Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, November 05, 1897, Image 3

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    .Oregon City Enterprise
Mayor. - - - - K. f. CiiII(ii
JdH-unlnr, - - - 'I ln, K. Ilyau
4'lilul uf i'olli ti Clin., K. Itiinia
'I rnniirnr, - - - II. ',, HirnlKlit
City AtUiriifV, - - - - II. Ihn
hi ri u i '(iiitiiiiBNliHif r, - 0, llitlii'ni lc, Jr
rHiipt. ol Wl.ir Work., - W. II. IIiiwkII
City KiiKiiiiHir, - I. W, Kluimiril
Cotiiuilliiien T,(). (Inull, I,. V. Cnph, John
Unliior, It D. Wllmin, It, Kimtiiit, Jart,
I Jdikkii, II. K. iUrrU, Krmik Hindi.
i Cuiinoll liim'U llrnt Wndnvailuy uf ocli
niontli in oily hull.
. FRIDAY, NOVKM1H.U 6, 181)7.
i i
L Money to loan on krkI real entitta
I Mwurlty hy A. H. Dresner.
f Y Mmm heavy wool mux and nice lino
of umlurwvur at the Km let Store.
j ; Thoroughhrred Jurmiy bull (or mIm,
f 8 yean old; will tako trade.
) (Hailstone Haw Mill Co.
V tJ, I II .....I I,'. ..1. ....I...., Mill.
miiiiiKm nin'iia nun t.iiiwiviiiij rit
n t lie now -IimiIch at tint Market Htoru.
H ItliioHtono ltilti fl.otl; Kri'tm or roust
ccMco lie nr Hi; Ann & lUiiiiimr soda
jjfc: Hi. , Kl l- ront Trading Co.
Tor photon tlul will ilcM you, try thu
.Cjolombitk htuilio, tint up-to-date gallery.
(Mulil Ktrri't, opposite null rargo k
NtMIM Ollll'l).
(8iull pill, tuft) pill. lHt fill. 1
p'itl't Mute Kurly Itinera, cute hilluu-
IM'NN.COIItltlllMtlOII. U'K llfaUUl UOO,
JjL. Harding.
I (Yoii will not herniate in having thon
rooim r'iaieied w hen you look Hi the
I (Myitis mill prli'c of wall paxir tarried
by It. 1.. Holinan.
r 1 You can't euro coiihuiuUoh hut you
jVmi avoid it and curu every other form uf
toroat or lung UoiiIjIu tiy Hie uni ol out)
;3fl ilium Cough Curo. (Jco. A. Harding.
j lf you want tlilugn up to dale at iitnif
(utiable pr hen and nultahle, call at Mm.
e U. T. hlatlvii'a millinery parlor where
r tvery thing will Ui tloiiu to cloiiiuiihIuIu
L Hlop that ui k 1 1 1 Taktt wariilnu. It
F niay IumiI to colinumptiou. A -So IkjIIIh
' of H.iloh'a Curt) may nave your lift).
Hold by Clmruian A Co., drugginU, Ure
Kon City.
Dinflguifiiicnt for lifu by bun or
scald may be avoided by uning lh Wilt's
WlUb 1 1 axel halve, the real remedy for
pile and for all kind of nor- and akin
trouble, tiro. A. Harding.
Catarrh Cured. A clear bead and
wenl brt'ttili MH-ured with Hhiloh'
Catarrh Remedy; told on a guarantee.
Nasal Injector fret). Hold by Charumn &
Co., druKniidH, Oirxun Cily.
Ix'atlier Klovea I'.'m', 'Xhs up, lieavy top
Molt) plow Hlioea, aolu leatlior counlei
l.ltf, ladie heavy al.H 7o uy ladies
first untile. ruliUus 'Mc. Uivet ur tuck
sbotk free. lied Flout Trudili Co.
First rluss alieet Uiilnic at &! pur copy
Is nut oflered every day: but they aru
cIuhIhk out tlieir aim k of musiu at Hunt
ley' Hook Store and you may net your
choice lor 6c. or ansorlvd lot of 16 copies
for 60c.
