Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, February 03, 1899, Page 3, Image 3

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rersoniil ami Local.
Myrtle CuiiiintiiK hss suvi-re attm k
Wo, II. Jsiktmi's Infant child Is very
l(lt Hi 'iii'Uiii"iiU.
i rai. !' WfUli, nl IHuIiImikI, wss In
IU I'lly Ml huslneM Tnrsdsy.
Mrs T, Y. Cowing, Hr. Is ircuvrrlnir
LrOni Miiiful sllstk of sryslixdss.
Pr.J J. Isvllt, of
J. Iaylll, of Mulella, mlM
thl ofl a tdcsssnt rail Wednrdy.
j l.dll i J. 1. Hlevens, of Ilia Csnhy
Ifl lciK i nl, wis In tli i lly Tw'sdsy
I ml I' u Inn, of Mapln l.ane, h ilw
ii liuiiii'i at rsuvlns lalaml tlila wmk.
fl I.L.. 1 II- 1.1..... I.
!rvc ring from a sevure eltark of lm(rl',
MMra T. H. Cowing, Jr., ami Infant
jdauyhlvr art vMllutf her afiila at
Ui'. r. Morey, of l'orlliid, WsStfrM
jja j frlf'd on our streets Ilia early aM
Wthe k.
1 1 Mr, f'l.ss. IIiiii.I.I.., of Portland, Is
pfl.itliiK In r i-ownlii, JiKlli M H l.iiKi-l, ui
(tj la i'y.
'ii.i i
. . i ti ..i it
.tlra. II. i.. ."i.niiu, in i
'IlrMiuiiHt, trr In (lit i It-llio flint
of tlio k.
A. Kna , of Ida Hiaiiiank aalmm l
ajf' lit lr llin iiiiii Kii'M-t t'lifar.
Bciil on llm market.
Oxil I. i'M liia cnlri li'UH iy
al'Mk t Win. ('oiiiuiliia. Mo li ft yf'
(i nlay fur Kloioliko,
J Mr. ami Mra. O. Wlxiimrr, of Mil
taiikl1. --iit Hiiinlay m It la Mr. ami
'lira. T. I.. Cliarman.
! J. 1 AlN'n.of Halrm. la tU guvatof
j.la roiirln, Mra. M. K. Ilauiillnn, of
la l'tif, lltia wn k.
I.. C C'!ra, lio liaa len maiiagliiK
id flimrliitf nulla on Ilia kjuilI fur
r rrral munllia il at li"ine.
I Y.. Ha-lir Wl.lla, ol tliia c Hy. U vfitttar
In Fa.Mn Valuiig''n. Mia tlilnki of
irrmanriilly lixalln tlrra.
Mr. ami Mra. Win. Harluw. of Hariow,
re v 1 m I t r f Tom Millrr ami t'l)iU Hunt-
7 ami lamklira ilii rrk.
M. Mirharla and ifa altn.l-l Hie
ril.iintf ol Mia H. r-lirmliy tu .
Vrlnairili. In ri.rtlaml Tlmiflay.
Mra. V. II. Ilolman, of HI. Ili-Une,
iaiti-'l at ilia liomaol lirr Itroinrr, Jimitn
. A. Mcll.lde,
Mr. sod Mrs.
timing Ida erk.
i. A. Tufla, o( tlawrfo.
ei liUMla ol Mi. 11. I uniiniiiii, in
lliii rlt) , lit" foie 'rt.of '
V. 1. Ilia llor.l. nlirrirT ol Valilii
n roiinlv aa In Ilia rllv Monday. Mr
ra llord la no arrvliuhia aann I term
Mra. Mary Y. Iloiinliam and Mra. M'
C. Kirk, otli of Nf l ia, fr In Hie
Kaiurday and favurihl Hi i:nl-rrir
i.lli a tall.
I. V. KoKrra anil !(, of I'm tland,
rrll' Kiirala of dla limlliar, Y.I.
;Xi'r. and of tlila city llm fore
Iarl (4 llm arrk.
Mm. t'liaa. I). LaUnirrUa who liaa
hii laiilnK In Walla Walla for Ilia
f aal tli'co ika, reliirncd to lirr lionm
tii thla i liy MoiiJiy.
Jlrm a C. Corry, mailinu rlrrk of Hi
botiaa of rri'ipM-ntallvi-a rameiluwn froin
Sali'm WVdnraday niornioK lo allrnd Ilia
IDi'i'lIng of llm city council.
