Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, June 23, 1899, Image 1

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Oregon City Enterprise.
,i,3i. NO.aa
f.hri(ICKUNI), M.I),
1,1, .,fiifrliilil fl,l 10 III !.
.. o,rVm i';li. ii.iir. ni-ui
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L'',,l,,g Oltl iMMiril 10 l.i I J . hi.,
,, dry oitK'ioM
It. I.. riC'KKNH,
,y ItulMiiitf Oregon City, Or.
8. fllKS.
!). uil Huntley' 1'MIK KUire.
mCilr. " ' Oregon.
or oniitow city.
m.lu nw A Mil MMtf
p w -orcf. )- lo chvrg ft Auk
(iKii IKlKYK.
fi.l HfM work PpM-UHr. All
Ljtk irrti.txl and U.fsctiuo
Oftic In I'aufitM illk.
V Kjirinj; hIkm-h over hhown in Oregon City. The
Latest luHtH-tim Latest Htjli-H tho Latest heel tlm
Latest color. Kvory kIioo in a Every pair a
trciiHiiro. TIuth will ho tt blank in your lifo i( yon fail
to hmj thoHo good. Wo guarantee pricim Lower than
in Portland.
Watch our windowH next week.
Youth to command,
McKITTRICK, "The Shoe Man,"
Ni Door to Orsgon City Bank
mi Mr Says is
Tlirjr til mjt tint
Headquarter for Hay, Uml platter, Heed, Ktc.
ninet complete atork
irocerlea to be
fuurnl In ih City.
, itt.Mln.i ltn to County Court
ml 1'ftit.atellUsllieae
l'liir, oi'U Huntley's Hook
0,.r MrKiurlik'i Klioe Hlr. hear
ID ntns oi wrefun i 117.
C Railroad Ticket to all jM)inU East at low rates.
ClTT. 0Soa.
;.iir. tn (ii the twiuru ( lb tut. 01-
L.ul 11 I U ' 4 lift.
Mil. I. Kit.
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AMli,( hihI btlilKor.
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Th OI.1 !-
1 on mm: in C. G. HUNTLEY oumjo itv
C. A. Ai. A-A. A -A -AiCV.A. AAAA. jfiw.,
ADC UTol'Ktni,
AUtrrH nl Tina. Lnan Mnncf. For-
, M,ir(pi. ami IraniMt lliirtl
La Huilern.
tir M, Klitrl, k' Hlio Hlor. nir
llm Hank nl OrrKon City.
pit lo Oregon CUT Knltrprt-.
' tlie NorthwBuUtrn Unlver
"itv Drntal KnliHoLCIiU-ntfO.
'"erienn Colleueof iHmUl Hurgory,
i'liimitt ltlo,, Oreuon City.
AO. W. HWOl'K,
Itliinn. Fornolomira of Mortuiiuoa,
'"I A K'iiritl Inw liiiHinflHH kt
tmulml to promptly.
f ' Kirnt door South of MethotliNt
Screen Doorn, Wimlow Screens,
Lawn Mower, Oarden Hose,
(iarden Tools, Scythes, - Culti
vators, Ricycles, c, &c.t for
which wo are headquarters. Wo
are agents for tho Celebrated
Simnionds Saws, Z Wedges and
Sh'dp-s, Syiacuso Chilled Plows,
Canton Steel Plows, Harrows Sec.
Largest Stock of Hardware,
Stoves and Tinware in tho city.
Plumbing; and Jobbing
a Specialty
Cor. 4th and Main Sts.
U Baalim House III the City.
PM op c.pHi, r,ooa
uriilu.. lAI.HAO.
r.T - CKAll.il a. tPW,
""iuint, . .. eo. a. Ktmiiiia,
a. a CAurii.o,
iTl,",,.k,n,t '"'"Iik""' trniotod,
1 in Ueot to onaok.
...i 1 , ""le dUoounted.
M city warrant! bouiht.
ill "A06 ll ourlty.
"i ni,u n.
i ! llail lu auy part of th world
! Uanei mid on Portland, Ban
For Perfection
In Baking
Use Patent Flour Manu
factured by the Portland
Flouring Mills Company,
Oregon City. Oregon.
Man Killed and Several
Dangerousl Hurt.
