Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, April 14, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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... . i land, and a the con.l iteam vessel
Real Estate for Sale...
Urcgontity untcrprisc,1 on ii.oAiiM.il.-. n... yui t
' proceed.'.! her here. M
Putillnhed Kvery Krlilny. i Xiik sad tliuw niiiu of rish IVmini- i
, ' iioncr Mcliuiri" ami Senator l!eel last I
I, 1 roiUKK. r.riTn f SHiurtUy lma nrrll regret throughout i
-- " " - 'the slat. These men ere. well ami fa-,
mumuChiition vorably known all over the alale. Mr.
. n MeGime ha heldslhe olhVof comuil-
'I"1 lioner for number ol yean and al ay
On year
Hit months
r..i aliKupiiitiiiii twit month!...
A discount oi V) o-nii on all iiihacnpiioni enforced tin law a h found it. Wa
for on. vrar. 25 mill for nx uionii., II pn,UMy t. U t man In the Mala for
paid in advance. ...
AdvrrilMnnratei given on application, the plans. Senator Keed a known lo
:, .. everyone in Southern Oirgon ami waa
universally liked. He wa a man of'
ability and iliil very effective work in tli
laot legislature. Siit. Hubbard, of the
Claekaniaa hatchery, managed to escape
wlirn the boat waa swamped.
Hutwerlhera aill tlnd Ilia of eiplre
Hon ilati.pr.1 on tbeir paH?n following
lhiir iiamr. ll I bio dale li not e hanged
within tao rrk alter a pavnirnt, kindly
notify oi ami wo ill look arirr it.
Entered at Iht posiomce In Hereon City.
Or., as second clan mattrr.
Beaver Crerk..
Milwaukie ...v
I'nion Mills...
Meadow llrook.
Nft Kra
Wllsuiiwlle ....
Aurora.. ......
OrTtlle ,
Kaie I'rerk
Till manager of Itic Jefferson dollar
dinner have made the announcement
that no ont but indorser! of tti Chicago
platform ran vak at tliia harmonious
feast. While th i leaves a majority of
the rarty outside it doe not hegin to
....I'r. T. B. Thomas
lieo. KnUtit
A. Mather
, Oscar istiiorer
t. J. TriiliuiKr
I'has. lioliiiaii
11 V
......... li-nry .Milr) en J l'" difficulties but rather launches
r- 1" l!"""' , them ou the political sea on which no
J. O lia..T
I". T. H'ar. I one ia lumiti( anv oil at nvN-nt. No
K. M. ltHir , . . . '. , ,,
Amur Hiihl' end ol trouiMe ia ancan. now 10 rearn
t.. M. iiann.au ...... : , ,,...
Friday A r il 7.
It l now mid that Al:er 111 irHin
amt that lien, llaniln.a will lake lila
Portland meri'hanta bring ault to en
join the ihorl Line aalnMi iving San
Krancisro merclianta a bolter rate into
l'aho than I'oitiand haa.
lien liomei airea to the leaderahip
of the Cuban people.
The aoldii-r dead have Ix'en lent
home and are Winn buried at Arlington
with full military honon'
The Imouiienta are lo the north of
Maloloi and ijnit'l.
One day a worthy Kulu liouiewlfu Cj
rniniM'iit from her t'onkiiiK and, aland- y
liiri ou Urn ledjia of rH-k al her door. Ll
mplled a imii of hnllliitl water luto the p
rank lii'rlmH" uruwliiu below, ll fell, ; f
illi, on the back of a I"ciiIii lm- ' L'
yard, who Juuil if'riHtndlnularly Into y
llie air a IiIkIi tl lm iut-
What tn lull . hate hapened ueitf Who y
ran aay? Hut the al'tiih'd woman P
dropped the nn with a rhuiK nM" l!
ck, and the leopard look one leap rj
rock, and the icoparn hmk one irap k, nr-Kr r"Trr V
downhill. The pan fnlh.wed. and tho h OICE3aO-IN OiX x ,
I - .1 .l...i.liu...l I..M. Iuii.itllin lull, r . . . - V Ik
leonard'a downward Icapa beennio Ion
Iter and swift, r ai I lie pan bounded aft
er ll from lock to rock.