Mra. I,. ('. Young and aon, ol WIN
at.nvlllt, ai-ra In Ormron CHy Tnoa.lay
tfli-rimti to Portland wlir-ra lliav will
vial! rttlalivaa and IrliMvIa for anvral
da) a.
l.C. Hin k.ol Kalaina, Waali., BHnl
Ilia fore tart ol the urtk In rortlaml on
btialncaa ami look advantaga to maka a
trip lo tlila rity and call on hla old friend,
Eli Maddixk.
I Mra. Ueo. Hamilton ha rwolvad word
frum her huahand, who it In tho gold
flelda of AluNka that he la well and doing
fairly welt. It had heen ri-jwrtod that
ha waa aU k.
j Mra. Hannah (Irover arrived In the
City Haturday from Motiliicullo, Iowa, to
make her ton, J.N. Miliy, a two month
ylmt. Mra. (Irover ntood her long trip
remarkably well, Inilng paat three acore
yi ari of age.
Mont. Kdw. Hli!0, llglithmiaa tendnr at
Capo Foulweather, nar Newport, Or.,
IjuMit KnmUy with Cpt. T. F. Cowing
and family. Lloitt. Uli'e and Capt. Cow
llig ill nl nd and (ought togothur through
Out tho entire civil war.
Sain NoviiiHky liaa rtiturncil from
$Uiigy and ri'Humml his puaition with
trke, tho clothier. He met a iiumhrr
Of Clackumiia county jMoplit whllu there
4ml can tell nouiu intoreHtinu atoriei
ihont hla two monthri Htay In Alunka
lie iIouh not mlvi-io any one to ton
tiiHil thu iH"8'lon U llnnlly aottli'd re-
Lunling the Atlin country. Hliouhl
'Amurininn be exulndod fioin mining in
that country, It will be a bud black eye
,lor Hkngway. ,
Thr-'e papers
on eighth page.
lor $2, Kund our olfor
The Knlerpriae makes you a aplendid
0(for "liwttor than Ever" on IuhI pago.
Head It.
Wood-ciittera are In demand. The
prico paid runj;ca from 70 to 80 emits mi
He v. 0- 0. JolniHon, o( Vancouver,
will preach In tlie IlaptiHt church Hun
City hss voifl
l. Kfli'l', wtilt'h tin Ihu'oiiis eildi'inle
In flitfiliy, U I'I'iyli'K sud havoc wltl
our trhools.
Mm Kant Hi. l!a Iwuv hss int on a
fi4i w 'ntiiin ami Hint'"" cr. Il I a
Your aitf tilioii la rslled to the iIisiikh
In the "Hi hwsrls hsnkriipl sain" ad,
tlila week.
Vlltaiiii-IUtKalia Camp, W. O. V.,
will irlva a "smoker" l rnimihcrs only
In Willamette hall tonight.
There will he no axuvU o In tit Con
Kri'ifailotial church nest Hunduy. Hun
lay school Ihe asms aa umisl.
Allirltflit'a liiiti Imr shop lial a metre
xiilaii ai'tx-aramo Kalnrdsy. Charles
kcei one of llm finest shops in Oiiooii.
Kven the "varsity" hoys roiildot do
our rrara 1 , SI. i:. A. wrin. inr-y
have earned tho chsmilonhiii hell at
l,akt hsll.
l(v. I). H. iiolTiit(r, of A.loila, fllli-)
llm Coiirrcir4loti.! mlll in tliia rily
Hnndav. iiioriilim and evening, lit ha
I Ui-il Sked to accept llm lMlorate hem.
Maiuid-r Cowimr. of llm Wcalern
I'nlmi Teli'trraph olllre, haa (iiireliaafJ a
new Ih'.'I llauililrr Mi yi la frmn I!unnei
ler A Amlrearn (or the unn of hla mra
Al llm apll wliool muling hel l
Monday lilght' in Caiieuiah, J V.,
Iledgi'awaa rim ted dlrerlor to fill the
vacanry. The levy d.r 'W waa plated at
0 nulla.
Jnd;T. W. Kiwi will ojn a notary
putillo and ri,ve)aini r'a ofllra In the
Janwar building op;Mil 1 1 mil ley 'a hook
atom neit Monday. He will al prat
lire In ntiia'acourta.
Tim r.ernhard Waltlmr romert,
Monday evening uniler Ida anplrea ol
the Ladlea' Aid S. iety,of the Congrrga
tn.nal church, waa the teal of ila kind
vrr given In the rily, but llm attend,
ante waa very ainall.
