Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, February 24, 1899, Page 2, Image 2

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Smu nn.. Fvb. L) Mr. Ja.k Wallace,
of 1 1 iutilMtttl. w a visitor in our reiuh
tiorltooil yettt Jhv.
rV'ral of cur (.inner ttfiuloI Hie
CrhiiK0' Heaver I'rwk on Saturday
luKt and reported a pleumnt time.
K. F. (inctitlier hauled potatoes to
Ouvun City lut neck (or l'eter
IlohUnder for which lie relied 75 t'ta
W e are pleaned to note that our pii
utaiv teacher Martin Maniinirwr I""
lK.M'il the recent teachers examination.
Fi i.lay i the lant day of to liool. There
i!l lie a tdiort program iii the afternoon
accompanied with itraduatinc exercise.
F. V, ilornm liuh'a family is on the
tick I, it.
Ji Kirchcui, of I.tyan, in ur
Dcititiorlit'od lurt week, trying to pur-
clui-e a good woik horn tmuiealiere.
7i, ... re scarce eomehow.
" i
Valentine were quite plentiful in j
tliie community luft Tueflay. j
There wat a dance niveti at tlie liome j
of Mr. r.eooii on Iat iiieiniay uiiii.
Al! ? iHrt havini! hud a plea-ant time.
Fuiil llori si huh ha gone to S.um to
fH n I a few day. When lie return liis
uict-tr I.ftia wi.l cMtne wi'.n him.
(ain has Millered coneiderahle in our
community aleo hy the recent frost.
!'..- Max
Sandy, Feb.
Kteip'l and
Thos. I'unn are employed decorating
the interior of the Catholic church.
Mr. Shay, of Fica-sant Home, granJ
Uther of C. S. C1ik, of tbii place, is
past recovery fri in dropsy.
A. Katzer and wife are confined to
their house with la giippe,
S E . Stone and A. W. Feck each in
tend building saw mill at once.
Win. Fhelps, superintendent of the
Bu'! Run Pipe line headworks ws in
Sn ly today.
fcobert Jonsrud, of Sandy, has jo it
been awardel patent for an improved
cable grip very useful in stump pulling.
R. Stucke young man, cf Fir wood
liad his right hand severely bruised last
wetk.. gun exploding in his bands,
lie evidently bad a narrw escape
there was nothing left of the gun.
J. II. Revenue. has been commissioned
a notary public by Gov. T. T. Ueer.
Thomas Slicger, of l'ortland, has been
giving Sandy River thorough inspec
tion with a iew to driving logs and re
von condition O. K.
Bartos. Feb. 20. It bag been along
time since our illustrious burg ha been
prominently connected with your great
fields of general correspondence.
There ws a Valentine ball at Damas
cus hall od the 18th. Q iite number
of young people were in attendance from
L grippe has ten quite prevalent
around bear lately.
Mirs Annie tlenkle, is visiting her
sister Mrs. Brackett at Eagle Creek.
Mr (label and Chas. Nonis are work
in at Mr. Johnson' mill.
The school w ill be out the 3rd of Ma'ch.
Under the management of Miss Myrtle
Griffith. Some of the young people are
going to leave for Eastern Oregon befoie
long. You know who,
Hakmosy, Feb. 21. Our school will
do e after Dtxt week for a week's
Mr. Clark haB sold his tiinl er, recent
ly purchased, to Mr. Kribs.
The grip visited us recently and
claimed a number of victims, all of
vrh )in recovered.
Q lite an acreage of wheat was sown
lie re last fall, which the recent freeze
made look quite yellow in spots, but
most of the farmers think it will come
out all right, which it is already doing,
and that but little damage will result.
Oar school library of some 59 books is
Still growing, and nearly all of the books
now registered are in constant circula
te i.
i'astor Jl. D. Streyffeler preached an
able and interesting sermon lo a well
filled house laft Sunday morning.
Stakfokd, Or., Feb. 21. Died, George
TaFeuburg, on the l'Jth inst., at 5
o'clock p. m., at hi old home in Wash
ington county near the Willamette
merilian. Mr. I'apenberg was born at
Einberg, Germany, Jan. 6, 1824, came
to America in 1848 and settled in Illinois,
later mined in California for four years,
tlen came to Oregon and lived on bis
:Jann continuously for 33 years. He
married Mrs. Martha Alberts in '82,
she died in 'U3 leaving no children. He
ll id been a Mason and a member of the
Fountain Grange. The interment took
place in the cemetery on the corner of
liis farm Tuesday afternoon.
