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Potato liar -
Trsl-$:UMH Land Sale Some,
thins About Politics.
Nrw Kmv, October 21.-IVtato diitift in
it'iis locality is just completed with a very
liiilit yield, except in a few fields. David :
MeArlhiir bad a tin eron and at in-!
formal he lias dug ft 00 bushels of tner
cli.inl.ihlo Hlates, lijt'Ii is perhaps one ot
the targrol crops tor any on erson in
Clackamas county.
Win. t;utprlet has just purchased the
liVmore rami that was recently vacated by )
I'has. Knoih: consideration Kt,iWt. !
Mrs. Crock and daughter of Astoria arc '
visiting with the family of 11. S. riielpa. i
Hie sisters of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kind-;
ley arrived here last Saturday from Califor
They were telegraphed for on account
of the illness of Mr. I iiullev to is vet u . , i ; , . . , , , ,
... , ... , , and sutM tn regulation stvle with teacher n
a very critical condition. But there are j (rxlnt
hopes of his recovery. ! T1' . ..
i . . , Tl" escort and the veterans then took
Mr. Mtankot lanbv wascalliigon friends , , .. , ....
. . .... Pillion at the toot of the ikiIc, bent the
in tins locality yesterday, as was a so W . ,i.. ., .11 . 1 , .
, . , ' ' I nai! to the penant lialv ant aecurelv (o Med,
J. Ranch of Klv. , . '
,, . ' , ., , . when 11 was run a ttitrd ot the distance to
Dr. .ouchero Muhno gave your y,,er .jthe , ,
very plei,,, eal one day k U-k. He ,, , . ComrSl, c,uki
reHns considerable sickness in the sur- ,.,,. ,, , .. . ., , , ,
.. , , , , 111 a clear vol.1 and without glasses though
rounding country (or the last tew weeks. l-t,r,i , ,
... ii years of age, read the proclauialion and
t barley Hniras ha.) the mistortiine to : , . ; .. , , ., ,
, , . , ; , then sjiid in aivordaiun with this pnvlaina-
lose a verv valu.hle cow oneilav last w'k. ! . . . . , .
lose a very valu ihle cow one dav last week
The cow was evidently a free trader and :
when she saw the granary door wide open
she entered therein and partook of a fatal
dose of threshed grain. j
Angus Campbell of Portland was Here a
tew days ago looking after his interests. He I
said lie had rented his farm to Sam Oglesby j
of Needy. I
What has become of the Krog Pond cor-1
resHViident? Revive up, old boy. and let ns
hear you croak once more. Remember that
Harrison is going to be re-elected and get a
iggle on you.
There was a tartial eclipse of the sun last ! "
Thursday visible in some parts of the coun
try. And there will be a total eclipse of
rover Cleveland, November 8th, visible ev
erywhere. Can any of our democratic friemis give us
a list of people leaving America for any
either country for the purpose of bettering
their condition ? Do Americans go else
where to hud prosperity t To what conn-
trydo the ,xor and down-trodden of all
uuimiris wntr: Ainenca. vvnvr tie
cause wages are better, the cost of good liv
ing cheaper and the chances for pros'ritv
far ahead of any other country. This is not
excellent democratic argument but it is true
Our people out here would gladly listen to
a republican political discussion and we
bare been anxiously awaiting some appoint
ment. In conclusion, would like to say to every
one that success for the republican ticket
depends on getting out a full vote on elec
tion day. So let every man resolve him
self into a committee of one and see that
every voter goes to election. The result
will be 10,00 majority in the state of Ore-!
gon for Harrison and protection to Ameri- j
can labor and American industry. Xo for- j
eign country need apply.
A. 0. C. W. Lodtf OrpiBiied.-Penonal
Other Neighrairhood Newi.
Wilsomvillk, Oct 2J.-Miss Grable, of
Portland, is teaching the school here. A
grand time was had Columbus Day.
Mr. and Mrs. John Epler mule a business
trip of a few days in the metropolis this
Mr. and Mrs. Bish 8eely have returned
from Washington where they have been
spending a few weeks with Mrs. Seely's sis
ter, Mrs. Moore.
