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    Oregon City Enterprise.
ClKtTIT t'Ol'RT.
The April Term Con vom it A l.onir
ALJl!::. I Uwkol, Itut Few Important fas.
llirura Slrnulit
1.. I.. Purler
CW K HuriiK
K 8 ( ulirt
K l- HkIiuki)
K. ". lrtns
V. H H.moll
1 KiliiiHiM
-If. O. Steven 'ioo. Hrounhioii,
J.J CiHkf, Hi'uj JaKCtr. Mark Howell. L.
I. 1'ortur, tlxury Mrlilmm, J. W. Monitlt.
v ounril meoullnt H.luoil) ofench muiilb
Ik -Uy hill.
H- or.
B irl-r. i
C . I( Ol I'llllOC j -
T vnurtT. J
C iuornry.
Q iHHOommisj.'Ur
8 of Malar Workt.
ti ... f.. - i
Hi-wpaHn will have tu look to some
other patter to lift their noth-e published.
j The April term o( circuit court con
j vened Monday, with Judte T. A. Me
i Bride on Hie bench. litttrict Attorney
W. N. Barrett, of llillaboro, in atten
dance, Geo. P. Horton. elerk, K. C.
Maddoek, sheriff and Chan. K. Kunvuti
of Aslorirt present iu court tttenoKrupher.
T. Fouls and T. M. Miller were ap
points! court hailill'n ami Mux Sohulpiim
bailiff for the urard jury. The following
Le pal AilvertisiiiK. named men were drawn (juiul juror,
Hervaf'er no M adv-rtisenient will 1 J- S- Hrrinitoti of Kly, Wm. Palmatoer
be inserted 'in the K.ntkkihimk i "f rtlul. Jmmii 0 Dickey of Molnlla,
pavment for the same ia made at ths 'r'ik Wehdi of llhland. Win. Stone of
time the allid.ivit of publication ia ren-! X ,ols' ,,onrv Kf'"'t of l'auiaaou,
d.-red This rule will l imperative and i "d K- S M"I.ouBhliii of Milwaukee. J.
dead-beat litfpuits, who make it prao-1 N" U"it!toii waa appointed foreman,
ticeofworkiiitf the courts, iawveis and ; TU lmm'1 of lri"' i,,ro" Hlieweriin; to
! tneir liamea were: Vt . P. Maw ley A.
ill. WiiiK. T. J. Ogle, Hana Paulsen,
j Euoe Cahill, Alfreu Luolleu, John Yan
cureu, ti. A. Kinwr, C. C. liabcock.
j Geo. Kamlall, C. lller, G. A. Hardin,
John Krs.', (.i. S. Young, C. K. Nohlitt,
jj. G. Felieer, A. L. LarkiuH, Frank
Keen, 0. W. Kobbum, k, D. Alt xan.ler,
Frank Busch. The lollowiint juror were
excused, W. P. Hawley. J. G. Pilabury,
A. L. Larkina and T. J. Ogle, G. 8.
Youiit and W. S. Kent did not reepond
to call, Sheriff' reported that Kei t
could not be found.
The county bar waa represented by
the following attorneys: W.C. Johnson,
Geo. O. Kiuearaon, L. 1.. Porter, J. U.
Cauipbell, C. D Latourette, Geo. L.
Story, A. S. Dietmer, K. F. DrivK, Geo.
C. Brownell, J. E. Marks, W. II Dob
yns, C. II. Dye. II. K. Crose, I). C. Ut
ourette and Judije U. E. Hayes.
Among the attorneys from abroad in
attendance were Judge W. W. Thayer,
Attorney General Idleuian, J. T. Miller,
C. II Baur, A. King Wilaoo, Chester
Dolph, C. W. Miller, W. L. Suiting,;
iof Portland, Ixrne K. Adams of Hills-
J--laii Clut'ce,
Pwins Cheese,
Pine Apple ri.eeac,
Full Cream t'lieese,
5rl k Cream Cheese,
Roquefort Cl.eee,
Youu America Cheese,
Hquefort .in glass .
Creme do h ie in glass.
K. .. Williaais. the grocer.
Drink Japooiu Tea,
4o cell's per pound,
M.trr & Robertson.
Wood wautel at once this otl'ue.
Go to WiUou Ac Cooke for Oliver plow
Laetf cuititins alii bedspreads
Racket store.
County arid city warrants wanted by
the Commercial bank.