When lift aeeti the leopard had jual
achieved a leap f about tt.'iO feet to the
... .. ...ok ii l.v nT It. nriir I''"'!
Vin( n.Uili"". I" Or.m rily. !'
o7 ..ere ,,r' "" ,'i'-V . "',
iMitivnli.-M. I'll"'"1
,i Kuiln uy, fifni ',
Mille ij
Pri.-a .(
Imii li. 17 acn a in r
mt ihto. Kv ti-riim
Twn Iiiiiihih mill I I"''' 111
with uiicli 1i"iho fori:'." ol.
Ala.. K.N.,I far... ,.r..rrly fr mI- v. ry f.n..ml.l.. I.1(,
Call on or Adclro
r n. dimick,
- - oiujaoif
HlwinllM ,"""V mill iu iiioion iu - .
. jrtlllll K ll i ..1. ..... ...iinMiiiii.l.ir 111 I'll...!
Henry A. Sny.irr mterpiiea beinr itartrtl, and a heavv . .. . , , ., . , ,
I, J. IVrdm I by the I uban lieneraUand the cauli from
.11. Wiil-rn , balance of trade in our favor i aomewhat I k.oV,.rriment for the tro.pa will now
V ti.'i iM li j dillicult to any except a Itryan demo- j U dilribiilei.
i;o. J. Curriii
' .Mr. M. J. llainiiirr
- ..... .......... ,i H i
There will U tlvo thouaand milea of , J ,",u ," "" , 7 11
., .. .. .. feci below, ami the pan had whirled
railroad b.nlt ''J': ,,,, f)110 ,,., v,.r ,t , , oppo.ita
A child itivea another child nitric acid 1 il.lo. The leopard would have enlen the
at Klein with fal.l reaiilia. ' !' woman with pleasure, but a pan
- ! which first scalded half the hide off
Saturday Apiil H. him and then bounded i-liintitntt tn liii
The American troopa are explorinif wake frmu the top of Urn Himalaya to
!an.Uelt,ntr familiar with the country ;'" l1'"'"" bel-v was .ouieii.ini: wn.ou
. vl i i hi could not f.ico. I.imhI W nr.la
I north ol MaloliM. (
la lour Natu lleref
A contributor luia In n aiuusimt lilm
aelf by tryihkt to aiiw. r the iUestlou or
aer.ea of questions, Wluil mini III Ilia
history of the world whomi imiihi Ihiui
with A and after tloit every other let-
, . , ,,, in iv, I' door, by ! r f ellva.1
.NdtlU' (ll NUTI IIIII'H'HIIIUU in (,,, m ni ll I hr i mill 4. I'll Will 14 J
M, , fill- la.l.ul i...l "I malrlUl and Iri, A
i..,. Ip.uht.i.i Ul-.i a.. ...nit l-.r ., ,
I ilulllird
. I lir ...iitr.ii I'.', while
ttUIMN AN t 1 ,d .iirrl. uiol.1 III' 'laii.Mf,
a - i-; Si: Vuu!
z "rr.' 'X r.inc-cV.;- k.,.1 - yr
..I .... ..I. I.I I. -II Ml. I. Sll'l ..'in ,... -
11'., 41". .1". ' ... I
hlitet. fr.'iu the w.itnlv l.ne "I
MIC. t I" the raMrily line ol Wain . t.
(IKI l.l'N CU V l'"l:S A s
i ui nw.s
Th..l l'omili. I iltli. Mth. ic.bih.
Ninth an. I 1 1 nl ll ilir. l In. in Hie eo.l
.....I I V! . . ii .In i I In 111. lour Mall
III. mi' '" '
. t ol III rt1 a
I hl scrii's rini!"i"'i .nt..