J. K. illl, o( l.gn, precim l haa pur
rheMil (mm J. I. Nairn, hia premium
Jack. Mohawk. Thia J.ck waa originally
pur haard from W. W. Ie, the well
known al'xk bremler and Importer of
(irunt county, Kenlmky.
The young ladiea ol Ht. Pat'a Kpim
pa) i bun ti will give a Valentine party
and dame on Tueaday evening, Febru
ary 14. Tlie prorrede will b ued to
ward piirchaaing new organ lor Ilia
church, lull particulara next weea.
loii'l py mora than f.lA.OU lor a chain
biiyele II. la year. Tliatbuja the lieat
Criaienl with the latet Improve-
mentaaudlhe l-ent and higheat piiced
tire In the aorld. Hee one at Hunlley a
Hook Hlore.
llm thalnlea bu-U'le la the coming
wheel, lie mud proof, dual prjol gear
ing ta aa much ol an Improvement over
a dirt collecting chain aa a bicycle bear
Ing la over the bearing of a wheelbarrow.
(Jo in and examine the Creacent Chain
leaa al llunlley'e Hook Htore. Pilce W.
Iterl (ini-iiiiun, of the Clackamaa
haUhnry, who ia in the city leporta
thai 6,VX),0UO young Chinook aalmon
have already Uwn turned Into tlie
Clackamaa liver, whilo S.tXXl.OW eg;B
ate in the various aUgia o( duvelopiuenl
In the hatchery.
Ileglnnlng on Sunday evening, Kev.
Olietg, of tlie MethoUlat cliunli will
preach a aeriea of aermoua to the young
people. Tho topic for Sunday evening
will be. "AchlevemanU ol Young
People." Uood mualc. A cordial wel
come lo all.
Price Hroa. will move their atock o(
clothing, loota, ahoa, eUi , into tlie
Willamette block aliout the 15ih ol the
month. Thl (Inn haa built up a bud-
atantial buaiueaa aince locating in the
city, and the Kntorpriae predicta a atii.-
cenatul year lor them In their new loca
tion. The Canby Independent cornea out
thia week w ith John I). Steyena aa editor
and proprietor. Kditor II. L. dill will
moe to Woodburn, where he will do
vote hia attention to the Woodburn In
dependent. Mr, Stnveua will run a poo-
ullat miner and w ill cut a hole into the
Courier Herald auhacriplion lint.
F.ditor Gahbert has alrtick oil down at
Parkplace. At laat accounts he was
down 2l'0 feet and hud struck a formation
evidently deposited thcie long before
ho was born. It is a dark, muddy
substance winch, when mixed with
Clackamas river water, becomes very
thin. It smell oily.
Tho meeting of thu Oregon City board
ol trndu delegation with a delegation
In. in Mululla vicinity to view tho Mob
alia road was postponed last Tuesday to
such time in the near future us shall be
arranged satisfactory to the delegations.
Tim inclement weather of Tuesday made
it impnnMihle to utilise iioceHary material
and Instrument in proixirly viowing and
locating the road. Due notice of tlie
next mooting will be given the delega
tion by tho president of tlie Oregon City
bonrd of trade.
Hoars th Ihe Kind You Hav Always Bought
Went drriron
mill school Ui,
HMaklng of budding Irnea, blooming
llowera, green meadow, and farmura,
plowing and aoalng; that waa all rlnht
Tunaday but Wedneaihty morning uali
ered in a regular hllmrd. While il'a
barely above llm frnxlng point, ,vit
wi'Mtnrn Dregoil ia, at thla willing,
Wediuaday aflmnim, enj)ylng7 llm
wowat anow-al'jrin of the enen and thu
ImluNlrloii farmer haa put away hla
plowa and harrowa In order to come to
town rigged out with overcoat, alelgh
and ali'lgli bulla.
The olllcera of Warner Orange, No.
117, of New F.ra, were Inalalled Hatur-
day evening by K. H, Miller, of Port
land, pant elate lecturer, and K. h.
Cooer, of Oregon City, paat maatnr.
The iroHMHl auxiliary to the grange,
providing 'or a plan of fraternal life in-
aura m e almllar to that adopted by bene-
lary organlxatlone, was approyed. A
( la a of 4K) a fie ceaaa ry for the lgin-
ning of the Inaurance plan In Oregon.
