Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, December 16, 1898, Image 4

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Circuit court convenes ltit Monday In
November Mint tliitil Moi.iluy in April.
prohnto court in session Ural Monday In
each inontli. '
Commissioners court meets first Wednes
day alter lirst Monday olcach monlli.
Mayor. ... - K. O. Caulleld
Kevonier, - Hruce C. ('urry
Chief nf Collo -Niclit
Tt-- immt. -
(Vv Attorney, -
r: rvt t'onimiionr, -
Hunt, ol Water Works,
Cnv Knitiiitwr.
Ch. K. Iinrns
II K. siriOu-ht
Frank t Ciiilltih
- v . i. fiii.m
u- II ii..,.ii
1). W. Kininurd
Council men R. Koerner. Frank Huch
K. l. Wilson, James Hoake, II. K. IUr.
ria, . IV Latourette, Arthur Millu, Fred
A. Meizner
Council meets Itrst Wednesday or each
month in city hull.
(Concluded from pase two.)
Adkins Bros. lumber IS 40
Dist 19 Lahor on Mendowbrook and
Orevron City road ami bridge and culvert
Trnllini.'er Pros, lumber 32 7:5
OCKiv 2 25
II 0 l.onnev 6 00
Kred Krickson 6 00
M Vnlvev fi 00
Atntnst Krickson 18 M
Arthur Duncan 3 W
A L Wcmdeide 0 0a)
F M Manning.
8 oo
John Dennison
DM 1?
MoelmkeA Co, lumber.
17 W
Tl'H) 4S
7 14'
lt S7
.1!H) 51
P:st 20 On Ilicbiand and J V Olson
V (i MavfieManl team....
I T M ivtield
J Mjm field
W C, Uuckner
J W Jones iuni'ier
Win llin kner, lumber
s ,,-
1 S
:t :;ti
22 t;ti
t 2.: Labor
$38 12
on Schnmin Hid,
Auro'a Hill and DearCieek Hill
Aui Palman 1 50
A Katrev 1 oi
John O Conner 1 00
J J Taylor 73
W J Miller S (
J J Miller 9 00
Dist 24
Richard Scott
Ernest Stuw
J S Yorler
Henry Yoder and team...
John Sehneiter
B F Smith
1S 75
$1 51
1 SO
3 00
1 10
1 50
Total !)33
Pist 23 Labor on Oreuoa City, Silver
ton, Cauhy, Macksburg and Molalla
( W Scratnlin
Fred Molts
K M Morris
J II Daiy
" and team
II II Hepler
W Brush
1 5
10 (M
0 0)
3 tK)
1 50
Dist 27 Labor on Scott's
Johnson Bridje
C E Young, hauling
Geo D Car den.
J E M injuatn
C E Young
.... t:
.$14 01
. 1 00
i no
1 o j
Dist 28
A Hardy
Orlen Thomas
...$17 5)
2 23
. . . 3 00
Alex Plurad 3 00
Geo Grochon 1 50
James Ininan 3 73
James ickleson s o
B Wade
Albert Crissan 8 00
James Milt-tead 2-25
Dist 29
Win Frv, blackemithing.
Dist "30
T Fox, team
T Chuck
John Orbien
, ... rsj io
f2 50
6 01
.. . H 50
. . 7 50
Lester Walling '. 8 00
E Riser
8 00
K Shipley.
3 75
4 00
B W Smith
A Worthington 3 50
W Nida
9 00
F Manning....
M Edwards...
E Itavia
W Todd
5 50
3 00
6 50
4 60
20 00
Jerry Obrien, team.
L Waldorf 14 00
JRIIays 12 00
A J-ortner OU
P Worthington 10 00
E Davig 3 00
L Waldort 2 25
G H Locey 00
W Todd 3 75
F Manning 4 00
J R Hays 12 00
Total $176 75
Dist 31 Labor on Oswego and Aurora
roads and repairing culverts and chuck
holes P A Baker 1 50
JohnQ Gage 2 25
Total $3 75
Dist 32
Ira McConnell 1 60
John McConnell 1 60
John Baker 1 50
Peter Heater 3 00
E D Baker, team 1 50
E L Baker 7 90
K Vincent, lumber 17 00
Dist 34
A Andre....,
Billy Smith..
