Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, March 24, 1899, Page 3, Image 3

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Personal Mention
W, II. Thompson, N I y , m in
tiwn Thursday on business.
fCr. Mitt Kindle, of IlittlilMiiil, wail In (lit
""""ill v tlm middle nl the wee ,
I .' ......
ini Mi. II, w, Im'iiiiIh, or rortiami, wa
lUl,n go.-n of Mr. (1. M. Htri4iij(n I'rl Uy
. . Minn J, I'llor, llm Well known nurse,
If vUltlliit friend ut Kulloil for a few
1 Ml Kthel Albright went to (WUaml
fVrdiii'idity a llm guet of Mr. Oi o.
r -.Mlnr.
V Trunk JiKKr, ol Caru, wa a witl
Jom caller at Din I !ii t4r rln olllce
V fhumday.
V. (.'. Sei hresl ami wife, ol I'urlland,
Hre guest ol Mr, ami Mr. Il'iire
lurry, 8undy.
I 1). V, Smith, of ItiM k Island, Intends
a locate In Oregon City tj nki In
b practice of w.
L" Mi Both Cowing leluined fiom I.a
I I faiuaa 8undy where aha liaa lieen the
west of Mr. Noble Heath. ,
i f .
J. A. Joiie ha built a new mill lion
I. 1 1.- . I I ...... .... It.... l.u ....... b
i lllff Ul'l UUW nil A""MI-II'J -",
' I... ... i i. - .1...... ......
ami la now iransnirring in rnaiiiinerj 10
Tim Itov'a minstrel slow i(i vn at
I'oihi'n lull Huturday night wa well
attended anl the performer received
lnariy applau lor their iierforiiuure.
About 7 taken In.
II, T. Kladen. ol illadtone, I build
ing a new sli-room collage on a lot b.
Ii fit hi residence ami 1 1 ik electric car
track, lb material w lo have Ixi-n
on llm ground the first ol the week
ready (or tlm crieiiter lo begin at
D.puiy I Until, t Attorney U. IS.
Pi in( k, received a lettei fiom llm Jutli'
nl llm ere l !iow hist week alallng
that Urn Jury could not agree in llm
assault ami lui'ery cami prefered ty
('per W'i'Uiiuii'lU ag4inl oim Key
nolila. Tim case waa tlierlor ordered
Tim United Artisan are Increasing
theirmettiiierahlp rapidly. I.at Tliuri
lay 1M lie member wra Initiated Into
ilii oritur. Kurty-loiir ai'pliratioiia liav
Mi K.lMiHiiii-iiiiaiM-vrrI.Uyi,r,.n rtM-a-tVfl tlm laat W) ilava, ami It
laltlim with two of ItiT frlnmla at U iiNs-tnl tlmt nrarly 'M will l takn
larluw Urn fir ait ol tlm wri'k,
. II Mr. ami Mra. NoMo Huatli, foriinrlv
1 VI Orrtfon City, will amm Irava ICamai
urn ai, arxi nuy on to t.unm.
MUa Hrrll.a Havla, of Corvallla, who
a txno tlm gurt of Imr aiidr Mra. (1.
I. Kitanifn, rvturnnil to Imr lioina Krl-
(ay tiiornliitf
I II. II. V.i, of r'agla Crrrk, orm of
I a iiu4rnui farmi-ra of llm rmiiily,
f.vi'. tliroiiuh tlm rlly Mumlar on liia
far to furtlaml
" Mr. ami Mra. Krnk William, ri-la
'm rao(T. II. lUnkliia, arrlttl froin
ilaliama Trrrllnry Vi..noijf, Tlmy
111 likaly I'm alo in tlm muiity.
MUaOUva l.iiclliiik' la very ali k, and
""la rralf nnl Imr l!loii aa Irarlmr n
)a ftarrlay mliiMil. Mla Marjiriii
Bull.'ld i twlnnx In Imr I'lara.
Mi OiiiIi Cimixt, (niiiilorivl wl'li
Iprnan W'ollMa wn up on vra
on and rnj'i)ln a fnw ilaya vinlt with
ar artnla ami Irlrinl.
