Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, February 10, 1893, Image 3

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    Oregon City Lntcrprisc.
kiiiday, ri:nmunY m, mini.
Cumuli for i(f I'lMnliif KvrnU-tot I'M-
llrul.n twt IumI I ulumin.
KMll'A Y - TlilUnnailii'aii uwii iKtH'linit t
7 i i. ii. t'rtt rvmllng nmm tiu.lii
mvriliiK l rvmllnit rtHiiu al It ! , m,
HI" N 11.4 V. tliiarlnrlv llmlllill l III U. K.
MUNHAV i..ar.l of trada mat in 7 ..Hip. lu,
Prlinut In el't.
A ItiTonl MkrrliMl'l)((lnpNH
mill MoHkk Tat I-hw.
Oregon Otf.f milij and aurora ( hurU r
I'dhiril-rimrliT I'IkIiI.
lYraonal NuU.
I'orliap ll I tint iiiKriilly known U
llie iiipiilx'mij(llili'KUIiiliirt.llial una at
ltant tlin ( niiMiilxir oltholiouw Imavon-
iluilm! fully that lulxith ainvfawir
l.luinr llar.li-.iy ul Nw.ly wa In town
tut MmwUv,
Tim wplrimiti fln U'limi lulllim Wed'
ilny atlriiHiu.
M. II. Xi;illuir o( 1 1 1 liUmt waa In
town Ull WdiliiriuUy,
II you hay a ll and w aul to build
Ihjiiiv apply lui'. . T. Williama,
Tlin lall in vinilliiK will at llm Ki-tHi-ni
t)sri.M. 1'flrra Ut anil ynu.
Minn Ni'llin ti I rrl ul .rlland Kji'iil
Friday with ln'r iiir, Mm. A It,
l.al Monday I'liun. Jannry ridurmd
t thin i lly alti-r an nl'wiu l anvnral
Ittiv, (i. W, lillMitiry lia Inh-ii aniat
liiI iliiriii Ilia fk at apwial niwllnii
In tinrrala.
Tlie (M-vcntli Hmt raw, appoalrd In
the uptvuio couillia Ikkiu wl luf lioar
llitfou llm '.'Ut
Momiay waa m-l Urttwr day tor tin
annatur froiri Clatkain uounly ah
bnlnif lorlunat miumku to tli
pawaiin of an lmxrtant lilll. Tli
wurn Civh'i Mil ainondlngth rodu, rid
ally totli inannur of collm-linu lain
ami llayna bill ainmidlug the ctxia nl
alive In forillilo titiry and diilalnr.
That wuator Imin (-'laikamaa county
liavn a faalilnii ul iii-tling tlmrn In Kat
aliapo. Tlila la Iwi'auiw limy pri'mint
anil niiiuit tumiuinndaliie uiuasuraa.
ll la ni'iiitrally rumored aUit Ilia cap
llol tliat tlio militia lilll atamla good
cliaiii' ul Mug t Uon liy llm govur
linr Tim laical l that II it p-, and
II llm governor vtiUwa it and If buth
ul CuiiKrniMiiiian llnrmaiin and that tu in Iioiimi iaM Ilia till) over ln veto then
tha Inunwllala luliirM, VIli that and 1 m III rnaign. II tha luaniiwra gimur
In view hi I dnvotliitf hi limn, lalnnl j ally Iwllnved that llila waa Ilia guvrrnur'a
and mugli' during Ihlaanaalon o"ina- j ;toillun, lhy would probably paaa It
ing a rwird," Im llm ullnr day ri- oviT hl viitu by a largn majorily, lor
puiaard It. Ili'irallir whin bi li'llow ) nt 1 1 1 1 nt a in 1 1 1 1 at the l'l that tha gov
rtpiiMiiitativi a Ull, biavlly junior 'a dmir la alwaya Invilingly "n
whUkcrml rl.lmly iiiuiiiUt raring lo and ihnae ilaya ll la a Dialler ol Knnral re
fru In tbn all' ypillng and aawlng llm ; mark that liia callnra am nut nuinnruua
air, tlipy lu-rl not Im m'arnd and run I and with tha ramptlon ul Vandirburg
away, for Im I all it hifgnr gauia an , and L'ptjn tlmy ara lulreiuciit.
