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Oregon City Enterprise.
Published Kvery FYIdny.
Jtie JUT. 12 (
lit months. ) 00
Trial uluH'rlpllDtl two months.
A dlscom t of SOornls on all mibporiixltiiiii for
neyear. IS ceuis lor nt mom In, 11 (nid In
Vl'-ertlslnf rates f Iven on application.
RutMrriters will find lhe 1H ui expiration
etam, .l on ihclr p rs loilowi-'f tln-ir name
ll asset- not cna.mel w.tlnu l wie
sf ira p-smiil, kiudly notify us sud o wilt
to k -I vr it.
Cntered at the Port Office In Oregon City. Or.
at seeoud class matter.
of Nebraska, was nominated Fur president
on tlio llnh ballot, ami til persuasive elo
quence ilid Hit work. J lis populistio pro
clivities gulled the conglomerate maw of
democracy, populism, etc., that Is called a
plnllorm, The doctrines hich theconven
lion sends forth with il endorsement, ami
of li iofi ihe candidate is aneionent, dan
gerous as they are, may, thnoiigh the peril
enl ad votary they will receive, in conjuiio-
lion wild Hie conditions which prevail the Tiikiik is no necessity for the sound money
hard times, resulting from dcuioctialic mat- democrats to nomimiii' il lickc.l of thriron n
" Ir I had been an American," nays I.a
houchere, I should have been a protection
1st; being on Knglishiuan 1 am free
trailer." Thai tells the whole stor In a few
words. The republican parly Is for protec
tion because il is I he American policy, and
because a departure mini ll implies the
graining of an advantage to foreigners nl
the expense of our own luhor and enterprise.
Bearer Creek,
Colon Mills. -Meadow
New Kra.
Park Place.,
Moialla. -Marquam,
Orrille. -
Eagle Creek,
Pr T. B. Thomas
vieo. KUIKhl
A. MuWr
Oscar Wisslnnvr
U J. Trullliiiier
( has Molman
W. I. Newberry
Hcurv Itilev
F. L hussell
T. M. Cross
J. 0. Osae.
C. T Howard
R. M Cooper
Annie Snihhs,
E. M. Hsrtman
B. Jennings
He -rr A. "nyder
L.J Perdue
H. Williern
J. 0. Klliott
F. GtEtsi-h
Mrs. W. M. Mrlntyrel
(ieo. J. Currin
Mrs. M. J. Hammer
Ailolph Asohotf
administration, thedeprewion in business,
and Hie widespread home distress llud fu
vor in the sight of the peoV.
Arthur Sewall, the nominee for vice
president, is a Maine ship-builder, of marked
free silver inclinations. He rVaims to have
not had Ihe least idea thai his iiume would
be presented to the democratic convention
as a candidate, and confesses thai the sensn.
lion of being nce-pcesidenlial nominee on
Ihe ticket of the democratic party is decid
edly pleasant.
Mr. llryan is iiolonlv the you line oamli-
dale evea noniinaled lor president of the
I'nited Stales, but the first presidential can-
didateever named west of the .Mississippi
river. He is not the first man, however,
whooftes bis nomination to (eches made
before the convention.
The platform, replete, with vagaries, is
enough to disgust the solid democratic vot
ers, and cause them to vote for McKinley.
In oppiisitioii to the regular democrallc
lickel. It would only he throning their
voles away, for each vote would count for
the demo-populist candidate. Ily voting
the republican ticket I hey will have the as.
m rm He Ihul their vote will count lor lis full
value for sound money.
' The way to build np Oreson
Oily Is to sire Oregon litj people jour
GARRETT A. HOB ART, of New Jersey.
