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Happenings In Localities Outside of
OiT(co City Industrial Items
Srlghborhood Xolos.
Canby, Feb. S. The literary club at Us
meeting Friday night debated the question
Resolved, That Columbus deserves more
honor for discovering America than Wash
iugton has for defending it.'' After an in-
teresting discussion it was decided by the
judges. Miss Elvira Iee, Miss Mary Caroth
era and Samuel Cox, for the Negative. It
being also election night the following ofti
cers werechosen : A. R Dimick, president ;
H. C. Gilmore, vice president; Klla Stone,
secretary; George Knight, assistant secreta
ry; Elvira Lee, collector; Mary Carothers,
treasurer; Henry Evans, marshal; John
Roth, deputy marshal. The club has been
orgauiied three months and now has I
membership of about sixty, and is still gain
ing. Next Friday there will be an entertain
ment and social instead of debating.
J as, Hodges has purchased the clear
lumber of Hartle it Jones, and will rent the
power of M. Campbell to dress it as there is
quite a stock.
Mr. Lukieand Mr. Koeblereach had forty
bushels of feed chopped Saturday.
H. A. I.ee had the misfortune to lose a
horse Friday night
The Chinese are having their annual i ew
year celebration, consequently there ia no
. work being done in the gravel pit.
J. A. Cox commenced sawing wood in real
earnest Monday morning with the help of
seven men. L. Rogers is head sawyer.
A. H. lee is building a new wood house,
1(5x20, with a garret above to be used as a
work shop.
W. A. Hart has gone to Logan to visit his
brother who has been sick for some time.
A. H. Lee and Wm. Orihble have been
purchasing oats on Gribbie prairie. Tbey
say that the roads are almost impassable,
and that thirty bushels is a heavy load.
H. A. Vorihl has improved Ids shop by
building a brick flue and putting in a new
forge. He also talks of putting up a street
(amp. The lamp will be a neces.-ity to save
somebody from broken bones if the obstruc
tions are not kept ot! tbe street.
The la-lies of the M. E. church gave an
oyster supr Tuesday evening. About
sixty ate supper, raising $12.50 to be used to
ward lurnishing the new parsonage, which
is about completed.
George Slight has purchased twenty acres
of the Willamette Land company for f 21100,
and has a large new house building on the
spot where the old Andrews house burned.
Ueorge hippie has purchased fortvacres
of A. R. Shank. W. M. 8hank has also
TMircliased ten acres of the finest peach land
i in -tlrf Willamette valley.
The -estate of i'hilauder Lee, consisting
. of 2CT acres was sold for 6,675.
G. TV. Shank and wife and Henry Shank
and wife have returned after a four days
isisit in Corvullis,
. S. X. Lee is just recovering from a severe
illness. Mr. Rogers is also sick. Miss Bis
sell had a slight attack of tbe grip Sunday.
week with rheumatism. Vndcr the treat
ment of Dr. (toucher we hope for his speedy
Road supervisor Cahilt and Drainer have
each been at work with volunteer forces on
the roads, and have greatly improved many
of the worst places.
Nearly the entire potato crop has been
shipped ;to California from this place and
mostly sold at a price that nets the producer
about thirty cents per bushel.
Geo. Brown's new residence is fast near
ing completion and when finished will be
one of the best and the only latli and
plastered house in New Era precinct.
Notes fra llaielta.
H usi.u, Feb. S. Cool frosty nights and
warm sunny days are very pleasant, but
the ground hog can see his shadow today,
so look out for a stormy spring.
The warm days of last week caused tunc
uneasiness among fruit growers, as the fruit
buds began to swell, but the slight (reeling
of the last few nights has been ot benefit.
I he grip has many victims among us.
but so tar no fatal cases. Mrs. F. Ford it
no better. Her daughter, M rs, Copley, from
Portland, is with her. Mrs, Coply is an ex
erienced nurse and all hope Mrs. Font may
now improve.
