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jl'ersonal Mention
. (jaw jm iuj, ,
.. II. .!.. . Ill I . i. i
), una. iiourri narner ia ipina aniiuuaiy
Mr. IC. II. Tabor U l It with la
The Infant child ol Jiilut Montgomery la
lull nit k.
i J. T, AMirwni returned from a trip lo
a!ein HnI urilajr.
( Allrt TufTt, of Oawrgn, wa In the
t lot III III WW'k,
(Attorney A, H. Preiser, returned from
lrii lo Halem Monday.
j Mm, ami Mr. V. JUrrU ara now oc
tipying tlm Put row collage.
j tlr. 1'u-ey, ol Harlow, has ln visit
X br daughter, Mr. W, I', Hawley.
H.nry Will, of Aurora, wa a walcouio
alli'f at the Fntrrprlae oihYe Monday,
J!ra. Noble Heath, of l.('ama, well
Ihown hare la visiting friend in thcclty,
:iiKdna TUr ha been til(slck
fliti tha drip, but la abla lo ha out again.
Mra. Ilcrnell, of Beaver Crwk, It said
6 be very sick. Ilrr husband ia at
! Key. V. II. Laloortitle will preach at
da Baptist church Sunday morning ami
j A. F. I'aiker, of (ilada(ine, liaa Urn
fry lick witb Ilia grin but la reported aa
bloven Hungate, a ttirvryor from
Mi klo I'ralne, waa about the rlty ll
I lrt Of Ida week.
. Mia Hlnlla Hum hut Iim boon angsgrd
ta Ii Ilia handy echool. Tlia tain
fglns March 0.
f John Shannon, of Reaver Cfl
2"mnI through tlm city Monday on bia
fay to I'urtlanil.
! Mia Kate I Man, formerly of Oregon
Jliy, tui now of Portland, waa vialtlng
.tenda here Monday.
( MSn Rom Morgan, of Forest drove
ho baa been visiting Miaa F.dnaTa
.or haa icluriiej bouia.
Tliai littla aon of (irant OMa, of (iU.
lone, ia recovering ironi Ilia severe
kirn It received a abur t lima ago.
roW-V ar-or try-ttr-lg,- (- ty
T...1 LV. .h 4
i.v.-a j9tiPuet4. ertLVi.9i j.jh-i
III llenry'a minstrel ara expected In
Oregon Clly about Man h J()ih.
lii oign Malett, of Mulalla, aged 20
yrara, died of consumption Haturday,
tJ'Uta a number of tmoplo from this
pUc attended Ihs ihi atra at Portland
to bear Iba noted artora I hern Ibla week,
Huliji-i tfor honday Christian Htlenca
aervira Marrb 8, "Hubniarii a," Huuday
achind at 12:10. A cordial Invitation ia
eaten I lo all.
A ctirmlileiahla corrrMiudnra ami
other itiatiar win crowded out on ac
count id apai'H. It will atMH'ar next
The atata arrretary of h Y. M. C. A.
will ha hare i'uetday night and will give
n llluntrated frea lecture on Halm
erenery and Y. M. A. buHilIng.
K. K Cuui,l-,n, of Lwicoln. X.b.. baa u ,0 en (
i'a'i"i iiir anil t ail ii iioriu over iif
K, II. Cowing baa bon apixlnbsd by
HherlfT Cooka collector of the bicycle tax.
The collix'tor will be ready ti col
led (be tax by the end of next week.
The completion of the Oregon Tele
phone Cornpany'a line between Astoria
and Portland will b greatly appreciated
br pimple of Oregon City. The aervlce
waa completed Monday, The central
elation ia located In C. 0. Iluiitlejr'i
drug atore, on Main atreet, where Ore
gon City patrona may receive direct
communication with their friend In
the city by the aea.
jauiea aieyer, an employe oi Hie
Meyer, an employe
Willamette Paper Mill waa
eeverely burned about the face Hunday.
lie bad been cleaning out one of the
boilioa with coal oil, and when be bad
flnUlied thotigblleady threw lliecoiileril
. . i a 4i t a mi
oi a can inw a mating furnace, me
flame followed out and be wai covered
with fire In an inalant. Ilia face waa
badly burned and medical aaaiatance
wa obtained.