For Presidential Electors
T. T. GEER, of Marion county.
S. M. YORAN, of Lane.
E. L. SMITH, of Wasco.
J. F. CAPLES, of Multnomah.
In another column is published a whine
from Maddock regarding the serious charges
made against him in last week's Enter
raisi. He does not deny the charges of
bribery and corruption that have been made
against him, but tries by weak subterfuges
to divert attention from the good prospect
be has of getting before the grand jury at
the next term of circuit court
Regarding Ibe statement that he reduced
the cost last year one half for publishing
the tax list, Maddock knows that the credit
for that reduction is due the Entekpkisk.
for the publisher of this paper realizing that
tbe price heretofore paid the Courier was
exorbitant and unjust, proposed to cut the
rate one-half, both as a measure ol justice to
the taxpayers and a capital campaign argu
ment for the ensuirjg election, thus aiding
the republican party to ,'ullil its pledges of
economy and to make more sure Maddock's
re-election. He is decidedly oil in his state
ment that be w ill make a saving In the cost
of publication of tbe tax list by his contract
made with Bain. The rale paid the Courier
by Samson and Ganong was 50 cents per
line, while the Enterprise charged 25 cents
Vastoi it raising funds with which to
build an auditorium in w hich to bold con
ventions and other large gatherings. Inde
pendence buit an auditorium modeled on
tbe plan of Ihe Chautauqua building at
Gladstone park to afford a meeting place
lor tbe state encampment of the G. A. 1!
Ibis year, and for other slate gatherings
that the place eiects to entertain hereafter.
While Oregon City has a number of halls
some of them of fair size, yet not one of
them is large enough to accommodate
slate gathering such as has been held here
or that may be held here. With its con
venience of access, and many attractions
Oregon City could become tbe convention
city of the state had w e proper hall accom
modations. These great gatherings are an
advantage to any town, and esecially to a
place having the advantages of Oregon City,
that only need to be seen to be appreciated.
It would be one of the best advertisements
and one of the best investments that the
citizens of Oregon City could make to erect
a great auditorium convenient to tbe center
of the city.
iiv the lime Huin divides up with the
gang he will not make so big a stake mil of
I the lax list as an outsider would suppose.
KstwH'iully so if the court commissioner
should decide to cut his bill down atvout
two-thirds. The Three Sisters will not be
able to branch out and become a county pa-'
per on the prolits from the lax list this year
With the advent of Hrownell and Hayes j
into Clackamas county politics the republi
can majorities began le decrease until at the
lale election the party nominees were liter
ally wiped oil the lace of the earth, and not
by populist votes either, hut by republicans
who were protesting against Hie way tiling
were being run.
noted belle; and she ha retained her youth
ful appearance to a remarkable degree.
Many are the stories lohl of Hie romance
id her marriage and subsequent blew lib
Major McKinley; and ll is true Hint Hie
Major Is as devoted lo her now mid she lo
him as when Ihev were lovers. Her heiillh
does not prevent her Inking nu ncllie Inlur
esi in politics, ami hn I n strong a prolec
lloinsl as her IniHhnnd Her Insles me nil
Very nrllslic. Mis. Ilol.mi la forly llve
yenrs old, Iml has Hie cnninge of a woman
ol Ihirly. She Is e.iignriic, ami her dice I
most eoressie. She I sincere, willy, nnd
nu Ily a Human ol cultuie. The Ho-
lurlsaro Presbyterians, ami Hie McKinleys
are Melho.lisls.New Yoik I mlepeudent.
The overhauling that the Enterprise
gave the for reventie-only republicans last
week has met with almost universal ap
proval from republicans all over Ihe county,
and the expression is heard on every hand
that had this work been done a few months
earlier the republican party would not have
met with the defeat it su tiered at the late
election. There is a strong desire on the
part of the republicans of Clackamas county
to cleanse the party of its leeches and barn
acles, and restore it to Us old time ajluity
and strength, when a nomination nits an
honor and an evidence on the part uf the
recipient ol his integrity and the conlidenie
the voters had in the man, and not as of
lat?, in too many instances, an evidence of
a good wire puller and ward heeler. The
republicans are in thaf majority in this
county, and if they will but assert them
selves at the primaries and convention the
party can tarry the next election bv a hand
some majority.
