Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, March 03, 1899, Page 5, Image 5

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reon City Enterprise
(Couch M.)
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1" ('I on and I '" J"U f t. I.
J V. A KII UK. vrt.
'l.MION IIoahii lr. I.savltt, iA Mol
t, aaalntoau Wr.lnrt.Uy to atieiid
ilng of the medical lioerd of n
n ; riaiuliii'ii cuiiiiMturd of I.'tors
rrla, l-rayllt and Crtl. Several
Iters of Interest to isMialoners ere
idlng before Ilia hoard at this lime
hiding the paaaing on (ha ilii alion
oe parly for a M iiiiui.
1 Ol 11 FANillNkl(jt'll TI(j"rKk".
l Ida home of Mr and Mrs. W.
Van Wry last Thursday, ss Ida
-atoll of considerable aiM-ialiltiiy
0IU a number of Isdiea with nlinhln
;ers. Fvrrylody ranm lo liava a
4 lima ami they "brought their work
ng." Men ware iiixm-i lo I de
rrtd, hut it appears tliat to of Ilia
esald wrre la attendance; whether
lpciat credentials or not I wt
ii. Iiv. II. Oberg ami Mr.
afford weie tlii gentlemen II
n A big dinner aa re'ved.
rK AaTia Calico C'akxitai.
( a itclrtfaiinn o( a'tina frum Oic
1 City alien. Ir. a ralii-o carnival iilvcn
MlUatikla tlio lat of Iho crk,ly
jl a-inily Nj. 4. Portland ami
fit to rr alaO HirrM'iilril. Tlia
ila (rature of tint romin a an ad
4 ilidivrri'd by uraml artrnlary,
uiila I. Mt-Kanna, of rurtlund. A
iininlHr of ladira rrn rtncnl.
i'f 1 1 10 regular irrm lind ton rni
.'J a Hlcndid aupix'r aa arrvr.l, and
it 1 ho iiiiinIu atnirk 11 1 fur dunrlnir.
parllriprtiitt in tliln ilrHiirrnoye'
Miiaclvra until a Into liiiiir.
mil k lua lirn npK)lntrd deputy din
i t iltoinpy under llio new law ly Iia
i t Attorney Cleeton. Mr. Pimlrk Ima
n fur d'liiietiiiio under the frr lyntrm
imty, uivinii Kod lutihfuetlim. He
no friend to favor or enmnlea to
rxteute wlien It cornea to adinlnlHter-
I thu law, TI10 apKiliitiiiunt ia well
elved and will prove, an it haa In
3 punt, to bo worthily bestowed. The
w law allows proceed! ion to be niadu
Information without tlio Intervuntion
the k-rand jury and thin wilt be tried.
tbis UiHtrlrt. It la believed title
ithod wail work well and coiiNidorabio
i'Imk to the county can bo Hindu,
Tin law punned by thu lunt hukhIou of
: lelHlnttiro, prolilbitlnu tlia tine of
kle ln-blut , niiichiniH for gumhlliiK
rpOHee bus been enforeed in thin city,
o-e that hrtve been operating bure,
vii not been running ainco the llmt of
II week. JiiHllce of the l'eni e Subiiebel
vlned the owners Monday to Ukn their
whines away, It wa promptly row
ed with. Several complaints bad
un made to enforce the now law. The
I !!(. in Kenerul are heartily In favor of
0 new law, nlthouuh it cIIWib conoid
ibly the proprietors of the alTuirs wlio
ro ru.ipinn a nice sum bom their earn-
Tkaciikhh' Abhociation Mkt, Tho
nchers AsHouiatiou of Clackamas
unty met at Willainotto Falls Satur
y and besides rendering an excellent
ogruin enjoyed a social time and in
dgnd in an outdoor bimij not . The
sther was propitious for bucIi nn oc
lion, and tho large nt tendance that
is anticipated, reHpunded, Forty woro
enotit. An appropriate program o( the
llowing parts was rendered: "l'rimnry
ork," Miss Llziisio McDonald j'.'ModeB,"
Hhlrley llnek i "levlr.. In Arithmetic,"
Miaa Jeimlii K, Kowen ; "liotiiliy," J. 0.
inner. Mrs. Helena kiiinaon was
down for "Thu Kipiilnloii of thu Trench
From Acadia," hut owloK ) tho sick
iir In br fiiiuily, kIid wua nuuble lo be
I'ltl'l I.AU MSA'I UKS WHIU KlI'l.AINkll.
