Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, January 06, 1899, Page 5, Image 5

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oiticaoN ciry entjsm'Mse, Friday, January c, isoo.
I dk
Oregon City Iinterprise
Timk('ahi) rTum lUii.wr Commiiv
(Courli Ht.)
7:00 A. lit
J 45
V 5
11.13 r. m.
3 IS
4 4S
ontooN CITY,
7:03 A. M.
10 30
1 1 A3
11; jo r. w.
4 "3
4 jo
8 ,v on I
DIllV tO
Mil a auk Is
,K only to
I j.jo only to
Ml! waul le
lO.JJ Olllv to
II 4
48 MlNUTt OMlUUla.
fill. a Al.TUK U(U
UfKi I til
Mi-uutrrn rAi.u nr.
oartaaio mmoi timmm rui
lU W
1J J
1 l M.
0 "
I U "
Id "
It "
I l "
unil'T laaa
, m.
t u M
I i m.
Ill "
1 u -
f si
t 16
hour unlll n'rlMi
1 Ja.u-M I. I.
. m.
la itMl aa ana l
:. A. Ml.l.fcH, M-rf.
Fouhmim (Virt Robin Hood, F.
0 A., have elected following o()Wrt'
V. V. ICo.ers, (5. It,; (i o Hilvcr." Hoi..
C. It.; II. It. Ki.IT.rJ. Kin. Hec.; J. K.
Morris, lire. See. 5 tieo. Hyatt, Trrae. ;
T. V. JuluiiKjti, Hr. W.j Ad Nek-hle, Jr.
W.j Wm. Khodna, Jr. 11. j Tom Johnam,
Jr. H. The meeting itlghu '
changed to lit, 2d, nJ 3rl, Friday
tllgbt. 1
A 1'tKAiAXT M ii iui Messrs It. L
nil Harry Uinm, of Ilultun were
gWen ilpiit ixrtjr Saturday vening
la' honor of their blttlid). iHinng the
eveniti dellclou luncheon waa served.
Those prrarnt Were Mrini), nl Me
dames Calta, iMy, Fuabeig, Ullgly,
Oreavre, lloffiuan, Johnalott, Kutikle,
nd Moure; Mr. (Iiegrrm and Mr,
llrllman; Mlaaoa IVrty. 'llily, Kitirl
GrT4, (irriforton ; Klorrm-, Kl
nd Initio Ilurfman, JoUnntoiij Miam.
Chapman, iMf, (iallijl (irea,
Johniton, Mtif), MuHi, Meyer,
Jay Fanibatn anJ Uolan I KoalxT.
Hau1av Fob HrAitt. Tlm New Year
editor laU in thit Madrid re ara d
ml dlKiilfled reminder! that tlm boial
ing of the United Hl,le fli In Cuba
nd tlm l'tillliilnea ineatm the cloalntl
of four renturlet of Spaulih colonial
Iilalory. Willi au;fteaHl untloii,
ralher than bllterneaa, llm .H-ra ex
hort the wol to have confident in
their reiivrllve power, urging that
tlmra be llm amallevl xlile wat of
time In .-eortranlilnit llm alTalrw of the
country, and eirelnK a axH-ll ileiire
(or atieedy eettltuient of the cabinet
rrUia. The ueoeral U-llcf i that Ha-
gaila will be able to reaiiine hi dutiiMt at
liremlerby the end of the - k.
that he will form cabinet to Include
Lleutenant-General Weyler.
VoTn Twi(i.-K. A. Wright, of
Meadow Urook, pnt fiaturday night lu
' title city. Mr. Wright voted twice at
, , , the laat elate election but docan't claim
l MoU repeater. He waa In Denton
' county on election day and atopiwd at a
boll nit uluce In the country and ankod to
nl ll,a alula tli-knt. IIm hallilml III
ticket to one of tbe judge who put It
Into the "general" Inatead of the "alate
nd district" box. He then called tbe'r
attention to the necoiwity of putting hit
ballot In the other box, upon which the
jtxlgva almtiltanuoiiHly itaid "II I, that's
what' the matter." After dlm-urntlng
the mnttor at tome length, they gave
Mr. Wright another ticket, which they
dapoaitod in the other box, Baying they
would destroy lilt llrel ballot when they
canto to It.
