited and of no elleet. Cars shall run
-over said" railway after December 1st,
J.900, at leiwt as frequent as every thirty
irninuteB from 6 o'clock a. ui. until 7 :30
o'clock p. m. and thereufierat least once
an hour until 10 :30 o'clock p. ni. of each
day (unavoidable delays and accidents
excepted); and where said street or road
shall be improved by graveling or other--wise,
said owner or owners of said rail
way shall at their own expense at the
eauje titno improve the same between
the rails of its track or tracks and one
ifoot on either side of said track or tracks
with the same material as the said
street or road shall be improved ; and
the eaid G. C. Fields, his successors or
asbigna, nhall so lay, construct and
is coirect. T. W. Sui.i.ivan
And the board being fully advised, it
is ordered that Henry Kalston, C. A.
Miller and Hiram Straight be and are
hereby appointed viewers, to meet at
piece of beginning on the 25th inst. and
subscribe to a written oath of oflicu ad
ministered by T. V. Sullivan, skillful
surveyor. (ta lannir annointe.l hv tl.i.
board to survey sa:d road) before pro
ceeding tu view and locate said road and
report in writing at the next regular
term of this hoard.
In the matter of the petition of K.J.
Yocum for a tax rebate and correction
of tax roll of 1898 This matter coming
on to be heard at this time upon the ap
plication of E. J. Yocum for a correc
tion of the tax roll of 18'J8, on which the
property of said petitioner is wrongfully
assessed, and it appearing to the board
that said K. J. Yokum Is now and for a
number of years has been the owner of
the east of the Wm. DeBhields I. L.
C, in sec. 27, township 3 south, range 4
eaat, containing 160 acres; that on the
tax roll for 18'J8 the assessor inudvert-
corner of Lizr.ie Telford's land conveyed
to her by deed from David Chalmers
U-Hring date the JJih day of September,
1895, which Btornr also marks a point, in
the center line of the Law ton road for
terminus of this road. Said petitioner
filed his affidavit of notices posted r,
sheeting said road, showing that there
hud been posted one on the court house
bulletin board ami three in three of the
most public places in the vicinity of the
proposed road, more than thirty days
prior to the presentation of this petition,
lie also tiled a bond for tlOO conditioned
according to law. The board being fully
advised, it is ordered that J, S. Kisley,
A- W. Cooke and K. 8. McLaughlin be
and are hereby appointed viewers, to
meet at place of beginning on the 2Sth
inst. and subscrilie to a written oath of
office administered by J. W. Meldriim, a
skilled surveyor, he being appointed by
the board to survey said road, anil re
port in writing at the next regular term
of this board.
In the matter of the petition of Wil
liam McDonald for a change on I'.eaver
Creek hill Now comes said William
McDonuld and petitions the board for a
change in the grade at the Beaver Creek
hill on the C, 11. Foster road, and the
hoard being fully advised, it is ordered
that said petition be granted and that
0. II. I'helps, C. II. Foster and George
Randall be appointed and they are here
by appointed viewers, to meet at place
board lhat the mileage and p-rdieuinf
the county commissioners (or the July
term lie allowed as lollows;
S F Marks, 3 days, 26 mile
S V Marks, 2 dsys ex., 26 miles. $.1) 20
J It Morion, 3 days. 20 mile ....
J It Morton, 3 dav ri , 20 miles.. 22 00
It Kcott, 3 day, 18 miles
1C Scott, 2 days ex., II,',' miles 17 05
In the matter ol the report on the sur
vey ol the protMjsed Molalla bridge site
between Barlow and Canhy This mat
tor coming on now to lie heard and the
board not leing fully satisfied, It is or
dered lhat said matter li laid nver and
the expense ol said survey be paid by
Clackamas county.
John W Meldrum. 1 day, 20 miles. fO on
D T Meldrum, 1 day, 20 miles 2 00
Total .... S (si
In the matter of gravel in mad dis
trict No. 23 -It is ordered hy the bonrd
that Koad Supervisor F.vans be allowed
$ti0 for graveling the Grihhlu road.
In the matter of the tietition (or ra I
work and suhscrintion list from road
district No. 1 It is ordered by thu board
that said matter I mi laid over until the
February, 1!J00, term o( this board.
The board adjourned to meet on the
22d line
S.vtikiuv, July 22, WW.
The Iward met pursuant to adjourn
meiit, the hoard and ollicers nreseni as
of the 7th insl. The minutes of that
day being read and approved, ami now
on this d'iy the following business was
had, to-wit:
In the matter of the franchise inuited
0. C. Melds for a railway Now come
the 0. K. A N. and the bondholders of
in lst bite lor the regular term and that
ol 2S having Is en sent bai k lor su-rvl-snr
In certilv to, slid now being U'fore
Ihe Isiard, It is ordered that said reports
l allowed, and the clerk Is hereby or
dertd lo Issue the necessary warrants un
the general fund and on the load fund
lor the lollowiug aruouni and in lavor o
the MTsnn hen loader .perilled:
Hotel district No, 7
James Fcgel, road fund l (ki
Chsrles l.eiil
Shays lloirinan
Curti I tollman
Victor Tslsircen
John Kyler
Charles Ityler
Total :'i 00
Bond district No, 2s
A II Kich A Co., general fund . . l;i si
J i oil (ill sV,
lUti sfl Per Iayanl t'pwsfli
I.U.rr and Fl H'sMs o I'. ".!.('
Ids lions ll.iis and II m at a
Isl al prsfc.l.sMs I'.stM,
I'ar iuiU'lis-1 wllb I'.s flitasl alnss. 1 kr
nilcl(srs. W.!tliar.' W
Y. S. HUltST
try rwhllr tlrakr
N-alrr In ltrl I'.alale
I'lrr iMsarstMre M rlur.
A 4srstrrw Olllrr ItMslara
I rstMsarlrd. 4 hlre I'araM
anl 4 llj IV-perl; far sk
Loans Xcgotiatea
Produce $ Commissi'.'.
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ttllllll. OtIN. nor
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