MUrrAillniruftlin Order on the AUrl
JUad Hard Itattlr In the I'hlllp.
plnf Mllt'k on tbn Huliject
roaTLAND, Or. June I'J. The upeclal
train tearing U10 Kwl Men'i rxcuraion
liume from Clataop tx-icb eoltiiltxl with
Nurtbern 1'aciflc ((eight train No. IA, a
mile Ulow LinnUn,at8:5')lai(i'veoin.
One man waa killed and aix people were
Injured, two of whom were women.
All of the injured, aaye the engineer and
hrakrman. were on the taKtfaK-car at
tached to the ncuriioo train. At near
aa could be learned, the acchlent wai the
reaullof a miaundeialanding o( ordwa
on the part of the train crew of the
V P. Bell, confectioner, Alt Kant
Davia itriH-t.
Homer Darling, broom maker; 41
north Kaal Ninth itreet, averely cut,
left arm broken.
Mr. D. P. IMI, braiaee end eevere
Jamn llallon, locomotiye engineer,
cut In leg.
Mia Vertle Pitman, Weit Cliehalii,
pine Injured.
K. K. Bamea, brakeman, alight.
John Iraon, lumberman, Bridal Veil,
Ufth knm ked out, lip cut.
The excuraion train, crowded with
petwnirert, an juat pulling around the
curve before coming to Linntoo, when
Engineer Mallon aw aomething blark
on the track, which he presently made
out aa a locomotive. He aaye the head
light waa not lighted. IoaUntly he
threw on the air and reversed the engine
but ia another tcone, and while both
he and Fireman J a met Hume were at
their ponta, the engine came together.
The boi of the bagitage-car behind the
engine waa torn from it platform and
telrcoed over the tender, aa if It were
built there. The occupant of the car
D. P. 1WI end Homer Darling who
were conducting an Ice-cream buaineaa,
and aeveral of their (rif nda, were caught
like rata in a trap. Bell wa killed out-
, Ikrling waa cauxht in a mm of ilin
tered limber, and Mia Vertie Pitman
wai pinned to the floor of the car by a
moving pile of wreckage. Mr. Boll wa
thrown acroea the car and wyerely
bruited. John Laraen, who was on the
platform, wa burled against the hand
hold and received a severe gash in the
! month.
All through the train, pawners were
thrown from their eeata and frightened
into a panic, and for a time the scene
was one of tremendous excitement.
Fortuntely, however, none of the car
left the track, and oon a number of
quick-wilted people were hurrying for
ward tj help the Injured, while the rest
hudJted along the embankment on
which the train stood, and viewed the
wreck with sensations bordering on a
nervous chill.
Kngiueer Jennings and Fireman
Mslim.of the Northern Pacific train.
saw that it would be fatal to stay in
their cab, and jumped juBt before the
engines struck. A second later and the
cab was iplintered to kindling-wood, the
tender plunged in a slough west of the
track, and a cattle car, shivered to
piece, piled over the wreck of the en
gine, while the ill-fated beauts that occu
piei it went tumbling down the em
bankment, to be drowned in the slough
or killed by the wreckage that foil about
The heads of the two engine came
squarely together, each flattened out and
"buckled." All about were piled mass
es of tangled timber from the shattered
hamrain and cattle cars, but the main
body of each train stood on the track un
harmed. Might Have Beon Much Worse.
The two engineers had seen the danger
in time to check most of their headway.
The excursion train, which was runniug
30 mile an hour had slackened to less
than 15, and the freight train wa nearly
at a standstill. To this circumstance the
passenger owe their lives, lor had the
train come together with ' just a nine
more momentum, tne passenger cars
would have rolled down the embank
ment, and on either side were sloughs
which the swollen Willamette had filled
to a depth of from eight to 20 feet.
Conductor Clough, of the freight train,
went immediately to Llnnton and tele
phoned for assistance to Portland. Ed
Lyons, manager of the Terminal Com
pany, soon had a special relief train
ready, and Ire. J. J. Panton, C. W.
Cornelius, H. B. Drake and D. II. Rand
were summoned to go to the scene of the
accident. The passenger were speedily
loaded on the relief train while the
! physician attended the Injured. Dr. J
B. Morris, of Lewiston, who was a pas-
aengnr on the regular Astoria train
which had fallowed the excursion, an
and wis hut half an hour behind whei
the accident occurred, wa on the scene
and had superintended the removal of
the inj'ired lo one of the cost-he, where
he had eased their suffering with mor
phine. The Portland physician at
tanded to their iiifurie, and they were
win transferred lo the relief train,
which, in the meantime, had been
boarded by a aw arm of excuisionist
and passenger on the regular train W
bir.d. When all were on board the
train was backed into Portland, and the
ifferer were sent to Good Samaritan
Conductor Low.'l Mtmtinat.