Takeyo.tr Horseshoe tobacco cards to j llorn ,,. w ,, ,,., , Sa,
E E. Wi'liains, the gnx er. T,, . , . . ..,
e lhe taial juroru were excused until
Money to loan on good real estate Monday next, as no jury cases are to be
security by A. fv Drescer. heard this week. The grand jury im
F. II. R7 pla7ha7T.Tn"pronounced ! ie,Jiu'1; "'"'e.med work, but as yet
ly the be.-, critics first das,. 1,ave l"de, 1,0 l ,0 wurt-
On a call of the d.xket the followimr
I cases were dismissed :
! W. Kunyan vs. F. M. Robertson,
case waa tried, decided 111 favor of Mr.
Charman, Mr. Snidow'n uttorneya im
mediately gave notice of ivppeul and the
case will go into the circuit court.
T, L. (.'hat man, with Ilia brother, K.
K. Charman, hold tax deeds to the river
front between Fourth and Sixth (Streets
and to prevent its being liouiesleuded,
have had it fenced.
Over the Kill Is.
As announced "Captain Webb"
went over the falls again last Sunday
in his barret. The trip this time
occupied 10 minutes. After the
barrel hud been towed out into the
stream and turned adrift, the brisk
southwest breeae bore it in toward the
breakwater, which it touched just before
taking the llret tumble over the electric
company's dam. The wind and the tur
bulent water held the barrel spinning
half a minute at the foot of the dam, j
where it (ell. Then it slid slowly down
stream hugging the (lam closely, and it
was a (ill 1 1 minute longer beloie the bar
rel was released from it perilous situation
aud went tumbling down the rocks to its
final plunge, flie remainder of the
nip was not noteworthy. The craft was
towed ashore as la'tore, uud the naviga
tor released iu sound condition, except a
fracture of the left wrist. When the
barrel fell over the dam aud was held
there so long, the inside gearing broke
and "Webb" put up his left arm to pro-
; tect his head, fracturing it instead of his
The jump Irom the suspension bridge
into the river did uot take place, as
" Lieutenant Yauglit" lost his courage
at the last moment.
The crowd w as about as large as on
the previous Sunday. A big excursion
traiu was iu from Saleiu, and six boats
in addition to cars brought eople from
Portland. I
Kllolian llvfUM.
One of the things hnuiwikeeiieni flud
(liflliiult nt this aeiwon ia the disposal of
kttuuou refuse, 1 he caution ia uiiiphu
alaed ut least to keep It dry. The oliiiiige
which takes pluoe wheu water la mixed
with food waste ia very dillurotit from
that which it undergoes whuil kept dry
The one is putrefaction dangerous,
capable uf cunning illneas If its gases
are breathed by Ntueioptihle systems.
The other is imturo'a mode of disposing
uf all things uf eurtli a trim decum
position, or nitrification, a process of
give and tokurworkod out by living or
ganisms. If the refuse pail is left Iu the open
air and all liipiid kept out, practically
uo harm can lie done, but the heat uud
sleam of the kitchen accelerate putre
faction. The penetrating power of
steam, greater than that of dry heat,
goes (looxir into the refuse pull thau is
A handful of earth should be a house
keeper's ever ready sanitary aid, esiooi
ally Iu city bourn's. Taken from the
surfueo iu any back yard, it will be
teeming with iuvisihle life, ready to
perform specific functions and reduce
all to it own kind, earth or dust.
Whether iu earthworms or bacteria they
serve us ugmits of sanitation ami avert
danger of rising gases as well as defeat
ing those H(ilcutlul scavengers tiles.
A covering- of earth is a cleaner lid than
ever tiusiuitu made. New York Times.
In tinier to niuko room Tor u lnre Htonk of
Gents' Furnishing Goods
The t'litire Mtoi'k of dry rooiIh ut tlie
...Harness and Saddles...
At the Armory Buildinu:
Smoke the Kermesse cigar.
K. K. Wiliiamf, the grocer.
New lac, special line for children's
Wash dresses, at the Kacket store.
Do.t't forgt-t Hie event in theatrical
circles at tliively's Hall Friday and Sat
urday. Ladies' and children's shirt waists,
best quality, and at very low prices at
the Kacket store.
Posters and programs announcing Prof.
Werschkul'a vocal class concert will soon
be out. Watch for them .
F. II. IUy will he siipMjited by Theo.
Kremei's celebrated company of players
4-riday and Saturday at Shively's hall.
De Witt's Witch lintel Salve cures
scalds, burnd, imJulent sores and never
fails t ) cure piles. C. G. Huntley, drug
For Co cents you can get a good urn
hrella at the Packet stoie. All styles
and priis. This line of goods will not
be carried over which means that bar
tains will be given.