la only pracln-ing oraliuna with wlili h ! Among the billa lo paaa un Monday
In .!. Inly tho rlli'tn tneuilwra ul l"' ! ontf inirwlm-nd by Renalur hloiwer
t'niUil Slatra miiama. In thai day
Kaiiaaaand Imr au kli-M alatianian will
no iimrii nionu"lui llm bnnora, but will
I rnlpgalinl to iliu uuturiiiil patina of
history whiln Dri'gou'a gyuiimallrulator
aaliililalip all VVaalilliglmi with 1 . i x tin-
iVw-rlhinK tha iKiuiidanna ul Ihfl acnator-
lal dialriiia It in km no (-Itangt-a tf
ii'lit lo fiirrwt aoine iiulrlinala di-avrip'
limia uf boiiiiilarii-a
j Two ii'H'iaiii I ilia Idfliliral In inallfr
1 hut oriiiinatliiii In ImjIIi branchra lia'.p
the houaa on Tuewlay and will probably
gt lhrouli tb atiiialn.
The bill fur changing tha boundarlm
uf Clai karnaa and Mullnumali rouiitlm
by adding Kellwuod to the latter liaa
bxen ordiirtxl angroaiuHl.
Tha loiniiiitlfe aiMiluUid undur (iill'a
hoiiite reauliitlon lo viait and Inapert the
liM-ka, cunaialiiig uf Konalura Cruaa and
Kah-y and Id-pn-Miutalivea (iill, Kuaaell
and Currin went down from Halmn un
Monday and apttnt aeveral lioura uf the
afUirnoun In making a carelul inveatiga-
tion uf the lot ka and their aurroondinva.
They were mil little eurpriwd at the
niagnitiidn uf the manufacturing indua
triita whii h have aprung up at the falla
within the paat few year Aa J. M.
I.aWTme, clerk ul the committee baa
been buay gKlting data relative to ahlp-
nieula eU'., the committee will be pre
pared lo make an inttilligi'nt repurt. .
(inllixaon'a huuae bill providing for j
the pruper malntainanue uf the National
Marlon county In which a ablpper! tiuna to whom It waa referrred. Alter
claimed damagea from the Huuthern j lively tilt In the aerial between Kenw
ViAtlc for neririlltintf wheat to tome'lora Cr'jia and lleyei in which tha
uiiinly In tranait. llr waa an intereated
apiK'talur at the atate liouwj part of the
rVuatur Ifayea waa unable t"be in lilw
Beat on Wednesday being confined at
home with aevere attack uf fever.
J W. O'C'onnell waa np on Friday
anil Kuturiluw kMiLlntf alter the Oreuon
:iiv . l..rtr .l.u l. .aa au.enll aliutitlv I exclaimed, "0 My iou !" in
to iiiwt aome ubjet.tiona in the huuae.
former mged the paaaage ol th bill an t
the latter protealed againat it, the bill
waa taken from the apeclal committee
conaiating of the Clackamaa aenatow
and re-rlerred lo the comroitte on cor
poration. I.'oon the announcement ut
the vote eo referring the chairman of tire
committee leaned back in bin chair anil
moat enr-
pl.atic terma, indicating bia eitreme iiTe-
f tiL ft.M.f.fi.A .rvo. nl 1). litliea in wlmt
On account A bia intereat iri the road i ..... . . , .
, , i bade fair to lie bitter controversy.
'juration rfuirge .Hiiioruui
daya at the capital thia wwk.
