Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, March 29, 1895, Image 5

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    Oregon City Enterprise.
(). C, T. ro.'NHTKAMKIt.
Hloamrr KAMONA.
LB l IHKllN 111. I.KAVM fllHUtHU
I' III, 7 HO m
' l. III. II HO n. m.
II Wl p. iii. i mi i. in,
Tli KikI
Iv I'ortlaixl Tnyliir alrrxl dix it nl B (Ml A. M.
ml la v (IrcKon VAif Uir Haliuii 7 in A. M.
Tnti)f, TliuoiUy anil MnturilMy.
Leave luiljpmiilKiira 11 A M ml Hulpm 1 iti
A M mil Orrniiii l ily l ull I' M tor I'url-
Uml MumUy, Wrilni'Mlny and KrliLjr,
Kl llnm, ikh1 ' nn h1 i I Ion mill low rulm.
Nil way frriKlit baii.IK i, M.i:lal r.U-i uu
lliroiuli IrolgliU
MtlMTH lilllNII,
Callluriila Kmrnaa (Ihriiuuli)
h.iilmr Iak:I (way iLlluu.)
oiitii mil Ml).
Knrhurit Loral (way latlniia)
t'alllnrnla hipraaa lht,iiili)
7 in a m.
' t u p. m.
( I a. m
7: p. in
Tim Ulilo,
Iiava lavn
Ortfuii ( ily. Wlllaiiiviia Kalla.
: HA M. i A. M.
II no " II ft "
I uu I'. U, I irt r. M.
a in a mi "
0 iW " "
1M.T Tl X .
10 A. XI. VII A.M.
luiu I" It "
ll.ui " II .10 "
1 uu', M. I 1ST M.
IJW " I 41 "
iu " i Iti "
j- au ' i V "
iw l' "
l m 8 . "
4 ll 4 V "
4 .l " 4 4.'i "
6 iu " t 16 "
t ai " ft 4'i "
uu n n "
1'. A. Mn.l.na, HtiL
lllf MAI1.H.
Uallaclixe "' North. U i . J r ' . P tn.
kalla rhxn ! Hoiilh, a III , II 4 'i IU.
Vtf(,iii ('lit 1'iTllaail over Kal HIiIp Itall-
iv, ria II :ir, M uA ftui I M.arruiHi
II uft A. M an.) 4 fp H Si rarrlra Hi.nl.iinl,
Kaaiani, W tat kiiIp, Hamly ami lliiililiniil ruiiirn'
Ut, illl Clijr tnKly.l'iwiia. Nuliii" l.ll ,1 imI
Molalla iiaioa al 11 m. ami armra at in.
(irrnoii riiy In llt-awr l.rli. Mink, Clark.
Mra.low Ikjxiok. i ultiu St l!l, ami I'nlnn.lMira
al IU a. hi. Momlay Hnlnrailajr niJ Krhlay
ml rviurua uu li.llc.wlha ilava al 1 .11 1. m
Cirraun t'lly to Viola, Ikii ami llritlaml
Iravra JrrMii I lly Momlay Wnllli,la aod
Krlilayatl Wl I', M., Uavl Viola aanm daya
lUuil M,
Anoilii'r ruft in )fiiik hmlt t Su-lln on
the li-r Colunihiu (or Sn FrHiiriin-o,
the liitviition lH-iiiK to tiy (Ion dip in 1 lit
miiiinicr timcwht'ii pto u u uif li-w utnl
fur bitwci'ii, mid tlnm vo.l the ilnrnn
troiw hi'o of tlm two pii'viwn iu(l. Thin
r(t will he uil ilov.li hy powi rlul
ocean alciiin-r ImmIciiiI of I Ma, inn) hy
Imvinif it -x1r ntroi'K il UmthJ tlmt
the trip can to iionle cufi'ly. Some wv
iity toim of cuhht will I iiiHi-d iiimlinK
the ruft which will h ciur h)im 1. It
will I m imnily 400 feet ImiK mid will
draw uIidiiI twenly feet. In lniihlinK the
ruit it criiille in iied which look" miiiie
tlniiK like (Ik frame work fir the nil of
t tihip, Tto piling ix Idled into it hy it
crane anil Hteiun engine. Thi" H.VM'ein
ot lnppiiit pilinu mid li'K hiii I" I'" I'm'
ployed on the Allmilic inuft where the
loan were hnmtfht from Nova Scotia to
JtoHlon and New York ; hut nwiiin to the
etoriny cliHra lcr of the AHuntii: h nun
the raft often wivit to plows. It wan
Cajiecled Unit that the IViHc, beinu
lixire (jniia. would oiler leen rn-k to tlim
UH'tlnxl o( linnlliiitf liniher, hut ho fur
the HtmitiN have Im-cii too much fur theae
rafta am; they went to pieoea the first
tlity out.
