Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, November 12, 1897, Image 2

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Eight Indies of Snow in the Mountains
Millovia Settlers Uuilding
Sew II oases.
Millovia, Nov. 6. We have been hav
ing tine weather for this time or year, but
look out trier while we will not brag of fine
weather. It wilt be the reverse
Miss Jessie Currin, of Currinsville, was
witdting at Millovia, last week.
iit. Hawkins bas returned from Inde
pendence wbere lie has been at work dur
ing the summer. We are pleased to bave
trim with us again.
Mr. Bedford has bis new house nearly
Mr. and Mrs Jones from Garfield were
visiting at Mr. Hunt's, last Friday.
Mr Will Miller, of Portland, was visiting
iliis brolher'O.C. Miller, recently.
Quite a number of prospectors and hunt
ers are going to tbe mountains nowadays.
Snow was reported eight incnes deep at
Roaring river last week.
Mr. Coop has his new house nearly com
- (deled.
Mr. Hunt has bis new house nearly fin
ished. He also has had a great deal of
clearing done on his place this summer.
The settlers at Millovia have most all of
them built new houses recently, Henry
Falmateer doing tbe carpentlng. Those
who have not built are iutenJing to
in tbe near future.
Mr. Mitchell is again on bis claim but
iiis family live near Lenta.
Mr. J. Pinkley is still at his old trade,
making shingles. Eirkka.
Bedland Notes.
Rsdland.Nov. 8. Our first flakes of snow
fell on Saturday. It looked as if winter was
tiear at band, but it soon turned out warm
and the gentle rain resumed its patter.
Oar postmistress is preparing lor a trip
to Illinois, to visit her parents.
IV m. Stone and A. Kamuscber bave each
Vurcliased a new broad cast seeder to do
their fall seeding with. They say tbst they
do excellent work.
B. F. Linn has been logging for several
weeks. He will continue the work tbe rest
of tbe month. Mr. Linn is preparing to do
a good business in the lumber trade next
P. Linn has just returned from Pomeroy,
Wash , where be has been working tbe
past few months. He states that things are
on the move in that section.
L. Mosher, wbo has been in Grande
Honda Valley tbe past season aiding in the
harvesting or the wheat crop. He says the
.yield was good.
ffext Saturday evening our literary so
ciety will resume its work. Come one and
-all and let us have a first-class literary so
ciety this season.
Mrs. 8. S. Mosher spent several days in
Oregon City last week, visiting friends.
C. Walenstine was visiting B. Bacon, of
Iogan, Sunday. Clarence will soon leave
lor Portlond where be will spend tbe winter
with bis mother and attend school.
C. Stone, who is attending tbe Portland
University, spent Saturday and Sunday at
Miss Kiltie Behyruer is visiting her
j'Srente, Mr. and Mrs. Behyruer.
Miss Milda Linn spent several days visit
ing relatives at Currinsville.
Quite a number of tbe young folks at
tended the wedding ball at Priester's of
Feblerville. They all enjoyed the dance
and estcitlly the excellent supper. At
two o'clock they took their departure wish
ing the happy couple a long, happy and
prosperous life.
Miss Alice Williams, who is teaching
-school at the Slrickliu school bouse has
changed her boarding place from Mrs.
J. Hatton's of Stone to Mr. B. . Court
right's or this place.
ii. bmatners ana l. buank got into a
scrap one day last week. Mr. Shank car
ries a very bad eye. It looks as if Mr.
Smatbers would feel rather small to be
brought up so much for availing a poor
old man like Mr. Shank.
F. Wilcox caught a large wildcat last
week. He was trapping for coyotes that
bave been making feasts off of his chickens
for some time.
There will be a mask ball at B. F. Linn's
hall on Thanksgiving eve. B. F. always
has good dances.
E. Lundigen of Lower Beaver Creek,
makes frequent trips to this burg.
C. A. Hpragne and W. Howell are still
hunting a girl, witb very poor success.
E. Eventen left last Tuesday evening for
California. His wife will spend tbe winter
witb her mother, Mrs, Carr, of Stone.
Logan Locals.
Logan, Nov. 9. The rain so long looked
(or is with us in full force. No complaints
now of the ground being too dry to plow.
Mrs. Jacob Gerber is at the St. Vincent
liospital at Portland, where she recently
underwent a very dangerous surgical opera
tion. Mrs. Gerber has a host of friends
who are sorry to learn of her aflliction.
Mrs. Meiugler is still at the hospital.