An Old 1'ionkkii. The Kntcrprlxo hna
received word from David P. rrcttyman.
now of Oakland, Cut., and w ho came to
Clackamat county 51 years ago, Mr.
I'rettymnn moved to California for hit
health a few yean ago and Is ntiicli loiter,
He loftCaaa county, Mo., with hla par
entfl whon hut 14 )' cat of ago, and with
them made the trip to this conitt by ox
team. AtTho Dallea, they whip-inwed
lumber for aflat boat and brought their
cfTocta on It down the" Columbia, except
ing the stock which they drove down by
the way of Portland. Thn family itpnt
two years on the Holmes', farm, near
this city. Later they lived in Kafit Tort
land and in '( moved onto a farm near
balem. Many pioneers will rumcmhur
the family and will be glad to learn that
Mr. Prettyman ' it mnch improved in
Maninutiii IIomk Amucm. Wll
Martin Jolnmon, utlior o("lnliln
of a lliiii'lri-il lining," roiilrllnili' llm
flml atticln of hi 11 iw ni'ilc on "Tim
lliiimu J'iarll'ul" lo llm Jammry I.Ailir
II011111 Journal, In 1 1 arlliU Mr
Jolinonii will f i-IhIii how llm varion
riMini", liull w hv. (!(,. ol lioimt mat
lid rlUllrully iirnlalmil aiul iliicontlm
at foiiiiaratlycly amall cmi. Tim m
ilaiiation U iKi rli'urly clnUilnl tlut,
wl'li llm all ol llm arcoinimnvlinr ilraw
IHK, almoal any iiih with Unlit may
follow Ilia Inn'riirtloh iflvun. Tim
arlli In ll aliuw how llm liilmlor of a
lioiian may bit traiuformml from llm
roiiiinoiiiilai'tt Into Ihlnu of rtlatli'
laiily anil rolnn, Tlmra la no oV
jret of anrli vital Inlirfnt to Aiimrlran
a tlm iiii'rovrinriit of llm hoiim, and
Mr. Johnaoii'a arllilna t lit JoiihlUm
(roy aa Minlar ami niH'fiil a In "In
Id of llnndrnd Ifoiiif,"
Ct ai'i l'oi 1 m rm J. IS. 'ri.lon, of
l'hlladilihla, iVnn , who la at n"riit
r ini.iiyi-d at tlm Crown Taiwr Mill I
In min'ioii of an irpjillonally fholrr
(ollxt llon f rurlo. l lm following- U a
llt bf oioi of III llliwt highly pfilrd
htIiiu'Ii : A wiaiiif raim lliat wa
irkd Ui on llm hallln f 1 f I . I of WhIitIihi
ilirnlly aftrr that iioIm tiitl wk
fought. It lit ii.w to datrn llonyml
to aoma of tlm (Jllcria. A roxr cHn
taken from an Indian -rvn In Marlon
cwunty, dated 12,'', It ha nuinW of
liiolvlili'a ahotr tlm dla on ono
id" and llm alar ol lavld on tlm other;
om-cnt lilioa ol U. H. in iney diled
S()2; another coin orroter 4it with-
out dala or Valuation, whlrli haa tlm
head of man on 01m ld and tlm form
of woman on llm other; liealdra the
m haa lrt Collrnllon o Indian
lehra, aurli aa akull, hour, m
had Imla, mo'raaln, head, arrow and
ar Imaul; mm rolleilion ol otet
from dllfrrent hatlU ground of the late
Aini'ilian -Siaiiili war. Another rellv
whl.hU hlahly .rl-d by Mr. I'retlon
I a I'Iito of blndiiiM' I'oiii tlm trunk lhal
brought llm II ml charter for llm lol of
Maaler Maaon on tlm I'ai-inr. roail.
Oterrwiea llkraa.
In (Jeorgia roiirt not long iluce
raao Involving a J kaa came nu for
Ulal Th ailorury after Indulging la
due Iri'iiiy eniiriMj ib following in
ilrel iiioiimi on the dorkvt:
It Um nwrt trill eunnt. w will Uka up
emmm :
ll trru mj4 ol eiln. ttmtrtrj or rarw.
l la uf aululorMt Wianx, ba II UUlaa or ka
il bvftua aaj ll aatla wilb a boml.l )ackM.'
