Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, November 05, 1897, Image 7

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    (Oregon City Enterprise
ruriilHlioit Kwrjf V k hjf III C'lm kii.
uiuh AliNtrart k Trut Cumuiiiij.
Mary J and Jfliwu Hammer to A J
Hammer, Aur t7 W I) w.'4'f
in1 mihI ol iw'4 wu 3D 1 2 , r
(I. 1
I'tiUtr II Mlllnr to 01 to II Miller,
04 20, 'U7 W D of iiw) miu
1 4 m. r 1 it IOW
IV. (HI Miller to Otto II Mill"r,
04 20, '117 W 1)20.84 acr mii n
'.16 and a4 1 3 1, r 1 u lOOt) '
Windsor Land Co to Muttlilii
Kllngur Oct 18, 'l7 V I) lot 0,
10, blk 17, Wliulwr loO
CIihn Holme toJa W I'urtlow.Jttn
4, 'ti7 W DIoUl.H, AkH Cane-
mail :(H)
1 W Jw-kmin to A TWy .Fob 27,'l7
W 1) 1 1 4-1110 icr In Jnckxoii din 1)0
II C Mili'i to II J Minlliorn, Jail 0,
lH'.m, q U blk 20, :I7, 4S, 111, mill
lot 10 to 21 blk (It uint lulu 1 lo5
lilkftf, Mlutliorn 1
Will ItllRHvll to W K JollllHOll, Oct
l!il, 'U7 bond 2m m In lloliuit idm 1
W K Jolmnoii lo J A Tlmvcr, Oct
1B,'U7 W D i uun In Win IIoIiii-h
rUlui. 1100
Amanda (Jimta to J K N Mlwood, j
Ki.t 14, 'l7 g C .'' ul duo Crow
clultn 6)
OrlllaTaviortoJ U N K.iIUixmI,
Jiiihi 20, '07 Q C !j of Crow elm 60
O110 HiiiiiipII to J K N Kcllwood,
Aim 10, '07 g C of Ciow elm 60
CIihk Y Itiinncll to i It N HkIIwooiI
Oct 15, '07 ( C '' f Crow dm. . 60
J It N SolUmxl to VioU K Hell
woo l, Dec 24, 'M W I) 2 acm in
Wliltconib claim 1
lUrry K Willi to Mary J Funk,
Apr 2.1, '07 W Dn'g' of ihi4' ami
nw4 mul loti 1, 3 i': MH,r'i
V 8 to JomIi CoyiuJiine 20, 'IHi n,','
of nw'4' we 14 t4, r 4 e
C Minxliitfer to Coroline Minninei,
04 18, '07 NV C w)' ol tw'i and , I
n4 of k'4 mul nol4 of no '4 mii
w'4 of iie'4' hkc 20; ! n1' of
m mul i1! of nee 21 t 2 1,
rOa 1000
Win Ikvu t l to C 1 l.alourettu
8i.pt 11, '07 W I) lot 8 tilkO 8nn
ot City nml e' ol e'4 of l4
28 1 3 a. r 3 a K00
John II KplertoAL Nickermin,
Oct 2, '07 V I) itrip of liiml in
c 15 t 3 i, r 1 w 60
I) M Flandors to Ninuli Jmknon,
Oct 8, 07 W 1) 7.50 avri In ice
6,'l, 31.32 12 mi.l3n.rfte Iihk)
TUUST CO. are the owners of tlia copy
rf tclit to the Tliorna lymein of ahtruct
indexed, for CUckuuius county, in. I have
the only complete ct of ahtracta in the
county, can furnlh Information an to
title to land at once, on application.
Loan, Invent inuutH.roal ent(c, abstract
to. Olllce over llmik of Orrifon City.
Call and invettlgiite. Ail.lrem box 377, i
Orron City Ori'irm.
Matter In I'robutit.
I". K. JulniHon, fxeciitor of the eat ate '
of John An.lreMcii, cloccaHctl, untluri.e.l
to Hell peiHoiml proortv to nntifv all
clalum HtCttiiiHt tlieextatei.
Final report of J. T. Oi ake, Riliiiinid
trator of the etitulo of Klizuheth I'riike,
1bciuiio., rocoiveil an. I it win ur.li-re.l
that ailuiiniHtr4tor he (liH.liHrKe.l an
fliHin hh voueliem nhowinjj the amount
of f llH.05 receivwl from entulo wan lin-,
tributud e.iiiilly tt'iionrf tlio six lieirH, W. !