Mrs. A. Wright, of Sherwood, has bee:
staying with her daughter, Mrs. 8. R. Hays,
who has been quite sick, but is how conva
Mrs. Harry Shipley, of Oswego, Is visit
ing at A. C. Waiting's. Mrs. Shipley was
for many years a resident of Haxelia.
L. A. Shipley is building an addition to
his house. To judge by the rock fountia
tion he is having laid it will be a very fine
dwelling when completed. C. Mileui, of
Mount Tabor, is doing the work.
The literary society at its last meeting de
bated the question of capital punishment,
with George H. Locev as leader on the af
firmative and Professor Watts on the nega
tive. The decision was for the affirmative.
The boys of the school debated the ques
tion of city or country life and the advocates
of the country enme out ahead.
Professor Watts has seven seeks more of
school, and all regret that he cannot be per
suaded to remain longer.
Mrs. Geo. Nagle presented her husband
with a fine sou on the 21st ultimo. H
Highland, January 26. Everything in
and around Highland ia quiet and calm at
D. Miller, our popular school teacher, is
contemplating giving tbe Highlanders an
entertal n meut at the close of bis school. A
grand time is anticipated.
The farmers' alliance, according to re
ports, is in a nourishing condition. Busi
ness of importance called for an exra ses
sion last Saturday night.
Orlando Fellows lost a valuable cow re
cently which died in an old strawstack.
When will farmers learn to cut down their
old stacks when they are undermined and
begin to settle and fall down?
Mr. Al. Harrington is improving the looks
of his ranch by erecting a new picket fence
in front of his house.
Mr. May field sold a large band of sheep
the other day to Charley Gale.
Mr. Joseph Myers moved from the Hor
ner place which be bought about a year
ago back to his homestead.
We can hear the shriek of Martin 4 Co.'s
steam engine again. They have started the
mill and will turn out a good quality of
lumber. Beeson & Co. have moved to the
Dickerson place which they bought recently,
and will move their powerful steam engine
and milling apparatus thither just as soon
as the weather will permit. Beeson is an
old experienced mill man and will make the
saw logs rani.llv diminish when he sturts
on the new p-'ace.
Mis9 Florence Parish is home on a visit.
She enjoys rusticating occasionally.
A number of new families have taken np
their abode in Highland recently. One
party purchased an eighty-ocrej tract from
B. Stricklin recently, and another bought
Wm. Livingstone's place consisting of 1D0
acres for $3000. According to reports an
other family will arrive soon to locate per
Harks Prairie Items.
Mabks Pmikie, Feb. 2. We are pleased
to stale that the wood shed for our school
district, of which we made mention some
time ago, has at last been built One dav
last week Messrs. S. F. Mark and J. K
Gribbie took it into their heads to finish the
job, which they did to the satisfaction of all
and without the assistance of the ladies.
Miss Bertha Marks has gone to Portland
to attend school.
Mr. 0. H. Cone, of Yamhill county,
spent a few days on the prairie last week
and expresses himself as being well pleased
with our prairie and its prospects.
Mr. Ed. Hilton is making use of a horse
power stump puller in clearing up his land.
The machine appears to be doing good work.
Rev. 8. P. Wilson, presiding elder of Sa
lem district of the M. E. church, held quar
terly meeting at Rock creek church last
Sunday. He preached a very able ana elo
quent sermon which was listened to by a
good sited audience.
There will be regular preaching services at
Marks prairie school bouse on every second
and fourth Sunday of each month a't
o'clock p. m. by Rev. C. L. Lowther. Every
body made welcome.
The plan for the new church building
soon to be erected is now in the hands of
committee, and active work will soon be
commenced. Occasional.
Sew Era Notes.
New Eea, Ftb. 1. Farmers in this local
ity are feeling rather jubilant over the
prospects f returning spring and a good
many have commenced plowing.
Millard II) a't was compelled to close his
school the latter part of last week on ac
count of being sick with the grip.
Mr. Hougliam is building a new wood
dock just opposite New Era and iiitendseu
gaging in the wood business quite exten
sively. D. H. Telcher, wife and family are visit
ing relatives at Bilverton, and will not re
turn here until about the first of March.
