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today. II has rental It. K. Ha es's plae AN ISTKRKXTINtl I.KTTKK,
I and expects his family lo arrtieon Tuesday.
j The Tiialntin tmn met Saturday and a I Natl Orefsnlsn fends a Nmy heller lo
It WHS ilistl-
Ire I'ond troaklMirit Ftup Winter
Weather (iraiiftt twicers Installed
Followed kjr a 1'leasant Dance
TIIK RTrRPKIiK riiiM.-v viwii (rood many enl from here.
wm tii if ririit I lation day, and si sUihing s gtht
v(ue eiu iroui mr ami near, a granu
tVa.il was served by the sinter members, at
mhieh all present tried to do tlieir duty,
your corresioiiiteiil with the rest.
tiraitt 1'n man has iiit worn at aum'
mill ami will soon jw lo losing Tor the
Baby mill.
Oeo. Saiim, sr., has been vejy 111 fur some
time with an aim. k of nervous prostration.
Mr. and Mrs. Zaok Kllotson ami family
were the guests yesterday of Mr. ami Mrs.
Ueorj tlafie.
Hon rv Melelier ha. I the siiles of his house
iiii ami was itisl readv to put on the
when the snow raine.
The notice of I on Sart's ami Mary Ivl
t'soo IVso, Jan. 3tV.-Warin the midst
ef a winter up here as it would em to
look out on the snow wliieh is about
five inches deep this morning. Thia
weather keeps the potatoes at liom and
ill iT the market time to revive so bettor
riivs will be obtained In the future.
Fro IVnd is alive with sleighs and the
music of sleigh bells, ami everybody is out !
filing his best girl an airing that has one, I
an I those that have none go alone. ker"s license
Tualatin grange installed their oflioers j "'l'-
Saturday, lieo, 0. Pay, assisted by Mrs,
l, A. Gage, were the installing officers. A
ety pleasant time was had. The sisters
t'rml a bountiful dinner, and if you,
tr. Kititor, hail been there you would not
look so lean for a while at least. The young
lo'.ka bad a dance in th evening which was
ept up at a lively speed until nil-might
when every one went home leeling in the
te.t of humor.
F. It. Km- and Mr. ratterson went to
Saiem last week to th musical eiitertatn
tricnt given by the students at the univer
aitjf. Th music was finely rendered and
was worth any one's while to listen to.
H. K. Mayes rented his tarm here to Mr. i Smith
I'liillipa of Independence, who will move,' Henry Hepler has moved into his house
on tins seek. I just completed,
; Miiis Lime Ilciiu, who has been working
CK.VTRAL POINT. ; in Tortlaiid for sometime, cam home on
tleo. A Itanllng.
(Walters, Moss is a native of Oregon
1'ity and is at present traveling with a the
atrical company. Th following letter re
cvived Imiii him by tieorge A. Hurling will
Interest all and especially his many Iriends
I'lmat'MUH, IVnn., Jan. 4, lst.
FtiRttn (Ikoniir: On my arrival at this
smoke deluged and woe begone place found
your letter awaiting me. To say that It wa
a welcome visitor would lie putting it mild
ly. Kiery time 1 think of home and tnemla
it makes me sick at heart, IVople there
. . don't ai.ortvtttto the teaittiM ivf ilnii-istim.
nH' ; try au.l only wish they were once mure "In
to wed has stirred up the gos
Hackslmrt Matter. '
M icKSHt'Kii, Jan, SI, tieorge llroughton,
of Oregon City, has over a million feet of
loirs hanked on the Molalla rher in the vi
cinity ol and on Win, Samson's farm, wait
ing for a favorable rise to carry them to the
J. K. Morris and wife, of "regon t'ity, are
visiting fnriiilsand relatives in this vicinity,
O. I.. Harbor is suffering from the efle Is
ofaftioti on which he had an oration
performed lust week.
John ray is preparing to build a house
on the land recently purchased of J. K.
TK.U'HFKS IN 101 Mil-
tret ra a a Bare-Basket Social- Paia-! L , "y r . , . . . . .
fol Artideat. j T,,elltc of Macksburg gathered at th
residence of Jim Smith on Friday evening
Ckstai. Poist, Jn. . The farmers of : lu 'rn entertained with nin
th !a place are laid up at present on account i holh un al ami instrum rntal.
cfbad weather and can only do chores amlj F.lle Stone was visiting friends in!
iy in firewiwd. j vicinity the past week.
