Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, March 29, 1895, Image 3

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Oregon City hntcrprise.
I s
FRIDAY, MAKUII S!1i. lHlir..
Clacknmas Co. Directory.
flnrilnti F.. Ilnyns
(lm, K. Morton
K. C MilliM'k
8 M. lumnl.y
M. I.. Moure
J, (!. Hrsdlny
II. H. (illixin
I). W Klliimlnl
II. I.. Dolman
J Kruk Jaguar
lmrk of Court.
HnhcHil MiiorlnttU(1 nnt,
Miirveyor. .
I'rlw tlio lowtwt Ht'd Front Htoroi.
(knlim nt'uiln,
(Ira 'ti(ln,
Flowur miiiiiIi,
Onluii mil,
K. K. Willlmua, th grornr.
Murr ItolirrlKiinn.
I'ull (or twinpln.
l'lr kiiiI limb wcmmI wuiitml at Dili
flleo. t(
A nw lino of sltlo cnmlit nt the
Itncki't dtiirrt.
If yon want it k'mhI pump tiny thn
llilckyu ul Wilson & ('(Kikti,
lliulioht prlcx mid liy llio Ootiiiium Ul
Imnk (or county ami city warriiii.
KrnyUu'ii RpimtiiiiiK pickle cn lie Iib.iI
t tlio Cornnr Krot'fry. IIchI In the
, Koti tlio new tinker tmir orintnivnln,
amltor atom mid metal tip, at the
Hmkut turo.
Onlum lelt at Krmik ilarluw't (torn,
(or 4 (ol or ltl lnrli wood, promptly
111 led l.y V. I'Hikor.
Hkiikik'K. AppleH, prunes, minimi,
pluiiiK or rice 6 rents a pound ; lemons
and untunes ft pi-nnv eucli at Tlio Ked
It ciirr piles, it ciireit olmllnalo Dorp,
clipod tmniU, wounds It doti tliii
quickly. In there any itxl reason w hy
You dIioiiIiI not tine IK) Will's Witch
llssel Sitlve?
lllue CronN Ceylon ten.
K. K. William, the urot-or.
Itov. Father Mitlliew will preach t
the U. II. clnircli In Ort'iion City on the
iwcoiid mid fourth hulilmtlm of each
month both morniiiK and evening an
lonn an hu la atiln to preach.
Gladstone) Krwiiliotiso i the place to
gut yoar pluiiH A Due collection on
liand of baKoiiiuH, liHlllnippa, geranlntim,
cineraria, Ionian, Mtunlan, ulr(on
itiinn, chrysanthemum, carnation,
callus, etc., etc., at bed-rock prices.
Take a done ol ItoWitt'e. I.lllle Karly
Itieers junt for (ho good they will do you.
Thene little Fills are good for Indigestion,
gixxl for heiidacn, good for liver coui'
plaint, good for constipation. They are
good. C. (i. Huntley. drtiitgiNt.
The Y. I'. B. C. K. of Tlio Frwthyter
ian church will give an entertainment
and KH'ial in Khively'a hall, Friday even
ing, April 5. Uefrenhincuta nerved a la
menu, 6 cent; admisHion, 10 cents.
Come evorylHxIv and have a good time.
Wilson A Cooke have moved their
stock of hardware ono door south of the
C'oininerciul Hunk, hut will still occupy
their old stand for (hi in luiplinients, audi
aa Itain wagons, Oliver plows, Huckeye
and l'iUher pumps, etiltivators, hay
rakes, mowers and wheelbnrrows.
I'hoto easols, both in gilt and silver, at
the Racket store.
Said tho old (Junker to his wife
"K very hod is a queer except theo and
inu anil even thee In a littlo queer." Mrs.
Helen Harford who lectures Fridny
oveniug at tho Methodist church uses
the "rtiou" and "thy" in the most de
lightful Quaker stylo Admission free.
Unaunpocted disordera of the kidneys
aro renponsihle for ninny of the ordinary
ailments of humanity w hich neglected,
develop Into a nerioui and perhaps fatal
malady. Experience would suggest the
use of Dr. J. Mclean's Liver and Kidney
Halm, For sale by C. (J. Huntley,
druggist. '
John II. Walker met with quite an ac
cident lust week while out in tho woods
locating timber for tho W. 1. A I. Co.
