Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, May 26, 1899, Page 8, Image 8

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. . . 1,-lr-rTI :!r II' Ir-? I. -
V.S .iCi jiS .n
jiinhlv Mint ii -1 !
i' I i u i .
( ami 1 o
krt, IV:!. in.
ol .i'riur
Do You
Know the News
You ca:i have it all for
' Tor Vntmit Mom nml '.uuir Hmnoi.
I Tlitrt in iiittliiiift Unit will 'm.m tlu
ir of a youi'ii in iii or woman so ipiick a
' to linvi' inferior laundry woik put otV on
thiMii. They may ilri ever so well,
but if ttioir shirt front or ! It t waist in
' nuissy their net 'oiii uiift in skilled.
' Tl-e Tiov l.mii.liv nuiki it specialty of
belies' nil. I gentlemen's tine Avork
There ('.in lii no Im'Uit work limn i,
done nl tlu Trov. I.eaxe your oidei at
Johnson' h.irl er shop.
' Uiinicl Willi mis, m ii.ii u.ir 1 1 i'i-it cor
iht o( Center mnl Si'M iiili streets, has a
I'lioiiv and m il (! 1 1 1 stuck of family
Tocerie which In- i selling nl very
reasonable iste Hi innitK iii "live
j and let live, with honest weight mnl
I ineasuies". ii x 1 delivered to any
part of 'h city.
Tin llninclli tt M in In Oregon City.
Ait well a the handsomest, mi l others
arc invited to full on any tliiiint mill
get fiif a trial bottle of Kt'inp'ii lUlsam
for tho Throat mi'l Lungs, a remedy that
in giiirantced to cure hiiI relieve nil
Chionie mnl Aciito (Viiiil.ii, Asthma,
Bronchitis mini Consumption. Trice "V
mi .W.
Portland, Or.
The Telegram,
r.Kluhlikhrd !.
! ten,
Transfer1 and Expfe
Freight anil parcels delivered
to all part of the city.
A Tension
O ISS indicates
v-x- the state
of the tension at a glance.
Its use means time saving
and easier sewing.
It 's our . own invention
and is found only on the
Sewing Machine.
We have other striking
improvements that appeal to
the careful buyer. Send for
our elegant H. T. catalog.
White Sewing Machine Co.
Cleveland, Ohio.
Yor tale by While H. M. Co., .Sun Francisco.
jm (joar own aelectioa) to everj lab- .
36 acrilesr. Only SO ceata a ytuz. 3;
;S A rem; beautiful colored platef ; Utet Z
fTiiuti ; drpssmattmic et.ciriomiei ; fancy
wirlc , 4ouhold iufit ; In tion, tc. Sub- JJ
ftcrtbe io-diy, or. tend jc for latest copy.
-S L4y icni wanted- &rtd lor urn.
It Stylihb, Reliable, Simple, Up-to-
date, LCcuuoiriital and Abluteljr j
?2 Fw(i:t-'ittibg Paper Patiefnt. 2;
1 a . jt 1 1 ww
(No.Sram-Allowiac Pittcrm.) ;j
Only 10 and IJ cf. each nont hithef. i
S Ak lor ihrra .Sold in ncarlr every citjf ;
5 awl uwii, ui ir maillrom
:: TUG McCALL CO., 1
r 1S-I6 Wed Ulh St., NeaYerk.
in the Kver.intf Teli'w'ram, of Port
land. Orviron. It is the iK'tii-nt
evenini; m'j'r jnuilir-luii in f
(.rfjioii ; it contain all tin news '.
01 me .iaie inn 'i ine .i"'ii
Try it for a month. A ntn!e
ri't'V y 1h maili'il to yon trt.
i vrryvi lure lor "Die Sinry of ill
I'til ltpl nf" tiv Murat ll.(ltrat. roinnil
moliril bv tin" (Lorriiiin-nt a OKI. ll -luriaii
lo t lit War leiirtiurnl. Tlie h"Xk
a wrillen In irmr campa at Sn Fran
rmv, on tlie I'ariltc nli l.enrral Mfrntt,
in Hie ll.tHal at Honolulu, in Hoi'K
Kiir, in ttie Aiiifrii-n trrni'liea at Manila,
In till- inaiirC'iil ra'iifa l Ii A irulnalilo. on
Ihf iln-kof Hi Hlxnipi ailli IVarv, ami
in the roar of lan:r at tl a lull of Manila.
