Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, July 01, 1892, Image 8

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2d Semi h Annual Special
And it will
iO Per Cent Off on All Boys' and
YES, 200 dozen of all styles at prices that cannot be beat by any house in the state.
We are the Clothiers and Hatters of Oregon City and have one price for all. Call and soo our stock.
O'Coniiell & Glass.
$15. S15. $15. 615. S15. $15. $15. $15. $15. $15. . $15. $15.
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The card was written anil lay Oerore
her; in the left hand lower corner, "Tea j
at six o'clock;" in the opposite corner,
"B. S. V. P." Mrs. Whitcmiib did not j
know rights what those magic
stood for, bnt she had seen then -on
fashionable invitations and she was de
termined to have . the very latest
"wrinkle" at her tea party. Slowly the
addressed the envelope. "Captain George
Bligh." There were other JJlighs in
Littlefield, and she meant there should
be no mistake. She Hat and nibbled the
end of her pen, conjuring up pleasant
images of the discomfiture. of the people
who would find themselves left out in
the cold. The Woods, who lived over
the way, and the Tuckers, who lived
next door, neither of these families were
on the list; neither of them had ever of
fered her the hospitality of so much as a
family tea or a picked np dinner.
Mrs. Wbitcumb anticipated the fillip
this unwonted invitation to the old May
hew homestead would give to the stag
nation of a certain circle in Littlefield.
She relished the mortification of the
Woods and Tuckers in advance, and pic
tured it all to herself; the lighted parlor
and dining room, carriages driving op
to the gate, people arriving on foot and
the slighted Woods with wrath and envy
in their hearts spying on it through the
slats of the blind. Sister Martha knew
very well that the golden rule has no
practical application to the art, of enter
The cards dropped into the Littlefield
postoffice caused all the flutter among
the neighbors Mrs. Whitcumb had an
ticipated. Ladies stopped each other in
the street and talked more than nsnal
over gates. A little throb of anticipatory
excitement was abroad. The Tuckers,
who appeared to live in the dark, were
just as much shut np in their house as
ever, but the Woods were even more
noisy, lifting op loud and derisive laugh
ter that flew through open windows and
pervaded the tennis ground. Mrs. Whit
cumb heard them as she seeded raiiiins,
and sliced citron and beat eggs, and a pe
culiar smile curled her lips. She knew
their hearts were rankling with hatred
and malice.
Ann was touched by the unwonted
spirit of company bustle, and her gTay
pebble eyes caught a little gleam of
. warmth as she sat rubbing the sil ver cof
feepot and sugar bowl with silicate.
Something of the cheerful stir, with
vague puffs of perfume, the delicious
odors of baking cakes, must have come up
to Miss Mayhew, secluded in her cham
ber. It was on Thursday the day of the
tea party, that Ann heard the tinkling of
her mistress' belli"., the. middle, of the
forenoon. When she went np to her she
found Mies Mayhew sitting in the chiuta
covered tswy chair er the windp w that
looked hft h Oiptm BligVe garde.
There was a feverish spot on her pale
be the
cn ana ner eyes were eager anu uu
mruilly bright
"Ann," she said, with a little shade of
hesitation in her tone. "I've beeu think
ing if I could go down to .the company
for a few minutes just to show myself
and to tell them bow welcome they all
Ann's month pursed and her look stiff
ened into a strong aspect of disapproval.
"I've lived in my old double gowns
and wrappers so long," she went on, fal
tering, and yet with the pathetic eager
ness in her eyes, "1 haven't anything to
appear in. Bat there are the dresses 1
had before mother died all hud away in
the press. 1 wish you would bring some
of them out. Ann. and let me look at
Ann mvf the fluttering, feeble hands
and the excited look in the glassy, sunk
en eyes. She moved toward the -press
with reluctance, as if her joints had sud
denly grown stiff, but Bhe did move, and
presently came back with some anti
quated gowns hung over her arm. There
was a blue merino made for- a hoop.
furled in streaks and wrinkled, and a
pink lawn with wide, old fashioned
sleeves and low neck to be worn with
a lace cape.
Miss Mayhew took the pink lawn in
her trembling fingers and held it np be
side her faded, sallow fuce and whiten
ing hair, where she could see herself in
the bureau glass. It was a ghastly re
minder of her lost girlhood. An odor
of dead summers and withered roses
seemed to steal ont of the old lawn. It
touched the poor woman's memories and
she let fall the pink folds from ber pale
fingers, feebly pushing the gown away
with her foot as ft lay on the carpet and
broke into weak, hysterical sobs.
Legal blanks at this office.
