Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, March 31, 1899, Page 8, Image 8

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A Broom
is as necessary as a broom for the house. For in the blood accumulate
the germs of disease which, if not swept away, become manifest in boils,
blotches, sores, ulcers, eruptions, eczema, tetter, and like diseases, that
flay the flesh and scar the skin.
Hip llomi'tkil Mail In Ontfii ( lly.
As Willi Nl llllt IlitllllKIIIIII'Mt, Kllll OlIlKH
are Invited Id mil on any tliugglsl and
gut fun' k trial Hultlii of Kemp's lUUam
fur tlm Throat and Lungs, a remedy Ibal
In kiMiiiniilcivl In run and relieve nil
Cliiiinli' mul Acute CoiikU, Asthma,
lUohi lnli mul liiimntliii. I'l '.'V
mul fa'c.
Jhrrr I H Inn Thai NlunnU f !
Ireaa nl et Vlnal lit. 'Ilrrilnl-I'iili-ll
ililnH AIiih lln lore's !(
aiioltara lu (alia l or llrli.
Silvngit on ships it viii I nt i'i 1 1 y oth
ri in I In) majority of cases Is mlil by Ilia
IiihIi rrlti r, ul tliooli tlm big uliuiiu
flil companies liisuie themselves. The
Insurance conipunlM llilnk that a In hi nl
of inbitraiinu chii nmru satisfactorily
adjust anlvaga claims III mi mil Ilia
rutin. Tli ii word salvage, as dnlliim by
I lint celebrated admiralty authority,
liiwitHi, Ii "ilia reward w Ii (eh It earned
by tin we who have voluntarily saved or
a.alalltll 111 MVllllf telllll IIP ItilAt IIP llllllP
acl iri I or anv tort lln.ri.of or the lives i ri"" ' "l,"r",l J""1,
of persons sen or a ship, rnrtjo or miy
i.irl tlu-mof, from pen I or wreck
from total limn." Tlm Inst juirt of Ilia
definition It trifle putllng.
lu dlicusaliig I Iiii merits of salvage
cosca It in it h t ki remembered tint there
is uo obligation, written or implied,
n pun tho muster or crew of any vessel
In liri'il signals of distress, l'ulillo opln
Inn ahute enlnrcva tliu Idea Unit "a rail
fur help at ara must In obeyed." Tli
laws of raltiK ara merely framed to
mil'DtlrmlH tlM lrlliil i.f I 1 mul l,hilMf.
i ., , ... lililmra lason ly fuvar meant IiImiIih
ly on the deep. There is avarice lu Ilia Jr,, u ,,,i ,, um. U
mariner M lu landsmen, anil Ilia laws TUr. IUk .r..t!n. KfriM m., Crailll
pro inuiltt in oti'icuiuti mid curb tliri'i I f,vr"- l""!'1' i'iy '"'"Hi aariMNiii..
IMItlll lrr. Ail'lrraa, r. I. liariirr. Pro..
Hiar liitiiraur 1 I at . I'lili aii.
An Ihw iii'ii of Ihn yi'ar lnii
piii'iiinonia, U Kf 'iMi '"" llir"'i
c.Milia, I'uliU, raturrli, lirunrliltl ami
lima itoiilili' ara In U' itnur.lo I aKlnl,
imtlilnit "I a fl no aiiliallliitn," IU
"anamiT Ilia un hi," or U "Jnt
liiKul" aa Oiiii Mliiutr C'oiitfli Corn. Tlial
la tlm niiti liifiillililn rnnimly d r all luiitf,
lliruat or luuiirUl troulili-a Imial
vluriiiiaty iimiii )i m I ii II If "uiiutlilli
lllil A. Ilaailtl,
r t i v i: no 1. 1 1; i in it k waniik
irvi.rrl" 'ur "l'i Hiury of ih
l'lillliliira" liv Murat llalalrad. riiiniiila
luiiril hv tli llovrrmiiriil a. Ultl' lal Ilia
lorian In Hi War liroarlinrnl, I lia lanik
arlilrn In annf tarn a al Hvi K an-
I'ltt-o, mi tlm I'ai'llln null llanrral Merrill,
lln Ida l.a.llH al lluiinliilil, III Hung
Kuni(, In Ilia Auiprlrall Irrm liaa at Manila,
; In Ilia liiaiirrnl iam i I ll Ac'llnaKlcl. uli
Ilia lin k (if lh Hvtiila allli I'aaar. ami
'In Hi Mar uf haul, al Id fall of Manila.
; llunaiua lor ananli. llrimful of original
pmilol Wllllmim, nt Ilia m,,..
mr of Coiilor ami Hnvoiuli m(
rlinlrn mul wll wliM ti"! almk
tiriHorU'M wlilrli l I knllln,,
riiiiialil rali-k. Ilia inmi,'
ami Inl llvn, liunrat t
loiaaiira". (IinxIi ili'llvcr.'
imil uf Ilia ill v.
HO )i KMJM. '
('una iiiiptlou la p'i'Vi'liUll.
