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Lotus, July IT Fterybody is busy
luting in thin section of the country.
Mm. Tom Mcl'ohhin in impioving
f rt-in Iiit mi k spell.
Tge Swales is going to pre vnt a
I I 1 io I ht Honorable- liontd of V'oinmis-
ion em for K-vflii; I ho roads between
l.( j in and Olai Ldii 4 station.
CieorkH Huniihton says his trip to
Viola nii N Veri'.
V. i wiitit the county to cstalv-
lish a buggy upair slli'P tiulf WAV l
twevn lie re and Fort laud.
Will somebody tell me why Joe Mo
Muny comes to Iogan do often ask
Tilhe McCobb.n.
Fnd YerlxM ha just completed build
ing fine granery for Mr. Swales.
About 35 or 40 of Logan' Orargemen
went to 1'ortlaud on the l'.'th to cele
b'e. Tl.e Corless khm mill can t heard
every day now.
Camp meeting is running in full Mailt
now with six iiuni.-tiH).
Mr. and Mrs. Walter llolcomb spent
last Sunday with Mrs. Yancy MeCob
Lin, Mrs Ilolcomb's mother, who i very
Karney Fallert has returned home.
L t;ri exit's to turn out en hum to
ft I -hrate the boV return from Manila.
Mil wai kie July 17 The Evangelical
as,c eiy is holding a ramp-meeting in the
gf e NJUtU of town.
Three wagon loads of members of
Milwaukee Uiange. No. ICS went to
S;niigwater to attend IVmona. Spring
i er grange is in a flourishing condi
tion J. Y. James and family and L. L.
Moore returned from Clear Creek where
thrr spent a we k fishing with good re
ult. Mrs. Ralph mas np from Portland
dining the week.
The revival services conducted hy the
ll.iptist eaiigellts closed last wee k.
Laura Francis, and cne of Mm.
Bryan's little children are tick at the
present writing.
Mr. Oliver arid family took drive
it to their farm near Caiihy. John
MoNon hug rented the place for the en-
ling year.
Messrs. Gary, U'lien and Lewellen,
of Oregon City attend d Grange in
llilwaukie Saturday.
The bicycle track has reached Oak
Grove now and numerous wheels can
. be seen going by.
'Canby is represented at the Evange
liral camp-meeting by Mrs. Zimmer
man and family, Mine L. Wintermantle,
Mr. Koeliler and lie v. Engelbart and
Thursday, July 27 The German M.
E. cam (--meeting will commence at Oak
Grove under the ttiii-ient management
of the presiding elder. The M. E. Sun
day school con vent iou will be held in
connection with the cartjemeeting. By
that time the bicycle track will be coi'n
p'eted, so that patties can come from
Portland and Oregon City with great
l'ut.AM, July May there! lied
land is right in it when it cornea to
in it k i ii ti hay. That is the main occupa
tion uf our (armor now. The crop and
ijuality and quantity is good.
Every one should attend the lawn
socinl at Viola Friday evening and en
joy a cxxl tiiuo. Ilaidtack and beans
is the (are,
A treat many wont from here to hear
Sam Jones, at (.'hatitauijua today.
We were favored with an excellent
sermon hy Kev. lavies Sunday at the
M. E. church, Sunday school eery Sun
day at 10a. in; preaching 1st and ltd
Sundav, 1st at night and :td at II;
l eague at 8 o'clock on 1,2, 4 and 5th Sun
days. Come one and all. Services at
licthol, Sunday school at 3 ; services at
4 on 2d and 4th Sundays.
Gov. Goer and G. E. Hayes were out
from Oregon ('jty to make. Mm. S. S.
Mosher a call one day last week.
1'. l.inn has gons to Sandy to work.
Grandma Sprngtie, w ho has been very
sick is improving, much to the delight
of all.
Misa II F. Wilcox is visiting friends
at Macksburg.
Ml-s Olive Moidior is at home from
Oregon City to stay ahile.
We aie sorry to state that in our last
items the most important thing was
overlooked. It was that F. E. Ltun has
got to le papa. It was a bouncing boy
ou the 3d of July.
eprcsscd s
AnJ Is it not due to nervous
exhu:!:n? Things alwy
look so much bnehter w hen we
rt In (nod health. Mow cart
you have courage when suffer.