A couple of grangers from this locality
paid Mr. Shank of Riverside an all-day visit
last Saturday, anxiously awaiting the com
ing of the Tualatin justice of the peace.
But the justice failed to appear.
The flouring mill at New Era Is progress
ing slowly but surely. It would have been
in running-order ere this had the machinery
which was ordered been supplied at once.
But we are going to have a first class mill
in the near future.
Joe Brigga hat been suffering for the last
Mountain View Items.
Moi-ktaih Vtiw, Feb. 3. E. E. May has
purchased the property lately owned by W.
F. Kellogg, and intends moving on it as
soon as be can get the house enlarged.
H. 0. Inskip is building a nice picket
fence in front of his property which, when
completed, will add greatly to the good looks
of bis premises.
The owning of May street gives that part
of town, a more cityfied appearance besides
being a great benefit to the public.
August Schoth has built a fine fence
around his henery and expects in the near
future to supply the public with an abund
ance of hen fruit
Mr. Frost has fenced In his property lately
purchased of George 0. Ely, and intends
building a house thereon in the spring.
Professor W. H. Dobyns, of Alhina, was
the guest of W. J. Ranch this week.
J. G. Foster of New Era, paid our burg a
visit this week.
A sister ot Mrs. Pulley is visiting her for
a few days.
Burt Beattie, who has been on the sick
list, is up and around again.
Mrs. J.N. Harrington's mother hat; been
visiting her and other friends the past week.
Sidewalks to be Built In the Town
Personal and General Mention.
on Monday to Molalla where the mother of
Mrs. Noyer is dangerously ill.
Rev. Katou Is laid up with a 11 knee.
Still thev romv ieopU looking for small
tracts for homes, and they generally locate.
The Southern Pacific olllecrs sav Clacka
mas will have a depot and telegraph oltlco.
Two location are spoken ot the Albright
brick yard and the old drug store corner.
The A. O. il, W, meet Monday evenings,
The lodge is prospering, Truhmii-k.
The Head Surveyor In the Field-Some Nelgti.
Dornoott renoualt.
Beaver Crkkk, Jan. SI. Miss Thomp
son is teaching a very successful school here.
She will close when the lour months term
expi-es as the has made arrangements to
return to Portland.
George McCord, the saw ndll man of Ca
ms, was In this locality the other day.
Mrs. John Wright, who for a year past
could not articulate distinctly, regained her
voice a short time ago,
Lottie Eastman and Ctiarlee and Iietta
Kiilt-r have the grip.
Mrs. Henry Smilh, ol Alblna, ia visiting
her sister, Mrs. Gregory.
George Rider is hauling railroad wood for
E. N. Foster, of Now Era. Mary Rider Is
also working lor Mr. Foster.
Shlprs of potatoes from New Era are
holding that product as prioca have fallen in
San Francisco.
Robert Matheson Is building a good sub
stantial frame bam.
Enos Cahill lost a work ox last week by
Four persons united with the Central
Point church last Sunday which makes
thirty-six converts in all this winter.
The road surveyors were at work her
Friday and Satuntay and will return Tues
day. This is on the route proposed bv
Judge Meldriim. A nice grnde has been
located from Mount Pleasant to the creek
which is about like the suensiou bridge for
steepness. Persons living along any of the
routes proposed should extend to the sur
veyors every assistance as Is being done
here. Native.
A Han and a Bear Have a right Within
Mountain Cave.
New Osisli
tore at
Sell all Goods at Portland Prices or Under.
100 pounds Dry Granulated Sugar, only
100 44 Extra 0 Sugar, only - - -
All other Goods at Rock Bottom Prices. Highest
Price paid for Produce. We carry a full lino
Clear Creek, Feb. 2. -Most of the farm
ers are getting ready to sow grain.
Mr. Fay and son have Just completed
their contract of hauling rock for Mr. W
Mr. Alf. Sprague is very low with ty
phoid fever.
iir. uautner s nouse is enclosed with
brand new picket fence.
