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JLn Entr i-prlslng School Hoard Procures
New Seats Note Coqcernhiff
the Mck.
Cai, Oct. 23. What a pleasant surprise
It would be to have prolonged dry spell
lusting U to Thanksgiving or Christinas! ,
Wish the clerk of the weather would take
the hint.
The notice of school meeting for Octo
ber 14 was recalled, as lawful time between
the notice and the meeting waa not given.
J. K. Graham, one of the directors, circu
lated a subscription paper among the pat
rons, the object being to secure funds for
the purchase of desks and seats. He was
fortunate enough to secure between sixty
and seventy dollars
W. V. May went to Portland last week
-and purchased the above mentioned school
furniture. This prompt attention on the
part of patrons and school board speaks
well for this district.
Eugene Ogle of Molalla, is giving inunc
tion on the organ to a class iu this vicinity,
numbering five pupils, as follows: Ilorton
Graham, Clara Graham, Mary Uornshuli,
Ida Var, Lulu Hayward.
Mrs. Henry Hornshnh is quite ill, being
confined to her bed part of the tinw.
Little Mary Morse has about recovered
from her attack of typhoid pneumonia,
but is still kept withindoors.
Silas Griffith is ljing very ill with what
appears to be pleurisy. Pr. Thomas of Hea
ver Creek is in attendance. Mr. Griffith is
anxious to rent his farm to some party who
will purchase his stock and farming tools.
Mrs. Walter Emmet is recovering under
the treatment of Pr. Thomas.
John E. Jones is oat apiiii after a long
Some interest and much anxiety is felt
concerning the proiosed new road from Mt. !
Fleasant to Molalla. The interest centers
on the injustice of forcing such an expens
ive, needless harden apoa the farmers.
Some have signed the petition for this road.
not having at tlie time, fairly understood
the intent and purpose of its projectors.
uch names will come otl as licli t breaks in
upon their understanding. Carusites are
not so easily hoodwinked. They are it
close-fisted either, but onto ask fair play
and a small amount of consideration.
a wagon while gone and will now neither
loan nor borrow.
Miss Winnie Haley, who hits been visit
ing her sister, Mrs, M. J. John, at Wood
burn for the past week returned home on
Friday of last week.
II. K. Van H.'iKvn, of San Francisco, gave
us a call one day last week. Mr. Van listen
is one of the commission niercants of San
rraucisco, and Is out here looking after
the Oregon potatoes and he thinks that the
price of potatoes will rule good this year,
We think so to providing that we can get
them harvested in good shape.
K. K. Cunningham and wife, J. K. May
and wife, were the guests of K. H. Hilton
and wife last Sunday.
Iten Wolfer, as Needy, sold 40 acres of
his farm near Mr. Hain't and bought 70
acres from Mr. Honiesly of the Sam Jesse
E. K. Cunningham and J. I. Poller went
up to Uutteville last Saturday. Ther re
port having a nice trip and a splendid time,
coming home in the rain and mud.
8. K. Toogood is taking iu the exposition
at Portland this week.
Mrs. N. Poaier and Miss M. M. Spagla is
also visiting the exposition at Portland this
week. IIii.low Dad.
Garfield hem.
GAarrux, Oct. 17. Threshing is all done
at last. The last was qaite wet work. t.
W. Palmateer lost quite a quantity in the
chaff, also Mr. Hay and Mr. Anders. At
the present they are having "stirring times"'
with their wet grain. It is estimated that
J. W. Palmateer lost 40 bushels of oats,
Mr. Hay 210 bushels and Mr. Anders 75 on
account ot the rain. Their grain was in
the shock.
C. 8. Porter is quite ill. Dr. Hickman
of Clackamas has been called in to attil
him. His wife was quite ill for the past two
weeks and is just able to be around.
School betran on the 14th in the Trarey
school house, Mr. Moran teacher in charge.
There is to be a school of two months to
use up the money on hand.
Farmers are trying between showers to do
some fall seeding, but as the ground is as
wet as it ever is in December they will not
bav to si kali the prain before sowing.
Mr. Peterson recently lost a fine three-
year old filley from some kind of fever.
The family that bought part of the Fol
sora place have built temporarily and moved
in and are now hauling limber to build a
large house,
Mr. Abbott has his new bouse nearly fin
George Miller and John Johnson of Port
land made Garfield friends a visit the past
Mrs. Annie Carey has come to spend the
winter with her parents, J. P. Irvins.
The water in the streams hereabouts was
higher the past week than ever known at
this time of year.
Straw stack all look like volcanoes up
here, smoking from heating.
Hev. James Euro's has returned from a
visit of three months to his former home
in Virginia His oldest daughter came
back with him.