Friend of Mla Florence Pally, will
Rrownell'i Reaolutlen Iddatlng lo
Mafttrrlna; oat ef tlaalerr.
Mr. and Mra. V. A. Huntley hat
jlven lip bouaekeepiiig and are boarding
I 111 Mra. PiUbury.
11 r. and Mra. Alex Tboniaa, wbo have
en flopping for aometlma with Mr.
Itbaiy, have moved to Poatland. ;
i J.. i bard hcoll, the new connlycotn
lleslooer apiwlnled Friday by Uovernc r
letr, ijiialinrd for the dutiea of bia office
Jaiaca Itlntout, now on the colonel'
UJat Manila, bat tabled hie folk lo
bis city, that be will atart for bom
arch 7tb.
W. O. Vaughn, of Molalla, baa bean
Jelling for aeveral day with bia brother-
Iaf M. F. McCowan, voniUble of
bia city.
D. P. Price, young law atudent of
Portland with City Attorney J. M. Long
fa lo the city on legal bualneaa the
.rat ol Ibe week.
! Jaroee Ogle, a farmer In from Mar
Ham, reporta that fruit treea in that
klnlty were not Injured much by tl a
lie cold aptdl.
! J. P. Fullam, a bright young man of
tcdland, who la attending the Port
tml Duainea college waa hero Monday
n abort vacation.
David Wilaon, of Highland, waa ex
mined for inaanily Sunday evening
nd adjudged inaane. Il waa taken lo
he any I v in at once.
8ai Doilge, a ablnglo man of Heaver
!rcek, waa bore Monday. He I trying
o aeciire contract lo furnlah aome tele'
hone polea for a Portland company.
A. K. Tameiiu, well known bore, In
turned from Haletu to take a poeition
aclu'kfor Huntley' drug atore. Hi
lany friend are glad to ace him among
letn again.
John Preaton, a lioaa machine nun in
e Crown Paper mill hurt hie band
sverely while making aome lepalra to
le machinery, and baa boon unable to
or a for aeveral day.
Mlna Nora Conyera, wlo waa vialllng
i tbia city limt week, left for Portland
mi Jaw and after upending several dny
ith her friend, Mra. F. A. Kancroft,
ill return to lior home at Clatakanie.
Rev. K. 8. llolllngor, lato of Aatorla,
ia newly called paritor of the Congregn-
onal church of thla city, arrived up
ith hit family Tuesday, and tins on
ired npon bia new charge, He will
ion the pulpit Sunday,
William Klaor, and Jack Finhor, have
impletud their wootl hauling contract
ith the Portland General Klectrlc Com
iny, and have returned to their farm
l the TuHlitan. They are making
ndy for the apring work.
Win; Barlow, the well known ploneor
Harlow, waa In the city the diet of the
ek, He eay ; "Tlio United State
iouIJ annlhilute the rhillplnoa, give
o neKro a portion of land and a govern
ent mule, and let thorn work out their
vn aalvatlon In the oriental ialua."
County Rocorder Randall xnt Waah
gton'H birthday with li la futhnr In-law
, X. Mattliiou, of Hiittevlllo. Mr.
uttbliiu wan injured by recoivlng a
vore fall aevoral wooke bro, and hns
h'h been conflnod to the house unulile
attend to bia work.
Ien aclncted for the princlpalabip of the
Molalla echool. Miaa Pally baa len
teaching at Mulino, but the recent realg
nation of Pronator Coleman of the
Molalla echool ojiened up a gooil op
portunlty for the young echonlmiitrrae
which abe waa fortunate enough to be
abla lo avail heraelf of. Hie baa not
been leaching but a abort time, having
Hafab A. Maver ha commenced uil graduated at the Park place icbool not
In the tlackama county court agalnat long ago.
Ktbyler Hue and other on a certain
Hank of Oregon City. He glvea leaaona
In vocal culture and on the piano.
Complaint baa readied Ihla office that
null put In the porUilllce here Friday
doe not reach Collon until the following
Wedneaday. We do not know where
lb fault Ilea but It ahould lie remedied.
promiaaory nolo for the aum of f.IO),
arcured by mortgage.