i, Aii m ll!. in. nl hi anv j-r,
ihr "ik. lii'li mr a ;
(,.ir Hi. I.iul ' ' ' plan- r ol It ,
lu!l lc i.pmrlj.. I nia U
i i
n vr ol l r iiMn. I'.l
rat. To show that silver it necesary to Kvi.len. .-. iiii.iiiiiU:..a that the tier
Ad'olpl. AHhort j prosnntv ia u.oie ol a task (ban m.t of 1 mar. consul supi.rt.-d the troul.U at "'"' l'ealphal.ot In or.. r-ex..rte. tlm n lr , ,,v ,,r , tJ.r j.wH
. .... I ' . . jfr.atest inlluelieo iimi llni III. nielli and c w.,v ol !ir l (.'. K U . mil 1
. me speuners ai assume in lace oi me ;
US' 1 lie nay lo build up Oregon City ,irot,,K.roll4 runditum now prevaiiintf in j Thirteen persona killed in a New York
la lo tle Orrfon City IVople joor n.jg Cll,,n,ry. N,.4.h-all the ailvcr Hat. a ire.
ratronifre, are for expansion and have soKlieri in) Tacotna will le the name of one of the
Itlie Philippine and Hie ,K-ople will it4y j ew unarmoie.1 cruiaera.
It now looks a if AVer will t forcvd Uli the aohtirrs. While ailver iuifclit I Sunday April U
9ut of I lie cabinet
port will prove true.
1 lir koiI lii I- 'l"l.r Iib.Im
j. i ill. I unit ill ! Maki d "l
i il tunri.t, siil 1 1..- nulla. I
rr.pitn .1 l'i p ir J'l "' I St..
Iliri.U uii'"r It ! i.
ii.i jiun ii.i nli me! t" .lni.lri
tti.it t.itii'- ranltr'.v ,,,.,,,, ol I lie - 1. 1
Ititi'i... '.
'cannot. The program now ii to admit j rut-
I time are a little better but howl that
Coinlucl of lliilllkllid; I I o.iltil. I IttH. Mtll. x.utll. I.l.htli.
I Iff ..!...... ..... t.ll..rrf u-l.l.'k ' V .... .. .....I 'f'.-.. I 1 1 k Ii i 1. I loltl Ilir H' 'it
Ol . i'Wl"i. ill' it'nm i"iii i. i. n ni'i. 'i i in ii p iui . . "
are not very prolific In the n..nn'a of crlv hue ol Um
T. ml in. ii I nl ui tlilnk liintt i f our line '! .it. t tile, I
reader will la sur ri..,.l to how cr.!,....- ah Hie i..l!..... .-..ia
many of the most UloMrl-ma name, Ir, """ p (, 11;r
l,i.i.. In. i In. I... I ami linw f.iw m I .
V of r.niltll. 1 Iltli. Ntl, -.iim. rtiiiTii ,,r
I exclUil.HI. i , ,,lirlv I,,,,,, ihr i.,t'il line ... ,.,,, i,.Uf
In somo en the compiler aeemi to (f M (n ,,rrt , ,)ir ,tl)r ,!l In.. u ,, ir. ...,. I. ..p.art.
at the rtl.-rlv line ol Ilir ini "i ai Inr It in !i,i . !.
a ! I ail tf :
)u'.! t- .1 ii! . ! In.tl S'l'lr
In hit 1 1 'i ' I l "II and I: it .n la Inn t.
Mm! ii .i tin- m hum,; and u n
It ia hoped the re-: ht talked in thewe ataies anti expansion ! Sleeping car lure to the coast bat lieen
Have lel.ctiHl naineniliui as nincii wiiu ,lr rM.-il line ol me ii.mii w sji ainr It in I
- I - i.. ...i .Ii.,,, In tlm Ii.i 1. 1... i t. i- u u llm.l I "in tli . .
i.: .1 ii.... -.ll .ill.. .'- - - "' . . .. 'i"i
.,-,,..,r,. ..... tutt (lf ,llHy ,.lllilltf:,'.. Bi h.eaus.. Ilia Piltli. Mxth, Sn. ntli, l.nn. .iiitu
draw from the content in I'a. ht,u W1W ,,,, f ie nm.lesl and T.ntli Mie.t,. I...m the ..t.-ilv
- . . n.. .. . t .1 ' I.... ..( l.ii.i ..1. rl lii Ihr r4it. rlv lllir
... .i-i .. ... I . - 1 I . 1, ,. tl f T 111. l.lll.l 1 ll.l II, E III I Wl """ -''
r 1,'arn pili.iisiiea me evidence ueioir - - --
the court which c.ii.vi.'trd lrcv(ui
This attorn, y Bet.eral decidea that the I .jlver Boul(. imke ,,,,., til ,,plter .ni
bjunly on acalpa must I paid out ol j vlm, ,he UlMn n otirr Worda be a
the lund treated (or that purpose. .Umavitu- and out the orince of dema-
I io!tie W. J. I'.ryan at the head of the
Aiimikal PkWCY bas U-en notified that
he ran return at any time be wishes for
lire duty, which he so lichly earned
last May.
