Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, February 22, 1895, Image 3

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Oregon City hntcrprisc.
Clacknmns Co. Directory.
Ciurli ( Cmirla,
OiiMnii 15. lUyM
(Iihi, K. Ilnriiiii
K.C. MmliliK'k
8 M Knmnlijr
M. I.. M"..r
J,). Hrmlliijf
I). W Klmmlnl
1'rnMiirnr, -
HrhiMil Hiiiiorliitvuiloiit,
It, l Iliiimmi i
I Kli'lmnl Himtl
I Ktnk JKr
Tricon the Itiwunl lied Front Htnn.
l'lr Ami. limb wood wanted at this
olllco. If
Flni'Ht lino (( Ihcii In tlui city at the
lUiknt atori.
8imke the Kernmnae rlgar, K. K.
WlllMiim, Dim urm-ur.
Mutiny lo loun on uHl r'l eMnla.
Mi'curlty by A. H. lrtmmr.
IliKliext price puiil ty tlio Commercial
bank (ur county and city warrants.
Tlin Inli-Ht In vIhIMiik cunln at (hit Km
tkhpkihk Okpicr. Prices to null you.
Imperial Fkk FihhI will make your
Iikiin liy. K. K. Willitimi, the Krocer.
To make room (or otliur iood, tinware
' will bo cIoh.mI out At cont t tb Kuckft
' FrwvUn'n apimtUIng pickleacan be had
t the Corner v,Tix-?ry. llent In the
market. ,
Cull nikI K't 'r lut'i'iilu cake of
Yucca Hoot toilet no. p.
K. K. Williams, tbe grwer.
Joe and I on, son of Mr. and Mrs.
, II. Moldrum, are very sick at the home
of tholr parents with ararlrtina.
Ladies' hose, cotton, woolen and
fleece-linod at the Racket atom. Fine
woolen ho 20c. to 2.ro. per pair.
Orders Mt t the Commercial clijar
tore, Commercial Hank block, for 4 -fnot
or KMncu wood, promptly filled.
For aaln, one ood waion and rack In
good condition . cheap for raah. Marr &
RolwrUon, 7th and Center streets, tf.
IUiiHocK. Apple, prune, raiitln,
jilnin or rice 6 cent a pound ; lemon
and orannue a penny each at The lied
Oysters, wholesale or retail, to families
and partie. Aliw served In any style,
Irwh and palatable at the Portland res
taurant. The emlainen of the hiintrel troupe
are able to make you lau.h even though
you have the blur. Their Joke and
fun making I irresistible.
It cure pile, it cure obstinate ort'S,
chapped hands, wound. It doe thia
quickly. I there any good reason why
vou hould not ue IHt Wiu'a Witch
Ilaxel Salve?
Take a dose ol DeWItt' Little Esrly
Kieers Junt for the good they will do you.
These little Fill are good for indigestion,
good for headace, good for liver com
plaint, good for constipation. They are
good. C. O. Huntley. druKgiHt.
t The Longfellow riympoHluin promlea
to be one of the most classic entertain
ment ever given In Oregon City. In a
ingle evening one can obtain a fair
knowledge of Longfellow' principal
work and character. Forty sakers
nd singers auitain the different part.
Those who travel now have a two-fold
reason to take the IUnd-McNal!y Uulde.
FirHt, it i the standard; second , it in
euro you without charge for 11,000.
40 cent per copy. 3.00 per year. On
sale eveiy where. Send subscription to
ltW Adam street, Chicago.
Inmire In the Farmer' 'Co-operative
Fire IuHiirance AniociHtion of Oregon
City. The cheapest mutual protection
IntheHtnto. Mm combined to InHine
themiuilve. Application taken by M.
I,. Moore, county treiumrer, and presi
dent of tbe Aasociation. Agent wanted
throughout the Btute. Address the sec
retary, O. A. Cheney, Oiegon City. Or.