The member of Kola Circle, No. 107,
Women of Woodcraft, extend a cordial
invitation lo ail woodmen lo bring a
banket of lunch lo Willamette ball Tuee- body ha never Wo recovered.
William Morlenaen, of Butte Creek,
waa in the city Haturday looking alter
the matter of hi deceated partner, Han
en estate. Ilanaen waa drowned In
Hutte Creek oyer month aince while
attempting lo break a Jam ol log. Hi
day evening March 7th.
llie body 01 el r. Ilanaen waa
found at Kcoll'a Mill Wedneaday, four
milea leluw where it diaappeared in the
water of Unite Creek, January 14. Ilan
aen waa drowned while attempting lo
break a jam cf log.
tenaen & Ilanaen conduct a aawmill and
logging camp. Ilanaen -waa a brother-
in-law of Morteneen and the latter in
tinda to apply lo the county court for
letter ol adminialratlon over the eat ate
On Katarday February 2Mb Mr.
Xemyre' cla of the Haptiat Sunday
w-hool had a aocial lime at her borne on
A warrant waa taken out in Juatlce Fight and Adama ttreet. It waa otiened
rVliuelwl a court Mondar calling for the by ainging and a prayer after whbh
arreat of F. M. Manning, a mail carrier, they played gamea. Then refreshment
chargel with riding a borao upon the I were terved. Ttioee preeent were: Ada
cilv aidewalka. The act waa committed Flemlmr. Nellie Auatin. Klnora Auatln.
al Fly.
The Union Vrterana' Union, that wa
organ Ixml abort time ago In thla city,
illmuaur In on Saturday March 4th,
at Armory ball, under charge of Col.
Prieatcr, mualering In and Installing of
fice ra for the aUte.
(ieorgie Grace, Mamie Cooke, Mary
Sandal rom, Lela Uravee, Kdiih Cham
berlain, Hattle Ringo, Lottie Hotel,
Verne darker, Ella Darker, Flla Lut
and Iena Neniyre.
A company of boy actor laorganixed
in the city, and the member ol it, are it
appeara, making quite bit with their
aliow. They appeared at U.e hall over
the Seventh atreet bakerv Saturday
A pleaaant aurpriae party waa given
Miaa Kilen Puraiful at her bom in ta
citV Saturday evenlnir. The aamiliut
riendahad an enlovabla llmw ul.eimr DU P'Teu lo "
. ' ' ' I vi. nr i.. t-. -i ...
me after wLci re re huienta wen "w wl -,'..
trvrd r1, Sotne funny part were aacumed
-' " on the atage, and ther aucceeded In
nm laruow, oi an. I leaaam, wanta I keenlnv the audience In eood humor
loknow Who la the oldeet man Ineach tl.ronffhoiil Ilia mrfonnanrn M..lr
ret Incl of the county. If our correapon- Meldrum aamr "Yankie Duc-lle D.nd
lemeor ou.era iniereaie.1 win aend in ,ith aucceea. voumr Miller made rwH.U
the name of tbeolde.tlnhabilantoflhelr .ui.1 with hla -Dutchman" and other
community una Iniormatlon can be Iur featurea were preaented.
niaiieu Air. I'aruow.
Senator fieorge C. Hfownell' reso
lution duelling the Orrgon Vol tin.
leer In the Philippine, which wa
adopted by both liouaee of the leglala
lure, I (aid lo have the eanction of
Colonel Hummer, and It read aa fol-Iowa:
"Whnreaa. It baa been (taled that
the United. State government Intend
lo muster out the volunteer regiment in
the held at Manila at an early date; and
"Wbereaa, The Second Oregon regl
merit waa the flrat lo land in that coun
try, and waa the flrat regiment lo atart
in the great expedition which left San
Franclsij) on the 25th day of May laat,
and baa been continuously In the Philip
pine Island, iM-rforrning eervice during
that period ; and
"Where, A large number of the
men in aaid regiment bave lucrative
position being held open for Ihern, also
dependent father and mother who
need their aaaiatance at home, and a
great many more who are In the midet
of their echool year, which they ahould
be allowed to resume; and
"Wbereaa, These young men (hould
be returned to their home to take up
their civil poaltiont aa aoon a compati
ble with public intereit, aasitt in the
care of their parent, and continue their
Khool work where they laid it dow o ; and
Where, It ia not the deeire nor the
Intention of tbia regiment lo demand
that they le moatered out, nor do they
deaire to be relieved from duty before
the government baa decided lo reduce
the volunteer army, atill, a they were
the flrat to land in Hie Philippine
ialand, it I proper and right that they
hould be mustered out in the same
order in which (hey came into active
aervice; that ia to aay, the first to arrive
hould be the flrt ordered home; there
fore be it
"Reaolved, by the senate, the bouae
concurring, that wa earnestly recommend
to our delegation in congreaa that they
uae every honorable mean that thi
object may be accomplished; aod be it
Reaolved, That the honorable
eerreiary or war oo requested to co
operate in the wiihea of the people of the
dale of Oregon eo far aa reUtea to thla
matter, and that the eecretary of atate
hereby requested to furnish each
member of onr delegation in congre,
and the eecretary of war, with copiea of
Una resolution."
