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Oregon City Enterprise.
Circuit oourt ronvenei Brt Men a In No
vember and third Monday In April.
Probate court In teMlon drat Monday In each
Oommlnlontm court mctt Brat Wednesday
after flral Momlav ol each mouth.
Evening praver service with an ad
dress at 81. Paul's church this evening,
t .
Our hnt must go regardless of cost.
3.00 hats lor tl-50 st Miss Goldsmith's.
Rev. Dr. William will conduct service
in the chail at Canemah next Sunday
at 2 p.m.
The Utile 6 year-old girl ol Mrs. La
dera at Clackamas is reported ill with
typhoid fever.
According to an Ohio paper, this Is j
how a high school girl parsed the sea-1
tenee, "He kissed me:" "He," she be-,
gun, with a fond lingering over the word
tint brought crimson to her cheeks, "is
a pronoun, third person, singular num
ber, masculine gender, a gentleman and
pretty well fixed; universally considered
a good catch 1 'Kissed' is a verb, transi
tive, too much so, regular every evening,
indicative mood, indicating affection;
first and third person, plural number,
and governed by circumstances, M
OU' well everybody knows me." And
she sat down.
Am prepared to do carpet weaving first
class wot k done. Leave oidersateell
Ing's store. Adam Haas, Ely Oregon
Weddina stationery, the latest style
and finest assortment ever brought to
Oregon City at the EsTKBPKisa office.
St on that eonsrh I Take warning. It
mav lend to consumption. A 25c hot tl
of Shiloh's Cure may save your life
Sold by Charman & Co., druggists, Ore
gon City.
Dont fail To buy a bil' of goods from
theE.E. Williams bankrupt grocery
stock. They ko at less than wholesale
cost. For cash only T. F. Ryan
Three months ago ten society girls of
Evanston, III., formed a club pledging
themselves to not marry for five tears
The bait took very well, for three of them
re already engaged, and the rest hope to
be soon.
Whooping cough is the most distress
ing malady ; but its duration can be cut
short by the use of One Minute Cough
Cure, which is also the best known
remedy for croup and all lung and bron
chial troubles. Geo. A. Harding.
Old Oeneral Cassius A . Clay seems
to have married not only a girl-child,
but also two brothers-in-law, a lover ot
the girl, and a long-standing neighbor
hood teud. The old fighter has met more
than his match at last.
It is said a new society composed ex
clusively of Germans will be organized
in this city next Sunday evening. One
of the Portland societies will send a del
egation to assist in the organization.
Beautiful scenes, familiar faces and
laughable cartoons flow from bis hand
like majic, is what is said of G. C
Bushnell the cartoonist, who is to be at
the Congregational church on Friday
evening the 11th met.
A thrill of terror is experienced when
a brassy coogh of croup sounds through
the house at night. But the terror soon
; changes to relief after One Minute Cough
Core has been administered. Safe a no
harmless for children. Geo. A. Harding.
In narrating an accidental death, an
exchange says "the deceased was mar
ried and leaves a widow." Except for
this plain statement, readers might have
supposed that the man was single and
left a widow, or that he took his wife
along with him.
There is one disgusted man, at least,
in Portland. The other day the weather
bureau announced fair, clear weather,
so be took along his umbrella, mackin
tosh and rubbers, and it turned out to
be a clear, fine day after all. The
weather odservers are great jokers.
After years of unlold suffering from
piles, B. W. Pursell, of Knitnereville,
Pa., was cured by using a single box of
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve. Skin dis
eases such as eczema, rash, pimples and
obstinate sores are readily cured by this
famous remedy. Geo. A. Harding.
The United States has nearly a score
of war vessels off and around the south
ern coast of Florida, besides the Maine
in Havana harbor, and is therefore evi
dently prepared to a certain extent for
hostilities. War is not yet probable,
but it would only take a little friction to
bring it on, and a naval brush need sur
prise no one. .
The new w holesale house of II. K
Golden & Co. on Main street will be
open for inspection by the public tomor
row (Saturday) at 2 p. m. The building
has been elegantly furnished throughout
and is patterned after the metropolitan
resorts of the large cities. This house
will carry a complete stock of the best
brands ol imported beverages, and ex
pect to do a large wholesale business.
B S. Pague, of the United States
weather bureau, delivered a lecture be
fore the high school in this city last Mon-
Rejral aaakea the toed pare,
wheleaoaie ahd dtllcloua.
