Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, September 30, 1892, Image 6

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    Oregon City Enterprise.
lulMtKett Kvery Frklny.
ri BUSHKKS axi I'RorRiKTtms.
-z ... ' . i
j- v: .. . ;
One vear. - .M
fi months. 1
Three mouths,
sin'-seriyiion mysMe ir. vlvunoe
Advertising rales given on application.
Entered at the I'.wt In Oregon City, Or.,
as soeoml elas matter.
l inen Mills, -
Ncaitow Brook.
New Kra.
Hark Place.
Kagle Creek,
0. XV. Prosscr
tieo. Knight
VA.S Kutiyau
Oarv A Wtlner
l) J. TYillllnser
K S Hrnmhall
l'h Heimsn
xy. S Sewtwry
Hamilton A ..h'l.urn
. Mrs. G. A sheppard I
T. M iron
J. 0. Una.
C. T Howard
K. XI t'ooper
N. XI MtHhlr
E. XI. Ilartmaa
U Jeuuinga
.F tilesy
. L.J rent ii
John Welsh
J. C. Klltolt
K. Ootlsch
Mrs. V. M. Mclntyre
tieo. J. Currin
Mrs. M. J. Hammer
Adolph Aschott :
tide cireulatien than that of th other three :
iwprrt in the county ronihlned.
--------a '
For President.
For Vice-President,
For Presidential Elector.
J. F. CAPI.KS of Multnomah I
H. B. MII.I.EK of Jackson !
P. M. rU'NNK of Multnomah
li. M. IKWIN ofl'nion;
McLnaghlln Monnment Fund.
The following subscription list is made on j
the plan suggested in the KsiisRrRisg a few
weeks ago to raise $li.iA for a nionutuent j
to Pr. John Mclaughlin, the father of Ore
gon, one-half of which should be by popular
subscriptions and one-half by legislative
appropriation. No one is employed to
solicit subscriptions. The object is to show
popular and spontaneous movement in
favor of the enterprise so that when the
legislature meets next January something
tangible can be presented to induce that
body to make th required appropriation.
Thus far the subscriptions are:
Tai Enterprise,
Thomas Chamian and wife,
George A. Harding and wife,..
George C. Brownell
. 50.00
. 5.00
George F. Horton 5.00
8. M.Ramsby, 5.00
P. F. Morey, 100.00
C.H. Caufield, 25.00
H. E. Cross 25.00
Rev. Fr. Hillebrand . . 10.00
J. P. Shaw, 10.00
J. Vf. Noble 5.00
Cleveland's Letter.
Cleveland's letter of acceptance has finally
made its aparanre. It is not half so long
as President Harrison's but it is twice as
bard to read on account of its ponderous
style and the dearth of thought in it It is
a straddle or a sprawl.
In one view of it the letter is remarkable
for the masterly way in which it succeeds in
saying nothing. In another view it upsets
the platform of the party as if to succeed
that document in the campaign. In still
another, and the one that most people will
take, it is merely Cleveland, heavy, dull,
abstract and unprogreasive.
His tariff doctrine is the same he held four
years ago, the fallacy of which has been
clearly shown, not in abstract theories but
in actual application, since then. " A tanrt
is a tax," he says, while everybody else
who thinks recognizes the fact that it is not
true except when duties are levied on the
free trade plan ; that is, on articles that are
not and can not be produced to advantage
in this country.
Cleveland had previously put himself on
record so often as a gold bug that he could
not deny that doctrine in his letter and he
is clearly out of joint with his party plat
form on that subject. His platitudes on
the few other subjects touched are unim
portant. The Dismemberment Scheme.
The reason alleged lor the proposed dis
memberment of Clackamas county and
cession of a large part of its territory to
Multnomah is that the people of the dis
trict aHected want better roads than they
now have. This is the chief reason, though
some argue that because they now go to
Portland owing to the roads from the pres
ent Multoniah county line being better than
to Oregon City their most natural outlet is
in that direction.
It is true that some of the Multnomah
county roads are better than some of the
Clackamas county roads. But Multnomah
is a small, though rich county. And still
the latest report of County Judge Moreland
stated that there were 500 miles of wagon
roads in Multnomah county which there
was not half money enough even to keep in
repair, let alone constructing new ones.
Add to that county new territory equal to
nearly one-half its present area and what is
the prospect for the construction of new
roads? It can't maintain the roads of its
present small territory in good repair and
doesn't pretend to be building new ones.
The road from Milwaukee to Portland is as
.bad as any in Clackamas county, and
Multnomah professes to be unable to put it
in rvhmI Iii. A tin nK4, truly, tor
people uenting roods muohMlo iIiom
of mirtliinstern t'lmkmmis county.
