Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, June 16, 1899, Image 1

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    Oregon City Enterprise.
()r,3l. NO. 31.
). HfKK-KLANU, M.I).
(I,,..!lal and 1'rlvata ICipsrlauia.)
Ilia unilrialuiitl irvii a lo tha iinib
I. Oregon ''" Viridity, Hwt'lal
lili.iiiln paid lu I'alarrli an. I
tl'lirnllli' iliaraaaa Ileal nl rrr.
itvrt Klrrn. ! In Willamette
iililll'K Willie innim . iv m ua in.,
t In II . in,
u. I,. L TICK ENS,
, ,.a Moderate, All Ojyratlnna
.'ay Building Orison Cllf, Or,
H t'llKN.
I. D li lliitillrjr't I'run Hiora.
h ii l ily, - Ufon.
K I i)U M t kl'l A L JIAKK
.i, lioo.ooA
lxnTtt asaaaai aiaaia taiaaas
am mads Hllla diaeminlad. MaiMr.il-
t ,. iiuii as-i sua airnanga on an pant
0 I .ilia-1 aula, kari.pa ami II mi ihi.
i. fvrfl titijwi W cliatk Want
(..mi f t a war.
I A t'll'hUTT R, Prudent
r. J. MkYKK lull ar.
, an. Hildas work a ripwlallv. All
,,ii aarraiilml ami aaliafaclluii
OrhYa In CeullsM lllk.
.1 alonlliiil Kli"'" I" County Court
ail I'ml-ale bualnaM
I t'l-alaira, tipatl Huntley's Hook
sSl'IH r.ilr.I.,
XWutLtpr rbpofdt.,
nr MrKiilflrk'a Mil Hlnra, haar
Ilia llank il OivKoll City.
?jfi: iiavi: niK nkatf.mt, Nonwixr, nattiest link ok '
V Kj.ring hliocH (jvcr phown in Oregon City. Tlio '
Latest lnMiH-tiu, Latest MyicH tln Latest 1 icels the i
Latest color. Every nhoe in a p in. Every pair n j
treiiKuro. Thcro will ho a, hlank in your lifo if you fail j
to Hi'o thone goods. Wu guarantee, j.rices Lower than !
in Portland, j
Wutch our windows next week. I
Youth to command, '
McKITTRICK, "The Shoe Man," '
Na Door to Oregon City Bank
IlardeHt Fight no Far of
Hi War.
ibvkan Boundary-Hard Hint at the
Zapol Hirer Troapa are Ifrlvlnr
The liiaoricunla out of the
Country Bonlh ef Manila.
M tally Says list Bs So
They til aay that
Headquarter lor May, Umlplaater, Heed. Ktc.
t complete stock
i riser ica to I
found In the City,
y Ilailroad Tickets to all points East at low rates,
" I'm
aanasau. j. B, CiHraau.
axri.L 4 CAMrnKI U
I'iTT, ..... Oaaooa.
l.nrtir. In all lha auurla at lha auta. 01-
- I un U kit, .din.
Ml I.I .Kit,
-liKSri.tT -
Wl. lit lfili, unlit rrowna. all kliula ol
lllllnica anil bilil"'.
h hi. naar ilfL OrK'" '"y. "r.
N I) C UTOl'KkTTt, j
N HTMKkT ONkUQ rlTT, oakooM. I
Al.airama ol Tula, Unas Mnnar. rr
Morlaarva, ami iranaat t dau'ral I
Lmw Hualaaa.
"" '""j" mi iMipnafW'
I'SI. TmAar - w-i- -a -rii 01,1 w.- x
roii Nti.i: in C. G. HUNTLEY onr.uo irv
Iw jPiA. jt B, XA. fA.ift. A. itV.Affi. .ifAVY utV?.jit
iit Mi'Klitrli k'a HIumi Hlora. near
Ilia llank ulOrrK('lly-
KTanTa or raoriaTT rvkHiaino,
'I li Orrf on CUT RiiUrpri'a,
P"t of the NortliwoaUr'n Unlver-
"ilv Duntal Kchool, Clili-auo.
inicrican CoIIcki-oI I Hiatal 8urjry,
'illaiiii.tte lllixk, Oreijon City.
il'AU. w. sworE,
linim, Forocloiura of Mortiiauoa,
fml a tmnral law IninlncHH at-
tiinilixl to promptly.
st Firat door 8outh of Metlialiat
dest UWu Hoist u tne citr.
Paid np Capital, 50,0OO.
Hurplua, liU.HMi.
. rui.it. a rirfiiui.
M- a. a. CAurin.D.
liankltif biialneai tranaanted.
Ua riM-rlveif aulivt lo nheck.
)! Iillla and mitoa dlioouutod.
7 "d City warranta bnii(ht.
vla on aTallable aeourlty.