The A. 0. U. W. have organized quite a
nice lodge here, and were visited by a num
ber of ther Sherwood brethren last Saturday
The United Brethren church is holding a
protracted meeting at the PleasaHt Hill
school house with a good attendance and
trying to raise money to build a church at
Wilsonville, to be finished by the first of
Miss Kate Graham has just returned
from a visit to her father in southern Ore
gon and rejorts snow in sight on the moun
tains. Willie Graham had the misfortune to
break one bone in his right wriid; which
renders him quite helpless.
Mink District Votes a Tax.
Mikk, Oct. Zi.Al a special school meet
ing in district No. 80 last Saturday, it was
voted to levy a five-mill tax to furnish the
whole school with patent seats, as the
meeting which voted a two and a half-mill
tax a short time ago was not lawful. Itwas
also voted to allow the use of the school
house to the debating society and other en
tertainments. Farmers are busy sowing w heat. A larger
acreage of fall w heat w ill be sown than last
Fritz Sch wirtz has rented preacher Jones's
place for a ti umber of years.
W. D. Hill has retured from ForestGrove.
He reorts a new girl in the family.
The peanut as a crop is a failure in this
James Martin bought a new organ last
Quite a number of the members of the
German Reformed church went to New Kra
last Sunday to
attend the harvest festival
held there. Mokk. I
Home foi Sale. i
I have a house and two lots with good
barn at the head of Sevenlh street ; city
water service. Will sell cheap. Fine
chance to get a nice home.
Another house and two lots at the
cornerof ninth and Monroe will be sold
on easy terms. Excellent location.
Very desirable property.
Also a business lot on Seventh street
-for sale.
For lurtlier information apply to E.
P. Elliott, Viola postolTtce.
The Onwrvanea of Columbus Uaj- with. Pa
trletle Spirit,
iVwmo, Oct. it.-School district .1? (the
Shipley neighborhood) divided to eelvbrato
' tv,'amlm!l ,1,,.v ''' ""furling new Hag
vvfr mrir ecuooi 111 acconiance wun in
tH.h-inl program. Committees of vet.
trans were detailed from the Lincoln, llar
Held and tioorgv- Wright Hvts to assist In
the ceremonies. On the '.Mill an excellent
pole between i and TV feet in length was
erected in the yard in front ol the school
bouse. On the '-1st at an early hour a large
number of spectators were on the ground.
School assembled at th usual hour and w as
busied with prelinunaiies until the arrival
of the veterans at lii;IU. At the entrance
ot the yard the veterans were met bv a
color bearer ami guard, ot pupils detailed by
the teacher whw is herself the dnaghter of a
veteran. The coloruard consisting of two
Ivys and two girls with color bearer in the
center with folded Hag then escorted the
'. v.lrtr,it .ill, lu..,,,it... .li...ii.' .. l...u
; ,K .hll.. ,,..., .... "... .. .
uou 1111,1 10 snow our love 10 our counirv let
the Hag of this nation now he unfurled over
this school. W ith one motion of the Ind
yards it was release,! from its folds and a
beautiful 1 2-fret Hsg was given to the
breeie. Three cheers for the Hag ol a hun
dred and lirtei'n vears were given with a
will. The school then in the arc of a Is rye
circle facing the Hag. gave it the military
salute at the same time repeating in con
cert the pledge o( allegiance, when a re
cess was announced and a most bountiful
lunch was spread upon long tables in the
At 1:30 p. m. our teacher, Miss Will-
oughby of Oregon City, gave us a well ,
planned and well executed program. Chris- j
topher Columbus liorlan read the preiurcd 1
topher Columbus liorlan read the prepared
address in goKl stele; exteiniKiraneous
i speeches were volunteered by Rev. K. M.
Jones, O. Eaton iiml A. J. Thoiupson.
1 The school sandwiched in many giiod pa
1 triotic songs with their recitations and
declamations, all of which were received
,,, ,,, .. ,h.r,.. ,h. ..l
j success seemed to be
1 countenance.
written on every
Anniversary of Mr. and Mr. Seely'i Marriage
-Srhmil Notes.