Pew ky shows his good eense by aleo
Imely refu-injc to have anythirg to do
with poiitics and refusing to be a candi
date under any circumntacces for the
Tue Courier-Herald has ttartej out on
the plan that the people oi this county
can I fooled and he and his crowd kept
in power and that reastn account for
the amount of rot this paper ublishes.
Tiik more the public find out aloiit
the Dreyfus matter the more they be
lieve him innocent. Nothing yet has
come out that would convince a fair man
that be was guilty.
li N. O. Flint haa U-en appointed!
Kujand on the Sun man cnmmiain
Monday April 10. .
Ju.Ue Field die at Wathington.
The 1'nited States will not part with
tha ri.ilipiinea f'-r territory in the West
The bodies of M. liuire and Heed nave
not as yet been recovered.
r.a. l rankhn. l...tl.e. lion,, r. M..h. -u ,,... I p,.m...k' ll.r
y 1 Jusiinmn. hunt. Luther. .Mohammed. ;,,, ,, u,, u tt ,,,),.. I r." k . !
Alger is satisfied with the government
in Cuba.
Tuesilay April 11.
Seven person killed iu the coal miners
trouble at l'ana. III.
Ik Gen. Gotinz d'x-s not loO)e his
head he may do much fur the Cuban
people, but bavin;; got the best of the as
aembly eo tbst it had to dissolve has ten
ded to make him ambitious in the polit
ical field.
Ixnl stmal experts estimate that more
than .V)o,(0 American workingmcn have
received a voluntary ii.crea-e of wages
within the Mt '.sjdaya. The "money
pewer" is smashing thing1 at a terrible
rate. Mail and Kxpress.
TiU Courier Herald uses the follow
ing language in reference lo our supreme
court :
"Some people think it is woefully
wrong to criticize such augti't Isxlies a
the batch of old grafting granies that
are called the supreme court Hill when
it takes these hotioes fiom two to five
.tears to render a d-eision in a case that
any school hoy could decide in ten min
Utes and decide right, it i high time
such demagogii's and trimniers were
severely cruirized and denounced."
Just criticism is always in place but j
unreasonable and ignorant denuncia
tion never. The w riter of the above has
no more conception of the duties and re
lonsibilities of the supreme court than
he has of what is due to a body of men
selected for their ability, integrity, and
moral worth. The supreme court is not drowned in llie river at Cortland.
a party organization and republican
presidents have appointed democrats
and vice vena. I!ifaue the court is lie
bind in its work is no reason for criti
cism much less for a use as its desx N-
ion are so momentous and affect inch
large interests that it takes time to give
them proper consideration. Congress
should make some provision to relieve
the court of the vat amount of work
that uoeg before it. The using of the
above language is not in the interest of
g'xxl government, iiifrmation,or intelli
gent citizenship, but is used to create
prejudice, dissension, and create ba I
wtot), iissti.n. ruin. Vl"",IMm"' nig . uil.t, ...fin r 1. 1", kt. tidi ....... i.
It iiisacau, Sliak pciirr, Tasso, L'hland, ! , thrr ill. iin.Auiv diamt, j;ia ling.
1rg1l, ashiiiKion. Aavier. ioung, , rt,-,
Zorouster. Loudon lilol.e
1 .V , 1 1 11 ' 1 .11 01 jiftir hi 1
li.ti.tr li. !. tn a- i. Mt u 1 ale
h' ll .11 r .Illo ...iIi.ik'.
Mill nl I'll if' ', li 01 pl'. l;
llllntlr .ii.i. M Ihi ii.lltr.',
hit 0... r I ll.r
III 11.11 1 1 - i.iM.r.r. an k.