II. Drake, S T. Druko. C. W. Drake,
Mra. Kimiia Dntku, Mra. KIU Lungley
and i:il.i Drake. '
Final reiMirt ol Jennie Cox, ailniliiiH
tratoroftho uHlute ol Joshua LyonN, i
doceiueil, apiiroyud ami ailmiiiiMtrKtor t
iliachartted. ;
S. K. Scripture haa htion appointed
administrator of fundi arriHiiiK from the i
sale o( thoeatiite of Kacliol K. Scrifiture, I
tleceuHud, vic John M. Hreck, reMini.od.
HuckliMi'N Arnica Xalve,
The beet salve in the world for Cuts.
KruiHeH, Korea, Ulcern, (Salt Klieuni,
Fever Korea, Tetter, Chapped hands,
Chilblains, CornH, and all Skin Erup
tion., and poeitlvuly uurea I'ilui or no
pay required. It Is guaranteed to give
perfect But faction or money rufunded.
For Hale by Chaimun & Co., Channiin
Bros. Block.
Wanted .
To rent an ornnn suitable for family
uho. AddreMH "U" care OininbN City
Thiinina K. Tnylor' Thrilling Narrallv iif
lit t'rult il dm Nuturloii llamlira
No, I llmlKliift- llm I'rilrral H'rilil.
lu autl Out ot Wllnilnglon.
W1NO to the fu
orublo ulilp
ctiiiiinelH ut the
inoutli of Cupn
Fear river, tlin
eiitruiicn to the
port of WilmiiiH-
Ji'l; ton, N. O., that
A T ' point wan a pop-
Y?r A !lll,r 01,0 '"r
l k bl'H kiidii ronnera
iT" !' ?v iiiV'C'MffJ'lt'B nu
jt;.--t-4 i 1 I-..,!,.
with tlia wintD-
ern Confederaey.
Tlio atroiiK Fed-
rrul LlockadiiiK
fleet wim defied by duriiiK milium who
rlnkcd lifi., liberty und fortune In their
ieoulatlve venture. Mr. TlnuiiiK K.
Taylor, a principal in niiiiieroua bold
miiuKlli'K trip, telU the utory of Ida
HinkliiK It n point to occupy thin pout at
tluit )mrtli'uliir hour.
"Kinkine ruched lo the eiiniiie rnemi,
mid In 11 few n mni'iitM voluiueii of miidka
lxuii : f rrmi imf (iiiiiiI'Im nhowid Unit
we le KettiiiK up nil the meiiiu we
('(ujIiI iillinmt loo lute, ih, with the
frcxhi iiIiik hn-ie, the chiim r (wbicb wo
uflii wind found out to be the well
known Jinnm AiIk r, a bout mibneqiient
ly ci lit lo crnlfo in Kcitrch of the Alu
biiiiiu) m riipldly ovi rhimled 11 h that we
could clUUiH'lly wo the ofllccru lu uni
form un they Htood on the bridge, rach
line, iloiililli HH, coiiiiIIiiIiIh nhiiro of the
prize nullify to which be would aoou be
come entitled.
'"Thin will never do,' miid Bteele,
who, although it put u off our conme
to Niikhiiu, ordered the helm to be alu-r-eil,
no m to bring UN up to tho wiud,
We then noon bad tho nutixfuction of
eelng our enemy obliged to take in mill
after mil, and a ill. g dong race of the
riiDnt exclilng nut urn, right lu the
wiud'a eye, noinmeiiofd.
"The frcuhening bn-ewi and rinlng
aea now aeeiued to lncreuwi the oddn
aguiiiNt nur (the ainaller) bout, and no
critical did mutter become and ao cei
tain did miptiuo apin ar that I divided
between Murray Aymdey, who wa a
piwueiiger on thl trip, bteeio ana my.
(xperlencfii in umklng tluit i.rt with n j ,.,, fl0w,v,.r,.K which 1 hud on bourd,
Till I Your Opportunity.