'"" made promptly.
'"" d avMiaoleliiauy part of tha world
7luo exoliaiiKua auld on Portland, Han
I'no.llhloaitaaud Now York.
f PU ou tlina dopoalta.
y JIlJLAijaVilo
j'ow 13 vin mjm to buy
Screen Doorn, Window Screens,
Eawn Mowers, (larden Hose,
(lanlen T6olf, Scythes, Culti
vators, lticyeles, c., &c. for
which wo are headquarters. 'o
are agents for the Celebratod
Simnionds Saws, Z Wedges and
Sledges, Syiacuso Chilled Plows,
Canton Steel Plows, Harrows Ste,
Largest Stock of Hardware,
Stoves and Tinware in tho city. , . '
Plumbing and Jobbing
a Specialty
Cor. 4th and Main Sts.
WamiiNoTim, iuiieO. VVIien the alat
drparlniNiit i-IomkI lit tlia day it
with tlia ei(tallon on the part of
Olflciala that th muilui vi vntuli which
haa lHn under nfiiotiationa In London
would h coinplelral and aijtniid lomor
row. Thia aixnature will prohahly take
plare in Iindon, aa brtwiwn Aiubaaaa
dor Ornate and Lord Kaliahury, unleaa
Ilia prixraui ii chaiiued over oi(ht.
Aaauming that the axrvament it on the
tiact lina of the Instruction aent, the
niodua will Ax the provinional boundary
line hntween Alaakaand Canada at three
point near Uie head of Lynn canal.
Theae will he auflicient, it ia expected, to
prevent conflict. Theae pointa are aa
Un the While I'aa, at the old Cana-
iian ciialoiii-liouiui, in thepaaa; ou the
Chllkoot fan, likt-wiae at the Canadian
ruaiom houae which haaeiiatfd for the
paat IS month; on the Gallon trail, Juat
liove the Indian villain of Kluckwan.
The first two pointa were Fanily fixixj;
the hitch of moment hai lHen over the
location of the diviaional xjlnt on the
Dulton trail. The oinl named i at the
head of canoe navilion, and 14 mile
ahove tidewater, which the Canadian
toiiglit to ftrcnuoualy to re ( h. The
nioilu providr only for a temporary de
limitation, but them in great reason to
believe that the line it will establish in
the end will be accepted by both partiea
aa the beat aolulion of the veied bound
ary iasue.
Washington, I'reaident J. O. Kchur
man, of the I'hilippine comrnlaaion, will
reaiirn on hi r-snjn on hi return to the
United Htatea.hecauae of friction between
himself and General Oil.
Admiral Dewey hastened hi departure
from Manila, it i Mid, because of fric
tion in the eoinminaion. He had alead
(.atly declined to leave hi poat before,
I and hi determination to return waa sud
den. ! The president today received a cable
' gram from General Otis, in which he
aeverely criticised I'reaident Scburman'a
policy, and put himself on record aa op-
posed to I'reaident Kchurman longer in
terfering with the campaign in the I'll il
jippine. lie aaid Scburman doe not
i comprehend the aituation. 'While I'rof.
j Worcester and Colonel Ienhy are in ac-
cord with the commanding general,
j I'reaident Schurman haa pereinted in
adopting a course which they did not
The president will uphold General Otia.
The friction waa caused by I'reaident
Scburman'a deaire to treat with rebel
: who had no authority, General Otia de
clined to participate.
Agulnalilo Illabamla tha Filipino
Ixnih)N, June 8. A epecial dispatch
from Manila Unlay aaya it ia reported
that Aguinaldo haa dissolved the Fili
pino congress and proclaimed himself
For Perfection
In Baking ,
Use Patent Flour Manu
factured by the Portland
Flouring Mills Company ,
Oregon City. Oregon.
Manila, June II, 8:10 p m. The Fili
pino occupation of the province of L'avite
haa been broken, and, aa the result of
the present movement, the Americana
now control the Important coast towns
of I'aranaque and Laa Tinas, while a
long line of insurgent trenches facing
our south linea haa been cleared.
The insurgents have again proved their
ability a dodgers. Between ;0OO and
UXX) warriors who seemed destined to be
captured, have disappeared, the majority
sliding away under cover of the night
after fighting the Americans all day.
Some others came to meet our troops
with protestations of friendship.
The Thirteenth Infantry lost one man
killed and six wounded ; the Ninth in
fantry one man killed and five wounded;
the Fourteenth infantry three wounded
and the First Colorado volunteer regi
ment II wounded.
Yesterday's work was the hardest our
army haa seen. The battlefield stretched
out across the entire isthmus from Lagu-
iih de Bav to the harbor. While the
troops were advancing, the army gun
boat Napidan, In the river near Taguig,
shelled the enemy, killing several of
them. The monitor Monadnock and the
gunboat Helena shelled Paranntjue and
Las Tinas all day with the full power of
their batteries.