Absolutely Pure
aovu Mail pomi eo., atw vom.
Daniel Evans, of
city Tuesday.
G. V. Bentley, of
Viola, visited this
Chinese Partition Noonor or Litter.
The Mituation on the Chinese coast that
has followed Or many 'a leisure of Klao
Cliau has continued to hold the foremost
place in the attention of the world, No
body knows what will happen eventu
ally, but It is not likely that the great
game of Chinese partition Is to begin at
once. In due time however, the Chinese
empire bids fair to go to pieces. We
have been accustomed In times past to
think of the Chinese as several hundred
millions of perfectly homogeneous
people. As a matter of fact, although
they belong to the great yellow division
of the human race, the diversities of
type In the different paitiof China are
greater than the diversities among white
men of Europe, and there la less con
n ction and by far less sympathy among
them than among the discordant popu
j lation elements that make up the pres
ent-day conglomerate that we know as
the Austro-Hungarian empire. There is
an immense range of dialects In China,
Marxian), was in
day The spcakersUted that the bureau ,ne cl,y U8t " wny
had in its employ 000 men, all of these T. M. Cross, of Molalla, was in Oregon
being appointed for life. All the intri- City on Tuesday last
ciats eeonneciea wun weainer lorecasi- Mr. Ilowlett, ol Kagle Ureek, was a
tug were explained in a very clear and county seat visitor Wednesday
concise manner This is the first of a
series which Mr. Pague will deliver
Bankrupt We offer for sale our entire
stock of groceries and fixtures at less 0f Marquam were in the city yesterday
wan uo.esa.e prices, u you wanno D. II. Moeher. of Rmlland. was in this
.ay in a supply now is your time to nuy cit ,Mt A,arA,v ..BnInif nj Sundav
w , . ... i. . i
yourseii rien. ah goons soiu ai private
sale foi cash only. E. E. Williams, the
grocer; T. F. Ryan, assignee.
who liye in another four or five miles
away. . There is no such thing in China
as a pervasive national feeling or an
imperial patriotism. The various pro
vincial governments are not under firm
control by the central government, and,
such military and naval forces as exist
Miss Harriet Monroe of Portland was , are provincial rattier than iiuporial. The
an Oregon City visitor Saturday. ' Chinese of different provinces and sec-
George Kinxer of Needy and G. Illnes tions hate each other worse than they
hate the foreigners of other races. When
The ladies of the M. E. church give
notice of a roll call and conundrum lunch
on Monday night February 14, partic
ulars next week. Admission will be
free and an interesting program is be
ing prepared.
Tcjmorrow evening Saturday) at Park
place, the well known and popular
drama "Among the Breakers" will be
produced. The cast is composed of
home talent, with Miss E. Bracken as
of Logan, this county has moved to East
King Spurgeon and John Talbot of
Clackamas, were in Oregon City Wed
nesday lat.
Chas. Pipka, of Canby, was In town
this week arranging for final proof on
hfs homestead.
L.J. Adams, of Silverton, was in the
Oregon City Tuesday the guest of his
friend, Dr. J. W. Welch.
J. W. Frederick, Ely's popular black
smith was in this city attending to some
business matteis Saturday
Mrs. J. G. Muckle, of St. Helens was
in Oregon City Wednesday, the guest of
her friend, Mrs. J. R Beegle
G. B. Ditnick we at to Hubbard last
Tuesday to attend the funeral of W. II.
Both the method ana rcmilUi wlion
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and rofrcuhing to tho tasto, and nob)
Emily yet promptly on tho Ivmncya,
ivor and I towels, cleanses tho ay
torn cfTwtunlly, JiHjHds colds, head
olios and lovers and cures habitual
couBtinatioti. Syrup of Figs is tho
and it often hap,,,, that the people of ly. nudr of iU kind over lro
on. neighborhood cannot talk with those duood, ploaHing to tho tasto amino.
wpuiuiu io mu puiniut u, prompt in
its action and truly bviiohcinl m its
effects, prvimrwd only from tho inont
Leal thy ami ngrocubloHubriUinccH, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and huvo made it tho moat
Hpu!iir roniody known.
Syrup of Figs is for wdo in 60
cent bottles by all lending drug
gists. Any rehaldo druggist who
may not havo it on hand will pro
euro it promptly for any ono who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
t mmuaco, cal
UUISYIUI, tr. K tOKK. nr.