Hans Cooke. .
,:$33 90
.. 3 75
, . 3 50
. 3 00
Total... $10 25
Dist 35
C G Hoffman, blscksmithing $1 75
A nice line of tine linen handkerchiefs
suitable for Christmas presents, call and
see them at Mrs. Otto Deute, Seventh
ttreet, on th hill. , ; 1
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Ketnedy nan always be de
wended upon and is pleasant and safe to
take. Sold by Geo. A Harding.
A Frltrlilttil Death.
.Mr. Isaac Allison met a terrible death
on Wednesday evening. Ho was having
(tome wool sawed by llio steam wood
saw run by Nash, and the work lutd just
been completed Mint t ho steam turned
oti', lnt tin' momentum of tho saw kept
it going '"r few moments. At this
time. Mr. Allison attempted to pss be
tween the wool ami stumbling, foil
011 w lVi vitli the result Hint his body
! w I'i'itrly seven d. being cut diagonally
j through the shoulder H
,d through tlio
i ,
' "Pi
Mr. Allison was about oS yearn
ioLI aid leaves w ilt) und one daughter
at home and three married dmih t ora.
The following is taken from "The
American .Soldier" a newspaper pub
lished at Manila:
"Lieut. Huntley, Co. I, who hud been
in the hospital for some time Bick w ith
the fever, started for homo on the Para.
When the last hand was shook, the last
parting word said, he was gwen three
rousing cheers
and a letter from the
boys in which was expressed their regret
at losing a good officer, but also their
pleasure that a (food fiiend was gamg to
that land of health and vitror."
To the taxpayers of Clackamas county:
It is rcoicsied by the county court that
' tlio taxpayers in each road district tn the
iCouiitv eUet and reoiunmeud to the
court for appointment conio competent
man in each rond listiiet for the osi-
tion .f road Finxrvisor, and it is further
i ordered that the man endorsed for said
position a road supervisor in any road
di.tncl by the tnujority of the resident
taxpayers of bis said district shall be ap
pointed by tins com t to li!l said posi'ion.
j Froud.'d, however, that if said apNjiulee
4 0)ehoti!d prove eitlier incoinpetetit or
vvilliii tj p.-rfonn the duties reijuired of
the supervisor in a proper or diligent
manner, he shall be removed by this
court and some other prison appointed
in his place.
By order of the county court, Decem
ber term, lM.
Elmer Dixon, Clerk,
By V.. II Cooi'kr, Deputy.
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All dru'isU refund money if tails to
cure. 2V The genuine has L. B. Q.
I n each tablet.
Ladies call and buy a pair of 2.50
shoes and et apa'rof rubbers free.
Krausse Bio.
Damage Case.
A number of tbecilinensof this county
have lieen in Hillstioro tins week as
wLms-cs in the case of Toedtetniur vs
Clackamas county. This is the case
nin-ieinit is endeavored to mike the
county pay for a threshing engine that
broke throu -h a bridge near Stafford
The case has b en once to the supreme
court on a demurrer. The pluintifl re
covered a verdict of $173 w hich is virtu
allv a victory for the county. Senator
Browne!! anil the district attorney repre
eeuted the county.
Letter List.
The following U the list of letters re
maining in the postoffice at Oregon City,
Oregon, on December 13, 1898 :
llatins, T L
Mack, Olive
Mitchell, Lizzie
Palmer, M A
men's list.
Miller, Win
Rees, E 8
Balford, J B
Bnialley, Frank
8insheimer, Big
Brown, Kale
Carter, A
Crouglian, A
Baker, Mr
Bailer, A
Burge, Cbas
Carter, Ester
Hoag Chris
Jackson, Cam
Lindau, Plnl
Lyons, J F
Studaman, Jno
Ttuart, Alllo
McCormack Joel
Justice Court.