During the absence of Senator Ilrownoll
in Salem and Mr. Dresser in the East,
C. E. Barney, a law student in their
office ha attended to Messr. Hrownell
& Dresser' business in a very satisfact
ory inunner. After Monday next Mr.
Brownell will be in his office and will
' give his porsonal attention to all business
of the firm.
President McClelland of 1'aclllc Uni
versity dropped in on the McLaughlin
Chautauqua circle Monday evening.
President McClelland ha lately return
ed from the east where he ha been
having good success in raising the hund
red thousand dollar endowment for
Pacific University, Pres. McClelland
wa voted In a the 50th member of the
McLaughlin circle.
Mr. E. E. Churman entertained the
Congregational choir with a little gather
ing Saturduy evening in honor of Mr. H.
A. Young who is a skilled violinist.
Mr Young has a valuable cremona
violin over 200 years old, a genuine work
of art, that was presented to him by the
Northern Pacific railroad in whose em
ploy he was an agent for many year.
All were happily surprised at Mr. Young'
ability with the bow, and wondered that
his modesty had kept him silent so long.
Another Pioneer I'snmciI on.
The roiiimuiilly at Ilutte Creek lost a
very worthy citizen by the death of
William Allen Jnck, which occurred
r.Uuuiy 10, JHH5, ut hi h.me near
MHrrpmm, ('liiikmiiHS county, Oregon.
Mr. Jack had been feeble for several
year and hi death wa not unex
pected and by him not unprepared for,
a ho divided hi farm among hi child
reu and gave them deed some two
year ago, reserving for hluiwlf and wife
life estate in the hind, a precaution
probably unneecKK.y with hi prudent
children, hut generally too much neg
lected by pioneer. Mr. Jack, though a
pioneer of 1847, did not avail himself of
tbe opportunity ollered by (he donation
land law. Hi parent were ged and
rather Infirm Ukmi their arrival in the
territory and needed the care and sup
port of their children, which wa freely
and telf-dunyingly given. I well recol
lect the reply of the futher, Jeremiah
Jack, when I asked him why hi ton,
William and Hubert, did not take claims
when (hut beautiful Ilutte Creek country
wa unoccupied? "Oh, we could not be
sepemled," and he continued,' "My
wife ami I have taken a section and Por
ter bus taken a half section and don't
you think that a section and a half of
land is enough for our three lxjys?" I
must not omit that the suid section and
a half of land wa til in one body, lying
on both side of Itutta crock, including
larKO area ol splendid bottom land, and
that the parent and three boys, Wil
liam, Kohort and Porter, lived in the
suine house. Tlio futher wa Irlih, the
mother wa Scotch, but no Jarring feud
ever came Into that home. Dillerences
of opinion, which were firujiiont aud ra
tionally disposed of, seemed to weld
them more firmly together. True enough
they could not bear to be eieraled, and
a tougti arithmetical problem wa prei
ented to me in the year 1803 when the
father desired me to run a line dividing
the section from the half section and
paaslng through the house so that he
could swear to a residence on hi land
and Porter en hi. The problem wa
atisfactorily solved and the require
ments of the land law fully obeyed.
The adage of "like father like son" is
reinforced in the person and family of
William Jack, for that too i a model
family. Hi marriage to Mis Mary
Jane Weddle January fi, 18T4, wa fortu
nate and their children, Barton, J. E.,
W. S and A. F. Jack and Mr. Nettie
Albright anil Mr. Susan Hook are
worthy of their anceator.
It seems to be a fashionable idea with
too many people that those who never
quarrel lack couraite and force and that
such are a goody-goody set who can't be
depended upon when severe trial come.