Mi"a Nrllln I.au.Uit, of l'ortlnl,who
U b-n llllng wild tlm Mihih- Krlly
M (Imt of llm wrrk. pal'l Imr f'ii-ml
Ira. Lowlt a vlil 8umlay. ami re
laluoii mil II TmiMiar, wlmn alia rw-
Uoil lo Imr lioma.
rvvv av rv-r v w
In at llm ri'Kular nmetiiirf Imlil taut atari'
Tlm Mollla Adnlla Itruwn Concert
company api-rnl at tlm M. K. cliurrli
Tui-.y nlvlit. ami layel to ainall
hul apprirlatira aulmiir. Mia drown'
Inning w llm at'raiilva (future of tlm
venlng, 'thougti. Mha Criat tlm piano-
it ami Mr. Hallarl tlm relloUt wire
lilglily rniirtaln!ng.
Hlalioimry mint lm ai-arrn ovar at
Manila. Tlm following axtrai t la lakrn
from ar hwiilly nrrlvwl from
I line : "Oim of tlm iiio lilntoric mail
llm far in tlm liUtory of Manila will be
tlm nnt one leaving for tlm L'nlli
Mlali', a I lii-re are over '.1KX) Irttera and
l ran) written on tlm diver of
cartridge Ix.xn already Hle.."
A meeting of llm 'jicycla ridere of
Clat kainai county willlia held Saturday
evening, Mrrli 25ih. at 7:3) in Jutir
S lnirlx'1'a olUr for the tiurtioan of
oiganillng an aneoriatinn of wheelmen
lufurtlier tlm lnterei of ri'lrra in Ilia
county, and nartnularly to chonaa the
ui't anitahla routa for tlm ropoed
hiryrla path. There will lie no fee or
liiea. All rider arc Invited to attend.
Local lvYCi;ls
Tlm city aiillioritiea are nut heing
Mhervd with holeia of Ule. The
iayor, Hon. C 1). latourrtle, liaa U-en
Niling hard with I hem tin winter,
A pleut aurpriu party wa given to
Mr. J. Ihiretnti, Friday eyening in
honor of Iter hirthday. The party of
young and old vailmred at the home of
Mr. X. Mi Killiean before aprlnuing the
aurrae. AIkiiiI 30 Udict and gentle
men were pienent. tffrrtiiuenta were
aervml and miile on the organ, violin
and occordeon were the feature of the
The almriir olftVe at the court liouan evening. All left wishing Mra. iKiremu
jbi'log ronideiahly enlarged. Five niany happy return of the day
aiiard tkiwtn a.l.l.l
' - i i . r
...LI.... . - 1.1 Tl. ..I... . J "r J
uhiiik wt m 'iiiii.i.. i no 'iaicrrr
at tn.HA f.MII llM IriUll .I.Im.I IiH
.iihvoi v.. I trii,rk in in iuiitw"
I .III. ........ II.... ...... I
..I .1 . lit . t mi iini in umii rMnTiii .iiiii iriiiiii
a a finar mitlliiif (in Hi flnlalilmf fmiflt,ta '
11; . , ' Imr the punhaae of alrwl aaeeer for
...From a letter lereived by Mra. Norrla the city. The council ha Intended lo
"torn hr eon Khea it aeem that ho and get one sootier or later. The tnayor'a
kk Humphrey were with the '3rd
tlllciy at the time of the battle ol
loocan. Kcb. 10th, and look part In
Ut fight.
MiKlla lloherg, formerly of thla
ity, but now of I'ortland will Uke part
Z'h the nlertalnment to be given on the
fening of the 31t at tlm Ilaptlat church
ar the ol the Y. M. C. A. build-
Jag fund,
The Clackama County Teacher'
toclt!on will hold meeting at Mil-
Cf aukle (in Saturday, March 25. A good
trogrant ha Unn preparml and the
rdilwaukie achool will aNlt. The din
"icr will bn fre.
