Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, September 16, 1892, Image 3

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    Oregon City Enterprise.
l,oml I'r-nwuiil Noli-.
Junta II. II. ('Iikm ol Hmiily m in
OrtKui t'Hy wm'k .
Minn JiwmiIiIm ('lurk of HjMikMmt In
VixlllliK Mid llultm W.riiur.
J. W. HtrniiKii of l'tiliimn wuh vlntllng
hl iniillmr In thin city Monilwy.
Mr. '.), Allirlxlil mill clillilron re
turnril Iriiin tint count tttnt Hutunluy,
Minn VihIk Willlmiii tiwM Iwkii iHiul
lug wmk with Irltmcli In I'ijiiUihI.
IMlliir K. V. Illitckfonl ol tli Clnt.ki
nl Clilnl In Otrgun City MimUy,
A . Ihitioli ul Hrlni(wiktr t i-ullur
t tlin KxtkiiCNii'i olllin IhkI TuimUy,
Mr, nn.lMm. W. V, Skllf ol I'mtlkml
wrrt. vMtlliK t V, O. T. VIIIriii' liut ' l'l"V"l
J'F.K ( l,A KAMAS HltllKJK.
VuiIimim IVIIIIon A)iliitnii'ulK mill
ltciart Tht Monthly (Jrlut of
III II Allowed.
At tlin rn(iilr Kopt.MiilKT in notion ol
tin comity poinininiioiiiir, court lmit
w.'ck tlm follow lug rot''lliitii worn
In the nmttur of Him llluunt loud lh
rKrt of Hm vli'wnrn w lllwl, miiimi
mcoiint ol 14 miillul, cIdIiiii for
(UiiiKii ilinmiliMiil, tlm r'K)tt iirov(l
anil nmil onlcrod him'i,
TIib rt'Mirt of Hidmiy Hniytli --c t i n k
Hip llltftilaml tohiI liiiinovcmciit whm
Jomili Pillory of t'lm'kniiiita wan
iiionii tlm vinltor In Owipui City
Mm' I tin mul Hcrtlm .Mourn of
I'ortlitiiil will tut urn Irom tluir Kutn.n
trli next wk.
J II. Iti'voiiiitt of Hcvi'iiuti mhii in town
litt Siitiitilnv mul 11 1 11 'Ik a Ii'huiiI call
Jim. T, Mynmol tlm mw Mwtolllro of
IjMcy In Srlii)iwiitir iTrcinrt tvna In
town Tiii'ly ami WpiIiii-ihIhv.
T. M. t'owiliK, jr., Im tiiktiii cliHrgti
ol tlm brunch ollUfi of tlm Wmlcrn I'liion
at llml mul Morriwui nlrin'tii, IVtluliil,
William Ihililicr nrrlvci lionin Irom
Cook'n llllrt, Aliiuku, Itint c-k wlli'tp III'
mi'iit tlif h'moii in the khIiiioii cuiuiihii
MA St rut ton ' f,i ml ly will imivo to
I'ort Iniid tin' Utter puit of I tic month
ml ix'i iii'V a ri'iih'nc on Tenth ami
Kant Stni k.
Mm I', II. Pyo wunl to Kurmt drove
Mumluy In nH'ii'l few iluva wltli Mm
Walker, who in tl.ti widow of the noted
Oregon 'ionrer.
( ertalii roiinty wurrunta drawn by
thtt clerk hilt never rMntd lor pay
liient, thotiKh duly advertliwd, Were
ordered caiiitded. Warrant rumaiiiini
tiliralled (or morn than iwveii yeura wnre
alao ordered destroyed.
Tlm tlinii for rinilitliiK the prexenl
owner hooka waa 'ektended to Novem
lr II,
M'm I'.iina Law n in e waa granted a
acliolarahip In the atnlu agricultural
rolltKi at I'orvallia.
The pflitiun of T. I.. Clmriiiaii foi
nullity road waa ((ranted and County
Surveyor Smith waa appointed to survey
and C. C Williama, W, II I'artlow and
J. I.. SwaHiiril aiKiinled lo view the
name to meet at the I'luce of hcKliinintf
It) a. in. Sept. 1 7.
The application of K. T. Mnaon ol
road dixtrlct No. H'i for hlnntiiiK materiala
waa Kranted to tlm extent o ( 11 1 .
Tlm application of Caniicr Wviniiianilel
for the rvliirn of f 10 W pi'l on proMrty
wild at aherill'a aale waa uninted.