No be tier ptoof of the falsity of such no
tions can he found than the li'e history
fo William Jack. He was born August
Sttth, near Madlsonville, Monroe county,
East Tennesee, where he lived until
March 18:10, when his father and
family, consisting of his wife, three son
and one daughter, moved to Sedalia,
Missouri. Here they lived eleven years,
then the family Joined an emigrant
train bound for Oregon, which they
reached in October of the same year,
1847. The winter of that year the family
lived near Oregon CUy and the spring
of 1848 moved to their claim on Butte
craek. Wiliam Jack, though worn and
wasted by the overland journey of some
five months duration, could And cause
and courage enough to Join a conymny of
volunteers enlisted for the tayuse war
in Eastern Oregon. He bore unllinch
ingly every duty during that rigorous
winter and wa one of the company who
buried the bleaching bones of Dr. Whit
man and family. Arriving home late
in the spring of 1848, he and his brother
tut about preparing for a trip to the Cal
ifornia gold mines, which they reached
in the fall. But the hardahip he had
undergone were beginning to tell upon a
constitution never strong and icknea
constantly interrupted the mining busi
ness. Despairing of success, he took
passage for Oregon on an old Bail vessel
which made the trip in twenty-one day
at a cost of $1.0 for each passenger
Mr. Jack became a member of the Cum
berland Presbytersan church In 1842 and
though thete ha been some dissutiafai!
tion in that church as well as in others,
he lias kept on in the straight and quiet
I became acquainted with the family
of Jeremiah Jack immediately after my
arrival In the Wyiamotto valley, in the
fall of 1851, and I can say that every
since, and it covers a long period of
forty-lour years, I have never exper
ienced anything but unalloyed pleasure
when we met. Honorable, candid, pa
tient, Intelligent people, not unduly sel
fish and KWHessed of a fund of humor
and delicacy of appreciation which baf
fled the disagreeable pricks which are
wont to make such woeful rent in this
world's peace and pleasures. Why
shouldn't I long to meet them?
' T. W. Davenport.
Will's seeds are good; Likewise his
trees and plants. Twelfth annual cata
logue now ready, is full of things that
will interest you, among which are
sacaline the new forage plant, Great
Northern Bean, seventy day corn, first
of all peas and golden queen onion.
Hardy fruit and forest trees at hard times
prices. 1-5 in prizes for best yield of
coin. Oscar H. Will, Bismark, North
The Kermesse cigar is a decided suc
cess. Ten cents value for five cents cash.
E. E. Williams, the grocer.
The liny Ik-butt r.
The lecture room of the Cong, church
w filled to It uttermost capacity last
Friday evening. The occasion wa a
very euihulutlu oau. Thu Philomath
en and Franklin Sodotlc met In a
Joint debate and tbe topic lor discussion
was. Kesolvcd, That Increased wealth
is a benefit to the moral of the people.
The former club, which was represented
by Messr. Bert Beatie, Clarence Purdoui
and Arthur Ilolden took the affirmative
side of the question, while the invinci-
lo Franklin Lyceum, upholding the
negative, wa represented by Ja. Mathe
son, Fred Moindle and Edgar Meresse.
Tno meeting wa culled to order by
Dr. Fernn. Hurt Beultie led the affirm
ative in a most convincing manner, and
wa followed by hi colleague. The
m-giitive, led by the fascinating and able
speech of . Matheson, soon overbal
anced the affirmative ; then came the el
oquent appeal of Fred Meindle, which
made a gieat impression upon the judge
and audience. The decision of the judges
was rendered, two in favor of tbe nega
tive and one In favor of the affirmative.
The meeting then adjourned.
This Mfcond victory of the Frojiklin
Lyceum over the Plulo, bring great
credit and congratulation to the former
club; but one knows not which to admire
the more, the gallantry of the attack or
the lieroiem of the defense. In such a
victory is glory and in uch a defeat no
disgrace. A Bov.
lougfellow Myinposlum.
Opening Song Chautauqua (ilee Club
Declamation "Paul' Hevere'. Ride"
Mis Grace Wbitlock.
Declaiuatiou"The Launching of the
Ship" Mis May Mark
Zither Solo "Sturm-gallop"
Mr. Alma Mundhenke llackelt.
Declamation "The Wreck of the
ilesperou" Miss Minnie Lane.