2 Air. JMimtrva llainllton, who waa
oninilttml to the aylum lat Monday
in account of dementia, iliod the lollow-
Jig Iy. Wih waa burled from the
lome of
attention ha been called to one that
aerve the double purpose ol aweeping
the pavement and taking the aweeping
at the aame time. The machine doc
not need an eitra man with horse and
cart to follow, after. It eoit'i o00.
Aeaor KM Villiainatrled hi three
field men out to make appraisement of
Clackamaa county proerty Value Tues
day. They are, J. F. Nelson, of Mulino,
K. I.. I'ollotk, of Oswego, and Nixon
Illair, of Nevdy. It la ciiHtomary to
aeml the field men out about every third
vear In order that the actual value of
property etc., can be obtained. Puring
the Intervening year the ateHment
are made up from the lunik in theullW.
The lHt will and testament of Clmrlc
K. Murry. deceaaud, wa adiulttnd to
probate, by County Clerk I'ixon, Mon
day. . C'liarle K. Murry Jr., a son, get
her aon ln-liiw, Isaac l-arr ,.ary everything. Tluue are note and
UuV. A. J. Montgomery Olll- niortuniri'H left to tlm valnn iA 144110. Of
this amount 5 1 bcqnoatluid to Will
Mn. II. Ilariiravoa.of Gladstone, wa Mielley Murry, ami the rest goon to
ivnn a eurpiiNe party H. rtricg' day t-nrie I".. Jiurry, jr. According to me
y eoma of her women friend of Oregon provision of the will Charle J- Murry
Jity. Thnre were about ten in the Jr- ha lull power tojmatle the estate with
lartv. Tliev wont down earlv In the ot Interference or control of the
j 0 - --- - I
Orenoon and runmiiuM the grenter part cuurtH
... . ... .. ii
nil tne day. A very enjoyable time wa A ntimhur of talented apeakon and
Jad I iHrtiirftrA Iibva hin 4inril ti ammar
AuKiit Volght, a farmer living out on l t"e ln" d,o1 "'"i H'ciiU
"lie Tualmln, waa examined for Insanity occasion In April and May. L. W. Mo
jefore County Judge Thomas F. Kvan Adam, auperintondoiit of city chool.
rhur(biy. After looking Into hi mental ntato that the following persona have
Condition he wa found to be aue and been cngagud to tuko part: Mis wil
instead of commltlng the patlout to the hnlniina Jochuke will pouk on the sub
uyluni, he wa aont to rortlaml for i"t;ti "Hawaiian Islands;" Judge
....... unto
noapiiai treatment.
A JillyM Hop.
With an Informal hop glyen at Weln
hard hall Frldy night the ''Jolly
Fallow" and their honor ry member
celebrated another one of their aoclal
fuiiilioria. The hall wa comfortably
filled. New figure In the German were
Introduced. Mr, Nelson Lawrence,
minted hy (iilhert lldge, lil In the
execution. I'Uno Mum waa fiirnlshrd
by Mi Ora Hjianglnr. The affair waa a
moat enJoyabU one, The alroime
were: Mra. F. T, (ir.lllih and Mr. J,
K, Hadge. The following were preterit:
Hde Chaiui, Ira Clmie, llattieCiwhraim,
Alice Ixwlhwslt. Mamie Iwibwali,
Mrle I'raM, Kthel Caufleld, Mrfttie
Iraier, Krrna Lawrence, Vara Hill,
llatll liray, I'aiiline Caiiipbell, of 1'ort-
land, May Wislird, Mie Mini and
Kllii'l Albright, liiddcll, ItelaFoula.Amy
Kelly, Mcaar. lUndall, Kesting, ( hi-
iimii, Kelly, Vr. I'arker, J. t.. and fail
belt lledg, Jaine ard Carl Church,
J.amlW. Iwihwlt, Hill, I'r. Miller,
I.. June, (iardi, J. (jooddillow, Irper,
I'r. Hummer, Khoade, Iturnhardt, 1'ratt,
(Jriflilh, Wilm. Ur.Carl.