On Monday Capt J. T, Apperaon
i came ou and remained till Tueadav loow-
Ounty ullkera llorton and Itamaby ; imj( mHf,f lC c0UnlJ flvlmoII mttter,
aient Friday ferenwn at the capitol. iy evening Oregoo City
On account ol the crowded condition out i m.aae and it looked for a time
the lioU-l they bad to content them- ef l(.jr trriv,, M tjl0Ugh they ha4
aelvea with cut the night previuua. , uk(,n fjmMlltu,n of the capital . Of theae
H.8. KUangeant Tuea-tay evening (j o, T. Williama, Peter Tatiet, H. It.
, :.. ,.i ,i . v, :...i 1 t the capitol, having l-n invited by Jolmaon, J. W. Meldrom and K. M.
I . ' . .... ua.. . .. to Iw.lr. tlium ' a- -aa I - .
... .,.,.,r;.i:n irf; parm-a irom wirru ""-n'ra .... ... , Kt.ja were up m aiienu ev irctni
' ., -ll I I . ... .t..,:.... 1 ..;..l. tl.bM)., ... I . r.m
t1. ' iiie commiiiee ui ma ruumtvu wwhikb
to look after the diviaiun queation, J, W.
O'Connell, J. H. Purdom, Hidney Smyttk,
M. J. P,rolerick and George P.inearaon
were up luokiug alter the city charter.
J. J. Cooke came np on Tuesday
morning to try and arrange for an agree
ment relative to the city charier, aome
of the condition of which are not mee-
ing with the approval oi an me meiuiwa
ilrorn t'la-kama county.
fl.WlO paaaol the annate on Wednesday
-aye 23, naya Id.
Kaateru Oregan ia aaking fur a branch
Inaane aayluin lo be located in that auc
tion uf the atale.
Wt-atherforda bill for the atatu to ap
propriate the Willamette canal and lock
waa relnrred to the committee un coui
iniTce un Wednt-aday.
That waa a lively meeting before the
eiialli'd and uiipaialk'd oraU'ry- and ; r j, Tliry pnjvide that womin committee on corjiorationa on Tueeday
hia liamn ahall U writU'ti. The llonura- i..viuil ,i.. r-uni-iira ol citiwiiahiu ahall
ble J. II. I'pl.in of ('. ! 1 em tiled lo hold educational olticea.
Henator t'rtjaa made a romim-mUMe , j, W1 m t,wrMary in order that it may
point on Friday when he awuted llie ' 010 B HW fur one branch lo paaa
lucorxiratlin of an aiiii'iidiiivtit t llB i,Pi,,.r (nil.
Wo-ld'a Fair bill ,.,vi,li..g thai none! Tu j.,,,,, w llltroll)r(,J
the approprlationa ahould U uhI lor ; ) y VpaU.( iM lklw,l, ,e
Ih.rrtl..i..if anOrrg.ui building. 'Ihe r(W,rllU Urntu , , e1plyiti.nt
; ,.rtle chlclly In.truii.il.l In pre,nng ; . ,.,..:, lu wnM,. ,,, i,,e jvel
in the alatii a car or more and in the
Take your liabiee to Ihe New York
gallery and grt a good picture w bile you i llie bill had lulcii.lcd to uae t lil.iawl (l
have Ihe chaniw. Ihe appropriation for an Or.v'ti building.
A audi a ln.il. ling !. I le l no
evening when tlie Oregon City charier
bill at up for cunaiileratiun. The com
mittee cunaiat ol Kenatur Cameron,
Cruano and Vanderburg, the latter be
ing abaent. Ir. V. K. Carll appeared
(or the rvmonatrator with a general
remount ram e aigned by i'i name. The
remonatralura urged no epecial objt
tion eaceptthat they were opioel lo a
new charter. Peter Paquet, C. O. T.
Charica Metdium 'a
mil alter In colltalon
poln while coanlilig.
tteoige lwaltord rclurueil I'om Kaleiu
ull We.lnra.laV. lie acrolnamH! hia
father up on Monday
Wutk on the new Ice plant will le
liegun In two weoka and puahaJ furwward
aa rapidly aa iaaih!e.
again able to be " " " the employment by individual or cor-
with the barber 1 ' ' ' ' " , . liHwatiuiiaul armed meu.