Allt'r joining Xlulmonmli fount)' the ins
pie onltl Wthor not got Hie rntl tliey
want or they Wiitil.l haw to pay as ilearty
'f I'"''" "'' oM to rin In oUt
Clat-kamaa. Am! the chatuv would he
,m, ihrnow romer would have to pay th
licw iira to he expended on roads ami
"""f improvement near th city.
The petition (or dismemberment ha been
extensively tiened in Multnomah county
oiivmlly in t'ortlatnl -we are told. That
doesn't mean anything to heuetll the peo-
pie of the section tlmt proposes annexation.
Hut itloe.s mean thai foil Inn. I is willui;',
anxious, to he the political power of the
stale. It is loo nearly so now. I lie annex
alion of the territory north of the I'laeka
ma would gi-c Multnomah two or three
more members of the legislature ami Hie
force of the other ivniitics would he cor
respondingly weakened. Clackamas and
Marion counties would lose their Joint sen
ator and t'tackania would also lose at least
one representative.
The people of the portion of I'lackama
.Nimiiv north of the Clackamas river are
f really deceived as to the real advantage!
that would accrue to them Iroiu joining
Multnomah county. They have a large
share In the attaint of this county but
would lose their influence if attached to
Multnomah. They are more certain to get
good roads by remaining In this county and
proceeding in an intelligent, energetic way
to gut them. The people ahould consider
the matter well before signing th petition.
Mr. WtLKisaos's idea that the right to
keep cows and let them run at large In Ore-
j,,, city is Cukl givett is rather far fetched.
The right of a person to go naked is more
God-given than the right to keepcowa, but
one who would presume to perambulate the
sir.tsof the city without proper raiment
would get into trouble very speedily and
Mr. Wilkinson would not think of del'end-
ji,,. ,itn. The right of the people to own
' cows is no more (iod giieu than the other
I right of the people, through tlieir represent
I atives, to prevent the heat. from roaming
I at large in the city. lUit people who do not
I own cons have rights and those who do
own cows have other rights than merely to
own those nuadrupeds. Among these
i An' reasonable security a:;.iinst the ma-
: raudiugcow Ixith at their homes and in the
! streets. In the country rattle do not aoUire
such vices as they do in town and prorty
i is more easily protected aiiaiiist them. The
j Qiuntry is the plai-e for the animals and no
lone would thii.k of keeping them oil the
roads there. Hut there is as much unreason
in letting cattle range at will throt.gh a city
.re there is any self resect and regard
(Vr neatness and comfort as to have the
beasts in the parlor more in fact, for letting
them go at large is a public nuisance,
not merely a private one. It would he noth
ing short of disgraceful to reieal the present
While the "cow ordinance ' is under dis
cussion it should not be forgotten that Ore
gon City has an ordinance which makes it
unlawful for dogs to be at large in the city
unless a license has been paid for each ani
mal. The license for all the dogs In the
city expired September 1, since which time
only about half a dosen new licenses have
been issued by the city recorder. But
there are mors than half a down dogs
at large in the city. The dogs are a greater
nuisance than the cows, without possessing
as great com)insating qualitie aa the cow.
The street of a city is no place lor a cow and
it is certainly no place for worthless curs in
defiance of law.
It cab not but be gratifying to every pro
gressive citizen that the Seventh street
injunction xuit was decided by Judge
Stearns in favor of the city. It makes
possible street improvements, which, more
than anything else, are what Oregon City
needs. The manner in w hich the city was
fought in this matter made it esjiecially
galling to those who believed the Seventh
street property owners were in every way
in honor bound to pay for the improve
ment that has made that thoroughfare the
most metroolitan in the city and the one
street that is a credit to th town and espec
ially beneficial to the property abutting
upon it.
THEyoung man Mr. I'ague left In charge
of the Portland weather and crop works
may have had some experience in forecast
ing weather, but when he sends out a
report that "what little corn remains in the
ground has been improved by the rains,"
farmers think he doesn't know what he is
talking about. Corn doesn't grow in the
ground like potatoes in this country.
Why do nearly all the leaders in the pro
cow movement take pains to disavow any
jiersonal interest in the matter one way or
another, and how does it hapiwn that most
of them are people in easy circumstances or
wealthy? The cows can't vote.
Correspondents should be careful lo state
what kind of grain is meant when giving
the yields In various localities whether
wheat, oats, barley, buckwheat or corn. 8o
many bushels of "grain" from so many
acres of land doesn't mean anything.
Tup. Butte Creek fair will 0en next
Thursday at Marquarn. It will pay the
people of Oregon City, as well as those of
the country, to take an active interest iu
the fair.