On rocuipt of ten conta, cimh or stnninn.
gonoroiiH aiinipla will ln liiniled of the
mom, popular uiiuirrn nnu jiuy rover uure
(Ely' ('renin Halm) snflloiont to demon-
. atrate the great niorita of tlio remedy,
1 CO Wurruu Kt., Kcw York City.
Itov. John Keid, Jr., of Grout Folls,Mout.,
reoumniendnd Ely's Cronin linliu to me. I
can emphaxize Ins slntemont, "Itisaponi.
tiva cure for ratnrrh if uned asilirooted."
Kev. Frnncia W. Pnoln, ranter Contrul Pres.
Church, lluluna, Mont.
Ely's Cream Tnlm U tlio aeknonledged
cure for catarrh nml contnius no mercury
nor any injurious drug. Prioe, CO cents.
ROYALTDaklng Powder.
Highest ot all In leavening
Strength. U. 3. Government Report
notorious little slemni r culled tho ltun
sheo No. I.
"The Uiiiudiee tuny clniin to bo a
lnuduiiirk not only In the development
of Idix'kiiile, but also (if murine ardil
Uf tur," snys Mr. Taylor. "With the
exo ption of a bout built for Livingxtou
of African fume, alio wus, 1 Ulleve, the
flrNt atefl ship ever laid down. Tho new
bliH'kndn runner was a puddle bout,
built of steel, 011 extraordinarily flue
Jlnea, 214 feet long and 80 feet bcum,
and drew only 8 feet of w lit jr. Her
liuiNta were mero poles, without yard
ami with the leiist posnible ringing. In
order to uti a in greater speed iu a sea
way, she wus built with a turt e back
forward. Klin wus of 217 tons net reiis-
1... I.-.I ... i .i .,....1 . I
li n.i'i iin.i nil nil i'ii i m n pjn.i
11 Liiots, with a coul roiiHiimptinii of SO
tons a luy. Iter crew, which included 3
ngliiefrs ami lit firemen, consisted of
30 bunds, nil told.
".Sii el ship building wus tl.i n in its
infancy, mid tho Ilam-hee wus tho first
of a Meet that was soon to heroine f.i
iiiouk. Iwirly lu IHC'i I had the satisfac
tion of finding myself steaming down
the Mersey In the first steel vessel that
ever crossed the Atlantic
"To give In detail every trip of tho
IlniixhfO would Ixi wearisome. I made
eight round trip in her, each one of
which hud it peculiar excitement.
Looking buck, it seems uothiug short of
a liiirucle that sho so long escaped tho
numerous (lungers to which she wus ex
posed. In tho earliest stugesof blockade
running wo used to go well to the north
ward and mukn the const some 15 or 20
milea above Fort Fisher, thus going
round tho fleet insleud of through it.
lly tills nioims we wero the better en
abled to strike the coast unobserved,
steuining quietly down just outside the
surf, until wn urrivid closo to Fort
Fisiier, where we had to go somewhat
eawurd lu order to ovoid certaiu
houl railed tho North breaker. Al
though this generally brought ni iu
vlosa coutact with the blockadcrs, still
we knew exactly where we were as re
gards tho bar. Subsequently the north
erner stopped this muneuvcr, a we
found to our peril.
"Ono very dark night (I think it win
either on the fourth or fifth trip of tho
Iiumdicc) we uiudo tho hind about 1?
mile above Fort Fisher and went creep
iug quietly down, a usual, when all ut
onoo we uiude a rruisur out, lying on
our port bow and slowly moving aliout
S00 yard from tho shore. It was a
question of going iusidu or outside, her.