Ilonaiiia for ai.'rn(ii. ilrimful of oriKinal
ii'(nrr lakrn ny governinant ilioto
yraitier on lhr xt-.it. I arKe txnik lxw
'riii-. Ititf I'nili'n. Krettrhl, x)lil. ('mill
ir'vi-n. llrop a. I lral'.v unotlli'ial ar n.H.kt.
Oiltlil frr. A.I'Irr.s.'K. T. Haftxr, Pfc'y..
Sur iiuiiraiire Hi'ltf.. Clin o.
WWW l Ml 11.011
A KranJ oi l reinoly for CoiikIi, CoMh
anil Consumiitinn; ueil through the
world for half a rentnry, has ruretl in
niinif rahle i-a-f of incipient coiiiuimpli
on and relieved many inailvanriyl ntacH.
If you are not catirtlcd aitli the reaulta
we ill refund ji'iir monev. Price 15
rt., and $0ct. and I.IH). C. J. Huntley,
the Prugjift.
A Personal Matter
A well painted house It like a lie al
ly dree. erin alayi attract
ive and pleasant to look upon.
Can be repainted and fre.hened up
at a very reasonable lrre paint
are very cheap tin. Don't lenva ii
until the nun nak9 any more mark,
and cracks in it.
Leave Orders at
Ely's Store...
Till Pal .ler .
Motf s Nerverine Pills
The great
remedy for
txrvous pros
tratlon and
Ca:lBte eerxrativc or-
iiuuio. a.vD a it-n LaiMt. pans of cither
sex, such u Nervou Prostration Failing o
lost Manhood, Im pottney, Nightly EmJ i
sions, Youthful Errors, Mntal worry, t J
cessive use of Tobacco or Opium, whit i
kad to Consumption and Insanity. $HCX
per box by mail: 6 boxes for $5.00. I
WOTTS CHEMICAL CO., Prop's, C'eieland Qhlo.
For Hale by C. U. Huntlty i
1800 miles of long dis
tance telephone wire in
Oregon and Wanhington
now in operation by the
Oregon Telephone and Tel
egraph company.
Portland, Seattle, Spo
kane, Tacoma, Salem
Walla Walla, Pendleton,
Albany and other towns
in the two states ot: thf
Quick, accurate, cheap.
All the satisfaction of a
personal communication.
Distance no efTeet to a
clear understanding. Spo
kane as easily heard a
Oregon City office at
Huntley's Drug Store.
Portland, - Oregon.
Opp. Huntley's Drug Store,
Great Britain and America.
;Xi:W.M0XKY F0U 01,1).
j t liclr Kama lleilr m il Inn Hurraa nml
lir Work il ll l:iirl Itu.i nl
lur ii'iNrliirNl timl Hctirmra I'nr
hrallNH ! l.u rriinirn t.
TlnriMircBcvcr.il rxpcrti cinployi'd
hy the i;i vi r 11 1 it. nt to in-pect the cur
r in y i t', i rnl for rcdi inptioii. In fm t.
t vi ry pcrioii employed in tho luiruin
in Miino di rcii mi expert. I'l eauxc cm ll
tine n( thrill linn to pn-a hi tlie genuine
I'X of the money prcm lited for re
ill iu lion, mid thin I n dilllcult tn-k.
loiiliiiiU'i tlmt thin tuolicy coiiita to
(lie trr.o'iiry, in it rule, only when it in
eo I'lidly wern tlmt it will not piM cur
rent. Thin ditty, torn. Kfciiy. runceil
tiioin y the cxpertu have to l.iimlle mid
ihcido whether it wna IshiiciJ hy tho
KiiVerilllli'Iit lllld nhiuld Ik1 ri'deelued III
iU fine value or whether it ia the W'olk
tif i-outlterfcitem tlllil rdiollld he rejected.
It it Hot at all to the dixcredit of t lit
expertu of the hurenil tlmt nolim hoiu
lilolley hun K"t pant them and Ix'cn de
tected in one of the oftlce to w hii li the
piece, of the nioiier k '"f further ex
amination. Thiadoea Hot occur often.
The jieculinr province of oim export
I not to detect had money though
' he i an ein rt at that hut to put to
1 aether torn piece of money m'tit in for
identiticiitiou mid redi mptioii. There
' tdecea of money come from all piirln of
! the country and anive under moHt n
' traordiunry coiiditioint Thin in not ,ur
i prinintt in view of th fact that they
' conn) from expel iciicc with lire and
i water and tot-trie juicca nml iiinny oth-
ir powerful ntfeiitn. A not infrntieiit
! accident to tiinliey ia to l 1 ft in It
. Ktove, w hence it in taken in a hmily
I charrwl condition, with only anliin to
represent the renter piirt of it. Often
I it ia n "ed tiy rata to muke their liettK
: nr. hurieil in the dainpneiteof a cellar, it
, rota aw ay. or. awallowed hy a cow. it i
rescued from br ,toinucb u ulituy uiiim
. tf pap.T.