For lootwe.tr you can get babys' shoes
at 25 cts ; ladies coarse shoes at 89 cts ;
wen's boot 3 at $1 .75, or you can get the
best grade of (roods made at bottom
lrices at the Red Front.
There will be a general rally of the
jroung peoj le of the Baptist church next
Sunday. The morning sermon will be on
the oung people's work, and in the
tyeuing (here wilt be several addresses
by members of theyoung people's society
instead of the usual sermon. The work
(f Cluiilian developement and good
citizenship will be among the themes
discussed. All are invited to these
The ladies' Extra Session of the Leg
islature, at Shively's hall Saturday even
ing, went oir iii a very satisfactory man
ner The local hits were good. Some
of the speeches on lhe bill for school
suffrage for the men of Oregon were ex
exceHent. The gentlemen lobbyist added
materially to the interest. As a financial
venture it was a failure, the attendance
being small, owing to the limited adver
tising given the entertainment.
The joyful Faster season was appro
priately observed by C. G. Huntley, the
druggist, who commemorated the oc
casion by going into the hennery busi
ness for a short time. One ol his large
show windows was entirely given up to
the use of an old hen and her brood of
chicklings, whose graceful antics chal
lenged the admiration of the passers-by.
Mr. Huntley, who heretofore has only
bien successful in the pharmaceutical
li le, has now roved his efficiency as a
Oregon National Bank vs. W. S. Jt.
Jones, James Hodges vs. Julia A. Frost,
Zimmerman & Miller vs. John Co'iery,
Mary Fredericks vs. Bernard Fallert,
Jennings & Webber vs. John Conway,
F. C. Perry vs. John Palmer, Helen M.
Montour vs. Daniel Montour, II. Tim in
vs. August Straw awer, State of Oregon
vs. Bank of Oregon City, and State of
Oregon vs. Commercial Bank.
The last two cases were b.lls of discov
ery instituted by Governor Pennoyer to
have un-cailed for deposits escheated to
the state. The costs of beginning the
actiens were taxed against the state,
upon the dismissal of the suits
Louisa Mout was granted a divorce
from AloiizoSlout. The sale of property
of Henry Swift et. al. to satisfy a judge
ment of Mary A. Hatch was confirmed.
Henry Gerson took judgement for $100
against Edward Dupuis, of Oswego. A
decree of foreclosure was granted in the
case of Thomas O'Connor vs. Samuel
Ericksen et. al. for f 700. The case
against George Conors and Bob Garth
orne. forjswindling Chinaman on aliogus
opium deal, was set for trial April 22
Homestead In lhe City.
The erection of a house on the vacant
land between the Catholic church prop
erty and the river front, and enclosing
the property with a fence, with a view
of filing a homestead on the land, by W.
L. Sniduw, has stirred tip considerable
interest in real estate circles during the
week in this city.
Mr. Snidow bases his claim to the
right of homestea ling the land on the
fact that the government plat of the Mu
Loughlin claim show s that the meander
line of the Willamette river intersects
Water street at that point and as a con
sequence all land outside of the meander
line and beyond the street is yet govern
land and not included in the McLough
lin claim.
T. L. Charman is also a claimant to
the land by virtue of a tax title and
claims a goo I chain of the title for the
property involved. Conceding the fact-
that the government plat shows the me
ander line of the river even to encroach
on Water sireet, it is held that the Mo-
Loughlin plat of the town, showed a por
tion of land between the street and the
river, that congress recognized that plat
in the act declaring the claim forfeited j
to Dr. McLoughlin and giving it to the
state for school purposes, and that the
state's sale to the McLoughlin heirs was
a further confirmation of the legal ex j
istence of the strip. The McLoughlin
heirs sold to the Oregon Steam Naviga
tion 'Company and in the breaking uo
jot that company there was failure to
The McLoughliai chautauua circle
met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. 11.
Dye Tuesday eveuing, aud all present
were pleased to have the regular lesson
omitted and its place supplied by an
impromptu lecture on art by Colonel
Kobt. A. Miller. The colonel is a readv,
fluent speaker and bis knowledge of the
subject gathered from his own artistic
experience aud personal acquaintance
with leading artists of the day, enabled
him to treat the subject both from the
craftman's and connoisseur's point of
yiew and the talk was very instructive.