Conductor 51. A.Lowe, wbowasin
charge of the excursion train, made the
following statement to an Oregonian
man who went to the scene of the disas
ter on th relief train.
"Engine 17 wa running extra on fol
lowing schedule, with right over North
ern Pacific freight No. 64, due at Llnnton
at 8 :W p.m. At 85 we atruck North
ern Pacific freight train No. 64, one mile
east of Llnnton. The engineer and con
ductor of the freight say that they read
the order to meet at Holbrook' itation,
both the extra and the regular, which
followed it, making mistake of just an
h Jur, That is the whole story."
trtillery being freely used. The enemy
(H located In the wood at 4 o'clock,
showing sign of retiring, a they were
being pressed very hard.
On gun of the Kixth artillery, In an
idvantaKeou position, did great execu
tion. The fighting wa still in progress
at 6 o'clock, at which lime the Ameri
can had secured a quantity of Filioino)
arm which had been abandoned in th
wood. The scene of the fighting I over
20 mile from Manila.
( lar' 4orf .
Engineer Mallon, of tne excursion en
gine, laid:
"I had just pulled out of Holbrook
tation, and wa running about 30 miles
an hour. Sudden) I law something
black on the track, which I at first look
to be a water tank, but a moment later
I aw hand lamps shining out at each
ide. Then In a minute I knew what it
was, and exclaimed to my fireman : 'My
God, it's a train on the mainline!' I
put on the air and reversed the engine,
but in another second the crash came."
Mallon got an ugly cut in the leg, and
wai quite faint from loss of blood, but
be will probably be all right in a lew
diys. Th passenger realize that to
hi coolness and daring in standing at
hi poet in the face ol what seemed to be
certain death they owe their live, and
were loud in hi praise.
Orville Jennings, engineer of the
Northern Pacific engine. 834, which
pulled the freight train, ia one of the old
est men in the service of the company,
and considered as one of the best. In 16
years of service this is hi first accident.
Story of Mr. Koberta.
Mrs. C. 8. Roberts, mother-in-law of
Dirling, waa in the bsggage car when
the accident happened. Bell and
Roberta had made that their headquar
ters, and were sending out from it boy
selling ice cretin, etc.
"The first I knew, "said Mr. Roberta,
"the air brake were put on suddenly,
and we were all thrown off our feet.
Then the sraa'h-tip came. Mr. Bell,
who waa washing dishes in the front end
of the car, was covered up with timber,
and I did not see him again alive. I
beard Mr. Darling calling for help, but
could not reach him, and Miss Pitman,
who was sitting on a box across the car
from me, was also calling for assistance,
to one of the candy boys and I went to
her, and after half an hour' hard work,
we liberatod her. Mrs. Bell was thrown
across the car and badly bruised. It til
came so quickly that there are nooe of
us who really know much about it."
Mrs. Bell's condition was pitiable
when she teamed of her husband's
death, and added to much to the severity
of her injuries that the physicians were
unable to learn of their exact extent.
Her two email son accompanied her.
Tho Newt In Portland.
A crowd gathered at the depot to
meet the excursion, and when the
special train went out, the news of its
errand in some way got abroad. There
was a wild rush for places on the train,
and it was only by the exercise of great
tact and patience that Manager Lyons
was able to keep it clear. A great num
ber of anxious faces peered through the
bars on the depot when the relief train
finally rolled in, and many were the ex
clamationsof relief when relatives and
friend turned up unharmed.
Makila, June 209 a. m. General
Wheaton' command ba renewed th
attack upon Da Marina. Early thi
morning they moved on the town, hop
ing to reach there by noon, unlet very
tt'ong opposition waa encountered.
The latest list of the American cas
ual tie In yesterday's fighting shows
tbst five were killed and 23 wounded.
The list include no officer. Th
wounded were brought to Manila front
Miles Rays CtM U Rerloo.
Nsw Yog. June 20 "The situation
in the Philippine i very erlona," said
General Nelson A. Mile at the Waldorf
Astoria last night. "I know nothing
concerning the story thattbe wsr depart
ment is (oppressing the new from Ma
nila. But everybody know that things
are very serious there. The question of
issuing a call for volunteers ba not,
believe, been decided. I do not care to
discus the Philippine matter. I am
here on private business."