Witsos-YiLt.I, Oct. L'4. In the quiet little
village of ilsonville there was a scene of
merriment all day Thursday, Octolier 31, it
being the golden wedding anniversary of
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Seely. Thev were both
I born in New York. They were married in
j Illinois, October 20, 142, and crossed the
plains to Oregon in ISol. Alter living lu
Canhv six vears and in Onvnii f'irv m,.
yeafi they ,,1, i.ViK.ville.
Mr. Mrs. have Kven Hv.
illg ,ml one , ,! Uo daughters dead,
fiflv grlnt chillrell aild tllree gttllt Krmd
About one hundred and twenty guests
were at the wedding to whom an elegant
dinner was served at 2 o'clock. The pres
ents were manv and valuable, among litem
being a large crayon picture of each son and
his family. Alter dinner the party repaired
to tbe lawn in front of the bouse where sev
eral family group photos were taken. All
join in wishing Mr. and Mrs. Seely many
happy returns of their wedding anniversary.
There are forty-two children attending
school. Tbe entertainment given by the
school children on Columbus Day proved
quite successful. There were about thirty
visitors, and at noon large and small gath
ered around two well laden tables and did
ample justice to a bounteous lunch.
Burned to the Uronnd-Fersonal
Other Notes of the Locality.
Tcalati.1, Oct. 23. The members of the
Kirt Congregational church of Tualatin are
making preparations for a protracted meet
ing to commence about the last of th's week,
to lie continued a week or ten days.
lr. Tilton's new farm residence is rapidly
nearingcornpletion and will be quite a credit
for this section of country.
The barn on the furm of Mr. Morgan
near the school house, now leased to Mr.
Bradley, burueJ to the ground last Friday
with all its contents. It is not known how
the fire originated.
The ball and fair at the Butte grange hall
on the 12th lust, was largely attended and
pronounced a decided success financially
and socially.
Milton W. Smith and family and several
friends from Portland spent Sunday last
with Mrs. Hwcek of this place.
The quality ol onions grown in this vi
cinity is rather above the average this year,
as is also the acreage. This is a great un
ion growing country and a fair prolit is re
alized. There was a social dance at Melvin Ba
ker's a few evenings ago.
Yergain Watker, an extensive potato
grower, was seen in Tualatin this week in
quest of potato diggers who seem to lie un
usually scarce this season.
Items from handy.
"1 . . ' V
ii.c v-uinainrii j'uncu inioiio licit; UJ worK
on the water ditch north-west of Mount
Ojiite a number of United States soldiers
I have passed through here to rusticate a few
I days in the mountuins and spend the time
j in hunting and fishing.
J Miss Annie McAdam is out from Portland
: spending a few days with her parents and
will go hack tomorrow.
Mr. Failing, jr., and companions of Mount
Tabor, were out enjoying the good fishing
and now have gone up to Wm. Welch's for
a hunt.
John H. Wewer's saw mill is in good run
ning order again, hast week his engine
broke down.
Motor Line Rrlntrs Prosperity .-Tli Big Slie.pi,
-Improvements i the Town,
Miiwukkk. tvt, i.W-Milwaukee basal
last awakened from her long sleep, and is
not the tnet little village It was so long
The electric motor line has brought with It
activity which shows Itself on every band.
At the present hour we hear the noise ol the
saw and hammer all around us. The car
shop, which Is a brick ItMsJUi feet. Is a
structure all can look iisin with pride, Car
pentcis are now very busy putting on the
roof. They have been repairing car In the
shops for the last six weeks with tempo
rary naif over a part of the building,
J. II. Hound Is building three ivl.
laces oi' four rooms each. They will cost!
when completed aUuil t'J.JUO. Twool tliem
have lievn rvtitcd and r not yet lno-llilrds !
tinished. '
The foiiiiilation (or Mrs. Sargent eight-
j room house will he completed In a dav or
two, ready for the carxiiters, C. C, Mullan
has the contract lor the building. It will
cost near
Mrs. Ross is having a wing and new roof
added to her house. It will Improve tbe
property and make a nice home when tin
ished. Chas. Kisher is building a new pottery.
