Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, February 03, 1899, Page 4, Image 4

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Oregon City Enterprise.
Iul)liiio1 Kvry Friday.
I.. L rOHTEK, I'seraisT-ia.
C1IAS. A. FITCH, Citt Kwtob.
On JfT 'i(JJ
Hi I moii ...
Trul subscription, two month n
ji. ..,.., i ,.i vi rrnti on all sulrriiloiit
br on year, reins lor six niu"i,
mM in advance.
Advrtlini rln given on application.
mhi-riten ill find the Ul of eiflre
turn UniIJ on Iheir pefeis lml'''
their mm. If ihU clni'pM
within two weeks ur a payment, kindly
BuUly ui si ivl we ill look alter il.
Kulered at U poMoflle In Oregon City.
Or., h second rlM matter.
Col., llixui, who dieJ recently- in
New York City, lenities other roj
erty in nul to have left several
million ilollara in U. S. UhuIh,
i.roiterty ho was not known to jioh-
esn previous to hia death. The
fuet will 1 an interestinir one to
Oregoiiiarm. Pomo men live joor
ami tlie rkh, others livo too fast
and die poor.
Tick present condition of the
democrats throughout the country,
great and small, is one of general
disagreement. They are as far
from unanimity on national ques
tions as it is possihlo to imagine
any similar lody of nu n. And a
house that is divided againr-t itself
cannot stand.
Beaver Creek...
I'moii Mult...
kl ().. ltrtHik..
Krw Kra
Nation! .
Ultimo ....
Hanjusm ,
KutUTiilt .
Ksgle Creek....,
Cherry ville
lr. T. H. Thomas
' tieo. Kniirhl
A. Malber
!!..!....l'caf Wisviiger
U J. TrnlliiiK'f
. Chas. H'lltnan
W. S. Newberry
Henrv Mile)
K. 1- KunM-ll
'..' J.Q Hag
.V. 1. i
1! VI I'luilier I
Annie Hiubhi
E. M. Hariman
, H. Jeniiitrs
V Henrv A. Snyder
L. J. Perdu
" II. Withern
'.V J- C. K.lliott
K. Outsell
", Geo. J. Currin
.....Mra. M. J. Hammer
Adolph Axbotl
The Kntkhpkisk congratulates
the jxonle's party of Clackamas
countr on Wine rid of Mr. Fitch.
As the "populist oflicial in the
court house" would say: "The
Herald never didn't amount to
much, nohow." Hut he did'nt stop
to suggest how he came ly his
present job.
:y 1 hill,
..... .J .t -
'The Shoe Man,"
Sole Agent,
Accurilintt to tli rKlimaloa rvparti
ly tli atato lUh conimliKloiipr tliv
amount pinpritr. ly the I'lirtin' Mil
I (or th I'tiri ofo c bni!!iiii dull liatrli
erlia will lx ctemlel in count nut iiit
I luti litri (o'lowt:
jl'lr Clackaiiiai S,(VH)
Kiv.-r I1.1XK)
, l'niHjiu Kivr. O.tHX)
SinaUw Uiver S,i"H)
Inveftlatiinf Cinjnille ami ccuit
tteania l.MKI
he waj ta tulld np Oietonlliy
. J U fire Orrf City rfojile jonr
The Coibieb-IIebald, includ
ing editor Galbert, had it bad
very bad, very bad last week.
They have discovered that Fitch is
a very bad man, that he has be
come a republican and is getting
ready to start another populist
paper. The Enterprise does not
propose to burden its readers with
much of this personal rot between
one-horse editors. Thai Mr. Fitch
lias made some serious blunders,
me do not doubt. The worst one
was to deal with the democrats,
only to be frozen out ly one of the
men he helped to elect. The next
break in point of magnitude was
to eteal local news from the man
who constitutes the brain depart
ment of the Courier-Herald. That,
in fact, is an unpardonable offence.
W'e must admit that certain demo
crat jioliticians and the proprietor
of the Courier were too shrewd for
Fitch, and that their little plan to
freeze out the Herald and subse
quently divert the populists into
the support of these same demo
cratic politicians was a clever game
very neaily played. These men
are the saints; Fitch is the villain.
The populists of Clackamas county
might do well to keep an eye on
the democratic managers in the
case in question as well as on Mr.