Here arn the rnlea of the trenenry for
the redemption of mntilatiil money -For
a piece of currency lacutcr than
two fifth aul lent than tliree llftha of
; the original note one-hulf the fare value
j of the note ia iciveii. For piece a
i (treat a, three-fifth the whole Value of
I the note ia given. Fur a pii-ce two-flflh
in tiue of the orik'iinil nothing in k'v ii.
Lut thin lait proviniun ia limited hy the
law. which give discretion to tlie trea
ory department to kv 'u11 value for a
note if theowner can prove to theaatia
faction of the anthoritiia that the note,
or the mininK part of it. waadintroyeiL
Thia lait provision oh iim the door to
rxa-xihle fraud, and many are the effort
made by Uixhouint persona tu take ad
vantage of it.
The fragment of money which come
to the treiinry are turned over to one
of the expert and aorted out under the
iniicroHco'w for identification. They are
picked apurt, and each tiny piece i a
niKtie'l to it place like a part of a pm
tie Thi i imially done on Klas-s. aud
the fratjiiienUi are eventually juit be
tween pico-s of k'um to hold them to
gether while they are iiieiiHtired to wo
whither there i two iifth or three
fifth of the note identifiable, or wl ether
it im little that tho owner can recover
nothing. Smietiine it i tt very herioiia
matter to tho owner, hnt the poor are
not the only applicant fur io.-intauce
to recover damaged money. At the time
W. K. Vanderhilt'a beantiful home at
Newport wa burned Mr. Vanderbilt
aent in about ll.ooo iu mntiluted cur
rency, out of which tho expert wu able
to identify for redemption all but a
fraction of the aum.
It it i not nlmie mutilated money
that come to the treaH'iry. but dirty
and worn money of nil kind, to tho ex
tent of nearly fHiO.OUO.UUO a year.
Sometime counterfeit K(,t I""1 the
expert in thi bureau and aro cautlit
in the other bureau to which the halve
are aent when the package of old note
have gone under the knife and ticcn di
vided up for counting and identification
before they are destroyed. Hut thi ia
not the inuet freiient form of attempt
ed fraud. The mutilated money rfler
the eaaieat path to thi aort of crime.
Some of the experience of the re
demption diviaiou with wonld be
thieve are intereritiug. Oue ilian in
KariMa ent to the trenanry thu halve
of aomii Hinall bill with tho edge nice
ly charred, accompanied by an aflldavit
from the aender that ho had put the
money in bin iMxkot. hung hi coat on
a fence and that the coat had been
burned, to the dentrnction of part of
the note. It happened that the tn aHury
bad redeemed the other halve of thetie
note jiJMt two and a half year before
for a money broker on the Uowery, in
New York, and. thinking thu caco hum
picion. had kept Bn eye ont for the
posnibility of attempted fraud. The
Kana man wa a person of good bui
new Htanding. and hi banker threat
ened the treasury ofllcialH with diMmiHHiil
if they qncntioned hi affidavit. They
put the cane in the hand of tho depart
ment of juHtice. and eventually tho
man pleaded guilty and wa fined $1.
000. A bank in Alabama received from a
depoHitor a fragment of a $10 bill, and
the treaHury people paid $ for it.
Later came a claim accompanied by the
other part of the bill, a little cimrrcd,
with an affidavit Baying the Hcndcr had
burned the remainder of tho note by
ni in take. .
A Chicago man Bent In fragments of
two 20 bill and one $10 bill with an
affidavit telling how tho other halve
bad been dcHtroyod, aud in the mime
mail the other halves of tliene notes
came in from a Chicago bunk. A spe
cial agent caught tho maker of tho affi
davit, who proved to be the tool of
some swindlers, and he wa sent to
prison for a year and a half. Wanh
ington Star.
Mlnil II lkill la l Wler H
oiiira I'rmii.
Sir Io'Im it Hall, who I the world's
nn nil -t living iitrtiiioiiier. told n Lon
don . up In in e recently noiiic Interest lni(
I nti nU nt UK Iconic and rdiootllig
l.i .! , i ihiiu tin' i lie in of nn ti'oi'
11, , he Mil. I that million of year no,
vln ti the em Ih iii mi infant nt pln.V
an. I Voli nil. ii n weln Klalit", the meteor
vi ii' tin. v n upward in infant coiivul
Ii. ni. Some of the earth' illicnlded
loi l.i ! I hi nod nl once, tut t thoe w hli h
weie Hunt' upwind at n rate greater
h. hi (M'Ycii mile it Hccoinl paii'il be
jo in I the earth's gravitating Inllueiice
mnl aoil'ht pallia of their ow n. ho one
could tell Whither.
