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    Oregon City Enterprise.
Published Every Friday.
On year,
Six months,
frtil tuWrlritlAti
1 00
wo months,
X ceuu (or six momhs, II paid lu
A dlsroutt of SO cents on all subnerlpllona lor
e year,
oe year,
Advertising rates given on application.
Entered at the Pool Office In Oregon City, Or.,
as second clasa natter.
Vndkk the new Management of (.'has. M.
Sliortrldire the Sn Francisco Call lias dis
continued (he premium business anil here
after (he Call will rely on its merit a.i
newspaper rather than on Rift books, euro
nios, pianos, etc., to buiKI up its auhsr-rlp-tion
list. The premium business has been
carried ao far by many papers that it lias
become nothing more than a dike gamo to
work the public anil it Is now being aban
doned by ninny of the leading newspapers
of the country.
Union stills.
Meadow Brook.
Mew Era,
Park Place,
Orville. -
Kajcle Creek,
Cherry ville,
. 0. Gate.
0. W. Proaaer
A. Mather
Gary 4 Isalnger
ti j. irouinger
. 8 Hramhall
Chas Hnlman
- Henry Mtley
Hamilton & Washburn
. Mrs. 0. A. Sheppard
t. M. Cross
- J.
C. T
B. M. looper
Annie Stubbt.
B, M. Hartman
B. Jennlnfa
- r. Uiesy
h. J renin
H. Wilbern
John Welsh
J. C. Elliott
F. Guttsoh
Mrs. W. M. Mclntyre
Geo. J. Currin
Mrs. M. J. Hammer
Adolph Aschort
' The war to build op Oireon
City la to rlTe Oregon City people yonr
With gold the only medium of exchange
and it controlled by only a few men, the
governments of the world would be at their
mercy. Of the predicament that Secretary
Carlisle is in, in preparing for the loan he is
boat to make, the San Francisco Bulletin
has the following to say : " A curious state
of a flairs was disclosed by the conference
between Secretary Carlisle and the ways
and means committee over tbe proposed
new loao. Mr. Carlisle did not want the
date upon which the gold was to be deliv
ered made public, because the parties who
bare taken the loan fear that if the dates
are known tbe gold of the world may be
cornered against then). If Mr. Carlise had
talked an hour he could not bave said as
much in favor of bimetalisro as be said in
making this admission. It appears that a
lew gold speculator bave tbe power to
cause a rise or fall In the money which is
the basis of credits in all the great commer
cial countries of the world. If tbe gold
speculators can corner the gold market
against tbe United States tbey can do so
against any European country that might
need gold. In tbia way money could be
made to rise or fall to the great profit of
speculators, but with corresponding losses
to commercial and industrial interests. An
essential condition of prosperity is that
money shall bave a steady value. And
money in tbe true sense of the word means
money of ultimate redemption. There is
in fact no more money in the world than
the part of the wbole which will be accepted
in payment of debts.
Tin New York (State Agricultural society
last year paid in purses lor races f-'l.iS:! and
fur premiums on siiricultaral and Indus
trial productions $t,;i?J. The amount paid
out by Ihe Oregon state fair was in about
tbe same proportion, but reversed, tb
larger sum going to the race track and (he
smaller amount to the farmers and manu
facturers exhibit. Sometime tbe farmers
of this state may decree a change in years
to come.
Ok next Monday will take place Ihe an
nual school meeting in the various school
districts in this county. As to what tbe
schools will be doing the coming year will
be decided by the kind of men put in for di
rectors. Clackamas county has the reputa
tion of having about Ihe best schools of any
county in the state, and this high standard
should be kept up and tbe schools made
till belter.
Gs-hnaky has fallen into line iii favor of
bimetalisni. The reicbstag has passed a
resolution calling for another international
conference to consider the question. Ger
many. France and the United Slates could
come pretty near settling the matter even
if England were inclined to hold aloof.
The new premier of France, Ribot, has
declared himself in favor of bi-metallism.
If the two greatest republics in the world,
France and the I'niled States, will join
hands on this issue it will not lake long to
restore silver lo its legitimate ose as money.
Seattle Fost-Intelligencer.
Thi Portland Paily Sun having proved
such a success the management have under
taken to get out a weekly edition and issued
the first number last week. It is a very
creditable paper and will doubtless lake
with the people.