Iti'iieiittive Currin baa reennaid
errd hia action in Voting on the mililia
routity over an moiitha It prohihila j Williama, J. W. O'Cunnell, J. J. Cooke,
h.ilney MnyiU aim oilier apa-arei in
rluli lioiim' ly memiM-ra oi meconium
ali.n and their p-tI1 frienda where
wlnea and cigar would lie i onti.ini-l, il
a nol riiihl to include anything In the
appropriation lor iinethiiig whiih
would not triietll the atate at lrtrti
Fven If it were ll"! likely lo be Uia-d for
il. h a puratae 1U,I) would nut put
a building that would be a rmlil to Ihe
Come lo Ihe Congregational church lo , Bl-It, ik w (ut, only provide a atim lure
bear Ihe lecture on "Martin l.ullier" i wou( i.k , .., ,-omparvd with
Tueeilay February i'l. "-'t Llher like buildinga.
It,.,..,. . uallnn e.na and a-el It I The atliate baa c.,ticiirrl in llie houae
filled with the Ul Pearl oil loruA cenla ' joint rrwilutiun which make
i ability to w rite hia name and redd
eoiiatitiitioii in the Fiiglili Imigiiagi'
aome of Ihe ipiaiilicationa ul a voter. It
a nol lo apply to elevtui now lea. ding
in the atnte a ho can not read and write,
at the Park Place ah. re. X
The Miaaea tieer ol lliltteville a.il
aeveral day in Albany the la-t ol Ihe
Week illllig li it'll. la
Alexander Hamilton one ol the am-j Senator Huiler appropriation bill
reaalul (anuria uf CUi kama calli'l hn'aakiiig for tU'.iHHl for addition to the
halurday laat while In town. : normal a ImnjI al Moiniioulli waa
... , , ' -;ii,, I... !fuuleld, aeyeral apwrhe U'llig
r .T i.'hk ... "ii..f .
fartna urlarmera pa'r at loaral liitn-t
rail on me. W, II. Hi aiH.manT tl
The ano la alnwly melting and il a'
heat v rain ibea not Im-ciii aooii there,
w ill be no damrer o a Ibaal lid apring
John Morna ol S lo waa in Ihecily on
nii'li! to wilneaa the will ol
Flder Hipp who died a abort llmeaince
appropriation bill, and aaya that il it
cornea back with the goveinor'a Velo he
la prepared to give It bia Vote. The
cailae ul hia change of mind i that
aevcialol lua Clai kalliaa county conati
luenla vtaited him, and convinced hi in
that lb atate, ami hia uwn counly aloud
in need, and waa in favur uf, a cuini
telit, rtlicieiit ll. il it lav.
The wnator Irom Clackama are
I:. I .1 . tl .J
111 ut"'u,u ,u o.' 'iw., iv.j .......,
Uif i"'" rl1'" Oregon City, Croaa, re-
IHiitlng II Uvuratily, and Have ot-
out in aome regiatatioi: in
are iutereated.
If On-gon City turned out in force
Clackama waa not behind it in proor
tionate representation, an incorporation
bill being tha auurce ol their trouble
aiao Tbotas pre-nt favoring incorpora-
tion were Klrat Chapman, Dr. J. H.
Hickman, Jaa. Rout and K. 0. Curti.
I while C. K. Clark waa preeeiit oppo-ing
the incorporation of outiie territory
within the city limit.
Caa U. Barlow ia up here a good deal
of the time and ia by thia time pretty
well acquainted with the member of
both bouaea. A U well known be ia a
candidate for railriadoommiaeioner and
hia can lidac ia generally wellapoken of.
It la thought by thoae who are in a potu
tion to know that hi chance fur election
i ery good.