It has been asserted that the
proprietor of the Enterprise would
not have supported the republican
ticket last June had he not been
nominated for state senator. No
euch talk or proposition was ever
broached or had with any person.
The ticket had men on it that the
Enterprise would not have nomi
nated, but it supported the ticket
because it stood for republican
principals and we believed the men
to be fair. Are all the men sup
ported by the Enterprise doing as
much for this paper?
The Enterprise did not demand
or, receive a cent to support the
ticket. Not another paper in the
county did support its ticket with
out pay. The proprietor of an
alleged republican paper, in this
city, demanded money to not at
tack the proprietor of this paper
through his columns during the
campaign, and, foolishly, it was
paid to him.
lias received assurances that the
Hon. T. B. Reed, speaker of the
house, has withdrawn his opposi
tion to the bill for the relief of In
dian war veterans of Oregon and
Washington, and now has hopes
of getting the bill up for consider
ation in that body and its ultimate
adoption there. It is a measure that
ehould be adopted as a measure of
mere justice.
BuoTHER GaiUIKBT. hi III as whoso K.r.ln,rn..l Columbia .ml W.l-
..i.t Iowa rivtr
locals are Hoien, suggests, mui !
knows who wrote the editorials in
the Herald in 'yfi. Why not give
his name to an eager public? Or,
better still, get him to edit the
Courier-Herald. It would make
that paper readable, to say the
It wai a di'llKhtful. hot afternoon,
ml oudrr the trevt ElrOain itnolf. Tb
pntb ran through a toiitiol of foliage
' between which glimpse of tho river
parallel wen evury now and then bo
I traytsl by naturul vlMaa. If you happen
; to know tbo road to Lonoro, U fore tba
The re-apiortioninent bill, just path to Ashnena Bridgo forks off, In
ra-edboth houses, gives Clai ka- lct too ddiKutful atretch that lie at
. . ,i ;,,:,, I R;kc' Foot, you will have a aceuo like
mas one state senator and joint ... . .1. , 4
, to it aa two tx-aa are to one auother, bat
senator with Multnomah county, for r.rw,.twtor you mum, of oonr.
instead of w ith Marion; also three ; mbstituto the rapid, ahullow, ahiugliug
representatives and one joint re-; Parragh
presentative with Multnomah.
Heretofore Clackamas had but
three representatives.
Tho road w.n I no be deep In duHt,
Ind tint of the whitett, aud the boots
! lud Ftockiui,' of the kuickered, Norfolk
I jacketed traveler could acarce be dii-
. . - - I tinguinhed fiom the duaty way llaelf,
A bill haa ben introduced in the Ore-1 aud be looked, bud flare been any Id
con letfiiilaiure. by Morton, to make ti,ouKh be floatod in the air. be-
trratin in -.loon. n"1?;""'' rj'"' reft of fevt ul anklea
liable by a fine ol from 5 to or tm-,
nri-nnnt from two totoda. Thia 1 Now. half way down the road, the
man Morton mut Uh the general I traveler, who wa youug aud fairly
prrbapa not en-
t.oMicto know that lie it loolieli very gooj iookj,1gi though
loolian. lown dowedwith that facial itreUKth of char-
It is only a matter of politic or policy Mn u to du-r d-,,8h of M.
whether Mr. Morton 1 conndertHl 'oo-jthori who are (ipiue, happened upon
ish or not. Tlere are some very itUe mouiug the Rraystoue aud
reaeona for the enactment of such lawa if moiiay wan tLu, .purm tbe wood be-
we look at the sul.jrct in tle linlit tf jy0iid from lb road It waa a famous
iatintrfaeta. Nine persona out of ten j ilo i0Illewbat like pair of ateplud-
who are not confirmed drinkerf, either I wjt(j ,hri ronK which to
drink as a matter of biiMnen, or policy. 1 tccud (rom tue rea l aud two to aacend
If you are doing bun'inec lor a man who j iut0 tnH woot ou tue other aide of tbe
takes a drink occasionally, and lie in- j wall The traveler aceinkd. aud pcreh-
viies you to have one with him, you i ed upon the huppily placed platform at
must either do o or incur his dinpleaa , the tuuimit of tbe etepladdur and pon-
nreto greater or let degree. Someid omu. aud while be pondered be
, .! . MM .1- 1 SSS'jnt StS
With a reason, others will not, and as an ny om cauno. dotwotbil)((.
actual fact which is r c pnued every-! at 0I1CB'tnia for oue who has refunwl
where, business men drink because of j t0 comj tue dwt at my behest aud tin
a draft uioht thorough. Tbeu he struck
a match to light a cigarette I know it
ought to huvu been a pipe, but it was a
cigarette and drawiug it along an ad
jaceut port, taw, for the first time, a
notice tueroou. It said:
Br Order,
Ageot'aOfflce J. SMITH.