Miinator (ieo. 0. Itrowned, of this city
attend".! a meet Inn of the fanner I ItUein
of Manpiam Hutuiday, and delivered an
aldrca upon the various public ipies
lions IbatCireet lha atrlrs of Claekainaa
county. Tho meellna was lariily at
tended by a rcprractitallv K'ltherlnK of
cltlneiis and far rs. The senator nMike
Upon the new t'OininliMilolirr bill, the
county printing th melhod of theelei"
tion of road siiiervlois by the Hvpln
which was recently paed and other
popular tiicumirel that were paaned st
the lata wlon of lha statu li Kinlaturr.
A K'eat deal of liiterit was taken in Mr,
lirowiiell's remarks ami i-xnUnatlous, an
llwastha first thua the i-eop'it were
prlvllsued to bear of thco IhiiiKS from
one ho reprexenled Ibelil in the state
llusok run Okkoom ('nr. Charles V.
Oalloasy, sou of Ju lu (ialloway, of this
rlty, was one of the siiccennful cotilfHt
ants iu II. e recent delmio bel l at Forest
tirove, U'tw-en the Ciilvrmiiy of Orr,oii
ami I'anllc Cniversity. Mr. (lalloway's
collraifilea were; W. L, Whlttlemy, and
I'.. C. Jaikasy, 11 prvMii.llnrf the L'l.l
veraily of (Ifrnii. 1'he ijuestion iehtil
wss: "llrwilved, TiikI colonial tspsn
Ion la Hot fur the beat Intrient of the
Culled Ktalrs." The lieitlv of the
qilentiuli won. A laige alleiidaliee
Imienrd to the deleters, and i'omM-ti.nl
ndk'i s decided lbs rnitroveriy tin Its
inrrits, Jii Ik and Mrs. (Jallowsy were
In aMi'lldane. The dehatn is aaid lo
have l-ern the lst one, all (bin- con
sidered, thai has ever w iaie.J in tlin
statfl, tx-tarrn the n. Ilexes. Charles
(iallowayls makiiitf ipiite a rrpila lm
for himself In the art of of furenle ora
tory, lie Won lbs (old medal in Ilia slsle
oratorical contest held at Cortland two
years stfo.
Ths WVaa or Koenraa. I jt Mon
day liliilit robbers broke open and en
lerrd Fd. htory's h'. knillh shop, Slid
Cli.it. Noblltl's lively stable adjoining it.
Nothing of valuo has br-n mlsed a')el,
bom either of the rstablinhmei.ts, si
thoiigli the Iheivea undoubtedly bnd
nine uiotivn fur commiltinK the ads.
It Is presumed that the rohU-rs rnteied
the blaikumith kIi for the porpoaeof
finding cert4Hi siusll tool sbl. h cml l
bued to advaiilatia in pi) Inn tin Ir
vocation. 1 1 dors not apinsr wl.y they
bloke 0ei Ibe ibsT of lliestsble. No
chin to the robbeis was oh'ain-l al
Ihmuti Niglitwa'chman Kl. Shawmide
a (libgi-nt neiri'li for them. The build
iliiis were entrrel betsreil U Mand
10:30 o'clock, Ihe job elni dim-overe,
slioitly al'rr Ihe latter hour. Mepbeu
HunKAle was deputised lo acil the
nlhtwatcbiunn and the two made a
careful searrb throughout the city, but
without riled.
A l.k(vi'HK ON Woolit HArT 0. W.
Wheeler, bead lamp let tnier of I'ai ill.:
division, Woodmen tif the World, sd
dressed a laige number of members st
Wtiinhaid'a ball Friday nignt. In addi
tion to the eieflal remarks by Mr.
Wheeler other features of tho progrsm
bsd leeii prepsred by the committee
having the matter In charge, (.total
orchestral music wss furnished and after
the speaking the ball was cleared (or a I
dance. Many enjoied ihe-usulvcs at
this diversion. The lemaras of Mr.