TliereniKin the Judge, baatllr ium-
uuailiig hi uiuae to bla aaalaUnoe, en
(ml op the following order 1
Ttiia eaaa aiailnr oa Ihla 4f lo m naard
(CMwlitml bf Iba auart Ut I quit aUrardt.
And Iha luiiilmi awwin Iha court dtb ikvtiia
To ba berebf oarrult ami denial.
Aiul lb atuvara tharauf atwll B't ba aivinpt
from a Una uf um dollar a.-h fur euniinit.
KbMvtn, unlll (aid, lb rn furlbar ar,
Aaavaunca, Ibal lbj badwtwd aald J k
LW Nub
farlaa Taraaaa Iba Raaa.
Tbl t to be Indirectly awlndled In
trauanctlou or tojuty aa eiorbltuut price
for thing la coniideraiinu of long
oriNltt A vailanlla"lobeboredthroogn
the iioan," "txirod" hive having tbe
Uinanltig of cbeatvd, doovivtHl:
At Ihla liutaat ba bura n with aoma trick
-"ll.nry VIII." LIU
Oa tbat balb fill led too, iba hath Uad
ruu, atr.-"Ufa oi T Crunwall." lOua. U. n
And Howell Ic hli "Inatrnotloni For
Forreu Travell" (lafiO), page D, "had
known divert Dutch goutletuen groaly
guld by tbl cheat the atdliug of forgod
uiuncrlpta to young traveler In Italy),
and aoin KuglUh bor'd alao through tbe
nnae tbia way, by paying exnoMiv
prlooa for ibem. "Nuo end tuotjoe
A Klaa; mmt at UalBa ri.
The lata lUr. Charlva FjiurHoou. lu
roodlng out lit of lubacrlburi to one
,.t ti.UI ..,.,1 I.,..
;nl01lU ...a j0kea m be went on lht kept
. .U(10U4M i re.. miuA knmo.
real aytod
Coming to Mr. King who bad given
6 ihllliuga, he aald, "There's king
who haa given hit crown." Coining
next to Mr. llgg, who bad given a
guinea, he exclaimed, "Thuro'ta guiuew
plgl"-Londou Tit-Bits.
"Do trouble 'boot advloe," raid Un
ole Kben, "it dat de man who baa made
alio uufT auoottaa in life it gln'rally too
bony ter ttop an give luanona," Wash
ington Star.
The repnblio of Ctiatomala haa over
10,000 auiooua aud uvorna. In tho coun
try dlstriott there it one to every 83 lu
finbltnuti; in tbe towns one to every CS.
Uaea Too Oftea.
"What's all this exuitcmcut about?"
"Nothing worth nttiutioning. Man
got kiHK'kod down."
"Not exactly. Ono of thnce men who
always cntcu hold of you uud punh you
out of their way wheu you happen to
meet them at a crowded corner grabbed
tho wroug man jut now. That's 11."
Chioago Tribune.
Dandruff ('s
The beginning of bttdntss h dtndrvff.
Keep tht snip cttn nd promote tht
gro-wih of tlx luir by tht me of
4 it
la due not only to the originality and
aimpllvlty of the combination, but alao
to tbe care and akill with which it it
manufactured hj ax lt-ittlfJa proccaaea
known to tbe CAi.iroitxu Yin Nrnir
Co. only, and we wUh to linprcaa upoo
11 the Importance of pun hanlng the
true fend original rmrdy. A a the
Ci-iiuine Kyrup of Flfja la manufac-tured
y the CALiroKxiA F10 riiur Co.
oi ly, knowledge of tbat fact will
-lt one in voiding tlm wortblew
Imltatliin manuf4Cturrd ly other par
tlea. l lm high aUudlng of the Cam
roNMU Fin brnip Co. with the ncll
cut profiaioti, and the lutlafucllon
which the gi-nuliio Nyrup of Figa baa
(riven to mlHlmi of fmnlllr, make
the name of thnCompuny guaranty
of the eicellciRo of ita remedy. It la
far In advance of all other laaativea,
aa It acta on the kldneya, liver and
ImjwcIb without irritulljig or weaken
ing' thi-tn, and It dm- n,t gripe nor
nauneate. In order to get lu beneficial
effect, pleaae rememlM-r the name of
the tVMiijHtny
Ban raiAiixa, .t
Let UTIllk. Ut. hbwt taaa, n. Z
Wtxlding alali'ioerr, the laieat trtr'ea
and Oneat aaaortment ever tirotight to
Oreyon ("Itv at tlm FaTaaraiaa ofllce.