At Terre Haute, Ind., last Wednesday
Nancy Hanks trotted a mile in 2:04 on a
regulation track, thus beuting her previous
world heating record by three and a quarter
Letter List.
The following is the list of letters remain
ing in the post office at Oregon City, Oregon,
September 2!, 1X02:
Davis, Mrs Ally Olmstead, MissDedie
Gibson, John Peterson, Itennie
Halley, William Kounzier, Oebhard
Himtnler, H Russell, Alvis
Jordan, Miss Pollle Taylor, Win M
Olmstead, 8 0-2 Wellman, H E
If called for, please say when advertised.
E. M. Ranks, p. m.
Christian Kdear Contention.
The flmt animal convention of th
ociotios of Christian endeavor in Clnek
amaa county will be held at the rongw
galional church in this city next Thurs
day, (VI . tl, Th billowing program will
Ihj prvwntod :
lVvotlons, led by liev. Pavid Wet
sell, of Portland,
10:00, Orgnniialion.
10: 1.V Address of Welcome.
by 0. It. lye, Oregon City.
i;es)Miise, by Hev. T. W. Parker, of
10 'VS. Koll Call and Kcp.nl of Societies.
U:'.M. Solo. ,
, .Ivy Miss tiladys M. Jones, of Oswego.
It:.t0. Paper--How to Organise
by T. J. tinry, of Milwankie.
lt .W Announcement of Committees,
1: 4A.
Election ol Oltlocrs,
A Pai-cr- Ihity ol'lhe Lookout Com
, , by Mrs. Annie Iteed, of Park Plait-.
4i, A Paper -Social Element In the
Christian Endeavor
by Prof. J. W. tlmy.
Free Parliament.
Solo by Mlsatlladys M. Joiira.
A Paper-Importance of the Pledge
by Mr. Noel II. Jacks, of Portland.
A Paoer Puty of the Prayer-Meet
ing Committee., bv Mr. W, S. Hostile.
t :.'. Pastor's Half Hour.
.VCl, Adjournment.
:.ttl. Praise Service.
M:00. What Relation is the Christain En
deavor to the Church?
by Kev. Uavid Welnell.
UeiHvrl of the International Convention of
New York
. by President K. S. Miller, of Portland.
,')'. county court. C. A. lloltiistroin
administrator ol the estate ot William
Ooad, deceased, vs A. . Pouglas and F.
M. While ; suit to enforce the payment
ol a protnissoty note lor S4 .' made
August 2t, ISt'l duo one year from date.
C. 1' A IV (.'. l.atourette attorneys.
504!) T. H. Hurt vs lieo Pliilp, Mag
gie Kenton, Peter Pliilp, Andrew Pliilp,
HoU'rt Pliilp, Agnes Hamilton, Alex
I "nilp, Kinni Pliilp, William K. Pliilp,
Walter S. Pliilp and lavid Mc Pliilp;
suit for partition of real estate. II. K.
Cross, attorney.
All persons finding themselves in
debted to us will please call anil settle
tlieir accounts as soon aa possible or else
the accounts will l turned over to our
attorney for collection.
Mayer i Acekkmak.
Sparks from tks Wuti.
The president has appointed Irving A.
Centon of I'tah United States marshal
for the territory ol Utah.
The New York weekly bank statement
shows a reaerve increamt of $171,5(X).
The bank now hold 15, 151. OKI excess
of legal requirement. '
The Herald says : The steamer South
Portland which tailed from New York
with munition of war for insurgent of
Venezuela la not being pursued.
Augustus Bismarck and Bismarck
Boh lea have resigned their post in the
German army owing to Emperor Wil
liam's alleged offensive remark about
the Bismarck family.
A Brsuci Lint for Vtacoavtr.
Vancouver, B. C, f'ept. 25 Voting
to give a bonus ol $:0O,00O to the Burrard
Inlet A Fraser Valley railway, a local
compnny formed to connect Vancouver
with the Northern Pacific at Sumas, re
sulted in the law being carried by a
majority of 133.
A Coil Ltbortr'i Petition.
London, Sept. 23. The coalers at
Hull, in a meeting today, rc-Bolved not to
work on ships hailing from Hamburg,
and to petition the mayor that the city
council take steps to quarantine every
veaael entering every harbor from an
infected port.
Pronounced Hopeless, Yet Saved.
From a letter written by Mrs. Ada E.
Hurd, of (iroton, S I)., we quote:
" Waa taken with a bad cold, which set
tled on my I.ungsf cough set in and
finally terminated in Consumption.