Most of it will I of nriek. What we want
is more such enterprise!' here.
Chris Fisher moved Into his new house
lasl week. It is built on the Rogers tract.
J. (i lion net is having bis house painted.
Mr. Walkcrof Oregon City has I he contract.
The St. John's Kpiscopal church is being
j painted by contractor Lew is of Kast Port
Ir. Hickman of Clackamas is building a
new house on his laud a mile from low 11.
Clias. WeUler has completed the addi
tion to his house and no has a very com
fortable home.
Oureuterprising butchers, Nureen A Dalil,
have moved their shop to the store building
formerly occupied by Legrand Hros.
J.Oshom of Portland moved into his
new house south ol town last week.
C. Kerr has pan-hased K. Lehman's
blacksmith shop w ith one lot, .VU'JiU. He
intends to remodel the shop and relit with a
new forge, etc.
Mrs. J. C. Kintnel of Newlierg Is visitini!
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. lloesly.
Rev. J. It. Wilson. !. P., of the Portland
a "adeiny, delivered a sermon Sunday even
ing in the St. John's Kpiscopal churen (or
the lament of the Christian Endeavor soci
ety. Very appropriate exerciser were held at
the school house Friday morning in honor
ol Columbus s discovery day. Sings and
recitations were given bv many.
folurubui Iter In the Selieoli. Death of an
Old Lady.-Other Kute.
Ci.AKKrs, Oct. 2S. Our school celehra'td
the Wth anniversary of .Columbus's discor
ery in an appropriate manner. All the people
and visitors wore the national badges, the
red, white and blue. The proceedings were
closed by a spelling school In the evening,
Mrs. 1-eicthweis, an old and highly re
spected lady, died last Friday at III o'clock
p.m. Mrs lirthweis has been living here
fifteen or sixteen years. Her husband died
about six years ago. She leaves four grown
sons and one daughter to mourn her loss.
She was buried beside her husband in the
Catholic cemetery at Oregon city on Sun
day. Our friend and neighbor. Mr. Tinnerstet,
has sold his place lor to a Herman
from StatTord. Mr. Tinnerstet will quit
farming and go in the saw mill business ex
clusively. Harry Card rs going to the Normal school
at Monmouth. We wish him success.
Phillip Iitchweis of Clarkes was married
to Miss Callahan of Molalla last Friday.
HoR.i( KT.
Sunnyside Items.
St'Stivsiin, Oct. . Jasr flirt is build-
j iiig a two-story frame house 2ixLli that will
cost about 70o. It will be done in a month
or so.
Herman Piper has just completed and
moved into his new dwelling which cost
about $).
Fred Gage has let a contract to clear four
acres of land to Marvin Hubbard at JVian
acre. The work is now in progress.
Fred Maston ot Portland has begun im
provements on the 15-acres tract he pur
chased of F. M. Sumner last spring for $U). J
Another acre of land is being cleared and !
three acres will be set in orchard this fall
prune and peach trees, cliielly the former.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking
The Wisconsin Dairy and Food
Commissioner says
In his Annual report for 1890, on page 82:
'The National, Disfa.HATiinr says of Carbonate of Ammonia: 'It is Irri
tant, and If Ion? emu limed, even in dopes which the stomach will tolerate, It Im
pairs nutrition : in dost n( live loie.n grains it Increases the fullness and foreo
of the pu'.sa:id ciu-cs a seme of lightness in the head. It it me 0 our molt power
ful mtauuiia ai.u certainly liiuutu not be tued in the preparation 000U1.' "
85 the report fnrther states:
"The result of exiicrimcnts would Indicate that the resldne.fi In lirnad made
from Alum linking I'owdur. hate a dicidtd effect eren on atlrong and health! Umach.
The weight of to.Hiriiony la decidedly u;;aln8t tiio UHOofALOM.