Iiaa pruvoii llial,mnl alao tl
aiili lilnl. Tlin orl !'), i
In. i iirnl wlili hlillnh'a Co'i
. t a .ill
ailinpllnll lliti, nolil on p,,.
anli'K (nr ovr , fifty yuan;
Hllllllny, llilntlat,
I'lriity n iiiiiiii'y li loan al !
on luiiu or aluifl lima, Applij
llayi'a, ollli'w up alalia, opp. V
ry'i tlrtirf tlorn,
I'lftily of mutiny to loan at 1
on luiig or aliuil ilina. Apply
1 1 ) .
of all diseases that begin in the blood. What other medicines drive in,
Ayer's Sarsaparilla drives out. Where other medicines make a surf-ice
show of health by cleansing the skin, Ayer's Sarsaparilla lays the foun
dation of health by cleansing the blood. It is conceded that
the larger portion have their origin in impure blood. Cleanse the
and you cleanse the skin. Foul blood cannot make a fair body.
shortest way to a sound body, a clear complexion, and a vigorous life,
to purify the blood with Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
I can truly aay that Aycr't Sanaparilla taved my life after doctoring for year for
blood poisoning. Not one bit of help in any nay. (hape, or manner did 1 receiva brfora,
by advice of a friend, I took Ayer'i Saruparilla. It made me a new man, and completely
cured me." HARRY L. likOWN, zi llanorer St, Mjntheter, N. II.
"Last year I was baitly troubled with boil which I could not get rid of, until I procured
Ayer'i Sarsaparilla. Two bottle relieved me of my tormentor, and tbey have never
oxide their appearance since." V. 11. LKADLEV, Danburgh, Ga.
"Five years ago my little boy became blind from the effects of scrofula. Our doctor
failed lo help him. W began the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla and two bottles cured him."
C. C. COFETT, Canes, Ky.
"After six Tears' a-iffering from blood poisoning, I Win taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
I have used only three bottles of this great medicine, the sores have nearly
nd although
all disappeared."
A. A. MANNING, Houston, Tex.
I was afflicted with catarrh for a number of years, none of the doctors being able to
help me. When almost hopeless of cure, a friend advised me to try Ayer's Samapartlla,
and after using only three bottles, the cure was effected, and to-day I am perfectly healthy."
JOSEPH MURPHY, 173 Mulberry St., Newark, N. J.
A Personal Matter
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ly dree. ( rami aissys attract
ive and pleaatil to look upon.
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A r a I
Know the News
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in the Evening Telegram, of Port
land, Oregon. It is the largest
evening newspaper published in
Oregon ; it contains all the news
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The Telegram,
Portland, Or.
The I.rnpara aadf lb Pas,
On ii duy worthy Kulu boustiwifo
came out from btr cooking and, stand
irift ou tbn IviIko of rock at bi r dour,
emptied a pun f boiling water into the
rank hi-rbuKe KrwiiiR buluw. It foil,
splaab, ou the back of a nlwpiuu; leo
pard, who jumped p rM'iiliculnrly Into
the air an IiIkIi a the ronf of the but.
What miKbt liave bappi'iii'd next? Who
can say? Lot the Ht'iiihwl woniun
dropped tlm pan with a clung upon the
ruck, and tlm Iropwrd tuok oiim Ii'iip
downhill. The pun followed, and .the
Inopiird's dnwuward Iciipn Ixciiini) lon
ger mul nwifter h the pan bounded aft-
! er it from rock to rock.
Wbfu Lihl fei 11 tbu leotiurd bml turn,
; achieved a luup of about 1150 ftut to the i rt'Bt:u'd
very bottuui of the ravine, thnuMiiidii of
feet below, and tbu pun bud whirled
about M0 feet over it on totliu oppoaite
side. The leopard would have eaten the
old woman with pbiiHuro, but a pan
which, flrft ncalded hulf the liido off
bin) uud then bounded cliinuing in bis
1 wuke from the top of tbo Iliiuuluyas to
1800 miles of long dig. I tut) P1"""1 bulow wus lomnthiiig which
tariff telcnhnriA u-ir : 1 bs could not face. Good WordH.
J- - ' - " t l&j
Oregon and Wanhington
now in operation by the
Oregon Telephone and Tel
egraph company.
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kane, Tacoma, Halcm
Walla Walla, Pendleton,
Albany and9G other towns
in the two states oc the
Quick, accurate, cheap.
All the satisfaction of a
B;rHonal communication,
istance no effect to a
clear undemanding. Spo
kane as easily heard as
Oregon City office at
Huntley's Drug Store.
Portland, - - Oregon.
la Vour Kant llrrrf
A contributor bus been untuning him
self by trying to answer the question or
series of question",, Wlmt niun in tho
bintory of tho world wIioho uainn bpguu
with A and aftnr tbut every other let
ter of tboalplmbet in order exerted tho
greutcnt Influence upon the thought and
conduct of mankind?