The rehel sharpshooters kept in hid
ing until the American lines had passed,
and then attempted to pot stragglers
from the trees. Thanks to their poor
marksmanship, this was without result.
The whole country proved to be a suc
cession of small hills, with boggy ground
between the high, thick grass and
bushes in the hollows, which greatly
added to the dilliiMilty of the advance,
hut gave aheltir that saved many from
the enemy' bullet. Our men threw
away their blanket, coal and even
haversacks, stripping to the waist and
trusting to luck for food. Water could
not he obtained, and there waa mm h
diacomlort after the canteen were
At the outset the Colorado, the Ninth
infantry and the Twenty first infantry
for.:ed the line of insurgent trenches,
wheeled V the left and drove the enernr
toward the lake. During thi maiioeiiver
the Filipino in concealed trenchee on
the right opened an enfilading fire, but
the brigade, partly owing to the high
graa. had few hit. The Ninth infantry
eromed around to the right, flanking the
trenches, driving the Filipino out and
killing many of them.
The Colorado regiment advanced to
the lak. Two companies encountered
trenches on top of a knoll, where the
Filipino atood waist high above a
trench, pouring a volley upon the ad
vancing American. The Colorado
troop charged and drove theni out.
Lleou-nant-Colonel Muss waa wounded
in the arm aa he jumped into the trench,
furral I.airtoa Targnt.
In the meantime, General Wheaton'a
column advanced l' mile toward
Taranaque. where the Americana found
a strong trench on a ridge, out of which
they drove the Filipino by bard fight
ing. The enemy tried to flank the dis
mounted troop of the Fourth cavalry,
accompanying Major-General Law ton,
and at the same time they made their
advance, throwing a skirmish line to
flink the Fourteenth infantry. But
they were easily repulsed, the American
artillery coming to the crest of the bill
and shelling them.
About 3 o'clock in the afternoon Gen
eral Wheaton'a briitk.de. headed br
General Law ton, who, in his white cloth
ing and helmet, on a big black horse,
waa a shining mark for the enemy'
sharpshooters, circled to the south of
I -as Tina, encountering a large force of
Filipino in the (heller of the trees,
(ieneral Law ton bad a narrow escape.
In the first volley of the enemy the
horse of three of hi staff officer were
shot from nnder them. The Colorado
regiment bore the brunt of this attack,
and dispersed the Filipinos. Hardly
had they finished off that lot, when a
large force appeared Inhe rear, which
the Ninth inlantry and a part of the
Colorado regiment drove away. By
this time nearly the whole division waa
around Las Tinas. The Americans
camped for the night south of the town,
and in the midst of a heavy rain.
White 'laa Flying.
At 0 a. m. today. General Wheaton
advanced npon Las Tinas with a troop of
cavalry, the Twenty-first infantry, the
Colorado regiment, part of the Ninth
infantry, and two mountain guns, cross
ing two streams and entering the town
without firing a shot.
He then advanced upon Tarauaqne.
The women and children, and, for that
matter, many men remained in the
townB. No houses were destroyed,!
though many were torn by the shells
from the warships. Everywhere the
Americans found white flags flying.
So far as can be ascertained, the Fili
pinos' loss is about 50 killed, about 350
wounded, and 20 taken prisoners. The
whole country is networked with
trenches and the enemy scurried from
shelter to shelter.
Today long trains of commissary
wagons are carrying provisions to the
United States troops along the toad
which, only yesterday was the strong
hold of the enemy, and the natives who
yesterday were probably carrying guns
are today doffing their bats and groveling
before the Americans with effusive
greetings of welcome.
The Colorado regiment returned to
barracks in Manila tonight. As the
ragged and dusty men marched past the
Luneta the fashionable gathering place
for Manilans, they were heartily
aoirriivrAKO movkmkmt a stccr.H
Filipino Fnrna KooUd and Hadlf IMs
orsjanUxif .
Washington, June 11 .The war de
partment today received a report from
Major-General Otis of the military move
ment yesterday to the south of Manila
for the purpose of clearing out the rebels
in that section. It show that the move
ment waa a great success, and the
enemy' los was considerably greater
than stated in the press dispatcher.
General Otia' cablegram 1 aa follows:
"Manila, Jane II. The terrific beat
yesterday did not peimit the troops to
reach position at the hour designated .
It enabled many of the insurgents to es
cape in scattered organixition south and
westward, which they effected during
the evening and night. The movement
was great success, however. The
enemy waa disorganized and routed, and
suffered heavy lost. The troops arc
resting today at Laa Tina and Tarana
'ue. The navy did excellent execution
along the shore of the bay. Many insur
gent detainment retired in thai direc
tion, protected by the presence of women
and children, whom they drove alone;
with them. Our los waa four killed
and 30 wounded. He port of casualties
later. A conservative estimate of the
enemy' loss is about 400.