Inn with headache, nervous
prostration and great physical
X'ould you not like to he rid
cf this depression of spirits?
How? Vy removing ths
cause. By taking
Colton, July 17. Haying is about all
"nished and the barns well tilled for
winter os.
Mr. Carlson had a runaway last
Wednesday, but suoeevded in stopping
the team before any damage w as done.
Gus GottWrg is at home once again
and the girls look very happy.
Mrs. 15. Gottberg is on the sick list.
Mr. Hubbard's health is very poor.
He contemplates starting to the coast
Soon, hoping to be benefitted by the ses
Iol)h Tinnemtette left last week for
the logging camps. We are Borry to lose
him but w ish him success.
Jim Donney wheeled to Hubbard last
week to see relatives.
Ira llonney, of Hubbar I was in Colton
last week engaging hop pickers. Here
ports his hops in tine condition and ex
pects sn exceptional good yield.
Mrs. Coiner and daughters, Amy and
Ida, were tho guests of Mrs. Gorbett on
the 12th
It gives sctlvity to all parts
that carry away useless and
poisonous materials from your
body. It removes the cause of
your suffering, becauso It re.
moves ill Impurities from your
blood. Send for our book on
To keep in Rood health you
must have perfect action of the
bowels. Aycr's Fills cure con
stipation and biliousness.
Yrttm ( us CoefoM.
Ifhr T"1 wm!. Ilk lo MNiialt
nn riitlii.nl filiv.lruni aittml vour
r,uot!nii. Tlin nt at friif ihm
irttru.srt In yuor eat. Yon will r.
4Ua rimp( rvpiw. wiibnal ro.t
AduraM. DR. t. V. ATTR.
Loll. Ht
IIabmo.v v.July 18. Hay harvesting is
in full suing and fall sown grain has be
gun to ripen.
T ie fruit crop is very light. Especially
pi nun and prunes.
Mr. Mather is bavins a large hay
burn built on his upper farm.
Mr. Clay Colfon, who went to Wasco
county last spring, has returned.
Mrs. E. Cat bey, of Gresham, ac
companied by her daughter, Miss lona
fhillips, were visiting with relatives here
last week, the latter with Miss June
Colson visited relatives at Sunnyside
A number of our people contemplate
Attending the Chautauqua assembly
more or less of the time.
Si s.NvsiDK, July lt As the weather
is fine moot of the farmers are engaged
in the hay field.
Mr. Ottis gave a dance last week w hich
was largely attended and a very enjoy
able time w as reported by all.
Mrs. Grace Lebs of Astoria is yisiting
her parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Cottv.
Miss Emma Cotty has returned home
from Portland, where she has been at
Miss Oora P.arrett, of Sa!em, was
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Griffith.
Mr. Frank Griffith is at home again,
after an absence of several months
Mr. and Mrs. Heed and Mrs. Lillian
Hunter attended the i amp-meeting at
New Era last Sunday.
Charley Hunter went to Washington
last week to work during harvest.
all clashes may unite baud in hand for
the upliiting of the specie then these
movements will be welcomed.
Pdgby Bros, are delivering lumber to
Ilom are looking very good. Mush
berger Pros, have one of the finest yards
we have seen yet this reason.
Tko ItiUMikhl.
H mm iiiniiufiicturiil rushlight nml
rmidlin were In coiivttiut uo by tint
Scotch peasantry, Hulled iinluuil fnt
gtivo tho required tallow, mid tho satua
gni u rushes us weni used for cruinU
Vick ritpplled it ii I no In this cimiv
In milking rushliKht all the grn-ti
routing of these, runliea was stripped
clT, hut for ciiudlo wli k a thin strip
WHS left on either sido of lll'i pltll to
strengthen and supsut it (itlierwlMi
the imintifiicturti of thesi two lights
was very similar TliU substaucu from
tiiu rilKlies whi'U dried Win tli'd to a
rvHl, then dipped luto tint boiling fat
slid allowed to cihiI, it lid this pr.K'i'
was repented until tint rushlight, or
candle, hud lwouirt the desired thick
ness. Ill Inter year candle worn imidn
in mold. Tho lapit was punned through
a hide in the center of the mold and
knot till to prevent it slipping. Tim fat
Was then poured iu and allowed to
Them molds, during tho d.iys of the
caudle tax. vvers jealously guarded by
the cwners and hiddeu iu the must
ii-ret corner from tlm prylug eye fif
the rxcisetiiiiii. Tho candles wrerd umial
Yf tnnde at night In somtiiiiithoii'Mt, and
Watcher were ixwtl at couvinlriit
c-riier to give timely warning of ntiy
ippionch of tho uhiiuitui ol'.iccr.