Ii M.'llltitl Hull Itir abtil J
lli.Hr t liii.'r'.iui'iilt an U
Iu Itr lltitili . I llirillirawtll
! t' ihr K'"l'"g '" !"r"' lr.rrO "la
jiK ..,,.1 tlnrl. lor thru (..II ..lllil.. V ',, ,, j,
!the,M,l.:.Hh.dK..lc oltaol t. and ' lU """"
r 1 1 n 1 n nirrinini... : III.- tLihllnh. it CI.
Mr Klhert iluhluld, sHuklllg of u null H'i vrll.nl mllir k III. I ol Kit
Mels.i.nier In Tlm I'hlllstinn, aayi that prorln. lit 1n.1v rr.pitir. attl..u 011
the ti!iiip. ri.nieiil of the painters' moth- ! plan and cr.. r.u 11 t.lr with Dir
er"was pi lie, religimia and her spirit ity tuur t.r
l. it . 1 1.
1' t' ! ' t '' v f-r,
I HI v I. C I I KKY, Vr u
V h tl tal l tlrrrlt ..tr r-
bud in it a touch of np. rtitioii which
Icavatrd p till. -j;radr, Ihr t.it'air will, .1
ileeinrd llrerttarv bv the i Uy till i or , ,
Dyspepsia Cur
Digests what youci:
I . . I la I I II . . . Iinilllll IIHIV
" ' ! hr thorouKhlv roiled will, a i..a.l i.:..-r
women. I iriKhing II..I Irs than Inr tout All
.Mr. Hnhhnrd is right. A child can , ,n r apimv tjn.it, that ui..v appear,
oot be huiiduapM.il im.re si v. rely tln.n ,iM v t,ll.. Milh .Ii vrar'.li or i' k
! by a malheilllltleally preelm, "clear ; ulld rolled until toll. I. 1 hr .ol'i !. 11
i beaded," well informed, unimaginative , Irom rcaatioii will I ii' I i m'-ank
mother. There are wretched hi)U..i.ild : men! or 111 bunging ti.l. wV.k U.lt t..
The trial of (Juay in Cennsjlvani is 1 In which fairy stories are tabooed as K'dr. All rx.-e., ccaatiii w .ll U
ty J ............ . iIim i,r.ii. rtv i.l till , l.lllf.li 1 1 if anil III 1.1
"uhsurd. In which the " Arahli.il , , ' 1-
.. .. .. . . I- rrinovrd and lit".'l ol hi Inn.
' sigh's is p-Hin pooiied. in wnicn iiriiu- , ,, . ,,, , , ,,, . . , ,.
The Lreyfus matter is agitating Carls. wf flJf u lolCnd
Roosevelt attend the Hamilton club taml in which there lino S.mia Llaua. lllllr ,.),. fr ,r,e,, r,t.. lo(;t. plank.; Iturtlflclallyd grtlttbefooflu,!
i.f at Tl i airo 1 no itork, Uo Werewolf, no goldin. or anv olhrr subtlitu. c. All ...li..u Natura In kllcligl helillijf and t
1 ' ' j A superstitious mother see algllS Blld , will Ik- cl.itMli.d an i ,.f.h. No nilitnul k( ructln. t hr) rvh.lltte dlgmtll'
The mate of the ship Crosper is emeus for her children To dud her pri.r will be h1Io. . lor ...-ih i'il (una, t la t ho la' nl iltarokerrdii ,
I imwiiii; in ri 1:1 t over i r a hou ( i.r ! 4 uu inr tun noir . .rr ,Ur , ,,, ani ana liliir. ,-v) ti in r IirrD,..
or looking anxiously for tho favoring li""-" ,,r "I"''."' ''; ran approach It In rftlcleriry. J
position of tl. wimam la a mora rthe. ,... k of il- following .Inn. u- atantly relict. nnd r- riuai.. i.tfy
igreeabh, sight tin... to discover her In : """ l,!"'k,r,- i' i in' "' T vHT1' L'",,'r,l"", J'rtr
.... , , . ., . . 1 Liver to Ik- live 111. lot 111 t!tl. V nr., alt. r Hat ijleiice, H"iir Stoinarh. !l
the act of teaching indisputuldu fact. , U:UI ,hr,vhlv roil. -d. and in .oi.mm Sick Headache ;, r i gla Cram;.