Nome mischievous boys sneaked up lo ' li- w fn'ramlin, our enterprising mer-1
lit. Wilcox's yard one day last week and ' "ant, made a trip to Portland one day last
al.ot his dog. Mr. Wtlco is icry enxious ', eek.
tu find out who they were anil says he will
Uiem pretty rough if he finds them.
Thomas C. Thomas had the misfortune to
luse his best cow which he sais lisj of
In-art disease. A tree fell across his barn.
Fortunately he heanl it crack and got his
tu.nses out just in time to save their lives.
EnosCahill is logging on the Joe Williams
I'btieaud eipirts to start his saw mill mhiii.
tluward Owens has done considerable
f '.'tiring lately and has been fixing up bis
touse, all of which looks rather suspicious
for a young man.
John Jones, better known as blacksmith '
Junes, has returned with his wile and
daughter from Medicine Lake w here M rs. j
Jones has been for her health, but she has
col iniproied any since she left here three
or four months ago.
Vi'm. SlclVnald is ooming home from ,
Washington where he has been working in j
the mines.
Ihe basket social at the Leland school 1 0M
Bouse tl tnday night was very successful
in every aay. The baskets were sold to the
liijjhest bidder, David Penman, jr., being
auctioneer. Most all th boys bought bas-
keis and some bought four or five apiece.
!th state." Well, they can hae all of the
stales they desire, and I will be MillslU'.l
I with a small roruer oftregon. In tact I
would sooner he hung to one of the tallest
i trees that abound in that section than Iodic
'a natural .death In this country. In
fuel this country "Mint In It" when com
j pared lo yours. Your people object lo the
'copious Mow of rain that visits you everv
season, while in this in the dead of winter
j the people pray lor rain. In New York city,
a short tin. since, the preachers on Sunday
morning announced from the dillercin pnl-
pits that on account of the scarcity of rain
ther was danger of Ihe aqueducts going
drv and Ihe ineiii'Kra of th ilillerent con
gregations were requested to lie as saving uf
the water as possible and wast none what
ever, yuite different this from "beautiful
Oregon" w here th water Hows every season
in copious drops " alikeon th Just and un
just." Iteside in this country th cold it
terrible. When I went to bed last night lh
thermometer registered 15 deg. Mow sen.
That of itselt is not a pleasant thing lo re
flect on, and today il is snowing a bin
streak and before night I presume it will h
several inch deep. Oh, yes to lue "in
the states" is a great thing, hut give me the
land "where Mils the Oregon and heart
no sound sal lis ,:w n dashing."
I w as over at Homestead lo ilav w here the
, Carnegie works had their great contention j
! with the strikers last summer. Many a poor
sinker regrets that ne eier made the break j
UJ 13 3E R
Hit JD
Call and oxamino thor goods and prices and
bo convinced that
Dry Goods, Goceries Boots and Shoes,
Caps and Hardware,
Are the best to bo had for tho monoy in tho stato.
Highest price paid for produce.
1M Front Street " HARDWARE Cortland. Oregon.
I he did. the mills are all full and hundreds
Very Interesting Addresses hi!of I'eopie who had len working in the!
the IHITerent Teachers. i '"r years are out id employment with
i the winter on tlnMii ami no I.hhI for them.
i s,td.s antl fauolie and no work in troi-ct. t
I The! are surely in a miserable plight and t lie 1
I suffering Is something tcrrinle. In Pitts-j
; I'Urg as well a mitnheml oilier localities j
relief ituiiiuittees are at ork doing all that
Ms possible for the suffering itoinestea.ler.
I Kien the newspapers have liirnol them-!
Nitritiwetieru Agrnit tor
, -iHTtdent f nlilrt.i'.iU Priior Um
. -. si;r sir;
In spite ot snow and cold a large
niiiiilierof Chukauias rutinty temiicrs
met at Milwaukee Saturday, Foiiimiv,
to hold the regular meeting ol the
association. The genial principal ol the
Milwaukee schools. Prof. Starkweather,
met the arriving teachers at the depot : selves into solicitor ami ate liegk'tng unh
and hart and inhered in the exercises wripiions lor "The Honu-siead Sutler''
of the day with an old fashioned sleigh evrt? ' ,,1r t aper. Pretty hanl
ride, a rather novel entertainment (ur j on ihe striker, isn't it?
to make matters more interesting reports
are rife here to-day that the cholera has
broken out among the ronvicls of Arkansas
, at Little Ko k in that state. In the souili-
ern states the convicts are let out by con-
. T ........ ."..(r,;.