Loxdok, June 19. The 8t. James'
Gazette today claim to have received
from an absolutely reliable oe.rce at
Pretoria, capital of the Transvaal, tbe
plan of campaigo wbicb will be followed
by General Joubert, commander-in-chief
of the Boers, in tbe event of war be
tween the Tranavaal and Great Britain.
General Joubert'a force, it seem, will
consist of 20,000 men, armed with Mau
ser rifle, in addition to 46 quick-firing-gun
and 1000 artillerymen, moat of
them drawn from the German and Dutch
artnie. With these troop and help ex
pected from tbe Orange Free State, he
will march on Kimberley, the diamond
mining center in West Griqoaland,
which formi four of the 70 divisions of
the Cspe Colony. Kimberley la about
100 miles northwest of Bloemfontein.
In bis march on Kimberley, Joabert
will nse the railroad s far available.
expect to capture tbe town with slight
los. and blow up tbe DeBeers diamond
mine. Simultaneously, it is added, tbe
railroad from Cape Town to Bulawace
will be destroyed by Boer sympathizers,
and agents in Cpe Colony will deetruy
the Port Elizabeth-Pretoria line sooth of
Bloemfontein, to prevent British troops
from using it.
Finally, immediately after Khxberlev
is captured, General Joubert will ad
vance on Cape Town, the capital of Cape
Colony, through the western provinces,
where tbe Dutch predominate, and are
expected to join the Boers. Joubert cal
culates he will be master of Cape Town
a fortnight after tbe declaration of war,
and that he will then be able to dictate
tertrs of peace.
Furnished Every Week by the CUcka.
mas Abstract tt Trust Company.
Manila, June 198 :20 p. m. A bat
talion of tbe Fourth infantry, which left
I urns with General Wheaton in com
mand this morning, to reconnoiter to
ward Pedal Dasmarinas, waere it was
believed most of the rebel who escaped
from Paranaque and Bacoor had fled
waa attacked in the rear by apparently
friendly natives.
Thla brought on a sharp engagement
lasting several hours, and resulting in
five Americans being killed and about
25 wounded. The loss of the rebels was
very heavy.
The battalion soon exhausted its am.
munition, and at 2:30 p. m. General
Wheaton and bis staff, with two moun
tain gun and one field piece, went to re
inforce the troops attacked. General
Wheaton was fired on tn the road and
had a narrow escape.
A third battalion wa ordered to the
front and formed on the Las Pinas road
Heavy firing on both side followed, the
G W Weilder to R Koehler K acre
near Canemah I
F A Hyde to U 8 3200 acre in
Clackamas county. .. .Act of Congress
A S Baldwin to F A Hyde, 3200
acres in Clackamas county 4000
U S to M J Buisaon, 8w sec 12,
t 2 s, r 7 e Pat
J Elston to C P Church c 36, 1 3
a, r6e 400
W Wade to II C Wde 77 acres
sec 15, t2, r 2e 1
W R Wade to J M Wade, 30.16
acre In P Welch claim 1 2 s, r 2 e 1
R W Wade to W R Wade 36.20
acres in Welch, claim t 2 s, r 2 e 1
J M Wade to R W Wade. 40 acre
in see 17, 1 2 , r 3 e 1
D L Edwards to N B Hart, 15 acres
in Crow claim 1 3 a, r 3 e 3000
R W Wade to A F Wade, trustee,
10 acres sec 17, 1 2 a, r 3 e
H C Wade to R W Wade 30.16 acres
sec 17, t 2 a, r 3 e L
M E Bain to II A Snyder, lota 1, 2
blk 15, lot 1, blk 3, Barlow 1
T D Phelps to W H Phelps se' of
ewt sec 6, t 2 , r 5 e 1
C D Irvin to T J Anderson, lot 1, 2
blk 43, Minthorn 65
M J Duffy to M J Hally, 26.50 acres
sec 10, t 2 8, r 2 e, lota 5, 6, blk
43, Minthorn 166
TRUST CO. are the owners of the copy
right to the Thome system of abstract
indexes, for Clackamas county, and have
the only complete set of abstracts in the
County, can furninh information a to
title to land at once, on application.
Loans, Investment8,real estate, abstract
etc. Office over Bank of Oretton City.
Call and investigate. Address box 377
Oregon City Oregon.
) !
; r
In. i ",0F0D' New York.