Senator Mitchell bus been trying strenu
ously to have a bill passed in congress pro
viding for a constitutional amendment to
have United States senators elected by the
people. Iu tbe senate his bill was reported
on adversely by the committee on privileges
and elections. A minority report was sub
mitted, however, signed by Senators Tur
pie, Palmer and Mitchell. In this report it
is slated that " Ihe object is to place one de
partment of the government wholly in the
control of tbe people The legislative or
law-making department of tbe government
. ought, in our opinion, to be so placed. The
laws of the United States are made by con
cress and in behalf of the people. It is a
matter therefore of the highest importance
that the law-makers in both branches of the
national legislature should be chosen by the
A majority of the senators are opposed
to allowing the people to vole on their re
election, for but few of tbem enjoy tbe
honor that Senator Mitchell has of being
able to, if senators were elected by the pop
ular rote, carry bis state by a handsome
majority. It will be a long number of
years before United States senator) are
elected by a direct vote of the people.
Fifty dollars a month is a fair estimate
of the amount of trade that comes to Ore
gon City from south of the Molalla. This
sum is so small that many may doubt the
accuracy ot the statement, but it is true. In
years gone by Oregon City had a large and
prosperous trade with that part of the
county. Tbe cause of the decline in this
trade is apparent. Tbe roads leading from
that section to Oregon City have been get
ting worse year by year, thus making it im
possible for farmers to market their pro
duce in this city; consequently they do not
come here to trade. Canny, Barlow, Wood
bnrn and other railroad towns, have secured
this trade. The roads to these places bav
ing no heavy grades, and being through an
open, thickly settled country, are passable
more than half of the year for loaded teams,
thus having the advantage of the roads
leading to Oregon City. Tbe merchants of
these towns, with this slight advantage In
roads, bave by their rustle and push gained
all the trade formerly held by Oregon City
notwithstanding they have nearly double
Ihe freight rates that Oregon City merchants
pay. 'If Oregon City is to regain her lost
trade active measures will bave to be taken
to get better roads leading to thisssection of
the county.
The Northwest Electrician, of Tacoma,
says there are prospect of an electric line
being built between that city and Seattle
this coming summer.
To the Editor: On the first Monday
of next month the taxpayers of this slate
will meet and elect by ballot a school di
rector in each of the different school dis
tricts. In view of this fact I wnle this arti
cle on the school director question.
The old adage, " as the teacher, so is the
school'" might aptly be changed so as to
read, " as the school board so is the teach
er," and consequently so la the school. An
incompetent board will more than likely
hire an incompetent teacher, (for we have a
few such), and get a retrograding school.
Many of our school boards are composed of
persons who know nothing of the require
ments of the school, and as little of the es
sential qualifications of the teacher. About
Ihe only qualification of this latter person
age which can be grasped by the shallow
minds of such a board is the qualification of
cheapness. A fneud of mine not long since
addressed a letter of inquiry to the clerk of
one of our largest country schools concern
ing the spring lerm. The reply was, "send
in your application and price." As this in
dividual was not devoted to the abominable
habit of underbidding, it is needless to say
he sent in neither application nor price.
This school board, unless tbe election places
upon the board a wide-awake, up-with-lhe-liniesman
in the spring will probably hire
the teacher whose offer is cheapest. They
will get a poor teacher, but in the blindness
of their ignorance, because the teacher gets
along with no trouble, they will herald him
abroad as an excellent teacher. On school
matters tbey are as blind as bats on a mid
summer day. We want on our school
board men alive to the necessities of our
school system, disposed to raise and main
tain the work, and who are competent by
their own education and good judgment to
determine the class of work done and what
course is best for the school. Tbe law re
quires the director to visit the school at
least once a month. If he is incompetent
his yisit is- of no benefit; but if be is the
right kind of a director, be observes care
fully the system and discipline of the school
the methods of the teacher, and the work
of the pupils. He looks after tbe sanitary
condition of the buildings. lie takes ad
vantage of bis privilege to advise and recom
mend. Some of our teachers will not do
systematic work unless it ii required of
them, and our director will state plainly to
his teacher what work is expected to be
done. The third term of school I ever taught
there was on the board a man of this kind.