Music " Sh ubert's Quartette"
Pacific Univeraity.
Declamation.... "The Old Clock on tbe
Stair" Mis Ine Kiggs.
Reproduction "Evangtline"
Lolghton Kelly
Vocal 8olo "The Bridge"
Mrs. E. E. Charman.
Music "Khubert Quartette"
Pacific University.
Oration "Longfellow" L. Driggs.
Zither Solo...."IIerrblatt:hen Polka"
Mrs. Alma Mundhenke llackelt.
Recitation "The Wooing of Hiawatha"
Misa Gertrude Humphrey.
Recitation "The Famine"
Mis Bessie Evan.
Music "Shubert' Quartette"
Pacific University.
Character in costume "Hiawatha,"
"Minnehaha." "The Ancient Arrow
Maker," "Evangeline," "Gabriel."
"Father Felician," "Mile Standish,"
"John Alden.V "Priscilla." "The Span
ish Student," "Preciosa, the Gipsy girl,"
Glossing Song "Good Night"
Young People' Glee Club.
Congregational church, Friday even
ing, March 1st, I8D5. Admission 25
cents; school children, 15 cent.
Sudden change of temperature and
humidity of the atmosphere often pro
duce disorder of the kidney and blad
der. Use Dr. J. II. McLean' Liver and
Kidney Balm to check these troubles in
their incipiency. For sale by C. G.
Huntley, druggist.
J. Konkle ha removed bi meat mar
ket from Main street to tbe Buck build
ing on Seventh street, corner of Center,
where he will hereafter attend to the
want of his customers, supplying them
with the best of meats.
You make no mistake when you take
De Witts Little Early Risers for bilious
ness, dyspeieia or headacne, oecause
these little pills cure them. C. G.
Huntley, druggist.
Commencing with Saturday evening,
a series of revival services will be held
at the United Brethren church in this
city by Rev. S. Matthew, of Canby.
Attorney Nixon, of the firm of Dolph,
Nixon & Dolph, of Portland, was in the
city Wednesday on legal business. .
Have von tried the minced sea clams
yet? They are delicious.
E. E. Williams, the grocer
Justice blanks, real estate blanks, and
all other blanks at the Kntkhprisk ol'
floe. Portland prices.
A toilet soup made by a new process
from the famous Mexican soap root with
without the use of any animal fat. Has
been used by the Spaniards and Mexi
cans in its crude state for generations,
An absolutely pure article.
E. E. Williams, the grocer.
(Irangers Attention!
The regular meeting of Warner grange
will be postponed from the fourth Satur
day in February until the first Saturday
in March. Officers of state grange will
meet with us at that time.
D. McArthur, W. M.
Board and Rooms.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Green, late of the
Electric hotel have rented the large and
commodious dwelling belonging to L. T.
Barinon Main and Thirteenth streets
and offer furnished rooms and table
board, or either one seperate. Terms
Imperial Egg Food will make your
hens lay. E. E. Williams, the grocer.
A Piece of Her Mind.
A lady correspondent ha this to say :
" I wint to give a piece of my mind to
a certain class who object to advertising,
when It cost them anything this won't
coat them a cent.
I suffered a living death for nearly two
year with headache, backache, in psin
standing or walking, was being liteially
dragged out of existence, my misery in
creased by drugging.
At last, in despair I committed the
sin of trying an advertised medicine,
Dr. Pierce' Favorite Prescription, and
It restored me to the blessedness of
sound health. I honoi the physician
who when he knowns he can cure, has
the moral courage to advertise the fact."
The medicine mentioned cure all the
delicate diseases peculiar to females, as
"Female Weakness," periodical pains,
irregularities. nervou prostration,
tpasm, chorea or St. Vitus' Dance,
sleeplessness, threatened insanity.
To permanently cure constipation, bll
liousnesa, indigestion or dyspepsia, use
Dr. Pierce' Pleasant Pellet.