Mrs. Stingley's dry house caught fire one
day last week, but the fire was promptly
subdued by Mrs. Stingley and family.
It is now good weather over head but mud
dy under foot.
New Era Newslet.
Nkw Ea, Oct. 2.', Potato digging is the
order of the day in this locality. The crop
would have been fair but for the heavy
rains, which Hooded the low lands and
thereby has caused hundreds of bushels to
rot, making many acres unlit to dig.
H. K. Von Hagen, of the firm of Stein
hapen it Co., of San Francisco, was here
yesterday interviewing the potato growers
on the general outlook of their potato crop
and would solicit a share of our shipments.
E. S. Foster with his family left here lust
Thursday for his new home near Eugene.
Bom, tvtober 19, lsstl, to the wife or Mike
Harris, a son. All doing well.
A new hall is well toward completion
near the Philips school house. This hall is
intended mostly for literary and debating
purposes, but will be opened for all sorts
of public speaking and moral entertain.
n rents.
L. Furguson had the niitfortune to have
one of his horses gored to death a short
time ago.
Rubin Fanton has the contract for the
construction of a shed fur the grangers at
New Era. Mr. Fanton has the shed well
under way and when completed it will fur
nish ample room for all the horses that will
likely be at any meeting, being 1 feet long
by 12 feet wide.
K. D. Stone has gone to eastern Oregon
on business.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. C. Phelps visited
friends in Portland and Oregon City Friday
and Saturday of last week returning home
H. A. Waldron contemplates attending
the mid-winter fair in California this winter.
Several Social Events ('umpire to Make the
Iron T il Lively,
Osaxito, Oct. 24 Mrs, Win, Evans en
tertained a few friends last Saturday even
ing and all had an enjoyable time.
The Misses I .emery and Pycr gnve a little
hop last Saturday evening In honor of Mla
Utile Miller of Hutu tills, whowasviaiting
the Misses U-mery, Mlit Miller returned
home Monday,
The Messrs. Fields ot Oregon City were In
tlswtgo on Tuesday on business.
Win. Foley is on a pleasure trip In East
ern Oregon.
A. J. Monk visited friends In Oswego for
a few days recently,
J, Miller returned from a visit of Ave
months In Ohio and Kentucky Tuesday.
He brought a wile with him.
Mrs. Hawley, who was visiting Mrs. Stew
art, has returned to her home In Centralis,
Her. Alderson Is holding protracted meet
ings at the Methodist church ; Kev. Struble
is assisting him.
Judge Haines was In Oregon City on busi
ness Tuesday.
Walter Todd is happy, as a little girl ar
rived at his house last week, having come
to stay .
Geo. Wagner of Portland visited C. N.
Haines ot Oswego Sunday.
Prof. P. 1(. llussard's new band Is pro
gressing finely and the protessor is quite
Prof. Seaman will give a ball In Prosser's
new hall next Saturday evening.
Miss Minnie Mils is very sick at present.
We hope for her speedy recovery.
OAK tillOVE.
Loratloa of the Neighborhood School Notes-
Sundry Personal Items,
Milwaukee News.
Milwaukee, Oct. L'4.-Mr. and Mrs. T. U.
A. Sell wood returned home lust week from
a month's visit to friends and relatives in
Iowa and Chicago. They also visited the
world's fair.
The county road between here and Clack
amas is now being graded and heavily grav
eled. The farmers and others who travel
this road are pleased to see this work go on,
and hope to see it on other bad roads.
Our newii,i0 school building is being
Oae Gkovk, Oct. 21 Oak Grove is situ
ated three miles south-east of Macksburg
and about the same distance west of IJI
The Oak Grove school began October tl,
C. E. Harney teacher, with twenty scholars.
This is Mr. Harney's second term of school
at this place, lie has been engaged to
teaih five months this winter.
Suierintendent Gibson made our school
a pleasant visit last Wednesday, leaving
the scholars greatly benelited by his remarks
on schools in general.
Miss Grace Jordan has returned home to
continue her studies at school after a visit
ol three months at Keiitwn, Oregon,
Wiu. II. White has Just completed sow
ing thirty acres of wheat, the largest piece
yet sown In this neighborhood this full.
Phillip Grave has sown twenty acres of
wheat on Mr. Itruner's farm.
Ed Morris came home from Idaho, where
he went last spring, on last Saturday. He
has been sick in bed four weeks and his ap
pearance shows it, as he looks as if he had
been pulled through a knot hole.
Otis Morris has gone to Oregon City to
work for A. W. Howard.
J. K. Morris ot Oregon City made his
mother a short visit week before last.