Wo eiitertuin a profound pity for men . crii-lied rmL in p.. . . in.a.i.in m.i . allothrrretiiliti.f lioiwrf.Tt ibiM
wuo aueer ai oni wives iiiniei. 1110 ies- tmnil two nii.l our li ..I 111. !; t,
tiiuony, tllA (bi'peMl feeling of the cell' ! h.rgett .lini. iitinii. The nnd. lie or tee-
lone, Is ftgsilist tlm aculli rs and with ! on. I layer to be lour in. In t 111 thick m-tt j
them wo do not earo to clink gliisac or ; Bf(, r rolling, and to ...hum ol . inshrd
government. An inhabitant of Luzon or
Tut production of gold has so increased I tt Chinaman wonld not use audi lan
that by 1900 there w ill le as much gold j a8 there ia no cause for it.
produced as
of loih gold
in 18'Jo" and
here was produced
and silver combined
etill the demagogue
iiowla about the scarcity of money and
the corner on gold.
He Fooled Tae Surgeons.
All doctors told Kenick Hamilton, of
West Jefferson, O., after sunVring 18
mouths from Kectal Fistula, he woold
die unless a costly operation was per
formed; but he cured himself with five
boxes of liucklen's Arnica Salve, the
surest Cile cure on Earth, and the bent
Salve in the World. ' cents a box.
Sold by Geo. A. Harding Druggist.
The bodies of Heed and Mi 1 iui re have
not as yet been found.
Wednesday April 12.
A night attack is made 011 the rail
road south of Malolos in which Com
pany M Second Oregon participated.
Alger is becoming more unopular.
Ratification of the treaty of peace, with
Spain is had rnd llellamy Storer minis
ter to Belgium will be the new minister
to Spain.
The Somoaii commission will start at
once for those islands.
Prtpond by C C. twnt Co . Cvi
I'.r . ir ,i i
io buHincs. Lottou Journal.
Tn oMsn
hj'rnrs a leper
a at I o n e d
out of town ;
111 111 o u r r 11 r
llli.ra a tl. I. I j
1 man is Mmi. .! Ln?
The increased construction of railway
lines especially in the west is another
evidence that capiial is better Fatislied
and will more freely engage in leiritimnte
enterprise. If free silver and like ca- Vour Face
latmty howlers will let the country alone ' Shows the state of your feelings and the
it will get along all right. H,a,e 88 we"-
blood makes itself apparent in a pale
. ... . , 1 ., c .. 1 ., 1 1 1 and sallow complexion, piinplesaud bkin
JfLOE r iKl.D.who died on Min.lav.Iitt'l 1 ' 1
," I eruptions. If you are leeling weak and
aeryed on the supreme bench l""' L.wn ljllt an(1 do not have . ,,eil,,iy ap.
than that of any other man having ex-1 p(.aran,.e you Hhould try Acker's Wood
caeded the term of Chief Justice Mar-j Klixir. It cures all blood diseases w here
Bhall. Judge Field was appointed by f cheap sarsapanllas and so called puri-
. . ' Iiei-u fnil knoa-inir thia wn sell peerv
- - 1 - - . - - - - -n - -
President Lincoln and took part in the
1 IioIIIm on n noultivn vilarnnten
most irnrtant decisions ever rendered j A Hardirigi tt(,enti
by the court. He and his bro'hers
formed a noted family in the history of j WHAT In MIILOH.
this country.
Sixty three years ago April 10th, the
firit steam vessel, the Beaver, arrived in
A grand old remedy for Cough, Colda
and ConHu.uiption; used through the
world for half a century, has cured in
numerable cases of incipient consumpti-
1 sin , , ti 1 1 ml 1 t-1, , 1 manv inui I uannul ulairim
.. . , I.! If I" 111,,' 1 1,111. I , - 4 .IIUII. 1.1U'. IM....V,-. lllu.-.lll
the Co umbia river at what is now van- '
" " j If ou are not satisfied with the results
couver. She was also the first steam - .e wi rtiUina your m0nev. Price 25
vessel navigating the Pacific having come nts., and 50 eta. and $1.00. C. G. Huntley,
around the Horn Irom Graveuend, Eng-' the Druggist,
The war department makes an order
to reorganize the army on a peace basis.
