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    Oregon City Enterprise.
JtnidrdiT, -Chief
of I'iiIIi
. K. 0. Caiinelil
Tlioa, K. Hyn
. Cliaa. K. Iliiriit
. K. I j. Hliaw
II. K. Hlrnllit
Frank T. (Jrlllllh
- W. L. Htililo
Oily Attorney, -
Street ('(iinnilpulmitir,
Hupt. of Walr Worka, - W. II llowl
City KiiKtnr. - - I. W. Klnnalrd
Councilman-It. Koerimr, Krnk Htiaeh.
II. I), WIImiii, Jama lloaK, II. r,. nar
rl, 0. D Utotiraiw, Arthur Millti, trad
A. Matnr.
Council meet lint Wednesday of well
month in ally hall.
We tiniHt livo room for our inimnime
prlng Hock. All trimmed hat Just
half of tha rcgtilur price. Mis Gold
mlth. If you want aflneel of teeth, (told
crown, or line brldgowork anil all klmla
of filling call on Dr. J. II. Miller, den
tint, 7th St. near H. I depot.
For a quiet place to hitch your horse
away from the motor linn and a place to
get a 11 rat via Job of repairing or liorae
itioeliiK call on S. F. Scripture' shop on
Fifth at rent.
Senator George C. Itrownell will ad
dress the reiiuhlicaiiN at I.ogan on Satur
day evenli.K February 12. The meet
Inif will he held in Tracy' hall.
Catarrh Cured. A clear head and
weet breath aecured with Shlloh'
Catarrh Remedy; told on a guarantee.
Nasal Injector free. Hold by Charman &
Co., druggist, Oregon City.
Don't annoy other by your coughing,
and rlak your li'e by neglecting a cold.
One Minute Cough Cure curea eoiigh.
cold, croup, grippe and all other throat
and lung trouble. Geo. A. Harding.
For Conatipation take Karl'a Clover
Itoot Tea, the great Mood 1'urifler. Curea
Headache, Nervousness, Kiuptlona on
the face, and make the head clear aa a
toll. Hold by Charman A Co., drugglata,
Oregon City.
Dr. L. L. l'li'kena, dentist, doe al
kind of dental work. Gold crown,
porcelain crowna and bridge work a
socially. All operation guaranteed for
6 year. Call and gel tny price. Office
In Barclay buildlmt
What pleaaure 1 there in life with a
lieaiachn, ronatlpalion and biliousness?
'l'houaand experience them who could
become perfectly healthy by uiing
DeWltl'i Little Karly Riser, the famou
little pill, Goo. A. Harding.
Thli office 1 In receipt of a copy of the
North Douglaa Watchman, printed and
publiahed by I .aura E. Jone at Drain.
Oregon. It I a alx-column (olio, apark
ling with bright editorial comment and
local new matter.
There are three little thing which do
more work than any other three little
thing created they are the ant, the
bee and DeWllt'i Little Early Itinera,
the laat being tin famou little pill for
itomach and liver trouble. Goo. A.
The undertaking buainneH conducted
by W. N. Godfrey, now doceaaed, will be
continued under the name of Mr. God
frey, at the old atand, corner of Ninth
and Main treeta, Oregon City. K. E.
Martin ha been put In charge of the
business aa er event.
A private letter received from F. E.
Donaldaoti at Manchcaior, N. II., stale
that since arriving there ho ha been
under the care of a phyitician and unable
to leave hi room, though he hoped to be
out in about a week. In the meantime
Mr. Dresaer had been looking out for hi
business interest.
We are anxious to do a little good in
this world and can think of no plcasent
er or better way to do it than by re
commending One Minute Cough Cure
as a preventive of pneumonia, consump
tion and other serious lung trouble thut
follow neglected cold. Goo. A. Hard
ing. The Mount Lebanon Shaker recently
performed a great deal of charity, al
though it was not designed a a charity,
being nothing more or Ioh than an ad
vertising scheme. It however resulted
In great good just the same. They gaye
away 1,000 bottle of their Digestive Cor
dial to those auflbring from stomach de
rangements. It was so eflective In curing those who
used the remedy that they were loud in
their praises of it and in consequence a
large demand for the Cordial was at once
The druggist of this place have little
books that tell all about it. Digestive
Cordial creates an appetite, aids digestion
and brings about a rapid increase in iIohIi
and strength.
