Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, February 16, 1894, Image 6

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    Oregon City Enterprise.
Uror, - - lllrurn SlrnlKht
gi-cor.lr, . . LL Porter
Ubiri ol ruc - .. Cku. Niihhlt
Aawonr, . K 8 t'.liff
TfNwniw, . R. U. llolmnn
Cur tlrt!M. K. K. Iri
SlTOHCoinmlMlnnf r, C. rlfthrock, Jr.
8i.(i I. ol Wir W'orkt, W. 11 Howrll
Utj Kneinrer, - p. KtnnMr.1
Ccunclliiii-C. O. Albrlcht, Jr., H. L KHly. t
K. Orwnmio, J J. Conk. R F. Jcr, II.
C. 8lrvu, Oo, RroujhloD, H. Huwvll
omiril mwiilril WhIumiLt of each month
In city hall.
VTh nay t build up Orrtron
City Is U (t1e Oregon City pwpl jour
JYicea the lowest The Red Front.
Whiskers amputated without
U S. No chloroform used.
Boarding-at Mrs. Howard's will satisfy
jrou. Corner Sixth and Main streets.
Kloier Heardesty, of Seedy, has been
aiointed a notary public by the gov.
.Justice blanks, real estate blnnks, and
all other blanks at the F-NTERrmxi of'
fioe. Portland prices.
The recvnt heavy storms throughout
tte East prevented the arrival of eastern
m il! Thursday morning.
sSeeat the head of the local column
tlje coodtiions by which you can got the
JtSTkKPRiss at a reduced rate.
ill you want an attractive sign gee
lyvis the painter. Portland prices.
M op back of Pope & Co. 'a hardware
pow that spring is coming you will
to select your grass and garden
M -Is and the best place is at the old re-
lij le store of Charman A Son.
It. C. Hawley, of Logan was in the
cw on business Wednesday and reports
t.Jj roads between Oregon City and
i-L-un In a very bad condition.
t he Portland Dispatch of recent date
1 winces that, two new candidates are
t-i the field. Steve Green, of Oregon
Cf y, for Governor, and Senator G. E.
liVves, of Oregon City, for Congress.
ItTiidds Both are good men.
Iid-Winle.r Fair excursion tickets,
Oregoa City to San Francisco and return,
via Southern Pacific Co'a Shasta Route,
will be dared on sale January 23rd.
Rate; $27.50, including five admissions
lo the fair. Titketo good for thirty days
from 'dale of sale.
Pointers for Rpiubllran Some Peni
ocrallc (anillJalcit The Local
Pot Ki'glns to Mmmer.
There is no claim made for Ayer's
Sarsaprilla which cannot be endorsed
iy scores of testimonials. This fact
lainly proves that the" blood is the
source of root disorders and that Ayer's ! by remaining where he now is.
Sarsajwrilla in the best of blood-purifiers.
Try it this month.
Last Monday the tax roll for 1893 was
turned over to the sheriff with the war
rant for (he collection of taxes duly at
tached, and directly thereafter that offi
cial began to take in money. Mr. Hack
ettstatett that quite a number have al
ready a ailed themselves of the oppor
tunity Htl'oiiled them to liquidate and
have paid in full.
The.dra.mi, "The Last Loaf." which
was prenen'ed by Canemah talent at
Tope's hall last Friday evening was well
attended and the program as presented
was much enjoyed by all. The receipts
from the two entertainments were suf
ficient to procure a bell as desired and
nday morning Directors R. C. Ganong,
W. A. Hedges and T. M . Long, accom
amed by the clerk, C. 0. Rose, will go
to Portland for the purpose of purchan
iu the bell and seats for the school
The Rusehurg Review in referring to
to slate politics says that Congressman
Hermann is making a hard fight for the
republican nomination for governor, but
the chances are that ho will finally give
it up, and accept a renomination for con
gress. Other leading candidates for gov
ernor J. B. Eddy, 0. N. Denny, Ex Oov.
Moody, D. P. Thompson, and Hon. C.
W. Fulton.
For the other state offices, Frank
Baker will probably be re-nominated for
state iirinter, although W. H. Leeds, of
Ashland wants it Phil Metchan for
treasurer. Ed. Hirwh, of Salem, ex-
state treasurer, is slated for secretary of
state, but E. B. EcKlroy will enter the
race against him In the convention. If
he fails in this attempt the latter will
take a renomination for school superin
tendent. Frank Kigler, of Oregon City,
would like to have that place, too. T.