In a collision oil Tripoli a Greek
steamer is sunk and 4") lives lost.
The council does not elect a mayor in
Portland as yet.
Thursday April l.'S.
The general ollicers of the army were
mustered out pending reorganization.
F. C. Heed, of Astoria, is appointed
fish commissioner to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of Mr. Mc.Uuire.
The steamer Lennox arrives from the
Orient wiih 200 passengers.
The Knterprise mine in the Slocan
district is sold for f750,(XX).
Morions Sews
Comes from Dr. D. 11. Carole, of
Washita, I. T. He writes: "Four
bottles of Klectric Hitters has cured Mrs.
Brewer of scrofula, which had catmed her
great suflering for years. Terrible sores
would break out on her head and face,
and the best doctors could give no help;
but her cure is complete and her health
is excellent." This show, what thou
sands have proved, that Klectric Bitters
is the best blood purifier known. It's
the supreme remedy for eczema, tetter,
salt rheum, ulcers, boils and running
sores. It stimulates liver, kidneys and
bowels, expels poisons helps digestion
builds up the strength. Only 50 cents.
Hold by Geo. A, Harding Druggist.
New lot of wrappers trimmed in vel
vet, lace and braid. All prices. At the
Racket Store, -
out of nil "i4'?Z K.V'i'' '
ci.aii.Tt in ,i.:v;-i3(ii
hie hy the ' .J&J 4 l
crowd of fw-THi ?H-
.VK "WCS . ....
1 rock uipi.i.'t 111e1.MiiMigu.it t. .i. 1 d
one it n 1 one h. ill 111. In t, Utg.-il .litm n
I Moll. I lie top or II. ml Liiri In If mi.
I in. h in t!in Ln. st i.tl.-r rolling, innl .i '
I consist ot 1 li nn sh.ii p m ri . iiini,. ill in 1 1
five from .lust or other nnpiiiil.ri
5. I'u.'h li.v. r ut 1 ri.ilii 'I 10. k shall!
j la- well nil. I thoroughly loll'.l with n
1 road roller weighing no! 1. -.t tlu.11 nv. ;
j Ions, innl the rolling lin!l l.e t,n,v-i ut. 1!
I 11 II 1 1 1 ca. II law t i.li'l tin- 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 . 1 mil.,, r
arc linish.d to the h.itisliii t.iii ol the
rf have no plnce anil no
who has hiliotm tiirnt
innl tired f. elitu't nnd
frerpicnt " oil il.iyt "
miu.it as well gu out
of hilsinrtt.
'l'liiHe tliimr
are had i-inatgli
in the self ili 'iit
1.111I wrel. In .lliuss
they involve if
they do not ko
liny further, hut
I Couiuiillee on slii . Is all, I . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1- prop
,crty ami the city smveujr.
I 6. The crushed to.k, win n rolled,
. shall hi.M-1. total tin. km ol ti n iin In t.
j 7. The crushed 101 k poitioli ol 1111 -I
proveinent shall he lottv I. . 1 111 wi.ltlt.l.r-
twecn curb lilies, nnd shall be finished
lo Nil. ll 1 ross section as show 11 oil plan
8. All crushed rock sli.ll I... thoi
otigdity screened and free Ir '.in nil dust
and other impurities,
(j. Sidewalks must be laid trulv to
line ami grade, ami nil space henenlh
them shall he lilli-.l and piop. tly tumped
with earth.
to. The sidewalk mid c 111 1. inn .1 la-
laid and set before the crushed ro, k is I
placed on siil) (;n.ie. The mi lit, hh . ,
act on a solid hem iiiK thiochout their i
A Ug yield of tsntb
profit ntnl Mtitf.ctioo
will r rull if yi,u plam
1 1 1 11 11
Tliry Kraut-
.1 J 7 J l.il-l,ii i,,,,,
IwKra Ihr brl.
