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    Oregon City Enterprise.
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a reduction In taxation, if it can be bad,
and many other legislative measures con
fined exclusively to the state of Oregon.
Servants ot the people are to be chosen,
and It Is essential that they should not be
beodlers or bosses, but men wl.o will per
form their several ditties in the Interest of
the people and the state. In order to ac
complish the greatest good a session of the
legislature must be held, without which
no good can result, The populist party,
especially in Clackamas county, stands
committed, through its county central com
mittee, to hold up and prevent a session of
the legislature being held. Under the cir
cumstances, members of that party elected
to the legislature could not be expected to
perform their duty, and therefore no
sion would be bold or remedial legislation
enacted. The situstion is plain to every
voter, and each one should be satisfied be
yond reasonable doubt that the man for
whom be votes will perform bis full duty
otherwise no good csn result to the people.
The election of McComaa to he Senator
from Maryland, after the expiration of
Senator Gorman's term, is a triumph of
party discipline. The opposition te Mo-
Comas within the party was based on much
the aame ground as the opposition to
Hanna in Ohio. The surrender of the
caucus bolters after several days spent in
fruitless balloting means not so much that
the bolters had been convinced of Mo
Comas' fitness as that the objections to
MeComas bad been removed. It is always
possible that objections to a candidate may
be removed in open debate. It usually
happens, however, thst a number of secret
conferences are required to bring the
bolters to a proper state of mind. Tbey go
into a conference unsatisfied and come out
of one with a general appearance of being
convinced that tbey bad no real cause for
complaint. It will be admitted that con
versions In conference do not impress
the public mind with an idea of the fitness
of the converted party to bold a trust.
The fight against MeComas in Maryland,
si well as that against Hanna in Ohio, and
Mitchell in Oregon will serve to convince the
people that the election ot United States
senators should be taken from the legisla
tures of the several states. Hanna had
been declared the choice of the republicans
of Ohio in state convention, and in the
absence of substantial reasons why be
. ihould t)9t be elected by a republican legis
lature, be was entitled to the full benefit of
that declaration. His election after a fierce
contest gives him the shell, but withholds
the kernel. The standing of a senator in
Washington depends largely upon his
Standing in bis own state, it is only after
years of association that senators free their
minds of the prejudice which such charges
as have been made against Hanna engen
der. MflCdniss was not named by the Mary
land republican stale convention as their
choice for senstor. He wss nominated by
caucus of the republicans of the legisla
ture. Whatever real grounds existed to
justify opposition to bis election still exist.
Jhe situation has changed only in so far as
the scruples of the bolting members of the
legislature bave been overcome.
The two senatorial contests serve to
furnish the occasion for the consideration
- of the Joint resolution now pending in both
houses of cohgressi providing for an amend
ment to the constitution tliat will take the
election ol senators from the legislatures
and give it to the people. The joint reso
lution has been allowed to slumber on the
assumption that the change proposed would
tint be accepted by a sufficient number of
states. This reason for inaction will disap
pear with a few more such senatorial cam
paigns as bave been held in Ohio, Maryland
and Oregon.
Mb. U'Ren's resignation does not tend
toward harmony in the populist ranks.
His principal! defender, Mr. Fitch, of the
Herald, has turned against him, the reason
stated being that U'Ken bad gone back on
the fusion proposition. But that excuse
does not suffice. U Ren has never been a
fusionist. He has advocated tbe middle-
of-the-road policy all along and has appar
ently had the hearty support of bis party
and especially the county committee with
tbe Herald supporting him at every turn.
Tbe facts in tbe case seem to warrant tbe
assumption that tbe populists, after having
endorsed the course of U'Ren, bave become
alarmed at their own action and now seek
to throw their boss overboard, not because
of an honest change of Bentiment, but for
tbe further practice of deception with the
. voters. Their antics corroborate the state
vments often made in the Enterprise that
the party cared nothing for principle when
there was an office in sight. Howl calamity
and bold office is their stock In trade. But
their stock is depreciating and will prob
ably be withdrawn from tbe market about
tbe first Monday In June. These political
acrobats will bear from an outraged con
stituency about that time in a manner not
isomplimentary. '
The list of delegates elected to tbe state
league at the meeting of the Young Meu'i
Republican club last Saturday evenln
proves conclusively one thing at least, and
that is that the factions and factional differ
ences in the party are being wiped out
The men selected represent no faction
they are republicans. This ia as it should
be, and this we believe will be the sent!
nient throughout Clackamas county and
the state of Oregon henceforth. Republican
may diner as to who shall or shall not be
nominated for a particular office prior to a
convention, but after the convention a re
publican nominee is entitled to tbe support
of every loyal member ot his party. These
differences of opinion should end at tbe
convention and all join in the hearty sup
port of the ticket. It is not so much
question or whether or not a certain man
ahall be placed in a position to earn
stipulated salary as it is a question of party
principle and usage, through which elfl
ciency in the public service may be brought
about Personal differences, as we bave
said before, are out of place within the
ranks of a political party wben the public
good is at stake. Tbe Enterprise believes
that a majority ol the republican party
in convention assembled is competent
to name men who are worthy of support
at tbe polls.