The following powders contain either ammonia or
alum, or both: Royal, Calumet, Forest City, Pearl, Unrivalled,
Echo, Crown, Chicago Yeast, Bon Bon, Star, New Era, Snow Ball,
2iJt Grape Crystal.
duplicated in tho State,
5 gallons best Pearl Oil, - $0.65
21b Arbuclde's Coffee, - $0.45
Extra C Sugar, per 100 lbs, $5.40
Gran. $6.15
All other goods sold at propor
tionally low prices. A trial will
convince you.
1M Front
Crescent Wetlges (warranted.) tt k S l'roof Chain. Arc.ttlo Files
Loggers ami Woxl Cliopj'ers SjHrialties.
Oregon City Agent, ......
Th Kork Creek School Celetiralea-Other News
of that Section.
Pamvmts, Oct. '.'t.-tirran M ( Murray ol
Woodstock was with us Saturday and Hun
day. Hob Mi Murray of Mossy Kock, Washing
Ion, who spent his boyhood days In this vi
cinity, is visiting with friends and relatives
here. His bride accompanies him.
F.d. Pedigo and coudti Frank of Palouse,
Washington, is visiting A. W. Cooke. F.d
lived here till six years ago, but says he
hardly knew the place, the Improvement
have been so great.
Columbus Day was celebrated in a royal
manner here. Through the iennsU'iit ami
untiring efforts of Messrs, A. W. Cooke and
Austin Newell, two of the patrons of Kock
Creek school, a Hag and pole were at last
obtained for their school. It was decided to
raise the pole Columbus Day and Damascus
pupils were invited to join with those of
Rock Creek in the celebrating. The Da
mascus pupils with their teacher, I.. T. An
derson, were assembled on the grounds by
Ha. m., butnwing to unavoidable delavs the
flag was not hoisted till 11:1ft a. ni. Mean
while the pupils of both schools bad lieen
drawn up in line before the flag which they
saluted, the command Mug executed with
admirable skill. After the salute all joined
in three hearty cheers for our national flag;
then adjourned to the school room where
for one hour ami a half all were enter
tained by readings, recitations and songs
suitable to the occasion, which bad been pre
pared by lioth schools, lly the time the
program was ended all were getting very
hungry so the room was vacaU'd long
enough for the ladies lo load the tables with
Continued on seventh pago.
Is booming and
Their cash systom gives thorn tho
lead, for their prices cannot bo
HARDWARE I Portland. Oregon.
Northwestern Asriit. (or
- Orebt.nl Tullletimth toiler Unee Mllver atmils Haws
"'Vs '
This old and reliable II tin atwaya kwp in stock s lull litis of'
Heayy, Slielf ani Hated
Hariware, Tmward, etc.
Plumbing, Gas Fitting & Jobbing
Attended to Promptly. Es
timates Funiisheil.
' J W 1 U
Second Hand Household Goods
Of all kinds, llought and Sold.
BELiaOiYiY s& bktxjsch:,
Next door to Commercial Dank.
WLM5SKT & SCJtllTirjtK,
Largest stock of CoOIiih ami Casket kept Mouth of Portland. Also cloth covered
and Metallic Caskets furnished to order. Ladies Iltiriul Holies and
dents' Httriul Holies In stock.
Also Wagon and Carriage Making, Mono Shooing and Gon
t;ral Blacksmithing on Hhort notieo.
'in um
8m that tha words " JOHM STEEDMAS, CJuroi.
1st, Walworth, Burrey," are ennravod on the
Government Stamp affixed to sacb packet.
M-Bold bjr all Leading SrutffuUt.
so is tho trado of
Kilo. ("rtwi'iit Mt'cl
h. r. HcMiTutta,
Tiivory, Feod and Sale Stable
Double anil Sino ItiKs, and Bad
die hoi-Hen alwayn on hand at the
lower), prices. A oorrall connoctej
with the barn for lotwe stock.
Information rnxarditiK any kind of
?eUerPrOI",,t,y aUumlud t0 hy )ur8on w
Horses Bought and Sold.