Laxol is the name of palatable CaHtor
Oil. Just the thing for children.
for the coming year on baking powder will be
very light if you buy Schilling's Best and use
only one heaping teaspoonful to a quart of flour.
A little 14-year old girl apparently
not more than oluht apeared on the
street of Oregon Clly Inst Friday Milling
a Salvation army paper called the lingu
lar, printed In Portland. The child
traveled clone and visited all place of
business without regard to her surround
ings, It seem that the strong arm of
the law should protect these little enthu
siast In not permitting them to go about
In this way unaccompanied.
lllshop Barker, of Olympla, Wash,,
wa present and conducted confirmation
service at the Episcopal church last
Hunday evening. Thl Is the Uishop'
second visit to Oregon City, the first one
being about 25 year ago when he came
a the umpire In a baseball game be
tween Portland and Salem team. Great
change have been wrought in these 25
Ilellomy A Hunch are now transacting
business In their new and commodious
quarter In the Welti hard building, op
posite the court house. Their new
quarter are a model of neatness, where
their enlarged stock ha been assorted
into department thus enabling a thor
ough lnsectlon of each separate line.
Daniel William, at the northeast cor
ner of Outer and Seventh streets, ha a
choice and well selected stock of f.unlly
urocerles which he I wiling at very
reasonable rate, HI motto is "live
and let live, with honest weight and
measure". Goods deliveded to any
part of the city.
The following marriage licenses have
been Issued during the past week by
the county clerk: January 2H, C. N.
Haines and Norma I. Fox ; Fehroury 1,
T 8. Sllpp and Helen Cane j Fbhruary 2,
John T. Martin nd Myra U. Ucroy,
Valentine HofT and Caroline Handle
mann. Justice Kchuehel'i office I undergo
ing an overhauling this week. The room
I lieing conveniently partitioned and re
arranged, being divided into a court
room, private olllce and a Jury room.
Hi honor will have splendid quarters
when the work I completed.
The beautiful Confirmation service at
St. Paul' church on Sunday evening
wa well attended by a throng of wor
hipier. Ten person received the
Apostolic ordinance and Bishop Barker,
of Tocom delivered an admirable ad
dress. Shlloh's Consumption Cure cures
where other fail. It I the leading Cough
Cure, and no home ihould lie without it.
Pleasant to take and goea right to the
spot. Bold by Charman & Co.. druggist,
Oregon City.
The Weinhard building has undergone
a decided chanue in apiearance since
Mehsr. Ilellomy St Buech have neatly
arranged their metropolitan stock of furni
ture, occupying the entire first floor and
hesemont. .
Mathio Klinger and Charles Plpk,
native of Germany and Franx Knxherg,
have been admitted to citizenship dur
ing the past week. A. Garhorlos has
declared hi Intention to become a citi
sen .
Children and adults tortured by burn,
scalds, injury, eczema or skin diseas
es may secure Instant relief by using
DeWitt'i Witch Hazel Salve. It lathe
great Pile remedy. Geo. A. Harding.
Ksrl'i Clover Root Tea, for Constipa
tion it's the best and If after using it you
don't say so, return the package and get
your money. Sold by Charman & Co.,
druirgists, Oregon City.
Hev. Dr. William will conduct the
services at St. Paul's next Sunday, morn
ing and evening; subject In the evening,
Hon. Geo C. Brownell will speak to
the citizens of Marquam upon the politi
cal Issue on Saturday, February 19th .
Hev. Butler will conduct service in
the chapel at Park place next Sabbath at
3:30 p. in.
Letter List.
The following is the list of letter re
maining in the post olllce at Oregon City,
Oregon, on February 2, 1808:
women' list.