I'avidwin, the phologiaphe r, make
Vehd) pln.i. for I'.'.fiO 4-r down, a
pure carbon tlTei t ; crayon, M J0,1 h5 ;
partela, lOi'.t), 2 Hj. A aitling free for
It will jay you to corno to Portland
ami purchase of us
Than any other store in tho stato
ami wo will pay faro to Portland and
return on all purchases of $5.00
or over.
HEN. PKLMNG, Manager.
ladlffereat aa to tha Kla.
He waa frogile youth and didn't
dance all the dHimca
"Let's tit it out. " he aald to his pretty
"Wburef" sheared.
"On the stair."
80 they went up a little way and eat
"Wh-why, whnt't the matter, Mr
Btackpolor" crltnl tlm fair young girl,
for the young mini hud hastily risen
and wat gasping for hi cat It Ho conld
not reply. Hi face wat lived. Hit eyet
wore rolled tip, end with one thakiug
hand he clawed fee My at the bklrtt of
hit Tuxedo
"What kind of an attack la it?" the
At this question his voice came back 1
to him.
"What difToieuce does that make?"
bo harshly growled. Then, without a
word of apology, ho dntdtcd np tho
atnlra and thing himself Into the men's
con t room.
And how was sho to know that It was
an ordinary carpet tnok that tbo man
who cnnvuHod the stairs hnd carelessly
left standing on its head? Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
An'fnScmalf r.
The highwayman, in grim reality
nud without tho aureole of romance,
llack Hess and all, waa a "common ob
ject of the couutry" 160 years ago, and
it was the duty of all good subjects to
try to capo with him. If yon attempted
to npprehoud such a desperado aud wore
killed in the attempt, your executurH
could claim 40 from the sheriff. This
inUumulty was scarcely enough to kin
dle u burning pastdon in the English
mind for the extinction of the pest.
Goutleimufa Magazine.
if la Worth OreealaaA.
Tlm flurce July aun, though but Jit
tin pttt the tiorllicrn inirldlnn, boat
down opou me with opprnaaive warmth,
liofore me the warm, rod brown lund
tw aiMi wavcrud ami Ircmblod In the yel
low light. Ifc'hind mn towered tlm blind,
ing whlUi alopa of the Iim. litiueath wj
f' l t tbe alonn were hare evnn of llcbent
mid hud dry, gray bade, aa If they
wi re the bonne of a dead world. And
yot 1 full that with ao much of warmth
and rlohneaa of coloring thure oiutt be
life, and, aura enough, hurdly had I
gone 100 yard from tbe rdgo of the Ire
wlmo beautiful little black and white
otigat'ir fluttered op from behind a
ruk, boverod alnglng a I moat within
rea'ib alxve my hoed and then aottlnd
vixia tleak atone but ft few foot dla
taiit Vt fin I ah hi merry long.
Aa I went on, no tuber of tboeo enow
buntlnga flltlod alxjut me, and hardly
had I gone mile before my heart teat
quicker at the eight of trace of monk
oien. A 1 got farther away from the
Ice and In the Ine of the glgantto mo
raine and tumuli of glaolal dnbrla,
flowur Ugao to apiiear, purple and
white and yellow, amoug tbora my
verprt-M iJt brilliant yellow friend, tbe
arollo poppy. iVary'a "Northward
Over tbe Great Ion."
Aa Aeeroarlala yaabol.
"Huagahy la a meinber of tbe Vege
tarian club, ian't hcY'
"I gua be la. I notice be weari ait
19 carat badge." Cleveland I'lala
It rain on an average of 209 day in
the year In Ireland, about ISC in Kngv
laud, at K-4aa about 90 dayi and in
blberla only 00 day a
Central African native mine, melt
and faahioo irou very aklllfully.