Fred OsterholU was arrested in Aber
deen, Wash., and brought to Oregon City
last Sunday by Constable M. F. Mc
Cown charged with larceny by embe zzel
ment. He will be given a hearing in
Justice Schuebei's court next Saturday
at 10 o'clock a. m.
Has turned with disgust from an
otherwise lovable girl with an offensive
breath, Karl's Clover Root Tea purifies
the breath by its action on the bowels,
etc., as nothing else will Sold for years
on absolute guarautee. Price 25 cts,
and 50 cts. C. G. Huntley the Druggists.
Bay your holiday presents and toys at
the sacri6ce sale oftbe Cbarman stock
by the Portland Dry Goods Store.
A grand old remedy for Cough, Colds
and Consumption; used through the
world for half a century, lias cured in
numerable cases of incipient consumpti
on and relieved many iiiHilvanned stages.
If you ore not satisfied with the results
we will refund your monev. Price 25
cts., and 50 cts. and $1.00. C. G. Huntley,
the Driij.'L'ist.
Keventeen-incb doll, bisque head, kid
body for CD cents at the IIn:k;;t Store.
Wonderful bargains
in millinery ut
Miss Goldsmith's.
tVe will take pleasure in showing our
goods and telling our prices which you
have never heard before at (be Backet
store. ' . i
Headaches can generally be ctinid ly
riihMng tlio haim lightly uerosB the
(urt'liotul. The reason ot (Iiih in; Pric-
tion produces electricity, und hick of
electricity In the bruin is tho cause of
nervous bead iches. Therefore w hen we
produce electricity in this manner, we
(jive the brain the food it la hungry for,
the pain Is cured. The body needs elce
ttleity as much as it needs food. Sick
ness indicate that theie is a lack of
electricity, which in older to restoie
health, must be supplied.
To Mich cases, Dr. Dariiucuu restore
the lost vitality or animal electricity,
and promote a healthy action to the
vital orpins. The doctor's mode of ad
ministering electricity difloiii from that
in (enoral use. Ilia long experience
having demonstrated that the boat re
sults are obtained by electricity com
bined with magnetism.
As a proof of the the efficiency of this
treatment read the cure performed
years a'o, which have remained perma
nent. J. S. Jonninns, Sollwood, Or., enema,
or skin disease, 15 years. Mrs. J. h'llis,
325 Clay street, Portland, Or., deafness
and disease peculiar to her sex. It. B.
Glaze, Hotel Portland, rheumatism so
he could not raise his arm to bis head
D. S. Wells, four miles north of Alhiua,
on Vaueover road, deafn"ss fiva years.
C. A. Van lerfur 1, North Yamhill, Or.,
deafness and ringing noises, fined.
Charles B. McCracken, Dalles, Or , in
cipient consumption, catuarh and bron
chitis. John M. Simmons, Onkvllle,
Wash , catarrh, bronchitis und neryoiis
debility. (. A. Vorce, Antioch, Cal.,
ileiifiirfis 22 years, could Bear col y hear
anything. Miss Koso Berry, Hillsdale,
Or., tumor iu the mouth, Stephen Wyle,
Xael, I'aciiie i ointy, Wa-hington, liver
complaint and an araratcd enso of
Dr. Oarrln't I'lar nt lluolnoal.
Dr. l arrin ijives free examination to
all, and when uecessary gives medicines
in connection with electricity. The poor
treated free from 10 to 11 daily, except
medicines. Tie so w iling to pay, 10 to
5; evening, 7 to 8; Sundays, 10 to 12.
Dealnees,, catarrh, eye, nose and
throat, heart, liver, stomach, ' lung
troubles, errors of youth, blood taints,
gleet, impotency, varicocele, hydrocele
and stricture a specially. All chronic
male and female and piivate diseases
treated at reasonable rales. No cases
published except by permission of the
pitient. All business relations with Dr.
Dan in strictly conGdciilul Letters of
inquiry answered. Circulars and ques
tion blanks sent free. OlhVes, 203 Morri
son street. Portland.