Among the potent causes of the personal
popularity of William McKiuley is Ihe in
tluen:e exerted by his noble inanliood-his
pure and unblemished character, sus
tained by the record of an honorable I lie
He is esteemed by the people as the cham
pion of protection, honored as a brave sol
dier of the war for the union, but his stron
gest hold upon the popular heart is that he i ters, offered lo do Hie
iwrsonitles that slerllng manhood winch is , hn-. with a guarantee to circulate UMicopies
On.. ox Cnv, June II. (To the Editor !
I notice in lust weeks En minusa a slate. I
incut pitri'orliig lo ho an Interview with
me concerning Hie puhlMiIng of the dcllu-i
luenl Inx ll-l. I lie slnleuienl docs not
name the oilier parly In Ibe alleged Inter
view, and it iH ars no signature. It appears
to have been w ritten try Capital I.
I will say, however, dial Capllal I, who
' ever he mny be, ha made a large dralt on
his Imagination lor his fact in the case,
talked with several persons about the puhli
cm Ion ol Ihe las list, but lo none did I Inl;.
mule such preposterous tilings a Capital I
dreams In Hie I'mkhi-kisk. There is no se
cret about awarding the contract lo publish
the delinquent hl. The plain lads ate
these :
Iurlug the campaign I publicly staled
I lint I ha I brought Ihe cost of luihllshlnir
the annual lat list down to a reasonable fig
ure (to ubout one-half what it wa under my
predecessor); but that it was my pursue
sllll further to reduce this exense. The
EntskI'Risx ha charged .UI ceuls a Hue, cir
culating less Ihau lmi copies in Ihe county
weekly, and it wauled lo dn Ihe job for Ihat
price Ibis year. Mr. Ilain, of Hie Three Mis.
work for '."u cent a
the strength and the Ihe glory of the repub.
One of (he marked features ol Mc Kinley's
career has been his devotion to his aged
mother, to his invalid wife and lo the cense
of womanhood everywhere His tender
care of mother and wife has partaken too
much of Ihe sacred privacy of home life to
be noted Ij any great extent, and yet the
mothers and wives of the laud have not
overlooked it nor failed to honor It.
What he has done for the general cause of
womanhood, however, is widely known
He has not sustained that cause in the ab
stract only. Many times he has appeared
as the champion of individual women, and
has succeeded in obtaining for them Ihe
rights andeqiiitiesuf v bich I hey were being
unjustly deprived
The New York Mail and Express records
of him that he w as among the first slates-
men in Ohio to advocate a change in the
old statutes which made a married woman
little belter than the slave of her husband
and made hi in the owner of her property,
even to the clothes on her back. In Ohio
am the District of Columbia he successfully
maintained Ihe principles that women em
ployed in the public service should have J
equal pay with men for equal work. He re
peatedly fought and defeated attempts lo
reduce Ibe salaries of women in government
oilices under ibe siiecious guise of economy ;
And in short, as the Mull mi., I Vri..
The object of having the delinquent tax
list published was that all the people of the
county should have due notice of such de
linquency, the law contemplhtiiig that the
sheril! should have It published in a paper
of general circulation. In having the list
printed in The Three riisters, Maddock has
deprived nine-tenths ol the tax-payers of
Clackamas county of all knowledge ol such
sale, and they will thus be unable to tell If
per Hue last year. The property descrip- "'rough some error they are being sold out
tions heretofore given in tbe delinquent list or not- T,ie to,"l subscription of the Three
only gave the owner's name, number of j felat"numbersone hundred and eighty odd,
acres, and book and page on which the need
was recorded, making the description ol a
man's property usually occupy but one line
and seldom over three lines. This year by
Maddock's orders, (and he boasted of it at
the time,) so as to make as big a list as pos
sible, the descriptions are written out in full,
as given in the deeds on record, making the
description of a piece of property occupy
from four to ten lines. Thus on a piece of
property, the printer's fees on which were
from 25 to 75 cents last year, will this year
under Maddock's "economy" contract, be
from 80 cents to $2 00. If he has made any
aaving the figures do not bear him out.