Manila, Jane U 8:15 a. m. Before
dark last night (he Fourteenth infantry
wain the Zapote river, charged and car
ried the trenches, a heavy fusilade of ar
tillery preparing the way and covering
the crossing. The insurgents broke for
the woo Is before the Fourteenth reached
Aliuoit at the same time the Ninth
and Twelfth crossed a bar of the sea and
came opon their left flank at a point
where a body of marines, with Maxim
guns, landed under protection of the
hip' batteries, fired upon the enemy's
left ear with a demoralizing effect.
The Twenty-first crossed the river by
the bridge aa soon as it could be mended.
Sixty-five dead Filipinos were found
in the trenches, inoet of them shot
through the head. Several five-inch
smooth-bore guns were captured with
ammunition marked "United States
Alter crossing the river, the troops
were withdrawn with the exception of
the Ninth and Twenty first, these regi
ments being left with four guns to guard
the bridge.
As they were being formed into com
panies, the insurgents commenced to
fire Toilers from the bamboo jungle, 300
yards away. The regiments formed into
line rapidly and coolly, through under
fire, and cheering, rushed to the woods,
driving the enemy a mile away, the Fili
pinos disputing every foot.
The Fourteenth encamped across the .
river, the men caring for many of the
Filipino wounded. Eiitht prisoners
were captured. The majority of the
Filipinos wore red uniform.
The American loss yesterday was nine
killed and 30 wounded.
Furnished Every Week by the Clacks,
maa Abstract & Trust Company.
Hla Plan for
noma Itul
Waa Not Ap
Washington, June 11. The civilian
members of the Philippine commission
have insisted that as a beginning in the
direction of home rule, municipal gov
eminent should be inaugurated in
Manila by holding an election to select
local officers by Filipinos. Major Gen
eral Otis strongly opposed the proposi
tion, and declared that he had trouble
enough in maintaining order in the city
without holding an election. This, in
brief, is tho basis of the friction between
General Otia and the civilian members
Schurman, Worcester and Denby.
Both parties to the controversy sub
mitted their differences to the president,
and the latter has sustained General
Otis. As soon sb the decision was
cabled to the commission in Manila,
Chairman Schurman made publie bis in
tention of returning. By this decision
the president will lose the services of
Professor Schurman, who will resign
upon his return to the United States.
S I Andrews to C I Andrews, s'8
of n.1,' of se.l4, sec 26, 1 1 s, r 4 e$
E Mendenhall to W G Andrews, ItiO
acres sec 26, 1 1 s, r 4e
J Durbin to H Douley, tract in E
Fisher claim, t 2 s, r 2 e
Bolton Land Co to C Hettman, lot
5. blk 20, Bolton 250
M J Lacry to A W Terdue, tract in
sec 17, 18, t5s, rle 1
P fi Marlay, by atty, to II Gerhar-
dus, wg of sw4 sec 7, 1 2 b, r 3 e
J F Spring to F Berkeman lot 6, blk
17, Robettson
O Taylor to J Jensma, 20 acres in
sec 2, 1 2 s, r 2 e
S W Hardesty to II Kummer, 80
acres sec 5, 1 5 s, r 1 e. 2000
G P Meldrum to E P Bands, 5.85
acres and roadway Rinearson
claim 1100
H E Gribble to F Zollner, lot 1, blk
11, lots 7, 8, 4, , blkl2Canby..
J Garbade, by sheriff, to P II Mar
lay, 160 acres see 25, 1 5 s, r 3 e
A Devol, by sheriff, to H E Noble,
160 acres sec 34, 1 7 s, r 3 e
A Locey to School Dist No 24 road
in Locey claim
W J Lewellen to Dist 24, 2.49 acres
in Locey claim
S W Langhtne to U L 320 acres sec
16, t5s, r6e AofC
J A Jones to S W Langhorne, neV
sec 16, t 5 s, r6 e 1280
A J Ringo to R L Ringo, 15 seres
sec 20, 4 s, r 3 e 300
L Zeisler to N Smith 277 acres in
Bargfeld claim, t 3 s, r 3 e 13
VV Thompson to C 8 Thompson, 50
acres, sec 9, 1 5 a, r 1 e 1
TRUST CO. are the owners'of the copy
right to the Thome system of abstract
indexes, for Clackamas county, and have
the only complete set of abstracts in the
County, can furnish information as to
title to land at once, on application.
Loans, lnveatments.real estate, abstracts
etc. Office over Bank of Oretron City.
Call and investigate. Address box 377
Oregon City Oregon.