''tin y -" ' , ..: J 'o- l-t . .
"'O'Vij vv'bLi, -V,- - -""in..'' v?t
western Oregon.
Superintendent (.iibmm called
asKisialion to order and inviting
the ;
President Thomson to Ihe chair gave
ua an instructive and entertaining talk
the work of the association, lie
spoke of the advantages to be derived
j by union and by discussion of principles
and theories.
A short discussion on the relative
tract, and those of Arkansas are working
on a railroad. For some unexplained rea
son they Ivegan .lying oil ami the physician
could not discover any cause for it unless It
Crt'SftMit Wt'tlgps (uariantftl.) 15 .t S l'ltMif Cluins. Arr.ulo Filet. Knjie. Crescpnt Mevl
Loji'i-rs and WimkI Clinjipfis Swfialti.
Oregon City Ajretit. ......
id Ice.
To Kverylssly Concerned. Thciewill
1 a meeting held at Frog Pond school
j bouse next Saturday the -I'll day of Feb-
ruary 1SKI at luieo'cl.x k (or the ptitiHxo
of discussing the action ol the county
Mr. K. E. Eastman went to Portland last merits of the different systems of li-
Monday on business. j agraniing sentences, followed by a short
J Iiii Oikenian gave a dance last Satur-' talk about grading country schools
dar night at E. Cabin's sawmill and a good j dosed the morning sesssion.
time was had by all present. j Ttle te.cheri were lhen invited out t0
" --memauy ,eu on a ; , delif ioU8 ,un,.h d in ,,. ure. ever know,
ilk 1 1 -h (). lortwl kor aiiiu naitamn ,,,, ! " t
fain. We all ho, sli. will be around j t0 which t,'f-V did m''le
again aoon. I I rwn reateiiinling after dinner 1'rof.
. I Pringle gave an able talk on "Teaching
Onllle sod Vicinity. English Literature"in the public schools.
Oaviu.1, Jan. 30. The weather is cold J He held that a portion of the time now
and disagreeable yet the good work goes on. given toinstruction in mathematics might
The new church on Elliott Prairie is near-1 better be devoted to the study of litera
tug completion, and is an ornament to the 1 ture.
Prairie and speaks well for the surrounding j ,, " , St,u, ti,i . :.
It was one of the things most ,. , . . , ,'.
i lnriii, m..- wL, e8,'nK leclure n 'T,' Tedier and his
Proffeesion," in which he set forth the
was that the laboring class had lceii kioii- ' c"rt lackamaa county, l)reg.,n, in
ing Ihe water. The death rate became so j reference lo (dividing the county as il
alarming that the government sent a phy-1 ha done I into such large loud district
sician to that point and he ipilckly derided
that it w as no case of poiwntng but gave
None 1 ii t tlii' Iwst itnilily kept. A triitl urilcr snlii itnl.
and such other countv topics that tuny I
come I c(. re the meeting. Kvervlxsly!
needed in this locality. Messrs. Woolcock
and 0 wines are nuttine the finishing tnnrh
to the carpenter work and getting ready fori dutie'0' tlie 'eacher to his profession,
the plasterer. what the profession owes to the teacher
Mrs. U Woodcock spent two or three days I and w hat parents owe to the school .
in Hubbard last week. j Messrs. Uiboney, Burnett, Scott and
C. H. Itobhin is at work finishing his others made a few interesting remarks
new nou.se. ne oougoi ot reritue Bros, the
ether day a new cook stove, and we think
that calls for a cook also.
A. A. Itashor made a businats trip to Sa
lem Iaat week.
The young people are making arraign
ments for an entertainment at Coldren's
liall in the near future. They are trying j
liard to make it successful and a good time i
is expected. j
Quite a number from here attended the i
organisation of the A. 0. V. W. lodge at
at Hubbard last Friday night. They re)ort
liavinghad a good time. After the organ
ization was perfected they were invited to
an oyster upr given by J. Calvert in
tionor of Ihe new lodge.
F. M. .Samson made a business trip to
Portland last week. (j. K.
and the association adjourned to meet
at Park Place February 25.
Charles E. Pease.
Adopted by the .Molulla and Teasel
Creek Granges.
Notes from Borings.
KoEif,s, Jan. 28,-Mrs. A. K. Mulligan
cf Molalla spent this week visiting her pa
rents, J. H. Boring and wile of Damascus.
Horn to the wife of T. M. Hickey, January
13, a son. Mother and child doing well and
the father happy. Can go to his mill and
Come early now, thinking he will have help
in the future.