The Many
Remarkable cures of Catarrh effected by the
use of Ayefs Harsaparllla are conclusive
proofs that this loathsome and dangerous
diaease Is one of the blood, needing only
this .searching and powerful alterative to
.thoroughly eradicate It.
' I have suffered for years from catarrh,
which was so severe tliat It destroyed my
appetite and weakened my system. None of
the r-Tiedies I took afforded me any relief,
until 1 used Aycr's Sarsaparllla. I began to
take this medicine last spring, and am now
entirely free from that disgusting disease.
My appetite has returned, and I am once
more strong and healthy." Husan L. W.
Cook, 9M Albany street, Boston Highlands,
Boston, Mass.
"My son now fl f teen years of age was
troubled for a long time with catarrh, In its
worst form, through the effects of which his
blood became poisoned. About a year ago
he began using Ayer's Harsaparllla, has
taken seven bottles of It, and is now entirely
well." I). P. Kerr, BiU Rpring, Ohio.
" I was cured of s longstanding catarrh
by the use of Ayer's Harsaparllla." James
J. Dougher, Company 0., 13th Infantry, Fort
Wiugalc, N. M.
Ayer's Sarsaparii la
rnEr.RKD sv
0. J. 6. AYER '& CO., Lowefl,' fnV
Sold tiy DragxIlU. 'il, III SS. Won $ii botti.
J . L - Ht.W ' . -
f... lll'l. ' Ml
t rwrr w Mrr9m rvmw
lit! 1 1 1 iVI 1 1 1 H I I If
I v. immiuuu
We have lots 50x200 feet, 100x200 feet, all favorably located. Tliene
lots twice the ordinary size are but half the usual price of other lotn sim
ilarly located. We have one-acre, two-acre, five and ten-acre tracts
suitable for suburban homes, convenient to town, schools, churches,
etc., and of very productive soil. A
which we will sell part in small tracts to suit purchaser and On easy
Call & See Us
Barlow, - Oregon.
Tabli sMniHeu Wfth ilie rWaf nre-marltot
affords. Meals 25 vents.
it m
rrwrrrt if t f f fr?t MTT1
IT ' ' T Pf f 1 f i i a 2
r i a. . i l a a j. .. i. i
F.ach tore ol prime treea. If act on prune Unit,
will net never.! linodred dull.ru per year
when Urge enough lo bear.
large, growing "Prune Orchard," of
& Get Prices
at Portland Office,
Livery, Sale and Feed Stable.
ildrserffer aiid feared" for by the day or
month at Masonahle rate. ,
Land Go.
Ever made
Children's Suits.
tt..UUiP KlJl'ALUA rius I
No'le ' hereby given that 111 city r.mnfll ol j
Oreiror fit meano will all aa a-ttoard ot euual ;
liuui on (tie a.aioneui of lsJ l Raid city on ,
Ihe Hill dy "f Jnu. !. .1 o'clock i m , ;
and .'tjonrti from urn to lime ea ih.r.M aiay '
rrtiuir uiiill Ihe Jn 'I.) uf Jnu .1 lb same I
hour !
Itie ix roll will lie on f1 ril lor InaiMeilon -
of Ihe n't), e o! Ihe ree.inlrr Her Juli I'Uh. I"'i. I
Any pi.fl nol .IUHiiI llh hl .nM-Mtnem.
.nil Dki.hllitf H rt'illii-Molt of (he earn mint . .
ply lo nl.1 I'lly I'oiilii'll III wrlllli. 1 Ulluit
llli reM"tl lot III noiirtinii iiii'i niri ijimi.',
ml, H'lot Hi tub ily of June. Irwj
I. I. I'"r, l(eiinlr
Oryoil I lly, June 1, 1.VU,
NllTH K or ri.NAt. SKI ri.KMKS T
NoiIihi l horehy .Iven, lhl Jpi'r I", M
(iivw.lll rtei'iilor ol the UI ol I'etl'r Hleel.
ili'coniH'il, h. rmtilerwl n4 iireeeuleil lor ti'lllc
ment .ml Hint In ilieerlireof ihe omit rli rk nl
ihi'oiinty of ('l.rknni.a .inl M.tvof uri'Koii. .i
llu.l .i i'ontil of hi. .iluilnmir.iliin nl ilil .
Il. h. thai fl eailay. III. IJtll lay of Jillv.
Iwl, a lUo rliH'k .. in , .1 Hie mnnly omirt
niim In iiren.ui I tly. ha. Iiexn ilniy .ppulu !
hy the an I.I rourl fur the henrt" ami . lll.
nienl of in ..hi ai-i limit, at ami hvlore whlrli
time .ml .1 null'h plaie.ny lo-raoii lliterealeil
In ntM e.iii nmv appear .ml SI olijeutlon or
eareptlolia loaalil .croiint
Ki-ulnr "f lh eal.lu nl Ti ter Hleele.ilee'it.
ll.U-d Jllll III, IHU. 'i 107 : !.