Clackama county ha another candi
date in the person ul Chm. llolinan ul
Meadow lirook who deeire to be
elected lood comu.ineior.er. He i well
'qualified to Iill Ihe position and will
U-lialf ol the new charter. Represent-
t.ve (.eer and Judge Meldrum wiaiieo, . ,n efficient ofTicer il eWted Mr.
one clause changed relative to the road- J j0min ig iD .n- ri,y extending hi ac
TUis construdion locomotive on the
Enirt Hide Eler-tric line waa up ajiin
yesterday lor the first time in a week,
the anow having interfered to keep
them from working to advantage.
There are fifty eight teacher at the
court house before the board of ex
aminers, four of whom wish tat certi
ficates. The rest are applicants for
county certificate.
Oeorye Broughton'a wood wagon waa
broken by the Mo street crosaing xm
Tuesday in an attempt
electric road.
to crop the
Ella Dicken i lowly recovering and
alter which they were ready to endorse , ttainUnrt ,Dd (X,kinK f,r lit inter-1 l" ' brought up from Milwaukee ana
tbe charter heartily. Represenutive in thi, tonnK.,ion. taken home today.
Uwton andlurrln wanted the U Tien i,.j,rentl,tive ieer' daughters were
iract lelt unt ol the city with which miih hiln at Mate imM. aeveral
change they were ready to aland in I ,ilm, juring ,ue .g l.ileon a viait
Senator Have hd taken atrong KroumlK 1 1() ,sm.
against the bill in the senate In the al- j
lernoon, but wa not inclined 10 ue so
.. i .i . I ,
aewilllBS.runtooie,(ao0.,Uu.MrwU ..!,;., from
U..i il.. M "i- -
City favoring it paaaage.
were diacordrnt elemenu
make the skirmish a lively one
about two hour, and it was not till
oVIia'k midnight that the committee
The tliegon City charter ia now known
1 in the aenale aa the "O Uud ! bill." It
' li iatiian r.f tL rinimitl on rortftorm-
I E. F, William will move hi stor k
'of (trocerie into the Masonic baildiLg
' on first of the month.
i Sickness prevented the musical prt
;of the program lor the reading room.
Colonel h M Ijvell w in the city
vesterday on business.
l..i;.... .... II. a i.r..ii,tl lli.,l lilt, ti.uller
v i. . iL :,i
as hatched out without due notice lo I " U"J" " a
II... ,..o,,!e and that the ,.ruu..rc. werej"" nv conclusion.
.t,e,..,.t,..g lo have ,t carried without the oWquent conference of the sen.
knowled,,, or consent of .he 1H.0,e lor and r,.p.ese..Ut.vea and the bulk of
.... ihe Oregon City delegation resulted in
ll.teieatrd. ' ,, ...
The Candy ino.por.luin bill i. still in " Mmrnl generally satisfactory to
an u..ceriin cHin.iit.oi.. Both it. friends M '"crpt Uwton. who w .n-
( cline.1 io sianu ouv. n waa iohi umi
and eneiuica are growing
ing and the outcome may not tie known
l.ir seme lime.
' The Clackamas charier i receiving
Its psit ul attention Irom llackamas
icoiintvs hard workrvl Senators, lele-
: honor u( iniriKlucing the measure, (or
' w hich be deserves much credit, and is
1. 1 make the punt that anyone iipxiiig
jit waa not lu lavor ol education, but it
failed lo carry any weight. The feeling
'waapf-My geiieial thai aa the normal
I m -luad bad ai'idied to iiutde a atale i
Hum llm ..iin.i.1 alil.tllalii.il
, .. ,, , ., giama and letiets, pro and con, are ar-
that the atate should not la called upon '
(or ita aupiMut it si Id not come in : "vg by every mail, and al this lime
I now aakiiur lor belli. Ueiuiblicana wer.' ; it look as though deleat was more prob-
C O T. illiau.a is now doing huai- j seemingly oppoaed tothe bill on a.-cunl ''le than suo-esa to the measure,
ness for himself at the iild stand neat'ur the county ol Polk having sent! Tin senator irom Clackamas were
door to Cautleld A Huntley' drug I demo. rt lo represent a renubllciin j strong lu their support of the bill repeal
glorei J county for the expies pui a) of secur-1 ing tlio deduction (or Indebtedness, and
: ing the amiropriatlon. i the mortgage lax law. Uwton had Ihe
pneumonia, bill III thought that he The W urlda Fair bill bus got safely
.-a I.- i.w.l. a lom i..r Ihe 1 etler vce- i through the legislature carrying an an-
I proprlatlon ol fim.isai, tun n 'a generally ( receiving mucn praise, iu uie sriiaie
surmised that Ihere are breakers ahead j Hnycs made a strong speech in support
iin the governors otllce Uhiii wlmli It j ol the measure, in w Inch he proved, ny
;wllltiand It is extremely doubtful ! Inures Iroiu the e.lualiiation Uwrds re-
! It I. . - ,t. ......... wain j . it. ..I v,..uiul ,.f ll,..auM I wurt. i.'tl.lia
I UW1 1'IIIVJWin HID IFIIIIIUI ..'IU I"., .lf .. W ... . ....