Lie Kidney Complexion.
The pale, sallow, sunken-checked, dis
tress.'! looking isjople you so often meet
are allLcted with "Kidney Complexion."
Their kidneys are turning to a pars
nip color. So is their complexion.
They may aN") have indigestion, or
suffer from sleeplessness, rheumatism,
neuralgia, brain trotiMa, nervous ex
haustion and sometimes the heart acts
The cause is weak unhealthy kidneys.
Usually the sufferer Irom kidney dis
ease does not find out what the trouble
is until it is almost too lute, because the
first symptoms are so like mild sickness
that they do not think they need
medicine or a doctor until they find
themselves sick in bed.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root will build
op and strengthen their weak and dis
eased kidneys, purify Iheir diseased,
kidney-oisoiied blood, clear their com
plexion and soon they will enjoy belter
You can get the regular sizes at the
drug store, at fifty cents and one dollar,
or you may first prove for yoursolf Ihe
wonderful virtues of this great discovery,
Swanip-Koot, by sending your add rees
to Dr. Kilmer & Co.. Bingbaraton N. Y.
for a sample bottle and a book that tells
all about it, both sent to you absolutely
free by mail. When writing kindly
mention that yon read this liberal oflor
in the Oregon City Enterprise.
Twenty-two-inch washable doll, 10
cents at the Racket Store.
TL. U- J u... ii . a, aw i.
Baanths A " hm un 'lwaf Ww
This Is Yoar Opportunity.
On receipt of ten cents, cash or stamps,
generous sample will be mailed of the
most popular Catarrh and Hay Fever Cure
(Ely's Cream Balm) sufficient to demon,
atrate the great merits of the remedy.
66 Warren St., New York City.
Rer. John Reid, Jr., of Great Falls, Mont.,
recommended Ely's Cream Balm to me. I
can eoipnasize ma siaieiueiu, unaiini.
tive cure for catarrh if used as directed."
Rev. Francis W. Pools. Pastor Ceutrull'res.
Church, Helena, llout.
Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged
cure for catarrh find contains no mercury
nor uny injurious drug. Price, 60 cents.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars the
Signature of
THE IIK.MIKVr IMTEHPKKTATIO.N.J Wo hnvo the cxcliislyo ugency lor the
The world of literature la so vast that VnU'cisal slows and ranges, a Li
no one man can nowadays claim lull-1 ysi" ifuaranlee on evoryonu sold. At
male acvuaintanco with all the best of j Oregon Cliy Auction House.
its products or even all ill principal
workers. The work of 8haksieiire
alone lias engnvrcd fioiu time to
time the almost exclusive study of many
ripe scholars. Such a poet ai lioliert
Drowning, or a prolllic novelist like
Dickens, is analysed und debuted In a
legion of cluls, The ipn stlon iiatiiially
arises as to liovr and where a render be
come familiar with the spirit und works
of those numerous great author "w hom
not to know would argue oneself tin
known." Never was the dillleully so fully and sat
isfactorlly met as in Charles Dudley War
nerV'Liluary of the World's Bout Llteia
tore." Aa a basis for Judgment we have
beJe assembled all the last fruits of liter
ature, in every field, that authorship has
given to us since the world began. To
enable ua understand and appreciate (be
spirit of authors we are furnished with in
terpretative und biographical essav a relat
ing to a thousand of the foremost and
greatest. These are not mere treatises by
pedantic scholars. They are graphic por
traitures and estimates by living masters
of criticism, each of whom has made a
special study of his theme. Here we find
the historian Lecky giving his estimate of
Gibbon; Leslie Stephen depicts for tho
reader Ins old friend Oirl le; Piof. Bay
Lankestcr writes of his own science
masters, Darwin and Huxley, Henry
James gives a ciiiical monograph cn
Hun thin ne; und so the series rui s
throng!) all the list us if artists mighty
Willi the bitish weru guiding ua throu. h
aga'lcryof ifrcit paintings only tlml
here the paiutii.ga aie of men slumo
works uie iiiiuii. rial. In the same noiii-
nor all the wo.ld'a chief lin-ra. are
sketched and ililcrprcled for us by
scholars w ho have studied and b et Hied
on them as steciulties in the highest
universities. In every single instance It
is more and better than mere intcrpre-
Uiion it Is a resurrection of the author
the work, or the literature,
Mr. Warner's great ''Library" Is now
Mug distributed for introductory adf, r-
tislog i n vey easy terms. Ii is r ticus
me for lili f.sn I particulars can lie ob
tained by sending postal with name and
address to
W. G. (iilbeit, 59 McKay Building
Portland, On gun.