As to the relative circulation of the Enter
prise and the Three Sisters, that can be left
to the ppo.ile of Clackamas with tbe asser
tion, which they will back up, that nine out
of ten of the taxpayers of the county never
aaw a copy of the Three Sisters.
As to the Enterprise not being a " rep
resentative republican paper," that too can
be left to the voters of the county, as also
Mr. Bain's " efficient service" rendered to
the republican party; for all republicans
know that be is a democrat in principle and
fought the republican ticket two years and
four years ago, and only supported there
publican candidates at tbe late election In
consideration of being liberally paid for the
Maddock's statement that he bas given
patronage to the amount of 4000 to the E.n
terprihe, is not borne out by the county
records or the books of this office. The total
amount of the tax list last year, and of the
legal advertisements received from thesber
ilTsoffice for the two years that Maddock has
bad the office, has been less than $00. It
could have been more, but Maddock saw fit
to divide up his legal advertising with the
other papers of the county regardless as
to whether they supported him in the cam
paign" or not. As he has never paid the
Ehterpkise a cent for all the work it has
done for him in the three campaigns in
which be has been a candidate, he bas
proved himself to be an Ingrate to his
friends as well as a leech on the taxpayers.
Since tbe last Issue of tbe Enterprise
the national democratic convention has
placed in nomination candidates for presi
dent and vice-president. William J. Bryan,
and out ol the forty-seven post offices in
this county it is only sent to regular sub
scribors at eight offices. Shenlf Maddock
wasn't thinking of the rights of the people
when he let the list out; his only thought
was as to the amount of rake-ofl there was
in it for the gang.
The aggregate number of electors this
year will be 447, of which a majority is
These are divided as lollows: Alabama, 11;
Arkansas, 8; California 9; Colorado, 4; Con
necticut 6; Delaware, 3; Florida, 4; Georgia,
13; Idaho, 3; Illinois, 24; Indiana, 15; Iowa,
13; Kansas, 10; Kentucky, 13; Louisiana, 8;
Maine, ; Maryland, 8; Massachusetts, J.i;
Michigan, 14; Minnesota, 0; Mississippi, 0;
Missouri, 17; Montana, 3; Nebraska, 8;
8; Nevada, 3; New Hampshire, 4; New
Jersey, 10; New York, 30; North Caro
lina, 11; North Dakota. 3; Ohio, 23; Ore
gon, 4; Pennsylvania, 32; Rhode Island, 4;
South Carolina, 9; South Dakota, 4; Ten
nessee, 12; Texas, 15; Utah, 3; Vermont, 12;
Virginia, 12; Washington, 4; West Virginia,
6; Wisconsin, 12. ami Wyoming, 3.
As an economizer Judge Hayes is a de
cided success. Especially so when the bill
under consideration is that of some poor
fellow who is not in roval favor and the
court room is lull of country people. It is
tben that his highness puts on his most se
vere look and straighening up to give his
dignity full sway, delivers a half-hour lec
ture on the necessity of economy and re
trenchment in county affairs. There are
times though when his notions of economy
are not so pronounced.
Ex Shehikf Makoock has shown that he
is not altogether devoid of shame, and that
he realizes the disgraceful position he occu
pies in the community, for so soon as the
exposure of his work while sheriff was
given to the public by the Enterprise, be
got himself away to the seclusion of his
farm and has not shown his face since to
the taxpayers of the county whose confi
dene he has so grievously betrayed.