While crawling through the brush one
of his eyes chine in contact with a rough
branch which penetrated tho eyeball.
Tho wound is very painful though not
aerioun, and compelled Mr, Walker to
remain at home for several dnvs.
The riiilomathean society of tho High
School will produce tho comedy ontitled
"My Awful Dad," at Shlvoly's about tho
1st of May. under the management of
Messrs J. Kintonl and OIibh. Pope. The
lramalis pcrsonae Is composed of well
known young people of tho city, who
li.ivo before achieved success in the his
trioic line. Tho proceeds will be used
to buy new books (or the library of the
Wm. K. Willis, who has lived In this
city for many years, died at li i a homo on
the wostaldo, last bunday, of consump
tion, and was burled from the Episcopal
church Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Isaac
Dawson, oillciuting. He was an exempt
fireman, having beon a member of Foun
tain Hose Co., and the members of the
lire department attended tho funeral in
a body. He was 0(i years of ago, and
leaves a wifo and three children.
Ja. Kennedy, iato oigunl.er, and 8.
II. I'h Hips, secM tary of tl e 1'nrtland
lei. I of MiiccklineN, have Iweii In the city
during the week for the purpose of organ
izing a tent of the order here. The or
der Is similar to the Woodmen, or rather
the Woodmen was derived from it. It
has a membership of 1 HI ,051 , and has
paid out M, 15(1,5(18.15 in death and disa
bility benefits. In the Maccabees every
member yi according to his age, and
hsxardoui occupations are required to
pay a higher rale, th'iughextra hazardous
occupations are disbarred. The order,
during the past year, has gained faster
than any of the other beneficiary orders
and now has tents in thirty-five states
and Canada.
F.lectrlo I-odge, No. W, A. O. U. XV.,
which w as organized March 1st, admit
ted number of new member at the
regular meeting Monday. A special
meeting will be held Saturday evening
for the purpose of takimr, In several mem
ber who are to come In before the char
ter clomts, which takes place on that
The Woodmen will give another one of
their socials at their ball on Thursday
evening, April 4. All member and their
friends are exiecled to be present. An
Interesting program will be rendered.
The annual Inspection of Pioneer Chap
ter No. H, F.astern Ktar, took place last
Tuesday evening. Mrs. M. K. Kellogg,
ansocittto grand matron, and Mrs. I). K.
Hall, district denuty grand matron, both
of Portland, were present and conducted
theexerclnes. Home forty visitors (rom
the Portland chapters were present and
a moat enjoyable evening was aeiit.
Wacbeno tribe No. 13, 0. U, M., con-
feried the Warrior's degree on a worthy
hunter at their lust council sleep, after
which corn and venison were served
The trustees ol the tribe have invested
I'JtM) in Clackamas county warrants and
till have a nice fat wampum belt on
hand. Two pale faces have made appli
cation for membership to this tritie to
provide themselves against adversitv
The adoption degree will be conferred at
the next stated council. Visiting brothers
made welcome.
Wigwam Wacheno TriU No 13, I. 0,
It M.
Hunting (irouuds Oregon City.
A special committee appointed to give
expression to the feelings of the mem
bers of Wacheno Trilie, occasioned by
death in the membership of their Trilie
in this resolution, resiectfulty submit:
Wiukkai. The (ireat Spirit having
called (torn the (orest of life our beloved
brother, K. A. McDonald, to the happy
hunting grounds, where the council
fire ol love and eace burnetii forever,
therefore be it
Resolved, That we tender to the family
and friends of our deceased brother our
heartfelt sympathy in their hour of
iillliction, and to all would we commend
his virtues as worthy of emulation.
Farewell, uar Kd, our brother,
U, 'tin hard to say that word ;
For your hie, It gsvn u plraMire,
And yourdealb our iiienxtries stirred.
O, farewell, Kd. McDonald,
You whom loved no dear;
For a brother's sacred memory
Knoll Hedmaii drops a tear.
For you have ridden the Journey
W know that all im list rlile.
And may the Ureal Spirit receive you
In the prayer ol the Wacheno trilie.
Farewell, farewell, dear brother,
A lung farewell, farewell.
Resolved, That this report lie entered
tiHn the record of this Tribe.