It must not be forgotten that in these
times wben there are a number of aspirants
for each office to be filled, all of them can'
not be nominated, and therefore some one
will be successful, and the others, as honest
and sincere republicans, should submit to
the will of the majority; and after a fair
contest, support the ticket. To hold i
position of public trust is a laudable ambl
tion to which any honest man may aspire,
and tbe fact of a good man being de
feated in a convention by some other good
man does not necessarily imply that tbe
defeated one ia inferior to bis successful
rival, tor conventions are forced to choose
between good men and someone must be
selected while some others mnst be defeated
for a nomination. It is the common lot of
the politician, who, if he be thin-skinned
should not enter the contest
And sgain in- these contests ruen very
often overestimate their own popularity
and imagine tbey are the one above all
others who could be elected. Indeed this
too often happens, and probably will always
be so until soch lime, if it ever comes, that
a man may see himself as others see him.
Let us hope that time may come some day
in tbe near future.
But to return to tbe original subject ol
factions. In Clackamas county it is said
there paye been several factions in the re
publican party, but from the personnel of
tbe delegation to tbe state league we are led
to believe no such condition exists, or if so,
tbe result of tbe ballot does not show it
And serionsly wby should tbe party be thus
devided. All republicans are striving for
the same principles and in the end the
same objacta. Tbese principles cannot be
maintained and these objects attained by a
party divided into factious. No ticket can
win with any considerable faction of tbe
same party opposed to it, and where every
faction ia represented upon the same ticket,
which is always tbe case, one faction can
not oppose certain men without a retaliation
on tbe part of ttie other, and tbe result will
be, as in the past, the defeat of all. This is
not a particular rule but a natural conse
quence and will be repeated just as often as
it is practiced. How, then, can a party
divided into factions bope to succeed. For
instance, Jones and Brown each have a
friend on tbe ticket Jones opposes
Brown's friend. Brown hears of this and
scratches tbe friend of Jones to get even,
and defeat of both follow while tbe common
enemy of Jones, Brown and their friends is
elected. Is the satisfaction of beating the
personal enemy on your own ticket suffi
cient to justify tbe means? Every good
citizen, regardless of politics, knows better
and tbe Enterprise does not believe it will
be done. Exercise your right as an Ameri
can citizen in assisting to nominate i
ticket and abide by the rule of the majority.
That is republicanism.
an atmosphere of purposelessness. The
private to earn promotion has to exercise
some restraint over the disposition tu youth
to no as others do. Service In the army has
unfitted him to follow any other pursuit.
It gives hiiu a certainly of capital larger
than most young men who start with noth
ing have at the age of 25.
The recent demand ofthe secretaries of
war and navy for IW00 mors men for war
ships and battleships inspires a contempor
ary to remark that the employment of able
bodied men in the army and navy la Just so
much subtracted from the productive forces
ofthe country. This would be true only
if the productive force of the country were
kept busy at work.
Twenty He legates tlloetrd to the Stute
Thi senate, representing the several
states, passed the Teller resolution by
vote of 47 to 32. Rut the house, represent
ing the people of those several stales, U'
feated the same resolution by a vote of 1$2
to 132. In the upper bouse of the nations
legislature a state with a population
30,000 has as many votes as a state with
several million, while in the lower branch
the apportionment is made In accordance
with the number of people to be served
One branch represents territory; ths other
Thi Oregon delegation in congress voted
squarely against the Teller resolution, Mr.
Mc Bride in ths senate and Mr. Tongue and
Mr. Ellis in the house Will the Oregonlan
still insint thst these men are equivocating
with the money question?
Tbe one vote Oregon had was rightly
placed every time. It is worth something
to be counted as unqualifiedly for not only
"the best money," but for gold, in a ballot
waere only 24 men, from 19 states, had the
courage to stand by their colors. Only six
states cast their entire strength In the sen
ale for gold, and Oregon, through Senator
McBride, was one of them.
National questions will cut little figure
in tbe election to be held next June in Ore
gon . It is three years before a national
policy will be up for discussion again to
any considerable degree. The financial
policy of the nation or the tariff law does
not enter into tbe case at this time so far as
the coming election is concerned. What
our people want now is remedial legislation,
It is only wben a man is in dire straits
that tbe army occurs to him as an occupa
tion. Tbe impression exists that service
in the army is not only ill-paid in the
present, but is without promise in tbe
future. Yet an examination of the condi
tion of service shows it to be fairly renumer
ative. While it is not tbe place for a man
who can organize a trust, a good many wll
ing workers in the country earn less money
in a year than tbe private in the United
States army, ine private begins with a
monthly wage of $13. Onedollar per month
is added each year until the sixth, wben it
reaches $18. Promotion is reasonably sure
to follow merit. Tbe educated private may
compete for a commission, and be easily
enters tbe lists of non-commissioned offic
ers. A Sergeant in the line is paid $30 per
month, and in the engineer, ordinance and
signal corps the pay may reach $50. Food,
lodging and medical attendance are in
cluded in tbe pay.