He stated to me what he wanted done in
the school; 1 did it, and it was the best
training I ever received. You wanton your
school board the brainiest, most energetic,
and most wide-awake man yon have in
your neighborhood, whose business tact and
business judgment are to be relied on. Not,
as is sometimes the case, the man who,
though presumed to be honest and upright,
is too ignorant to judge whether the teacher
is qualified or not, too ignorant to be aware
of the distinction in certificates and what it
means. It is becoming plainer every day
that no essential progress can be made In
the school without a board capable of com
prehending the points to be made. In fact
the board should be capable of taking the
initiative in such matters, and when their
teacher proposes advancement should not
handicap him by senseless opposition.
Tbere are school boards that are a stench
in the nostrils of the community. They
are elected bv popular vole, and too often
the position is sought as a means of secur
ing popularity. Men, often too Ignorant to
tell tbe difference between a good school
and a political primary seek and get the po
sition, only to sbow sensible people by their
first move their imbecility and utter unfit
ness. In the country, this first unwise
step is generally the screwing down of the
teacher's wages and the hiring ot the cheap
est teacher who offers himself. Yet there
are in every county district men of the right
stripe who are willing to give the school the
attention deserved, who will hire competent
teachers, and such men are found on many
of our boards. Tliedlsttncllon between th
school of which he is director and (he other
can be plainly seen in the teachers' reports.
Tho most serious abuse of (he system Is in
Ihe city. There Ihe pollllciun makes It
very often a stepping alone lo something
vise. Ha serves three years gratis as dl
rector, and as a reward asks for a higher
position. This would be all right If he
were a competent director, but bis associa
tions compel him lo make the school board
a raukpolitical machine. The taxpayers
vole their money lavishly for th schools,
but the board so directs lis expenditure as
(o benefit th machine. Favoritism and
" deals" govern Ihe apHlntmeuta; one end
of the deal being the political Influence of
the teacher's relatives, the other, (he ap
pointment. Th " SHiils of olllce ' svsleni,
with its corruption, baa extended too Inrits
InMuenc Into many of our schools.
Tbe Oregonlan has long ranted about a
mythical school ring. Tber la none but
there should be. Teachers should unite lo
correct these grievances, to proteot them
selves against the mossbacked country dl-1
rector, or the "cheap teacher," and to
break the power of this political octopus of
the cilv.
One slep we can all make for the advance
ment of tbe cause is the doing of a little Ju-
diciouscanvassing fur soma competent cill
sen of your district between this time and
Ihe tune of tbe school meeting. Select Ihe
man who has taken most interest In your
school and if be is qualified and of solid
character, recommend his election. The
reason tbe schools of Massachusetts have
and still stand ao high Is that the school
boards have been composed of the best men
the doctor, the merchant, (he minister, or
substantial educated farmer in the small
places, men capable of grasping the educa
tional problems. The teacher may posses
the true professional spirit and may render
the most devoted service, yet a weak or po
litically disposed board will seriously retard
the work. Let us, If we wish good schools,
put our best men on our school boards and
make them responsible for Ihe condition of
the school. Maoibtsk.
To the Editor: We, the undersigned
matrons of Damascus Orange, believing as
we do that we bav just as much Interest in
good roads as our husbands, wish to speak
a good word for this much neglected dis
trict. Thousands of dollars bave bean paid
in taxes from Damascus precinct and w
bav only bad a few hundred dollar grudg
ingly doled out to us for our roads and the
most of that has been used where It could
be of no benefit to the people of this pre
cinct or to the traveling public at large.
The mail route from Portland to Eagle
Creek passes through the Damascus district
and this road should bave been graded and
made good all the way from Portland to
Eagle creek. Multnomah county did her
part and made tb road good op to th
Clackamaa county line; from there to Dam
ascus a distance of three miles and a half
it la almost impossible to get the. mail
through op horse back a good portion of
the winter. But no amount of petitioning
from this district for help from our county
court has been of much benefit to ua up to
this time. But we believe a start has been
made in tbe right direction at last in a
lointing a practical engineer to suerinten
and lay out the roads and the work on them
and we do hope we shall have something
done for our road soon.