Born, at Samuel M oners on the 13th,
a boy. Also a boy at John Johnsons
on the 14th.
C.rl Elligman, aged 8 years, on the
18 li frfll off a pic ket feuce w hile climb
ing over and stroke his leg. He had
thrown his ball over the fence then
started after it, gaining the top of the
fence be made a spring, bis pants leg
ran(ht and cramped hia leu until ll
hrnke IV. Seamann waa iuuimoiird
and reduced the fracture. At present
writing the Imy la retln,i easily.
Mr. Weisoeiihorn and faui'ly ia very
aick with la grippe.
Minx F.dna Lr 1.011 ia reorted to Ik1
Mina Ida France ha len moved to
OieiMii City. Sho has U-en conllned to
her hed at Mr. Wed, lie for numl thiee
weeks with la grippe and nervous
Mis Juli Spooner is teaching school
during Mix France's illness.
Some very nice weather ia now with
in and it hrihtens us up and makes us
d el unite spirited.
A new heatiiig stove at (he school
hou now lakes the place of the old
box one. Race burners take (he cake
and do not use nearly as mm b wood as
the old style.
Notices are up that at the annua!
i i ....... ti. ...... in i. ......... i...-.
tie, t w cHdlioU-e and ciMern are contem
plated. No yon taxpayer in district
'H had better te on han.l this time or
i vou may go about ao n n-raUhiug your
back hair,
! Frank Wcddie has Mlcd all the Irt
'that tood in the south end of hi tit Id
aisd is clearing tlie puce up.
Mr. N. H. (iHfc'e is spending a few davs
with bis sister-in-law, M rs. J.J. Howard,
at Oiegon City.
Jacob S.-hai and family sfn-nt Sunday
with his friend and relatiu. AKmt
six months sgo he movod to 1'oitland to
ensure in the harness
1 usineM on a j
larger scale, not doing !! r
he re-
moved to Oregon City, where be has
been located since. This Is their first
visit home.
rotatoe have again U'j-nn to move,
several are hauling to Osego and ship
ping by car, while many more are haul
ing to the river.
Osw xoo, Feb. 22. Dr. Cue gave his
lecture "Reminiscence of the Civil War"
at Grange hall last Saturday night.
After the lecture an oyster supper a
served by tne Ladie' Aid Society of the
M. E. Church. The ffir was a success
socially and financially.
The building purchased by the M. E.
church for a parsonage ha been moved
on the church lota and w ill receive some
necessary repairs befoie being occuuieJ
by the minister.
The potato market seem to be quite
brisk in Oswego at present. Several car
loid have been shipped recently, and
farmers are still busy hauling to the car.
The public schools had special exer
cises yesterday in honor of the birthday
of the father of our country.
Dena Ftosser, who fell out of a swing
and broke her arm about a w eek ago, ia
gett:ng along nicely.
Lact Thursday night was a red letter
night in the biotory of Dena, Rebecca
lodge of this place. Ten applicants
were initiated into the mysteries nd
mystic workings of the order. After the
ceremonies a bcuntiful supper w as spread
to which ample justice was done by all,
especially by those who bad been ex
ercising on that gay and festive animal,
culled the goat.
Freddy Meyer, the 8-year old son of
Cnnrad Meyer died last Friday and was
buried Monday in the Catholic cemetery.
It is claimed that the little fellow got a
fall while playing at Bcbool which re
sulted in his death, although the doctor
in attendance said that death was caused
from bronchitis. Mr. Meyer, who has
been working for some time at Keswick
was wired the news of the death of bis
son and arrived home Sunday at one
Mrs. George Shipley, who died in Port
land last Sunday morning, was buried
here yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Shipley
w as the daughter of Wm. Miller, a well
known resident of Oswego. She was
married to Geo. Shipley on the 12th of
Nov. 1890. She leave a little boy
about five year old and tier husband to
mourn her loss. The funeral services
here were nnder the auspices of Myrtle
Lodge, D. of II, Oregon City, of whicl
Mrs. Shipley had been an honored mem
ber, Mistletoe Lodge, D of 11. of this
place also assisted in the ceremonies
A large number of friends followed the
remains to their last resting placo. Mr
Shipley has the sincere sympathy of his
many friends in bis sad bereavement
An Honest .Medicine for Iji Grippe.
George W. Waitt of South Gardiner,
Me., says: "I have had the worm
cough, cold, chill and grip and have
taken lots of trash of no account bu'
profit to the vendor. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy ia the only thing that has
done any good whatever. I have used
one 50-cent bottle and the chills, colu
and grin have all left me. I congratu
late the manufacturer of an honest
medicine." For sale by Geo. A. Hard
Christian Home Wauled.