The drawback in the service is the large
proportion of enlisted men who bave no
other object in life than to live. While this
fact renders promotion the more certain to
the steady and studious private, it creates
(Roseburg Plaindealer)
The claim that the work of tbe fuslonists
Is "honest, earnest and unselfish" might
have some weight were it not for the fact
that fusion leaders throughout the state
generally there are exceptions of cou
are men who would sacrifice any principle
for a party advantage. Many of tbe demo
cratic leaders of the fusion movement were
Cleveland admirers and advocates of the
gold standard till after the Chicago conven
tion declared for silver and Cleveland was
no longer the idol ol tbe party. Then they
hastened to announce a change of convio
lions. What hypocrisy I The earnest si I'
ver man is entitled to respect but tbe men
who turns bis coat simply to be in line with
the party merits the contempt ot all fair-
minded men. Populists generally become
populists from principle, and thousands of
them will refuse to be offered as a sacri
fice to the Moiocb of a masquerading demo
(Albany Herald)
It must be evident to every observing
man that the forces which were combined
on tbe platform of debased money, riot rule,
and forcible division of present property
holdings, embodied in tbe Chicago produc
tion called the democratic platform, which
presented such a formidable front in the
ast presidential campaign, will not present
such a unity of action in the 1900 canvas.
Already a gathering bas been beld in St.
fouls, which presages that the populist
forces do not propose to be a side issue num
ber two tail to such a 1900 kite, as it wss In
ls!W. Tbey firmly and emphatically de
clare that tbey will bave a whole kite them
selves or nothing. Then again various in
dividuals, high in national party reputation,
have unequivocally mentioned the fact that
10 to 1 would not do, as tbe people had
plainly expressed their opinion upon that
subject, and it was not a safe proposition.
All of tbese facts taken Into consideration,
evince a sure tendency to break away from
what bas been brought into American poll
tics under tbe hesd of Bryanism.
A miMitlngot the Young Mon'a Keptib
lion Club was hold In Welnhard'a hall
last Saturday night. The mooting wait
eulltid to order by President J. V.
MolJatt, who, alter stating the obet of
the meeting, asked Secretary Randall to
lead the minutes of the laat regular
mooting. The minutes were read and
The next order ot business was the
election of 20 delegates to the state
league. A motion was made and car
riud that the entire club be placed
nomination and the "0 receiving; the
highest number of votes be declared
elected. The chair appointed I). V
Kinnalrd and 0. II. ly us tellers and
the ballot proceeded and the following
delegates were elected : N. R. Lang, J
U. Campbell, T. F. Ryan. J. C. Rradley
J W. MotTalt, M. Schulmus, T. 1. Kan-
dall.C. II. Dye, 0 C. Hrownell,
Koerner, V. II. Howell, L. U Porter,
F. T. Clrilliih, J. U. Porter, lleorge
Rronghton, V. O. T. Williams. W. It
Wiggins, U. It. Pimirk, II. C. Slovens
The next order ol btiHiness w the
election of olfleers and the following
were chosen by acclamation :
President F. T. tirillith.
Vico-preaident J. C- Bradley.
Treasurer J . V. MoHaH.
Secretary II. 8. Strange,
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Teacher' Examination .Notice.
The regular quarterly teacher' ex
amination for Clackamas county will be
beld at the court house in Oregon City,
beginning Wednesday, February 9, at I
p.m. State examination begins Thurs
day, February 10 at 9 a. m.
, II. O. Starkweather,
County School Superintendent.
Dated January 21, 1808.
Wood wanted at this office, oak. fir or
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(Portland Chronicle)
Last Sunday's Oregonlan pleads guilty to
being a "disturber." It boasts of the fact.
"Such indeed, it wishes to be, and such it
intends to if he can" ia the defiant attitude
of that great incubus of republican politics
If It were simply "an independent Journal
and critic," as it now asserts, no one would
question its right te '"be a chief disturber
hereabouts." But when it claims to be "an
independent republican Journal;" when
it seeks to control republican platforms and
dictate republican nominations, then It has
no right to be "a disturber." Common
decency and a proper respect for the opin
ions of mankind prohibit such conduct
It is treason to Its profession of a desire for
republican success. It makes itself out te
be a brazen fraud. If it were a real friend
of republican success it would not glory in
being a "disturber.1' It would not blindly
tasb its republican associates. It would not
excite Killkenny cat fights at every turn
All these things, however are done by the
Oregonlan, Its claim of being a republican
journal, therefore, is a flaunting lie. The
Oregonlan Is a self-confessed, brazen traitor
to the republican party. Its avowed chief
mission Is to breed discord by assailing re'
publican leaders on any pretext and at
every junction, regardless of party man
dates or party interest.
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