Depot Sixth and J. Street
For All PointR ICtrnt
Leaves for the East via Walla Walla
ami Spokane, daily atS;(K) p. m, Arrives
at liiiftO p. m.
Leaves for the East via Huntington
and Pendleton, dally at 9 p. m. Arrives
at 7:11) a. m.
Oc kan Division .Steamship tail from
Alnswoith dork 8 p. in. For fan Fran
cisco: Slate of California sails Jan.
27; Columbia sails Jan. 1'2.
the moment arrives for a partition of
China upon a plan that would not Injure
I fvilPiirtAairi tuta.iA I La ti Ist.a n tut Haa.l...l
flOt.it 11 a t, a. viau rvc Ci MV I II 111 M I U IV Ifll I HU
rhn Sk.ahntlakl a-It s taa ruiurt m pajhlunt r n I
v 1 1 a a uvnuiivi nuv in vi aa iviuvui . .t , . , I
out as easily as was tue oerman landing
and conquest at Kiao-Chau From
Dr. Buck has his hands full just at Cashen .who was an old IrienJ.
present aumimsienng to lonrcnuaren in
tbe family of Leonard Jones, at Clacks!
mas, four of whom are seriously ill with
typhoid fever.
has been in ser-
Mr. Frakes, of Logan, stopped in Ore
gon City a short time Wednesday on hi.
way home fiom the league convention,
Miss Hnlnn T?anill of Pnrtlanil a
m . ru .i . 1 ' ' '
loe Bieiuer i.mer win leave roruanu ,tlutBn .t Rt lfln. 11.11 ..-.ni K..,,,.
r. -,r...
... rnu.,1 a o o cioca mr day t8t with Mis. Williams, at St.
"'"p fcBrrjiiiK iuo largest cargo ever paI1- rrtnr r
I 1
G. 6. Ditnick, deputy district attorney,
went to Hillsboro yesterday to represent
f stent. lor lands in favor of L. Estella the state at the execution of Gus Wacb'
Shibley and Richard A. Buckler have line, which takes place today .
K,a""m" V""- lue Mrs. W. H. Dolman, cf Rt Hlna
same can be had by making application. .nj .!... lo jnill,n M rBrMn of thi. .it.
The regular quarterly teachers' exam- in this place for a few hours on
ination will take place next Wednesday. Thursday evening of last week while on
on board her since she
"The Progress of the World," In Aireri-
can Monthly Review of Reviews for
Februa ry.
School Reports.
Reiwtof schojl district number 37
for the month ending January 28. The
pupils who were neither absent nor
tardy are: Florence Hays, Agnes Lyu-
nette, Milton and Klmer Shipley, Maud
Childs, Ethel, Rlanche and taslie Whit
ten, Earl and Carrol Hhipley, John, Ferd,
Ivor and Pearl Long. Visitors during
the month were: Rert Hays, Edward
Wanker, Charles Wanker, David Long,
Mrs. C. Borland. Miss Alice Lee and
Rolls Wortluugton. Patrons are invited
to visit the school and Inspect our work.
Au a D. Thompson, Teacher.
Tbe following named pupils in district
No. 07, Barlow, were neither absent nor
tardy during the month ending January
28: Clara and Lilla Irvin, Lena and
Emma Scoggin, Hattie Irwin, Leroy
Parmenter, Claude Baty, Fred Jesse,
Cassie Tull, Charlie Fox, Eva and Hat
tie Norman and Oswald Behymer.
Average daily attendance 24, No. day.
taught 20. Patron, and friends are
kindly Invited to call on the school and
Inspect tbe work.
William Hankins, Teacher.
Jlloff s Nerverine Pills
Th gWAt
remtdy for
ntrvous prot
t rat ion and
all nervous
dilMKl of th
etntntivt or-
uwuiik and it. ii iM.Mt. rani ot cither
kx, inch as Nrrvous Proatratum, Failing or
lost Minhood, Impotcncy, Nightly Emit-
uorti, YouthJul bron, Mental worry, cx
cmive toe of Tobacco or Opium, whkh
kad lo Consumption and Inunlty. SI .00
prr box by mailt 6 boxes for J5.00.
mm CHEMICAL CO. Prop i, Cleveland. Ohio.
For sale by C. G. Month y.
8teamer It. It. Thomson limvcs
Portland daily except hiinday at 8 p.m.,
and at 10 p. m. on hulurday; reluming,
leaves Astoria dal'y except Sunday at
0:V) a. m.
her way to Salem.