Messrs. L. Ileitis ami J. Damm attended
the lodge at Aurora last Saturday night
and did not get home until six o'clock Sun
day morning as it was so wet and muddy.
W. W. H. Samson left here last Saturday
tor Portland to bring home his father if the
They are soiling more and bottcr goods for tho money
than any other house in tho county. Tho
reason for this is
And do not have to make you pay what you looso
on some one else. They havo a complete lino of Dry
Goods, Clothing, Gents Furnishings, iioots ana Shoes,
Hardware and Groceries, and pay tho highest price
for produce. Remember tho placo.
Kit Front Slreet. HARDWARE
Ni.rthiicru A(rnli fur
Portland, Oregon.
el dsn I-
Ifcilar t-mr
Milwr Hot
A 1 V Si' 1 1 I
Crescent Wedges (warranted.) II & S 1'roof OliAins. Arcade FilfH.
Loggers and Vod niopjKTs Sjn'rialtieH.
Oregon City Agent, ......
Kopo. Crescent M
built very rapidly. It will be ready lor the tjoctor.ill allow his removal
Mr. Siinison has greatly Improved the a
Clarkes Colli tiff.
Clabkes, Ocf 23. H. Bingo's friends will
be pleased to here that both his and Mrs.
Bingo's health have greatly improved since
their jonrny at Newport. They may prob
ably buy a stock ranch near there.
A. Cole was here entertaining the people
with his phonograph, and several have been
around with magic lanterns.
Christina Bcherruble, from Oregon City,
is home visiting her parents and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Grace went to Van
couver to visit relatives Monday.
A. Feircloff, Harry Lee and Harry Gard
contemplate going to Portland to visit the
fair. We have not learned whether their
best girl is to accompany them or not.
Several of the Clarks went to the dance
at the K. L. hall at Highland and had an
enjoyable time.
C. Larking and wife were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Grace last Sunday.
Mrs. Bettie Gray, who has been visiting
here for four months has returned to her
home in Missouri.
Mr. and Mrs. Jewell and Merle went to
Portland last Tuesday to visit the Fair.
lathers in a very short time. John Welzler,
jr., has the contract for lathing and plaster
ing. This building is a grand thing for our
little town, as the old building is entirely
inadequate for the number ol scholars that
attend. Three teachers will be employed
when the new bnilding is finished, which
will be about January 1.
H. C. Compton had the misfortune to
sprain his right wrist which will keep bim
from bis work for a few days.
A number of our young men havecluhbed
together and started an evening school. T.
J. Gary is employed as teacher. This is a
movement in the ncbt direction and we
wish the boys abundant success. Any
young man that wishes to improve his edu
cation is welcome to attend.
Mrs. James G. Wilson left on Monday
for her old home in Pennsylvania where
her mother is lying ill. She expects to be
gone some time.
Marks Prairie Muttering.
Masks Pbaikik, Oct. 23. Well! well! and
still it continues to rain and of course it is
dead onto the poor fanners that can't sow
their wheat nor dig his potatoes. But the
man who has got over 92000 worth of
bops over and above his expenses this year
is in a peck of trouble to know Just how to
get $4000 out of them.
T. M. Farnsworth and wife visited the
citizens of Woodburn and Gervais tor a
couple of days last week, and were well
pleased with their trip. T. M. purchased come,
Bedland News.
Redlaho, Oct. 18. The news from this
place is rather startling. Mit Campbell's
horse was shot seemingly with a double
barrel shot gun, as it was shoton both aides.
This is the second horse that has been shot
in the same manner and near the same
place, and is the only horse he had. They
think that they know the man and if suf
ficient evidence can by got I fear the man
will suffer violence from a mob.
Joseph Coldridge and wife, of Oregon
City was on a visit to Mr. Boylan's last
week and while there was treated to a
social dance by the Boylan ladies. All went
oirhapily and the gay party kept the musi
cian busy until a late hour. But the Red
land store did not fare to well. While
the proprietor was waiting on someone,
some others stole near a box of herring and
a can of oysters, but Mr. Johnson has them
spotted and sufficient evidence to make a
grand jury case out of it, and if it is not
settled will have to complain.
Wheat is now moving freely to Oregon
City and times will be better.
Stafford gifting.
BTArroiiD, Oct. 23. Sunday night there
was quite a frost, the first of the season.
The themometor registered 29 above zero,
We are now having foggy weather morn
ings which help to convince us that fall Is
really here.
The apple crop is late along with every
thing elso this fall. A good many varieties
are not ripe enough to pick freely.
Sharps' set their thresher last Saturday
and threshed clover and timothy. The
clover crop is not as good as usual, the seed
is somewhat shriveled and has not had
enough dry weather to thoroughly cure it.