Candpa and Grandma Richey are blest
with grandchildren; two new ones this win
ter within two months.
Most every one hereabouts signed the peti
tion to cut olf the territory north of the
Clackamas and attach it to Multnomah, but
some few are kicking pretty hard now and
Loping it will not pass.
The wind blew here very hard from the
north-east on the 2;th inst., and made one
think be was back in Kansas.
M e have four inches of snow at this date
and still snowing.
The mercury stood at IS deg. below freez
ing on the 27th.
HttRord Items.
eJrArrosu, Jan. 30. It has been snewing
continually for the past four days and at
.resent lies about one foot deep on the
Mr. Phillips, from near Salem, arrived
Resolved That we are unalterably
opposed to any road law which provides
fur the issuing of bondB or creating any
debt to be paid in the future.
2 That we favor the passage of a law
levying a five mill tax on all property
money included for the purpose of clear
ing grubbing and ditching present roads,
said tax to be used in the precinct where
levied. We also favor the election of
precinct road supervisors instead of as
now appointed.
3 That we are opposed to the repeal
of the mortgage tax law but favor the
repeal of the indebtedness clause,
4 That we are opposed to the passage
ot a law compelling every county in the
state to use the same style of index
6 That we request the legislature to
send a memorial to congress requesting
them to issue and appropriate legal
tender paper money for the purose of
improving-the public roads. Also that
congress issue or refund no mo'e bonds.
6 That a copy of these resolutions be
sent to (Senator G. E. Hayes and to the
Oregon City papers for publication.
Rkubkn Wkioht, Molalla.
E.P. Cahtkb, Teasel Creek
Alf. Sawtellk, Teasel Creek,
E. M. Cooper Secy. Molalla Grange.
As our other lot of cloaks went off in a
short time we have purchased a better
lot which we are offering at the same
price, Hamilton & Washburn. z
every indication of cholera. If this turn
out to be the case no doubt lh world's fair
will turn out to lie one of the grandest tail-
I hoi it will prove a
mistake, hut I have little doubt hut that it
is the pure old it nil.
I met the famous Mcliihney family a few
days since at Stcu'nville. Ohio. They are
thinking seriously of visiting Oregon during
the summer and asked me to entertain a
proposition ol going with them. It they
decide to go no doubt I will lie therewith
them. They have become one of the great
est musical organizations traveling, and
have made and retained for a rainy day a
large sum of money.
Have not had much excitement of late
with the eiception of being on a train near
Huntington, West Virginia, when two ban
dits endeavored to run (lie Irani. It was
quite exciting as one pacnger was killed
and one robber shot in the arm. lloth rob
bers were residents ol Huntington and
were easily captured, tried immediately,
convicted and sent to prison Tor life. Have
seen so many train robberies during my
time tnat I think little or nothing of it, and
am always prepared to answer the call of
.... " 1.1'.... ... h.. 11. ! .
iianiw u),. ,i ai aiiji;, Jlinnu.lll, .lOtlt'Ci
al,o In,,,,.. L-ill.( 111 I I
again reach home will spend a day witbyou TllH flr,n Ut!'m Al,,ril,t ,,l,vil"J
and give you my experience in detail. been dissolved, all accounts duo said
Please remember me to all and especially firm ml",t ,,B fettled at once us tho part-
itorourwife him! babies. The last one is nerslup estate bus to be closed up. Ihirty
cordially invited to attend that takes
any interest in the inuttet. I would
suggest meetings be held all over the
county as soon us jl.le lo get the
sentiment of the H-ople un tins and
other qnetion nf importance Mint are
before the people of this county.
Arise people mid show your colors
now or forever buhl your is-aco for now
is the time. Yours truly ,
Fhavx M. Km sk,
January .10, 1HKI.
All iH'rsons knowing themselves to lie
indebted to ihe firm of I luhnuii A Warner
are asked to call and settle at once
owing to a change in the firm making it
necessary to close all outstanding ao
counts, il m exfiecicu nun mis t11"1 ' Honry, M.r Hi
will bo sufficient. All accounts not 1 prnnes dried
settled by Feb. 10 will be placed in an
attorneys bunds for collection
llol.MA.V A Wamnkk.
ilelow I given Ihe Oregon l ily M.irk.'l
liepnrt. corrected Jan. Ill, Irtiiu ,iiolatioiin
furnished the KsrrsrsiK by local mer
chant :
Wheat, vallev, per bushel I .
t llls, per bushel t.'ul II
Oregon I lly Mills, Portland brand 3 i.'.
rrsu. I
Sluirtn. r Ion i
llran 17 (mi
I. Inter hav, baled 12 no
Timothy bay, haled 1 1 ir
rsmit :rt.