X lloi-B iti1 li'oHHiiaB.--Uxler ordura
of the county court, TVa-MiT M. L.
Moore luta had hia oflice pot in audi a
Hhape that a liold-up ami rohbory would
to iniK)(iHihl!. A heavy tall counter
ha been pu in cx'i ndiiig acrosa the
room with hut a door way left to paHa
Into the buck of I be room where the
aafo la kept. Thia doorway la yarded hy
heavy grated iron door with m alriing
aprinK lock V) hold it. Kxtcmlinu; along the
top of the counter m mi iion hilttce work
which cflectuully preventa an Intruder
from gutting tohind the counter. A glaaa
pnncl Iiiim la-en tilled iuto Uio door
opening into tho hallway and electric
Iwdla connectinu the office with tlioae of
the aheriir mid clerk so Unit help could
lie huniniiincil iiHtiintly. The entire coat
has bron lend than f ICO and it ia money
well spent for it givca adaolule i-afeiy (o
the county fiuula fioin all danger ol a
robherv hy a hcl l-up.
Wakhinuton County C'hkamkhy Il
appeuiifrom the Jlilli-boro Indepciidcnl
that the South Timltit in cieiuueiy is do
ing a good luiHiiit'HH and ia proving a
great thing for the fiirniera of t hut sec
tion. This creamery for tho month of
February, made and imukctcd (Hftft
of butter mid Biipplied only two-thirds
of the orders placed with the 1'or'land
agent. To make one pound of butter
2129 pounds of milk were required.
From one pound of butter fat 1.24 pounds I
were made. The net value of the butter I
fat for the month wa 25.54 cents per '
pound. ;Th milk netted the dairy man
(1 per hundred weight.
, , 1. , ,wa .
Cn aMgk tK Ownerhm-ii- The friends
of Hon'. F. L. Min tie in thia city will be
pleased to leairn that, he is now sole owner
of the Osweiio lumber yard, he having
bought out Ininan, Paulsen A Co. of
Portland. "Mr.' Mintio Is a rustling busi
ness man, and the success in his business
is merited and comes of hard work and
upright dealing.
Nkw Tki.ki'iionkh. Owing to tlm utroiiK
Imlnctloii front tlm electilc 1 ijlit anil
trully wlri'. Ilia t'lcctrii-iniililii'tlc It'll)'
phone lately uit in by Uin Ore-iron Tele
phono iiinl Tuli'iirHpli Co., have, not given
mitiNfiu'iliin, mill the company will noon
ri'lucn tlii-NU Inatruint'iitK wit h tlm hot
long dint a mil Hill telephone, With
llieno liiHlnimi'iilH uu iniliii tion however
heavy will iiitcrfoiii with their working,
mill no ilifllcnlty will hit experienced in
coiiyi-rniiiK with Seattle, Hpokane, or any
oilier UinUnt pluio With thino ex
licnxivd long (Untunee telephoned, furn
IhIumI to miliHi riliur at only fL'.&O per
moiitli, mill no cliii'Keforawilching, Ore
gon City In given h cheap a telephone
MTVire any town In the United Mate.