If wo went outside, sho wus certain to
seo u nud would i'Iiiiho us into tho very
jaw of the tleet. A wo had very littlo
sU iim up wo choso the former ulteruu
live, hoping to pax unobserved, und
succcKH seemed within our grusp till w'u
suw In r movo hi toward us und lit aril
her bail us us wo came on, 'Slop tliut
stuumer, or I w ill Rink you I'
"Old Steele, tho captain, growled out
that wo hadn't time to stop und shouted
down tho engine room tubo to Emkino
to pile ou tho coals, us concealment was
uo longer of any use. Our friend, which
we af terwurd found out was tho Niphou,
opened fire a fust a sho could und
sheered close into ns so closo that her
boarders were culled away twice, and a
slanging mutch went on betwoeu us,
liko that soinetimea heard between two
penny stcmubout cuptuiui ou tho
Thames. She closed tho dispute by
shooting u way our foremast, exploding
U shell iu our bonkers und, when we
begun to leuvo her asteru, by treating
as to grupo anil cuiiintcr,
"It was o miruclo that no ono was
killed, but tho crow were till lying (hit
ou tho deck, except tho steersiuun, und
at ono tin4 I fear be did tho sumo, for,
as Pilot HurrougliH suddenly cried: 'My
God, Mr. Taylor, look there I' I saw
our bout heading right into tho surf,
so, jumping from tho bridge, I run uft
and found tho helmsman on bin stom
ach. I rushed ut tho wheel und got two
or throo spokes out of it, which hnuled
her lie ml off tho luud, but it wn n close
"It wus, I think, on our sixth trip
out in the littlo liunshco, when soon
after daylight we had got sufely through
tho fleet, und I was lying on a cotton
halo uft, that Erskino, the chief engi
neer, suddenly exolnimed, 'Mr. Tuylor,
look tiHterul' I looked, and not four
miles from us I anw a lnrgo side wheel
cruiser, with squnre Bails set, coming
down on us hand over fist. This wus an
Instuuou of gross carelessness on the part
of tho lookout m n u at the muNthend (ho
turned out to be nn American whom we
hud shipped iu Nnssau on tho previous
trip and about whom both Steele and I
hud our private auspicious)! At such a
critical moment a tlm spprouch of day
light tho chief oil leers should have cho
sen a picked inun for the lockout. After
this we wero more cureful, either tho
determined that when captured we
wouldn't be pminilesa. As tho weather
grew worse we found ourselves obliged
to throw overbourd our deck curgo, in
order Vo lighten tho boat. This was
done a quickly a possible, hcurtbreuk
ing though it was to ace valuublo bales,
worth from i'60 to 00 apieco, bobbing
aliout on tho wave. To nie more spe
cially did this come home, for my little
privute venture of ten bule of sea is
land cotton had to go first, a dead loss
of i'800 or morn.
"Having got rid of our deck curgo,
wo alowly but steadily begun to gain in
tho'raco. It was an fxtruordiniiry sight
to aco our gallant littlo vessel ut times
ttlmost submerged by green seus sweep
ing her fore and aft, and tho James
A dger, a vessel of 2,000 tons, taking
header into tho huge wuves, yet nei
ther of vn for a moment slackening
speed, a course we should have thought
loudness under ordiuury cireumstunees.
Slurruy Aymdey stood with hi sextunt
taking angle und reporting now one,
now tho other, vessel gettiug the best
of it
"Suddenly a fresh danger omse from
the bearing of the engine becoming
heated, owing to the enormous straiu
put upon them. Erskiue said it was ab
solutely imperative to stop for a short
tium. Hut, by dint of loosening the
bearing and applying all the salad oil
procurable, mixed with Ronpowder, they
were graduully got into working order
again, all in the engine room having as
sisted Id the most energetio manner ut
this critical moment
"The cbuso went on for 15 weary
hours the longest hour I thiuk I ever
spent until nightfall, when wo saw
our friend, then only about Ave milea
astern, turn round and relinquish her
pursuit We heard afterward that her
token were dead beat.
"This chaso, which lusted 15 hours
and covered uoarly 200 mile, was con
sidered one of the most notable inci
dent connected with blockade running
duriug the war, and we heard a good
deul about it afterward. At tho time
we had been struck by tho fact of the
James Adger not opening fire on us
wheu so close. The explunation was that
he had no 'bow chasers' und was so
certain of capturing us eventually that
he did not thiuk it worth while to
'yaw' and Are her broadside guns, aud
as tho weather was ao bud she did not
caro to enst them loose.
"This is the last trip I mado on the
Duusheo on which anything of note oo
urred. Sho made eight rouud trips iu
all, and I then left her. She was cap
tured ou tho ninth, after another long
chaso o(7 Capo ilatteriiH, her captain and
crew being taken to Fort Lafuyette,
where they wero detained for about
eight mouths us prisouers in a casemate,
biidly fed and clothed and of course
overcrowded. Steele spent come week
Legal Notice.
In Ludlow Street jail. When he was re
leased, ho found, to his delight, that
another bout had been built expressly
for him, which wus ohriNtencd ttuuNheo
No. 2."