Submitted In f. F, and C,
Fur a (oiid bingli.
The lecture of F.li Perkins will abound
in genuino wit and humor. Tho fol
lowing testimonial is fiom Rev. A. J.
Montgomery, pastor of the Presbyterian
church ol this city ami speakes for itself:
To Whom it May Conckiin :
I can most heartily commend the
lecture of F.li Perkins, to be given at
Shively's April 2d, to all who enjoy a
good laugh. In his line his lecture is,
perhaps, without peer on the American
platform. He is the (tinny man of the
people. Some of the so-called wit of
humeroua lecturers is so abst nice that
tho ordinary hearer requires an illus
trated diagram to see the "joke." No
one needs a dingiam with Eli's jukts.
It Is a (act that Perkins goes year after
year to the sumo towns. This is the
highest commendation that can be given
to anybody he takes.
I feel sure that no one ean regret go
ing to here the lecture on tho 2d of
April. A. J. MoNTtlOMKKY,
OitKtioN City, March 28th.
Free Lecture.
Everybody will do well to attend Prof.
Urllllth and Loo's lectures on phrenol
ogy and physiognomy, health and hy
giene and kindred subjects, to begin
next Monday night at the Methodist
church, this city. The owning lecture
absolutely free to the general public. At
the close of each lecture public examin
ations will be given. These lectures
will he a treat and beneficial to one and
all. Come early and secure comfortable
When your guldman coiiiob home at 'eon,
Ho aye expects to see
Two cosy slippers on the hearth,
And a cup of Japoolo Tea.
We sell the best tun-cunt canned corn
iu the market, Try it.
E, E. Williams, the grocer.
In his morning sermon last Sunday,
Dr. Cowan of the Congregational church
discoursed unoii good citizenship and the
duties pertaining thereto. He was e
tclatly plain In his remarks concerning
the responsibility of city officer and the
shifting am) shirking so ofien practiced
by them in the discharge of their duties.
The following is a brief synopsis of Dr.
Cowan' sermon, bis text being, "Should
such man as I flee?" Neh, '1:11 : .
One thing from which Nehemiali would
not flee wa olllclal duties. Ifewaaa
model mayor, such as would hove de
lighted the heart of Parkburst. HI
answer to his timid friends who w arned
him to beware of the power of bummer
politicians and city hall rings, would
have Ih-cii, " Should such a man as I
flee?" A to enforcing laws not sup
ported by public opinion, he would have
said, " I have a right to assuma that
what the people have dulilieraUdy writ
ten out on the statute book i public
opinion, rather than the clamor of the
mob down street." A for personal dan
ger Udng shot at, perhaps who ought
to care for that? If Torn Jones, the poor
widow's son, who enlisted the other day,
should decline to go to the front (or fear
sotiiclxHty would shoot at him, you would
my, " What'sa soldier for, but to be shot
at?" And i( you would say that to a poor
soldier like Tom Jones, would you say
less to the bead of a great municipality?
If Nehemiali bad been night watchman
at the mills, he w ouldn't have said, "The
company are quite as much Interested in
this property as I caix be. Therefore, if
they don't want it destroyed, let them
look out (or the thieves and incendiaries
themselves." And if he bad been mayor
of a city, he wouldn't have said, "The
people are the ones Intotested. There
fore, if they want the law enforced, let
them enforce them. Let the women and
the picachcrs, and a few specially con
scientious citizens smell out the lawless
ness which my iiolice can't discover, and
organize and punish." What's the nee
of having watchman if we have to do
our own watching just the same? And
what's the use of a city government, if we
have to be our on police and our own
magistrate just the same?
Hut another thing Nehemiali would
not flee from was unofficial renonni
bilitv. He was mayor of Jerusalem by
roval appointment, but be was elected
by Providence before be was apiointed
by the king. Circumstance and per
sonal fitness went !efor the king's
commission. In every city there are
some elected to responsibility by the
votes of the people; others are elected
no less truly, but it is by appointment of
Providence. Wealth, education, social
Knition, give them an influence and con
trol in the a (fairs of tho community,
from the responsibility of which they
cannot escape. I presume I could write
out the names of one hundred men here
in Oregon City who together hold in their
hands more power to control the social
and civic life of the community than all
the other 41KX) combined. Such men
sometimes do not even vote. They think
of themselves as one out of five thousand
in public res)onsibility, and wash their
hamta of even that small share. Instead,
each of them it one out of one hundred
perhaps one out of twenty-five, or even
ten, and whatevet happens on our
streets the ruin o( boys, tho ruin of
young girls, the sorrow and disgrace
which comes to happy homes, they are
responsible, not as one out of a great
multitude, but as one out of a very (ew.