A very ordinary notice, but one which
had been tbe subject of much merri
rjieut a while back, when " 'Any-you-Juggins"
had eliminated tbe barmloa
O aud interpolated tbe direful E for tbe
amusement of bis consuQurs and con
freres. Tbe effect it bad upon our traveler
was not that wbich henceforward, for
all I care, may be described as de
facienNis tripperii He bad uo deuire to
drop in "not" between the "will" and
tbe "be, " neither did he change "per
son" iuto "peer," but be did allow his
feet, which had been renting on rung
two of tbe rouilnido ladder, to change
tboir poHiciou to rung oue of that of the
After tho Brut step tho way was easy
So appeared to bo tho grans path
which meandered among the trees in
curves most sinuous, a path that looked
as all forbidden paths look seduo
tive, aud, moreover, by far the most do
ligbtful in tbo whole district.
Our traveler looked at bis watch, at
tbe up aud down of the road, aud not a
Ho slip
ped to tbe ground, aud in a brief space
that fact. This law would protect an un
fortunate class of eopIe who need every
safeguard thrown around them which
law tan establish. Tke one of those
poor victims of drink who is making a
heoric fight to conquer the liquor habit
which haa been bis ruin. He has barely
enough force of character or will power
to resist the drink. If left alone often he
comes out a man and a useful member
of society. Let an old friend invite him
toUkea drink, the fact is he ofien
dtes so and never again is able to break
off. This h the history of it which needs
no verification Grants Pass Obsever
Dr. Hrnator Joarpbl .fcju,. Ittla Bill.
Any person ehall be regarded as prac
ticing within the meaning of this act who
shall directly or indirectly, personally or
as a representative, claim to possess a
knowledge of the cure of physiological
proceses, and offer gratutiously or for
a fee to apply such knowledge for the
cure or treatment of disease or for the
regulation or management of physiology
processes, or gratuitously or for a lee
prescribe, direct or recommend, for the
use of any person any drug or medicine
or agency for the treatment, cure or
relief of any wound, fracture, bodily
injury, infirmity, or disease, 01 for the
regulation or management of physiolo
gical processes.
Commenting upon Dr. Josephi's bill the , 8onj wag ju night to deter him
Statesman sarcaxtically chimes in as
follows: was in tbe tbicket.
"Under this provision a man would n U(l w pressed he till tbo black
be subject to prosecution for suggeHting 1 in waa re8,ored to tbe lo,' hy .tb duHt
. . ... , ., , i banishing grass' agency. Tho cigarette,
to his neighbor a posmb e cure for . . f n . ' , . . ,
, ,. ,. . : smoked out, was replaced by a sucoud,
cucumber colic, an aching tooth or a aud tb(in be ciUn0 t0 0 halt ut the Lriuk
burning corn ; a druggist could not with ot a cnuuiUg little tree mirrored, tree
safety fix up a little Dover's powders and j surrounded lako, whoto clear wuters iu
spiritus yini gallici under a hurried call i vited nay, almost commanded iiu
from a leiritiltttor. and a grandmother mersion, with the thermometer taxed
wouldn't be safe from fine to sinrirest a to It utmost heat recording limits.
mustard plaster for the removal of pains
from the stomach of her budding grand
child. Verily, when the professionals
have full sway, the day of catnip tea,
rhubarb roots, herbs and simples will be
Handkerchiefs of all description cot
ton, linen, embroideticd Swiss, for
ladies gents and children at the Kacket
Birds were singing, tbe luknot rip
pled, and with delicious splashing a
waterfallet tlftw itself iu wanton aban
donment iuto the embrace of tho all
absorbing tarn.
Delicious spot for bathing, but a spot
wasted, impossible, Ou the farther sido
was one who gazed at oar traveler, tbo
iutruder, with eyes beautiful aud pro
voked one attired iu kerchief of luwu,
bodice and skirt of pi in t and in other
daintv injuin
"A pietiy gin I" aiit no menially.