Some iden of the vnst profits neeruing
from the blockade running ut this time,
ran bo gathered from tho fact that, not
withstanding the totul Iocs of tho Ban
shee by capture, she earned sufllcieut
on tho eight successful rouud trip
whioh she made to pny her sharehold
ers 700 per cent ou their investment.
I lor captors turned her into n gun
boat Gkouok L. Kilmeu.
chief ofllcerorl myself, wlii
u ou bourd,
To CliniiRe tlia Climate.
A Boston mail snys he can chunge the
climate, of New England nud the mari
time provinces of Canada by building a
dam across the strait of Belle Isle,
blocking it and diverting tho northern
currents. Tho dam would huve to be 10
miles long and about 300 feet high and
strong euongh to resist the ocean. He
thinks this could bo done for $0,000,000
und thut it would give the territory
named a climate much like that of
southern Now York and Now Jersey.
'I In (Ion.
Id Hi County Court of Hie hints of Oregon, for
t'.aCuuuiy of Ijlut'iiiiiiiu.
In the ihntu-r hi ttie tat off Citation to hvlrs
Htrnli June Svxt, U.O.'nO.( and duvimi,
To Mr. Ik 1W HiioImM, ).n. Mmrf Ull, Mrs.
Iiell i.jiikiri, Mr. riftuM 'rtl, niiuniiMi
H'.'.ll, K.uiursu.l K ouh Hcoti' Ann ii.iss.
K1U uyeri, Amiiuiiho i Hco.l, Jtojr Hmiu, muii
to all otlmri uiimiiowu. '
sou, jrou "! rnicli ol jrou r liuieliy clto.l u
b mul mii.esr m Hi Couutr Court
of tut HI..U ul Oiokoii, for ti.e Conuir
of Clcliiii.n, i.t b court room
lliureol, at lue court huull lu anlil coiltiljr of
l lekiinl, on M.iiiilar, ill otll dajr of llare.o-
oer, A. U, InVi, al I o ilx X, o. In . ol tlitl am,
Omii si.d liiara allow call J, It anr ru bar,
way an onlerol a.iid C.ii.t. allowuix mil lioma-
In Ilia alu of tlia of Wi ol nwJ-4 ol acalloll
III, towiiiulii 6aoutii, mux I east ol lh Wiilaiii
iu meridian, iu CUoa.nu rouutr, Mute of
Or.,u, tiiouf.l uot lie made aocoroing to ilio
pat. lion ou tile lor llial i n r uaaj.
rY ituaaa, Ola lino . (i. B. 1 1 area, Jul of the
(,'ou.ilr Court oi Hie nute ol Or.K iii. lor tlia
Couiitir of Vmckaiuai, Una lmh (lay ol Octo
ber, 1W7. AiU-l:
Kl.MKK DIXON, County Clerk.
by K. H. CiHirs, beputr.
If. K. Csomi, AtWruuy foreaut.
lu-u, ll-lv
Statu ul Oicgon, Couutyol Ciscaauia.
I. W. Norrti, plalutin",
B. E. Woribam, dalen laut. J
Tub. E. Woralisni, Ilia a.Kiv namel defend
ant, lu tua name ol Hi HiaUiof (iregou, you
are Hereby rei.ra to a.iM-ar bilorv lue uuilt-r-:gojl,a
Juit.ce ol tl.e tetun, for the uiatr.oi
siurvaald.o i ttia Mtb day of Dui'eiiibcr, IW, at
10 o'clock In toe loreuoon ol said day, at tue ol
llce of aM Ju.tic, in uch uiatitit. Ui autwer
ilia above uau.e.l t. .. I m. IT III civ. I acilou. lb
ili.fju .ant will take uotlce, tbat II lie ami l to
ao wertnv BJlaiiit ueram, the plamtifT will
take Ju iginauiaaa nit unn for th urn ol .W(w
w.iu lul..l tder, kii f.om Ih) Uii day of De
ouiuier, lMUi.aUU for Ilia Coala auj d aburae
menu hrel i.
Uivu under my band this Mil dar of Oct
Ler, l'J. U. BcHl'KHSL,
U,l-l Juallua o.l iba fac.
police to CmlUom.
of Uranoii, for Claikaiuu county.