The follow lug new ollicer were Inatalled :
Worthy maaler, Link Waldnn; over-
aeer, It. Jliown ; ateaard, J. Il-n lrick
aon: altant atewar I, Joe Iteeft: aec
felary. Mra M. A. Waldron; Ireaaurer,
Pavll McArthurj cliaplain, C. Fouler;
lecturer, Mra. I, McArthilr Cirea,
Ma. J. Ifendnekaon ; Flora, Mra.
(ieorgn; gitle-ktM-pe', W. A. tiardiiwr.
Hrai UL Hi iiooi. Mtikh At the
pclal ailiuol meeting held Monday
evening, called for the purpon- of h V) Ing
a tax for the coming hool year, tlie
lxardof dirm tora-W. K. Orll, C. II.
CaufleM and K. K. Char man preaented
a compri-henaive rejMjrt. It gave eatl
malea o( the coel of conducting the
ach'jol lor tho year ending March, J!H0,
and recelpta (or the aame time, aa fol
low a :
Halariea of trai lirr
Halarlraol Janitor.
1 1.''"
Knrl 'HI 00
eclitwl supplies .
Kumar lor Ka.Hiam buiMlug.... Vl Ui
Itrpalr to 1.1 a. klmarja P 0 I'l
inlrrrat on boiiila "Jl U)
l lrrk'a talary I")
i.i l.lriilala II') 00
Kailmatad liiilablcdiiri at end of
llm year
Total W
Their reort further atatea that it will
ho nrcewary to (It np another room and
employ an additional teacher lor the
coming year, although this could be
oblvated by cloning the schools to pupils
living outaide ol the Oregon City dis
trict. The board recommended that a
0 mill tax U levicl, , mills la than
last year. The Mai amount of taxable
property in the district is foM5,4ol;
w bile the bondod indebtedness ia12,(XO.
A moiion carried to intke the levy 0
mills. At the annual school meeting
llm Uard will give the voter and pat-
rone of the diatrlct an opportunity to
rxprva their preference on the proponi
Hone of fitting up another room or abut
ting olf pupila from outaide districta.
The Modern Way.
Commends itself to the well informed,
to do pleaaautly and cfiVctually what was
formerly dune In the crudest manner
and disagreeably aa well. Toclcanae the
ayatcm and break up colda, headache,
and fevers without unpleaaant alter
elects, uae Ihe delightful liquid laxative
reme.lv, Hyrup of Figs. Made by Cali
fornia Fig Hyrup Co.
Hay for Male.
Timothy ant clover cheap. Fvr
further information call at this olAi.
Ogon City Market Itrport.
(Corrected weekly.)
Wheat No. 1 merchantable, 54 cents
per bushel.
Flour 1'ortland, 13.4") j Howards
Bwt, 3.45; Fisher's Neat, $3.45; Dayton ;
:t.70: 1'eacock, $3.80
Outs In sks, white, 40 cent per
bunhel, gray, 40.
Milletuir Rran, $17.00 per ton
aborts, $18.00 per ton.
Potatoes ttO to 70 cents per sack.
Eggs, 25 cent per doxen.
liutter Hdimh, 35 to 50 cent per roll.
Onions, OJc. per rack.
Green apples, 35 to 50 per box.
Dri 'J Fruits Apples, unbleached, 3
cent; 50-pound boxes, evaporated, be
prunes, 2 to 4 cents; plums, 2 to 4c.
Bacon llama, 89' to 8?4 cents; sides
8 to 8lj ; shoulders, 7 to 8; lard 8 to 0
Livestock and Dressed Meat a Beef,
live, 3.SJ to 3?4c; hogs, live 4c;
hogs dressed, 5 to 5tf cent; sheep, $3
to$4 00per head; lambs $1.75to $2.50;
veal, dressed 7 to 7u'o.
Poultre Chickens, old $3.00 ; turkeys,
alivo, 12 cents po' pound.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Kemcdy can always be ile
Hiiilud upon and is pleasant and safe to
take. Sold by Geo. A Harding.
Acker's English Itcmoily wiil stop a
Cough at any time, and will cure the
woret cold In twelve hours, or money re
funded. 25u. and 60c. Geo. A. Hard
ing, agont.