Two Pointed (uestlous Ansnerrd.
What is (he use of making a better
article than your competitor if you can
not gut a Itetter price for it ?
Ans As there is no difference In the
pric liie politic will buy miiy the lielicr,
so that while our profits may bo siii.il'er
on a single Sale they Will be much
greater in Ihe aggregate.
Ho can joii get ihe p iblic to know
your make is the best?
If buth aiticlss are brought promi
nently Mure tho public both are certain
to be tried arid llu public will very
quickly piss judgment on them and use
only Ihe Utli-rone.
1 his explains the large saloon Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. The people
have been using it for years and have
found that it can always be depended
upon. They nuy occasionally take tip
with some fashionable novellv put forth
..with exaggerated claims, but are certain
to return to the ono remedy that they
kuow to lie reliable, and for coughs,
colds and croup there is nothing equal to
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. For
sale by Geo. A. Harding.
The Modern Mother.
Has found that her little ones are Im
proved more by the pleasant Kyrui) of
Figs, when in need of the laxatiye effect
of a gentle remedy, than by any other.
Children enjoy it and it benefits them
The true remedy, Syrup of Figs, is
manufactured by the California Fig
Syrup Co. only.
S. W. Cor. 4th and Yamhill Si8.
Centrally Located.
Clean and airy bedrooms well
furniihed for 25 cents per night. Parlor
bedrooms 60 cents per night. Oregon
City people are requested to give us a
call . Mrs. F. A. Lbr, Prop.
our customers cluim for us and
our groceries: That we oiler '
the best of groceries at the low
est prices. They have confi
dence in our goods and know ,
t but we never in isrepresent our
selves ami that our slock nf fine
groceries Is tlio purest and the
most tiniriMoiis. Lust,, but not
leant, their grocery bill saves it
self fully L'i per cent by their
deslino with MurrA Muir.
Our way of doing business is
fo treat every one fair nnd square
and offer the very best in our
Ban th f Tin Kind You Haw Alwm Bought
Grand mililuiy ball ut armory Christ
inas eve, Dec, 24' h. Good music,
We have iiiuilo a great reduction on
all carpets and mulling for the hciicllt
of our holiday trade. Oregon Clly Auc
tion House
Special cash sale for 10 d ivs only. We
will given pair of rubbers whh every
pair ol Isdies shoes, 2. Ml Mid tlpwurds
Kraiisse Bros.
lcf(il Notleen.
.Notice ii f DcHoliilliin of I'niiiicr lilp.
The I'srlMf rlilp hereloliirs eilillog
twren W. J. It sat-It and Joint II, Ksiiuli,
siitfnur.l iu rniiiilng a feed yard a'l slora nl
(luiilslolie, Is (nil (lav il'lmolvrd V, J,
Itniich coiilliiiiliitf the tiiKlneaa, colluding
all hills and paving alltlrhii.
W.J. lUnu.
JollS II. If VCl ll,
DsceinU'r s:w.
Nnllrs ut Appointment ef AilmliiUlratrli.
Sol Ice t lieretiy given that I lis tindi-r.
iUiiimI ln hei ii nppolllleil lo the couoly
court ot I'Ucksniua coiiuiy, sin's ol Urt-irno,
t.liiihiistralrix ol the eniai ol lien, block,
cln. ,l. All pcrom hating rami,
Kahil said e-lnle, are lierrhv iiolllls.l ID
liri'ssnt the same, duly verillid, to ihe
nioli'ram'iii'il or lo my nilor m, II K.
tl W. N0'f, nt Ihelr'oltlce In tVr;; m fnv.