Hhiloh' Consumption Cure cures
where others full. It Is the leading Coiiku
Cure, and no home should ! without it.
rit'arant t lake and koiis riht lo tin)
Tpot. Sold by C'liarumn & Co.. JriuinU,
Orison City.
J. id . Thlrswend, ol (Iroslitvk, Tox..
ays tliut when lit has a hmII of iuJixeit
tlon, and feels bad and nlut.'tili, be taken
twoofDe Witt's litilti Kurly Itinera, at
tiinlit. ami hu is all rinhl the next morn
lii. Many thounanila of utlifra da the
aiime hhiii. Do you? (ieo. A. Hard
' Kltiewhere in this issue of tin) Kuter
prlne, apN'itrs the full announceiueiit
of Will Yakeila. Hi stick ol vlothiiut
mid furnishltiK uoods is well MileHed
and hia prices are very reiiHonuble. lie
invites an inspection of his stock and
hopes by honest dealing to merit a share
of the publii! patrotiaue. ,
i "The worst cold I ever hud in my life
' wiih cured by Chuuiherluin'a CoukIi
t Ueinedy," writes W. II. Norton, of But-;
tor Crook, Cm I. This cold loft me with
a eolith and I whs exioctoratinK all the
time. The Ueinedy cured me, and I
want all of my friends when troubled
-with a coiikIi or cold to use it, for it will
dotlieiii good." Hold by Ueo. A. Hurtl
ing. t ' -,
The Mount Lebanon Hliakers recently
performed a utt'ni deed of c.lmrity, al
though it was not designed as a charity,
beiiiK notliinu more not1 less thun an
advertising suheme. ft however re
sulted in great food Just the same, Tliey
gnveawuy 1,000 bottle nf their Digestive
Cordiul to tliotte suffering from stoumch
dorangementl. I
It wub ho elTectv in curing those who
used thu remedy that they were loud in
their prunes o(1t ami in conseijuence a
large demand for 'the Cordiul was at
once created.
The drugnlnt of. f thin town have little
book that tell all about it. Digestive
Cordial create mi' appetite, aids diges
tion and bring shout a rapid increime
In flesh and Strength.
TSxol in H rittmf of a palatable Castor
Oil. Just the thing for children.
Monthly rain cured by Dr. Miles' Pain PHI.
Novelties and notion of all kinds at
the Itiicknt Htortf.
Huntley's bonk store I headquarters
fur school supplies,
Huddles and harness at Young's second
hand store at your own price,
Ladles and children underwear and
line liimiry at the lUcknt Store.
Wood wanted at thl ollice, ouk. fir or
limb, In length Id or Tl Inch or four
Stoves, springs, beds, mutrt'sse, etc.
at way down price at Young' a second
band store.
Itev. l'r. William will conduct divine
ervlcs at the chapel In Canumuh next
Sunday at 1 p. m,
liiHiect those adjustable window
orcein at lttillomy St iiusch'. They
re certainly the right thing.
Ask your icroccr for (lold Iaf Ituklng
Powder. Take no other. A trial can will
convince all houMiwive that It hu no
The Night Itev. Ilisbop Morri will
preach and cidebruto Holy Communion
at St. I'hiiI's church on Sunday morning.
Dr. Williams In the evening.
You isn't afford lo risk your life by
allowing a eld to develop Into pneumo
nia or consumption. Instant relief aru
allordfd by One Minute Cough Cure.
o. A. Hurtling.
Karl's Clover Itoot Tea, for Constipa
tion it' the best and if after lining it you
tlon't ssy so, rctnrii the packsge and g-t
your money. Hold by Charumn & Co.,
druugista, Oregon City,
Dr. L. L. I'likens, dtintist, domi al
kind of dental work, (iold crown,
IKirtelain crown and bridge work a
H't'llty. All ojwration guaiaultwd for
b year, Call and got my prices. Ollice
III Itarclay huiMiutf
Waknino : I'erauna who suflW from
cough and cold sliould heed the warn
ings of danger and save themselves suff
ering slid lata) results by using One Min
ute C'ougli Cure. It Is an inlullible rem
edy for coughs, cold croup and all
throat and lung troubles, (ieo. A.