David Henderson returned from a busi
ness trip to Seattle last Monday and re
ports that city especially liyely at this
time, it being the principal supply point
"Saved Her Life."
our customers claim for u and
our groceries: lliat we otftr
the best of groceries at the low
est prices. They have confi
dence in our goods and know
that we never misrepresent our
selves and that our stock of fine
groceries Is the purest and the
most nutritious. I .ant, hut not
least, their grocery hill savea it
self fully 2.'i per cent by their
dealing with Marr A Mulr.
Our way of doing business is
to treat every one fair and square
and olfcr the very best iu our
Willamette River Route
Ash Street Wharf.
Kleamer Ruth, for Halmn. Aldan
Corvallla and av points, leavos 1'ori.
land Tuesdays. Thursdays ami Kahir.
days at II a. m. IMornlmr li.av,a ('nr.
vallis Mondays, Wednesday, and Fri.
days at 0 a. m.
Steamer Klmore lor Kalem and way
uolnts. leaves Portland Mondays, Wed
nesdays and Fridays at (1 a. m. Return
ing, leaves Salem, Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Satu'days at 0 AH a. in.
Steamer Modoc, for Dayton and way
points, leaves Portland Tuesdays. Thurs
days and Sal tirdays at 7am. Return
ing, leave Dayton for Portland and way
points Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri
days at 7 a m.
Snake River Route Steamer leave
Riparla daily except Saturday
at 1 Af a. in , on arrival of train
from Portland. Leaves Lewiaton, return
ing, daily except Friday at 6 ;00 a. m.r
arriving at Ripariaat t) p. ni.
Gen. Pass. Agent.
V. A. HCHII.UNO. Clly Tlck.l AgU
Tslephone (Maln)TlX
Resolotlons of Condolence.
Warner grange No. 117, Jan. 22, 1898,
New Era, Oregon.
Whereas, The unseen hand of death
has removed from our grange circle our for vertOB goinjf t0 Alg8ka
wormy sister i nuura roster, and
tynereas, vvarner grange will miss
berin oar grange meetings where our
sister was always faithful in her attend
ance, therefore be it
Resolved, That we deeply sympathize
ith her bereaved husband, our vener
able brother, J. G. Foster, in this his
M. F. 8chryver, ot Guinee, Lake Co.
111. writes that in the six months he has
been a subscriber of the Enterprise he
has learned just what be wanted to know I
about Clackamas county markets, pro
ducts etc. and says he hopes to become I
a citizen of this connty soon.
sad affliction. Hon. II. E. Cross has accepted an In-
Resolved, That a page of our minutes vitation to address the republican club
be set apart to the memory of our de- at Brown's school bouse, two miles east
parted sister, and that our charter be of New Era, tomorrow (Saturday) even-
draped in mourning for the period of 30 Mr. Cross' reputation as a speaker
days, and a copy be transmitted to the needs no commendation at our hands.
family of the deceased ; also a copy to Let all republicans turn out and hear the
the N. W. P. Farmer and the leadinz issues discussed.
Manufactured in Oregon City from tho
bent selected wheat on tho market.
Ask Your Grocer
For the flour thnt will almorb tho moHt
water and thus produce the greatest
number of loaves to tho sack.
The following will be Dr. Butler's sub
jects of discourses st tbe congregational
church next Sabbath, at 10:30 a. m.
"Life, Developement and Triumph," at
7:30 p.m. the talk, on "The Second
Coming of Christ" will be continued.
There will be a good musical program at
each service, at the evening service Mrs.
Sadie White will sing a solo, in addition
w me regular program, me public is
papers of the county.
J. S. Casto,
Mabv Waldbon,
R. J. Bbown,
Mubbsio. In this city on Saturday. Jan
uary v.), liertna triune, wile ot Ueorge
Aiuessig, aged -') years 11 months and
M days.
A recent visitor to Seattle states that
the Klondike craze has struck the town
a severe blow and the tenderfeet are
.being skinned right pretty. A charge of
40 cents for a cup of coffee and a sinker
is the common price. Vacant lots, alley
ways and stairways leading to unused
buildings are commanding enormous
rents for the purpose of carrying on a
business in the Klondike trade. In fact
a large business, dealing in supplies is
carried on openly in the streets, and to
get hotel accommodations they must be
engaged several days ahead . A steamer
every other day to the Eldorado carries
her full capacity -of freight and passes
gers. These are incidents of the craze.