1. Geer. of Salen, If. B. Miller, of
Grants Pass, and Geo. C. Brownell of
Oregon City, will contest for the con
gresxional nomination in this district if
Hermann gives it up. In the second
district, Congressman Ellis, of Heppner,
J. C. Leasure, of Pendleton, and C. A.
Johns, of Baker City, are the leading
candidates. S W. Condon will probably
be nominated for attorney-general.
On the democratic side of the house,
the most frequently mentioned candi
dates for governor are Attorney General
Chamberlain, J. K. Weatherford and
Judge L. L. Mc Arthur. Gen. 11. B.
Compson, ''jigadifr brindle" of the O.
N. G., and state railroad commissioner,
wants it and claims that be ran get the
votes of 7000 republican G. A. R. men,
in addition to the democratic strength.
Judge Bennett, of The Dalles, late can
didate for supreme judge, would, also,
be a strong candidate, if he would ac
cept the nomination. Regarding the
o'her state offices there seems to be
few aspirants, because, no doubt, of the
uncertainty of an election on that ticket.
John Myers wants to bo governor and
is looking for the plum to fall in his lap
from the democratic convention.
Congressman Hermann has announced
in a telegram from Washington that he
is not a candidate for governor but that
if the people of his dsitrict see fit to
renominate him for congress he will ac
cept. This decision opon bis part is in i
accordance with the wishes of the
majority of the people of the district who
believe that he can best serve the state
H. E.
where they were served w ith breakfast
after which, through the kindness of
Mr. Jos. Simon, receiver of the East Side
EUvtrlc line, transportation was granted
to the entire party to Oregon City. I'pon
arrival there Charman Broa. invited the
entire party into their handsome estab
lishment and so royally feasted the boys
that the Chicago journalists let out a
yell that discounted any college, that
ever entered the field. It was as fol
lows :
Well! Well!! Well!!!
This beats Chicago nil to
Well! Well!! Well!!!
leaving Charman Broa., President
Geo. Brownell, of the board of trade,
ably assisted by Messrs Rands, Burk
hart. Smith, Charman aad others took
the party in hand n 1 visited the great
plant of the Portland General Electric
Co. Returning from there the party
visited the woolen nulls where death
reigned supreme not a spindle was
moving, and passed through its various
departments. Leaving the woolen mills
a special car was placed at the disposal
of tho party, through the kindness of P,
F. Morey and Manager Good, w.io never
let an opportunity pass to make it pleas
ant for the members of the press. A run
waa made to head of the falls, and the
party was shown all over the (treat under
takings of this company. Returning to
the city, a splendid luncheon was served
at the hotel, where President Brown
ell of the board of trade, made an in
teresting address of welcome, dwelling
upon the great future that Oregon City
has in store, and impressed upon our
eastern brothers that the day was not
far distant whea Oregon City would he
the Lowell of the Pacific coast ; her great
and magnificent falls, whose enormous
power was to be harnessed by wires of
steel, was to furnish the power that
would drive immense factories and create
great industries. He firmly impressed
upon the eastern journalists that only
8000 horse power was now in use and
that there was thousands more that
would soon be utilized in developing a
new era of prosperity for this section.
Mr. Brownell was more than eloquent in
his remarks, ami met a most nnthimiutic
applause at the tenniniation of his ad- i '
dress. Other short speeches were made
until the hour for leaving arrived,
Chicago gentlemen, through the writer,
desire to express their heartfelt gratitude1
for the generous reception extended to
them by the sitixena of Oregon City
whom they will alwsys bear in mind as
Mill Active In Hie Camps of Joiners
(ieml Meetings,
It waa neai ly 11 o'clock when the
Workmen left their hall last Saturday
night to wend their way homeward, the
lodge having been kept at their hall
some later than usual on account of the
large number of initiations and a large
amount of important business which en
gaged their attention. Among the
things which they ate proposing to do Is
to found a library in connection with the
lodge. New by-laws are to be compiled
and a committee of live membcra has
been appointed to do the work.
Invlialions have Won issued by
Achilles lodge, No. 3S, K. of P. for the
meeting which the lml n will hold on
the ltUh In honor of the 30th anniversary
of the founding of the order. A litetary
and musical program has Itccn pieparvd
which it ia UOieved will prove very in
teresting. At the meeting of the Woodmen on
Tuesday evening there was a good at
tendance with initiations and business
to engage the attention of the camp till
a late hour. Past Consul It. V, Cooper
and Consul Commander R. O. Moll of
Portland were present anil assisted iu
the work of initiation. Five new appli
cations were received and acted upon.