(hrtj Wtrd.
A l.vuil I'arrol Slurf.
A miiiib'u lady of a certaiu town In
Coruwull owned a parrot, which soma
bow aiitlired the illai;reeiild habit of
olrving at fnipieiit intervals. "1
wish the old lady would die." Tin aa
tiiiycd the bird's owner, who spoko to
her curate aUmt it
"I think we can rectify tho matter,"
replied the knh1 luau. "la!ihava
parrot, and lm i a rightnons bird, hav
ing been brought up iu tho way he
should gix I will lend yon my pnrrot.
ami I trnst his ititlueiice will refoxui
that depraved bird of your."
The curate' parrot wn planed in tho
same room with the w icked one. and a
toon as tin two had Iki-oiiim accustomed
to each other the bad bird remarked. "I
wish the old lady Would die." where
nmn the clergyman's bird roll.-d up hi
eyesiiud in aolemu accents added. " I
bewt-ch thtv to hear lis, good I.rdl" (
The story got out in the piiruh, and I
for several Sunday It was tiecessary to !
omit the litany at the church service '
Household Word.
Tlio KIikI Yoii ,iimi "u mi itrfn
lit it for over IM j"r, lm bornti Ihn lirii,,trf of
4 timl In '' ' hi'mIh tniili r liU (rr.
y,.-. ; stoitiil aiUMT moil allien It Inriuiry,
7cAii Allow no ono to ImtIv you In
All ('oiiiiterfcH. lnilUtl" '" Niih.lltutra uro but ;,.
iM rlnu nl tl't Irlllo IH ' riMlmmrr lh li.ulth of
Iiiftuitu iil t lilhlnu-i:lM-rleiuo unlnt i:Mrlim.lt,
What is CASTOR I A
ttistoriu I n aiib-tH" fr Ctr OU, rirrtforlo, !)rM
nml Sootl.lnir Syn.p. It I llurinlra nml lM.-nai,t. t
o.ntiilii n.ltli.r Opltini, Jlorphluo nor otlirr Xiin-otUj
Mili.tunco. It ago I It utmrinitro. It il.'atro) Worms
imdnlhi) lVrrMim-. It s-iirra Dlarrliu-i nn Vln4
('idle. It relieve Teetlilnjf TroiiMr. rtire iscliutlua
nii.l !'iittilciic.V. It lisslmllate tlio 1'immI, rriruUtc th
MoiiiikIi nml Itowel. jflvlmr lirnllliy il luitiirnl Wp,
Tho Children' l'umuea-Tlio Mothrr'i l rleiul.
Ecar tho Sl&naturo of
cay -eat
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Uso For Over 30 Years.
lilierwood News.
Siiekwood, July 17. Although Sher
woo 1 has not been heard from for a long
time, she is not dead yet.
Our undertaker, II. II. Eyman, is
having quite a tussle with la grippe. He
has been confined to his room for eeveral
days but is getting along very well now
under the care of Dr. Say lor.
Several of our young men, including
Van Meeks, Edgar fcaylor, and Frank
West have gone to the coast on a pleas
ure trip.
Mrs, Wm. Knight, formerly of this
. place, but now ol Bay City, Or,, was out
.and mado her parents a visit.
Alison Baker, of Graeme, passed
fh rough here on his way to The Dalles
Monday, as a delegate from the A. 0. (J.
W. lodgeof Graeme.
A. J. Bell is at home from Portland on
a visit.