Pure Tea
in packages
at grocers'
I Iff t'oum ll, '
At the meeting o( the council Wednea
dny nlulit all tho men: bun were prem-nt
except Fred MeUner. louring the
meeting a apirlted conteat aroae over
the report ol the committee to which
llm matier of extending the el'y light
ayatcm to Fall View, Kana City and
Klyville had been nderied. The coin
mitlee eatimatiid the nut of putting up
pole and wire at Inland recommended
that the city advance the money
neceaeary to extend thu ayatmn V) the
Portland General Electric Co. for light
ing, and that the company build and
own the line. Councilman Hchubel
favored making the expenditure and
atiporlc'l the plan. Councilman Koer
ner thought the plan all right if the
council was willing to Increase the ex
ocrine for lights hut was opoed to in-
creaaing the city s iniJebteiJnea. "Jhla
city," aaid Mr. Koerner, "ia already
twoyeara behind on its warrant. Think
of It, aboul 25 per cent, of our expert
are for light and we are paying about
3'lS' per cent, ol of our Income for in
leieat. Haider than do worae I would
go hack to tlie lantern ayatern and pay
no intereat."
Mr. Hchull replied by saying that
the amount in queation would ;ay for
tlm light for more than twoea ; that
a very large number of taxpayers had
aktd (or Iheae lighla and it bad been
generally conceded that the proponed
exlenlion ahould made. He too,
realized that need of atrirl economy but
aald economy ahould come by cuttinn
down exenaes somewhere rlae. This
exleiition waa a matter of juatice, and j
I , I !r . . In l, alrea.lv
but few . any tax pa,era In the alrea Jyj
I ! .1. a I .1 .1. ..In aa .itl.l iwt l I 1. tat '
lighted districts would obj"ct to this
The report of the committee was ao
, repled with Inductions to place the
mailer ieiore me eierinc rornpany.
Notice of Ihe pannage of the amend
ments lo the city chatter were read and
placed on file.
Ordinance fixing the lS'J tax lew at
7 mills waa placed on final passge and
aited. Also the ordinance eatabliah
ng tirade on Third street between ISiuff
to Water streets.
The bid to do the city printing by the
Oregon City Knterprlse being the lowest,
that paer was awsrded the contract.
The Mayor appointed II. II. John. on,
city engineer and hia appointment w
unanimoualy ratified. The Mayor sug
geated that certain notes given the city
in payment of street improvements, and
long paat due, ahould b collected forth
with. On motion the matter waa re
furred lo the finance committee with
power to act.
Application for renewal of liquor
licenae of J.CJ. Willhelm was granted.
The queation ol sewerage for the hill
waa discussed and the matter referred
Purchased at 47 Cts. on the Dollar
Still Offers Values of Unquestioned Worth
Complete Lines Offered in Clothing, Boots,
Shoes, Hats, Furnishing Goods, Etc.
Men's 9-t i. Bib Overalls, sale price 40c
Men's Double Breasted Blue Flannel Shirts .
pale price 75c
Men's Tercale Dress Shirts, sale price 25c
Mftn'e Celluloid Cuffs, sale 0;ice 15c
Men's Celluloid Collars, sale price 5c
Men's Linen Collars, beet quality, sale price
8 for .' 2oc
Men's Drees Shoes, sale prico 95c
Men's Working Shoes, sale price 90c
Men's Suits, all wool, sale price 5 75
Men's Cassimere Suits, all wool, sale price. 8 00
Men's Navy Blue Cheviot Suits, all wool,
sale price .8 50
Men's Gray Cassimere Suits, all wool, Ore
gon goods, former price $13.50, now. .9 50
Mon.s Satinet Suit's, sale prico 2 25
Boys' Suits, long pants, size 14 to 19 years,
sale price, $2.25, $3.50, $4.25 and 5 50
The public is urgently invited to inspect tho
above stock of goods, now in Masonic Building,
Corner 6th and Main Streets., Oregon City.
to committee on street and public
property, with orders to report ss soon
a pokaihle.
The Mayor, under the new provllon
in the ci'y tharter named the following
Finance Koerner, Powell, Huntley.
Ht rente and Public Property Hchubol,
Mutzner, Iliiwh,
Fire and Water Hunch, Milln, Char
man ,
Health and Police Huntley, Powell,
Cemetery Milln, Koerner, Chairman.
At a few minute past 2 o'clock yes
yeaterday a fire alarm waa turned lo.
The fire proved to be In Clark (jreeo
man's reaidem e. Py the time the com
pany arived on the scene the whole roof
waa ablate. Willing band soon emptiel
the house of moat of it content and
the fire ladies soon mxxled the buil
ding. Hut little damage was done by
water aave to cariU and wall paper.
The entire roof and garret w ill have
to be rebuilt. The family were gone
on a viit with neighbor at the time.