The statement luude many year ago
that "man cannot live by tires I alone"
Is a true as it fever was he aiual have a
nice juicy aleak or a roast of tnest to go
with it. Itlchard I'etxold falway ready
to fnrnlhh hia customers w ith the liest uf
fresh and smoked meats at either hi
Main or HeyenUi street market.
Eierlrie lltilrl irrttnN.
8 Glasgow, SMikau
Hurt Cue, Salt-m
It llotaiii, The Dallas
DC Ilovles, Motull
A J Hiwlell
W II Hamilton ",
V II Hamilton, St John
Henry Will, Aurora
T J Clcrtnti ml wf, St IIpW
Miss Ibtllen Kellher, Han Francisco
L H WtxHl
James K llrow u " "
F.d (tootiuiun " "
II H Crouch, rortiand
J J Clt-lsnd
C O Major
Tall Thompson "
(ieo J Cameron "
V H MornHii "
(ieo K McCluire "
A K Jackson "
O A I'eck
F G Hwauton "
The Klectrio nohtl iff the iwest in the
city and first-class in all it appointments.
Klectrio cur stop in front of the door.
Wliut Dr. A. K. Mutter Miys.
Hi rKAW, N. Y. Ukuts. From my
personal knowledge, gained in-observing
tbo ciruct of your Hhiloh 'a Cure in case
of advanced Consumption, I uiu prepared
to say thut it is the most remarkable
Kcineily that bus ever U'en brought to
my attention. It has certainly saved
many from Consumption. Sold hy
Churmun A Co., drungist, Oregon City.
For ltt'tit.
A seven-room house, two blocks from
llio Harclay school, on aire witk side
walk and electric light and lias a -com-
launding locution alToiding beautiful
view of the Willamette river and sur
rounding country. Itent reasonable.
Atklrvss "House" care of Kstkhcuiwc.
Hook tit en p.
Kvtirythlng required in the bcImoI
room, books, elates, tablet, sixmee,
ink, jmuis, pencils, etc. at Daniel Wil
liams, cornel Seventh and Center streol.
Full stock of mils, candies, notions etc.,
(rush and of good quality. Sold at reas
onable prices.
On the rood between Logan and Mil
waukee, Friday, October 21), a promisory
note for pK) given by Charles Thun, of
Logan to Mr. Loonbard, of Milwaukee.
Finder will confer a favor by returning
note to either of the above parties.
ClUItl.KB Tlll'N.
Twenty-live yearling ewes and one
buck, half Shropshire and half Merino.
A.G. Jacoiis,
Oregon City Mfg. Co.
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Toko Laxative Hiomo Quln ino Tablets.
All Druggist refund the money if it fails
to cure. 26c.
'I'll ( IlltMIMM, I'llfMl
tll Hot Iami1 Moll-"-'TT.
tni in wu,M I
An S trut umi. hi inc
fif nil llur lj tll
l.lvr, hl'.niHi.li
mid Ki'trtn
K4tftitMif ili l.iwr
..ml iirt-vflitt Cmii.iji
asi riivfn, Mai.ahi-
Ifl'M l-CVUMW. llliWkL
N'lttilhK to iinti1riii,iii, noitim to emmon, a
l.u.l I,,miIi; aiifj in orally tvnry 1.1M It c.mict lr..lfi
lli loitim li, iil i an 1 vi uiily c.rfr:lrd if you will
Ulia hlMMIINnllVfl K.II.AT'IS. Ih, n.A Miiltct to
knit a rrmcily fr lint riuUiv ilifirilnr. It will tlv,
liiinuv y.jur HppliitcijtiiltKUin aud gtncral liMlib.
II, iw niiny Hiffer tiurt day afitr day, malting lift
liurdrn and mtitmig aaiMenra ijf all plnaturt, uwlii(
In ili Mtrtt tiillrina (rum I'llct. Vt ralief it rawly
In ili hand td alino! any una who will ua tyttcmaii
cally ilia rflintdy that hat iKrinafiaiilly lured Ihou
tanila, hrHHunt l.tvaa ltKi.ei.ATiia it no drattic,
ViiiHjni purga, but a gamlt tMitiant lo naiurfl.