With tho jwrfflct Hervlce the company
will now he ulilo to give it la expected
the number of liiHtruine nta will he more
than tloiihlcd in thia city. They are
convenience anil nereimity that cannot
In- (liHM-niM;d with by bimlmtn men or in
Tn a Coi nty's Ohowtii. The mall
not vice of a section Is a good criterion as
to lla growth of population and business.
Judging from thia basis, Clackuniss
county mtiat he growing faster than ia
realized by our aop!e (or there Is not a
until foute iu the county but what baa
had an incrcaiu in the amount of mail
mutter handled within the punt year.
Ti e Molalla route ia one that ha' shown
the greatest increaae ai d notwithstand
ing Iheie ia a daily service, it is' all one
hot nit can do to carry the mail each trip
and frequently, as was the rase last
Monday, another horse has to be se
cured to take out the extra mail. With
out hoaating, but probably no other
county in the state has made the solid
growth I lie pant year that Clackamas
county has. The coining year w ill see a
still greater increase in the wealth and
(Herniation of our county.
Wakiiinoton Taxi:s. l.'nder the new
law lately panted hy the Washington
hgislntuie asfpasmenla wid only be
iniide on alternate years the value to
to estimated on the 1st liny of April of
the (jdd-iiuuihcred years. The tenuity
for dc liiiipic ncy in payment of taxes Is
reduced to two per cent, and the intern-1
is placed at 12 pel cent, iter an
mint, with the proviso that if one-half
the tax to paid on the 21st day of Mav,
then the remaining half may to paid on
November 30ih follow ing, hut if said re
maining half ia not paKI on or tofoie
that ilute, then sts h balance shall to
subject to penalty and Interest from the
81st day of May preceding until paid.
Tlte delinquent taxes of IK! 12 and 1H!3
may to paid on or before July 1st, IK!),'),
with a rebate of penalty and interest,
iiich amounts to 4b ht cent, of taxes
of '12 ami 2.r pcrocul. on those of the
succeeding year.
1'otatoks fon 'ma KoiTii . Tuesday
morning a cailimd of potatoes left Oregon
City for tialvestnn, Texas. They were
shipped I y V. T. Harlow, tho well known
inert-Hunt of this city, lie will ship
another carload Monday, anil at frequent
intervals theieu.'tcr so long as the market
will justify . Tiiis is the first potatoes
ever exported out of the state other than
to California from this city, and indicates
the hcgimiingof a new eta to our fanners.
When the people expoit as much as they
"import theie will tie fewer bankrupts
among our farnera and a prosperity will
come to Oregon that will he permanent.
Emma L. Dickenson, a graduate of the
Portland Business college, w ll organise
a cIhhs in shorthand at Mr. Dye's oflice
an Monday, Apr. 1, at 7:30 p. in.
Law and high school students, working
people and teaoiiors can join this class
and by taking three lessons a week, loon
wastei this valuable art. Miss Dicken
son is an expect stenographer and a
'first-class teacher. Terms to suit the
The exposure to all sorts and condi
tions of weather that a lutnhormun is
called upon to endure in the camps, often
produces severe coMa which, if not
promptly checked, result in congestion
or uneiimonia Mr. J, 0. Davenport,
ei manager of the Fort Bragg Redwood
Co., an immense institution at Fort
Itragg, Cul., says they Bell laigo quanti
ties of Chumherluin's Cough Kemedy at
the company's store and that he has
himself used this remedy for a severe
cold and obtained immediate relief. This
medicine prevents any tendency of a cold
towurd pneumonia and iiunres a prompt
recovery. For sale by U. A. Harding,
druggist. '
An Absolute Cine.
The Original Ahietinu Oil, Intent is only
put up in huge two-ounce tin Isixes, ami
is an absolute cure foi old sore, hut ns,
wounds, chaptutl hands and all skin
eruptions Will positively cure all kinds
of piles. Ask for the Original Ahietine
Ointment. Sold by C. G. Huntley at
25 cents per box by mail 30centii.