Wheeler on W'oodcraft were to tbe point,
full of Interest and much appreciated by
tbe audience, which was demonstrated
by tho good will of bis bearers. In
epesking of tbe work of the Woodmen in
this state, be paid It a high tribute of
praise, aud made hocfiil piedictions for
Ihe future. He said in part; "Oregon
has 10K camps. These camps have at
the present time a united meinberbips
of 8000. This means that a great amount
of good Is tiring accomplished by these
fraternal brunches. It Is hard to prop
erly estimate the value of this work.
Among 100 families which have been
visited with that sadest of all calamities,
death, we have paid JuO,000 In actual
money." Mr. Wheeler make his head
tjiiaiters at Spokane when be is not trav
eling, although be Is on tbe road the
greater part of thu time. His I'acilU: di
vision coiisixta ol the states of Colorado,
Idaho, Molilalia, Wyoming, NevadH,
Utah, Washington, Utegoii and Cali
fornia, was mv frrrnt Affliction for a rtTim-
bc-r of years. Doctors did not help
mo. liy a friend's advice I began uning
your modicinos, and was perfectly
cured after taking three bottles of
t Aycr's
J. MUltrn Y, 173 Mulbsrry St., Nswsrk, N.J.
" T
or jyoopie Ttiat Are
Siok or " JuBt Don't
Fool WoU."
onlv oni ram a noma.
Rtmoet Pimples, turn NMdachs, Dytpsla ts
CoitlitnMt. 2ft cli. a Ihii at ilruunlnnor hr mail
fesuijilfi jru, audrM Br. Bosaako Co. t'lala, l's
a m
A Af IC l"
V 7 TJUrOF fif (
J Iv I H
VL ?! t' 'tih fCJ
f J ..?vv
la due nut only to the irlIiiii!i'y and
simplicity of tho combiiiution, but aUv
UtliO care and hklll with which it is
niuiiufuct'irvd by im I. illllo prix emw s
known V) tho Ol.iroiiNU I'M (jviil i
Co. only, and wo wii.h to linprt-hS upon
all the Importance of iun liiihlnjr the
true and original remedy. As tho
(Ten 11 1 nc Syrup of I'lrjs hi munufai-tured
by tho Camkoiima Fii hritfr Co.
only, t kiiowlcilo of that fact will
anxlhl ono In avollinif the worlhleM
bnltalloiis iniitinfiictiired by other par
ties. The Mk'b stnri'llii of the CaI.i
ron.nu Flo M in e Co. with the medi
cal profensl.in, find the tntUfactlon
which the (feritiine Hyrup of l ljrs lias j
(riven to million of families, malics '.
the name of the Company a ftiarany !
of tho escellenee .f Its remedy. It Is
far in advance of nil other lasatlvrs,
a it acts on the kidneys, liver and
bowels without Irritating or weaken
luff them, and It does riot (Tripe nor
tiaur.ciito. In order to (ret lis Ix iielicial
etTeeu, pleiiM) reiiieinU r thu name of
the Company
SAS f HAM IM . !.
Lt uviLtE. ut. tw teiik. n.r.
Vmn i.iIi.m.
We bad come itit 1 '-. c.ireroin fr
torjMdo" et lb" I.r-.'. lyn navy yard
ami Ihe Uuk tuned t hi. h cipluivto.
"We hev 1. 1 keep a li -rp waUh on
tbeirnn coti.i:." ri.i I ot .f the if tin
ners who were w ith in-
ls w that it I
dcx" not (fi t drr mi l d s not get Un
t get too !
M-bl Tin-re Is infer a da? i'i-s ly on a
liattl.hlp but tsr fi:l iiiKpection is j
tnadu of tb stonn of fi-.n cotton. Pip I
in a p !" of litmus pnN-r and sei if it
roim-s out blue. If it d'-i. sll is well,
but Iwwnre if it cum.-s tint ml That
tm-ans arid, and acid innns danger."
"What do yon do when it conn out
red!" I askuL
"Neutralise the acid. Yon see. (fnn
cotton deU-rionit.-s a lot in anacldaolu
tiun." "I)o you always keep the (ran cotton
"Alv ays. That's one of tho first
principle. When it's wet. It's aafo;do not eat (rrapr-s, tomatoes, figs or
when it'a dry, it isn't Let it hav all ; frniU ctmtaining little seeds becanse of
the water it w ill soak np, which is I a fear that Iheee awtls will hslge in the
aUmt iltl is r cent" I apts-mli and canso apw-ndicitia.