A ii iiual NcliooT 31 ee fi u
Notice is hereby given to the legal
voters of School distri?t No. 02, of Clack
amas county, Slate of Oregon, that the
annual school meeting for the said dis
trict will he held at Pope's hall, in Ore
gon City, Oregon, to begin at the hour
of ft p. m , on the first Monday in (being
the 4th day of) March, A. D., 1810.
Thi meeting is called (or the purpose
of electing a school director for a term of
three yean, a district clerk tor a term of
one year, and the transaction of business
usual at annual meetings of school dis
trict. Thos. F. Ryak, T. 8. Lawsfuck,
District Clerk, Ch'm. Bd. of Directors.
Dated at Oregon City this 21st day of
February, A. D. 18U5.
A De Moine women who has been
troubled with frequent colds, concluded
to try an old remedy in a new way
and accordingly took a tablespoonful
(four time the usual dose) of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy just before going
to bed. The next morning she found
that her cold bad almost entirely disap
peared . During the day she took s few
doses of the remedy, (one teaspoonful at
a time) and at night again took a table'
spoonful before going to bed, and on the
following mornir.g awoke free from all
symptoms of the cold. Since then she
has on several occasions used the remedy
in like manner with the same results
and is much elated over her discovery ol
so Quick a way of curing a cold. For
sale by G. A. Harding, Druggist.
Poultry1 raising has become one of tbe
recognised Industries of this county and
as it does not cost any more to raise
firstclass fowl than to grow a scrub of
the barn vard variety it behooves our
poultrymen to secure the best stork
possible. Mr. Garrison, of tbe Forest
Grove Poultry Yard whose ad appears
elsewhere, has made a specialty of
thoroughbred chickens for the last
eighteen vears and for purity and health
fulness his birds cannot be excelled
His prices are very reasonable and all
bi shipments are made promptly.
Home-made bread is recognized as
the very best at all times and the cus
tomersof J. Egle the Shively building
baker assert that they can not tell the
difference between hi bread and that
made at home unless it be that his is
lust a little the better. But don't tell
your wife that.
You ought to know this: DeWitt'i
Witch Hazel Salve will heal a burn and
stop the pain instantly. It will cure
badly chapped hands, ugly wounds,
sores, and a well known cure for piles
C. G. Huntley, druggist.
Busy people have no time, and sensi
ble people have no inclination to use
slow remedy. One Minute Cough Cure
acts promptly and gives permanent re
The Enterprise is the only news'
paer in Oregon that gives a cash pre
mium to those paying their subscription
in advance.
Have vou tried the minced sea clams
yet? Tbey are delicious.
E. E. Williams, the grocer.
Yucca Root toilet Boap will not chap
the hands or face.
E. E. Williams, the grocer.
Smoke tbe Kermesse
Williams, the grocer.
Dehorning of cattle successfully done
at Eastern prices bv R. H. Taber, Mt.
Pleasant, or P. O. box 132, Oregon City.
Make no Mistake.
By dispelling the symotomB so often
taken for Consumption. Santa Abie
has brought gladnoss to many a house
hold. By its prompt use for breaking
up the cold that so often develops into
that fatal disease, thousands can be
saved from an untimely grave. You
make no mistake by keeping a bottle of
this pleasant remedy in your house.
California Cat-R-Cure fs equally effect
ive in eradicating all traces of Nasal
Catarrh. Both of these wonderful Cal
ifornia remedies are sold and warranted
by C. Q. Huntley. 50 cents and $1.00 a
package, 3 for $2.60
Yucca Root toilet soap will not chap
the bands or lace.
E. E. Williams, the grocer.
A Startling
In New York City, for five con
ecutlve years, the proportion
of Deaths from Consumption
has been three in every
Twenty Persons.