RIP It '1. 1) nut U rraardrd at
a infling ailiiiciii- In lLif naiura
drmanilA iht ulinuat rraufarily of
, ilia Uiwrlt, and any drvialiiin
from lint drinand pavta lh way
fjfltn lo aarniut UMBKcr. It M
quita at nei-cttary to rcmovt
iiniur at i HimiUliunt fr.rtn Iht
thiweU at II it in al ur tlcrp, and
no hrallh t un lie capti.lcd whera
a cutllvt llalitt uf Uitiy jifevallt,
Thit tlittreMirig tltliriirin mtiirt rrt'itl frr.iintty.
1'Im tlitliirl4ltL i'f ilia ilumai ll, anting Iron, llw
iwiiM-Hc lly diffkl'tl r.mlriii,, i :mt a ccre Mtn in
H haad. at umpanicd with dunifrrcalila nautca, and
nut totitiittnct wlui it ,H,l.irl known at Sn.a
lira, a, ha, li lha rrlirf of whu.il la hlMHUMI
Uvaa kat.i'LAii' tia Manuina.
MAHi.rAi ii i i. iinty n
' J. 11. 7I1I.1N M CO.. Itiilaotliihia, fa.
HHAKI'-l'ltlKSI KIt At the reidenco
of the bride' purenis, on Wednestlay,
Novemls-r 3, K'7, Mis Kmma I'riester
to Mr. Kd ward Sharp, Justice C.
Schuelrel olllciating.
The ceremony was performed In the
presence of the immediate relative and
friend of the hih contracting partiea
only, after which a bounteous wedding
dinner was served.
The brldu Is The dsuithtrr of Mr. and
Mrs. Julius Triester, highly resccted
and well to do residents of Maple Lane,
a young linly of culture and refinement,
while the groom is a highly respected
resident of Wilsonville, where he owns a
lare farm and has but recently built a
nice new home for his bride. A recep
tion and bull was given the happy couple
Wednesday evening at the I'riester resi
dence. Mr l'riter has three married daugh
ter ami three single oneb yet at home.
He says lie ha been a republican since
the days o( Abraham Lincoln and does
not know what he has done lobe paid
olT in democratic sons In-law, his three
m arried daughters having chosen men
of that political faith. He says they are
all excellent men, the only objection
being their olitics. For his three re
maining daughters he oiler extra in-duct-merits
to republican young men,
but absolutely draws the line on popu
lists, none of whom need apply.
The Huterprise acknowledge with
think thx receipt of some delicious
wedding cake and joins witli a host of
friends in wishing the young couple who
start out in life under such auspicious
circumstances, all of the joy and none
of the sorrow thut are the common
heritage of humanity in this life.
Home I'ollUeal I'olnter.
Hubert Cutlin, one of the brightest of
the young attorneys of rortiand, was in
Oregon City Wednesday attending to
business before the circuit court. Mr.
Cutlin is one of the leaders in the sound
money faction of the democratic parly
and 1 a close observer of the trend of
Oregon politic. A to w hat his party,
or rather (actional part of a party, would
do in the coming campaign he was
rather evuidve in expressing himself,
though be was quite certain that the
sound money democrats would not fuse
with the populists nor with the free
silver democrats in getting out a ticket.
Hut as to whether his party would get
out a separate ticket, or endorse the
republican nominees hu would not ven
ture an opinion.
Of the eor.teft within the republican
party betwean the Simon-Corbett-Ore-goniun
and the Mitchell-Mcllride fac
tions for supremacy, he was free to give
his opinion as an outsider, that the latter
faction would be able to control everv
county convention in the state including
that of Multnomah, thereby giving them
control of the state convention witli the
power to name the republican state and
congressional ticket. As to what would
be the outcome at the poIIb Mr. Cutlin
Intended to be non-committal, but he
left the impression thut the republicans
would have no difliculty in carrying the
state In June.
For Sale.
100 acres of land about three miles (3)
miles south-east of Union Mills, 25 acres
slushed, burnt and picked up. A creek
runs across the whole length. There
are 40 or 60 acre of bottom land, the
balance rough and hilly, but the most of
it can be tilled. There is a good box
house with five rooms, a wood shed, a
small barn, all new, one mile from school
and poBtolllce. Will sell on long time,
and the first Ave years without interest.