Dowers, Mary Tayler, Catherine
Hyde, Carrie Smith, Anna
Electrlo Catarrh Cure Co.
Epperson, J no Hill, M V
Foster, K N Lane, J M
Hendrix. Willis Watklns, Lee
llelser, F II Wooilyard, P A
Hclisefer, Theo Slitln, Jaw
If called for Plate when advertised.
J. J. Cooks, Acting P. M.
' Hairprksskr. Would like a few lad
ies to attend at their homo, hairdressing,
treating, shampoohing etc. Orders
taken for switches, bangs etc. Address
Miss J. McCaw, 430 Burnside St. Port
land Oregon.
Money to loan on good real eHUte
security by A. S. Dresser.
KcNolutlotiH Adopted by tli
IN'iHilillcaii State League.
I.srg.st Pellllcal Meeting r.rer Meld
In Oregen Mulch fer I'reidilent,
Fulton for Vice-President,
Prenldent Claud Gatch, of Marion.
Vice President 0. W. Fulton, of Clat
sop. Fxecutive Committee 8 B. Eakin, of
Lane, at large; A. M. Crawford, of Linn,
Fir-t diotrlct; It. B. Binnott, of Wasco,
Second district.
The following delegute were elected to
the national league:
First District J. W. Hobbs, of Yarn
hill j 0. B. Winn, of Linn j C. 8. Moore,
of KUmath;Theo. Cameron, of Jockeon,
Second District J. E, Putmao, of
Gilliam J. M. Ferguson, of Umatilla; U.
A. Johns, of Baker; J. I. Donnegan, of
At Large I. N. Sanders, of Union;
E. 0. Potter, of Lane; George Mayger,
of Columbia; E. K. Lake, of Benton; W.
A. Perkins, of Douglas; H. B. Plummer,
ol Polk.
The second biennial convention of the
republican league of clubs, held in Ar
mory hall Tuesday, was the greatest rep
resentative gatherum of republican ever
witnessed In Oregon.
The attendance from localities outside
of Multnomah county woe remarkably
g'Kxl, and m il wa the Interest shown in
the league meeting that there were com
paralivelv few proxies of delegate from
the county. This lealure wa reserved
lor Portland. There were hundred of
fully accredited delegate from club in
Multnomah county, and there were hun
dreds of delegate given eat aa repre
sentative of club that had been organ
ized for specific purjiose. There were
over 000 delegates from Multnomah
county. The apportionment of delegate
wu one for each 25 member, and one
delegate at-large for each club. The del
egate accredited to Multnomah county,
on this basis, representing a voting pop
ulation of 22.500, or 2000 more vote
than were cast at the presidential elec
tlon, the combined vote of the county in
November, 18tJ, for McKinley, Bryan
and Palmer, being 18,448.
In Multnomah county a number of
men were elected from several different
club thereby causing a bogu represen
tation. It ha been noticed for several
day that in the election of delegate
from various club in Portland the
names of Mr. Simon, Mr. Mackay, Mr.
McLaughlin and other have appeared,
each being elected from several differ
ent clubs. Till method was practiced
to ruco an extent that the list in Mult
nomah county was swelled to several
hundred more than it should have been,
while the outside counties with an hon
est representation were left to the mercy
of the mob of heelers in the metropolis.
All about the aides and back end of the
convention hall were stationed a par
tisan rabble standing who were not del
egate and whenever a viva voce vote
was taken these striker were on band
with their voice to vote with their boss.
Not satisfied with this additional bo
gus strength, Wallace McCamant and
Henry E. McGinn lost no opportunity
to attempt to precipitate a factional con
troversy, but thank to the effort of
II. M. Cake. 0. W. Fulton and C. B.
Moores every effort tending to this was
defeated and McGinn and McCamant
roundly hissed for their action.
Finally the convention settled down
to business alter a report of the creden
tials committee had been read.