Epidemic of Cholera, Yellow Fever and
other dineaiws of similar character, so ter
rible in their result, occasion wide spread
alarm and receive the mont careful eonnid
eration for their prevention and cure, while
consumption receives acareeljr a thought.
ret the number or their victims sinus into
ntignificance when compared with tboae of
consumption. Comparatively few people
know what to do for their loved ones when
they ace them gradually lose strength, lose
color, manifest feeble vitality and emacia
tion, or develop a cough, with difficult
breathing, or hemorrhage. Cod liver oil
was for a long time given in all auch caws,
but the poor succesa attending it nae
counted with its nauneatinc taste has led
many practitioners, aa well as the public at
l irge, to place their main reliance in Dr.
Pierce 'a Golden Medical Discovery. It de
serves early attention and will prove effect
ual not in every case but in a large percentage
of cases, and we believe that fully oS per
cent of all case of consumption can, if taken
in the early stages of tbe dieae, be cured
with the " Discovery." Dr. Pierce doea not
ask people to believe until they have in
vestigated for themselves. A pamphlet ha
been published having the names, addresse
and photographs of a large number of those
cured of consumption, bronchitis, lingering;
coughs, asthma, chronic nasal catarrh and
kindred maladies which will be mailed free
to those sending for it with their name and
address upon a postal card, or you can have
a medical treatise, in book form of 160
pages, mailed to yon, on receipt of address
and aix cents in stamps. You can then
write those cured and learn their experi
ences. Address for Book. World's Dispp.nsakt
Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y.
In Prices
We are
goinff to
of all our
Heavy weight
warm weather
catches us if
Price is
any object
to you
Heavy natural wool underwear,
regular price 1.50 a suit, now 90c.
Camels' Hair, heavy, regular
$2.00 now $1.50.
Pure wool, heavy weight, regular
$4.00, now $3.00.
A new line
of latest style
At a popular
price. 15c.
Glass & Smyth.
WatclMer Nmxt Door to 8tttr
. . Grocery.
anfl Jeweler Work Warranted.
A Trial Is Asked.
McKittrick's shoes are the best on earth.
MeKittrick's prices are the lowest on earth.
MoKittrick's styles are always the latest.
McKittrick's house is the squarest on earth.
I l mrnmmr-
Suspension Bridge Corner,
and in order to acquaint yourself with our new
location, are offering extraordinary bargains.
We are determined to make
our new Store m-
The Cheapest Place in Oregon
To do your Purchasing.
The "Commercial.
The best brands of Cigars and Fine Tobac
No. 3, Commercial Bank
Blue Front
Seventh St.
E. P. Elliott, Prop
All New Stock, -:--:-
Of Bestauality.
New Goods
Modern Prices.
prner brocery.
Complete stock of
Fine Family Groceries,
Try my extra
Choice Tea.,-cs
Richard Freytag.
Main and Fourteenth Streets.
Oregon Steam Dye Works,
Kendall & Slaughter, Proprietors,
Cor. Eight and Burnside Ht., Portland
Clothing cleaned, colored and repaired.
Ladies' shawls and dress goods spec
ialty. Faded clothing restored to its
original color, to look like new. Satis
faction guaranteed. Give ua a call.
Work called for and delivered.
F.nUbllMhed IMS.
C. il tan,
Tianjfef and fjqtfe,
Freight and parcels delivered
to all parts of the city.
0pp. Huntley's Drujt Store,
All Kinds of Watches,
Clocks and Jewelry Repaired
Great Britain and America.
Give me atrial.
Nitroui Oxide u for tbe painless extraction
ot teeth
All work warranted and prices reasonable,
RoomiT, 8 and 9, anuthweat corner First and
Tavlor atreeta. Glean A Oox'a old stand,
Portland. Oregon. ,
Meeta first FrlcUy ot each month ai
Fountain engine home. Chas. Athit. Pres.
C. B Pillow, Sec'y. Chas. Bmi, 'rn
1J i
moved to Odd Fellowa' tern pie S. W. Cor. lit
and Alder, Portland, Oregeu.
E. PARKER, Proprietor.
J. W. O'Connell. Ma'gr.