Four doctors gave me up. saying I could
live but a short time. 1 gave myself tip
to my Saviour, determined if I could not
stay with my friends on earth, I would
meet my absent ones above My hus
band was advised to gut Dr. King's New
Itiscoverv for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds, f gave it a trial, took in all,
eight bottles; it has cured me anil
thank God I am now a well and hearty
woman." Trial bottles free at G. A.
Harding's drugstore, regular hizu 50c.
and fl.00.
The Pendleton roller mills arp now
running quite steadily, with an in
creased output, there being a better
water supply. The mills have now lo0,
000 bushels ol wheat on hand and 100,
000 bushelH more engaged.
It is very smoky on the upper Siuslaw.
Foreit fires are raging in the Coast
mountains, and the trip from Eugene to
Florence is an interesting one. Every
few miles you pass through a burnt
district, or one which is just burning.
The Siuslaw stage manages to get
through, but is more or less delayed
each trip by fallen timber caused by the
The land department has given notice
that it hopes to be able to allow Oregon
$35,000 for surveyors of public lands,
and that directions have been sent to the
surveyor-general of Oregon to complete
the inspection ol all surveys not yet Inspected.
Probably lint best hop yield In Marlon
or Polk county was that ( Put mini
I llrxva., ol Kola, Their yard inn braced
' Iwotity-llvo acres, and thoy liv about
W,000 pounds ol hop. Tlioy picked
(kkt boxoa from throe aero.
ioJe owe for
couiiterfcltii. Imi
tations, ami sub
stitute, repre
sented as frauine,
but sold at lew
than regular
piiiva bv itenlciw
til medicine not
L aiithoi iml to aell
I'. llenvX) ih
ine uiHltctiic.
To euarvl against fraud and tittikwlttnn,
the iiiakem of lr. Plcive'a genuine indicium
now sell their world finned ix'timlte only
through druggists, aulliorued n agent, and
under a jhmiuv ptitirxnttee of Umetlt or
cur, or monev refunded. Authorised agent
only can, under thn regulations, furnish
Ir. llccce's Pennine medicine, which always
bar twin, are, ami always will bo, told at
tli following prlii i
lr. PlerxV Golden Mcdliid I'laoovery (th
rwuedv for all disease arising from tiupiiro
hloodl, 1 OO er bottlw lr. PlerxVs Favorlta
PrencrlpUon (the rwuedv for woman' chronic
wmkneaae and derangements!. It.Ui vr tmt
tl. Dr. IWc' Pleasant Pellet (the origi
nal little Uvar PllUl. 'IX cent per vial.
Hut they're tlx cheaimt medicine sold,
baoaus you pay only fur th gowl you gaft,
Blacksmithing and Repairing.
Having on of 111 best idioera In the
state in my employ, I make
Shoj) oHisiti corner from rin'
Imrtlwiui' store
NO Ml K Klllt ITUI.Ii Alios
I si iirrn t imtuox rirv ossoom.)
S, . JO I s r.' I
Nmle ts herftty ilve't thsl ihe t (hmlug
nsuirit settler has rtlisl leitU-p ot tila tttli'iitl.,n
in m he rlnat er.f in mij.irt t h rUun. nl
thai proof HI he lns.h tx'fnrc lh rt'ltrr
sint n'crU rr of the t iiui'.l Sis ir. l,n. initce hi
Oregon i iiy, cirftfon, on N.imlH'r in. is-.rj, vu
l.swreuc,' liin.l,
Itoniestrad entry N.t M. for the N V of
N x,of...e .11, I' I N . I; .X K II" names Ihe
followlinj Mltneies to irove Mb coniliiiloita
r.iilcncr nHulnliMitlUsthno( ashl Istnl rlr
I't'ler l'il!on. AiiKU.l Pollon, of I iourelle
KsU. ami Ttusnlore Itslfet, frnnk ictls aiul
N,'1 I'aiiUou of I'ortUli'l. all ot orton
1 1 J. T. An-ta'.N, Keglstrr.
Nulti K Ton ft HIli'AI'lo.N
lAtid (ittlre at Orrgou city, nrecou.j
SeiM.'ju. ts'J t
Noilre I hert'hf tiveii. that the following
usnte.1 irltler has rlle n,,t,-e ot hl inlel.llon to
nuke final pntof In iniitiortut hit eUtm. ami
that laid aroof will be ina.te hvfor the emuiy
elerk of Wthluion eoiinir at IttllitMiro, ort
gou.ua Novinl'r II. tsy.'.
r Klch.r.t Heeler,
Homntead enliy No rjev lor th W of N R
'.of . 7, T iri, K I W lleusmes th fol
lowing witnesses, to pr.iv his eoiittiinttiiB rt-
itfnee itpm anil enltlvailon ol sahl lainl. vl
rre.1 Klelr, ot Schoili Cerrj, t'hss Pllrirh. of
Tlgardrille. P. Frohlng. ol Mrhelli terry. T
Anne, of Sc hull, Frrry.all nf Oregon
J T. ArrxM, KegliUr.