For particulars inquire of
Mks. E, S. Chowi.ky,
CaruB, Oregon .
For Sale.
Horse, harness and wairon for sale at
a bargain. All in good condition and !
horse gontlo, Bound and true. Come
and see them, R. W. Portkk,
Canemuh .
MOH8K At her mother' home In
Canmnuh, Monday. November, 1,1807,
Marion Irene Morse, aged 22 years
and 2 months, -
DeceuHDC way stricken with compli
cation of discuses which caused her
death, just one short week ago, for which
all was done that loving cure and human
ingenuity could suggest, without avail,
and her sweet young life went out early
Moinlsy morning. What her death can
mean to those who were nearest and
dearest to her words cannot tell. The
greater and stronger may make rnoie
stir In this world but their live are not
entwined ahotit the heart of so many
by acta of kindness, and the unvarying
gentleiies and sweetness of disposition
that charscteiized the life of the de
ccaned. "Among all life' pilgram who
have passed this way" none reyeal
brighter example of pure, noble woman
hood than the life of the deceased,
which she was called to yield up while
the finger on the dial still pointed to
ward the rising un. Kvery memory
associated with her cause the heart to
vibrate with feelings of reverent, tender
She leave beside her grief-stricken
mother, Mr. Grace L. Morse, three
sisters and two brothers, Mr. II. 8.
Webber, of Cottage Crove; Mr. Charles
L. Henry, ol Spokane; Mis Wiltha
Morse, of Canemuh ; James K. Morse,
of I'ortland j and Willie Morse, of Cane
msh. The funeral services, conducted from
the Congregational church Wednesday
afternoon at 2 o'clock by the pastor,
Itev.T. W, Butler, were simple and
beautiful and typical of the life of the
commemorated, shaking from the text:
"Her sun ban gone down while it i yet
day," and drew such comfort out of the
text for the bereaved one as can be
found nowhere else outside of God's
The pall bearer were Jamea Wilkin
son, Otto Freylag, Benj Koake, Guy
Fancher, John Monnor and Earnest
The remains were consigned to their
Ittst resting place in Mountain View
cemetery in the presence of relative
and devoted friends only, the grave
ling fairly smothered in beautiful
flowers wrought into many appropiiute
and suifgestive piece by the hand of
kinsmen and friend.
How appropriate to her in her last
moments were the line of Fope w hen he
said :
"ilrk! they whisper; angels ssy,
'Listen, spirit, come away !'
What is thi abtorbes me quite,
Hlrsli my senses, tbuta my sight;
Drown my spirit, draw my breath T
Tell me, my soul, can this be death?
"The world recede, It tlieppesr !
Heaven 0eiii to my ryesl My ears
Wlllr ton nits seraphic ring;
lml, lend your wing;! I mount! I fly!
O grave! where Is thy victory!
O death! where is thy sting?"
Teacher Examination.
Notice is hereby given that the regular
quarterly teachersexamiuation for Cluck
amas county w ill be held at the court
house in Oregon City, beginning at one
o'clock p. u:. Weduesduy, November 10th
IS'.I7. II. G. Starkweather,
Dated Oct. 28, 1897. Co. School Supt.
Advertised Letter.
Advertised letters unclaimed and re
ruaining in the postollice at Park place
for the month ending October 31, 1897:
Kmpire Furniture Co. J. W. Bennett,
Feter Utiger, Mr. Bennett.
It. L. RrssRU, P. M.
"Saved Her Life."
7" Mvm
. F . I 1 1 1
ME9. JOIIN WALLET, of Jefferson,
Wis., than whom none Is more highly
esteemed or widely known, writes.
"In 1S0O I bad a severe attack of I.aGrlppe
and at the end of four months, tn spite of all
physicians, friends and good nursing could
do, my lungs heart and norvous system were
so completely wrecked, my life was de
spaired of, my friends giving me up. 1 could
only sleep by the use of opiates. My lungs
and heart pained nie terribly and my cougb
was most aggravating. I could not lie In
one position but a short time and not on my
left side at all. My husband brought me
Pr. H lies' Nervine, and Heart Cure and I be
gan taking them. When I had taken a halt
Dot t le of each I was much better and contin
uing persistently I took about a dozen bot
tles and was completely restored to hualth to
the surprise of all."