Subsribe for the Entebpbibe, the lead
ing paper of the city.
ffmtlttrhm stopped In V mlnntaa by Dp,
AiiW Vaim Piua "One cent a dose."
Y. M. C. A. NOTES.
The annual election of officers on Mon
day night resulted in the election of C.
Schubel J. W. Loderand E. J. Maple for
three years and Otto F. Olson for 2 years.
The new board met on Wednesday night
and elected G. H. Bestow, president; C.
Schuebel, yice president; J. W. Loder,
recording secretary; and C. A. Muir,
treasurer. The appointment of commit
tees and employing a general secretary
was postponed to next Monday night.
The annual report of the general secre
tary showed that an average of 80 per
sons per day bad visited the rooms dur
ing 1897, 50 baths per week were given
an average of 26 men attended 50 gospel
meetings, 125 volumns were added to
the library $1400.72 was received from
all sources, 96 members were in good
standing at the close of the year.
The employes of the woolen mills and
all members of the association will be
entertained by the ladies' auxilliary on
Saturday night the 12th.
Men . gospel meeting every Sunday
afternoon at 4 o'clock to which all men
are invited.
The management look forward with
hopefulness to 1893 encouraged by tbe
splendid work that has been accom
plished during the past two years.
All naln banished by Dr. Miles' Pain Pllla,
IIobson. In Somersyille, Contra, Costa
county, i,amornia, iVlrs. Mary Ellen
Hobson died January, 20 1898 aired
37 years 3 months and 24 days,' only
aaugnieroi wrs. it. w. uriinthstarus,
MBS. JOIIN WALLET, of Jefferson.
Wis., than whom none is more highly
caemty w wiuijit anown. writes.
In 1890 1 bad a severe attack of LaOrlnne
and at the end of four months. In spite of all
physicians, friends and good nursing conld
do, my lungs heart and nervous system were
so completely wrecked, my life was de
spaired of, my friends giving me up. 1 could
only sleep by the use of opiates. My lungs
and heart pained tut terribly and my cough
was most aggravating. I could not lie in
one position but a short time and not on my
left side at all. My husband brought me
Dr. Miles' Nervine and Heart Cure and I be
gan taking them. When I bad taken a half
bottle of each I was much better and contin
uing persistently I took about a dozen bot
tles and was completely restored to health to
By all grocers
in Oregon City and in
the bf-Ht.
Patronize Home Industry.
Gissv. At Aurora on January ), 1898, the surprise of all
Frederick Oiesy, aged 05 years. Dr. Miles' Eemediea
MitiEBS. At Barlow on January 28. 1S0S
Henry Meiers, aged 75 years, 1 month
ana clays.
CSIIEN. At Iliihhard nn Nim.la
January 30th, W. II. Cashen, aged
Zu years, 11 months and 20 days.
are sold by all drug
gists under a positive
guarantee, first bottle
benefits or money re
funded. Hook on dis
eases of the heart and
nerves free. Address,
DIt. MILES MEDICAL CO., Elkhart, Ind,
W6, Hearth 1
A Rich Strike
: (jemaniu fehMef
Eastern Star Entertainment.
1'ioneer chapter O. E. 8., will give an
entertainment on Tuesday evening,
februarys, in their hall, to which all
Masons and their families are invited.
The evening will be spent at cards,
music etc. ro.iow.ng is part of the Bggf; Quality Of Cold
Instrumental Duet DtOragO MOatS.
Florence Campbell and Veda Williams.
Gondolier Love 8onir
" it. - l - . j L. .J 1 .
MrsHadie Wl.ir omunou imuio auu uacon Cannot
Vocal Solo "Only In Dreams"
Mr. W. H. Burghardt, Jr.
Cello Solo "Ave Maria"
Mr. Suryyhlne
For All Eternity"
Mrs. J. H. 8tnckler
'My Flaxen Haired Lassie"
Ladies Trio.
You cannot make money faster
than by buying your
. . Dress Goods . . .
where you can get them cheapest.
Smoked hams and bacon
be excelled. Game in season.
Highest price paid
for live and dressed
I Seventh St between Main and Depot
Is all right, but you must have
clothes to wear, and the best
quality at lowest prices can be
had only at
Thomas Charman & Son's
Pioneer Store.