' ".Sntiise run were to tincli oil some
gun oittoii h re on the KfoumL what
Would hiipj n V j
"Nothing at all if It wasn't ctmflne.1
Yon might burn a ton of it like cord- j
w.mhI iu a Ismfire. Uut la k it in a tin ;
Iki, even a lliuisy one. and yon 11 havOj
fun. And. of course, the stronger the '
box the mure fun you'll
toU (jlolsv
huvo." Doe-
t atlrraroaarf tarla.
The Paris of the pavement, (ray.
bright and exhilarating, is fairly fa
miliar to ns all. but underground I'aris,
dark, solitary and damp, extruding '
liilles, is n-mparauv.-iy uusnuytu. tioni, yo luy take are not Roing to
paitofthisnieaisdevot.-dtotbocata- klV0 ,. froIll n.iit-itw if yon are
cciinU -a valley t,f dry Ik.ii.a a garden jg()in( fo ,mve jt- T,u, im.x,,licHllie
of thodeml:ther.t aKardenstiUn.ore)tll.ni,lowhii.h th(, Illajlffity of CMM
vast provi.les for tho wonts, or rather , attributable viuii..t U guard,d
the luxuries, i f tho living it is devot
ed to muhhnsim cultum These subter
ranean gardens extend fur some 20
miles under the gay capital and are
from SO f.-et to WO feet beneath the
It is very ilifhVnlt to obtain permis
sion to visit them, and even when per-
misMou Is obtained it requires soino
courage to livnu oneseii or it, iot in
only entranco is a circular oeniug liko
the mouth of a well, nut or wlin ti a
long hi1o standi. Through this polo,
fastened ut tlio top only, at fairly long
Intervals, sticks are thrust. This prim
itive ladder, the base of which swings
like a pendnlnm in the impenetrable
darkness Ndow, is tho only me m of
reaching tbe caves. "Here," again
cried our guide, with a b.irst of cheer
fulness, "see this doorl On the other
side are the cntacomlsi as full of bom's
as this placo is of mushrooms. i e
imiltHl. e were not afraid or bones
with an iron dour betweou them aud
us. Strand Magaxine.
The l'lrf John Jitpub Aslur,
Although Mr. Antor hud letl a life
mainly devoted to tmsinrM iiiteresta.
he found great pleunnro in tho society
of literary men. says Mrs. Julia Ward J
Howe in The Atlantic. Dr. Cogswell ,
made his homo with ns fur some years ,
after the closing of his famous school, J
but finally went to resido with Mr. As
tor, Httnicttnl partly by the hitter's1
promise to endow a public library iu
the city tif New York. This was accoin-'
plisbed after some delay, niul the doc-1
tor was for niany years director of the
Astor library. 1 le used to rtdate soino j
humorous nutcdotes of excursions which
he niiido with Mr. Astor. In the course ;
of ono of these the two goiitloinen took ,
Bupjier together at a hotel recently
opened. Mr. Astor remarked, "This
man will never succeed. " I
"Why uotY" ititjuiml tho other. I
"Don't yon see." rcplietl tho flntin-,
cler, "what biri?" lumps of sugar be ;
puts in the sn'ar bowl t"
Once, us they were walking slowly to
a piuitbont which the old gentleman
hud chartered fur a trip down the liar-,
bor. Dr. Cogswell said. "Mr. Astor, I
have just been calculating that this :
boat costs you 25 cents aiiiinnte." Mr.
j Astor nt unco hiiHtened his puce, reluc
tant to wetito no much money. i
llriellril Hie I'rl Hlllrii,
A well known i;,,t Jji.l di-U.r tells
a sbiry f bis erprim iitiu;; (hivs wleu
Mt ''11''"' A. KiH whom ho
kii"W mid abuireil hud a t-t kitten
that in fi t kin uround broke mni of It-i
loud e;;a. 'J'lm f.iir iuitrewi was In die
tip.ilr nod in etii'iiiiiy aikcd le-r ineil
h nl student admirer to try his sl.ill on
tho i" t. He ciUM iiti'd and Vit bis
1 f.kther's rn--Hi-n;; r ly, who was nw-d
' to the e!f;'Ty, to apply the aiuintlietic.