For one boy babe, four months; one
boy, two years; one boy, three and one
half years ; one boy 10, years; one girl,
seven years; one girl, 11 years; all tx
cellent children. For further informa
tion concerning them, address I. F. To
bey, superintendent Oregon Children'
Home Society, C03 Marqiiam building,
Portland, Or.
When dandruff appears it is
t!y regarded as an annoyance. It
should be retarded as a disease. Its
prtstnee fW.ci.' an unhealthy con
dition of the scrip, tvhkb, if neg
lected, leads to baldness. D.vxdmff
should be cvrtd At once. The most
effective means for the aire is found
promotes the fiwuth of the hair, re
stores it when gray or faded to its
orijinal co'jr, and keeps (he scalp
clean and healthy.
" Pr tivr tin sk'it t ?rrr
trouble! i h il ni.lr i.it, mi. I t hunt u "
U4I1, g; llir (.it lil'lllt i! t; .iv I (nil-
in:il'l. ..l l'H''l,n-iii,i
j.UU i.uull iv40 lg
1 'A
! .A
lj j)
ffyft 7
tli Ji
Xf .Inntrii!! la on
tMlTf-iv lei-.tvi" ! iii.t itiv
l'T 1- !l-ir PIHHe.K
a -it it'-'-- ml t -
K ,.u -k I! r k- iii' i-.-lnr.''
-!., !' ALl.il, A.Umuo,
11 k
Sprarrr la Thai l.oralllr M'r TV
Thick a lltarkhrrrlra.
A half yearly nuf'tiug of thediretU.rs,
who manage the Northampton private
asylnm had just broken up. and U.rd
prui.vr. a uieinis-r oi mai usiy, uw
lug to reach Althorp Tark somewhat
more quickly than customarily, deter
mined to return home by a ronto which
interacts the gTonu.l ut the asylum
and w hich la rarely nwtl save a a sum
mer parade for the unfortunate lunatics.
Arrived at the gate w hich aepuraUn the
asylum from the outer worhi Lord
PfH'ncer. much to his annoyance and
disgust, fonnd it socurely locked. A
koper, however, happening to come In
sight just nt that niomcnt Ird Spmcvr
lint no time in eipluiniug to him the
natnre of hi w-ishe.
Tho man surlily replied that hi or
der were to the effect that no one
should fvisn thmnsju thut gate except
due notice were given to him to the
contrary by tho authorities, and that.
being a married man w ith a wife and.
. i , ...;i- i,- .. n.,.i. .t,.n.t
m iain ...in..... ...i... ii.lu
whnt spirial ndvuntago was to be gain- Germau are said b have originated it.
ed by trnnsgnwing the rules and thn while the French developed the science
placing his situation in jnopurdy. Ob-1
serving that the fellow was growing ob-
dnrate. Lord Spencer thought it bet to " '' "
reveal his name and rank, imagining Kidney troubled has become so preva
that a knowledge of tho same would re- ,.nt ,1b1 lt j, noi ni. im,nn lor a child
call tho man to his sen Nothing of tn tlA, ll.l(i ..j.i. -.ak kl.lneva.
the sort happem-d. however.
Tho stolid featunn of the kecier sim
ply relaxed into a broad grin, and as he
turned to depart he gently explain.-d
that Lord Spencer in that particular
lKty were as plentiful as blackber-
' in V, a antHtiiM lltnA I. Wl 'iti i. ( If ilia
r-q U Kin nuiillllll UUir. it iiu hi vim
and expftnlrttioim wwnfvhuti, tho din
conifiUMl earl brin furnni to rctnrn tho
way ho hail cnm Wit and WMm.
Amoilal Oiporrurf la aa Office
llulldlaa Klevator la hlro.
Peonle who ride In "lift" In this
city acqnire some queer experiences at
times. The calling of tho floors where
passengers desire to debark or embark
not infrequently produces wmio ainus-
ing situations. It all depend upon the
style of the person making the an
nonncement. Of course conductor
are mute piirticipanU in the game.
Here is one happening of yesterday
which ia certainly out of the usual run. disease.