I i the matter of ibeiia eofj
N. O. Wa.d a, dvcvas.'d. i
NoI.cj it hereby givm by the ii'idrralirned,
exoctilora of lue a-laia of N. O, Wa.deu, u
card, to tue cieiltiora of. and H p.rou har
liiar cla.ina aitaiuat iba aa!4 decraaeJ, :o exhibit
lliein, w.Hi ilia ucccta irr vouchers within six
month! Inun Lie da.e of tue fl at puoucailon of
ml. uotic, ui aaid executorial I . ollloe of
their aiiorueya. He met Jt Orillllb, Barclay
build. UK, On.-a.uu C .y.oreK'.O
Exceubira of tbe eauie of N. O. Wa dau,
HsboRa A Ua.rriTH, s'.ty for executor.
lo-A U la
,ollce of ApMlMtmeul.
uuder-Uuevi naa btxu, iy orar of me
l ouuly C url of Clan.amti Cojuiy, Ore-son,
duty ;.iolnied tXto .ur ol .nu eitatjol lieor
Wuiau, uucvaaed. all peiaoua OaV.ug cluuua
xaiiialaald natal are uoliuvd tiprcajiit then
tome, iironerly vuriflad, i tlx oiua of li. .
Croaa, auoruey-at'laa, Oregou City. Or.nou,
wublu aix uiotii irom ma date ol tb.i uotlce.
Executor of tie etl ue of Oeorge VVa.aO.
H. E. Caoaa, attorney (or estate,
Kxecutor'a Notice.
Notice la hereby siren that tbe uuderilgned
haa baeu ai.uteJ by the County euuit of
Clsvaamas ouuiy, Oregou, exeeutor of the laat
will and teiumeut of Hubert U aty. dmcae-i.
All peiaoui navuig claimi aaiul theetute f
aid Kooen Hair, ueceajua. are nereuy uounea
to ineaeut tba aame duly rurtfled 'or utyuieut
to ine uudara.guvd or at the ofllOj of Hrowuell 4
catn.b.l, Orrgon C.ty, Or.g i.., wi bin aix
moutoa from tue ual) ol turn uotlce.
Dated uru.tor 1. IMI7.
Brownell A Campbell, Executor.
Att ya for Executor.
uud.rlxuvj uaa been appointed, by tue
lAiunty court of Clackamas Couuty, Oregou,
aduiiiiKtrat.ir oi the aatateoi Ueorge Gercovicu,
aeovaaed. All peraona having c.aiini egauiat
tbe eaute of laid George Ueruoricb,
uei-eaaao, aie heruby not bed to
preaout the tanie, amy rerinea,
iur payment ti the undertlguea, wlloin eix
moi.tua irom lula d .la to uuu iu Or.K.iu Ctt.
Urtgou, or ai lue oihoe ul HiowU jiI 4 Campbell,
Oreuon Cilv, CUckauiaa couutr, Onveu.
Dated tuli 2nd day of uvulllOer, uni.
Nil U(.L TORkY,
Browue.l X C mpbell, Attj'x li-o, 1.-3
olleAuna lel.rao. S.aitura. ClM.'kninaa
eouuty, Ore., baa left luy bed aud board with
out iu cauau, and I will uot bj rjaoouaiblj lor
uy uuou couiraciuii b- uer.
Dated Otlober J, 1W.
AfucsT Meters.
."Notice for l'ublloallou.
Laud olllue at Ore-sou City. Ore., Ocu 15, V7,
Notice i hereby giVeu thai the fol.owiug-
n.t.i.oo oilier ln.i uloa uotlce of h.a iuu-ultou
to make in.ul prtmf l.i nu. poll e. hmcla m, aud
t..nl a.il.l T..ol will be made ueforo the Keglstor
iiudKeteive. at U.egou City, U e., ou U.o m-
bJi atb, Isy7, via:
H. E. 9153 for lue N ! ot Soo. 14, T. & 8, R 3 E,
Ho u.ilu.( the following wl.Ueiuus to prove
biaoo.iiiutiotiar atduce upou aud culuvallou
of sa.d laud, vtx:
rraua baeT, Fr.mk Kobluaoii, Ambroae
I'luKU, Cliartea Huvb.tid,ali of Co. ton, Ore.