I l'H''.ll, with In six monlli. from 1 1, l,l. iij
lioa i iiilcii. ANNA M 1 K K ,
A ' I in I n I at I'll I li. ot tlin eli'i- ol lii II, S'nc'l,
lli-tvuihcr 1.
It. I-'. ,v. U. W. S ope, ally's lor a linlnU
AilmliiUtriilrl 'm .police.
N.itici- la liereiiy Kiveo thai K. VV', Until
liaa On n il nt v i i . i r 1 1 . i a liuliiiaiinirii ol
( . - 1 ' nl Usury W 1 1 (liit. i.c. ,,.rl, t,y
'T IZ, Z':;:: utZ Z
ipiahOi'l as ucli. All psra.n, l.i(;
' ' " 1";"l'l ""' '"'" s.e h.-n i.v i,i,isi
lo pre-eul lli
V iii.-lisra anlil'i sit niimlin Im'h lliii i,m
i His ollh-e ut her a'lori.vy W. Y. M4lm.
Ilaioilioii hull, ling, I'urlliiiid, (In k or at
Ihe . Illce ol III l li'lk of II, n c.iu.ly ,.,111,1
tnr Ilia county of I'lckinaa, nesnl Ore
K". K. W. II I N r,
Ailuiliilxlratrlx of Ihe e.iale o IL'nry
Hunt, ili'i sn-ril.
Paied Deceinlicr M, K'
I.' PI I M.
.uflre fur I'ubllt-Mlluii.
La ml oilier at Orrunn City, Ore., N'.iV. VIS
Sol Ice it hereby niveu that Ihe folios p..
iiauiril wilier ha l.leil notice nf ln linen.
Hull lo make tlna proof lo iiurt of M.
riaini. and thai and pronl will Im. made I hi
lore Uetiner sini liereivrr at tirrgou rl),
Og'i.on Dee. ;M, Ii iS. vie
JoilS sil ltAllillT.
II. K. In!'i7 lor toe N, W. i o Hco is. Te.
4 H . K. ft K.
He name Ihe folloalng aiineaei to .mve
lila ciinlllinuin re..ni,e iimiii and ciilltva.
lion ot rnii.l Unit, via:
Theodore Hurril,, ( p,,rk Place, Orfn.,
William II. M null, i I P,,rli I';,,, ,-, ,
Herl t-.irver.nl t.rli. -I.I. I Inn,, AI. liir hr.
sou, ol I'nrk l ine, t i"t
CM AH. It. MlMlllKS
I'.iectiforai , nt lei-
VtiTlr'K M III'.IU'IIY i;iVi:S AM)
-i.1 pnlili.liril that Ihe utelio.lnril ,,
Ihh-ii npKiiiiie, eiecntiro( ihe Urn, a ill Pn,l
teaiaini-nt of Jii'm Kntae, il -cena,,i iy nM
ordef tiisile hv lion. I m. K. It , an, J
of Ihe coiiuiy riitirt lor the oniimy ol
t'lsi-lianiaa, alaie ut Hrejro i, mi I entered In
aid court on Ihe 7ili tt i y nl NnvenilH i,
l. S!IS; and that all permuts Ikviiik l-liilnoi
ak'iilnat llieealaleiit the said Jnlin Krll-e, ,te
eeaseil, are heretiv iioltlied li prrarnl (lie
sine, proprrly varrtled. ulilon six iiiotitha
from the rlale of Ili a nmlre to said emruinr
at Ida realdence near H'sltonl, In said county
ol (,'lacknioa-, Kraie of Oiek-,in.
Dated this 7lti day ol NueiniT, A. D. Islet
J. L KIll'hK,
Luerutornl the ln-l will and lis'suieni ol
John Krilae, dis eaaeil. .'s
Largest assortment of Christinas Cundios ever shown in
Portland. TON'S of THEM and every ounco ABSOLUTE
Special mixtures at special prices Seo Them.