Of conrse there are some letters wblcb
are not very prolific lu the nuinns of
great men, but we think mom of our
reader will Le surpriced to see how
inuiiy of the inont illuHtrious numos in
history are Included and l)yw few are
In some canes tbe compiler seems to
have selected names quite as niocb with
a view to comprehending in the list
men of many countries, as becauso the
name given was tliut of the greatest
nun of bis timo. The lit follows:
Arintotle, I'uco, Confucius, Dnrwin,
Ezra, Franklin, Ooethe, Homer, iHaiub,
Jusllnian, Kant, Luther, Mohainmed,
Newton, OHHiaii, Plato, Quintillian,
Huuhseau, Khakcspeare, TaMo, Uhland,
Virgil, WaHhingtou, Xavier, Young,
Zorouster. London Globe.
mercenary ambitions. IVr llml reason
a luaxtcr aud Ins crow can not rpKt
salvRge fur snvlug tlnlr own veaaid. II
Is the uittunil aainimpitiiu lu law, as
well as in fact. 1 hut they imial do
rvirylblnu they rim to preserve their
ihurga and under an iigrm'tneiil wltb
thuowiiirs kmp it fnmi dauger wbeu.
ever pi--ilili
In s:iU age nun 1 f tlm Cmt laws is that
tin.' jcril mut Lu actual. The hargulu
ma l In time nf il,iuh, r by Ihu iinittur
t r aixt tf l!;o i:n .ri:. I craft with an
other vulutitoi ring aid m d imt of neces
sity bold in mutt, and generally iloel
tint. Asa rule the bargain is exorbitant
aud tuado at a time wheu the vic tim
would be willing to gunriiuti-a the pay.
tin nl i f inllliniis for protTi ri il alal-
a n c o. Tnis point has Ueii dei iib d buu
(Inds of limes, Ihn courts taking tlm
atund that the ;rll uuido an rxnr
Litanl Lurgtiin m'aaary.
, As a geucral tiling, the talvngn award
is ecjuul to about one third the value in
the raa of sailing craft and from
one third lu cum half in the cn mi of
steamers. The owners of the snlviug
craft, whose money was wanted by de
lay, wear ami tear, ara of cot.r en-
titled to the bigger piece of tlm plum. I
lua matter of the salvor geta about
twic e tba tutu that bis mate rciivna,
aud tbe mate is paid something like
double the amount of a h sailor.
Mould Ilia latter hove hern a iiii'tn
Le r f a lifelioat rrw uaed iu running
hawsers or iu going abuard aa a prlxe
crew lie and bis mates are entitled to
an extra compensation. Naval officers
cannot claim salvage when the work
accomplished is iu the direct hue uf
their duty.
Iu the case of a abandoned vcr
there is a peculiar law as applied to
ownership. No matter where tbe dere
lict be found aud towed or nuilMcd in
by a prize crew or otherwise the court
holds that aha is still the property of
hiT original owners, although abandon
ed Ly her crew, their agents, and that
Do effort ha been made by them to re
cover Lit. It sounds peculiar to tbe
average mariner, but It's tbo law.
To make a aucceirful salvage claim it
is iieci saury that the property must be
actually saved ami saved by tlioeechilin
log t ) bo salvors. In other words, the
salvage services must bo tendered by
persons not bound by contract to render
them. If tho mariner or other eticouti
ters tho (lunger nr misfortune or dnm
age which might posaibty expose the
ship to destruction unlets assistance is
rt udered uud docs all bo can tosuvo tbe
vessel, and bis services tend in some de
gree to savo or preserve her, compciisu
tiou will be awarded him, although the
vessel is mainly preserved by other
The longest tljio I but any one steam
er lias been at sea with disabled ma
chinery before reaching port was 77
days. This was tbo United .States cor
velte Iroquois in IM10. HUu wus bound
to Ha in oh from Honolulu, ami bud only
seven days' rations left when port was
in nt7 the steamer Iudrulema
was towed into Ht. Thomas after hav
ing been nt sen tor 47 days. The (ilas-
row steamer htruthness, after drifting
U J days out of the range of steamers,
was towed i u to Ht. Michael's in Janu
ary, 18U7, by tho Ilritish steamer Hun
null M. Uell. Another Htruth, tho
Ktrathnovis, drifted helplussly on tho
1'iiciflo for two months and over lu
IHU5, and was finally towed Into l'uget
sound. Tbo Disptucb In 1 hil t wus out
01 days with crippled mucbliiery, and
futiryeurs ago tho Ilritish cruUur Ca
lypso broke down 3,000 miles from port
aud sailed in nnnidcd much to tho do
light of the dwindling bund or nuvnl
experts who maintain that every war
ship ought to be provided with ample
sail power.
Tbo owners of tboso ships that were
otiJiged to drift for weeks, and in suv
eral cases for months, would not have
found fuult with the question of salvage
bad a helping band come along at
loast there would bavo been no com
plaint just thou. Now York Muil aud
Work of Helpmates.
I was driving through onoof tho best
fanning districts in western Ontario a
few years ugo. I expressed my admira
tion. "Yes," said my companion, who
knew tho country thoroughly, "nearly
all tho farmers around here have second
"Why?" was my surprised inquiry.
"Ob," bo answered, "they killed
thuir llri.1 wives wukiug thefurnjl"
1'urtb Expositor.
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I litis I
JL vtr
rT jii