After leaving Ihe Multnomah county hn
there are four bad hills on this road, two o
which could be made passible without
very great out lay or money . 1 he bills are
namely the Boone Johnson hill, Winston
hill, Shorick hill and Fagalda bill. These
are all within a few miles of each other and
and are the only bills on this road. W
hope our county engineer will give them
his earliest attention and see to it that thi
mail route is made good from tbe county
line to Wilburna. We bave one of th
finest sections in Clackamas county if w
could only bave our roads improved. W
bave churches and schools, a daily mail
one good flouring mill, two chop mills, one
saw mill and a live grange, who intend
building a two story hall tbia coming
summer. There is a prospect of a tannery
and tile factory being started here this year,
As an act of simple justice to this Dam
ascus district, we ask of our Hon. County
Court and county engineer that at least one
road in this district may be improved this
year; that all our roads be straightened ai
relocated where uecessary lor the public
good ; that all obstruction be removed from
county roads and all be made of a uniform
width. When this is done we can all speak
with pride of our roads and our improved
road aystem and not feel a perfect horror
at the thought of taking a trip to town
over Ihe roads as they now are.
Signed, Mrs. N. A. Morton, Mrs. Mary E,
Winston, Eugenia L. Morton, A. L. Gard
ner, C. I. Young, Hattie Thompson, N. H
Feathers, Kate Eenthers and Ella M
NiatTurd News.
Sta rroHP, Kelt. 1H. After almost a month
of 1'n I r I y good weather ami very good roads
we are once more launched oil" Into a rainy
spell, and tho ronda are once more becom
ing inorlar beds.
Tall'. Itelchle, Esq,, has purchased a bund
saw and Imtchct and Is now classed with the
A I carpenters of Slall'urd and Frog Pond.
Sam Mnyer has completed his picket
lenc around his chicken yard.
John Sclilewe has just delivered HUM ce
dar 1 "is la lo J. P. Gag.
Sain M user Is hauling lumber for a house
he will have erected soon. Sam ia one of
our bright, go-ahend buys, and will soon ho
giving introductions (o "Mrs. Moser, my
Three weddings are on the docket for neit
month, hut for fear we may obtrude we will
not mention any names.
Sharp Bros, are gcttlim out (he timbers lo
rebuild their barn on the site occupied by
the on that was destroyed ny lira last fall.
The dance at John Mayes' hall laa Thurs
day night was, a far a entertainment goes,
a complete success, but a little financially.
Miss Minnie Joehnkv a school at the
Mountain Itoad district will close Friday,
Ihe !ttd Inst., ami an entertainment will lie
given In ihe evening. Miss Joehnke has
tauifht a very successful term of school and
will pari from us with many wishes for her
future success.
Henry fcichala la hammering pickets onto
his fenc.
Mrs. Ornnde, wife of Itev, Joseph Gronde,
arrived from Texas last Monday accomp
tiled bv their two children.
Phillip Baker's family are slowly Improv
ing from their recent attack ol Inflamma
tory rheumatism.
Miss Mary Welsaciiborn departed for
Glencoe on Monday lo spend a month, after
which she will make a short slay at home
before . We I'm,
Qregon Citjj Hospital...
Conveniently of iicet'sn and pleasant located.
Free from tho noise and dust of the city.
Skillful mi rem and every convenience
I'lllHH hospital.
of a
first K
A tniil
room that uiticnttt tuny have
noss mid rent. Hix'cml roomH
for Indies.
Service of the lient )!iyiciiiii8 of the county
in attendance.
A beautiful woman must bo lieullhv,
and to remain healthy and beautiful
alio Bliould take I'r J. 1!. Mclx-an's
Strongthin Cordial and Blood Purifier
It imparts tone and flush to tho akin,
vigor and pure blond; Is equally adapted
lor an agea, tnitn Ilia data to thn aired.
ol either aox. For sale by C. ti. Huntley,
Karl a Clover Kool will purify Your
blood, clear your complexion, regulate
your bowels and make your bend clear
a a hell, '-'fx-., Me., and a dollar. For
sale by lioo. A . Harding.
Iji Kermesae.
A 10 cent cigar for a nickel
Villiumn, tbe grocer.
Free Ug' fine home made pickles are
on sale at E. E. Williams', Marr A ltob-
ertson't, and F. T. Harlow 'a grocery
Plymouth Rocks, Wyandotts', Light Brahmas,
Brown and White Leghorns.
....Prizes Winning Strains....
Stock this Season Better than Ever and Prices Lower.
My Hocks arc counted tho bent in the North rnciflc, na they
E. E. been (or eighteen yeurn. K.; 1 netting, t2,W; 2 gettinnH, H
for catalogue. AddrcdH,
Lock Box 335, Forest Grove, Or.