I'oadltloM of the Market.
Floor I quoted 15 cent cheaper than
laat week. The condition of the egg and
butter market la Inclined to be alow.
Hotter la not being received from out
ide very freely; Importation7 bave
ceaed. Meata are maintaining itiff
I price. SUII-fed cattle are atill being
Xr. t'lark'a flood lurk.
Dr. Darrin'o treatment ha been
marked witb good reaulta. Not only is
bo crowded with patient, but the roar
yelou result achieved In bia new treat
ment by electricity la almost Seyond be
lief. On caao In particular I that Mr.
S.K.Clark, of UkUli. Or., well ami
marketed. Later Price of meat are avorablv k nown. whnan rin l(lr ara
expected to raise.
The 5tr I'onmlaaloner.
Richard Scott, of Milwaukee, haa been
Henry Yoder, an 18 year-old boy liv
ng at Harlow, waa coo vu led at the
latter place recently for Healing a pair of I'P0'"!"! "7 Governor Geer, third com-
ordinary anectaclee. Justice of the miaaioner lor Ulactamaa county. The
peace W. W. Jeaae eentenced the lad to Piwnlrooo ol Mr. Scott waa made I ri
30 dava In the county Jail. He ia now aJ on Ul9 ,Ml dJ ,e'r governor lo
n the Oregon City Jail doing bia lime.
The Portland (Hour milla atarted to
grind again the first of laat week. Ow
take action on the matter. A great ef
fort waa made by certain force hereto
fore dominating the county court to
have a man of their choice avlected,
when It waa learned that the bill bad
finally become a law. Communication
from Influential citixen. both within
Ing to a continued dullneaa in the flour
market of late, the mill bave not been
doing any grinding (or over month.
There I. a large .upply of wheat on hand ,nJ Goy,
....... """."..m, ' ogrv..,iu. ernor GwlBb(lhaf of their restive
John Wall, a farmer from out on the favoritea. When the new of the p-
Sandy, brought In five coyote acalps the polntment became known It waa highly
laat of the week and received hi bounty gratifying to the majority of the people,
money for them from County Clerk who are willing that any part of the
Dixon. He eaya Ihore are plenty of control of county affair ahould be
eovotna In the muntv. ia.i.flil1 in id. placed In Mr. Scolt'a hand
..i..i.,ii. ul-i...- n Richard Scott la well known through
vicinity, the coiUrarjrmjtatanding. 0(t U)8 coun, tnJ BUte ,
Hoae Company No. 3 held meeting wl'8 cquaintance with affair of the
l..t week and elected the following offl- ?J2ft
cor for the enaulng year: Wheeler by holding the vice-prceidoncy of the
Church, president; John Jonoa, (ore- atate board of agriculture. lie ia also a
man; Gua Zimmerman,' first assistant prominent Odd Fellow. Having been
forwrnan. an.l A. wiekee. -ne.,,,,1 I wunty cominias oner before, to hi.credit,
ant; Bruce Zurawalt eecretary and Will
Green, treasurer.
By permission of the county court,
Gtiatave and Hedwlg Stein have adopted
James Edward Hlnnchard, a 4 year-old
he ia amply qualified to act in any finer
goncy of the otlice. He Uvea with his
family on bia large farm at Milwaukie
and pay hoavy taxes.