Mrs. E. P. Folsom and children of
Sprague, Wash., are visiting at the home
of Mrs. Sprsgue's father, Peter Wilson.
There s to be a necktie social and dance
Thanksgiving night at tbe Grange hall.
Ail respectable persons are invited and a
good tune is anticipated.
Prof. Austin is conducting a night school
'Which meets once a week. He has several
professional pedagogues enrolled.
George and Madison Reed bave taken a
contract of grubbing for Frank Wilson for
17.23 an acre.
Nelson Humiston and family have
inoved in the Galliger house.
Mary Shuttle is working for Mrs. R.
Carus Notes.
Carus, Nov. 8. The beautiful Indian
summer weather of this fall has
afforded farmers a fine chance to carry on
all sorts of farm work. Seeding, potato
digging, etc., has been about completed.
Many have hauled their bay, grain and
other products to town while the roads
were yet in theirpresentexcellent condition.
It Is without doubt annoying to go .ibout
one's premises on the morning after j'lai
low K en night and find buugy wheels miss
ing or farming tools In a neighbor's field,
and matters and things in general turned
inside out or upside down; but only they
who have outgrown sympathy with the
mischievous propensities of youth will take
serious ollense.
The protracted meeting In Linn church,
held for two weeks, closed last Wednesday
evening of last week. Last Sabbath after
noon presiding Elder Shupp preached an
excellent sermon on "(live to the l.ord His
Portion." after which the sacrament was
administr re.l.
We are informed that the young man,
who was arrested on the charge of disturb
ing religious services was released from
trial by paying a fine or $12.
W. U. Miller is moving his family and
goods to what is known as the Kidd place,
which he has rented for the ensuing year.
Will Miller is home from Portland with
quinsy sore throat.
Knox Cooper went down to Portland last
Thursday on matters of business,
Mr. Boen and family, who have occupied
theBeattie place have gone to Eastern Ore
gon, and Mr. Steven has rented the farm.
Snnnyslde Hewi.
ScssvsiDt, Nov. 8. Weather beautiful,
and the farmers are Retting their work all
done nicely.
Rev. J. F. Liese and family have gone to
Seattle to spend the winter, but will be back
to attend the Free Melhodist conference in.
tbe spring.
Miss Katie Christian is at home to spend
a lew days, bbe will go to bugene In a
few days to live witb her aunt this winter.
A series or meetings have commenced at
church here. Rev. Mrs. M. l. Wheeler oc
cupies the pulpit each night and dispenses
the truth with great power, which ought
to arouse those living in rebellion against
God. They expect to continue the services
an unlimited length of time. Hoping many
may see the error of their sinful ways and
be led to take a better way. All are In
vited to come and hear and obey.
Clinton Barrett was out to spend the
Sabbath. He is now keeping batch in the
Kadderly building witb a Mr. Wells.
Mr. Otto Nelson has his new house
plastered and will soon be ready to move
into it.
Mr. Griffith has been under tbe weather
witb a lame back, but is able to be out to
church again.
Miss Pearl Lovelace, of Damascus, was
visiting Miss Nora Barrett over the Sab
bath and attending tbe service at tbe
Rev. Wm. Barrett was called to preach
he funeral sermon of Mr. Beebe formerly of
Clackamas, who was living with his son,
Mr. Guy Beebe, of Happy Hollow. The
deceased was 83 years of age. He was
buried at Clackamas beside bis wife, wbo
died two years ago at tbe age of 84 years.
Baiella News,
Hazema, Nov. 6. A very pleasant sur
prise was given Mr. and Mrs. D. Olden
stadt, the evening of the 2Hth. A large
crowd was present and the evening was
spent in dancing. Everypody present bad
a good time, even if it was not safe to bop
while tripping the light fantastic as the ball
is not considered very safe.
Mr. J. Hampton and family of Pendle
ton, have been visiting friends and relatives
in this vicinity the past week.
Shipley brothers bave hauled their hops
to town.
John Dennis of Portland, is rusticating
lor a few days at the home or Geo Locey.
He was with the Johnson surveying
party in Idaho the past summer. There
seems to be some attraction for him in this
vicinity as he goes hunting almost every
day, but he never returns with any birds
so we naturally suppose he goes"dear"buiit-
Tbe Hayes brothers have returned from
the coast, and report having a fine time.
James Hayes, wbo was with tbe VVbitten
hunting party, killed a panther while out
in the mountains, besides several deer and
a number of birds.