Good pop 35e.
Btti or Ohio, Citv or Toi.ano.f
f .it' A m P.ii' m-r w i
Frank J. Cheney make an oelti that
he I the senior partner of the firm of K.
J. Cheney A Co., doing buliie in the ' I
City of Toledo, Courtly and Ktal afore
and every case of Catarrh thai cannot !M K''1'"" full 8lf(J 20-Olinccj bottlO Of Dr. I'arker H Cflcry
lie cured by the lie of Hall' Catarrah'M afl'l Kola ComjKJUnd.
f'lirn VUkKK J fttVWV If'
-' r vii I
i mj v -v "v v "v -v -v "v v v -s wcr v -y o '-y v ar mcr v m
Ifltf ff4ll4fia lliUf'.fl iNtfiJ f lAMfMA.m i kl
"7 I" ' si 1 w rr-rniirri p y
A. I). I H1HJ
llaH'a Calarrah Cure I taken Inter- J
nally end ai t directly on llm blood and '
mucoiia urliii-i of the synU-m.
for testimonial, fn e.
F.J CUKNKY.A CO., Toledo, 0.
Hold by druggist,
Ifali'a Family Fill are the best.
'V, Sleeplessness,
rj Nervousness,
Fealherborm liicyclea ar high grade,
fully guaianleed wheel with all the
latent Improvement. Kxuiine them at
Hunt ley' Book HUiie.
T a lletler hlle.
The slate authorities have dncilel to
move the salmon haU'hery of the npier
Clackamaa from It present location to a
more desirable aile on the opKiile aide
of the river. It ia owing to the damage
iistained from extreme high sle of
water that thiichange i made ne'eary.
The rork and trap have to he constant
ly repaired or put in anew each year,
thereby entailing a comiderable expense.
A gng of men llt for the station
Thursday. Most of the in went from the
Clai ksina elation and were a follow:
Huperintendrnt King HpurgMou, F.rwin
Wilson, M. B Webster, W. W. Hmlth,
J. Talbert and J. J. Iavi, of Garfield.
Other will follow later. The trail lead
ing to the atatlon ia said lo be In a bad
condition ami Impamible until it ia
cleared out From the aeltlemenS to the
hatchery the distance ia about 35 miles
and Inters- a region of snow. Iter
Governor (jeer, the secretary of stale
and other otllciala Interested lo the
flsheriet w ill go up there on a tour of in
A SorprUe Pariy.
Theoilore Weed' xiularity among
young people of Oregon L'i'y wa the
cue of hi being given a surprise party
at hi home Tbunday night. Nine
couple of hia friend called upon him
when he waa not aware of their coming,
hifh wa on feature of the happy
occasion. The gueitirame well prepared
to furnlili amuaement and d liferent
gamea and ocia! psalime were iadulged
In. Thoae present were: Mr. Weed,
Gertrude Shatter, Maud and Nettle May,
Myrtle Curran, Myrtle Winnesett, I.yJia
Y oder, Nora He, Sadie Jame, Maggie
Youn, F.lva Mack, Jame Young, Kd-
ward IVmater, William Price, Theodore
Weed, Arthur Thotnaa, Charle Hmith,
Jacob Straight, Gua Winesetl.
O'rgon City Market Report.
(Correct!; weekly.)
Wheat N'o. 1 merthanlable, M cent
Hr bushel.
Flour I'ortland, $.1.15; Howard'
(Uat, IVI..T0 ; Fisher' Boat, $3.15 ; Dayton ;
U.W: lVacock. 3.0
Oata in aka, white, 45 rent per
bushel, gray, 45.
Millstuir Bran, $17.00 per ton
ahorta, $18.00 er ton.
roUtoes 80c. to $1.00 iiersack.
t'XKi cent per doxen.
Butter Kanch, 35 to50 cut per roll.
Onion, 90c.-per rack.
Green apple, 75 to $1.00 per box.
Dried Fruita Apple, unbleached, 3
cent; 50-pound boxes, evportd, 6c.
prune, 2 lo 4 cent; plums, 2 to 4c.