Beaten at Last
The Oregon City Y. M. C. A. basket
child who wa duserted by its parent ball team mot the Y. M. C. A. team of
shortly after it waa born. The boy baa Portland at Pope'a hall Saturday night,
since that time boon an inmato of the and to their sorrow were defeated by a
Buby Home at Portland. The child's score of 13 to 10. It was by all odds tho
name waa also changed to Kenneth hardest contested game of the kind that
Ferdinand Stein.
Mark L. Bussard, of Eugene, has re
cently moved bore and Is going to com
mence the erection of a farmers' feed
stable at the corner of Third and Main
stroets. It la intended lor the accommo
dation of country people. Stalls will be
arranged suflk'lontly to lake care of 70
head of horses, It will be a one-story
The work of blasting away the rock (or
tho (oundation of the new Y. M.C. A.
bus been finished, and tho concrete will
ba laid the first of tho week. Lumber
and other building material has boon
oidorcd and will be on the ground In
another woek. After the superstructure
Is commenced It is expected to be com
pleted within five weeks.
has occurred between any of the teams
of the state this season. Oregon City
had, before, tieuten every contestant that
It went up against. A tour through the
valley made a short time ago was one of
victory and triumph. The home boys
beat everything in the field and losing
Saturday's contest waa consequently a
The last half was Oregon City's by one
point, but they wore four behind on the
first. It is generally the belief that if
the umpires had not been imported, the
result would have been different. Pro
fessor Ringler, physical director of the
Portland Y. M. C. A., was one, and
Mackie (P.) the other. T. J. Gary (0.
C.) acted as referee. Marshall (0. C.)
and Johnson (P.) were score keepers
and Williams (0. C.) time keeper.
Utter From I'apUla Plcke .
Maxil. r. I., Jan 20, 1899
Co the Ladie of Meade Corpa Vol. Auz.
Dear Friends: Your box containing
tore for the sick reached ns in good
condition. Many thanks for same: they
ar just what we need. We are now get
ting from the government a great many
delicacies for the sick in the regimental
hospital, but not all we need, by any
mean. So we can nee what you aent ns
very nicely. Our funds a'e a pretty
nice thing lo supply these needs, but
we bave not spent our money foolishly.
We now bave enough to keep the eick
comfortable for many week to come.
You may not know that our govern
ment does not recognixe audi an organi
sation aa a "regimental hospital," aucb
ia the caee however, so you see we bave
to depend npon our own reeourcee for
most things, although aa I said before
they are giving ns considerable aid,
which ia purely voluntary ; we do not keep
our worst cases but send them to the
division hospital. The regimental hospi
tal ia a aplendid thing for our sick in
quarters. They get excellent care and
what wonld be many a long sickness is
thus nipped in the beginning by baying
prompt and proper treatment always at
hand. We undoubtedly save many
lives by this method, and it is worth a
great deal lo feel that we can do these
tilings. I hate been ill for two weeks,
therefore I could not write you before.
There is no serious sickness In Co. I.
We expect to get started for home
about the last of March if things keep
quiet here with the Filipinos. Extend
thanks to all who contributed to our
sick supplies.
Very truly yours,
L. L. Pickens.
Host Of All.
To dense the system in a gentle and
truly beneficial manner, when the
Springtime comes, use the true and per
fect remedy, Syrup of Fig. Buy the
genuine. Manufactured by the Califor
nia Fig Syrup Co. only, and for sale by
all druggists, at 50 cents per bottle.
Fifth Anniversary.
Pioneer Chapter, 0. E. S., celebrated
its fifth anniversary In this city Tuesday,
night. A large number of members and
friends assembled at the Masonio hall to
do honor to the occassion. A supper
whs given and a general social time was
LeeM. Travis will give a lecturo at
Weinhard's hall on Friday, March 3,
for the benefit of of Meade Corps, Vol
unteer Anxiliary. Mr. Travis is a gradu
ate of tho State University, a good
speaker and Rives a good Idea of army
life In the Philippines aa well as a fine
description of those Islands.
O'fgoa City Market Report.
(Corrected weekly.;
Wheat No, 1 merchantable, M centa
per bushel.