Mr. George Shipley and wife have been
visiting friends and relatives in this neigh
borhood the past week.
Little Jennie Day has been quite sick
with sore throat being unsble to attend
school, but is better now.
Mr. L. Locey is talking of working in the
Oregon City paper mills soon. Polly.
Needy News.
Needy, Nov. 8. We are having a very
fine rain at present.
Frank Mitts is attending school at Needy
this winter.
Loyd Marqtiaru and sister went home
Friday and will return Sunday.
Mr. Manitiam is teaching the Dryland
school this winter.
J. E. Mitts is able to be up sgain after a
short Illness.
The people in this vicinity are about
through digging potatoes.
Leon Cochran of this place is working on
Molalla prairie.
Mr. J. B. Mitls and Wesley Riggs have
gone for a hunting tour in tbe mountains.
They expect to be gone about one week.
We hope the winter has not yet set in.
The school of this place is progressing
very nicely under the care of Asa Thomp
son and bis sister Miss Katie Thompson.
Gilbert Noe is teaching the school at No.
91 school house.
George Ackerson was in our town a few
days ago.
Our store-keeper, Mr. Cook, is doing a
flourishing busines.
Mrs. William Thompson is home again.
She has been visiting with her parents at
E da, Polk county.
Miss Lizzie Oswalt of Mololla was visit
ing with J. B. Mitts last week.
Some people in this vicinity are still dry.
ing apples.
Maple Lane News.
Maple Use, Nov. 9. A Mr. Ikttv from
Colorado has rented the Hess farm and has
moved into the house and began work ud-
on the place. He travel) all n.0
Willamette valley but found no Dlape that
suited him so well as Maple Lane. He has
eight children In bis family tomlil In fin r
J. II. Hess has rented his Inrin and moved
to Kly.
Miss Kale Mauls is visiting her cousin in
Portland this meek.
John Dolan, or Portland Is visiting friends
Mye Drayton, who has been working on
the steamer Kuth for the past two months
is home for a week's vacation.
An Achievement of the Century,
Our attention has lately been called to
the merit nf the great Warner Library
now passing through the press. The
Review of Reviews very appropriately
speaks of it as "Instilling the World's
Wisdom. From the mam o? writings
of all times and ages, the able writers
employed upon this great work have
condensed in thirty volumes the cream
of the world's thoughts. By a happy
combination of write rand subject, poetry
and art, philosophy and history, science
and religion, (act and fiction, biography
and romance have each boen given a
prominence commensurate with their
importance In a compendium of litera
tuer. Of this library, Public Opinion in an
extended editorial notice well says:
"Conceived upon such broad lines,
prepared and written by the most com
petent of living hands, and embracing1 as
it does the literature! of all climes and
times, itii not difficult to understand
that such a library must represent an
enormous investment. We are told
and can readily believe that the entire
cost of thiscollossal work will be above
a quarter of a million dollars. That
such a work should ever be undertaken,
and should now be placed upon the
market at a price which easily brings it
within the reach of the general book
loving public, must we believe, make
Mr, Warner's library rank as one of the
triumphs of American enterprise."
All classes of students will find in this
a treasure from the world's best minds.
It is destined to haye an immense sale
If you wish to know more about this
work and the 8ei'ial terms of distribu
tion to club members address, '
The Agency, Harper's Weekly Club,
209 Seventh street, Portland, Or.
A Bright College Journal.
The University of Oregon Monthly, a
neat 20-page magazine under the editor
ial management of Clyde N. Fogle and
the business management of Charles V.
Galloway, is filled with choice matter
pertaining to education in general and
the State university in particular. The
handsome outside cover is delicately
wrought in Oregon grape, the university
flower and especially designed for it by
Miss Alice E. Barber. A great deal of
the current memorial services and ad
dresses in honor of Prof. McClure, show
ing the very high esteem in which he
was held among those wbo knew him
best. A subscription to this sprightly
journal will keep you posted on all
matters pertaining to educational inter
ests in tbe State and it will be of especial
value to the university, keeping them
in constant touch with their alma mater.
Money for Partners.
When it comes to buying harness,
saddles, whips or robes the prices and
work to be had at Willey's harness shop
cannot be duplicated in Portland. Re
pairing done in good shape and
promptly. Full line of shoes carried
and sold at bed rock prices. Shoe re
pairing attended to. Willey's lowers
and tanners hand made shoes have no
superior. Call at his shop on Seventh
street near the depot and see how big a
dollars worth you can net.