A dollar saved la equal to two dollar
earned. Pay up your aohaciption to the
Kntkki'Bihk and get ihe. tbe benefit ol
tbe reduction in price.
Wedding atationerv, the latest styles
ami DncHt assortment ever brought to
Oregon City at the Entkrfhihk olllce.
County and i-ily warrant wanted by
.1... f',...., I..1 l. L '
hid vuiiiuii-f i:mi uaiia.
Letter List.
The following is the list of letters remain
ing in the post office at Oregon City, Oregon
2 P. M., February 20, 18!),rj:
Burl, A
Flaherty C K
Fish, Tom
Halen, T F
Howell, Wm E
Hunt, Moses
Jillet, Mr
Jones, J W
Larkin, Arthur
Lee, J B
I.ulz, J
Owen, E
Koof, A
Schwartz, Frank
Baylor, 0 W
Smith, Albert
Hteiner, Jacob
Thatcher, C J
Walsh, Chas
Wylle, Mr
ladies' list.
Peoples, Maggie Tompkins, Helen
Porter, Mrs Walker, Mra Mary
Smith, Mrs Warren Wilner, Miss 0
Thesner, Katie
If called for state when advertised.
8. R. GREEN, P. M.
Books Ikiught, Sold and Exchanged
At tho
Old Book Store.
260J Yamhill St. near third.
Portland Or.
. Or Building Material?
Go to
"What higher aim can man attain
Than conquest over human pain'"
It la a tboronghly reliable remedy for the
I.owcHt ciihIi jirices ever ollered for-
AIho combination wire and picket f nco,
And bt'Ht farm fencing mado. Prid-H to suit hard titncH.
Shop Opp. Congregational Church.
lUM aaco,
OLD 101(1,
It f II A I I i
Also for the various diseases of Horses and
Cattle. Price SSo, Mcautl 1. 00 per boltle.
For sele bv C. G. IIuntlny.drucgiHt.
Doubtful Reads alone. The best
are easy to (at, and coat uo
more. Ask your dealer for
Always the beat. Known
everywhere. Kerrr's Meed
Annual for 1N0S talis you
' wnm, now. and wnen lo plank .
' oeui i- ree. ui iu Aauren i
Detroit, Mich.
Hameag Wanted.
A single harness ia wanted at
Home Made Bakery, Bbively block.
Smoke the Keren esse
Williams, the grocer.
cigar. E. .
Ot. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
tiACKamas coumy
Lizzie N. Conger, plaintiff, vs. Burl Connor, do
To Burl Cenger, above-named defendant:
In the name of the State of Ore-ion. you are
oreby summoned and required to h aud ai.
nosrln the shove entitled suit and eourt on or
before the first day ol tne next regular term of
said court, to-Hit: the lAth (lay of April A. D.
inw.aiin answer tne comniaint men ana nut you
In the above entitled suit, and If you fall to so
ainwer the plaintiff will amily to Ihe court for
me renei uemanuea in me complaint, wnicti
reuei is 101 m-nisnoiuuon oi me Diarrmga run
trictnow existing between plaintiff and de
fendant herein. You are further notified that
this summons in this suit Is served upon you
uy puoiicauon oy nruer, natea fovemDerv,
livti, ol Hon. T. A MeHrliJi
t h. POKTKK,
Dsted Jan. 25, M95,
St. Louis Globe-Democrat,
Eight Paces Each Tuesday and Friday
Sixteen Pages Every
IWorul all comparison tho biKWist, best and liriirlitr-st news and fitmilv
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Will bo sent
to any reader of thin paper not now a subscriber to Tun (Iuihe-Drm-
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extraordinary oiler.
IrfjIT TT fIT It is worth three months free subscription. Fill in
UUl 11 UU li your name l'ost-OlIico and State, and mail with
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idi, lodge of saidcouru The Gi-oiie-Democrat, twice every week, for fifteen months, aB per
in, Any. for 'J11 your special offer to readers of The Enterprise publiseed at Oregon
oiiy, Oregon.
Name of subscriber
Notice of Application for a Saloon License.
Notice In hereby given, that the under
signed will apnly to Die City Council of Ore
gon City, Oregon, at the regular meeting in
March for the continuation of a license
for a saloon on Main street between rifth
andBixth. J. A, MOOKK,
Oregon City, Oregon, Feb, 21, 1805.
roHt-Ofllcc State
Be sure to use this blank. It Is worth thrae mnnthafroa nh.