Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, November 05, 1897, Image 5

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; Oregon City Enterprise.
I ("allliiinU I'.xiiriihH (lirini(li)
ttuaulmrg l.ul (way stallima)
a Ml ft, m.
' h.iw p. in,
Hnn'liiiru t,ii( (wnjr Mlnlloim)
tJallluriils Kr(ta (llitniigli)
: Ui. Ill
H OtJTIIKH fACiriU HAll.lKUf).
Mnlt Ploafx KOU'if Ninth, K "0 n m.
! Mallfllnatia K'llHK Huillll, Mia. III mill l p III.
Ma I illmilmo'1 I". ill Nortli 7 Ml i lib, III lit .in.
Mall iliaiiltMilid from biniih V In u rn , B:'. m.
Mull ! for I'nrtlMitl ml (liiirlhullug
IHilnta, U ..(mil, Mini 4 40 i. III.
M.iilnlii'V) lur MiUmikiHj only, S 15 m..
i ' M.ul!!rilvMriciin P-nllttiid, IIW a. in. i4
' 4 IS. in,
Oremiii City to Kly, t'arua, Mullno. I.llmral ami
MiilalU luavea at li m. mill nrrlvita at li m.
"'iIh..!! rn in IlKHvitr Crook. Mink. ('lurk.
Meadow llriKik.liiloii Mllla, mid tiilt'in.li'avea
It B i in, Monday, WaiWiwiay itii'i ri.uay,
ml roluiiiatm liill'iwlim ilayaat 4H5li. m
lri'K'' tuty In VliM. Ijiiihii mil KnllmiiJ
l,.Mv,.a iirrumi i:ilv Monday. Wfdnnailny mi 'I
Krlilnyat 1.UU i. ui., leaving VloU m daya
l7;lJ, in. ,
llr.'Koii City In Wlllameltn, UtatT.rl mill
Wi...iivi;, arrlvuaiil lii.HOa. hi. and u0i ui
ll mi . tn, iluy.
l. II. Till llullVUiy W lltltoMT II lipi'll on Mimuy
(ruin Hi in II. in. Ail l'in T- ,imi i "i ml " Om
l"imiti "iir l iiiiiniily u i on Hun lay,
M "11 Hll.B' it I) ".
An hiuii'tii iinitl Hint la ilutarwt mi l d ill l"
mrivoiir it hii . in., n. r. ir.lu wilt o m on U
O ii'i k or 4 Ifxwlrie car.
(ma lkavi
varKloion amnua aii.ua ana rl.u
tit a, in,
n aft , m.
7 lai
nil "
I :(X p. lit.
1 1 . IO
li iu
I II) p. in. : "
4 ,0 ft r.4 '
ft 40 :' '
a III 7 ' "
7.U - V 6 '
;lu M
Hiiiiilny oira li-rooy liour iiinll t'eUv,
, in. In iftucl on and i.l"i Janu r ft, Heal.
t:, A. hU.l.Ku. m it.
I'l.K AMiMi I.ki rriiK Mm I Mini Kul
Iclicr Kiie her t'liunnliiKly ilhuWatcd
lecture on "SuMcTropIc Clifuriiin" at
lIlB t,tMit ill il i -1 1 Mulnluy CVi'lilliK
i muliT tliw mi"ilrf ii( tin yiiiinu n'(i'lf'ii
mM'loty tn u kihhI nuilii'iii'0. Tim inrt
f wn inmlii (rum OreulM Citv ill unti
' (lie Kr):iotily iiiliolturvi l'iilliiiti ihti
ol the Southern I'hciIic i-uinpuny, Ilia
lecturer tulkinu eiilerlainli'Kly of tlie
i;rel lit to (if OrcK'in, itN nittti'liltm
I nwiH'ry, lltnlili'K n-Hoiirri' etc., until
' Anlilmiil, tint liietriii)li of Suiillicrn
' (iregiin wan ri'iiclnnl, wlmn Hit rcul mult
on llie journey wh inmlo. Tlie viewi
iriteiiU.'J kIoiik tliu roiiie b'oimlit out
tlio irtiloiiilnnlinu feuturtt of llio (iolilen
BlttUt, Hit clmrm of tlio Journey Muir
nnt in tlio cliulo) BtvH")ilicii va'wo
uliuwii mono lint in the eloquent and
Xrplii! (l('riUi(in of tint view prCKUii
twl lijr tliti liH'tumr t well. lti'Klnnlnu
wlllt lite Imun treat tu on tliu 111111111111 ol
tlia HlNkiyou inuuiiluinn, tliu view of
Huii-tu mitl llie trip to it nnowy nuimnil,
ChoI Id Cmu, will) it mililiinu view of
mountain torrent, canyon mill plane,
followed in quick mit'i'CMHion with
net-nun bIuiik tlio mulu until t-an
Fmnciiico wan leaclied, wlipn tliu vit'M
of the now tiuildiiiK", (iolilen (iato park,
the C'lil) lionau and Sutro liatli er
wore well worth tlio price of a ticket if
liolliliiK I'Ibo weru fcen. Tht-n followed