Flour-Portland, $3 30; Howard'
Bt, 13.30 ; Fisher's Beat, $3.30 ; Dayton ;
3..V: Peacock, 3.C0
v:a in ax, wmie, tent per
bushel, gray, 45.
MillatufT Bran, $17.00 per ton
(horta, (18.00 per ton.
Potatoes 70 to 75 cent per sack.
Egg, 20 cent per doxen.
Butter Ranch, V to 50 cent per roll.
Onions, 90c. per rack.
Green apple, 60 to $1.23 per box.
Dried FruiU Apple, onbleached, S
eenU; 50-pound boxe, evaporated, oc.
proneo, 2 to 4 cent; plum, 2 to 4c.
Bacon llama, 8 to 8 centa; aidea
8 to !,' ; ahooldera, 7 to 8 ; lrd 8 to 9
Livestock and Dressed Meat Beef,
live, V-i lo 4','c; bogs, live 4c; hog
dressed, b lo 54' cent; iheep, $3
to $4.00 per heed; veal, dressed 7 to 7c.
Poultrr Chickena, old $3.50 to $4.00;
turkey, alive, 12 cento per pound.
The Cmmlsslorrs Meet.
The county commissioner' court aa
lately reorganise, met at tho court
bouae Monday to do bualneaa. The full
board waa preaent. consisting of Meeir.
Mark and Morton, and Richard Scott,
the new appointee.
The matter of passing npon the accep
tance of the Clackamas bridge, recently
repaired, waa the first busineaa dis
posed of. A trip wa made to the
bridge and each commissioner thorough
ly examined tho atrocture. All repair
were found made In a aatisfactory man
ner. New needle-beam, oprighla and
i ringer bad been put in aod the atruc
tore waa well braced. It waa accepted
and an order for $300 waa drawn on the
county treasurer in faror ol Contractor
J.C. McCoy.
Next, the question of the new bicycle
tax waa taken np. The proposition to
tax each bicycle $1.25 to create a fund
for building good patb for wbeela and
pedestrian throughout the county and
state, waa heartily endorsed and the as
sessment waa levied. No other baai-
nee waa transacted.
publish helos
The art of curing disease by electricity
ean be clamed with the other dl trover lee
of the day, and who know but what all
diseases and ilia of tho flesh wi'.l be con
quered by tbia subtle forc7 It I a
theme for study and reflection.
Ukiah, Or., Jan. 12, ISM, Dr. Darrln
Dear Sir My health haa greatly Im
proved aince I wa at Pendleton. I
bave gained very fait tbo last wiek.
My cough haa about (topped, and my
heartbeat very good now. I have a
good appHit.' I feel very hopefol and
think I aoon will ha good health again.
Mr. Clark tenda hi best wisbea to your
self and wife . Respecfullr yours.
Ma. S. K. Cvauk.
!lafcarglBf Kara Cared.
To the Editor: I wish to make knowd
throiKh yonr widely circulated paper
what Dr. Da rr in haa accomplished in
my case, that other aimiliarly afflicted
may avail themselve of the doctor'o
great skill. For many years I hav been
annoyed with a loathsome discharge)
from my eara from Ibe effect of meaalee.
All remedie I bave tried aeemed lo fail
ontil I went under Dr. Darrin'a electric
and medical treatment. I am now
enred and feel yery thankful to Dr. Dar
rln, my bearing ha greatly Improved.
I reside at Adam, Or-, wbero my father
keepatbe Hotel Oregon. Can be re
ferred to by letter or in person.
Bcbt Kiaar.
Dr. Damn give free consultation at
205 Morrison treet, Portland. Or., from
10 lo 5 and 7 lo 8 daily. All carablo
chronic, acute and private disease con
fidentially and successfully treated.
Circulars and question blanks sent frea
to any address and correspondence
solicited. Moat case can receive homo
treatment after one visit to the doctor'o
office. Batterie and belt furnished,
with full direction for their use. Diffi
cult (urgical opererationa acientificUlly
performed. Rapture, varicocele, hydro
cele and nricture cored and guaranteed
in every case.
Letter List.
Tbo following is the list of letter re
maining in the pontortice at Oregon City,
Oregon, oo March 1, 1899:
mxs's LIST.