Dr, Saylor has purchased the Bell
property ana expects to nuiiij a new
dwelling in the near future.
('Linda Young and our postmaster was !
seen out several miles from town Hun
day hunting for a ball game game. How
abo it it boya, wasn't it cherries instead
of a ball game?
Mrs. Delia Her is spending a few days
with her mother-in-law, Mrs. Her.
Molali.a, July 17 Mrs. Hatton and
Mrs. Hprague are yisiting at the home of
Mr. Hatton at Teasel Creek
The Misses San ford, daughters of Dr.
and Mrs. Sanford, of Glencoe, Wash, are
visiting their grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. Win. Eagby.
Grain is being riiened quite fast by
the hot sun the past few days, late grain
needs rain, and a light crop is predicted
Haying is well under headway
Mrs. Hibbard returned home last
Friday. She reports haying had
pleasant time and her health is mucl
Quite a number of poonlc are traveling
niountainward these days. The road by
Teasel creek is finite a poimlar route
during the hot period, many going to
Wilhoit Springs to enjoy the cool shad
,.t .1 - i . , ...
ui iii'jsc uiiguiy iijoiiarciis, mat are n:
such close proximity to the health giv
ing waters of that crystal fountain; for
.those tired of city life, for the wear
clerk, ilhoit is an ideal resort, here ih
rest and quiet. Molalla river, Gawley
creek, hot springs and Table rock sre
also favorite places for the seeker aftei
summer pleasures and recreation.
Tease! cutting will commence in aboui
two weeks. Thirf industry is an impor
tant one in this vicinity and puts a good
many dollars in circulation. We hone
it will pick up and not have to become
a thing of the pant. Various mechanical
devices are being invented so fast thai
they work hardships upon the laboring
classes. This will be the result until all
classes are educated up to "live and let
live 'standard, thun, these inventions
Will bo greeted as hlessingi to humanity
instead of curses. Work is a natural
Siicbel. Jnly 10. Grandma ShueUd,
of Oregon City, is visiting with relatives
for a few weeks.
Mrs. Grinier, of Albany, is visiting her
daughter, Mr. E. W. Ilornscluih for a
short tune.
Mr. Schwarti, of Portland is spending
a few days with his friends in this
Mrs. O. B. Strey filer and Mission
llomschuh, both of Albany, are visiting
their parents, Mrs. Chris Hornschuh.
Misa Minnie Grace, of Clarkea, spent
today with friends here.
Mrs. Massinger is very low.
Miss Lena Grossmlller has left again
for Oregon City.
Fred Steiner is hauling planks fur Mr.
Mr. Slumsky, father of Mrs. Fred
Moehnke, died last Monday morning at
the age 85 years. 7 months and days.
He was buried in tlie Lutheran cem
etery Wednesday afternoon. A large
number of friends and neighbors gathered
at the grave to pay their lait solemn
respect to the aged fattier.
A number of the married men, an
well as single, helped to charivari Valen
tine FSohlariiJer last Tuesday night. We
were all treated fine.
iiii r
1 mm
IB I in uumuu
"Known as t!;e Vcbblo Hear
comes from the ue
of the famous
Scalp Cleaner, and with perfect,
cleanliness comes beauty.
Mrs. H. J. Pell. Box 60, University
Place. Ornaha, Neb., wrttej: ' Every
head ihouU be impooe j frequently
with this wholesome remedy."
After each sharrpoo. when the hair
Is thoroughly dry. the ;ca!p should be j
treated with Seven Sutherland Sliders' j
Hair Grower. DeUl c!lJn.sr;i!s. I
x a ri. oi ic mil i.n
Jo. Seyeilc, jr., has fully recovered
his health and together with Jos. hlrej.
ha leased the New Kra Flouring Mills.
The mill will Ix) greatly improved and
arrangements made for receiving grain
etchanging lor mill stuirs at short imtii e
Satisfaction giniranterd.
Savcia, Stki jc it Co.
e?--V-H -
. I
Dovkk, July 17 We are having very
warm weather now and haying w ill soon
be over.
Mr. Nelson and Mr. Crawford started
his morning for Columbia river on a
pleasure tri p and to obtain fish.