And ll after million of year,
tin y nine inure came within the reach
i f the world, and old Mother F.aith re
sumed lu r away, took hack the rm k to
In r honom and the atroiioiuers wild a
tin t. oi it" had falli u.
Sir Hubert nkcd IiIh benn r to Iniiig
ine a wrapping of some hundred of
mile of nir round the earth' surface.
Now jn-t in the am" way that a gim-li-t,
boring it wiiy into wihmI, liecoiue
Mirm. no a Imlht going 'JO mill n
minute wiiiild become extremely warm
iu Niring it way through i!i mile of
And in the um wny that a bullet
Ivcauiif warm, i a ineliHilite traveling
lil.OOil lime, h fa-t a n bullet, travel
ing at this i iced perhnpa for hundred
of year through realm of space whowt
paralyong cold wn ludem rihable and
tindiiig itself at lat plunging through
the warm bath of the air, hcciiiuo hot
ter and hotter and hotter.
It glowed, it heenmo white h it. It
United, it dissolved in a burst of g
eon splendor, and olwrver on the
earth cried, "Why. there' shading
ManaaK-rlra llulK Im M ll.lly laa
rraallil l.ui-alllr.
The famous monasteries of Meteors
crown the summit of vitt r. k pinna-ch-
rising from the plain of Thealy.
Hy what strauge menu the flr-t cun
ning architect of tln airy Hrche
sueciH'disl iu reaching the scene of their
lalsirsisa mutter wreathed In mystery.
Tlie clilT are fur ti sti.iMith and 'r
p. nilicnlar for un.v man to t limh by
baud and foot, and history guard jeal
ously the secret of tile lllotlll-terie. All
that I known alsmt them i that the
monk and wandering friar of the mid
dle age found sanctuary here when
first tho crescent and tcimiter run rd
with Christian hl.atd. Visitor to the
monk' alsjfle ainii tun e their pres. ni u
by shouting nntil aome one far nlsve
lisik out and hta the int. which i
worked by a windlass, come down.
The sensation f the a went I dis
tinctly novel. St ated on the ground in
the center of the net. the linidie are
one by oue lipcl on to a large iron
IhmhI. As the rope becomes tant the
cord pre uncomfortably hard upon
various points of one's Isidy, and with
a strong wind blowing it swing to
nd fro and bump its human load
against the cliff. The rope, as it slowly
wind on the drum up in the Monastery,
kink occasionally, and the jerk gives
one tho impression that the rickety con
cern is giving way.
The journey, however, end safely
170 fi-et alsive the ground, where the
monk promptly extricate the visitor
and give him a plui-aiit w. Inuins
Tb arolln lalaadrr.
A a r u Iu tho Caroline islniider i
fairly hotn-st Once lay hi suspicion
to rest and win hi ciinlldeiice, and he
will prove himself a faithful friend and
an excellent bust, courteous and just in
all hi dealing, a I have v. ry gissl
cause to know. On tho other hand,
when dealing with hi enemies, he call
Into play it talent for intrigue, lying
and chicanery that would delight a
In hi private life ho i nnselllsh,
frugal and economical, a man of care
ful, small habit. Like all folk of Mel
anesian admixture, he i liable to lit
of dangeron snllennes when ho con
sider himself slighted In any way. He
in inclined to 1) revengeful and will
blilo hi time patiently until bis oppor
tunity come. Yet he i not implacable
and coisnt reconciliation a noldo and
princely tiling. There i a form of eti
quette to lie oliscrved on these occasion
a present (kntom ) is made, an apology
offered, a piece of sugar rami accepted
by the aggrieved party, honor Is satis
fied, and the matter ends.
The I'onapeau i a stout warrior, a
hardy aud skillful navigator, fisherman,
carpenter and Ixmtbuilder, somewhat of
an astronomer and herbalist, but a very
second class planter and gardener.
Geographical Iteview.
Me Did.
"Whatever station in life you may
' be called to occupy, my Uy," said the
i father, in sending hi sou out into tho
great world, "always do your best. "
"I will," replied the young man,
with emotion.
Ho never forgot his promise. Year
afterward, when a prosperous man of
biiHincHH. he did his best friend cut of it
large sum of money.