M. T I ici'inun of road dintrict No. "0
waa aillhoiiited to pria-urx hiinlx-r and
apikcn lor rcpHiriim liriilue in lua diatrict.
The contract for hoihliiiK a hride
ai rtwa Hie Clai kamaa river on tlm eite
The family of I'r. ( oii'tney haa ar- j ol tlm prcwut ui wr Clackauiaa lridpt
rived friMii Lehanonand they will occupy
the rottaitt' at tlm corner of Adam and
Seventh atrerla,
Mina Metla llrown la rieelod to n
turn from the Kat m-it Friday. Sim
will teach in tlm I'ortlaiid achoola dur
ilili the ciiuilnn year.
II inn Krma Lawrence left Tileaday fur
Corvallia where nlm will IIimhIi her comae
ill the aifricolluinl colleen thia year
Her aiiiler, Mix .'lainy, accoiiipanlvl tier
to viait IriciiiU in that city a lew wee'aa.
waa awarded to the I'acltlc liriilue rmn
pany for ;1hoX) for the l.'K) feet span and
1'lu feclof approai hea. Whatever leniith
approiu hea inori' than the 210 feel ia to
lie paid for at the late ol r-1. '.') per
lineal fool.
It waa onlcied that the treamrer -t
apait and keep aaa arcrale fund tlm
money collected on the levy made on
the MeMtieiit of om-twenlieth of
mill on the dollar lor the relief of indi
yent aoldiera and mariner.
The ix'tiiioit o S, l. Conlmunet al for
.Mi Ana iiairucame up in-ni "!-., ... .....,, .,,,1 r ,v
land lo viait frlenda in thia city few
daya thia week. Sim w ill leave, the lt i
of tlm Week lor Monmouth where ahe
will attend tlm normal m-IiooI thia year,
Mia. I 1. C I.atoiirettw, who htn
been vinltliiK her aon, !.('. I.atoiiietlc,
in thia city, h'lt Tueadav (or I'liillnnil mi I
waa Joined there tlm next day by C. V.
I. atoiir-'tte and they left for a vinit in
MiclUKn to la guiie aeverul weeka.
AmoiiK the Clackauiaa county people
In wttendam e on the state fair at Salem
this week are 1'reHident Ap'raon, who
haa trciieral uarviHion of tlm whole
coiwvrn, and K. C. Maddia k of New !,
II. C Stevena, K. M. Itiinda and J. S.
l'urdnni of this city who have to do with
the tiandliiiK of ticket.
J i. INIdbury'i family will move to
I'ortlaiid In a few day to remain duriiiK
the school year. They will return to
their home in this city next summer.
In rortland 'ho Inmily will occupy
limine at the corner of Yamhill and new
Thirteenth. Mr. Pilabury will remain
In this city,
An item in taut week's K.ktkki'KIhk
atated that the Crow n Taper companv
hail law or IMK) tona of straw whicli it
Surveyor Smlli apiinied to survey and
Herman liruim, Heuty, Mi tiiiijoii and
Chiiat Fischer appiinted to view the
name, lo meet at the Cher')' villv Ht
ollice September 'M.
The H iiiiiiii ol F. M. Samson et al for
a brid( acrons Itix k envk waa Kranted
ami the clerk waa authnrixed to adver
tise fur hi'la to he opened (li toher II
Tlm rort ol J. W 1 lour on on the
Scott mill briiWe was laid over.
The roiKiit of W. II Suiilh, Ukt
visor of road dintrict No. IK, an the re
pairiiiK of the Holcotnb crock bridge was
approve ! and the rxtcnin aivount of
ll.VWit urtloreil paid The same action
waa taken on his retort ihi the Canon
creek bridtfe and linker's Ferry road
with an exiense account of $150.
The petition of Suervisor II. Scott of
road dintrict No. 1 for renurvey o! a
part ol tlm Milwaukee mid Foster road
waa urnntitl. County Surveyor Smith
waa appointed to survey and Jacob Kia
ley. Cicero Kinearnon and M. Outlleld to
review said road, to meet ut Milwaukee
Septemlior 24.
It was ordered that Peter I.arapn,
supervisoi of roud dintrict No. 28, bo
would store In warehouses up the river authori.cd to procure material and have
until wanted here. The ointnission of j built a bridge on the Orcuon City anil
the word "nut" made It rend that the Dayton road, iisinit the labor of the die
straw "would lie brought to the mill lo 1 tnct as fur as practicable
rot as it did lust year." That Is pre-j The petition of J. S, ViiiiKhan et al for
cInoIv what will not be done. a county road was Kranted and Conntv
(Surveyor Hinyth wan npjadntod to sur
vey and Iliairy Knyder, Isaac dowser
ml Ma Hculpln to view aald road to
meet ut the point of beijlnniiiic (Sept. W
at 10 o'clock a. 111.