How to Core Bilious Colic.
I suffered for weeks with colic, and
pains in my stomach caused by bilious
ness and had to take medicine all the
while until I used Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy which
cared me. I have since recommended
it to a good many people. Mrs. F. But
ler, Fairhaven, Conn. Persons who are
subject to bilious colic can ward olT the
attack by taking this remedy as soon as
the Brut symptoms appear. Sold by Geo.
A. Harding.
Wall Paper.
Best stock of wall paper in Oregon City
latent designs and prices to suit the times
at IV. l,. noiman's, uain street, oppo
site Court House. tf.
Oregon City Market Report.
(Corrected weekly.;
Wheat No. 1 merchantable, 72 cents
per bushel.
Flour Portland, $4.50; Howard's
Best, fl-70; Fisher's Best, $4.40; Dayton ;
$4.90: Pendleton, $5.20
Oats in sks, white, 30 cents per
bushel, gray, 28.
Millstuffs Bran, $14.00 per ton,
shorts, $15.50 per ton.
Potatoes 35 centa per sack.
Eggs, 224 cents per dozen.
Butter Ranch, 35 to 40 cents per roll.
Onions, $1 00 per pack.
Dried Fruits Apples, unbleached, 5
cents; 50-pound boxes, evaporated, Gc
prunes, 4 to 6 cents; plums, 4c.
Bacon Hams, 9 to 11 cents; sides,
8; shoulders, 6; lard 7 to 8
Livestock and Dressed Meats Beef,
live, 2 to 2 cents; hogs, live 3 cents;
hogs dressed, 5 to5i cents ; sheep, $1.50
to $2.00 per head ;veal,dressed 5 to 514.
Poultry Chickens, young, from $1.50;
old $3.00, turkeys, alive, 8 cents per
Subsribe for the Entekckise, the lead
ing paper of the city.
School Reports.
Report of Crescent school first monht
district No. 01, davi taught It); eniollod
2."ij days attendance -tlH); days absence
8(1; average dally attendance 20; times
tardy 1.
The following were neither absent nor
tardy during the month. Allie and
Bessie Reynolds, Chester, lUirnoy and
Myrtle Hard, Katm Moindl, Alverta and
Alvln Kraoft, Carrie and Norma Hard.
Patrons are cordially invited to visit the
school and note our progress,
FkkdJ. M kin ii,, teacher.
Report of Concord school, district No.
23 for the month ending Oi.tobor 22.
Pupils enrolled 2D; average belonging
28; average daily attendance, 24; total
days attendance, 4tl ; total days absence,
03; times tardy, 2.
The following pupils were neithor ab
sent nor tardy since thev were enrolled :
Annie, Minerva and Wesley ThicsHen,
Fannie Clayson, Guy While. Walter
Kuehl, Rosa, Annie, and Kiiiina Fe Id
man, Otto Kenner, Kddie Reed, Dulmar
and Kdwin Ericsson.
Mhs. Jonkimiink H. Bkadi.kv, teacher.
Report of school taught in district No.
IX) lor mouth ending November 8, 1st):
No, days laught, 20; pupils enrolled, IS;
average attending, H: visitors, 12. l'u-,
pits neither absent nor tardv: James
Neukirchncr, Kmma luskeep, Ray
Kirbyson, Clara Hayburst, Clarence
Evans, Tom Evans.
Ukktm'ik Rick, Teacher,
The following named pupils of district
No. 73 were neither absent nor lardy
during the month ending Nov. 5 : Rude!
Thirlman, Katie Fredric, Ollie Antony,
Roy Antony; Others that did not (all
below 08 per cent in deportment are:j
r'arolina Ittirv.nv mil- Otia-uLI Tlilulmui, !
Kater and Ruby Newbury, llaltie
Spulack, Olive and tirover Fredric,
Tillie Kief.Jiilia Shefchiek, Eddie Scheer,
Klla Scheer, Annie Solli and Flank Riff;
whole No. enrolled, 38, average daily
attendance 31.
A. D. Leach, Teacher.
Dreadfully Nervous.
Gents: I was dreadfully nervous,
and for relief took your Karl's Clover
Root Tea. It quieted inv nerves and
strengthened my whole nervous system.
I was troubled with constipation, kldnev
and bowel trouble. Your Tea soon
cleansed my system so thoroughly that
1 rapidly regained health and strength.
Mrs.S. A. Sweet, Hartford, Conn. Sold
by Charmar. & Co., Druggists, Oregon
tor Male.