The committee on arrangements for the
entertainment on Tuesday evening an
nounced program comprising music and
literary productions together with a
brief address upon the advantages of the
order. Woodmen are authorixed loin
vile their friends as a good time is ex
pected. A. L. Bean furnished work for the
Redmen to work UHn at the last gath.'r
ering of the council around the camp
fire on Tnexlsy evening.
The G A. It. and kindred organisa
tion, the Sons of Veterans and the W,
R. C. are planning to move from the K.
of P. hall to the A. O. U. W hall on the
A delegation of about twenty went
from here last Thursday evening for the
purpose of organUin Aurora lodge L'7,
, There were present repre
sentatives ftom all surrounding towns
T) I including Oswego, Silvertoll anil Butte-
vine, lne loilge was organueu witn ten
scarlet degree members and twentv-one
initiates. There wen altout persons
present including those who constituted
the new lodge and they rejxjrt a good
V. Harris, Prop., Successor to Fields & Sons,
Next door to Popo A Co.'a Hardware Store.
500,000 TREES
Osueo flureris
Oiler for the coming sciison one of tho largest nnd most eoinpMe stork
of trcos to l.o found in tho Northwest, consisting of tho following:
100,000 niih ull the lending varietiea,
l'm.UX) irune With Ituliun nnd JVtet in tho lend.
7",000 1'eitr lturtlct and muny others.
10,000 cherry hest sweet nnd sour kinds.
'.Ti.OiX) jNMieh Kurly Crawford and many others.
'-'5,000 plum nil of the tx-st.
5,(KK) Jiipim plum Udh old nnd new sorts.
10,000 npreiot hest kindrt for this elinmte.
Also Hinull fruit, grK vines, shade, nut nnd evergreen treea, roses
eto. Send for new descriptive catalogue now ready.
Oswego, Oregon.
the most whole-souled, liberal hearted ! ,ime ml 11,8 V u'
people they have met anywhere.
Hayes formerly of this county ia expect
ing to secure the nomination from the
populists in opposition to Mr. Hermann.
In the local political field tumors con
tinue to fill the air and it is so mixed
that it would be folly to try and pre
dict the outcome. As the time of the
convention draws near new candidates
are likely to be sprung and some of those
now mentioned are likely to draw out of
the contest altogether.
31 r, Maddock'j friends are urging us a
reason why he should be re-noniinated
by the republican convention that he
the Aurora boys
The bum-lit lor Co. V for Thursday
le Old Coloulal Time. j night attracted uenural attention and
Following is the nroirram of the enter-1 from the way in which the reserved
tainmenttobe given at the Cornea- went It was evident early in the
tional churcb on Friday '.evenina. Feb. j k that there was certain to be a good
23, at 7:30
Ye Mayflower, 1020.
Violin Solo, Miss lilaneh Beatrice McCord
Guitar Solo, Miss Elsie Brayton
"Ye Embarkation of Ye Pilgrims." Hec-
itation and Tableau, Miss Gertrude
"Ye Landing of Ye Pilgrims, " Solo by
Miss Mollie Wilkinson.
Violin Miss Blanch Beatrice McCc rd
Miles Standish, Clarence Purdom
John Alden Charles Wilson
Priscilla Mis Maud Upton
Elder Brewster, Wm, tawthwaite
Indian John Lewthwaite
was beaten unfairly two years ago and j Messenger Roy Case
that the party owes it to him to permit
him to make the race again this year.
J. L. Pollock, of Oswego, is spoken of
in connection with a nomination for the
lower house.
George W. Prosser. who has been
mentioned as a possible candidate for the
state senate, was in the city on Wednes
day and says that he is not a candidate
for senator, but that his friends are in
favor of bis permiting his name to be
Anthony A. Cowing, just appointed I used for sheriff and that he has consented
ereiverof the land office at Burns, Ore
gon, is a brot her of attorney T. F. Cowing
of this place, who was in tlis beginning
of Cleveland's first administration ap
pointed register of a land office in Minne
sota. Spraking in connection with this
matter he says that his experience was
that at the expiration of his term his for
mer lucrative business was practically
lost, consequently a government position
tor liim hereafter muBt show more than
a coloring.