Mr. M osier, of Logan, has succeeded at
last in capturing one of the sheep killing
dogs. It was a coyote. It packed off one
of his tra but be found It all right
Mr. Ely and two other meu went qp In
the mount, us looking for land luteo.iee .ien
lug. Owl ii( to the snow they got bt and
came toactve. They thought ily wonU
go in the cave and ne what the prospect wts
for shelter. They Mxn discovered it w.is
occupied by a black bear. Bruin reared on
his hind legs and prepared for t attle. Mr.
Ely presented his gun and the bear grabbed
it in his mouth and smashed it, but Mr.
Ely fired, bursting his gun and doing more
damage to himself than to the bear. But
they are both doing well at present.
Mr. John Wlniiingham, while work-
ng in the quarry the other day hit his
thumb with a hammer and broke It.
Mr. S. Mumpower is moving into a small
building he saved from the fire.
Central Point Happening!.
Ce.itral Poist, Feb. l.-A praise meet
ing is held at Central Point M. E.
church every Sunday evening. A new or
gan has been furnished the church at this
place. ,
We have been informed that Bro. Walga-
niot's horse broke loose instead of being
turned loose as has been stated. But some
body or some thing has been mean enough
to cut the fringe off ol the altar of the
church at this place. A reward of $20 Is of
fered for the detection of the one who did it.
Tbe members of this church have voted
to buy twodozen Gosei;Hymn books. Tbey
also voted to pay the circuit minlstcr$l3 due
him instead of helping to furnish the par
sonage at Canby with the money.
Dr. Casto has been seen in our vicinity
lately helping to look up a good route for a
road to Molalla. It is believed a five per
cent, grade can be had anywhere on this
Eastham route. That ten ier cent, grade
can be reduced to a five or six ir cent, by
running a short distance southeast, which I
m w illing for it to do, as it is on the farm I
Joseph Lee was the guest of Mr. Kandull '
last week. I' no.
"lM Front ! iw. HARDWARE j
NorthwitMi AgriiU far
Portland, Oregon,
-ltoil.r Lance-
-Hllver Steel. Bawi
cf iiiuvvY-'-'
Ropo. Crescent Meol
Crescent Wedges (warranted.) II & S Proof Chains. Arcade Files
Loggers and Wood Choppers Specialties.
Oregou City Agent, ......
The beat bargains yet offered In City, Suburban and County mHrty
FIIiE AND ACCIDENT. Policies in the leading Compaul ei
The leading and beat toned instruments.
The celebrated (ant and light running Standard.
Opposite Corner from Court House, Oregon City.
jOl. Wr. SCHWA3V,
All Kinds of Tin, Sheet Iron and Copper Work
Promptly Done.
athop on Nerrndi tit., near Depot.
Clackamas, Feb. 2. C. B. Pease and 0,
A. Linn have returned Ironi a trip to Cath-
lamet, Astoria and Skamokawa. They re
port the latter town the best opening.
R. W. Johnston and family have moved
to Oregon City and their house was imme
diately rented by nearly a dozen men who
are clearing Clackamas Park.
C. E. Pease commenced the school In the
Oatfield district Monday 1st instant.
After this week Clackamas schools will
have a vacation of two weeks.
A. W. Mills is quite sick. Mrs. Pease is
under a physician's care in Portland.
Mrs. V. A. Johnson, of Eureka Springs,
Arkansaw, is visiting her relatives at Mrs.
C. F. Clark has the thanks of the com
munity for tbe sidewalk enterprise. lie has
about $100 collected for a three-foot walk
from his gate post to the church on Mount
Hood street; thence to the post office; also
from that walk at J. A. Talbert's corner
past the brick store to the post office.
Mr. Griffith and family are occupying
Wash. Smith's bouse.
Mr. and Mrs. Noyer made a hurried trip ,
The Carus Neighborhood,
Carus, Feb. 2. Our school closed last
riiiay for a vacution of two weeks. Mr.
R. Nelson is engaged to teach for another
term of three months. It speaks well for
the prosperity of the district that we can
have a nine months school.