Half a dozen passenger entered nn i Dr. Kilmer's Swamp Root the great
elevator in a bijrdown town office build- kidney, liver and bladder remedy
ing. Doctors oflice there almost tothelprom y cnrei) tllfl .t distressing
exclusion of other profession. One oj a . .. . . ,.lr!lfir(IllMrv
W illi a IHH.IWIKT tt-'H' ' l"i '
at the wcond floor. A woman stood
mute while a nu-dical man thought ho
would leave at the fifth. The conductor
tnrned an Impiiring head and the re
maining passengers with one voice
chiming in fnll thorn shouted:
"Seven up," murmured a gentle
voice as the ear reached the indicated
Two men seeking the tenth floor
glanced at each other with grin of ap
preciation ns n utenognipher, und a
pretty one, by the way, entered the car.
She seemed, unconscion of having cre
ated more than passing interest, but
the conductor wa alive to the titnutinn.
"The lady wins," he muttered to
hinwelf a he gave the lever a yank and
the car shot upward again. Chicago
l.U 1....... n rt kil iiTi.LltijH
Bri th M Mil You Haw lart Bought
Of i-1S7-
Money to loan on a g'Kid farm secmity.
One to three years at 8 per cent
G. B. Dimick.
nukes I'll 0 TO
ELRY of every description Call and
see samples and get prices bifoie trust
ing yoiu Valuable photographs with
Home WalHe Is Kfcut lover .1
d..)0 t.. I'nlap"". T.iiil.ni ""'I
tl... l mttlin liviicv of Mini, dil
H iraiid) lire certainly the mt sk.1.h1 ;
vt the i.hh I.-a, mid run nil ov- r Utrnw
iH.rrv iift. r llidr master, to the.lelrl
jiient. one would Imvi. thought, of the
prim K'"'b,,m I""' v,'rl"
When H.w tte tin s pnwiillr. Horace
sends the most l..iic.ln-r epitaph on i I
! dog ever written. perhii. to my i-orn
! Nun. ham "It has no incrll." hesnys.
"fur it Is nn Imlimioii. mn limine"
fr.nn the heart if ever epitaph did. and
therefere ) our dnKimiiiity will Uot Uia
like it."
f)wr.'twt r-" 'f Ids yrT
hirew sreiiml mjr Hii I1'"'
l ulintj nmr ll li'l"-
(if mjr fnllliful. I'K lly H'"
Tim opening lines at leiit Imr the
n.l.l,t milikelieit to the u.pllbr iMIICi-p-
Itioiiof Horace Wiilpoln, If they have
' - ,.ili..,iv uitli tint until who Is the
Willi' n ...... -
friend end i l.ijf. llw of little t hildrell
I mid can t liu l it 1 I'' to turn
otT un old servant or to give up nn old
' lly.- lm,;innn' Miigurlmv
Hon to IHairel ll loaqntla.
A li.sdle It. 11 in the left haul Is '
through the thorax, the -A il
! win's are pull. d olT. rind, if tnvcry, !
the M ules of t'l- l-ly lushed oil with
I a cnmel s h;iir brnslt The tail U th-n
! lowered lilt U dr. j. . f W:it T. s:ilt S..1-I-
! linn or w....k f..rm.ilin j l.n ed on
.1,1.. ni1.tviili anoth. r ins-die lu l l in
t!m ri,;ht h Hid th" l.i-t t v. w i'liieiits if
I tin' t.iil nr.- pnrli.iUy sepnriit.-l and InM
i 4V)W tm, i.le. The left hand Is
! then inovisl in mull inuniier m to
I draw away tho I u t .
! M. S., in Indian M-dii
M;ij..r U., I
ll (liUelte.
(.rralnr Thrnl I l
Teacher Nuw. tlun. bjy No. I, who
v. rota "Macl cth?"
l!..y No 1 (trembling violently)
I'l. aw. lir, I dldu'l.
Tea. her I kuow you didu't, Lut who
IVy No. I (with srsm rf vlrtao)
in.. .... ir I il.in't wanter l e telltale.
lu wni .oU !u,tri vcr lu do cor
IHT rent. I scn him a Colli 01 II.
loitratod Record
Teacher What U tautology t
Boy Repetition.
Teacher (live me an example.
D,,y We ore going to have sheep'
head for dinner, and my sister EUle'
young man U coming to dinuer also.
Teacher Go up top. London Fun.
( For llaaor Uarl.
Miss Johnsing-IWt MisUh Jeffah
sou look awelL Jew' do flash ob hi
dianion' stndt
Mr. Jackon Diamon' nnftlnl Dat
am a discahdej pnahwelght from io
Unk win' he am potah I Jeweler'
The use of conts of arm a a badge
.r different familio did not come into
' tinu tice till the twelfth century. The
II the child tirifistes too often, if the
urine scalds the Hush, or If, when the
, child reaches an age when It should I
aqle lo control the passage, and it is yet
alllicted with bed wetting, dceiiil uKin
it, the cause f the dillii uby is kidney
trouble, and the tirst step should be to
ward the treatment of these iinxirtatit
organs. This unpleasant trouble is due
to a dieased condition of (he kidneys
and bladder and not a habit a most
people supioe.