Mrs. A. 8. Dresser writes the Enter
prise that there is living in the back
room of the old Baptist church on lower
Main street at the corner of Twelfth
street a poor woman with three small
children dependent npon her for support
who would be glad of assistance in the
way of work. She is not an object of
charity but if those who have washing
or other work which they put out will
asnist in this way they will be aiding
a worthy woman, who wants to and can
earn her livelihood if she can but secure
the work.
During the past week there has been a
change made in the arrangement of the
Electric hotel which greatly adds to the
convenience of the hostelry. Heretofore
when guests wished to be shown to their
rosms they had to pass out on the street.
The changes consist in the cutting of a
doorway through at the landing on the
uiain stairs and the building of a stair
way in the office so that there will be no
more necessity of braving the element
in passing to and from the office and din
ging xoom and the rooms on the upper
to permit them to use it in that connec
tion. A note from the ENTKBPHisa corres
pondent at Carus, states that the people
of that locality are urging the name of
Frank Jaggar for county commissioner,
and urge as good reasons why he should
be nominated, h'S Alness and ability.
They also point with pride to the fact that
in all public positions which he hag held
he has performed the duties well, hon
estly and with prudence. Mr. Jairgar is
a man who has shown his ability to
handle business carefully and economic
ally, and he would make a good com
missioner. From Barlows comes the news that
Wm. Barlow of that place Is being urged
for a place on the representative ticket.
The people of Clackamas are mention
ing the name of Alex. Thomson as a
suitable candidate for county judge Mr.
Thomson was for four years county school
superintendent, and is pretty well and
fovorably known throughout the county.
H. G. Starkweather's name has been
suggested as a suitable candidate for the
legislature. He was mentioned for the
office of school superintendent two years
ago. Those best acquainted with him
say that he is not tinctured with thepop
nhstic idiosyncrasies for which his father
is noted .
The Visiting Journalists.
Concerning the visit of the Chicago
representatives of the press to this city
last week in charge of a committee of
the Portland Press Club, Mr. E. L. L.
White, president of the club says in the
Portland Chronical :
- The party was escorted to the Portland
Magistrate, Council, Wedding Guests,
Ye Pilgrims.
Violin Miss Blanch Beatrice McCord
Banjo, , ...Ye Indian and ye Elder
Guitar, Miss Elsie Brayton
John Alden of Today,. . .Grace Whitlock
Old Hundred and Doxology, Ye Pilgrims
Ye big folks 25c., Ye school children 15c.
Hello There!
Shaving 15 cents including Sundays
and holidays. Hair cutting in any style
25 cents, at Henry Wilehart's barber
shop, the best place in town lo get a first
class shave, next door to Harding's drug
store. Baths in connection with barber
The Chicago Inter Ocean, that great
Republican newspaper, has not suffered
by the recent era of financial depression
but has gone right along adding to its
foundation stones a large and substan
tial circulation with a stride thut under
the circumstances is truly wonderful.
At one time additions to the subscription
list were coming at ttie rate of 800 to
1,100 per day for the daily issue, and as
high as 1,500 perday for the Weekly In
ter Ocean.
The result of this is to pi nee it easily
at the head of the list of great Chicago
newspapers. It is certainly a good,
clean, family newspaper of the highest
Land for Sale.
423 acres of land for sale on the hard
times basis; 100 acres near Clackamas
Station at f.30, 100 acres improved at
60 and 150 at $40, or 50 acres of choice
river bottom land given for clearing a
like number of acres. Write or see K.
C. Hackett, sheriff's office, Oregon City
Farm for Rule.
A farm of 56 acres on Pudding river
2 miles east of Woodburn, part cash,
balance on time to suit purchaser or will
trade for city property. Apply to John
Dbapkb, Charman Bldg. or Sidney
Captain Sweeney, U. 8. A., San Diego,
Cal., says: "Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy
is the first medicine I have ever found
that would do me any good." Price 50
cts. Sold by C.G, Huntley.
attendance, while all who saw the prepa
ration of the play as it was being re
hearsed were loud in its praise. "Our
Boys," as prepared and staged, is certain
to prove a decided hit.
The St. Helena Mist, conducted by
Messrs. Davis Brothers is one of the live
go ahead papers of the Fifth district and
is alert in the interest of the people of
Columbia county and the state, and
hen it mines to politics it makes repub
lican chips fly In prolusion.
Djtlsg I'luulog tod Keptlrlsg.
Wirkn, l O.k. bet lit anil M.. 1. 1'hllllp..