An elegant lino of EnKlinh, French and Indian Baskets,
Dainty Boxes of French and American Manufacture all
for filling with our woll-known confections.
Safety packages for mailing
years with perfect results.
We have removed to
Newr and Larger
Quarters at ayi
Morrison St., near
4th. No Connection
With our old location.
Bear this in Mind.
mx VV-. -. A V' C r, i, 'e. f. il
k-rJ-vT ;.. . .'-'1
...Cni) on Portraits and Pliof o IJiittons...
-re Jr;e Best....
Studio, Ninth and Main Sts., Oregon City. Oregon.
Ailimiilaleiilr'a police.
iin leielinieit, silniliilai ralor ol Ihe salais of
Henry Wi'litlniu, ileccs.ed. hsa Ills, I hla
Until ai'i'oiiul lor anl'l eaiaie in Ihe I'oniiiy
t'oint ol Ids Nluls ol Orettou, lor Clackamas
Cniinl, and Ihe ( onnly Jmlgaol aald coiiuiy
nnd iliite liaa an pop, led Momluv, tlieei'on,
ils o( January, t-IH i I ;io o'clock p. in,
lor the purpoaii ol Hie hearing ohnctliius
Adiulnlalralor ol the I'.aliile ol lluiiry
Wehrhein, di ceuaed,
ll-W 12 21
4 llulloit lo Hi lr.
In the t'ouiily ('unit o the alsls of Ore.
Kim, for Hie ciiiiniy of I'lncksuiaa.
In tha mailer ul the Kiiaie of Paulina
taie, deceuai'd,
IC. A. Cue, adiulnlalralor of Ilia ealnts of
Pauline Cue, ileceaaed, having llled lila
peililoii heielu, prsvliiMlor all order ol aala
of Ihe real eatnle of aald decedent, for Ilia
purposa Iherelit eel forth, II la therefore
orileie.1 hy Ihe aliuve enlllied court, that
lleorite II. Coe, Hlewart II. Cue, Martha I)
Cue and VAlllunl H. Cue, heir ol Ihe aald
ileceaaed, and to all others unknown If any
audi there tie, and to all nlher Iwrmna
Inlereeled III aald ealale, aissar before lh
aisiye i-olliled court on Ihe Und day of Janu
ary. I sir I, m o'clock a. in. of aald day at
the rouil lioiiHi al Onuon Clly, Clackainaa
colli, iv, Oii;,in, lo allow iaue sky
an urd.-r ahiuil l not lie granted lo Ihe anld
ailiiilulairnlor, to sell tha real ealataol aald
ileceati-d al I rivale aaje, and thai a eojiy ol
thla order lie ptllilMird at leaal lour alia,
ceiaiva weeka In ll,e Orei(, hi Clly Kulerprlae.
a neaapaisir prli led and ptiliiiahrd In aald
iii'iiity and alate,
TlloatAS K. ItV!.
.ItlmlnUlritlor faille mt Wule,
In the ('in i nl i I 'on r I of the Hi ate nf Oregon,
lor ( lackstiiaa t'ouiily,
In the i, soi r ol the eaiaie ol Charles
Bunnell, ih c-aa. it
MUlCi: H II M 1 1 1 : 1 1 V I1IVK.N that the
iinleriiiieil, adiulnlalralor ol Ilia eaiaie of
I'liarlca lliiiiiiell ileci ae, , hy virtue ol ail
or.lnr lo tl,e Cniiilr Court of Clin k nif
Cmiiiiiv, dregiiii, ma le and emere, on Ida
pin, ,lav ol .s. iie nii.-r, aoa, w I, K it a
ni iollii .1 l,y bis in Irr ma le and et.ten., ioi
II e ll iplt ul Nutemlier, s!M, Willa. ll al
piiliiic a, i, Ml, ii, Inr i ii In Inind to I lie lol,.
e.i l lil.trr on the jirinea lieri-tiiali-r il".