"A wretched tourutl" she reflected.
The path waa winding, like to
uiaM but surely umudiko it led to nil
eventual goal? It would do no harm to
auk. Tho traveler imauderod mi and
fouud himself Iu a ipuco but throe or
tour fuel from my lady of tbe lake.
Ilia cap waa off
fttid he, "Will you kiudly tll mo If
thia path oouiea out anywhere Uvar
"Evvutuully at tho village lUelf,"
he replied.
He thauked bur, an with steps re
luctant would have advauoed, but aha,
redduuiiiKaud pal lug alternately, denied
biui program except over her litheaome
" He) ititp t" the commaudod. " Are
you awuro thai thia la private proper
ty?" "I could hardly Imagine It was pub
lics" uid bat-bo
flushed angrily.
"You are trenpaimiug, " she contin
ued, "aud aro liable to be prtuocutod."
"And petMiculod, If tho notice board
lien not, " he added.
"Tho notice board does lie, Soma
tonrist" ahe began ItnpctooiiNly.
"Then I suppoae I am not trvspaaa
lug," be queried.
"You will aee!" said she fiercely.
"Hut surely a trtpaa without dam
ago is as harmless as a threat thai cau
not be curried out?" he atked.
"The game" she started to aay.
"Is rui.turkable for IU abwia-o," be
"The the" She waa at a loa.
"I picked thia clump of mountain
ahh," ho suggested kiudly.
"Ai, lujurlug Ibo tree I You can bo
imprisoned for that." tho replied with
"purely a fine" he begun.
"Our lleuih islanded property," said
she, "and we loathe er tourlsta. "
"Oh I" be murmured, disconcerted.
"Only tbe otlier day my f.theT, who
Is chairmuu, was most aevero on one
who carved his name upon a tree, and
you have broken a branch. "
"A twig," ho ventured to correct
"The same thiug,"saidhudeflautly.
"Mis Smith" be said iu tone iiu
hiring. "Don't oddreRs me a 'Miss Smith,'
fir," aud sue fpoke in tones most
haughty "Such familiarity"
"Well, Edith if you oommand It,"
te murmured absHhed.
"How dare you I" she cried.
"I dared not till you commanded,"
said be. "And your name brooch sup
plied tbe information."
There was a moment's silence.
"You mutt give me your name and
address, " sbo commaudod.
"For you to isnue a wan-ant for my
apprehension? No, 'tho prisoner refused
to give his name aud addrosa, "' he re
plied It was an awkward position fora girl
who only did her father's duty.
"It's most ungenerous of yoo'ihe
excluimeL "Jpst because you're a ru
The public
nchools teach ui
ttiont rvtry know n
branch of itudy
but the one mol
important branch
of all. W'lnit dwi
rofit your son
has nn Hiti l-
lect like a Nrwton,
I V " V if he
y J .i.r
i-and is mentally an
Admiral Cricbton,
if he hn a weak
and puny body
."and not the re
motest iura of
how to care for
his health? A
boy should be
tHiigbt from the
tart that his
health tn bin niimt
urecious endow
ment. Without health, all the talent, all
the genum, and all the ambition in the
world are worthless. A boy should be
taught that success in anv walk or life, that
happiness, and life itscif, are dependent
upon his care of his health.
When a man feels tlmt he is losing his
health and vigor, when his cheeks nn long
er glow, his step it no longer elastic and
the sparkle of health is no longer in his
eyes, be should work less, rest more bikI
resort to the right remedy to restore his
bodily vigor. l)r. Tierce's Golden Medical
Discovery is a natural medicine a scientif
ic me'li-i:".'. It does no violence to nature.
It works with and not against nature. It
promotes the natural processes of secretion
and excretion. It imparts vitality and
power to the whole system. It gives
plumpness and color to Hie cheeks, sji irkle
to the eyes, steadiness to the nerves,
strength to the muscles and the animation
of health to the whole body. It link, s the
appetite keen and hearty. It is the great
blood-maker, flesh-builder and nerve-tonic
and restorative. Medicine dealers sell it
and have absolutely nothing else "Just
as good."
"I was afflicted with pimples and tioils, nrM
mmilnpr sores on face and nec k," writes Knlcrt
B. Wert. Ksq., of No. Ais Calloway Ave., Colnm
t,us, Ohio. " I took Dr. Tierce's l.oldnl Mnlicnl
Wscovery and 'Pleasant relicts,' and was cured."