I'lirtuuil. orri'io
1 f moved lo odd Kelluwi' temple S. W. 11
tnil Alder
?2!Llr,!? Aflntt. $75
tl RiHMiv ttf. TtM
IbaMMtbWiakw, 1 1
ib for ft faii IB MM 4tW.
, rliM m1 trim Ua-a
tltBHl ftttlSI UM bMM. Vs
ak llM t IM. tk MMblM-t M
aa hrfl wIvm. MWH
flnvra.Mtt4kM4a ittf
V. br.Adltb,BO atiM. .krap,
Jrthi.trrM4 Ulrvalw tftM.
U, Ik. (ItlniMi J.
Postoffico-:- Store.
Dry Goods,
Boots Shoes,
Our Groceries are Fresh
and of the best quality.
In Prices v:e meet
Portland Competition.
Gary & Wissinger.
Let us have a trial order.
A Btrictly firnt claHS renort conduct
ed under American principles.
All the Best Brands of Cigars.
Is carried out to a degree
never before known in all
kinds of products in order
that they may be sold
Have not escaped the per
nicious effects of this latest
scheme to catch the frugal
Make a specialty of carrying
Only First Class Family Groceries
of whose purity and quality there
is no doubt. The are not undersold
by any other grocery in town.
Largest stock of Collins and Caskot kept Mouth of Portland. Also cloth corerad
and Metallic Caskets furnished to ordor. Ladies and Dents' Burial
Kobes in stock. Fine Hearse ready at any call.
S. F. SCRIPTURE, Manager.
The photographer1
Is prepared to make photographs
of all kinds promptly
and in
Babies' and Children Pictures
a Specialy.
Call and examine his work
At the Old New York Gallery
of Ilardins
Second door
Drug Store.
Practical Blacnjith
All kinds of
Repair Work and
Horse Shoeing,
Executed on short notice in a work
man like manner.
Prices Reasonable.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Shop near
Albright & Warner s meat
market on 5th street.
Tna National Tnirun ! do utflng upon tta
17th jmmr of phfirmmtnftl morww.
No irihr Aunlljr Wfflkly In tii country DM had tucll
trowih, And mlntlinn1 ll m iwy.
It lnui vry County In Um (Jnltml Hft, aa4
bw i'IuIin of mi t writ ni al nwirly mvnry 1'onIoHIc.
II hw totliiMl lid proud tMMltlofi Mildly on lu mailt
M a Uglily liiiriLlii family aawnpapnr.
for tr)e Year 1894
It will Iw niwla munh twttar anil mora attrarllva than
avar. Whlltt i-Haliilng all of Ita prwiniit popular fraW
uraa, It will oouiiantly add naw onaa.
Its FeTJre.
Wnr Himtory, "T nian who actually atrvad au4
IbiiKiit In tha MniKila,
tthnrt Mtnrim of Romano, Travtl, Riparlanc
and ftdvtnitura, hy ItMtdlng wrlUtra.
tcfitoriulm uptiolillMK tha raiiNM of tha vtranfl,
and maintaining Uia hlglnwt loyalty to tha (ovrn
rnwnt, and tha promotion of tha baat lntartata of tha
Wliola jfopl.
9Vamhlnfttn Vat. Full arrounU of what It
taking plain at tha Mtut of Oovarnnipnt i careful ra
Eirla of all lmNirtant Dialtm in CoitRrtv and tho
ifWMitlva OpnrtmiiiHa ; giMwlp about public num.
Hmttmrnhmltt impn manf KOIUhI hy a lady of
National reputation.
tv. A, m.t tr, m. C, h4 . r. , mora
full and oomplat than pohiliihad by any oihar papar.
Airinuiturml Mtmpmrimmnt, oare fully atlita
by rmrtlrl man.
amrl JVatao, oarafully 00m pi lad.
Th Nathimal Toibuiik In mrletly non partlwaru
and thoroughly A martmn. It hallnvaa In tha greawl
tiod to tha graataat numhar of our naopla, ami tho
ighaat davafiiiimaiit of our InatltuUoua-Ui National
alty and oxaitad loyalty.
It nl.lm. to fl mora and IxlUr nwtt.r for Hi. mm
if iwa w wrk Uian ny oth.r pulillivtinn.
r.v.ry lln. Ui.t i pnl In It to written far II, and hu
tppMrml In nootlmr pir. I mm alMI
r llr-lal lur, AiMrw