Kev. E. Gittens. of Oregon City, began a
protracted meeting here lust .Monday even
ing. Brother Ixjwther, the circuit preacher,
was not present, but expects to be on baud
Mr. Bryan Saunders has left Carus for
Missouri. Will Jones has begun in earnest
to clear up the farm recently purchased
from Mr. Saunders.
Mr. William Miller has been suffering for
several weeks with erysipelas on his arm
which filially resulted in a gathering near
the elbow. He had it lanced last Saturday
and is in a measure relieved.
Grandma Graham is quite HI from a com
plication of diseases. A year ago she had
the measles, and then the grip, and she has
been ailing more or less ever since.
Aurora Mills Letter List.
List of letters remaining in the post office
at Aurora Mills, Oregon, February 1, 1892 :
Smith, J. P. Miller, Johnston Pine,
S. Spencer.
F. Giesy. P. M.
Stafford, Feb. 1. The fine weather of
last week set the plows going again.
The Tualatin grange had a public Instal
lation of officers on Saturday. State Master
H. E. Hayes, assisted by C. Dickenson, put
the incoming officers through their paces in
good shape, after which Mr. Hayes gave a
very Instructive lecture upon the subject of
Meyer & Schrieve will have their new on-
glue and boiler on the ground this week.
Miss Alice Hayes accompanied her father
here and will stay a week or so to visit old
Mrs. Kate Moore and young daughter of
Oregon City are stopping with her sister,
Mrs. Farson.
There are some cases of grip around, but
none in this Ininieiliute vicinity.
Friday alteruoon wus recitation dny at,
Professor Hull s school. Some of his pupils
did remardubly well.
Nteel Country Hoods.
Mackshurg Notes.
Macksbuho, Feb, 1. Died, January 24
and 20, the twin boys of Peter Kister.
James Marsh's family is suffering iron,
the grip.
Professor Marsh, of Forest Grove, made
a fling trip visiting his son James lust week.
Born, January 20, to Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
Grave, a son,
Mrs. George Kiggs and daughter, Mrs.
George Moore, of Oregon City, were visiting
friends in this vicinity last week. .
One duy lust week thn little daughter of
Al. Wing fell from her high chulr and
sprained one of her arms in the elbow joint.
The alliance meets at Bachelor hall every
second and fourth Wednesday night In the
month. ; Scriiwleb.
Blank note, receipt and order books
at the Entkbi'rihe office. i
For half the year, writes E. A Slaro, 81b
ley, Illinois, to Orange Judd Farmer, the
furni products are locked up on account of
hud roads or harvest season, mid are not
available for market Uiillroad transporta
tion rates have been reduced until It cost
hut little more to carry a bushel of grain to
the neabourd than It does to haul it from the
farm to the railroad. Good roads would
greutly lower the eoHtoftrnnsportutlon, and
bring the farm hearer the market. In no
better wuy can the selling value of the
farms be increased lliiin by good Hindu.
to makk tiik iikkt no a ds,
first put a tile druiu on each side of the road
way about threo foot deep to keep the under
water away from the mud bed that It may
he solid and firm, Keep the side ditches
well open, so thut a ilnshiug ruin can run
oil' at once and not souk down. Then tukc
4 by 8 Inch oak lumber for stringers, lay
them broad side down lengthwise., the right
distance apart for the wagon wheels to run
on, tie the stringers together with Inch
round iron rods, 8 feet npnrt, Dpon the
strinuers spike iron or steel rails, 8 Inches
wide and inch or more thick, having the
outside edge turned up one inch to keep the
wagon wheels from slipping oh. Therulls
are laid exactly like railroad rails with the
ends butting together. They ura made 8
inches wide to allow cither wide or narrow
tired wagons to run on them. Make tho
road doublo track that there may bo no
need of driving off of the track. For
economy's sake switches might he put In at
frequent Intervals on a single track road.
Teams going In opposite directions could
pass at these Between the rails and also
between the two tracks till In level with the
rails, with either broken stone, gravel or
paving bricks. Itii the wheals rather than
the horses which cut np the road.
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