Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, December 25, 1891, Image 2

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HsppcitlitlT In ImnHtlei (lllo
OrriiOH City Industrial Itrms
Nrllfhborhii4 oto.
Snrroiui, IVc. ii - Mr. ml Mm. ting
daughter eiu lo Portland lust wiflt
d stvil with relatives mint friends it
COUple of days.
The Larson hrotbrrs aw making railn for
Mr. K. lVlk,-r.
S-hooi district So. 41 Iim lnrv-hsv( some
new seats.
Kms Pond secular union will meet Mitt
day net at J oMoik 1'. M. IW for nvew
rev itat urns, readmirs, .nawer ut lh.
query bo v. and delate oil the ijtieMkm, lie-
solve!, that daneinit t an inniHinil tit!, J
F. M. Kri.xc and John t. on the af-1
Turner; seere-tary, Albert Turow; assistant
steward, K. P. rarpenbur; Cwrm, MisaOla
llarnea: Klora, Miss le, Sharp; roimuta,
i Mr. Louis Kruse; htdy assistant stewaril.
Miss Kit Turner. State master II. K.
Hay ill be th Installing ortloer, tlie In
j stattatiun to take lacx the. ln.it Saturday In
'i January at one oelock IV M It will he
puMio and everybody is Invited to attend,
j The granvr will have a Christmas Iree the
j evening f the .flth, ami after Hie tree l dis-
with tlin will he a Jane in the
hall. A srod lln 1 aiitteitted.
James T timer, one of Krof Pond's lads,
ami his cousin Lilly, left last week fbr Pay
ton, Vahiii(tton, where he intends making
his future home.
The Kmg linl Seminary gave a etlin
school lnt evening which was largely al-
( leuded under the mrtnagvinant of Professor
j Robh, Clyde Ktan won the victory a he
i s)!!el the school down,
The Ittch Keform church wle am
; huilttng a shed on their grounds (or the
aoeoturiioiliition of their hone. The shed
lias ton; been needed.
i V I,.,; .. ... .... 1 k .. i-.. .ti,
ftrtn;.Uv. ami Jolt.. Tiler and Mt Mai " " '"'7 a J "'"""
soeini a tew nays m iwutimi tiie t-onnng
week to viv the sistttjt anil rfare for
h4i on the neg.niv nle. Afier recess
wiU e the redoing of (he yi-et ( Mr,
Si,.iy, wlmh will he the in .in iVaiiire of
the .( .v. Wa tMi,
II. M. 11.
IWr lit iMintrniilivn of tha boat, UW when
the hull of the boat la Intiitrhetl ami tht r
matmter when the terry is In titration, on
onlition ihitt he keen the tvm ruiutlngtor
a riol of Hire years, hut it at any time,
during thue year the Kt wouht ttate run
ning, tli nlvlily wuuhl tte lielil a a loin on
th hoat and the money relumed lo the
hoanl o( trada with interest for the tint It
w a luted. Mr. l'nni then atatetl that he
would liitv Hie ferry rtumlng hy the Drat til
June, and at lint he would 0emle it with a
wire eahla, but ai oon a lunlneM juntltletl
he would ut In leani Jwer. After a gen
eral diteiiwion of th ft-rry tiiellon, on mo
tion gf Mr, Vhlnle, the ireidel waa an
thorine,! lo aoiiit a eintmitte of neven to
whom Mr, I'rouse't, as well a all other ferry !
ltroMwition, could l nuhintiie'l, with In- j
atrui-ttotia to reHrt at the tiet meeting of)
the hoard a to whieh travniioii would lie
Ih -i to adopt and an lo what eiHMttraemeut
iHoild le rweit et (Vnni the huinei men j
and others interested in the lerry, Auih 1
eoniltilttee the urenideiit atHiintetl J. A !
IVs.U.W, Shank. W. I'. Whiffle, J, K'vann, '
J, Knight, W.W. Weed and l. U. Ma, k '
On condition that the lerry 1 nut In at hl !
I'lai-e, . M. Solan rooed to donate a '
forty ftml righttif way, nivldl the road;
Mew Ca
h Store at
Sell all Goods at Portland Prices or Under.
Weihtlajs at W ils,.ille.
Meatlaw Krook
XI s t I'On IU.HVK, lv. -.M.-nietirsre Kohesott
mil 1 ti e Larrel of his Winchester nlle last
.evN mi.jfS " ""Frank Armstrwg. t-th of Canhv
acciitetitaiiy DroKen on in cleaning it ;
Tl.a Young brothen, our new iteighNin,
are r;tily diminishing the big log on their
new farm. Mr. Rial Garret has taken a con
tract to sla-h several ai-res of young Br for
Mist I.ijiie Jennings, of Hutte Creek, is
g:iet of her niece. Miss Jessie Kotn-son.