The aherlirwas ordered to pay over to
the clerk of school dltlrlcUi No. 3, Al
and (12 the amount collected by him 011
the diilliupieiit tax list of said dintrict,
Ins the cost of collnctltm the samil. The
time for the (herHI" to report on the de
liiuineiit tax list of district No. (iT, W
ml 74 wsa extended till the October
The following bill were allowed and
warrant ordered drawn for ti.eir pay
ment: J. ltunke A Co. court houM xp . . . . M 2'i
H. II. Calltl ft
Hlata vs. J. F. Kthrlilgs, Insane 21 no
" Holly (lllilner M (
" C.KlewartauilC. II Knight 74 it
" II. Iloyer 27 30
" II.KelloKK ''
" I. UMahleu 87 00
' T.H. Melcalf 42 ftt
lnl. linn Molalla brldo 4 00
Uix A I'.llloll mail expense 20 00
UnterAHinltli" " 7 2
James Lsiillaw A ('o. rnal exK'iike . 47 10
Kuos Caliill roal eiiMi II Mo
Sidney Hniylli road expense., , 74 00
K. M. Ilartinaiin rrnul rxn-uiie S 3f
lilailiitoiie Ha Mill Co. mini fIiimi I f
John limcim rowl ci- iiw 21 00
tleo, F. Jlorlon, clerk's fee JJIM
Hlilney Smylli surveyor's toes (50
J. W. Powell, pauH-r exiKinx .. . 0 AO
II. 8. (iihsou, teachers' examination 21 00
lieu. I,. Hlury, " " 21 (XI
t hin, K. l'sae, " " 21 ()
J. Iliil.liirf, wmnl I IX)
Henry llrown election exine . 4 W
W. A. Huntley, stationery 40 ,'i2
('barman A Co., aiir rxiene . (1 lo
J.ll. Wstherell, scliool rundeinse 1 00
C W. (niiioiiK, slierlirs fees .. 115 A2
J. W. Noble, awessor's foes 2ii ISI
Noblitt's stable 2 M
I'Bt-illr llriilfie Co., tirble exmie .'12 20
(ieorK'e HmiiKhtoii, " " . In) KH
(!. W. 1'roi.H-r, " " .1 tft
liennsu I'sulnei.ACu " " l7 So
John IjirmiM, " " 12 no
1. It. C. TliampiHin. " "
Jolinllsxter, " " II 2A
I'm I it 1 11K iiienioii brlile In Ul
I. be Mnliliu, prinliiiK .Villi
K. M. Hiimshy, the Harlow liveryman,
lost two lingers of his le(t hand last
week through the nervousneHa of one of
Lis horses. He waa tying the lieiint in
a stall to which it wan not accuntomed
when the animal suddenly jumped back
catching the fore and middle fingers in
the knot and drawing it so tinht that the
members were entirely severed just out
side the middle joint and dropped
to the Hour. Mr. Kamsby came to tow n
and Ir. Yeargin dressed the wound.
Teasel Creek cbiiri h (Southern Meth- ;
wlist) will lie dedicated by Itisliop Hun- j
can of South Carolina, Sunday. October 1
2. The acrvi"e will biyin Saturday the
the 1st. All are cordially invited to;
attend. The church waa completed
alxnit three week ago except the seat- j
ing which ia now being put in. It ia lo-!
rated about three mile east of Molalla '
corners on the Wiltioit road. Key. W.
L. Malloy ia pastor of the church. !
J. W. A. Ked house, the new London !
watchniaker, is now gutting settled in '
his new store two doors from the Com
mercial bank on Main street. He ia
prepared to do good woik and give
satisfaction. He haa hail eight years
exierience at his trade, having been
with iH'nt, the eminent Ixiidon watch
nd chronometer maker to the govern
ment for three years before he came to
this county.
The best market price paid for pro
duce of all kind at the Park Place store
Firmer, call in to our store and we w ill
treat you well.
Hamilton & Washburn of the Park
Place store are daily gaining more cus
tom bemuse they keep one of the best
assortments of goods and their prices are
lower than elsewhere.
For Kale.
1K) lot In West Portland Height near
motor line, I have sold O-'iO lots there.