The dance at John Mayers' hall last Hat
urday wa a grand success.
Mrs. A. Melcher has Just had a cancer on
her face cured. The cancer was of a year's
The Stafford literary society meets next
Saturday evening at 7:30. Visitors ase Wei.
iiearance of his tine farm during the past
six months by slashing and grubbing.
J lie uerman church at .Marksimrg was
attended by several from Oak Grove last
I'anhy Chat.
Casby, Oct. 2.1. The past week has been
the opening one for the nursery business at
this place, the first shipment having been
made last Saturday by Kd Kainmerand P,
J. Cox of 1500 prune trees to a Seattle tree
S. Mathew is negotiating with a San Fran
Cisco linn to sell to them lifty thousand pe
tile prunes.
The literary and debating society, lately
organized in Kvans's ball held their regular
meeting last Friday evening and elected of
ficer for the ensuing quarter Harry C. O if
more, president; David Cox, secretary;
Grant White, marshal. After which the
following question was debated ; Kesolved,
That emigration is preferable to immigra
tion. Affirmative, J. C. Walgamot, I.
Fisher, 8. La If, Geo. Lee, Geo. Hampton
and Grant White. Negative, M. H. White,
K. M. Hosford, Geo. Knight, I). J. Cox,
Blaine White and O. K. Mack. The discus
sion was animated and was decided by the
judges in favor of the alllrmative. The
next regular meeting will be held in Kvans's
nan i oursuay evening.
J. Kiglerof Woodburn ha purchased and
taken possession of the Rogers hotel at this
Kugene Ogle of Molalla has organized a
class In Instrumental mmnc at this place.
He gives lessons on Monday of each week.
L. Rogers, who has resided in this city
the past three years, moved to a farm hear
town on Monday.
Mrs. Harris, who has been running the
Roger hotel, has moved into the house re
cently vacated by L. Rogers.
James isojin, or Kiverside, has lust fin
ished hauling 10O cords or railroad wood
for the Southern Pacific company.
Je Smith, or San rraucisco, was visiting
his nephew, W. A. Avery, the past week.
Geo. Knight spent Saturday and Sunday
visiting the exposition in Portland, return
ing home Sunday evening.
M. K. Bain, editor or the Three Sisters at
Barlow, was in town Tuesday on business
Miss Annie Vorpahl visited the exposi
tion at Portland last Thursday in company
with her sister Minnie.
Visible Writing,
Permanent Alignment,
Automatic Ribbon Re
Automatic Line Space,
Interchangeable Platen
Most Rapidly Adjusted
Margin Stop.
Oregon City Users.
If. J. Thnrnn, AhstrnctH.
(I. K. Haven, Attorney.
Geo. C. IlrownMI, Attorney.
Cowing A Cowing-, Attorney".
E. M. fUnilrt, Kntkhi'iiihw oilice
Dovico for Writing on
Rulod Linos,
Extreme Manifold IWr
Typo Cleaned in Five
Most Noiseless,
All Woar Absolutely
SCOTT & B ANN AN, General Agonts,
rail biakk unu, 1'UKii.AMi, OK., W njui.Ky i.ocK-. SEATTLE, Will,
okeoon city.
Masonic Uuilding.
BackletTi Arnica Palre.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
nruntes, Horea, ulcers, bait Klieiim,
Fever Horea, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Krup
ions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It is guaranteed to give
erfct satiHiaction, or money refunded,
i'rice 25 cents per box. For Bale by (i
i. Harding.
Karl's Clover Hoot, the new Blood
Purifier, gives freshness and clcarneHH to
the Complexion and cures Constipation.
25c, f)0c. and $1.00. 8old by CO.
Justice blanks, real estate blanks, and
all other blanks at the Entkhi'Hihk of
fice. Portland prices.
In order to
work is du
ICxtrn -
. Will !.
draw work whilo nutnido
1 owing to the weather
Low - Priccn
L'lvcn on nil ciirrinirn
and wagon work.
Davis, the Painter.
SW hack ofI'o,.,V Co.'h Htore.
Wa Cm.
. r
i K . ? 11 'P'11 at the ends? IM
bruXd?PTtCe, f 11 ,n t when ComM 0
'a Itd-vor'.J1 V1" ' la""iff? Does your acalp IUJ
3 o ur s'vmn.il "l,B"t condition ? If these are iomf
0,,"y mptoms be warned In time or vou will bccomebll-
pookumRoot Hair Grower
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years th Sundari
i Ma
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tha ,,in.,.''"'l,."l(lirllroi. in,, .,,,1 . .1,1.. t..i. iiniimul.'' 1
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