The d' tor made the amputation and
was sewing up the fhip Ixautifrilly,
when the boy n yell and said the
cat wiot ib-ad. It hud bccti chloroform
ed to ib 11 th.
The dix tor knew that the di rnl-ie of
the pet would kill bis hopes with the
lnlHtrs. He bad only rne alternative,
artilliial P-epiratloii, and s-linx the
forepaws he wt Ut work. In t-u min
utm be saw be was saved, for the kit
ten If'K'iri to breathe. It was pit'nd.
In in mt one of Itur-lawcrs, to t!tr jdrl, who
bevi-r knew bow ii'-ar it i urn to 'u
burled In thu ba4 k jrard n. rittnhur
I Difpatch.
A tliBmaler'a Arruaala,
There was a shiM-maki-r I met n'rt
Ioiik" ao. says a w ritT in ChambTs'
Journal, who bad a tn't elilMiriite
tnetho'l of ke vUil bis "Ixioks. " Azairwt
thu wall of bis workhop be had a larj?e
bonnl -n tb whii b Iih painted black.
Into this K.ard be tivA Ut drive bob-
tiails, tiK-ks, br,i-s and htl rivets and
other nails tnwd in bis trade to repre
sent work dune. For Iritain e. the soi
ling of a pair of l.ot w-oud m repre-m-nti-d
by a small if of b-nthi-r tai-k-fd
on to the Uuird by means of a bra
rivet, lit If the lusts were bobnuiletl.
then a ludiiail was nwl inxtend of tbe
brans rivet A et-l rivet lndicab-d a
patch on the sohi. and a patch on the
npp-r was shown by tb aMition of a
piw-e of thin b ather. New lioots were
shown draw u in chalk, as were also tbe
liicrojdyphics repn- utinjr tho cusUjuj
its' naim-s.
S'iiie "nliarity .f niAnnr-r, dross or
snrroundintf was chown to indicate
how account it was. The parson's ac
count wue placed nnib r tbe ronh draw
ing of a cbnrch; Uie enrate, who wore
ghismi. Was represented, by a sketc h of
a con pie of circles, ono blank
and ono with a dot in the cefiW, atood
for the prwtman, wlio had bstt one eye.
A lst-r barrel was tbe inukio-per'a sign;
the village pump did duty for tho milk
man, while tbe schoolmaster was per
sonated by the drawing of a cane- The
old man was a great we-;, but he never
had his arc .tints chnlleiiexl in spite of
their quaintm-A.
CoarrralK A pra4lrlla.
Vr. II. IL Lemen of Alum. Ilia., says:
"I often meet ptsiplu who have such
whli-Mme fear of apiiendicitis that they
iieneviT 1 near a person say ne
di nies biniw-lf frnits lscanse of this
fear I take occasion to assnre him thut
it is nscb-es to tako any such precau
tions. If you like fruit, eat it, for ap
pendicitis, seven in ten instances, is
due to other Ihn.gs than aceils. Little
particle of f.sslof any kind can lodge
in tho appendix and produce appendi
citis, evt u a bread crumb Ix-ing capable
ot it In addition, a great many canes
are caused by something entirely ont
sido the appeudix. something causing
the inflammation.
"To nil I would any. 'Oo ahead and
Mt anythinjc y. Uko. for aU precan-
again.st, aud it is Um Ii-kj to light the
XuIUIiik Sprrlal.
Library Adi-tant (b visitor who is
wandering about in a puzzled manner)
Can I help you T Are you looking for
anything special T
Visitor (absently) No, thank you. I
was only looking for my wife. Library
It will pay you to como to Portland
and purchase of us, .
Than any other store in the state
and we will pay fare to Portland and
return on all purchases of $5.00
or over.
'Moyer Clothing Co.
BEN. SELLING, Manager. 3rd and Oak Streets.