Will's seeds are good; Likewise his
trees and plants. Twelfth annual cata
logue now ready, is full of things that
will intorust you, among which are
sucalino the new foraue plant, Great
Northern Hean, seventy day corn, first
of all pens and golden queen onion.
HuVdy fruit and forest trees at hard times
prices $25 in prizes for best yield of
com. Oscar H. Will, Biamark, North
The Enterprise is tho only news,
paper in Oregon that giyea a cash pre
mium to those paying their subscription
in advauce.
Weather for April.
The following data, compiled from the
weather-bureau records In Portland
cover a period of 2.') years for the month
of April, and should prove of value and
Interest In anticipating the more impor
tant meteorological elements, and the
range within which such variations may
be expected to keep during tho coining
month :
Mean or normal tenisirature, 5.'! degs.
The warmest month was Unit of 1H81,
with an average of 55 degrees.
The coldest mouth was that of 1893,
with an average of 44 degrees.
The highest temperature was K5 de
grees on the 28th, 1810.
The lowest temperature was 28 de
grees on the 7th 1875.
Average date on which last "killing"
fiost occurred in the spring, April 11.
Average for the month, 3.21 inches.
Average number of days with .01 of an
Inch or more, 15.
The greatest monthly precipitation
was 7.88 Inches in 1883.
Tho least monthly precipitation was
1.12 inches in 1885.
The greatest amount of precipitation
reeoulcd in any 24 consecutive hours
was 134 inches on the 2d 18H3.
Aveiage number of clear days, G;
paitlv cloudy days, 10; cloudy days, 14.
The prevailing winds have been from
tho south.
The highest velocity of wind w as 44
miles from the southwest on the 3d, 1893.
America's tireatest Humorist.
Kli Perkins is the most philosophical,
the most humorous and the most enter
taining orator on the platform. He has
lectuied to hundreds of our great
colleges, churches, Young Men's Christ
ian asKH-iations and star lecture associa
tions. The W. T. lecture bureau writes:
"This lecture of Kli Perkins was the
sensation of the year. It is full of
philosophy, eloquent oratory and start
ling christian thought and keeps the
audience tkinking and screaming with
laughter tor two hours. It is indescrib
able." Miv Perkins is a member ot the
American association for the advance
ment of science and has been elected
vice preshlent of the Corpus Christi
Chautauqua assembly. Kli Perkins (Mel
ville D. Landon) will lecture at Shively's
opera house, April 2d, subject, "Philo
sophy of Wit and Humor" and "How to
Catuse Laughter " Reserved seats 60c,
admission 50c If you want a good lo
cation go to Shively's at once and select
your seats ; there will be a packed house.
Many tickets have been sold. You can
select your seats now and they will be
kept for you until the day of the lecture
at 12:30 p. in., Tuesday. April 2d, 18SV
Prnirruiii for Nautilus C. L. S. C.
Order of exercises for Monday evening,
April 1st, 115, at the residence of L. C.
Quotations, from any author.
Leirul roniiniscencea. Paper.
Character sketch ot Li Hung Chung.
Vocal Music.
The Nicaragua canal. Paper.
Sketch of Sir Walter Scott: Hia char
acter and writings.
Open Parliament " Is the power of
oratory decreasing?"
Critic's retort.
Report of committee on program.
Owing to the amount of work to be
done, members are reminded that the
hour of meeting is 8 o'clock sharp.
When Poneo-de-Leen sought to find
The fountain giving took lost youth,
It might to that he had in mind
That draught which seems to make
a truth.
Out df the fable ages old,
For drinking of it the old grow young;
It is indeed a draught of gold,
Surpassing all by poets sung.
The drought ment is lr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery, of course.