What we need today is good citizen
ship among the masses; but what we
need far more is good citizenship among
the rich, the educated, the influential.
What we need is Nehemiahs, who, real
izing how much depends upon them, ac
cept the responsibility bravelv, saying,
" Should such men as we flee? And who
is there, that being such as we. would
go into tho temple to save his life? We
will not go in !"
Notice to Stockholders.
To the stockholders of the Blue River
Mining & Milling company of Oregon
City, Oregon :
The regular annual meeting of said
company will be held in Oregon City,
Oregon, Monday, April 1st, 1895, at 1
o'clock, p. m., at theolhVe ot F. D. Ball,
known as tho Cement building.
8. K. ORiiKS, Gko. A. Hamilton,
Vice Pres. Sec
Dated this 19th day of March, 1S95.
The dental office of L. L. Ticketis D. D.
has been removed to the Barclay block,
Main street, suspension bridge corner
where he can be found at hours to meet
hia patrons.
Appciito and sleep may be improved,
every part of the system strengthened
and the animal spirits regain their
buoyancy by the use of Dr. J. II. Mc
Lean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood
Puritior. For sale by C. U. Huntley,
Eggs For Sale.
Settings of Light Brum ah eggs can be
had of Mrs. F. T. Barlow, at whose
place adjoining the Entkkimiisk office a
flock of these magnificent chickens can be
seen. tf.
Homo-made bread is recognized as
the very best at all times and the cus
tomers of J. Egle the Shively building
baker assert that they can not tell the
dilTorence between hia bread and that
made at home unless it be that his is
just a little the better. But don't toll
your wife that.
Jury Lint.
The following person have been
drawn for Juror by (itn. Y. Horton,
county clerk, and E. C. Maddock, county
sheriff, for the April term of circuit court
which convene on Monday the 15th :
Names. Residence. Occupation.
W P Hawley, West 0 C Manufac
A II Wing, L Molalla, Farmer
T J Ogle, Needy. "
Han Paulsen, George, "
Km Cahill, New Era, Lumberman
A Luelling, Milwaukee, Farmer
J O Pilnbury, Oregon City Clerk
Jno Vancouren Eila Creek, Farmer
O A Kinger, Needy, "
C C Babcock sr Ogn City No. 2 Laborer
(ieo Randall New Era, Farmer
C Her, Pleasant Hill,
(i A Harding Ogn City No. 2, Druggist
Frank Welch, Highland. " Farmer
John Krtise, Tualatin, "
J U Cunimiiigs Beaver Creek, "
O 8 Young, Pleasant Hill, '
C K Nohlitt, Ogn C No. 1, Liveryman
J O Fehler, Ely, Farmer
II Breithaupt, Damascus, "
A L Larkin. Milk Creek,
Wm Palmateer Garfield, "
Frank Rees, Highland, "
W 8 Kent, Marquaui, "
J O Dickey, U Molalla,
R 8 McLaughlin Milwaukee "
J N Harrington Ogn City No. 2, "
O W Rohhins, U Molalla, Merchant
R I) Alexander, Sievers, Farmer
Wm Stone, " Viola,
Frank Bunch, Ogn C No. I, Merchant
Oregon has reason to be proud of her
Quaker lady preacher, the eloquent and
scholarly Mrs. Helen Harford from the
Friend's college at Nwberg, who
speak in this city thi week. Mr
Harford enjoy the distinction of having
written a most laughable parody on the
last state legislature that lias created
great interest all over the state. One of
her characters acta the part of our
fellow-townsman Rinearaon, another
personifies the dignified Senator Brown
Mr. Richard Harding Davis, who
started from the eastern coast of Hondu
ras about the midiUe of January to ride
across Central America, has arrived at
Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras,
from which place he will continue on to
the capital of Nicaragua, and from there
to Corinto, on the Pacific side. From
that point he takes a steamer south to
Caracas in South America, crossing the
Isthmus of Panama on the way. The
ride to Tegucigalpa was made on mule
back over the mountains, and lasted six
teen davs; the second half of the trip to
Corinto will require about ten days more.