In spite of everything it turns out
that way once In awhile. Chicago
Tribune. j
DmiKvra In Mercury.
Mercury is a foe to life. Those who
make mirrors, barometers or thermom
eters, etc.. soon feel the effect of the
nitrate of mercury in teeth, gum and
the tissues of the body.
In Iceland men mid womun nro in
every respect political equal. The na
tion, which numbers about 70,000 peo
ple, is governed by representatives elect
ed by men and women together.
A philologist estimates that of every
100 words in the French luuguugo 18
are superfluous
Do You Nooil Any r
l)J01S( Windows, Class, Moulding j i
Or Other Dulltllnu Mnlorlol. !
C.H. Bestow & Co. f
,, ... -, , Hirgoii City, ( ,.,, -
Coll.i l I .111 ..'"'I I
. .:- .i !, 'V n:..uzc:'i iii .
fc.-n.'. ' ''
A rjrm lrjr,- or onrqutiifJ Ta!ue-mctlc,L
C, I IIIK1M; " '"l " " iu
' . . . ...... ...,ir..iltf III...,. ... .
l ri.lit.JjlC. I nlKlV OlU l.UltiprtnCHMTC llanja
v . ........... I ... I Hi-JlllllllllV IllUlfjIr l
HJIIKIJ I I muii -
'.n,!..,,!! a I M.M..n " rlt.l.a
iii.ii.iisi.. 'u,'l Iri Um,y, l (,
No VlllOtll l! HIKMV IMKlK
Alls'.'" ," '"il """-'lMv'alM
,.l .I", ii-" ' "I" . . .Kl I
,.,1.11.. a.-t IUUal... Ilka.jM.at I
No.n-ltKK.il. IHrt'lTMY IMM)K j
oi.i.m.m or iw Ul rii' liw,. .
i,lu.t,iti.i.a list, J't Us oai.H.-iu.k ,
..I .11 th U-U. "MS .iMbtl lll-.k ,
All al-.iH'.. a..-1 O tlualnaaai Satla,!., ;
c-,iiilt. ."l.- HI' i.l-'.-l.""''..!.!
I,i rcj HU I II "ll" lllMllal.a lltt,y.t.alt
No. 0 -HKKlt.il hWIM. IHMIK
l.Ml it
ir, I".
ur. mU
I All .'-"'I llf. l-ll. ! Vat-V
r, .i. t,iliM v0 a Uui,i4
. . . ' . hk. hil riil.
I II' . U I I-.'.-, - ' - ' - -
TUIIKSU.I! lK)aa(UBi... illl.ttftil- I".ks,
.....ii,.. WII.' ,, .!!.. I. ..l' m IW,
h.l .-' "- W'.l. S...IS Mj
r..,lh I ..i, . S.i t,'t ", ". II J 4
V iii, am (i. sh..iI I imIU, ,..'.l Im s4 ix
a.r ii nnx M: loJa.. lb
a rmir -.. mfU s ri a1 f ml'Si ti I. nrs
,!.!. It I. ih I"l l"0"l Ml h "all " Mat.
Iiullall'f ,.,.)..' "'I II la.m as I ll.-waf I.-.I.1 t'a
III w.sl l O" I lr"' l'l" 'H'4
t.( iautl... U..IU4 .! iwll!l .a-1 a kall.,i4!.f .an
Any ONE of the HIGGLE B00SS, anJ the FARM JOUR5AI
a WAlt (tmai."'" .. ' 'i. - "' W a4
f.i an. a.l.llM I ' A lMl ' " I
aami'll I Attn JOt gNAL..l.lotalV'.IM MWJ! tlOOt K
jrtt Mta Ataian,H.
luii. r. jasaiaa.
lla.H tln pn ati ct numlxT of ulvaut.in to iu r
of any of tho Hulmrl'H of Ort'm City. Il -you
to iiivt'rtti'.'tto thin jirojKTty. (JihmI clear 1'
rt-aHonalilo jirias on t-ay instalnn-ntji. Call
T. L. CHARMAN, Trust
Char.-nxa Bro's. Block,
Spi'i-ial arranciucntH liavo ln-rn n:i
wlicp'liy vi' can
OM'iT fri-o to all new sulincrihcrH anI
win) pay up ami rciifw tlicir Bulisrril't:
to tin) Kiitcrjirisn atl.oO per annum.
Dovotf.l to tho Farm, Orchard, Can!
Poultry and Household
Better Yet!
Wo will Hcnd you tho KNTKK
(iONIAN and tho FARM
JOUUNAI. ono year for $2,
Cash in Advance