Potatoes, perh lbs To loan
Onions, " 1 in
Apples, green, r Imu f lt(f I..VD
Apple., dried, per lb .V.c j
Chicken () Ui i mil
Turkey, cr lh pj I
(!, istr dot i) no to It mi I
lllltler, per lh i j
i Kgg, per do ;yi i
la on that bring big
la the en that do
what la claimed for It.
III nir tt IVwaar nf h K i.l
a-vn1 rntnov mkh i ,mm
tll,m I N. I. o. iv. faint
hrn t'oiiMOitif '4in m ibr
IU. k an.) l.in.U. tiniaun j
Ihr llla.l.lpf. IOI, k tu. pr,.,.
aa.t aoalil i Hiu-aar.
Llva aLongTlma with
out DBvInn lntaaS js n
your Laaaa of Ufa, by
I ' I I I I 1 i ,
M k i rs.
lleef, live, per lh
j lleef, dressed
j .Mutton, di e, per head
I Pork, live per lh . . . .
l ors, dresiM'u, per lb.
Venl, live, per lb
Veal, drensed, per lb. .
lliiins, per lb
always the smartest in the eyes of the par
ents, hence 1 am not surprise! at your state
ment. Alter rending your local paper wish you
woiild'send it to me. It is certainly, a wel
come visitor. Yours very truly,
Wai.tkk 8. Moss.
From Molalla.
Mui.am.a, Jan. 30.- Another mantle of
nature's whiteness has spread over this lo
cality to the depth of four Inches. It com
menced snowing here ut 0 o'clock p. m, on
the 2'ith inst., mercury ' deg. above zero,
with a prevailing br.'cze from the north.
The ground was in tine condition for work
ing on the 2oth, wheat having been sown on
that. lay. What a decided contrast it would
tie here if it were 2.r deg. below zero, as it
seems to be elsewhere outside of the second
" Harden of Eden." Where in all the world
is there an all-round country better than
the Willamette valley?
Hon. Laramie Mayer of Seattle, but for
merly postmaster and merchant of this
place, is visiting friends here,
Wm. Maker had the misfortune to "axe"
the side of his foot while engaged In rail
making in South Molalla.
Frank Hpoor and wife start east about the
first of March to take charge of his moth
er's farm.
Molalla Lodge No. 40 A. 0. TJ. W. will give
an entertainment February 24th. F.very
body invited. Admission 2." cents. Chil
dren over 6 and under 12 years 10 cents.
days from (Into of this notice all unpaid
accounts will b placed in an attorney's
hands for collection.
Dated .Iiinmirv 7. 1W".. tf
. ... .",
.2 ft'iuCl un
. ti'i
Blacksmithing and Repairing.
Having o.ieoflhs l .1 H.r, In the
slate In my .n,ply, ,!,
mukumiulix,; A
Huron Hi i
Haled hay and straw for sale by the
ton or halo, 1 ' miles from town, at I,
II. Andp'w'a place, Mt. I'lea-nnt. x
Holman & Walling are prepared to fit
up your house below Portland piices.
The Best Baking Powder
Is that of Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder. It is prepared
with greater care and accuracy, from finer and more ex
pensive materials, competent chemists test every ingredient
nothing is left to chance. No ammonia, alum or other
adulterant taints this purest of human food products.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is tho embodiment of all
the excellence that it is possible to attain. It is always
uniform and reliable and retains its full strength until used.
It is not only more economical becauso of its wonderful
raising power, but by reason of its greater bulk, the cans
being much larger than the ordinary kind; it will go
farther and do better work. It never disappoints, Dr. Prices
is the only baking powder that contain!) the whites of eggs.
inn nutiiisiti. I'nroi.r r
Imnlwaro atom.
Corner of Front and Morrison,
f r Kottoral repair!,,,, hUi1(1i4
''"'"toKruphs I,ivr(,( pr(1nlty n t)i)
Finest Htylo f n
Vine Crayon Work a SjKxialty.
l 1'icturcH Conlnd t,TT.... ui... .
, J r-nr.o. nana-
"action (iuaruntiiiid,
'!l!.'lOroiEOOB OITT, OR.
Meet. a2irr
arsel KiiKln,! ,, '"'h month t Cat-
K. .wT,r