Modes the food more
A nmk WtnM,
Close U the wairon we niet a bnh
woman, one of Indowyoka's people, re
di'd br starvation to the uuwt ernacl-at'-'l
omrpitiablo condition. Her hns
Imnd bad be-n kill'"! by lions some days
In-fore, though she hTsdf bad ew-ajel
with her life. On h'r back and shonl-d'-rs
were the marks wb'Te the same
lion had ripp-d away irest strips of
flesh. Ing clots of blooil had dried 00
her body; the wound hail not t-ven
U-en waMheiL I gave b'T some meat,
which site seiz-l upon and at once ate
ravenously. The bone were almost
throngh her Cltby skin; bT little be;idy
ey-s st-t close togetlnrr nndi-r a low, re
treating forehead, her ' flatU-in4 noe
and large protruding li;, concealing
what little chin she p.-!, gave her '
a bs.k most uncanny am. repellent.
AlUigether more l:ko an animal than '
Human is ing, sue s-rm-! w mo me ,
lowet type "of womankind that it haa ',
ever kwn my fat to look on. There an
tjnmts-rs of tmrhmen and their wiv-a
who live in this miwrable condition.
w-Biid'-ring throngh the reldt with no
other means of subsistence than such
tra-h as w ild rs-its and Is-rrii-a. Koine
of the men have guns and ammunition,
and they api-nd their whole time In
ahootiug. When they kill a buck within
rearh of water say ten mil the
whole family conT'-gab-a on the spot
aits round the body and gorge itself
until every scrap of fln.h and skin has
disappeared blac k will's Magazine.
XA!Y A 1.0 Villi.
Has tiirne-l with disgust from an
otbetwire lovablf girl with an offensive
breath. Karl's Clover Hoot Tea purifies
the breath by its action on the bowels,
tic., as nothing else will. Bold for years
on absolute guarautce. l'rice Z its.
and 50 eta. C. U. Huntley tbe Diuggists.
If yon bsve a cough, throat irritation,
weak lungs, pain in tbe chest, difficult
breathing, croup or boars ness, let us
suggest One Minute Cough Cure. Al
ways reliable and safe.
Geo A. IlAJtnixa.
Best shave in
barber shop.
the ci'y at Johnson's
A fine parlor organ for sale on essy
terms at the Oregon City Auction House.
Money to loan
lIcuoES Jt CiairrirH.
at lowest rates.
A fine parlor organ for sale on easy
terms at the Oregon City Auction House.
Three papers
on eighth page.
for f2. Kead our offer
For frost bites, burns, Indolent sores,
eczema, tkin difease, and especially
PI es, PeWitt's Witch Hazel Salvo
stands first snd lest. Look out for dis
honest people who try to imitate and
counterfeit it. It's their endorsement of
a good article. Worthless goods are not
imitated. Get DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve. Geo. A. Harmnu.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind Yen Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
delicious ond w I lolcsomo
Sunday Services.
OK li if AN' KVAS'i.Kl.lfAb I.tiril
KltAN IMMAM'Ab Mt I:t H-l orr.t
L'.if.il. I II A Iaium airwl
Krnsai J. W. Mack, aior. SuiMny khixA
St I'' A. M., wrrSljr rrr r trry J littr:Uy
at S P.M. lirrmai) scIkmiI rvrrv Pjturlay
from 0 to I-'. Kvrrjlxi'ly Innieil.
ST. Kill.V H f'Uf'Rf H, C AT H'lMI'..- !.. A.
lin, !, ii, I'ir. On n iicUy n.ii i s ml
Mi M . Kefjr -ii'l nil ('.'it'll mri'lay
i;rrmn t-rmnn a'tr ili S otIikS n
Al sll irthr ma'M-s KrijIUti wrmom. Hur.:y
H-li'il si 'J mi r. . Veirs. i'.l"ne J
ijUiwi anil beutjle'.loo t 7 30 r. u.
Wr.TItoriHT EPHOOPAL nirkCfT.-R-r.
II. Oiwr, P'..r. Moriilur rtirs si lie.
Hub'Wf n le.,l at l' '). ni.-ln st'.
rtlis. f. vlllliK -rirU' si 7 -
.w. Vityrt M-riin
"'- cr.iUUy Ii
lsiic mr'tuia s iB Uf rvuiiiir as
Ihuflni tinAut st i w-
m.T j.kK.;tvTEKiA J ( t:"i:c:i.-i:sr. a
1. Miiinc.m. rjr. -.t.r. tM-rrm at 11 a . sail
Yv,t , winy nl i.ri.ti.n Kii,tc..r nw
trrj stneir otmni m it n. .i.:
SVtblu( rt:r vci,uj si m. kiii ireu.