The lollowlng resolution were unan
imously adopted:
Whereas, The paramount Issue which
is now before (lie American people, di
viding political parties and engrossing
the attention of all patriotic citizens, is
the financial question ; therefore be it
Resolved, That this league of republi
can club of Oregon cordially reaffirm
and approves it belief in the financial
plank of the last republican national
convention ; and be it further
Resolved, That we accept and approve
of the speech of President McKinley at
New York, January 27, 1898, a the cor
rect exposition of this plank and the
monetary policy of the republican party ;
Resolved, That we are in especial
accord with the administration
and its wise and efficient secrotary of the
treasury, Lyman J. Gage, in their efforts
to resist silver monometalisra and to
give additional strength to our present
financial system.
The election of officers was the next
order of business and when C. W. Ful
ton's name was proposed for president,
that goutleman rose and declined the
honor, at the same time placing the
name of Claud Gatch, of Salem, before
the convention. The officers were all
chosen by acclamation, and from that
time on perfect harmony prevailed.
Estray Notice.
Strayed or stolen roan cow, light face,
rubber bell strap with bell attached.
Reasonable reward for return of same to
J. J.Howard. West Oregon City.
ROYAL Baking Powder.
Highest of all in leavening
Btrenftfl.V. S. aovarameat Rtport-
EiIImiii's Kaperlenee la Newspaper Making-
Wa Nut Happy One.
In In r lifostoryof Edison Mr. Sarah
A. To'di y relates tho following con
ccmiiig tbf "Wizard:"
"Having been successful a a news
seller, Kdisou lost no time in becoming
an editor and publisher, and 1 like Gar
rison: tWnt nl of help? II knew bow type were
la bad a daunttnaa spirit and a prea.
"True, Tom Edison's press only con
sisted of a disused set of type purchased
for a nominal som, and his combined
printing oflloe and editorial sanctum
wa a dilapidated luggage van, bat it
possessed an advantage of which even
Printing House square cannot boast it
wu migratory. The van converted to
this novel purpose wa attached to the
train on the Grand Trunk railway, and
appropriately enough the paper wa en
titled The Grand Trunk Herald.
"A further venture wa Panl Pry, In
which, If any one may be excused a
pnn, the editor 'pried' into things In
too free a manner, and some individual,
incensed at bis fun at tbeir expense,
dipped bim into the river to cool his
imagination. Fnrtber disaster followed
when one day a phosphorous bottle on
set in hi laboratory and nearly act the
train on lire. The conductor promptly
removed Edison and bis apparatus,
printing and chemical, to the platform
at the next stopping place.
"It was a bitter moment, of which
Edison cannot think witbont feeling
over again the sense of utter hopelessness
and desolation which came upon him
when be saw the train whirling off
while he stood alone and forsaken
among hi broken goods, hi ear tin
gling with a brutal box which injured
his hearing for life."
Story of at Man Who Thought tha laaa
Icr a Bunko Bteeror.
Once when the late Jay Gould went
to Murgaretville, N. Y., with bis pby
sicfau and private car, be called on his
old friend George Decker, a retired
merchant of the village, who was for
merly a clerk with Gould in Roxbnry.
Every one who knows Mr. Decker well
calls him "G," and this was what Mr.
Gould said to him:
"Hello, 'Ul' I goes yon know me
this time, don't you?"
A few yean before Decker, while in
New York on business one afternoon,
was suddenly confronted on Broadway
by a dapper, bluck eyed little man, who
grasped bim by the hand, exclaiming:
"How are yon, bis. Decker? I am glad
to we you."
Mr. Decker looked the little man over
from bead to foot, and hurriedly an
(wered: " Yes, so am I, bat I don't know yoa,
ir. Good day."
"But, hold op," said the other,
"aren't yoa George Decker of Margaret
ville?" "Oh, yes; that's all right," respond
ed Decker, "bat I am in too great a
hurry to be interviewed today, my
friend. Yoa have struck the wrong
"Yes, perhaps," said the little man,
"bat my name is Jay Gould. Don't yoa
know me?"
"Jehoeaphatl" exclaimed Decker. "I
took yon for a coufidonoe man." Phil
adelphia Pruoa,
MetaJlisod Wood.