Tb iaaplclaaa Mother.
Admire baby and the mother al
waya look pleaj.-d. Admire her dog
and aha glare at yon. Maybe the reaaoo
fur thit I that abe la quite trore yon do
not wiab to tteal the baby, but lin't
ltogetbee oertain regarding yooratu-n-tloua
where tbe dog la oonoorued. Ei
ohang. WANT
Clothing Co.
3rd and Oak Streets
?. A N A tO
'Vsy v W
Acker's English Remedy will atop a
Cough at any time, and will cure the
worst cold In twelve hours, or money re
funded. 25c. and 50c. Geo. A. Hard
ing, agent.
Sick Headache absolutely and per
manently cured by using Moki Tea. A
pleaeatit herb drink. Cures constipa
tion and indigestion, makes you eat,
sleep, work and happy. Satisfaction
guaranteed or money back. 25 cents
and 50 cents. Geo. A. Harding, agent.
Daniel Williams, at the northeast cor
ner of Center and Seventh Btreets, has a
choice and well selected stock of fitmily
eroceriee which he Is telling at very
reasonable rates. His motto is
and let live, w ith honest weights
measures". Goods delivered to
part of the city.
Rest shave in
barber shop
the city at Johnson's
Wonderful bargains
Miss Goldsmith's.
in millinery at
A Personal Matter
A well painted house Is like a neat
ly dressed person always attract
ive and pleasant to louk upon.
Can be repainted and freshened np
at a very reasonnble price paints
are very cheap now. Ion't leave tt
until the sun makes any more marks
aud cracks in it.
Leave Orders at
Ely s Store... ThRpivter..
Makes Uie food more
aowM a"4
A ( mrlrrr Tor OI4 Clolhea.
In the north of London there Is lit
tle plot of groond where old clothes are
buried and afterward exbomed . for
corloo parpfiae. It It flat, barren and
dostllate piece of ground and preaenta
very meltuicboly apectaole. Little wood
tn stamps, bearing nambert, mark Ibe
There i paper mill near by, which
finds it rather dlfflcolt to get snitable
material for the manufacture of a apodal
The ordinary old rags are no good.
The rax themselves have to be manu
factured. Old coat, old troow'M and
old dreaeea are covered with wet soil,
aud altera few week' rotting are ex
humed. A corner Is act aside for old linen
ood. The linen I placed in layers in
s box, with soft rih soil between each
layer, and then hurled.
Llmewator Is then sprinkled over
tha grave, and after a fortnight's rot
ting the linen is reduoed to mere
ikelotoo, which I takou not of tbe box,
laid flat in a warm blanket and rash
ed off to the paper mill.
Thongb it is only the size of font
ball ground, it contains 2,000 grave,
which are marked by 2,000 wooden
stamp, each bearing a number.
Woaaea'e teaaa af Color.
The di fieri. rye between men and
womeu are well marked in many ways,
but It may not be generally known how
great this difference is in tbe matter of
color appreciation, not to speak of color
blindness, A larpo percentage of men
are impervious to tbe aenration of color;
they nei titer notioe nor appreciate it.
Women, on tbe contrary, like many
animals, are strongly attracted and re-
pellul by color, which to tbe average
male mind remains a mystery. Tbe or
dinary man is quite satisfied if bis help
mate dreeses in black or in tbe prover
bially agreeable white muslin. Why she
should aotk for harmonies and noveltiea
of color, why she should arrange and
match and dincus various hue with
tbe scriooanoes be would gt to a bnsi
Dees matur. posses hi understanding.
And just as color leaves a man cold,
so does form a woman, wbich accounts
for her indifference to atatuary and her
freueut incapacity for drawing. Louisa,
marchioness of Watcrford, waa an in
stance of tbia. Hit coloring waa superb
and tbe euvy of artists, her drawing de
fective and poor, and when abe tried
late in life to learn to draw abe only
succeeded jn spoiling her fine instinct
for color. Loudun Graphic. r
Malberrr Bellera.