Arrangements have been made by the
circle to attend the meeting of the His
torical society, to be held at the First
Congregational church, in Portland,
Monday evening. The popular feature
of the evening's entertainment will be a
lecture on the Hudson Bay company by
Mrs. C. II. Dye. All the- members of
the different circles in this city are iu
vited and will attend in a body, de
duced rates have been obtained from the
East Side railway company and
special car will be provided for the i
J'rof. Werscbkul's vocal class, which ! Iuake any disposal of this liver front
baa been in progress during the pact
winter, is now nearing its close. A fine
program is being prepared for the con
cert which will soon be given, iu which
will appear Miss Liz.ie Mae Bentley,
the talented elocutionist and piano solo
Lit, and Mis. J. S. Montgomery, soprano,
of Portland. Prof. Werscbkul's concerts
wherever given, are known for their ex
9 ' lleut programs and artistic interpata
tions, aud this one will prove no excep
tion to the rule. Full particulars will
be given later.
Wednesday Hamilton Bros, turned
their stock of general merchandise over
to G. It. II. Miller, J. A. Talhert, J. II.
Deardorf, Eli Criswell, II. P. Bestow, T.
B. Hankins, J. Gorhett, Jamts Shaw, II.
Xh lessen, W. II. Smith and P. Hhiim-
way, who held a chattel mortgage on the
goods securing endorsed notes of the firm
ta the amount of $iOT0. A suit waa also
begun against the llrriu by U. L. Sabin
for certain wholesale house) for claims
aggregating 13-100. Jas. Shaw, on behalf
of the mortgagees, took possession of the
store and will dissseof the goods. Jus.
Shaw, Jr., is In charge of the books and
cash of the firm. Hamilton Bros, claim
that had they not lieen pushed they
could have paid all their creditors in full.
Their trouble was brought about by giv
ing too liberal credit and too heavy in
vestments in real estate, followed by the
late hard times preventing them from
collecting or realizing a fair price for
their property.
('lull Meet lug.
A meeting is called of the Oregon City
Young Men's Republican club, to be
held on Monday evening, April 2'.'d, at
Poiie's hall, for the purpose of electing
delegates to attend the state convention
of ulubi to be held in Portland on May
'.':'( I. The attendance of all republicans
is asked,
T. P. Baniuix, Ciias. Mkskkvk,
Sec. Pres .
Unsuspected disorders of the kidneys
are responsible for many of the ordinary
ailments uf humanity which neglected,
develop into a serious and perhaps fatal
malady. Experience would suggest the
use of Dr. J. McLean's Liyer and Kidney
Balm, For sale by C. G. Huntlev.
The full biH of fare, well cooked and I
well served, is placed on the table at the
Farmers' Home hotel. The best the
market atl'ord is provided and Mr. and
Mis Sumner endeavor to give full value
in all meals seived. Keiueiiiber the
place, opposite the court bouse,
liemember the play written and plotted
be produced fnrtlm
fclir'a a True tl-mln.
One of the uiissionary heroiues of the
world is Miss Annie Taylor, a Presby
terian missionary to TiM. Weulthy
uud cull ivnted, she decided in spite of
the opposition of ber parents to give
herself to missions. She studied medi
cine and worked us a uume iu a htwmtul
to prepare herself for the work. She
also acquired a knowledge of dentistry.
Largely at her own expense she weut to
Chiua, assumed native cu.tuiue, nettled
on the borders of Tibet and bct'im to
leiiru the lunguage of that tl"roe people
auioug whom Christiuu miHsiouuries
have not yet obtuined a fiaithold.
Having thoroughly prepared herself,
she made an entrance into the country,
uud there she hint lived fur some time.
She has been expired to the uut terri
ble dangi-rs, but the jsxiple of Tils't
have spared a Woimiu where they would
uut buve gp.tred a uiau. The chief sev
eral times d ied to poiaou her. Shu was
made a prisoner. Shu was exposed, nn
protwtcd, to ruin and snow and intense
cold, sometimes shaping at night iu a
hole dug iu the ground, and yet through
thousands of dangers, through famine
aud death and what was worse than
death, she was safely carried ami hits re
turned to tell us wonderful tilings of
thut dark uutiou ami to make ready a
fciroe that shall take Tibet for Christ.
Goldeu Itule.
Hliora U Hot WralU.r.
Dou't try to wear a shoo that is too
small for the foot iu hot weather.
This is Hying in the face of oommou
sense. The feet require a little humor
ing iu the summer. They get irritable
and excitr-d under the least provocation.
Even the Iron rails on street car line
swell under the fierce, rays of tho sun,
and what can he i'iK-ctcd of tlesh and
bhxxl? Wear u size, or at least a half
size, larger shoo during the summer
than you did iu the winter. Hoots and
Shoe Weekly.