iiH.riuti.iid a job j I j ton'a assessment and taxation j laws would lighten taxation, relieve
Call and see the lounges at llolinan A ! bill repealing the indebtedness clause the money market and bring prosperity
Waiting' and yon w ill aw some good I and the mortgage tax law has passed the ho the state. The vote on this bill stood
one which they aio selling almost at ! house and will undoubtedly cany in IS for 10 against and two absent.
'the senate with substantially the same ! The bill will become a w as tlie gover
provisions. Hie govornur is unueiaioou nor lias signiuvu ins luieniious iu nii
to l. in lavor o( the ilediictiou (or in- it.
ilebiedness, but opMised to the nun tux- t Representative Currin succeeded in
lation ol nioi'.giigi's 11 la extremely .having Inn icmiiution niiiiiiug uie nine
i .l.mblliil il he sees lit to Veto tltu Ulcus- o( ilebate lo live uillliltes in the
Regular meeting ul llm board ol trade j , j j ,.an K, pHssed over his vein us , Imui-e passed, thus sipielcliiug the irie
on Moudiiy liiwhl next. There will be a j tll mujorily wiis nol large In the house, i piessiblii populist opinent, I'pton.
president to elect as ('has. II. Cautleld jt j, v,,rj. ,i,iubi(ul il I ho rt-jwiil n( tlio j When Ihe World' Fair bill wa under
bus handed In his resignation. ! Indebtedness clause were made and the ' discussion In the. house Currin stated
. .. -. I . ... ..... . I .. . . , . . ! .1 ...
A l fi I..,..,., mber. of the Free mortgage tux law lelt as u is. me conns u.at lie coum support an app.opriawou
W. T. Welch the contractor baa
turned with his family from Sewbutg!
where he Went souie uiontha ago to ! ,
inanufaclurer'a pi ice
(In account of running a brad awlj
Into his hand and catching cold In the I
wound, C. P. Wineaet is now obliged to i
cm IV his iirm in a sling.
Rniiiliug Room Association la t-ulled (or
Friday evening at Hp. in. al the read
ing room. A lull Ktlendiince Is desired.
K. 0. Cmifleld president.
John A. Heck whose iidverliseinont
iippeurain this issue Is one ol the oldest
and best known jeweler on tlio coast.
When it come to repairing tin can lint
lie beaten anywhere.
Mr. Freytag ar. has returned (rom
Texas with his family. As oon as ho
can iililiiin possession of tils store at the
comer ol Main imd Mtli streets ho will
go into business again,
J. Y. Humphrey returned from Saleni
lust Friday after about a week' visit
with relative. He say ho Im been
about a good deal and llmls no town aa
good a Oregon City for work and
Many peoplo lmvo been guessing
whom tho parties wo.ro Hotting those
Cloak. Overcoats and Shoos mentioned
in last wook'a Kn imihiihic. Most ol tlie
readers however have guesHod right mid
decided that Hamilton A Washburn
were tlio only parties In Clackamaa
county that oould oiler good at tuch
rldiculoiiHly low prlcim. x
would not nave to noiu uie ia um-onsir
tutioiml, as it would rmil double taxa
On Saturday the special committee to
Invealigiile the jetty at Y'aipiina con
sisting ol Seliatois 11. V.. Cross and R.