tin'!!, on His Sii, .lav of January, I -Ml,
et Hie hour ol oi.e o'clock III the alteitiouii
ul ui I ,1 ii Hi' f.l o I i,p lie., riiivd property
lliiiOi'd In Wml, li.iinm cniiiiiy. (logon,
In i :
ll"k'ini,li,K al Ihe ipiarler aei lloii curlier
tietv-ri aeclioiia I mi ('.') an I (liree CI)
r,iMihli to ;) M noli llmise due (I)
Weal Uillainelie .Meridian, and running
II encgnu Ihe i-riliin line Monlli forty. Itva
I I.V) iJiniitia Went, nine and (Illy I wo out
liiimlrctli (:'-') ih mm to a alone; Hie ore
J-.a.l len ;i ij dial', a; llienre .Nnrlli lorly.
liyell.'ij ilerera I'.ial, four and lilnely l
I laij i i,ii ; Ihsnce North lorly. live lie.
Kreie lo) Weal, ilireeaud aUieenlli liund
re.llh i l n rli'ilna; thence North lorly.
live l'i ili'irn-ea Kal, four and
eveniv.l.iur (1,1) ehalna; Ihence Snittli
lorlv IUe iteieea itnt. t litre ami elleel
hiliirlreilih (t.lii) rhalna; Ihence North
duly live 'Irrera 1 1,) Ueitreea Kaal, elrveii
ami i.lnen ( nun-Ire, III, (II ; rlialua;
llienee No! Ui tltrv. .even iterrea and lorly
iiilimla t."i7 il-at I"') Weal, twelve ami amy.
loor Im ml re. it, (I.' M)eialua; thence Knitlli
fully Ihrre di-irreea and Iwenly-llve inlniilea
(11,0 1 '.' i ) V eal, lour rlmilia; lliein-e
North li'iy aeveti ih wreea and lorly
inn nle. (17 ,,.g 40) We. I, thirteen and
liv aeven Imiulreilth (l.'l.ll?) cliaoia:
llienee N-irl'i Dll.el, llilloilea (II ) Weal,
III e.-u n, f.,riv Hire hll'idre Im (1111)
i-iiHiua ; t ii.",ee N'ortli el.-'U y nine iP'reea
.n l In ty i li iiiliiuina (si ileca IS ) loat,
io.ri in,, I I i,i ,,i,e li im Irell ua ( .i II ')
donna; tnctica North lllieeti itiitiiiiea (IV)
Wi-t. ten chnllia In the laortli line ol the
Soioli halfi t I'leJotm Hi, khn ami wife
Pm l,i,i I juil i-iului : iheniv Willi aald line
.-oiitli ei'oy nine Oeurera ami foil y-e((lil
inllllilia ('l ile,(a HS. mill) Weal, Iwenlv.
three and Ihlrly seven lillnilredlli ('''"l
rhiloa; H eme Koniti lorly live iniiiuiea
!t- Weat, t.'r y lu em' ninety hundredths
I.V" en sli. a In Ihe Suiiili line af aald claim ;
Hii'in e ,,r h riK-hty alt ih irresa and lifly
lUllllllea , ill a fsl lliln'l Kaal, lffelBIi
thirty live linn, In iliua !7.,'l-'i) chana; to His
pia"e ul lieKionlnii, eotilaiuing i luli'V ulne
and auvenly live huiidrpdtln s i.7.',j acrra
mure or leaa.
Dated at Portland, On-jron, Novemlierl,
Isos. W. I . lit NNK1.I..
A liiilidalralor of Ihe the estate ol Charles.
It i in nr 1 1 . ileeeawd.
Pipes ( Tilll. 70.1711 Chamtier of Com.
liierce, Portland ailorueya for the adiiilnla
Irator. '. ii, j
Satunlay Dec. 17.
French Cream,
Fancy broken,
American Mixed,
I Hi of each for 43c.
WVvo used them for
nsaAiiu'.LWusi ftti2
. v - " . ; V
.... -M.taeilJ