Horse, harness and wagon for tale at
a bargain. All in good condition and
horse gentle, sound and true. Come
and see them, R. W. Pouter,
To Cure Cold In One Day.
Take Laxative Biomo Qui n ine Tablets.
All DruggisU refund the money if it fails
to cure. 25c.
To rent an organ suitable (or family
use. Address "B" care Orkgon City
Send the Entkki'hisk to your friend in
the Euht and thus give him an idea of
what is going on in Clackamas county,
It may induce him to locate with us.
TlifiiiMtid am Trying It.
Tn order to prove tlia great mntit of
Ely's Cream liitlin, the nioxt ell'ootivu cure
for Cutarrh and Cold in Howl, we have pre.
pared a generous trial si.s for 10 cents.
Hot it of your d.uggint or send 10 tents to
EL 7 2K0S., CO Vurruu St., N. Y. City.
I suffered from cntnrrh of tlio wor t kind
ever since a boy, uiul I never hoped lor
cure, but Ely'x Crcuia Lnliu hoeius to do
even that. Mirny ooiiaintitnci'S have used
It with excellent remiltH. Oscar Ostrum,
45 Wurreu Ave., CUicug), III.
Ely's Cream Balm is Hie acknowlediM
cure lor catarrh and contains no comum,
mercury nor any innrions drug. Trice,
CO ceuts. At dnigumts or by mail.
ROYAL Baking Powder.
Highest of all In leavening
Strength. V. S. aoveranwot Report
Kni.iciueii 'ir lamra w iravei nir re
sponsible etUahlihsed house in Oregon.
fnnthltf tf& 00 ftnil ATiioiiiuaa P..Hiln..
steady. Reference. Enclose self-addressed
mtiiirij riiveioiw. 1 lie J'OlllllllOn UOIII-
pany Det. Y Chicago.
popUUft gfilFJWJE
News Nature, Invention, Botany, Elec
tricity, Chemistry, Medicine,
Hygiene, Health.
Contains a large number of Short,
Easy, Practical, Interesting and Popular
Scientific articles, that can bo appreciat
ed ana enjoyed tiy any intelligent read
er, eventhough he knew little or nothing
of Science.
Profusely Illustrated and Free
from Technicalities.
Newsdealers, 10 cents. $1.00 jer year
AVMention this paper for a sample copy.
Largest Circulation of any
Scientific Paper In the World
Y. M. C. A. NOTES.
The canvass lor funds to erect and
equip the gyiiitiaHiuiA Is going along
satisfactorily. Over half of the amount
necessary has been subscribed by the
members, and another week will com
plete the general canvass. It Is expected
that the building will bo well along by
Dee. 1st.
M, M. ltingler, the physical director
of the Portland association will address
the men's meeting next Sunday at 4
o'clock. Mr. Rlntler Is an all-around
athlete and an enthusiastic Christian
worker. All men are invited to this
The Portland association has 1IW dlf
eront students enrolled in their night
col lego.
The week of prayer for young men will
be oberved by the association, beginning
Nov. 14 anu continuing until the 21st
There will be a gospel meeting In the
rooms every night at 7 :30 free to all
men, The usual oll'erlng for the Inter
national comii.illeo will be taken on
Sunday Nov. 21st at 4 o'clock meeting.
Dr. Mllna' Nerve PhutvradAe. at alldrutcgl.U.
W. Yakeda....
dent.- and Koy's
Oale 'f Winter Underwear, Mackintoshes, Umbrellas, (Moves, 4
MutllorH. Also a full lino of Japanese Fancv floods, t
Pishes, Silk Himdkort'hiefH, etc., etc., at Lowest Prices-
Christmas Presents,
Mali Street. 2 loon soaTH of C. E.
150 Booms. Jobn Stearns. Ctilef Clerk
Front and Morrison 8t.,
Portland Or.
Dviks JJcCmlkv.Pkhpj?.
Rooms from 25c. to 11.00 per day
Elevator, electric lights and bells
and all modern conveniences.
Free 'Bus meets all boats and trains
Restaurant Connected With Hotel.
Track and Koad Work a Kpeclalty.
Any style shoes forgrd in Iron or
steel. Wagon work ami repairing.
Bstisfactlon guaranteed.
Shop on Seventh street, next door to
Notilltt'i stable.
-Of tho-
Express Trains leave Portland Daily.
I) 0(1 p. M.
8:Wp. m.
7:4ft A.M.