a trip to the vurioiiH lenoritt for which
t'lililorni iH no JiiKtly finned, it ml Ml
Ilnutillon, the "Itiit Trt-u" country hiiiI
Yiih iiiito valley. The view of Cntitlinu,
un inland of lite l'acil!c, wan particularly
fine, rivaleil only hy oftliat Indlo, 11 palm
ilcm rl, now 11 jjieitt rt'Hort lor conxiiinp
tive. Since M in Kelleher wa here o
'iiiniiy people huve cxpreKfcd n deire tu
hear the lecluie mid ore the nuiK'nilUent
Keened prcHeiiled, which are only ex
el led hy uiitkliiK the ucluitl joiirnev, that
rlie tuny he induced to repent it.
In Otiikb Links. Kiank E. Donuld
ron, who hu heeti ruHhierof the Com
mercial bunk of thin city cince its orniuir
latioli elKlit ye ir a no, liai found it lll'C
CHHary on account of health and the clone
foiillnenielit of that pmplnymeiit, to
tuuke A change lo a Iiumiicb that will
retpiire more outdoor exercise, and Iiiib
arran'd to devote Ida attention princl
j)iy to ItiHiiriince. J je already has I ho
Icfldiritf uuncy In (jliekuuia county
has aecured one of the principal agenciea
n Torthind. He will colitlnlio to rtmttln
In Oregon City and look after the Insur
ance hiiHineaa here with ulllco at Com
mercial trnnk bk heretofore, Npendinu
only a portion of his time in Portland,
where be luia necured an olllce on the
Uround floor In the McKay building at
No. 252 Kintk street, with Mr. J.W.
CanilNdl who repreaents the Standard
Accident lnHurance Company, and who
Will attend to the fire iiiHUrance buainoaa
there in Mr. DonahlHonV aliHence. Fred
J. Meyer, who baa been connected with
"the bank for over two yeara and proyen
hinmclf to be a thoroughly relmblo and
competent accountant, will tuVo Mr. Don
aldnon'8 place when thai gentleman
ia absent. The elevation of Mr.
Meyer ia but a Just recognition of
the fultbfulneHB of hie aervice during the
the time be has labored us UHHintant.
: Jones, one of the beat known lawyers ot
Portia ud, has opened up an oflice in a
aulte ol rooms In Willamette block over
Geo. A. fhirdiim's drug store. Mr.
Jonea owns a 140-acre tract of land on
the W'eat Bide, overlooking the falls and
adjoining'Sunsot addition. He baa just
completed a IiiiikIhoiiiii realdence on hi
properly and derive hi witter mipply
from a Iiiito Hpiliitf thitthiiHa i.apnclly
MUlllclent ti fiirnlHh punt, clean witter
for a town of DODO or OllOII people, Mr.
June expect to divide hi land info
mil 11 1 1 Iriicla suitable for auhiii bnii rNi
deuce and place it upon the market in
the hpriiiK- The West Hide I di-Htilieil
lo becoine one of the moat popular place
of Hiihiirlmii rcHiilenci! In be foiiml any
whiire, poHCKnliiK aa it due all the rcqui
alleNof aluhlty location, and an abundance
of pure mr and water, within eny ac ena
of either Portland or OreK'm City.
Wlien the Wet Wile trolley line Is ex
tended into Portland, a it will be in
the not diritant future, the trip to the
metropoll will ho made in 40 minute,
mitkluv tbla portion of 0111 beautiful city
more (IchIniIjIh for reidence pnrpoMe
than any of the many addition to Port
land proper and quite, a eay of acceaa.
Tint City Elkition, Altlrxigli the
city election la lens than one month off
the mutter Iu proyoked but little ilia
('IIhhIoii. Hut notwithxUndlliK the till
milled aiqiearance of the surface a ureat
ileal of quiet atill hunting ia K"''ig en .