10-41, U-3 KOliKttl' A. lllLLdvlt, Hug.atcr.
Iofic tor lMiblloitlou.
Laud OlUca at Oregou City, Ore., October 27lb,
Notice ia herjby gtveu that the following
uamea aett.er naa fl ed uotiue oi her mieuliou
to mnke Html prool lu aU..ort of her claim, and
tnni anlo prool will be made belore tbe ttegtxle-r
and Kcoelvur aturugou City, Ore.,ouDaeeuiber
Ulll, 18V7, vlx:
II. E. 10312, tor the 8 E X of N K X and lota 1
auu 2 ot Soo, 4 Tp3 8. Ul K, auds Wol S E
J.4 of eko. A T 2 6, K 7 E.
sue unmea tile lollow.ug wltueoua to prove
her Ooiuluuoua reaidoucu upou aud cu.tlvatluu
ut autd laud, vis:
.Mury E.O. Murphy, WlUlMin Rose sky, Fred
Qerke, John Muimyre, all ot natuiou, Urj.
1U-JU, 12-8 CiiAa. B. MOOttKS, Roaiator.
Police lor I'liblicutlon.
Land olllod at Oregon City, Ore., Ot.'tobur 27, 1S97
Mltloe la huruoy given tint luo fottowiug
ni.m.U ae.tlur b.ta tiKd u .Hoe ol bur intent. ..n
tu nntke iiuai prooi lu Ul.port of hur u.aliu, aud
i..tatd prool will oo un.ue bctore the lluKiater
ami Kecelver at Oregon L'uy,Oro.,ou Deoember
lllu, latfi, vu:
MAUY E. G. MOlll'lIY;
H. E. 10311 lor tue lot. 3 and 4 of oec. 4. Tp. 3 S,
It 7 K, and S i, ol W 'i oi Sx. 33, I'p 2 S, H 7 E.
Hue u..ino lue foilowiug wuuus.ea to prove
Iur coiuiuuuut. roatdeuco upou aud cuU.vut.on
of shHI luud, via:
Lucy C. Carter, John Mclutyre, William
Roaelaky, i-rcd Uutke. all oi Salmon, Ore.
10-:8, CUAS. li. MOOUES, Register.
The Marketing Pointx
The factory towns of the East are noted
for affording the best market to the neigh
boring farmers and gardeners in proportion
to the population of any of the towns in
that section. The reason for this is that
the people of these towns have a fixed in
come upon which they can always depend,
and, as a consequence, they are liberal buy
ers, paying cash for all their purchases.
As the Great Manufacturing Center
of the Pacific Coast
TVotlce lor lMibllcutlon,
Land oitlue at Oret;ori City, Ore., Oot 26, 1897.
Notice ia hereby elveu that tne follow I un
named aettler ua flied uulico of her Intention
tu make hual nroot tu utippnrt of her claim, and
thut "aid prool will be lnnda bolore the Uagmter
aud He.'eivur ut Oregou City, Ore., ou Deceiub jr
4tb, lt97, v.i:
II. E. No. 93U3 for the S W ol 8 E , BE Uof
8 W ' auo lot 7 ol Sjc. li, T. 2 8, K li K.
she llitm.ia the (ollowii.g wttuesaua lo prove her
coul. uuoiu KBiduuue upou aud cultivation of
aid laud, Vii:
Lyuiau Merrick, tU'chael Kolly, Adolph
Aicliolt', Eruekt AachotT, all of Mnrm t, Oregou.
1U-29, 12-3 ell A 3. B. MOOltE j, Ueglater.
Is Coming to be One of the
Best Marketing Towns in the State
This is proven every day by the number
ot farmers, who are to be seen on its streets
selling their produce, who, until just the
last few years, sought the markets of other
towns. The system of macadamized roads
that is being built into all parts of Clack
amas county, will enable all the people of
this county to 6hare in the profitable mar
ket that Oregon City affords. If, as it is
sure to do, the demands of Oregon City in
crease in the next five years as it has in the
past five years, this city will rank next to
Portland as a market place for
of the Farmer
Weekly Il(TEI OCEArf.
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tbe people west of the Alleiruoy Mountains man any otber paper.
$1.00 PRICE ONE jo LI-A f PFR. YEAR $1.00:
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Name '
Date State