One day while Mark Twain and
Cbarlee Dudley Warner were walking
together they hnppened to begin a dis
cussion of tbe modern novel, and one or
tbe other suggested tbat it might be a
good plan to burletqoe it. Later while
Journeying together to Boston this sug
gestion took definite shape, and on their
return tbe work wat begun, one author
writing a chapter, tbe other taking np
the threads of the story tbe next day,
nd both critically examining tbe result
each evening aud asking tbe opinions of
their wlvee as to the success of each
stage of the nndertakiug. Finally they
collected all the mauvsoript, of which
there was too great a quantity, and
jointly condensed iL It waa owing to a
suggestion by Mr. Warner tbat tbe
chief character in the tale was called
Colonel Escbol Sellers, and it is a fact
that the man whose name was taken a
man supposed to be long dead made a
fiery demand for satisfaction, visiting
Hartford for that purpose. In later edi
tions of the story the name "Eechol"
was changed to "Mulberry." Ladies'
Home Journal.
Tha Mote aaa tha Braaa.
When Lord Morris was chief justice
of Ireland, a yonng junior barrister
arose in his court one day to make his
first motion and spoke in the hard
brogne of the north of Irelaud.
. "Supel," said tbe judge in a low
voice to tbe registrar of the court, "who
is this newcomer?"
"His name is Clements, my lord."
"What part of the coontbry does he
hail from in the name of all that's wun
dherful?" asked tho judge.
"County Antrim, my lord," waa the
"Well, well !" said tbe judge. "Did
yon iver come across sich a froightful
act I in the whole ooorse of yer born
Tha White llouae Drtlgi ,
' Tho Whito Ilouse is au exact copy of
tbe Duke of Leinster's palace, Dublin.
In March, 1793, the commiMiouers
on building advertised for "a plan
for a president's house to bo erected in
tho city of Wu.-hiugton." Tbe prize
offered waa 500, aud that of James
Hobau, a yonng Irish luechunio, was
accepted. The design was supposed to
bo original, but when the boose was
completed it was learned that Ho bun.
had copied it from tho duke's palace.
Some Vrrdlcte.
A Kansas jury cf inquest found that
deceased met his death "at the hands
tf his saddle horse."
An Arkaut-as verdict over the body of
a man who died on board a boat is that
"deceased was tukeu oil ten minutes
after he was taken on." Exchange.
Commercial Zeal.
"Cluudla, is the young man indus
trious to whom yon are engaged?"
"Industrious? Why, papa, be intend
ed to propose to me a month ago, but
was too busy. "Chicago Record.
delicious ond wholesome
y , mm tfm$.
Sunday Services.
KiK'Uh ami J. Q. Alain street; itev.
Krneal J. W. Mar k, paator. Miimlay s liool
at 1" A. M., atekljr arrvn every Thursday
at S P.M. (lerman artiool rvery Batiirda
from 9 to 12. Everybody invited.
Kt. I , W. ha I f, faator. Home at lo.au a at.
aiel 11 r. at. Sunday school aflat mornluc
aorrti-a. Piayrr melln( I haraday ranifif at
7 jaJo.cloek. frayar naatinf of You at Pwiple's
Society of (.'hrUtlan Kodaaror vry Suo'laf
vamiif attlOpratopC
ke4tt,P-.ir MornlnHrvlcatl .i S m lay
keb'iol at 11 IA. Kfenltif grvle 7.W; Kvula
prayer aneetlnc Itiuraday arrolnf. Monthly
Cmeriant Mrctinf trary Wadocaday TuiDa
pfor.liir lha Aral Sunday la lb aoouiti. I
eoMlallurllaUoD loalL
10 A. M. Ktary acond and liinnh Sunday
'ierrnao wmin aftar th o'elurk aia
At all otbar muwi Eofllab arrmona. Hun-lay
SolKMil al l Ml r. M. Veapr. apologetic!
ut'lwt and beuedlctlos al 7 SO r. au
H utm'r, Paator. Mornltif aervle at 10 l;
Saoday Acbool at 10 00. Oaaa anavtlnf after
moruina aervlr. Eveolo acrvlea at 1 ML
Epaorta League meeting Handay nlnr at
: Prayer kteelio Thursday TalB at?J4
ttratjgers cordially Inrlted.