The greateat dilllcullty la expi-rcnced In
getting a candicalo for mayor upon
whom the varied Inlereat can unite.
Among the iiiohI piomiuently mentioned
for thi poKltion am Hudolpli Kia-rner,
( ha. l.atoiiretUt. J. J. Cooke, J 17
A. H. Dresser, and Max
While Mayor Caullehl ha
made no formal aniiounceiiient of hia
candidacy hia (ilenda expect to ttive him
a Micond termJaN a complimeiit for the
clean, ablu adminitration of city affairs
tint patt year. City Treaaurer HtraiKht
will be a candidate for re-election and so
fur no one else ha been spoken of for
the Kwition. For coiiucilmen tu succeed
Mt-Hur. Koerner and Itlttner in the First
ward no one ia oken of but iieuj. Jag
gitr other (ban the present incumbent aw
camliiliite. In the hecoml wan lenwra.
(ititilt and Caple' term expire and no
one ha been definitely Hkeii of to suc
ceed them. Mr. (limit l a becoine a res
ident of (ilailhtonit and consequently out
the race, while Mr, Caple la in Wash-
iiiiiton county and will probably not )
a C4iid!diite. Taken altottetber the com
ing clly election w 111 be a very tame af
fair. IIai.kiwkkm pHANka The observance
of Halloween has long since lost it re
ligion significance so far a the general
run of humanity goes and has come to
be regarded by many a a aeason of li
cense for pbtving jokes and praiik,many
of which are Hisiliye violations of law
and outside the pule of common decency.
If newspaper would cease to mlvertisu
this annual nuisance to many people in
every vouiinunity, It wouhl go a lung way
toward the fnrgetfulness of the day.
Falling a it did on Sunday eve this year
11 was I he occasion of a double "celebra
tion." In many places gstea were torn
oir. causing their ow ners no little anxletv
and trouble to get them back. In Soino
instance theso young hoodlum wore
maska on their face so their identity
would not lm known. Were a few of
these youthful law breakers arrested and
lined or imprisoned, as they would he
just aa sum a caught it would have
a w holesome effect 011 further depreda
tion of this kind.
On a Hkpakatk Ciact'ir. The Oregon
Telephone and Telegraph Company of
Portland, la engaged in making some ex
tensive and permanent improvements to
their lines in Oregon and have put in a
new metallic circuit for this city. Here
tofore Oregon Ciiy baa been connected
with Portland only by the main trunk
line that afforded meant) of communica
tion (or all valley towns w ith the metrop
olis and it was not un unusual thing for
an Oregon City nierchiint with an imnor
taut message to have to wait a half hour
for I he line tu get. clear. The company
ia also running four coptier wires south,
two lo connect with f-uleni and two on
to Eugene (0 connect with the line fiom
San Franciaco which ia being built from
that city south. An idea of tlio amount
of conper wire required to make these
improvements ran bo gained by the fact
that it takes one coil or 10i) pounds of
wiro to cover a mile, requiring about
5,-00 pounds of copper wire to complete
the circuit between this city and the me
At inn TiiHKsiioi.1). Charles Albright,
sr., an old and highly recpected pioneer
resident of Oregon Oily is lying vory low
at his residence at Clackamas Heights,
where he la recuivinS evtry attention
that his family ein suggest or medical
skill devise. It has been almost a week
Bince he bus been able to take any
nourishment and bis death is hourly
expected. Mr. Albright is in his 8Sth
yuar, having celebrated his 87th birth
day only a few days ago. He came to
Oregon in 1852, locating in Portland,
being one of the drat men to engage in
the butcher business in that city. In
the early 00' he moved to Oregon City
and continued the business here until
compelled to retire on account of ill
health, when be was succeeded by hia
son Charles Albright, jr., who has con
ducted the business since. Mr. Albright
la held iu high esteem throughout the
county, while his name is a synonym
for honesty and uprightness of character.
And Tuknips Too. When it comes to
raising turnips, or anything else in the
vegetable or grain line, or to rolling up a
good republican majority on election
day, commend us to Englo Creek pre-
clnct, In verification of this J. P.
VVniidln brought to Ihl olllce the other
day from hia farm in that vlciniiy a tnr
nip of the "Htr,ii Leal" vo'iely that
weighed 10? poundaand measured two
feet and four inches iu circum'creiice
ft was of fine llavorand ulid all the way
through, Mr. Woodlo did not search
for the blygi-Ht turnip in hia p itch but
brought along one of avmage aizit to
show what Eagle Creek can do in the
turnip line.