UndoHlre at Orenon City,iireon.
June 1, M i
Notice I. hart'liy tlven thai llm follnwlnri
nanti'il aettler lina flW'il notice of Ilia Inlenlloll
lo make Dual proof In anpportof hlarl.im. i d
that a.ld nrool will Ihi mail hefnre the lteiaier
ami ltei tvrof th II. n. Land ofllc at Ori'iimi
City. Oregon, nu July Is, Iwi, vi:
clarrur Hwlnrk,
llomrate.d fllty No. 7l'IJ for the K ol N W
ltd K U of H W li of Sec. V. T, H.. K. 4 K
fie mm, the following rltneea to prove
hitHWiiUtionui reiililenc upon and ciutivntioii
of aiild Unit, vl' lr ly. l.oige llowilLh,
William Tur'ier and Ahrain Ui'y,.ll of rlprlii
water Clm k.m.i county, iirognii.
A: 107 : 15 J. T. ArrKiwoK, Klitr.
In t'h miitter of the eslste of Andrew Dnlahag,
I bi'r.liy give notice ti tpurn.ul lo n order
Of tho honor. hie Coimfy rtiurt of I'luckuniita
eoiiuty, Oregon, I will on Thursday July ti.
I him .1 1 o'clock n m .ttneoourt Iioiim dmir
In Oreion City Oregon, all at nubile auction to
the hlgheat bidder for csah In hand, th follow
lugdcMiilhed tract ol land situated in Clack
ma. county, Oregon, to wit: Comnienclnir.t
the half mile post between wotlona 4 and u In
Tlih. RIKol Ihe Wlllametin nii-rlil Ihii. .ml
running thenc south Itk) rral.:thui'C aal ItHtU
rodaithmice norlh l'JO rod.; thence weal Mik
rod. theiiim north 111 roda; ttieuc wentnuioilB
to the line nl hoirlnnlu. eont.lnlii(U'i icr.a.
morn or lens. H.le auttject to onnnrmafl.n of
aiil.l court. Annik Kino, Admlulalr.tilx.
linteil May '27, UW ft-'i7;7-ln
W C. JoilNaori Atty.
1). B. Land Office at Oregon City, Oregon,)
May II V lw.!.
Complaint having been enternd nt till, olllco
by ClfVl.tlan Idleman agnlnat Wnlllng Wat
lnkc lor aliiindonlng six mouth, prior In Nov,
II. IH'M. nla lioiiioateiid entry No. duhd, dated
March II, Mil. upon the nu1 acntlon ill, town
hlp2H, range7K, In Clackamas enmity, Ore
gon, with a view In thacniicullHtliiiinf mild entry,
tbii anld tinrllea are hereby ummoneil lo ap
pear at tlila nltlco on the 7th day nl Heiiteniln'r,
sw, at lUo'clnck .. m., to ruapond rinil'f iirnlxh
temiiuony uoiiruruiiiK aniu niioueu riimuuou
j. i . appkhwow, iti'.iatnr,
I'ktkb Paojikt, llecelver.
, ! ; NOTICE.
In nompllnncewlth an election held In Clack
amas county, Oregon, on June A, ISM, at which
a majority of the vote, cat were ag.lnat per
fnltflng tli running at Urge of swino lu laid
eounty, notice t. hereby given that'at the expir
ation of alxtf (Q),fv frwnrlbe date of thin
notice H will h.VuQlairnl for .wins lo run at
large 4nany part of said tmuniir, v '
II. H. Johnihih, County Clerk.
Dated this 33d aayof June, 1SOT. (:M-:2
in this city.
NitTICK riK ri'lllJCATKIN.
I .stj Orm I AT O.Sii.iri CtTV, Omtoo,i
June I, f'3. I
Nolli- la herehe nlren that Ilia followlnf
n.nw.l aettler baa filed nolle of hla hileiilioii
In make Sua! im of In aiippor! of hla el. tin. .ml
thatall proof wilt tie m.'fe hefor the lte.lalr
.ml Kreelver of III 1'ulle.l St. lea land oftle l
(ire, mi i liy.llr . on July 1.1 Iwjvli
lllraui tirertott.
Id ineate.'l entry No' -It lt tli X f '4 of ( W
',, N , of N If . id S K ul S K of Ma
At (s.lt .K
II tl.lnea the folloailtif wltneaaeato pmveht.
eiiittliiiuMi. teaiitite tiii.in and eitltiatton of
a l.l i.ud iin.l. r e.'ll.ni It S J W Calm
.leer and IV llnier, I iirrltm III, t'lai kama.