Constipation1 is the commonest beginning
and first cause of many serious diseases and
it should always U- treated with Dr. Pierce's
Pleasant Pellets used in connection with the
"Discovery." These are the most perfect
natural laxatives and permanently cure.
A fine parlor organ for sale on easy
terms at the Oregon City Auction House,
inn itltpprm lo bo stronger thati FaiTi,'
you will evndo Justine."
"Never," lio answered firmly
"You will run away, aud 1, Impeded
by skirts, inn helpless to catch you,"
sbo continued.
"You could lift"
"Why don't you mnko good your
escape?" ulio Interpolated with linstiv
"Am 1 not your prisoner?" ho asked
"Do you lueun In aay you will come
quietly lo tho lodge and faeo my fa
ther?" she liiqulreiL
"As quiet as nuy lamb," h asserted.
"Well, it'a thia way, ".said she.
"It Is customary to grip tho prisoner
by the arm," ho suggested.
She paid him mi attention, and In si
lence they t rolled toward tho lodge.
"If you will excuse nut for a minute,
I will see It my father can attond to
you now," she said when, arriving at
their destination, she had 1ml him to I be
drawing room "I'lease all dowu."
Surely prisoner had never hocu treat
ed with so much consideration
lu a minute or two sbo returned
somewhat confused.
"My father will return soon," she
"Then I mtisl wall, " ho replied.
"Oh, don't you luiud?" tibo eoomed
"Not in the least," said ho.
Him rung a ImiII.
"Do yon euro for tea or would you
prefer" ho ttfked.
"Ten, pleio," said tho prisoner
Aud tea was brought
"I think I saw a picture of tills house
lu this year's academy," said Ibo pris
oner, ten and toast fti hand.
"Did you really mil loo It?" she said
with plensod aurprise. "I painted It,
ami Mr. Hairy bought U Mr Hurry
owns all Ibis property. "
"Indeed! Ho must acctmiil himself
most fortunate to have so lealou a
guardluu as yourself Thank you half
a cup "
Tbeu they talked of many things of
biNiks, of puiiiliuga, of hk'I' songs, till
the sun lost some of its youthful vigor,
and they wandered Into (he garden, and
there the conversation was of other
things perhaps more human than that of
books aud paintings, but uouo the less
pleasant, aud at last (hey bnpcml on
a mutual enthusiasm, aud they riilhuwd
until tho suu just dropped buhind lofty
Craigavar, aud a sudden chill full upon
Ihe jailer, ar.d she cried:
"My father will be hack In a few
miuulea. lladu'l you U tter eoa?"
"Ami wo were getting ou so well,
too," said Ihe prist icer. with half a sigh
"Yes 1 uii an 1 thluk you have been
iniprlsouod long enough," ho murmur
ed. "Oh, not" replied tho prisouer gal
lantly. " You have Indeed you have. I'lcam,
please go. My father might adjourn, or
somutbttig terrible, aud you, with uo
body tu bail you out, would have to go
to pris Ohl 1 am sure Mrs. Jones, tho
constable's wife would never make you
comfortable. Do go! Do go!" she plead
ed, with hauda that wero clasped lu
"Ihil bow about your duty to Mr
Barry?" ho asked
"thither Mr. Hurry I" she eiclalmed.
Then, with gravel flying aud the
sound ot much crouching of small
(touce, came Major Mm Ith, the agent of
tho Hurry estate, and he, seeing them,
pulled up his pon le w ith greut sudden
ness aud, leaping to the ground, ad
vanced, cryiug: "Ah, my dear fellow,
hero you are! I'm delighted to welcome
you to your own house after so loug an
obscure. I wont lo the station lo meet
you and fouud your luggiigo ouly If
we don't count a message to tho effect
that you had got out at Aboravar and
wero walking Should have been back
long ago if that confounded rascal Ka
vun hadu't stopped me tu auk lor a re
duction of rent said his roof was full
ing iu. So I went to sea it and found,
as usual, it was all nonseuso. Kdith
been amusing you, 1 hope?"
"1 met Miss Huiith in tho wood,
and" explained the traveler.
"She knew you from your photo
graph," Major Kmith suggested. Miss
timitn blushed.