Bacon Hams, & to 84 cent; side
8 to 8,'o ; Bhoulder, 7 to 8 ; lard 8 to 9
Livestock and Dressed Meats Beef,
live, 3'j to 4,'n'c; bog, live 4c; hog
dressed, 6. to 6? cent; sleep, $:i'
to $4.00 per head ; veal, dressed 7 to 7,lc.
Poultr Chicken, old $3.50 to $4.00;
turkeys, alive, 12 cents per pound.
Christian Science aorvices are hold in
Willamette Hall every Sunday morning
t eleven o'clock. Hubject for Sunday
March 2(1, "Unreality." Sunday school
at 12:10. Wotlnesdiiy evening meeting
at eight o'clock. A cordial invitation is
extundud to all who donire to attend
tin-No survices.
A tneoCng of Clackamas county flalier
men, mnmlMirs ol the union, was held in
,7ii:!.;6 Schnlinl's olllce Raturilnv nliht.
QueHllons ad'octingthe Ushering Interest Konune'
wiire discussed generally. The members
of t!,8 union have agreed to stand in to
it, or and content the laws, which they A good farm for rent. Kmiuire at the
I'luiia uie-unlalr uud unconsutut oual. Entiirnrise oliice.
Wllliain Gulloviy is to deliver his lec
ture on "Slate and Puhliu Lands;" Mrs.
Kya Kmory Dye will deliver a hintorical
lecture, and President Campbell, of
Monmouth, PruHidunt Chapman, of
Eugene, and President llawley, ol Salem,
will givo lectures on various topi cs.
Best Of All.
To ulunse the system in a gentle and
truly beneficial manner, wliuu the
Springtime comes, use the true and pur
feet remedy, Syrup of Fig. Buy the
Manufactured by the Califor
nia Fig Syrup Co. only, and for sale by
all druggists, at 50 cent per bottle.
An Enterprblng Firm.
There are few men more wide awake
nd enterprising than Geo. A. Harding
ho spares no pains to secure the best
of everything in their line for their
many customers. They now have- the
Agency for Dr. King's New Discovery,
hich surely cures Consumption, Coughs
and colds. This Is the wonderful rem
edy that ia now producing so much ex
citement all over the country, by its
many startling cures. It absolutely
cure Asthma, Bronchitis, Nausea, and
all affection of the Throat, Chest and
Lung. Yon can test it before buying,
by calling at the above Drug Store and
get trial Bottie Free, or regular sixo for
50o and $1.00. Guaranteed to cure, or
price refunded,
sold only in
Hem! 1 V
j Dizziness,
'y Neuralgia,
l Nervous Debility,
ip Headache,
!M Biliousness,
uuu,u,vj,vui Torpjd Ljvert
Ut Dr. Bourdon' French
Artanlc Complexion Wafer
tlm only reliable bemtiner of tlm
Stomach Complaints,
i'ijj Female Complaints.
LaUieS. rUOe.,r..tr.n.p.r.r,t,cle.r W DySDCDSia,
- and fredi coin pin Ion, L JH4',9"
win-1 Li
pinion, tkln and form known. In th!n
Al -.1. I... 1 . . . . .. . I Wt
Jiirvo'in lor which iney ar inirnuco, Inrir
ellrct I iMii.ly niKical Tlm mo.t
uiomiiiig traiitroriimiiiiii In ronal ap-
fn( 1 tiroiixlil alxml by tlmir stdy
dm. rotteMliig lb WIZAUD'H TOUCH
In prifluclng and prrM-rving beauty of
form by urly ilevrlopihg a transparency
and Mllucid rlranirM of conn.leilon.