I'.illitY llreni. II C llati'h.ml A I), filter,
I'orttand. Multnomah eoniiiy. tireifn.
Ilarren I.'. ,"rm.n. who mad I'r. II S. No
7r..'l nr lh St ', of Mee. , f I K . k I I , Il
heri'liy ieelaliy tlndSed In appear and ahnw
catia why Hiram tmrtort' entry of part of Mid
Irai't ah nlil mil be allowed
-7 , i. T- Aer.aaoW, Relair,
Oil A KIM AN Ml. I'
lly virtue of an nnler of lal mad b fh
.olintv court of l tu ttatn.a rtounlv, tale of flr
i'll. of d.l III ! day of Auiual. I.VI, III IhA
tit. iter of th. ea(nt and RU.rdlanahip ol tl
In, r I. Ithir, . minor, th iin loi i u-l. lh
duly .pp'Miued nuardtftti f Mid tntnor, will,
on Saiunlsy. lh smh day of July. A II K1.
Ivll .1 piiulie .uetion at the conn tioui iiiwir tn
(iregon itv. Clackam.a county, .tat. of oro
(ou. at 11 o'clock a in ol i.ld day, th follow
lug deacillied r enl eatatn, lo wild tntnor helnng
lux, In.wlr then W, i, of the il K, . and H. f. J.
nl Hi K W i,. olwctlon iwiit'JI, and lhN, , V
oltli.N K ami Hi N. K. W id thN, W.C
of ....'Hon If, T S H , II, "1 K i.l IheWillamelta
meridian, .11 In I'l.i'k.in ta county, at. is of
()ri-U"U. eoiiuitilug It'o aerea. Haul aalo to bo
aulifiiH lo eonnriniloti by aald county court.
Terine nf anle halt ear.lt, halt on credit. A rt
poaltc lo be mail on day ol aale to Recur bid.
AaJUti.A I'.aH.a,
(llantlan of .aid NMIInir L. Ilaaher
listed lllla l.llli day of June. hjj (ll.W-7
Nolle la hereby riven, that th eopartherahfpv
heretofore lllu between T A Mcllrldv suit
A. H, lucmer llili d.y tllnwlved by mutual
couaetit 1. A. Mrlikiiig,
A K, llaKaa.H.
tinted th Hth dar of .tunc, IW1 (S.i;T:R
Notice In hereby given, that the city council
nf 'Oregon Ut. tiretcui. propoae. hi iinprni'n
Mnln atteullu ..Id city frnm a point near ttm
ontlirly limit ol .aid mtect whera h liner
(hull of he cement mill croa. .aid trt fo
tli tiorfherly lltinul Fourteenth itreul iu said
clty.a. followa:
In. By grading and filling ftia same lb en
lire length, with the exception .a noted, to cor
reaiHindwltlltheeiitabllRhedgr.de. ,
'id. Hy coverlna tliat portion of Main street
from theaoulherly lltnit of the Improvciueut u
Moa. atreet with broken rock and cement,
gravvl niilah, with .tone cnwalng. and atone
Srd. Ily ontiRtruetlngan elev.led plank niad
wny front the .outlierly Hue of Moa. atreet to a
point acventy feet anulh nf the center line of
Twelfth atreet, on grade.
4th II y covorliig the balance of the asitl
atreet to he Improved, northerly, with cement
gravel, Willi atone croaaluga null, atone gutter.
!Hh. Hy laying .tduwulkflnf lumber ten feet
wide on both rIiIor of auld street to he Improved,
with proper curb, nil lu accordance with plana
and apcclflcatinna horciifter te be adopted by
the council,
Ordered puhllalicd hy Hie oily council, if Ore
gon city, tiregou, jumi i;t, tstrj.
0:177 :J
l I I'iirtkii, Kocordor.
The underRlgned, having been appointed by
tbe county court of Clnck.maa county executor
of the luat will of Willliiin I'nrrott, decenaed,
hereby noline. alt petRoua having claim.
atfaitiRt the uatnte of aald Wm. Purrittt tu pre
Ment the aame to ine at my rcaldnncc four mil,
aoiith eHRtof Mlddlctou, with the proper verlfl
cntlon thereto, within six atoiitlia fruiii the date
ol ihi. notice, : KgNKv Faititiirr,
' Kxticutnr ol Habile.
I in led this 17th day of June, IstM, 11:177:8
Oregon City Express No 1.
' I Kt "fr'frllt anil parcels delivered to alt'
parts of Hie city.
Uava orders wltb t. T Barlow,