Nil iiIm'.
lair li"" I.111 i rrri'.
tl.l I.r til ilralrn. V4 ill fur
llio hum.. A ...... -1 1
IN O.M f RRT4C0,,DtreH,MI(k.
l MV - m ' m 11
it Shilohs
Cough and
itTaoiie''',: ''I'rH.i.gtl, .,,,,1 fdh.lii, bdnud ami inimh
"L- .leveio;,,;':.,,,,'; thor,hiy t.,,,.,.,!. ( vuuyn
nourished, bile-poisoned constitution. If l,lla" hK l'laced illi'lerneiith sulewallit I aV i -o m m n 1
a man at soon ns he fe.-N that he is not K' t- parallel to curb line, uml have a solht i r'-Vyllv)!!
tine llie forceful streiiKlh and enety (ml 1 hi in ing tliioiiphout their leu, III. 11., k.'. I
V' ' win ."Kin i..k- si. ewnlk p unk -ha be MiiLcl uill.
where he can do a man's wolk rat.lv uml I Uiuh' imi a. 1 iilnulnu .'.hihi tli.
cheerfully. priloiiu.incc ol thewoik, or by reason
His appetite will be shar;.eneil; hit ltvrr ' ol the work herein provided for, must be i
inviKoraled; his dineslion slrriiKthened; an I removed by the contractor lit his owni
edijc put ou hit whole nutritive .rj;auisiii. !txa llse. i
Those subtle poison which debililatr the Tl,,. ,,i 1 , ,
entire onanism and invite c.n.mnption I ' ' 1 ' 1 K """'t U" U,'U , I
and a host of other diseases, will be driven 1 K1," 1 H1" "ni1 lT"ss M l'l"n us shown 011 '
out of the system; and he will Kain plenty : ''"n olhce of city surveyor. No.low-'
of pure nourishing red blood, muscle- I ing will be allowed within six inches of
power and nerve-force. In short he will sub grade. .
be amaaamoiijt men. , 2. Ik h must be constnu ted of 1
Jnnr&zs?; I rw'(,"',, i:,,u,,k' v" nw
cnmpuuwU, whirii arr niorr or lr "Imoaiaj'' '. 1,1 oil each hide of the at reel '
by merely proAt-arrklna: ilrneirltlt: bill in hnn
rs! (lruifumt will uivrvuu llie ' Holilt 11 Mnliiul
Iitcovery" wli.-u you ask for It. If wrll in
f.irmr.1, lis knows that its sales lisrr ati-Hl.l y
incrratrd lor tlinty yror nml tlu it It Hit in.
vrntion o( an eiluralrrl, autliori.ri pliytieiun
lill pioluuutl klUlly t
: 1 ...
111 accordance wuil plana oil file in of.
nee 01 city surveyor,
n Ol ail eiluralrrl. a1ltlll1rl7.nl I, Ivmrii.n ..I I . .. 1. , , .. r.
who has devoted llfr Ihi.e of nelivr uWlirr u" r"" " ol llie htrect. Iw. ulv
pioluuud iilmly to clirouic distant Meet Irom the center line of same, and
jlaid to line mid established gia,c 01
Uon't make underwear when it can be I 14, ' Any work not coming under ,t,i.
botiifhtat such very low prices at the ' contrul'tiw,,'el may develop diirinp the
Kacket Store ' projireaa of the woik and not described I
Katket btore. particularly henrin.niay.il deemed necrs-1
Till It t evnrnl riiieallnl I la
I.I'.kI n,,, ,,, i'IIK., Jlnll
ein in-r ktiiiwn Ki-irncr:!
lew il,,,e, Invarlnbty curs lb
W'.itl 1 iiirt ,,f ( iu,i, t nmp
" hltlt, wliils lit "n-
ne.l.il tin e.t m 1 1, a ,-uio l
' miiiiin,ii,wl,hlliai.
ailellinhe .Htloryiif imilli li
pni.o Iu i,t diteuvriy It M
l" sn t.ilil ,,n n uiinrntilre,
. which 11.1 oifirr ni-'l i ln
e.in sin.l. If y, have
J o.ili, wi rnrnrtily atk yi
oliyit. Ill l iuiril tslalrsssJ
I ann.ta Vs-, H. MJ ll.m, "
In KiiKlan.t It. ,., Kt, a"U
. Oil,
1.3. There must he a liniMif wood curl, 'ili
five inches wide and sixteen iiiehenl,,.,, MI niir J
W v3.t. HELLS
For sale by C. U. Huntley.