Mr. and Mrs, Faust have; wen those
lot there, All cleaied, price tW per
lot at (1 jier month. No Interest, no
taxes. See the owner at the Clin House
on Wednesday and Saturday. I have
also 22 lots in North Portland at tlOOO
lot, terms 1 10 per month. House and
lot on P street at I24.V), term 125 per
' month. U In Cloverdale at :i"&
each, 50 lota back of Imngton.all cleared
at 1171) a lot at $10 a month. Lot In
Multnomah on easy term. House and
lot in McMillen' addition at 4.VK) on
easy terms. 20 acre near motor line for
10000 on easy terms, 6 or 10 acre tract
near Portland. Will alao exchange
laud of all description or lot. Twenty
business lot In Hillaboro on Main
street near bank 7M piece at 915 (r
month. 10, 20 or 40 acre tract near
Ileaverton at $:16 per acre, ten mile
from Portland only. 100 acre near
Holhrook station at (15 per acre. 80
acre near St. Helens at 0 per acre.
; 200 acres, near North Yamhill at (l per
acre, 100 acre near Koaebiirg at 3 tier
acre. Hull blocks of 8 lots each in Astoria
for 12.r each ; 100 feet en the corner of
Kighth and Main streets, Vancouver,
opiKJsite Masonic building tH500, also 200
leet square on Main street, Vaneover,
for t'.KKMI; r2 lots In Oljmpia at 4.'i0
each also choice business block for
24.000. Apply toowner W Keidtforeasy
terms. Portland oli'u-e 411 First street
11 wwii pine and Ash. H-20 tf
A Million Friends,
A friend in need Is a friend indeed,
and not less than one million people
found jnnt such a friend in llr. King'
New iMm-overv (or Connutiititlon. foinsli.
land Colds. If you have never used
this (treat l ough Medicine, one trial
will convince you that it has wonderful
curative powers in all diseases of Throat,
Chest and l.ung. Each bottle is guar
anteed to do all that ia claimed or money
will be refunded. Trial bottle (ree at
(ieo A Harding' drug store l.argo
bottles 50c. and H On.
llucklen's Arnl;a Suite,
The llest Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises, Sores, t'leers, Salt Khcum,
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapied Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup
tions, and positively cure Piles, or no
pav required. It is guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction, or money refunded.
Price 2r cents sjr box. F'or ale by U
A. Harding.
(enlral Addition.
Special attention is called to the
beautiful, sightly and healthy location
or home en reasonable term to pur
chasers wishing to locate in Oregon
City. Splendid water and other attrac
tion In Central Addition, Fine eub-
urlian pioperty in tract of five
acres or more, one mile and a quar
ter from town. Several small but val
uable farms for sale cheap and on easy
terms. Apply to L K. Jannxy
V it'll W, Cary Johnson.
Farm for Sale
Beaver Creek, Oregon, 80 acres, road
on two sides, about 20 acre in cultiva
tion, good water, a varietv of fruit tree.
The whole or half for sale to suit pur
chasers. Iiy J. W. May, owners, or L.
K. Jannky with W.Carey Johnson, tf
Wanted To Exchange.
Improved property in Clackamas
near stores, church, schools and station,
for improved farm propertv. Value
fJBOO. T. and F T. Siii T.
Clackamas Oregon . 9!t
Wantki), girl to do light housework
and attend school. Mrs. F. K. ('barman.
Clocks at Iturmoister
Fveryone warranted.
& Andersen 'b.
4 Successful Worker.
Work cannot be successfully con
tinued unless there is an active mental
interest in it. If the mind is not clear,
bright and buoyant, then the work is
drudgery and the worker is a machine'
An occasional dose of Moore's Revealed
Kemedv will put the body and mind in
such harmony that the hardest tasks
w ill seem play.
Send to the F'stkbprise office for your
legal blanks. A single one or a hundred
furnished at Portland prices.
One of On oM'Hl swl hert iilppe4 Intlltullims In His North we.t. r'nllcte nnd Amutemy
CmirHN; CUaiilral Holentllc nl lAternrf. I'iim.ii tl riport'inlilfi Utr ailvaiieeil wwrk In
Cliriiiuliy ami HUA'ff. Special In.lrurtlou In 0i KaIlnh lraiictii itioi In Sot
mil meibisti. Tli Cornier alirr of Munis nffVra xctlnt oiiportunlllss
for th tti1)r o( Vocal aoi luntrumontal Hiiale.
KmII Term lieftinn Wednendfiy, Heptemlier sttnt, iftya.
kok cataixh:k, appkksm.
Farm, Dairy and Mill Machinery.