I. MoDtoin-ry. Paator. Hemcea al 11 a . and
7 J0 r. a. Sabbath eVbool al It a. a. Young
People's -i-ty of Carlatlan Endeavor oirc
very Sunday renin at t SO. Ihoisdar
venlnj prayer meeting at 1M. Beau free.
Erlci;, PoUir; J. K. EaaaT AMlpUnt.
Pmchmc aervlcea every S inday al 11 A. at.
and 7 M P.M. aabbalb artonl erery Sunday al
10 A. M , Hr. 7.!miti..rnii, 0pt. Player Meeting
very 1 bursday Tailing.
Rav. p. K. Hammond, Hector. rkrvirs
every Muoday at li a.m, and 7:3p. ra.
8'iiiday acliool at 10 o'clock. 8 r vice every
Friday evening at 7:3a Other Mrvice t
niaybeaiiiiouiiced. All aeaU free, Btrang
era cordially invited.
. w 1. 1. ji n iirf i iif.uA.' iiiun o v. 'J -(treitaiioiial
cliiircn. Kev. f. Back, pastor.
! tVrvH every Hnnday at 11 A. at. Buntlay
acnuui at to a. at.
Christian Science meetings at Willam
ette hall, Sunday morning service, 11
o'clock ; Sunday school, 12; weekly meet
lng. Wednesday evening at 8, except
first week of each month, when meeting
will be held on Thursday evening at 8
o'clock. Heading room open every
afternoon from 1 :30 to 4.
A. O. U. W. meets every fTatarday
evening in tbe A. O. U. W. Temple.
Geo. R. Califf. secretary.
Rehekahs Willamette Hehekah Lodge
No. 2 meets second and fourth Friday of
each month" at I. O.O. F. Temple.
Matta Godfry, rccretary.
Court Robin Hood No. 9, Foresters of
America, meets first and third Friday la
the month in Red Men's Hall. F.T.
Rogera, secretary; F. S. Baker, chief
Meade Poet No. 2, G. A. R., meets;
first Wednesday in each month at Wil
lamette Hall. E. W. Midlam, com
mander. Clackamss Chapter No. 2, R. A. XL,
meets on the third Monday of each
month in Masonic Hall. II. S. Strange,
lioneer Chapter No. 2S. O. E. S. meeta
the second and fourth Tuesdays in each
month at Masonic Hall. Miss Jennie
Rowen, secretary.
Oregon Lodge No. 3, 1. 0. Q, F., meets
every Thursday in Odd Fellows Hall.
T. F. Ryan, secretary.
Falls Encampment No. 4, 1. 0. O. F.
meets first and third Tuesday in each
month. J. A. Stuart, secretary.
Redmen Wacheno Tribe No. 13, Imp.
O. R. M., meets Saturday evening 7:30,
at Red Men's Hall. J. W. Stnart, C,
of R. ; H. L. Patterson, Sachem .
Multnomah Lodge No. 1, A. F. A. M.,
meets first and third-Saturdays in each
month at Masonic Hall. T. F. Ryan,
Mead Corps No 18, W. R. C, meet
1st Monday in each month at the Will
amette Hall. Mrs. Clonse, president.
The Auxiliary meeta the third Monday,
at Willamette Hall.
AttisanB meets first, second and fourth
Thursdays in each month at Red Men's
Hall. J. T. Searl, secretary.
Catholic Knights of America St. John's
Bianch No. 647, meets every Tuesday of
the month.
Tualatin Tent, K. O.T. M., meets in
Red Men's Hall, on second and fourth
Wednesdays G. H. Hyatt, record
keepei ,
Willamette Falls Camp No 148, W. O.
W. meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays iu the
Redmen Hall. Clerk J. K. Morris.
Handkerchiefs of all description cot
ton, linen, embroidetied swiss, for
ladies gents and children at the Racket
tffhsaa. Thrjr dvtirxm WocUacM, Irreirnw
utriir ana onuMKsni.tnrreaae vifrar
and bar. nd p.nn of Diiliuv
(.un." TUey arc "Life lluver"
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Velopmrnt of orvn and tnKljr.
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Fur sale by C. G. Huntley.
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