(liiprly conUiur of form, brilliant tyr,
oft iinooth tkln, wliei, by nature, tlm re
eraerxlu. Kvan Urn iiiammt d mout
airuuiv ki intrrH by hkiiu, noth,
m ai khkix, rmri u, ami vuLma acbau,
ttLUiw asp Mii'Dr ki, ami other facial
nuri". rum r.T. are permaoently removed
i,J a drhdoutly clear and rrflneil com
p'riion aMiiml, fiihiiciiig a lily' lovrli
iii-m beyond her mint ri(rvKnt eipeo- j
Ijidlea, mn ') be llewulir.l,
n tnatirr who you ar or wliat your dii
fliliirrnmiits may b )ou ran makcyonr
elf a banilMim a any lady in lb land
by lb u of
Dr. Banrttai'i Arailc CoijlEiim Wifert
I'sed by nien the result r eijnally fa
vorable. Price, imail boi 50 cent. Large
biI f l.OO or prcial order of ill lim bom
$3.01). pnt lo any adilrr undrr plain
civer oil receipt of lb above ainounL
Writ for circular.
TIIK IMMINIA.-w. Dliiu o.
131 Monlironmry Street, Kan Franciaco,
)t. Uarkr-r'a Celery ami Kola Corn- A
rniuna th triifl iit;rve tonic pontain th yt
most miiccchhiuI nerve and LIikmI rerun- A
die known to the me'iical profession. A
11 fia dcen no urnforriily aticcesKfiil with fj
ii it bn. rirmlnrwl ancn r.rnrnrit ami il... f
, , r- j
cUM liencfit in all cases for which it is
recommended, that we know that it has
only to he tri'-l ONCK in order to con- t
vince any sufTerer of its merit. With y,
this coupon we help you to try it at a
tinall expenso. A
liarker a Clery and Kola gives natural fl
rest and sleep to tired, overworked, fj
nervnna men tnd m-nmen. It miirlrlv f
relieves pain and in a Loon to women fj
sufTering from ailments peculiar to their Q
sex. A
It strengthen the nerves, gives tone A
to the stomach, invigorates torpid liver, 1'
regulates the bowels and produces a 'f
hearty apatite and sound digestion.
Thn fill I. sized dnllnr Lrittlea wa aoll
re2ularlv for C.jc. hut with the above ft
coupon for 30c. To be had only of jj
C. 0. Huntley, (
Cut Rate Druggist, 'f
Oregon City, Oregon. . U
Johnson lia Ibe beet hair cutter in the
KeliaMe meo to travel In thi and
nearby town; (alary and expense
weekly. Htate aite and occupation.
Address. Globe Co., 723 Cbestnat St.,
I'liiladelphia, fa.
A very One Steinway piano can be had
on very easy term of Oregon City Aoc-
tion House.
POTltf nl 11. Allcsils&t Hanest
are innred onlr lo tboae who ow our
TKaTKD BEtDd. Send postal for
our lllusnrateii Calalogu and
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from tlm
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ALL HKKDS sold at lowed price.
Aitei't iiil. Liberal diicount,
but NO 8tED6 old on coniniiion.
I! appy i the man or woman who can
eat a good hearty meal without itifferin;
afterward. If you cannot do it, taks
Kodol Dyspipsia Ciai. It digest
what you eat, and core all forma of
Dyspepsia and Indigestion.
'' Uf. A. Uaboixo.
To-Mght and To Morrow 5lfht.
And each day and nigrit daring this
week yoa can gel at any drugil'a
Kemp' Balsam for the Throat ami
Luoga, acknowledged to be the moat
uccesaful remedy ever sold for cough.
jCnn?, Bronchitis, Asthma and Con
1 sumption. Get a bottle to-day and keep
; it always in the house, so yoa can check
1 your cold at ooce. Price 25c and 50c.
I Sample bottle free.
Bti, Ihi ted la Han Aiwar- BgjH
Ibl IsA 1m has) Aiwar-
...the notoifejtaEi...
"Jim, your condition is deplorable, we certainly all
knowv that you want to get married.
"Well it is not quite as bad as you think, takeour advice
Jim, brace up, get a job, save ajittle money and have
a talk with 'us.
''We will call your attention to our plan of buying on
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James Shlapsack.
Fine Rockers,
$3.23 and $2.00.
Hardwood Bedroom Suite,
Hardwood Bedroom Suite,
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