Mr. Davis is accompanied by Mr. Henry
Somers Somerset and Lloyd C. Griscom,
and bis purpose is to describe the places
visited by these gentlemen and himself
in a series of articles which will appear
in Harper's Monthly and Harper's
Weekly as soon aa possible after his re
turn to New York.
California, the Land of DicoTerles.
Why will you lay awake all night,
when that most effective and agreeable
California remedy Santa Abie, will give
yon immediate relief? Santa Abie is
the only guaranteed cure for consump
tion, asthma and all bronchial com
plaint. Sold only in large bottles at
1. Three for $2.50. C. G. Huntly will
be pleased to supply you and guarantee
relief when used as directed. California
Cat-R-Cure never fails to relieve catarrh
or cold in the head. Six month's treat
ment $1; by mail $1.10. Trial bottle
50 cent.
Drs. Hickey the dentist owing to the
increased practice in their Portland office
has been compelled to discontinue their
Oregon City office. Parties desiring
dental work will find them in the Dekum
building Third and Washington streets
Portland.. Those having or more
worth of work done will have their
round trip fair deducted from their bill.
Money to Loan.
A farmer wants to loan $350. Inquire
at this office.
Stands on
Its Mkrit8 Nothing else!
lupoolo Tea.
Marr & Robertson A cents.
Something for nothing. Everyone
who buys a Rand-McNally Guide stands
insured in tho Fidelity & Casualty Co
for f 1000, without charge. Subscribers
insured continuously. For sale by all
.Milk I Milk I Milk!
Randall & Mver will furnish you a
quart of milk a day for a month for $2.00
and other quantities in proportion, and
guarantee it pure.
For Sale.
One 4-year-old mare, weight 1250 lbs.
Address Lock Box 354, Oregon City. 2t
You ought to know this: De Witt's
Witch Hazel Salve will heal a burn and
stop the pain instantly. It will cure
badly chapped hands, ugly wounds,
sores, and a well known cure for piles.
C. G. Huntley, druggist.
Busy people have no time, and sensi
ble people have no inclination to use a
slow remedy. One Minute Cough Cure
acts promptly and gives permanent re
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair HIghet Award.
River Rote.
The Shaver Transportation Co. place
their boats on their spring time Card
next Monday. The Srah Dixon will
hereafter bundle only business on the
Astoria route, leaving the local work for
the Geo. W. Shaver, which will gu onto
the Clatskanie route running direct from
Portland, leaving the Washington street
dock every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday at 6 a. m. returning the following
days from Clatskanie.
The Dixon ia one of the largest and
finest boat on the lower river and in
Biased rank among the greyhound.
She is lighted by electricity and fur
nished in a first class manner. Traveler
who desire both speed and comfort will
find the Dixon a model boat to travel
on. The Dixon's time will 1m to leave
Portland foot ol Washington street lor
Astoria every Sunday at 7 a. m. and on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30
p. m. Returning, leaves Astoria every
Menday at 6 a. m . and Tuesday, Thurs-
.1 1 L' I - . a
I lie steamer Toledo made trip to
McMinnville last Saturday, Tuesday and
Thursday. She will continne to make
regular trip so long as the water kee
at the present stage. Good load are
brought out each trip, the people of the
Yamhill valley doing ail they ean to
help the Toledo in securing the bulk of
Mt. Hood Smoking.
To early riser on last Monday morn
ing Mt. Hood presented the apiearance
of an active volcano. An immense
volume of what appeared to be steam or
light smoke was coming from the sum
mit and being carried off by the wind
to the north. It looked as though it
was pouring out of the summit of the
old mountain, and many who saw it
were sure the old volcano had aroused
from his slumber and would give as a
repition of hi firing efforts in the cen
turies gone by. A the "smoke" all
cleared away in a couple of hours
and no further indications were mani
fested it was doubtless a
freak Ot the
wind in blowing the moist air of the
valley over enows of the summit, con
densing it into a heavy fog. There is
little liklihood of Oregon's sentinel
mountain breaking out again into an
active volcano for it has evidently
ournea oui. i nere is no regular crater
now and the only place where heat and
gases come from the mountain .is from
some fissures on the side and there is
not enough comes out to be visible any
For Sale.