If the adult has rheumatism ; pain or
dull ache in the tiaek ; if the water passe
, in irregular quantities; or at irregular
j intervals or ha a bad odor; if il stains
the linen or vessel the color of rust; if
,i,e ,.et swell : if there re puffy or dark
cilclv under the eyes; your kidney are
the cause and need doctering. Treat
ment of some diseases may be delayed
without daniter, not o with kidney
1 " - - -
I ff....t lb M..f. vau I i I..A U..I.1 hv flrnifiriala
in 50 cent and 1 sixes. You may have
a sample bottle and pamphlet telling all
about it sent free by mail. Address Dr.
Kilmer tt Co., Iiinghamplou. N. Y.
When writing mention that you read
this generous offer In the Oregon City
Sick Headache absolutely and per
manently cured by using Moki Tea. A
pleasant herb drink. Cure constipa
tion and indigestion, make you eat,
sleep, work and happy. Satisfaction
guaranteed or money buck. 2" cents
and 60 cents. Geo. A. Harding, agent.
New arrival of ready made dress skirts
from $1.00 to (3.00 at the (t icket Store.
our customers claim for us and
our groceries: That we oiler
the best of groceries at the low.
est price. They have confi
dence in our good and know
that we never misrepresent our
selves and that our stock of fine
grocerios is the purest and the
most nutritious. Last, but not
least, their grocery bill saves it
self fully per cent by their
dealing with Marr & Muir.
Our way of doing business Is
to treat every one fair and square
and offer the very best in our
L--M,....-"'ll"l"'''''"ll'"'''," 1
I " I j
m I, i nil "i - 1
ANVk'ctiUc Vrcpar aiion for As-slinluiUnglhcrootlniklHctfuLi-llug
ik Siotttiuhs nikl Iknsvb of
itc nrvt IU-sl Contain nclthrr
Ojiniur.Monll"0 t,r Hiiitral.
Jmrlm SmJ'
iKrm U.4'
Apfrfcct nimcity forfrnlif.v
lion. Sour Slonwvth.PiauTuHrA
Worms .CorivuLsions .leuTisn
tirss and Loss orSLIEU
laeSimiW Sitf'wli" of
wxker copy or uHAPPtBu
L- 1
!jv$ Patont
WAH- Flour
HANTKI) cManufacturod
jj By Portland
HKST. Flouring Mills
Co., OrogonCity
fj: I Do You Need Any
! & Doors, Windows,
Or Othor DuMdlnc; Material.
i.o To r ii o r
Corner nth and Main St.
LAI'.nT C'nC'JI iT!ON or ALL
r .i 1 1 ICOU li" i- j in Tht W'l jT
A i.
; v. a
Xi.Y IM :
'3 ..I O Ul'J-
zhiO If
children j.;
"pJT! I.Ti.;I OCliAN h a VESTFRN NETSPA! T.R, ar-d while It
i. l-Ay t j (Lc family THE NETS OF THE WORLD ai.J flv lu
r. ::.Jtn the bt A and tbkti d!Kunloiu of all qucnion of the day, It U In
f ,II r, ..v Vliy vith t!.c idtu and Mplalion of Wrttrn ptrF!t and ducu-J
ie.ia'o'f ,.kI politics from tf.e Wrslcrn staiijpolnt. 0OJJjtjotjtJJjiS
vi.ui-l IVit. WIMli UKJL.LjJ rtJK. YliAK $1.00
,.. THE ndll V J1MH sllNHAtf
(lit C i Ut m BEST VER
J lJic l"Vr OCKAN'3
i,i if; l. i..i ...... ..
ii V "n""
...... i ..., i.v nm,
I. .Illy unit Sun.liiy liy liuttl
The Intor-Ocean will be given at a
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Boars tho
You Have
(Jlass. Moulding
u. ti. cestow ot uo.
Orrjjon City, Oregon.
Always Bought.
5 ft i
i !
ill !
HK -
n ! : !'
a .... . n
j.j 'i iv.'.'' r.'j In the
j.,- iUc p.tri'tti.
rniTinuii nr rue iwvrn
' z.
1 1 T
HOnprryrnr i
,. ( (rrycar
(. 00 per ) eiir
l A
Premium to each new aubecrlber of
Enterprise -