The following process, invented by
Mr. Rnbeunick, for metallizing wood,
is thus described by Los Mondes: "The
wood is first immersed for three or four
days, according to its permeability, in
a caustio alkaline lye (calcareous soda)
at a temperature of from 75 to 00 de
grees. Thence it passe immediately
into a bath of hydrosalpbite of calcium,
to which i added, after 34 or 86 hours,
a concentrated solution of sulphur in
caustic potash. The duration of this
bath is about 48 hours, and its tempera
ture is from 85 to 60 degrees. Finally
the wood is immersed for 80 or 60 boars
in a hot solution (85 to 60 degrees) of
acetate of lead. The process, as may be
seen, is a long one, bat the results are
surprising. The wood thus prepared,
after having undergone a proper drying
at a moderate temperature, acquire un
der a burnisher of hard wood a polished
surface and assumes a very brilliant
metallio luster. This luster is still fur
ther increased if the surface of the wood
be first rubbed with a piece of lead, tin
or sino and be afterward polished with
a glass or porcelain burnisher. The
wood thus assumes the appearance of a
true metallio mirror and is very solid
and resistant Invention.
Tannyson and Birds.
Agnes Weld, a niece of Tennyson,
speaks thus of the poet in The Contem
porary Review: "Much as Tennyson no
ticed every individual tree and plant,
bird life had a still greater attraction
for him. He was muoh touched by the
faot that the caged linnet loses the red
plumage from its head and breast at
the first molt after its captivity, and
never regains thorn, and he thought of
devoting a whole poem to the deep
yearning for liberty of which this was
the sign and type. And one reason he
climbed almost daily, when at Fresh
water, to the summit of the Beacon
down was because he loved to watch
the wild, free flight of the sea gulls cir
cling around its lofty cliffs."
Contrary Infant.
"My wife oouldn't go to the concert
last night because the baby threatened
to have oronp. "
"That was too bad."
"Yes, and now she is hopping mad
because the baby didn't have croup after
all." Chicago News.
English farmers, who know it is
against the law to nse ferrets to drive
out rabbits, place in the burrow a rub
ber hose with a tin horn on the end in
serted. Then they blow the horn, and
bunny come ont in quick order.
Protective snd Patriotic i
At the recent dinner of the National
AasM latlon of Wool Manufacturer in
Boston, Congressman Russell of Connec
ticut characterized the Dingley bill as
the best Tariff meaxore ever enacted In
this country, bat he urged that all ear
nest Protectianists and patriotic citizens
give careful and sealou attention to the
uhject ol foreign market. "Next to a
Protective law, which establishes and
maintain the home industry," said Rep
resentatiye Russell, "I want American
lines of transportation to carry American
business to foreign market. Give to
the American (hip the same support
I which you have given and asked for the
American factory." That is sound doc
trine alike from the standpoint of protec
tion and patriotism The one thing
needed to complete the American scheme
of promoting internal trade and foreign
commerce is that the building and sail
ing of American ship shall be treated as
an American industry. Once assured of
that, there will be no lack of American
vessels to carry American commerce.
Rha Was a ftal ration Laaal Ha, Bar fins
band Traveling Men Didn't Know That.
A clever trick wa worked by Walter
Redmond and his wife at Union station
by which several traveling men were
duped out of their money. At the end
of a long seat in the waiting room wa
a pretty and modest looking young wo
man attired in a Salvation Army uni
form. Sbo wa very intent upon a pa
per which she wa reading aul paid lit
tle attention to the crowd or traveling
men standing near her.
Aside from the crowd was a well
dressed yonng man, who was walking
back and forth by the newsstand puff
ing away at a fragrant cigar. Finally a
member of the crowd of traveling men
remarked upon the beauty of the little
Salvation Army worker. All eyes were
fixed on the little woman, and she re
ceived many compliments. The prosper
ous looking young man who had been
walking near the group of drummers
drew near to the crowd. He, too, wa
(truck with the appearance of the wo
man. "I'll give any one of yon fellows f 15
if you kiss that girl," said be.