Nrttlee I herehy glvtn, that th timtrrslgned.
lmlnUlrltr f ihctNlof Jineph Wrsi. d
eea.l. has filed hlk flits) aeeonut s siieh a.l
mlfilftinttnr with lh elerk of In county court
of I'lackamaa county, itai of Hrrou. ami thai
Monday, th 7th ,lar of Nnventlx-r, li. hs
hMii appohitwl by ilia Hon. J W. Xi-lilrum,
Jmlg of id eoiirt, for the hearing of nhn
tlotu lo such final aeeniin! and the ftetttemenl
ihemtf lath court room nf said county court
lor Clackamas county, tut nf Oregon.
JotlM UHftHAK,
AiltnlnUtrator ol the ratal of Joarph Vt eat, d
eet,l .
S. Ilnelat, All y for adm'r D B-10 1
You have housohold
rwoijtts as woll an
prescriptions to (ill?
Cliarnian A Co. puar-
an too accuracy ot
their prescr i p t i o n
Can fintl at Char
Mian it Co.'h the host
selection of rerfum
ery and toilet articles
in Oregon City.
Making further impiiriftH
by going to Charinan it
Co where you will find
nil the leading niiikeH of
patent medicines.
Clin he na veil by buying
your paints, oiU, gliisH,
' etc., of ('hurtium it Co.
Special rateH on large
FOR 15 9 2.
Has a Larger Dally Cirriilitlion tlinn any
other Iteputiliean Newspaper In Attierii H.
The AaoRE88ivE Republican Journal
of the Metropolis.
A Newspajier for the Masses.
Founded Ducoinln'r 1, 1887.
Circulation over 100,000 copies
The .Moot Iti-iiiurbalrlei eri
pniier MaeeeNn in or l'rk.
As an Advertising Medium
i - i j
Thursday, FridaySaturday,
OCTOH1CU )tl, 7th find 8th, lHyj.
Ami morn liln-ritl tliutt hvit ix-for" tiU'orcil,
W ill 1k given every ailvunttto for it iroH r ilisjiluv.
Will l. one of tin lciiliti iittnictions, ami mi cxhihit is x
I'ci'tcil worthy tif tlio ilciiiitinciit.
Closing Exercises on Saturday:
Hand Tournament tit I 1'. M., Annual AddrtKH bv Hon. (ioo. C.
liroivn.'U, of Oregon City, at 2 I. M Awarding of I'ri'tniuni!
to o1ohi tlio tlav'a t'xi'rt'iM'H.
.Mantiatn oonnoctcd with nil jiiirtn of thu county by ginnl wagon
roada. Vinitor from a dintiini-ii coming by ritilrotid will Iki
bl to got convtyiifta at Mt. Angid, Silvcrton
and othor convi'tiiint ratlroud jHiiutH.
Adjoining grtiundn with every conviMiicnce for eatuping with mip
plit'H and fuel in abundance and at nmnonablo priffn.
Hotel accommodation ample for .ill,
ChildrtMi unilor 15 yiurn of ago free.
f "Snd for premium lint and full information regarding
andntand privilege to E. M. HAKTMAN, MAUQUAM, OR.
Secretary. rroHident.
17 11)8. Dry (Iran. Sugar, $i 00
2 lbs. Arlmcklo Coffee 45
30c. Itrooms, 2.r
Hcst Oil Cloth, elsewhere 25c to 30c, 22 J
15c Socks, jo
40c Fancy Suspenders, 25
TouikI liars Soap, per box, HO
I'.est Cottonatlo Pants, will not rip, 1 50
Underwear and Over-shirts lower than elsewhere.
Special prices on quantity prices.
HAMILTON & ALLEN, Clackamas, Oregon.
MILLIARD J. JMC1C, . - - Proprietor.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubbery, Etc.,
DR. L. M. ANDREWS, Prop.
A Full Line of Fresh Drugs and Medicines.
Patent Medicines of all Makes, Notions, Optical Goods
Full Stock Of Machine Oils, Best and Cheapest.
Fine selection of Perfumery and Toilet Soaps. And Load
ing Brands of Cigars.
iki:nckiitiokn caiii:i-(;m,v fii.m:i.
Shlvely's Block, ... . . . Oregon City, Or.
ON -