"Tbo photograph is not in the least
bit liko the original," sbo protested
"Nobody ever recognizes It as me,"
said the young man oublushiugly. "It
is said to be a speaking likeness all the
same. "
She rewarded him with a grateful
"People have said to me," he contin
ued, " 'Who is thut ugly devil on your
wife's escritoire?' and I"
"Your wife?"
"Haven't you heard? I'll tell you all
about it. Oh, it was quite a romance I
It's a beast of a photograph, don't you
tbiuk so, Miss Smith?" Templo liar
How to Look (Jooil.
Good looks are really more than skin
deep, depending entirely on a healiby
condition of all tho vital organs. If the
liver Is Inactive, you have a billions look;
if your stomach is diHoiderod, you have
a dyspeptic look ; if your kidneys are af
fected, yon have a pinched look. Secure
good health, and you will surely have
good looks, "lllectric Bitters" is a good
Alterative and Tonic. Acts directly on
the stomach, liver mid kidneys, purifies
the blood, cures pimples, blotches and
boils, and gives a good complexion.
Sold at Charman A Co.'s Drug Store, fit)
cents per bottle.
i vou KMnr.
Consumption Is pievcnlahleT Hcleneu
has proven thai, and also that neglect la
siili'liLI. Tim worst cold or cough ran
be cured wlUi hhlloh'i t'ough nud Con
sumption Cute, Kold on poslllve guar
antee for over llfiy years, (1. O.
lliiiMly, DnuggUl,
A Heautlfnl Complexion lean Impossi
bility without good puin Mood, Ihe sort
(hat only vxlsis iu connection with good
digestion, a healthy liver i.ud bowels.
Kail's Clover Knot Tea acts directly on
tbo bowels, liver and kidneys keeping
them lu period benllh. Trice '.T els.
and Ml els. U. (1. Huntley, Druggist.
rriVK HO 1. 1 (! I TO It H WANTKI
iV rvrrvKlirr lor "I'll Hiory ol ibo
I'lilrti'plnes" by Mnrst HsUlead, eoinmls
loiird liy tli (loVeriiiiiri l as OllleUI Ills.
iiirlso lo Hi War )i psrliueiil. 'I lislxxilt
ass wrlllen In srmy isimos at Hsu I rsn
i leo, oo Hit I'aellln alih tleimrsl Merrill,
In the bospiuis at Honolulu, In Hong
Kong, In lh American Irem-he at Manila,
lu the Itisurgnlil esinpi villi Airulnnlilo, oil
lli dei kol i OlyiupU Willi I'eoev, ami
In llm roar ol Imllle at tli fall ot Manila.
Ilonaiiia lor agents. Ililniliil of urlglnal
pletiirea liken hv Knveriiliient pliolo
grapliers on Hie spot l.re tsiok, Low.
pines. Ilig prullit. Krelglii pshl. Credit
given, lliopall tialn in nllleisl oar Ixxiks,
HiiHIi tree. A'tilfms I'. T. lUrlier, hec'y.,
Hlar luiiirame Hldg., t'lih ago.
.A A ,iv Ajti yr i e-.','f
i Dlacksmithing,
v Wnmnn Mnlir.
4 4th and Main st. Oirgon City.
Vi Can-fully
Fine SiatioiKTV
Toilrt ArtitlfH,
1 Jru'tMHtrt' iiinlrii'H
ami Novoltios at
(J. A. Ihm.ii.Ks.
Iliicklen's Arnica Naive.
The lest salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruise", Soros, Ulcers, Salt Rheum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped handa,
Chilblains, Coma, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cures Tiles or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or money refunded,
For sale by Channan A Co., Charman
Bros. Block. Trice 25c.
Best shave In the city at Johnson's
barber shop.
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pAKMEKS . . .
Your team will havo the boiil
of care and
Full Measure of Feed
At Ihe
City Stablea.
W. H. YOUNG, Prop.,
2!!"s?5:r?J2- W. H. Cook.
Livery IligH on Short Notice.
Telephone No. 42.
f dr. Shilohj
Cough and
Cure I
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This is beyond oiiMtlun the
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nllel In the history ol medicine.
Miico Its llrkt discovery it lias
been sold on u Kiiuraiiten, a
test which no other inedieina
eim stand. If you hnvo a
IoukIi, wo enrnesllvnsk you
to try It. In United Sliites unit
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