Those in the crowd took the dare.
One spoke up, however, and said to the
stranger who had offered the money,
"I'll bet you $20 that yoa can't kiss
The stranger hesitated for several sec
onds and then said :
"I'll just take that bet."
The money was put up, and the
stranger, who had given his name as
Walter Redmond, walked over toward
the little woman in uniform, and, after
bowing profoundly, took a seat by her
At first the woman seemed to be very
indignant, and the traveling man
thought he had the $20 won. A minute
later, however, Redmond's arm stole
around the woman's waist The specta
tors then began to open their eyes wide.
One of them said: "That fellow has a
whole lot of influence over that girL It
may be that he is a hypnotist" Red
mond talked for probably two minutes
and then kissed the woman.
Redmond walked over to the stake
holder and received his money. He then
started from the depot The little wo
man quickly arose from her seat, and,
taking bis arm, walked to Ninth and
Broadway, where the couple took an
East Broadway car. Redmond is tall
and handsome. His wife is a blond
and is exoeptionaMy pretty. Louisville
Ona Way of Putting Rejected Exhibit to
Good Uaa.
They were riding on the Fourteenth
street cars and their conversation was
edifying. The man with the long hair
was evidently a sculptor, and his com
panion, a large, jolly looking fellow,
was trying to persuade him to present a
work of art to some society woman who
had a mania for collecting brio-a-brao
and articles of vertu.
"I told her that yon would, I thought,
in time present her with some memen
to, a statuette illustrating your peculiar
style. Was I wrong in saying so?"
The soulptor answered indignantly:
"I know her value of art, and I tell you
she cannot distinguish between manu
factured trinkets and works of art In
faot, she thinks all artists are manufac
turers and onn turn out statuettes as
easily as the rich Btove ornament man
who gave her a nickel plated mule.
Then, too, a brass fixture artist gave
her something from the brass foundry,
and she thought it great. Never, in my
judgment, could she appreciate a true
work of art"
"Then yon refuse to give her a sam
ple of your work? Remember, she has
great influence. "
"I do not refuse. I'll give her that
model in plaster of paris which was re
fused by the committee last month. She
will think it great, whether or not the
committee did."
"Good I She will think it magnifi
cent and get you an order. "New York
Leather and Kerosene.
There is one use of kerosene which is
seldom mentioned. It often happens
that when a heavy shoe or boot has been
wet it hardens and draws so that it
hurts the foot if the shoe is put on
and the leather thoroughly wet with
kerosene, the stiffness will disappear
and the leather become pliable, adapt
ing itself to the foot If oiled while
wet, the leather retains its softness a
longer time. The kerosene does not in
jure the leather at all
What June Did.
"What did Jones do after he insulted
the judge?"
"(Sixty days, I understand. "Chica
go Record.
How tha Price Advaneea After the kraj
Learee Siberia.
Up in the great watershed dividing'
Siberia and Mongolia lives a peculiar'
race of people, half Chinese, half Tib
etuna. Few Europeans have ever seen;
them. In fact, with the exception of riijy
or two enterprising explorer or geo
graphioul enthusiasts wb3 have crofsed
the Altai range, European eye huvft
never gnw'd upon the aboriginal Syoti
if northern Mongolia.
Sable hunting in the Siberian tnon at
tain aud northern Mongolia is conflm.il
almost exclnsivcly to the Syots and oth
er native races, and It would surprise U
good many for dealer in England tr
know the prices which are paid by tha
Siberian traders to these poor aborigines
fur the skins they collect
The Siberian trader, knowing his
market, makes periodical jonrney intj
Mongolia. It i safe to say be does nX
take a kopek of money with him, bat Lib
drags behind him a well stuffed caravan
loaded with tea, tobacco, gunpowder
and shot, strings of beads for the wom
en and roughly made moccasins for tha
men. In due course he will come acrm
a Syot encampment.