It is a most potent rcjuvenator of the
weakened and debilitated system It,
drives out all poison, all inpurity, en
riches the blow) and makes the old and
worn out feel young and vigorous.
Ponce-de-Leon didn't discover it, but Dr.
Pierce did. and he rightly named it when
he, called it a "Golden Discovery."
Dr. Pierce's Pellets cure permanently
constipation, indigestion and headaches.
All dealers.
A meeting of the Free Reading ltootn
and Libt ary Association will be bold at
their rooms on Saturday evening, March
iHUh , at 7 :30 for the purpore of electing
a treasurer to succeed C. Iloberg, re
signed, and for such other business as
may to brought beloro the meeting.
K. G. Cackikld, President.
Karl's Clover Root will purify your
blood, clear your complexion, regulate
your howels and make your head clear
as a toll. 25c, 50c., and a dollar. For
sale by Geo. A . Harding.
The name One Minute Cough Cure
suggests a medicine that relieves at
once, and quickly cures. Its use proves
it. C.C. Huntley, druggist.
Justice blanks, real estate blanks, and
all other blanks at the Entkhphihk of
fice. Portland prices.
The latest in visiting cards at the En
terprise Oefici. Prices to suit you.
The nlivKician who nrescribes for
you unuerHluriils perlectly wen tnat ;
he cannot be too careful. The more I
thoroughly he underHtands the art j
of healing, the more thoroughly
he appreciates the necesHity fori
caution. It in almost superfluous I
to Fay that the druggist to whom
you take your prescription, should j
exercise at least a corresponding 1
degree of care. If he fails to do :
this, medical attendance may be,
rendered valueless. . You can have!
as much confidence in the prescript
tions we fill for vou as you could if
you were competent to fill them j
yourself and did it.
Precription Druggist,
Oregon City, Or.
tl II
is a pleasure when one is provided
with good paper, good pens, and
good ink.
We carry the W. II. Hasbrock's
Co. "High Class" writing paper
tho very finest in white, cream
and the latest tints. You can have
a sample book for the asking.
We have all the leading makes
of paper and the very best inks
that money can buy.
Huntleys Book Store.
P. S.-When asking for the writing
paper samples get a catalogue of I
our 10c. music. ' j
Postoflice-:- Store.
Dry Goods,
Boots Shoes,
Our Groceries are Fresh
and of the best quality.
In Prices we meet
Portland Competition.
Successor to
Let me have a trial order.
EatahllHhcd 163.
Tfangfef ndExpfe,
Freight and parcels delivered
to all parts of the city.
aH Cnr. C,c It 5J
For sale by C. G. Huntley.
scientific jirms'
fur w w
w It M V
The Pioneer Store.
V A i
directly and Indirectly, by people who cannot do their own 6gurtng, write their owa
letter or keep their own books; and who do not know when business and leptl papers
which tbey mutt handle every dar arc made out correctly. fV All these tblngs,.ana
much more, we teach tntiniuyhiu-
Hundreds of our araduales are In (rood positions, and there wlU be openings for
hundreds more when time Improve. .Vote Is the time to prepare for them. Beside, a
business education H wrh It cKr otu$ oun urn. Send for our catalogue, to
learn what and trnw we leiic-h. Hailed f ree to any address.
Portland Business College,
A. P. Armtrong. Prln. POrtUnfJ, OregOfl. J. A. W.o. SaeraUry.
Or Building Material?
Go to C- H. BESTOW-
Lowest cash prices ever offered for
Also combination wire and picket fence,
And best farm fencing made. Prices to suit hard times.
Shop Opp. Congregational Church,
Complete Stock,
Steamer Bailey Gatzert
Leaves foot of Alder st., Portland. ,
Leaves Portland daily, except. Sunday, 7 A. K.
Leaves Astoria daily, except Sunday, 7 P. JI.
Tug Ilwaco from Ilwaco connects at Astoria with Gatzert everj
night, for Portland. Tickets of all other lines good on Gatzert.
are lost
Prices Low.