Captain Sweeney, U. S. A., San Diego,
Cal.says: ''.shiloh's Catarrh Remedy
is the llrst medicine I have ever found
that would do me anv gissl" Price 50c.
For sale by Geo. A. Harding
B. II. Ilowman; Pub. Enquirer; of
Bremen, Ind , writes: Last week our
little girl babv, the only one we have,
was taken sick with croup. After two
doctors failed to give relief aud life was
hanging on a mere thread we tried one
minute One Minute Cough Cure and its
life was saved. C. G. Huntley, druggist.
Mrs. T. S. Hawkins, Chattanooga,
Tenn., says, "Shilob's Vitslixer'SA VED
MY Life.' I consider it the best remedy
for a debilitated system I ever used."
For Dyspepsia, Liver or Kidney trouble
it excels. Price 7o cents. For Saleuv
G. A. Harding.
Just deceived.
A shipment of Hill's famous maple
sugar, product of lii Try it.
E. E. Williams, The Grocer.
It will be an ugre. ahle surprise to per
sons subject to attacks of bilious colic to
learn that prompt relief may be bail by
taking Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera
and Diarrho-a Remedy. In niunv in
stances the attack may he prevented by
taking this remedy nt soon us the first
symptoms of the disxase appear. 60
cent bo'tles for sale by ti. A.. Harding,
Ksrl's Clover Ro"t, the k'reat blood
puriller gives freshness and clearness to
the complexion and ernes constipation,
25e., 6Kr., 1 00 for sule by Geo. A.
Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Cabinet Work, Fitting up Stored and Repairing of all kinds.
Jobbing Order Promptly Executed.
ihi i.m tiii: mm i:nt.
j0"Shop comer Fourth and Water strwts. back of Poh ft Co', Oregon City
...NOW OPEN...
f4ecu Shoe Store
Next dimr to llunncister & AmlreM-ii.
, before you
Is guaranteJ to be given on all goods. A trial is askei
go to Portland.
A oave Money.
And Encourage
Home Industry
Highest Honors World' Fair.
' "7 . I " , re at home will
nv t uv u.-j i i . i v ivrn, Alien a nag Bl-T il t 4" a. it i I . i , ,, . ,
, , . , . . I nret time at Sluvely t theatre Friday
sensed to "uukuowu," sold for taxes, I , , , . . '
i i 1 antl t"rlay evening. Reserved seats
u.u ii .hi. vuaiiiit.ii, (tuta, in uut;
time a deed waa issued to him.
at Huntley's book store.
Tuesday Mr. Charman brought suit! W. T. Sauford, Station Agent of I.w-
I against Mr. Snidow for forcible ertry i l"'r Clarion Co., Pa., writes : 1 1 tn rec-
and tresrais up n the land, Af er i omuienil Cue Minute tough Cure as the
lenghty arguments had been uiade by i Dest ' ever ued. It gave instant relief
the attorney's in the caee, Cliarman
being represented by Chan. Latourette
aud Snidow by T. F. Cowing and W. L.
Jones, Justice Dixon, before whom the
C. G. Huntley, drug-
and a quick cure
Ladiea hair trimmed ia the latest
style at Sloper's barber shop.
k pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder. Fret
torn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
Qregon Picture Frame
Make a Specialty of Manufacturing
Mouldings . . .
and picture Frames
New and Novel Designs
108 Second Street
Near Washington
IrT? f 1
M. J. MORSE, Manager.
Easels Pictures and Art Material.
1 ffff
an J thoHC who watch and wait for timo
will only diHCover ita flight. You can
diHcovcr an elegant collection of timo
pieces in our stock of ladies' and
gentlemen' gold and silvo watches,
which in all canes are models of ac
curacy, keeping time so well that they
don't lone it. We can confidently rec
ommend our watches and clocks, too,
as entirely trustworthy, and meeting
the needs of the hour to a second. Our
assortment of lashionablo jewelery and silverware is very complete
The Argonaut
Is the only high-class jmlitical and literary weekly purlin) cX t
I'acific coast. Thousands of sinple-stanipud copies of it :i- t m
the post office every week, reniailed by subscribers to ( loir '
It has a larger circulation than any paper on the Pacific m;i.-i .
three San Francisco dailies. It eoes into all the well to do .'.'
of the Pacific coast. Over 18,U00 circulation. Argonaut bui! !;,.
Grant Avenue, Sun Francisco. For sale at Hunth'y's I!
Oregon City Enl
$1.50 Per Year in