as governor and congressman, as writer
and speaker, he has allays idenlilied him
self cordially with the woman's cause, and
not oi.ee but hundreds of times, has shown
himself to be a Chevalier Bayard In bis atti
tude and conduct toward Ibe olher sex "
This chivalrous attitude toward woman
is the outcome of a life wholly chivalrous
in every respect It i to the Intliiene ex
erted by tins purity of life and nobility of
conduct that he owes a large ineasureof that
honorwhlch isgiven him in every American
home. Many who disagree with him in pol
itics are drawn to him by their esteem for
his personal worth This influence is sure
to be felt during the canvass, ami will add
many votes to the sum of those cast for tbe
champion of protection The people will
see in In m the type and living exiynplar of
the manhood America honors, and will be
proud to raise him to the highest stution in
the land. San Francisco Cull.
instead of Ihe i II of ibe Km mi lit. After
Considering the mailer 1 let Ihilu have the
job. The list is large this year, owing to Ihe
necessity lor closing early lo transfer the
j office to my successor, and I think a sav ing
ofoue-Hiird in price is an important Item
to consider.
Political!)' I looked at the mailer in this
way: The KNrii;i-inr is fur from la-lug a
representative republican paper, or a repre
seutative paper of any sort, 'though claim
ing to lie republican, it has repeatedly and
deliberately injured Ihe cause and ticket of
the parly. Notwithstanding I tils I have
given ll patronage to Ibe amount of ulxoil
fl'st) during the past two year. Mr. Haln,
without profuse expressions of republican
ism, lias, nevertheless, done very efficient
ervlce for the republican cause In this
county, and begot no patronage from tbe
party. Now, a a matter of common fair
nessbelw en men, I deemed It lie.t that he
should he awarded the publishing of this
delinquent list, especially since il would be
such a saving lo the taxpayers. Accord
ingly the. contract was entered Into on Friday,-June
27, after which Ihe Entehpiiisk
sought variously, by hook ami by crook, lo
get the ll.t for itself.
.Mr Mescrve say: "I saw I was In a
fair way to lose Hie lit." etc. lie never bad
tbe li'.t, ii 1 1 I , therefore, he could not lose it;
ami Inyheopininii nl all the lending and rc
r,.Kt,triii,'M ,.i . i, hi;. ...... i. ..... - - ,
i -- , ...... ., nr sb, iiih Fllliuril
j to it on political or other coiishleruilons.
The Kntkrprise i certainly al liberty to I
dig up my record and publish anything ill
nuds. I court investigation. I speak for
myself and carry my own responsibility in
tins as in other mutters.
E. C, Mil k.
Commencing SATURDAY, JULY 11th,
spocial roductions will bo oiferod through
out our ontiro stock. Wo havo dono an un
usually good business sinco wo opened in
Oregon City and aro so woll satisflod that
wo havo placod very hoavy ordors on fall
goods. They will commonco arriving in
August and wo must mako room for thom.
The first week of this sale wo shall dovoto
to odd lots and broken linos Now. thn
chances aro, among thoso linos, you will
find just what you need, if you do, you can
mako a half do a dollars duty.
Kvrrvthiiig- on tliir.tal'l.'.'.rivnK I ('Ii,,j,q. .",',I,viiK If you ur il
U'f'ro not gmii to tell ymi wlmt'n illinium t. , at I v luun.iin Hii kor-i
tlicrt'. I'iiiu,. mnl hit fur )-nir.-i lf. jtm will ! tin. ),H, r.
All en at I'.l iTHti. Vmi iniirlit
not think we wi ro truthful if (.
tnlil voil the rich IxiriHiliilit ii'H in
("tore fur vim.
All nil this tulile l'.l cents.
Iruve your iiM-kftlaiiik lit
Vmi will rcj-ri't it i( ymi iln.
! ..iit
Caufleld Block, Oregon City, Oregon.
A great deal has been said about the excited
people who ruined Win. McKinley's lawn,
but that is the least of their depredations.