Lee, Grant H Slorr, Chat
Moody, Win Jones, O W
Mathiien. K Bardin, E P
Smith. C E Wright, Ed J
France, Mrs R, Beeler, E E
Brown, Sarab Beeaon, Sarah
8mith, Ruth
GEO. F. H0RT0N. P M.
State or Ohio, City or Ton do. I as.
Lccaa Coi'xtt. (
Frank J. Cheney makes an oath that
he is the senior partner of the firm of F.
J. Cheney A Co., doing businesa in the
City of Toledo, County and State afore
said, and that said firm will pay the aum
and every case of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrah
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 6th day of December,
. D. 1S9G.
seal NotarjPublic.
Hall's Catarrah Cure Is taken inter
nally end acts directly on the blood and
mucous surlaces'of the system. Send
for testimonials, free.
F.J. CHENEY, A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family rills are the best.
100 watches to repair at $1.00 each.
C. A. Nash, at the Poetoffice.
iiirl Wanted. .
To assist in general housework, not
over 15 years of sge. CO. Frxdkbick,
Ely, Or.
Sealed bids will be received at the
office of the county cleik for all county
and legal printing for the period of one
year. Said bids will be opened by the
county court on the first day of the
March term 1899 at 10 o'clock a. m.
The court reserves the right to reject
any or all bids.
By order of the county court Feb. 18th
1899. Elmkb Dixon. Clerk.
Pure Tea
in packages
at grocers'
To-XIght and To Morrow 5lrkt. '
And each day and night during thi
week you can get at any druggist's
Kemp's Balsaro for the Throat and
Lnngs, acknowledged to be tho most
successful remedy ever sold for coughs,
Cronp, Bronchitis, Aitbma and Con
umption. Get a bottle to-day aod keep
it alwayt in the boose, bo you can check
your cold at once. Price 25c and 50e.
Sample bottle free.
A Beautiful Complexion ia an Impossi
bility without good pure blood, the sort
that only exiat in connection with nod
digestion, a healthy liver wod bowels.
Karl's Clover Root Tea acta directly oo
the bowels, liver and kidneys keeping;
them in perfect health. Price 25 eta.
and 50 cts. C. U. Huntley. DrmrsiiL
Now is your time to buy ihoeo.
Krausse Bros, hare come to the front
with a 20 days special shoe sale, For
prices and particulars, see their display
ad in thi issue.
' sons lu th a ui- to man , our btwii. a .a
Ihjlr own .nd nearby Cuunii . ft is mainly u-n-e
work eonl urted at horn. Salary a r ulit
IM year .ml aipena a Jrtioitt t DnfiiKno
o-, D01. asMil.r7. .Monthly 1: J. Roiern-n.
Ki el ell-'l kmkI .iam d rorWoi. H t
twri K. Ha. P.eal . Peit U. Ctticagj. J-O
Baantk lad Yw Hi) Alwart kaftt
Beautiful Skin
Lldi6S ,f you desiro a transparent, clear
; and fresh complexion,
Use Dr. Bourdon's French
Arsenic Complexion Wafers .
the only reliable beautifler of the ?om
pltxiou, skin and form known. In tho
direction lor which they are Intended, their
effect is simply magical The most as
tounding transformation in personal ap
pearance is brought about by their steady
use. Possessing the WIZARD'S TOUCH
in producing and preserving beauty of
form by urely developing a transparency
and pellucid clearness of complexion,
shapely contour of form, brilliant eyes,
soft smooth skin, where, by nature, the re
verse exists. Even the coabsest ad most
BtrouiVB skis marred by r riches, moth.
DisriuuBKMKSTS are permanently removed
and a dehciously clear and refined com
plexlon assured, enhancing lady' loveli
ness beyond her most extravagant expec
tation. Iidlea, You Cast be llewutllul,
no matter who you are or what your dis
figurements may be you can make your
self as handsome as any lady in the land
by the ne of
Dr- Bonrdoi'i Arsenic Coi.pI.iloi Wafers.
Used by men the results are equally fa
vorable. Price, small box SO cents. Large
rox $1.00 or special order of six large boxea
$".00. Sent to sny address under plain
cover on receipt of the above amount.
Write for circular.
1111: lMitiwiA.t iiiti u o.
131 Montgomery Street, Ban Francisco.