Portland Ar
Orei'iiiCltjr Lv
H. Kmnolx'o Lv
II SUA. a.
H:00 T.u
The ahove trains stop at all stations be.
tween Portland, Halem, Turner,
Marion, JeH'erson, A Ihany, Tangent, Hhcdds,
Hulsey, Harrishurir, Junction City, Knireiie,
Cottage Orove, Drain, Onkland and ail sta
tions from ItoseburK to Ashland Inclusive
Direct connection at Run Krnnelncn villi
Occidental and Oriental and Paclllc Mull
steamship lines for JAI'AN and CHINA.
nwniiK aates on application.
Rates and tickets to Eastern points and
I.UMJand AUHTKAI.IA. Can beohtained
irom J. JS. KO YD, ticket aent, Oregon City
8:80a. M.
U:A. M.
5:! r. H.
Portland Ar
OreK'inClty Lv
Kosulmrir Lv
t M r.n
7 ::uia. D
West Bide Division.
Mall Train, Dally (Except Bundav.)
12:16 p. h.
l.OD p.m
At Albany and CorvHllln connect with train
of Oregon Central & Eastern Kail road.
Express Train Dallv (Except Sunday)
4:60 p. if. I
7:) P. M. I
Portland Ar
McMlnuvllle Lv
8:211 A. M
I 5:60 A. a
Asa't O. K. and Pass. Agent
Keiitlmiipn or IhiIIp to travel lor
responsible, established house in Oregon.
Monthly pily 1)0 and expenses, l'oiltion
steady . Relerence. Kncloe self-addressed
stamped envelope. The Dominion
Company, Dept. Y Chicago.
Ue Uill (Jive
to tlio jicrfoii who will HCMld UM till)
largest iiuiiibor of 8ulnerilxr8 to
tlio Ladies' Homo Journal between
now ntul April 15, lH'ltf. Thin in
in Addition to lilx-ral ooiuiniHHion
paid for every subscriber Hwurod,
Wo hIiuII divide 1 1.5(H) unions
110 agents who do tho lnist work
for us between now and April 15,
Our Pacific Coast nmnngor will
lie pleased to wo thoHO desiring to
take up tlio work. Address W, II.
DANIKLS, ClilV HoiiHo, Oregon
City, Ore., Nov. lGtli and 17th.
Furnishing Goods,
Hats. Caps, Etc.
rieaso give us a call. ,
Williams" grocerr store. Orwa C!tr.
Depot Sixth and J. Street
For All PoltitH ICnHt
leaves for the Kast via Walla Walla
and KMikane, daily at 2:45 p. in. Arrives
at 1 1 :45 a. m.
I-avea for tbe Kast via Huntington
and Pendleton, daily at 0 p. in. Arrives
at 7:20 a. m.
w.r.ny w kivkh tscKDaiiK,s.
Ockan Division ,SteamnlilNi sail from
Ainswoith dock 8 p. m. For tan Fran
cisco: Slate of California sails Sent.
It), 21); Columbia Sept. 24.
ooLujjmi diyiiOjX
Steamer R. R. Thompson leaves
Port land daily excent Sunday at 8 n.m..
and at 10 p. m. on Saturday ; returniiiK,
leaves Astoria dai'y except Sunduv at
:4: a. m.
Willamette River Route.
Ash Street Wharf.
Steamer Rnih, for Salem and av
points, leaves Portland Mondays, Wed
nesdays and Fridays at 0 a; in. Return
iiiK leaves Salem for Portland and way
points Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days at 7:1ft a. m. Steamer Gypsy for
Halnm and way points, leaves Portland
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at
(I a. m. ReturniiiK, leaves Salem for
Portland and way points Mondays, Wed
nesdays and Fridays at 7:16 a. in.
Steamer Modoc, for Dayton and way
points, leaves Portland Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays at 7 a in. Return
itiK, leaves Dayton for Portland and way
points Mondays, Wednesdays and Fri
days at 7 a. m,
Snake River Route Steamer leaves
Riparia daily except Saturday
at 1 M a. in , on arrival of train
from Portland. Leaves Lewiston, return
Inx, daily except Friday at 0:00 a. m.,
arriving at Riparia at I) p. in.
Oen. Pass. Aijent.
(jepmania Ca?h HJaFket
Best Quality of Cold
Storage Meats.
Smoked hama and. bacon cannot
be excelled. Game in season.
Highest price paid
for live and dressed
Seventh St between Main and Depot