The trader sits on bis wagon and bar
ters cheerfully. With the eye of a coi
noisseur and with finger rendered deft
by long practice be sees and feels tho
smooth, warm skin of the little ani
mals. This small Hack cue well, a two
ounce packet f tobacco is enough frir
that; that large black one a handful
of shot and an etjual quantity of gun
powder; a packet of tea for a lovely
skin with a long black stripe down tha
center; this one, a fine skin, bat a lit
tle bit hurt by the shot entering tha
back well, say a string of beads fur
In their original nndressed state it is
safe to say that the skins do not coat
the Siberian trader much more than a
few pence each on the average. A tha
poor sable travels farther westward,,
however, he gets dearer and dearer, la
Tomsk one can buy a very good sablo
for something like 6 or 6 rubles, about
13s. In Omrk few are sold under 10 ru
bles 1 la In Moscow 100 per cent
goes on.' In. St Petersburg no one ex
cept the middle class or a functionary
would wear a sable onder 5. In Pari
and London a real Siberian sable skia
will fetch anything up to 20, bat tha
imitation sables cf the present day hava
done much to depreciate tins wonderful
trade. London y.aiL
Bow a Clever Bonko Game Was PlayeC
oa a Son of Sonny Italy.
A well planned scheme was worked!
on a down town Italian confectioner
the other night whereby he lost oX.
About 3 p. m. a man who bad one good
eye and one gloss eye came wandering
along the street and stopped at thia
Italian's fruit stand. Be stooped over
to look at some of the fruit when un
expectedly his glass eye fell from ita
socket down among the banana and
The pretending purchaser at once be
gan a diligent search for the missing
glass eye. With both hands be clawed
into the fruit, scattering it in all di
rections. The Italian came forward and
told the stranger to stop. The one eyed.
man explained that his glass eye hadL
dropped down there and that he wanted -to
get it
The Italian became eur-ed and toliL
the stranger to come around in the even
ing and he could get the other eye. Ths
man explained he w as a stranger and
wonld not be here in the evening, but
if be (the Italian) found the eye ha
should bring it to his hotel, where $10
would be paid to bim.
An hour later another man oama
along, pretended to kiuke a purchase;
and while fingering around in the fruit
suddenly espied the wouuertul glass eye.
The man from Italy made a grab for it,
but was too late, as his would be cus
tomer already had it Both claimed ths
eye, and a quarrel ensued. The Italia
patched matters up by giving the stran
ger $50 for the eye, thinking he would
get $100 upon returning it and he
wonld have $00 clear.
He went to the hotel with the eye to
get the $100 that he was told awaited
him there. He found thut no such man
had been there and no $100 was left
there for him. He then saw how be woa
worked and notified the police. Pitta
burg Commercial-Gazette.
Sheep Tleka.
Every one who ha sheep knows the
tick, the worst pest of this animal, that
does serious harm to the young lambs
without suspicion of the cause to tha
shepherd. This reddish brown creatnra
is a wingless fly aud a very greedy blood
sucker. A dozen of them on a lamb will
quickly suck the little one dry. It is to
be looked after at the time of shearing,
when these insects go for shelter to tha
lunibs. It is found mostly where tha
auiinal cannot reach it on its head,
buried in the skin, sucking the blood.
Its skin is tough, and ii is not easily
crushed with less than a blow of a ham
mer. In small flocks it is t ot much of a
job to go through, with a pair of
small scissors to cut the ticks in two,
but where the flock is over a score it
will be necessary to dip the lambs.
The Count' SlUtake.
'So Gwendolyn is not to marry tha
count after all?"
'No, poor man. Tie tried to toll her.
thnt her singing was something thut
made one glad to live, aud his pronun
ciation was so broken that she thought
he said it made one glad to leave, aud
then she requested him to leave." ta
dianapolis Journal.
Teatlng Bim.
Bagley Do you recollect that $5 J
let you have about a year ago?
Brace Perfectly.
Bagley That's good. I see yomr
meniorv is all riuht. How' your cn-
1 sight? Harlem Life.