They have torn oil the shutters of his house,
whittled at bis doors, broken down his stein,
and swarmed in and out of his house as if
it were a hotel. Children run in and out of
the halls, young people crowd the parlora to
practise campaign songs, a lot of telegraph
operators have taken possession of an up.
atairs bedroom, and a lot of newspaper cor
respondents have monopolized another. For
the next four and a half years the Mc
Kinleya will lead a dog s life-Yamhill He-
There wss not an intelligent leader among
tne eastern delegates lo the Chicago conven
tion but knows that the country is wholly
dependent upon the republican party for
sound money and good government during
the coming four years. They pretend to be
so deeply interested in this that they have
braved the opinions of a majority of the
party, and yet so bitterly partisan were
they and so desirous of the applause of the
convention that the bulk of their tirades
was a denunciation of republicans. Kussell
ol Massachusetts made tins the dislihguisli-
ing leature of bis speech, and Governor
Mower scarcely less so. That these same
gold advocates are playing directly into the
hands of the men whom they declare "will
destroy the country" is so plain as to need
no demonstration. Chicago Inter Ocean
The republican candidate for vice presi
dent is an enthusiast for good roads, and as
Sew Jersey leads all the states in road im
provement, it is fair to assume that Mr.
Hobart is a good worker when he lends a
band in a public movement.
The wives of Major McKinley and Garrett
A. Hobart are both lovable and winning
women. Mrs. McKinley. whose health baa
, long been delicate, is stronger to-day than
sue tias been for many years. The doctors,
however, despair of her complete recovery ;
and in the event of her occupying the White
House next year most of the social burden
of entertaining will fall upon Mrs. Hobar.
Mrs. McKinley Is the daughterof tbe late
Jaroea Saxton, a publisher of considerable
reputation, and she was born and brought
up in Canton where, it is said, she was a
To the hniTnii: I'leasc allow me space lo
answer lleuveriiieul King in issiul of July
l. lie seems much out of humor lo think
any one would dare to resent his dirty
statements. I have olher things to do than
write newspaper arlices ; but whether I have
one eye or less this need not bother (he
gentleman, as I wifl not call on such a mass
of Insignificance to point the way fur me.
As to his assertions (nothinir morel md
llrsl, and also in the issue referred to, I have
only lo say Ihey are lies niiinufuiurei out
of whole cloth. I challenge him to make a
single proof. His opinions are nothing and
should be credited as nothing. He has
plonty of time to look alter other people'
allairs as he pays very Utile attention to his
own. He has something to say about run
oing lor omce, wnicn nas no meaning
whatever. King dim I cure anything for
ottlce oh, no! The last nonulist conven.
tion shows tills snooping around lor votes
for assessor, After the second ballot Mr.
Stout could have been nominated by accla
mation, but Mr. King stayed In the fight
with his live votes. No, he wouldn't have
an ollice. He may have a half dozen badges
on the seat of his breeches for all 1 know.
and one would not care to know anyway.
The gold standard seems to bother Mr.
King. He likely has a quantity of silver to
coin that he needs in his business. He
make a promise ir sent to the legislature!
he need not promise, as he is not likely to
be called on. I'lease write again, Mr. King,
possibly more so."
Respectfully, Geo. J. Currin,
Currinsville, July 13.
s A
I 'A
s A
v ai
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Agents find It
the flout
Letter List.
The following is the list of letters remain
ing In the post ollice at Oregon City, Oregon,
on July is, mm:
men's list.
Millej, Jesse
Miller, WR
Wetzler, J K
Woodruff, John
Abrey, J
Bauer, K II
Collins, Win
Coalman, 8 0
Kerbs, I, C
Clark, Mrs Sarah Hardenbrook, Kmma
Craig, Mrs I) W Jones, Mrs Kate
Werles, Bertha
If called for slate when advertised.
8. R. OltKKN, P. M.
If you want to know anything about
Fire or Life Insurance or Building and
Loan AHHOciation, call on FI. T. Sladon.
He has it at bis finger ends.
Dr. Prlce'4 Cream Baking: Powder
nana i rut nigh.st MUI sad Oipli
Closing out Sale of Millinery
Retiring from Uusincss . . .
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MRS. SLADEN'S, Parlor,
One Door Houtli MethodlHt Church.
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