.Miss Mary Kitzmiller has returned
home on a visit from Portland where
he has been attending school the win-
Da Cooper was visiting. is family last
Joseph Gould of Latmrell Falls
here yisiting relatives.
A. J. Kitzmiller and family attended
services at Firwood Sunday.
Kev. rraglio delivered a line sermon
here Sunday nitfht. All enjoyed the
leeting very much.
The house which has formerly been
known as the Crole houso Was burned
Wednesdry night, the fire was caused
y a lamp exploding. No one was in
pARMEKS . . .
Your team will have tho Ix-sl
of cure and
Full Measure of Feed
City 'atublen.
W. H. YOUNG, Prop.,
W. H. Cooke
Huociri to
Livery Riga on Short Notice.
Telephone No. 42.
Iiecially adapted lor cill'lug nlnon sfiinii f, k'oin He , inj m w.
ground I' .r en i-ed in-r.gl.l ,.r put ., ,. ..h.i;...i. w it. tlm k(.l!n'
tii n
'! 'lie I ! nl
I lie r-iie. p. i i I! t ,
rt olnce I,, K, ,. niM.nl
unr' ninieini hi i ii er ... ,..., ; i
Tin- I rrel.lrle i k, I ,,.
Imri iM.k,. t,f 1,11,11, i - ti
lillllille I. Iiriiig rim, n ...O lie. I n
1 1 'I.K pi. I u , , ,,,.! .,,..r , ,
I IIAMI'I'I.N i:iMi:lt lie II
You cuniH t iill'urT
Oregon ntid Wiihliingt.,,, h un using tIMI1
w.imu not lino another make after usinc the "I'll VMI'IOV "
Mitchell. Lewis & Staver Co.
First and Taylor Stroots - . rortinL Oreo
on i,r a . hiv! n mn, tiv n-41
I . .1 1 - o.i- rmi t li, ., , . , , , a., , ; l-a'tsili
lit il t "ii, I, ar.t H r I. ii ,ii r oui liiiirlii l llii"" "
t lie 1 1 r i i in
r '... i. . in. i,,, v , , j,,, Li.. Vi
lli' I'- "l P K mi ' llir pilig iM'"
0 ' M II , T CI I-1 llill H" f
til id h llur II . I ""'
iksi I H e on ll nnikrL
a . I
i n i. nf i!
I -ii-, dsr
II .1 ,.l . ., .f,t ,
t" I'tiv a Miner r
'ler until vu
see h hut the fariutn
sit V liliiilll tin III.
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painful; smarting,-nervous feet and in
growing nails, and instantly takes the
sting out of corns and bunions. It's the
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Allen's Foot-Ease makes tight or new
i .i ... f . ....
mv, mai is some K.ini oi employment is shoes feel easy. It is a certain cure for
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tual development a part of our duty and ' Allen S. Olmstoad, L Itoy, N. Y.
Railroad and Express Office.
a .ni:it ti, i,i -m: or
J. 2. Iewbuiy,
Post OfTice nuilding,
; i : i : 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 . t u s 1 1 1 1 1
m n: i ii m iKMtsi Niioi it 1
IVorh one roiiillr nml
at reiioinibln prlcen
. . i. . ; . , , ( i
Do You Nood Any
Doors, Windows, (Jlass, Moulding i 5
Or Othor Dulldlnu Mnlorlal.
--C.H. Bestow & Co.
tomcr iiih ml h i ii St.
"rt gi.u City, Oregon. j
Training School for Teachers; N'
ings; New )i-,nmei.ts; Ungraded
School Work; Crfultutt' S Secure ",0"Y
tiong; Strong Courses; Well IW'I'I
1 mining Iicimrliiient; Nortual J-.?"
LJuickcst and flcst Way to Slate CVrlin w
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hoard f i 50 to Jj 00 per week, tuiH'"1
per term of ten weeks. I'nll term "V
Scjit. 19th; Suiimicr u-rni June ?7 f'P1,
Tor Catalogue Address
p. r.. campbi:i.t Prs...
or W. A. WANK. Secrelau of facnltf.