F.rlei;. Ptntor: J. K. KHtrT A I Mnl.
pp--hin( M-ry. titty Hini'laf al 11 A. U.
Sn4 7 i P Halil.elh rhMit tti-ry H'iniUy at
MA.M .Mr. .;".m-in.u Supu Prscr Met'.. eg
itr J bui.U; tf nluf .
Itev. I. K. Hammond, iii-otor. rWyic
STcry liiu.ilajr at II a. in, aii.l 7:.lop. ni.
H-mday etiol at 10 o'rtot k. ht rvice yrv
Kriilav eriii"K at7-iO. Othsr r bj
n.ar U siirioiiiir.ii. All aU frrs. fcUAng
en cordially invltrd.
jrrgalional chiircn. Kev. K. hs" S, Kr.
brvut svsrjr hunday at 11 A. M. Hau isv
achool at ID A. VI.
Chrittian Science meetings at Willam
ette hall, Sunday morning service, 13
o'clock ; Sunday school,! 2; weekly meet
ings. Wednesday evening at', exrep
first week of each month, when meeting
will l held on Thursday evening at ft
A. O. U. W. meets every Saturday
evening in tbe A. O. U. W. Temple.
Geo. K. CaiiJ. secretary.
Kebekahs Willsmette Rebekah Lodge
No. 2 meets second and fourth Friday of
each month at I. O.O. F. Temple.
Matt Godfry, tecretary.
Court Hobin Hood No. 9, Foresters of
America, meets first aud third Friday u
tbe month iu Red Men's Hail. W. E.
Stsfford secretary; F. T. Rogers, chief,
Meade I'jst No. 2, G. A. R., meetw
Crut Wednesday in each month at Wil
lamette Hall. G. A. Hirding, com
mander. Clackaruis Chapter No. 2, R. A. ST..
meets on the third Monday of eacls
month in Masouic Hall. M. Eollack
1ioneer Chapter No. 28. O.'E. S. me;t
Ihe second and fourth Tuesdays in encti
month at Masonic Hall. Misa Jennie
Rowen, secretary.
Oregon Lodge No. 3, 1. 0. 0. F., meet
every Thursday in Odd Fellows'.Hall,
T. F. Ryan, secretary.
Falls Encampment No. 4, 1. O. O. F .
meets first and third Taesday in eacbi
month. J. A. Stuart, secretary.
Kedmen Wacheno Tribe No. 13, Imj.
O. R. M., meets Saturday evening 7 :3U.
at Red Men's Hall. N. M. Moody, C
ofK.;Chas. Woodward Sachem.
Multnomah Lotlge No. 1, A. F. A. M.,
meets first and third Saturdays in each
month at Masonic Uall. T. F. Ryan,
Mead Corps No 13, W. R. C, meet
1st Monday in each month at the Will
amette Hall, Mrs. Foutt, president.
The Auxiliary meets the third Monday
at Willamette Hall.
Artisans meets first, second and foartss
Thursdays in each month at Red Men's-
Hall. J. T. Searl, secretary.
Catholic Knights of America St. Jobn't
Bianch No. 017, meets every Tuesday ot
the month.
Tualatiu Tent, K. O. T. M., meeti i
Red Men's Hall, on second and for.rtl
Wednesdays G. 11. Hyatt, record
keepei ,
Willamette Falls Camp No 148, W. O.
W. meets 2nd aud 4th Fildaya iu the
Willamette 1111. Clerk J. K. Munis.
Flenty of money to loan at S per cent
on long or short time. Apply to G. l-.
To Cure a Cold Iu One Pay.
Take Lixitive Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All drugiigts .refund money if it falls tt
cure. 2 ic I tie genuine nas l b. oik
1 each tablet.
Tti-y overcome Weapai, lir.'iia
ll lit Mi 0ll.l-.lIV-V . '--
lid bunm "Iihi'ni of utn't.n
tloa." Ilir r "lAf avi-'
toirlrt omnh"a. seli'st d
Trluixiient of arfut nil tiuuji. un.
kmB rm.l fur w t.ut
lliin. Ciib a h-l'- S
nimrf a plalirw. Wl r NaL
h mnll. "ia by dm irl-.-JlOli
For aale by C. G. Huntley.