Ham.owk.kn I'AitTY Last Monday
evening a delightful Halloween party
was given at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. J (). Pilshiiry, In honor of Mist
llu.el I'llsbiiry, to a numtior of Oregon
City's charmiiig toung mises Under the
palrouavu of Mr. C. U. Huntley and
Mia Vara Pilsbury, Mirth and jollity
reigned supreme In the enjoyment of
games appropriate to the occasion, such
aa lifting floating apples out of a tub of
waler by the teeth alone, trying to bite
an apple laaleueil on a lurk wlttt a
candle at the oilier end of the fork, which
was suspended from the ceiling by a
string, etc. Light refreshment were
p.trtaken at the prrqatr hour. Among
those present were: Mrs. C. O. Huntley,
Ml" Vara Pilapury, Mis La Viva
Wrlalit, of Portland, Misses Pilabury,
Laura Pope, Ethel Caullehl, Ethel
Albright, Eliim Alhright, Veya Hill,
lino Harding, Marie Pratt, Alice ICWth-
i ...'.... . . ... 1 ,
I wttllH 'reai nricaier.
Koai) Woiik , Contractors Smyth &
Howard began work on the Willamette
Fulls road with a force of 20 men Mon
day morning cleaning, blasting and
grading preparatory to putting on crushed
rock. These contractors are also busily
engaged in grading and planking Will
amette avenue in Portland for a distance
of two miles and in putting 5,000 yards
ol crushed rock on Twenty-second street,
Portland, both of w hich contracts are
well under way. They are rushing the
work on several other smaller contracts
fur roud work in the tnctroimlis.
Mi-sk; tiik I'l lil.lO Schools. To
encourage the study of music bv the
children attending the city schools the
In in rd haa given the use of a room in
both the liarclayand Easthatn buildings
to Mrs. J. if. Strii kler, who will give
instruction in vocal music, lo such of
the scholar aa desire to take les
sons. The tuition will be f 1 per term of
three months, to be pui I by the pupils.
TIih class in the Hurt-lay building will
meet un Wednesday afternoon at 3:30
o'clock, and the Easthsni class at the
came hour on Thursday afternoon of
each week.
Class Pahtv. George T. Howard
entertained the members of his Sunday
school class to the niimlier of 20 t bis
Gladstone borne Wednesday evening
After enjoying games of various kinds
for awhile Airs. Howard furnished re
freshments that put the finishing touches
to the evening's pleasure and the boys
returned home greatly pleased with their
Stats ok Ohio, Citv ok Toledo. fcs.
Ll-CAS Cot'NTV. )
Frank J. Cheney makes an oath that
he is the senior partner of the firm of F.
J. Cheney A Co., doing business in the
City of Toledo, County and State afore
suid, and that said firm will pay the sum
and every case of Catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrah
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, this 0th day of December,
A. D. ISilti.
(. A. W. (iLEASON,
j skai. I Notary-Public.
Hull's Cutarrnh Cure Is taken inter
nally end acta directly on the blood and
mucous surlaces of the system. Send
for testimonials, free.
F.J CI1 EN E Y , & CO. , Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Stray Horse.
Strayed from Willamette Falls about
August 1st, a gray mare, six years ohl,
weight 1300 pounds height Ki.'s hands,
collar mark on back of neck, one hip
slightly lower than the other, a little
BtiH in the shoulders. A liberal reward
for information lending to tlio recovery
of the aidmal,
J. A. Mokhskk.
tteaver Creek, Or.
Notice To Tt'iicliurs.
All teacher receiving the EstsKiMtisn
for school work will please notify this of
fice at the close of their term so that the
the patwr may be discontinued. (Do
not 8b ml notice until week of closing.)
Oukoon City Enterprise.
Undertaker and Eiuhiiliiier,
H. L. Ilolmnn undertaker and em
bulmer. Graduate of Embalming col
lege. Full stock of caskets and coffins
at prices to suit. Undertaking parlor in
Weiuhard's building on Main Btreet.
Don k With A Knikk. Those fine,
juicy steaks and prime roasta to be ob
tained at Albright's meat market are all
done with a kinfe in the band of an
expert cutter.
Send the Entkhpribk to your friend in
the Eafct and thus give him an idea of
what is going on in Clackamas county,
It may induce him to locate with us.