Or. Miles' Remedies
m tum ujr 4t S I v ' IMIIatat'
gists unaor a positive frJ. 31
guarantee, first bottla ELHeart Clt1
twnpflta nr. mrtnnv m. K f m Tl
funded, nook on dls- V al
ease, of the heart and I
DR. MILES MEDICAL OO., Elkhart, lnd.
gentlemen or ladies to travel for re
sponsible e'tahlihsed house in Oregon.
Monthly $ii.").00 and expenses. Position
steady. Reference. Enclose self-addressed
stamped envelope. The Dominion Com
pany Dept. Y Cnicago.
i I
says "Look at me."
"Try me."
Schillings Best baking powder and tea an
What i the missing word?-not SAFE, although SJiilling'i But bakln;
wder and tea art safe.
Cet Schilling' t Bat baking powder or tea at your grocers'; take out tht
ticket (brown ticket in every package of baking powder; yellow ticket to the
tea); sand a ticket with each word to addren below before December 3t
Until October 15th two word allowed for every ticket; after that only ona
word for every ticket.
If" only one person find the word, that person get 2000.00; if several find
k, $2000.00 will be equally divided among them.
Every one sending a brown or yellow ticket will receive a et of cardboard
creeping babiw at the end of tha contest Those sending three or mora Id one
nvelopa will receive an 1898 pocket calendar no advertising on It These
creeping babies and pocket calendars will be different fiom the one effored in
the last contest
Better cut these rules out.
The Beehive
received in the last few days
over 50 cases of
New Fall Goods....
11 otr o:in wjn phial before the
advance in prices and our customers will find
us as low as Portland's largest houses and
much lower than same goods can be bought for in
Oregon City.
If you want Shoes
Ladies or Gents' Furnishings
Fancy Dry Goods
or Notions
be sure and visit
The Beehive
A. i& t&i A A
Greatest Offer Ever Made
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lift lUdtUUh. Ill tor TltK PRAIK1E KAKMKKone year, and each of you wlllro-
cmv th "Ka.ily I.ikk ur LwcolJl" r KKE. Thl l the mnM romplf t ami lavtshly Itlutrrared history
ol Lincoln's lite ever wrlltuu. ll ooutaiiM 1 bO Pit "11 nth, uid 20 1'OKl RAIT of LI M OL.V.
Bend all order, to
THE PRAISE FARMER PU3. CO., 166 Adams St., Chicago.
St. LonisHe-Seiocrat
The Great-
National and Representative
Republican Newspaper.
Reduced Subscription Rates, by Mail, Postage Prepaid.
DAILY AND SUNDAY, - - One Year, $6.00 : Six Months, $3,00
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THE GLOBE-DEMOCRAT is universally
lean newspapers, ana at tnese KtULUfcU KA lbs it is also 1HL CHEAPEST
paper in the United States. It will be indispensable during the coming great
National Campaign, and the LOW PRICE placej it within the reach of all
THE GLOBE-DEMOCRAT is sold by news-dealers everywhere at 2 cents for the
dailv aud 5 cents for the Sunday issues. Deliveredto regular subscribers,
Daily and Sunday, 15 cents a week, 60 cents a month. If your local dealer
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tion with remittance direct to the publishers.
Particlar attentioun is called
issued in Semi-Weekly sections, eight
-.r t- t rrt. ; a i n
a in-Att. mis issue iubi bub me Din
read a dHily paper, and yet desires to keen
oes to every State almost to every postolTce in the Union. All Amri.-a U ita
legitimate field. No matter where you
j i i i
paper ana nome journal.
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8 t Louis, Mo
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they are money-back.
to Prairie Farmer Readers.
conceded to be THE BEST of Amer
prints MORE NEWS than any other
to THE WEEKLY GI.ORV. ni.'vrw-'piT
panes everv Tuesday a.wl
ior ine DusyTuan. who has not the t m to
promptly and thnnrnnwi.to i.a,i t
live, you will find it invaluable as a news-