Two ten-acre tracts of good land for
sale, easy cleared and on proposed motor
line. 3S miles southeast of Oregon
City. Easy terms. Inquire of owner on
the place or address C. W. Porter, Ore
yon City, Oregon. 2t
To Regulate,
Tone Up,
thereby curing constipation,
dyspepsia, biliousness, dispo
sition to sick headache and
kindred ailments, take
Dr. Pierce's
1 Tavlor streets, Glenn A Cox's old stand,
Portland, Oregon.
On Dose, All Medicine Dealers. COLUMBIA HOOK AND LADDER CO.
Meets first Friday of each month at
COURT ROBIN HOOD NO. 81130 A. O. F. OF A. Fountain engine house. Chas. Athsy, Pres.
Meets the id and 4th Fridays of each month C. B Pillow, Sec'y. Chas. BmKR.f 'rm
at K P Hall 8:00 P M.
rE?K'Sr- Tr' KS'USe- D mo?edS toOdd Feow?. Wori
Sub Chief Ranger. Fanc'lal Sec. Alder, Portland, Oreg.n.
McKittrick's shoes are the best on earth.
McKittrick's prices are the lowest on earth.
McKittrick's styles are always the latest.
McKittrick's house is the squarest on earth.
The Argonaut
Is the only high-class political and literary weekly published on the
Pacific coast. Thousands of single-stamped copies of it pass through
the post oflice every week, reniailed by snbscribers to their friends.
It has a larger circulation than any paper on the Pacific coast, except
three San Francisco dailies. ' It goes into all the well to do families of
of the Pacific coast. Over 18,000 circulation. Argonaut building, 213
Grant Avenue, San Francisco. For sale at Huntley's Book Store.
Military Matter.
An election was held at the armory la
I Portland lest Monday evening for regi-
mental offic-rs for thn First Regiment,
, Oregon National Guard, Some twenty
commissioned officer of the company
were pieseiit. Thi election was made
necessary by the appointment of Co'.
C. F. Beet) to the brigadier generalship
. of the state militia. The result of the
election waa thai Lieutanant Colonel
O. Summer waa made colonel; Major
E. Everett waa elected lieuianent colonel
to fill the vacancy caused by Summers'
promotion an J Capt. F. A. Gans of Co.
E was chosen for major.
Co. F will be inspected at its armory,
Monday evening April 1st., by Adjutant
Cronne, who will be accompanied by
other member of the colonel' staff.
General Bee be is also expected to be
present. After inspection election for
captain will take place, to fill the
vacancy caused by the resignation ot
J. W. Ganong, who removed to Peril and.
some time since
SPRING SEAS0.V 1895. .
Leader Millinery Co.,
Comer 4th and Washington Sta.,
Request the Pleasure
of your visit to view
French Pattern Hats....
....and High Art Novelties,
StttinUy J r . M. Uondtj and Tuesday
Iu extending a enrdttl invitation to Innpert
our display, we do so with the sincere with
that we may have the pleasure of a personal
visit (rom jod. Our styles will reflect the
latest foreign and New York designs and novel-
j ties, and excel in variety and beauty all former
exhibitions of fashionable millinery goods Id
this city.
New Goods
Modern Prices.
Corner Grocery.
Complete stock of
Fine Family Groceries,
Try my extra
Choice Tea.-ss&
Richard Freytag.
Main and Fourteenth Streets.
Opp. Huntley's Drug Store,
All Kinds of Watches,
Clocks and Jewelry Repaired
Great Britain and America. -Give
me atrial.
T. t. WHITE.
W. a. WHITS.
Practical Architects Builders
Will prepare pIhds, elevations, working de-f
t ils, sod specifications for all kinds ol build
ings. Special attention fiven o modern cot-Uve-
Estimates furnished on application
Call on or address . WHITE BK08.,
Oregon City, Ogn
Watcttmater Next Door to 8tor
, , Grocery.
ail Jeweler work Warranted.
A Trial Is Asked.
Nitrous Oxide gas for the painless extraction
of teeth
All work warranted and prices reasonable.