M. Veatcti and Representatives S. A.
Hurham, U. F Niclmla and W. P. F.l
moro went to the Ray and made a care
(ul inspoclion ul the govoriiment works.
They found that two jetties are being
built, tho ono on the north being n little
Urns than hull a mile in length while the
one on Ihe south side of the buy Is I lire
fourth of a tnilo long. It lucks but
IL'0 feet of being as long us required.
The north jolly is out us far us originally
Intended. Owing to tlio wash of tho
sanilH from tho south sido ol the ohan
nol It will ho necessary to build live
groins out to protect the work, Tho
amount required to comploto tlio work
Is iSO.O'lO, lobe expended in tJISW.
Originally thoro were throe channels
and but aovon feet of water. Thoro is
now 14 loot at low tide with a moan rise
of 7.1 foot. The conimlttoo wa like to
have been shut In on the west side of the
Coast range likn the legislative party of
six year ago, ns the snow fall wa very
huavy on top of tlie mountains'.
(or f!(HH) but lor no more, so he voted ,no.
The hmi so has passed a resolution
providing (or a constitutional amend
ment poi milling counties to incur an in
dohtodi.es uf & per conloflhoir total
valuation. A the limit already estab
lished by the constitution is a dead letter
there seem but little use to provide any
other limit.
The memorial to congress usking it
to provide (or the government' purchas
ing tho telephone, and telegraph linos
was warmly contested. On a motion lo
indelinitolv postpone tloer and I.awton
voted, aye and Currin, no. Thia mo
tion was livd, lint when it cume to the
adoption of the memorial It was defeated
by iltl to 'JO. Cpon Ihe main question
nil th i oo of tho representative horn I
Cliickamus voted, no. The ayes and ;
noes were canon lor d tne popuusi
A bill was Introduced to compel mill
ers to put IW nutinda of floor in a sack,
but the legislature did not see fit to in
terfere with the long established custom
which makes l!)fl pounds a barrel and
one-fourth of a barrel or 40 pounds a
sack, so the bill that pussed make 40 '
pounds a sack.
Gecr's bill relating to inclosurea panned
be could not attord to make that an is
sue and defeat the charter on that
ground, (inly Ir. Carll remained oismly
.lissaiislied. So a meeting which at
time was quit squally finally euded
with no apiwreiit bad feelings.
On Wednesday the committee made
a favorable report and it passed the sen
ate without further tribulation, and the
same evening, the house being at work
on charter bills, il wa taken up and
passed. On of the chief objectors ia
reported to have said that if it passed he
would get the governor to yeto it, but
that is not likely lo happen, and if it
did tue veto would be tamed down.
Neither is the governor likely to sign it
He will simiilv permit it to become a
ilaw without hi chirography attached.
A it contains the emergency clause
that time w ill expire in five days from
its tiling with the secretary of state.
The governor vetoed hi first bill this PRODUCI
session on Wednesday it lieing the
World' Fair bill appropriating $tiO,000
lor an exhibit. The governor's critical j
eve has discovered a Constitutional pro
hibition which stands in the way.
l'Hin the receipt of bis veto messnge !
the senate promptly n ado it a special
order for Thursday by a vote ot 10 to 8.
The mining bureau, intended to make j
a sod place for a ilk tile wag shelved
Wednesday. I
On Wednesday bills introduced bv !
Cross wore acted upon a follow:
Changing boundaries of Multnomah and
Cliickamus county, engrossed; Oregon
City charter, passed both senate and
house; Relation to bawdy houses
passed ; to incorporate Canby passed ;
to incoriKirato Aurora passed.
Captain J. W. (laming came up on the
morning train Friday, having Ihhmi
suhpooniod as a witness in a case from
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