Engines and Boilers,
7t ') wvy k
Open and Top Buggies, Carriages, Carts,
Harness, Whips, Bale Ties, Barb
wire,Biiuling Twine and Machine
Specialties and Supplies
of all kinds to
New Market Block, - - Portland, Oregon.
The latest in visiting cards at the Kn
tkki'kisk Okkick. Prices to suit you.
Special Bills Cut to Orders
Mill and Yard on the River, Foot of Main Street,
Manufacturers at and dealers in all style of
Both rough and dressed for lawn and division fence, also
Hartman Steel Picket Fence,
And Wire Tanel Farm Fence, also Expanded Metal Fence.
Call and see Samples and get Prices.
Shop over Bestow'g Sash A: Door factory, Oregon City, Or.
p" 1
SHOES I SHOES ! ! SHOES ! ! ! We bought a big lot of Ladies', Men's, Boys', and Childrens shoes at 50c
on the dollar and of course we will sell them and can sell them cheaper than anybody else on
account of that. Don't miss it.
LADIES' MISSES AND BOYS Flannel and Pique Waists and Blouses we will now close out for 2!)o, your choice, worth 50c, 65c and 75c. There are a few pair Chanille curtains left at $3.75,
they are worth double. Extra quality Indies' corset, all colors, .Vic. Children's linen dresses 15c, former price 50c. Boys' felt hats from 2!e up. We have still lots of ribbon at 5c per yard.
and ,08; ladies' handkerchiefs, borderd fast colors .05; ladies' hose ex
tra quality, seamless .19, and our .25 leader is seamless fast black;
veiling .05; tablets writing paper for ink .05; soap, Fairy Queen .05;
pins .01 per paper; bicycle playing cards .15; beads .05 a string; shoe
blacking .05; sleeve holders .05; patent hooks and eyes .15 yd.;garter
elastic .05 per yd; ladies pocket books .05; men's socks .05 a pair; box
of writing paper and envelopes .10; poker chips .35 per hundred; combs
Goodyear rubber .10; an extra fine hah brush .25; boys' suspenders .10;
men's large size white handkerchiefs .05; children's fine summer under
wear from .20 up; cologne .05 a bottle and up; embroidery silk 12
spools for .10; men's paper collars .04 a box;, men's cuffs .01 a pair;
ladies skirts .39; oil cloth .20 a yd.
Silk parasols, 2(1 inch, $1.4!); Black Velveteen, good Quality 35;
M'o have some of tlio Musleen Dress patterns left wo will close out at
.75 used to bo $1.25; An English Cashmere black, 38 inches wide, .25;
Extra wide Satin Damask table linen, .05, worth .75 anywhere; A
largo size all linen towel .23 worth .35 at any other house; A good size,
all linen towel .1!) a pair; Tidy towels, largo size, .3!), smaller ones, .19
Linen toweling, .08 A per yd.; An Amoskeag Sateen Bed Ticking .21 per
yd,; the blue striped ticking .12; Scholar's School
Companion, 5c Writing Tablets for ink and
pencil use, 5C. Black Sateen Henrietta finish, .15, worth .25
any plaoo. Sheet wadding, .04; Cotton batting Rood quality .07; an ex
tra fine quality figured and plain cream at. 12J, has boon .15; best Ging
hams .08$ nor yd; a Turkey red table cloth .69; fine linen napkins,
fringed $1.00 a doz; small checked napkins .04 each; Embroidery all
kinds very cheap, from .02 per yd. up; heavy men's shirting .10; skirt
lining .05; Ladies' waists, tennis flannel .50 worth $1.00; girls' waists
.25, boy's belts .05; boys piquo waists, .35, .3D and 45.; feather dusters
.05, largo si.o .15; men's white unlaundered shirts .29, worth double the
money; men's French flannel shirts .85, worth $1.50. Men's Tennis
flannel shirts .45; men's working shirts, fine, heavy, fancy, dark and
light colors .45 and .55; boy's .35; junipers .45; men's heavy socks .09
men's heavy working suspenders .19; a fancy suspender .25 and .50;
boy's Windsor ties .05; ladies linen colors .03; we shall sell our leader .10
ladies' black hose, fast color better quality than we had before;
ladies' fancy hose .05 a pair; eaxony yarn 08 a skein; corsets .39 worth
.60 and more; black silk lace 6 inches wide .25; black silk mits .25, a
lisle thread .19 a pair: kid gloves, black and colors .75: ladieB vests
with sleeves .29; heavier .39; wash lace up to 6 inches wide .03, .05, .07