The cauae of the fire evidently was a
defective flue.
An FnterprMnr DraggM.
There are few men more wide awake
and enterprising than Charman & Co.,
who spare no pains to secure the l-ent of
everything In their line for their their
many customers. They now have toe
valuable agency for Dr. King'a New Dis
covery lor consumption, lougu ano
Colda. This is the wonderful remedy
that is producing socb a (uror all over
i ..t:..
"e COUniry ny lia many aiarinnK t-uira.
, , AlU Uronchitie,
. i. 1, a t
Hoarm-neaa and all affectiona ol the
Throat, Cheet and Lungs. Call at above
drug store snd get a trial bottle free or a
regular sie foi WcenU and fl.00. Guar
anteed to cure or price refunded.
York, which is the lowest-priced msga
sine in America (20 cent a year), and
which I owned by Hon. Cbaoncy M.
Irepew, the eminent American orator,
want a representative lo this vicinity.
It is a good opiwrtunity for one of our
ambitious young man or young women.
Application ahould be sddreneed to the
Subacriptiou Department, The Penny
Msgaxine. Temple Court, New York
I ity.
For Yoner Hen and leans; rTomrn.
There is nothing thst will arouse the
ire of a young man or woman so quick aa
to have inferior laundry work pat off on
them. They may dres ever so well,
but if their shirt front or shirt waist is
mussy their neat appearance ia spoiled.
Tlie Troy laundry make a specialty ol
ladiea and gentlemen' fine work.
There can be no better work than is
done at the Trov. Leave your older at
Johubon' barber sbop. .
Money loaned on improved farms, at
low rate. No bon.l required. J.
Ni-nan, (171 Hood street, Portland, Or.
The moMt expensive bicycle tire on the
market ia the I'unlop. The highest
'ia!ity rim are (Won liiminxted. Tho
liglitet and atroriit frame connection
aw aheet Hlcel starupimt. The iiMo
(Ule bicycla lnut liave abjiitey dust
iro)f biraringa, adjujlible banille-liara
and internal expanders for (aliening l irs
and aa-ldle pst. All the-m tilings ami
many more improvementa are found on
the Crescent, which adla (or f.lft 00,
To-Slght and To Morrow .light.
And each day and night during thin
week you can get at any drupgiat't)
Kemp's lialsam for the Throat ami
Lung, acknowledged to be the most
successful remedy ever sold for coughs.
Croup, Ilronehitis, Asthma and Con
sumption. Get a bottle to-day and keep
it clways in the bouse, so yon can check
your cold at once. Price 25c ami ')c,
Hample bottle free.
Djn't make underwear when it can be
bought at such very low prices at the
Racket Htore.
New lot of wrappers trimmed in vel
vet, lace arid braid. All price. At tho
Racket Store,
Weddinir stationery, the latest style
and Criett awortment ever Lrouglit to
Oregon City at the EaTxarRis office.
Beautiful Skin
LcldiCS if rQ dealr a transparent, clear
' and freah complexion,
Use Dr. Bourdon's French
Arsenic Complexion Wafers
the only reliable beantifler of the ne
plexion,' akin and form known. In t re
direction tor wbich they are intended, their
elfect Is simply aisgical Tb rooat sa
tounrling transformation in peraonal sp
iearanc I brought about by their ateady
um. I'oeiuing tb WIZARD'S TOUCH
in producing; and preserving beauty of
form by surely developing a transparency
and pellucid clrarneaa of complexion,
ahapely contour of form, brilliant eyea,
aofc smooth akin, wbers, by nature, th re
verse exist. Even IbecoAsatsT asd mov
trreuiva skis marred by raxctLss, moth,
tuemtux, riMPLrs, and vciiab eiu!ii,
tsllow asd aicbDT skis, and other r.icui.
DiariiicatMtaTS, are permanently removed
and a deliciouily clear and refined com
plexion assured, enhancing aj lady'a loveli
ness beyond her most extrsvagant expeo
tationa. lAdlrm, Yum C'bi be Ifcaatlftil,
no matter wno you are or what your dial
flgurementa may be you can make y"ir
etf as bantliome as any lady In the laud
by the ua of
Dr- Bonrioi'i Anealc Ccipleiloi WaTm
Used by men the results are equally fa
vorable. Trice, smell box 5) cents. Larp?
riox $1.0) or special order of six large boxes
15). Sent to any address under plain
coyer on receipt of the above amount.
Write for circular.
131 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.
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