" gentlemen or ladies to travel lor re
sponsible establslted house In Oregon.
Monthly $06.00 and expense. Position steady
Utterance. Emlose sell-addressed stamped
envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept.
Y Chicago.
7T7I ,.,
o3 257c
Sunday Services.
Kev. I . W. II 11 I r, I'aator. Hervlraa at VIM i. u.
nil 7:80 r. M. Sunday School titer mornlux
i-rvlce. Player mcelliJK I i.uiaday evening nt
7 HOo.cliK-k. 1'rnyer meeting of Yiiiii feople'l
Hu:lly ol Clirlitlmi Kndeovor every Sunday
evening at 8. 40 prompt.
Kt'ori.t'aator MornliiK Service at l".J. Htmilay
School t 1 1 : t ; JiveiilliK Service T M); Ki-KUIsr
prayer meeting inuiailay evening. Monthly
Covenant Meeting every Wednesday evening
preceding the first Huuday Iu the moulu. A
eoMtal Invitation to all.
IIiu.shhasii, Paa-.or. On Sunday ina at and
10 HO a. M. Kvery aenond and fourth Sunday
German sermon after the a o'clock Diaat
At all other insane! English aermona. Sunday
School at 2 'Ml r. a. Veapera, apologetlcu
ulileci and benediction at 7.H0 r. a.
I. U Jo e-, Paator. Morning aervice at 10:45;
Sunday School at 10:00. Clnaa meeting alter
morning aervice. Kveulng aervice at 7:80.
Kpworth League, meeting Huielay evening at
S ito; Prayer Meeting Thuraday evening at 7:80.
trangera cordially Invited.
J. .Montgomery, Pastor. Service a at 11 A.M. and
7:80 r. at. Halihath Hchwil at 10 a. M. Young
People's Society of Chrlatlau Endeavor meett
every Sunday evening at 6:80. Ihutaday
evening prayer meeting at 7:80. Seat free.
Eric :. Paator: J. K. Eiikkt A-si-Unl.
Preaching services every Sunday at It A. M.
and 7::0 P. M. Sabbath school every Sunday at
10 A.M., Mr. Ziminariiimi Supk Prayer Meeting
every 1 huraday evenlug
greifationsl cliurcli. Kev. K. hack, pastor,
hemeea every Hunday at 11 A. M. Sunday
school at 10 A. M.
I). WilliHitis, I). II.. ininisler 111 charge.
Hin. day Meliool at 10 a. 111., service at 11 a.
in. ami 7 ..'to p.m. Kriiluva at ":.'! p.m. even
iiiK praver service w itli an addre-s. Beats
free. A cordial invitation to all the ser
An Unparalleled Offer.
Demoreat's Cut Paoer Patterns are the
most practical on tho market. They are
of any size that any member of a
hou-K'iiold could require. In each copy
of 1 bo Magazine is printed a coupon en
tilling the subscriber, or purchaser, to a
pnttern (worth and regularly sold for 3oc),
or any number of patterns for four cents
each to cover package and postage.
When the value of tne patterns ia con
sidered the subscriber actually gets
And what a Magazine it is I For 1897 it
will be more brilliant than ever before
New management, new- methods, new
ideas. Each copy contains an exquisite
reproduction in colors of some celebrated
picture by a famotiB artist, worthy to
adorn the walls of the most refined home.
It is affirmed that Ilemorest's is the only
complete Family Magazine published
combining all of the most excellent points
of its contempories, besides having in
imitable features of itsown. Demoreat's
is actually a dozen Magazines in one.
It h a Diirest of Current Events and
Ideas for the busy man or woman, a
Review and a Storehouse of Interest for
all. Wives, mothers, sisters and daugh
ters can fin J exact',)' w hat they need to
amuse and instruct them, also practical
helps in every department of domestic
and social life, including the furnishing
and ornamenting of the home, embroid
ery, bric-a-brac, artistic and fancy work
of all kinds, etc., etc., and suggestions
and advice regarding the well-being and
dressing of their own persona.
The scope of the articles for 1 800 and
18!)7 will cover the whole country and its
varied interests, and the articles will be
profusely illustrated with the finest en
gravings, and in addition, it will publish
the best and purest fiction. It treats at
length Out-of-Door Sports, !Iotr Amuse
ments and Entertainments ; It ulves a
great deal of attention to the Children's
Department, and "Our Girls," and has
a Monthly Symposium by Celebrated
People, in which are discussed import
ant questions of the hour of interest to
the older readers.
Let us have your subscription at once.
You get more value for your money than
it is possible to secure in any other
The Magazine one year for $2.00
Or six months for - L00
(Over 250 different garments are shown
each year, patterns of all of which are
obtainable by subscribers at 4c each.)
Sample copy (with pattern coupon) sent
for 10c
110 Fifth Avenue, New York.
d Clarence Porter. Geo. C. Iinner.
j Horseshoeing a Specialty.
Any design of an iron or steel
shoe fitted up. All kinds of
repairing at reasonable rates.
Shop opposite Pope's hardware store, f
A Oregon City, Ore,
fifgin end dJaI(fiam
I he LOW rrices which we eHtabliHhcd are still O
in force. If you really wiHh to buy a bargain
jii nuiuuuB nee u uuiure uur prcaeni biock is gold.
Crayon and
Water Color
The only first-class photo gallery in the city.
W. I. STALEY, Principal, Salem, Oregon.
We have told you that a business educafion pays. Businessmen will tell you
so. Our gradtiatea will tell you the same. Certainly no stronger evidence is
wanted. This school is
Thorough, Practical, Progressive and Popular.
It is the leader in business practice methods,
through the mails by the intercommunication system,
will tell you all about the school.
our customers claim for us and
our groceries: That we offer
the best of groceries at the low
est prices. Thev have confi
dence in our goods and know
that we never misrepresent our
selves and that our stock of fine
groceries is the purest and the
most nutritious. Last, but not
least, their grocery bill saves it
self fully ' per c-nt by their
dealing with Marr & Muir
Our way of doing business is
to treat every one fair and square
and offer the very beet in our
MCarr & lYExxir-
Library of the
Best Literature.
Prepared under tho personal direction
Charles Dudley Warner.
With the assistance of HA MILT N
WRIGHT MABLE, and a large corps of
famous authors and educators.
The choicest thoughts and literary
gems of all ages and all nations.
The Library is to consist of 30 royal
octavo volumes of about 000 pages each,
printed in large, clear tvpe, 011 fine
paper, substantially and richly bound in
modern library style. The first volumes
are now ready and the others will follow
rapidly. Each volume will be lavishly
illustrated with full-page and vignette
portraits of authors.
Advance orders on special introduc
tory terms, which prevail during period
of publication only received through
ket street, San Franisco, Cal., or 209
Stark street, Portland, Oregon. Call or
send for sample pages.
Hay and Feed
Can be had at reasonable
prices, wholesale or retail at
Steven's Warehouse.
Capt. J. W. Exon, manager.
Ed May, Local Agent.
Petzold's Meat Market, Main, St.
Umbrellas, Guns,
Sewing Machines,
And all kinds of small ma
chines put in good order. No
work to difficult to undertake.
Prices reasonable.
Shop in Caufield building
Near Court House.
AND ti
Advanced in price-
d 1 Yz 'wsOregon
Qjery's Arb Gallery
Students transact business
Send for catalogue, which
f TDini 111 Bif 11
' '
Anyone n1lrur a nketfh and description msf
quicktfMcertairt, free. whtuer an In rent ton
probably patentable. CoMjrminicalinn trt-tly
confidential. Orient ureaey f'-rs'unnn pateut
is America. We hare a WanMntfton onto.
Patents taken through Muun & Co. receive)
peciai notice in the
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361 Broadway, New Vara.
By the W. B. Conkey Company, the
largest publishers and manufacturers of
books in the United States. Finest line
of new holiday and other subscription
books on the market.
Also agents wanted for "Tub Silver
Side," the latest and beet text-oook on
the silver question by the ttreat silver
Prices Below Competition.
Exdnsive Territory.
Largest Commissions.
Write at once for circulars and special
terms, stating your choice of territory.
341 331 Dearborn St, llilcaro.
FtablNlird 15.
Transfer1 and Ejrjf eft,
Freight and parcels delivered
to all parts of the city.
The Cosmopolitan Magazine, edited by Johm
Brisbhn Walker, wishes to add a quarter
of a million to ita clientele, already the larg
est, of intelligent thinking readers posseased
bv any periodical in the world.
DERED. It wishes the services of
one reliable man or woman in every
town, village, country district, or
manufacturing establishment in every
State. All that is required of any
one is reliability, earnestness and
work. No matter on what other
work you are engaged, it will pay
you to examine into this offer.
Apply, stating position, capability and refea
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