'Ve learn that Biniiey' shingie factory is
knocking 'em out at the rate of about 10,i 0
d .lily. The shrirk of their whistle startles
I'u- !,t-iini; natives at regular intervals.
jieveraJ farmers who had left grista at th
Truilinger grist mill, feel that is like Peter
robbing Taul to ay himself, to be buncoed
out of their honest own by the nreseiit
tnmble between the owner and the lessee of
this mill. As nearasyourrejiortercan learn
'Ms like this: The owner claims that the
Ii -mc owes hint several hundred dollars'
rv)tt and h.ts atini liel the grain. Hour, feed,
itc. iio.v in the nidi an I helottgiiig to the
i s e. also ii, e grain left there by adjaeettt j .
l.-riui rs tt, tie ground. ruucMX.
I should ta fenced without etwus to himself. ;
j It was omered that the committee on ' 100
roads mwt the viewers ansliitel at the last !
WtiMsvitt. IV. I. Married, at the J term of the county court to assess the dam- j
residence of John Kruse, tVc. U, In Tuala I age ot asioncil by thechangingof the tiikitt' ,
tin nvinct, Mrs. F.mma Itell, and Mr, j bridge road, ami that the committee use its j
preciiK-t, j influence lo fnuettt exes-ssite daiu,e being All
Frank M. Kruse, justtc of the iece, i allowed. on the i: round of Hie great lienellt i
100 pounds Dry Granulated Sugar, only
Extra 0 Sugar, only - - -
visdy, IVe. Is. The dance at Meinig'f
t'i'rist'r.as fie and one ai tireshani the fol
lnu jug night are to he the grandest of Uie
IHir extrr; rising tMistmaster, Frel Hatch,
is the ama liatis of the season. Ilia win
dows are tiilcl iih a stock of Christmas
gifts unusual in tfandy.
Misa Alice Mctiiigan has been quite ill
with scarlet lever. The disease as prevailing
mirth of the Sandy is of a mild ty e.
Fish aml are gelling nitfh in fashion
ni here in the hills. Jlut none of the own
ers have adoj ted tiie ctirp. Jonas Cline last
cummer hro gfit over tvo uten yellow cat-fi-h
fruni the Columbia slough. They grow
and thrive.
I need not mention the recent weather,
for the same rain clouds have overhung the
ei.tire county ; nor the state oKlhe roads, for
mud is everywhere anj the oldest inhabit
ant cannot remeniher when the chuck holes
were so deep as ffow.
Attheopen meeting of the alliance 8atur
duy, January 2, at CTitTside si hool house,
tie .rogr.itn will coniiuence at 10 A. M.
Recess at noon for social basket dinner.
Public invited to .arti ipate.
The prospect of a bridge across Sandy
nver near tne moutu ot Bull run allunls
Marrietl, at the residem-e of J. W, tlraham,
in Pleasant Hill precinct, IW, lit, at 8
o'clock p. m Miss Jane McK. (irahani, of
Clackamas county to Mr, Sauttiel Galbreth,
of Washington county, Frank M, Kruse,
justice of the peace, otticiating. The brida
and groom were dressed plain and presented
a tine appearance. Those present Here Miss
Kate and Twink tiraham, Willie tlraham,
Mr. and Mrs, Marion Young, of Pleasant
Hill; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Buchanan, of Cor
nelius; Mr. and Mrs. Cieo. (ialbreth, Mr.
ami Mrs. Oliver lialhreth, Mrs. Alice Cum
minga; Miss Fanny l.add. Hurt ladd, t ea
S(iensrr, W. W. linker, ot Tualatin, and
Scott Ingalls, of Newherg.
Miss Ciraliaui, the bride, was horn ami
reartsl at tiraham Ferry, in this county, and
for several years she taught school and was j
a succesful tcai her ami was well-liked. She j
also had a position in the Indian training
hool near Salem, w hich she held with I
honor, but of lute years she has been in the !
employ of the Portlands Willamette Valley
and Southern Pacific railroad companies at
Newherg and Tualatin as agent, which '
the change of the road would lie to the public. (
mT. j
On Friday evening two young fellowseauie t
to the Candy house and engaged lodging for I
the night, but failed to put ill appearance at
breakfast time, having kipd out some j
lime during the night with an uvnrcoaC
worth l'-'o ami a scarf pin ctwting I5 belong j
lug to Morgan lloutt, and a new pair of.T
shoes and a lot of other clothing belonging ,
to J. K. Itra-iier, two railroad Uiarder who1
were away that night and whose room was (
giyen these young fellows by Landlord!
Weed on account of his house twlng crowdest.
Frank Wewl started the nru tnorning In
pursuit and learned lhal the thieves had
gone past Woodbum, but so far neither
Weed nor the thieves bar" reninied,
Mr tiw). White and bride, of Aurora, were
the guests of Mr, V. L. Mack and wife Fri
day and Saturday.
V, I.. Mack lias sold a quarter acre tract
adjoining the Allwrt U adilliion to Mr.
Itissell for f's).
A. H. jv has lolJ a twenty live foot
strip between the Allwrt lre addtlioii and
other Goods at Rock Bottom Prices, Highest
Prico paid for Produce. Wo carry a full lino
111 Front Street. HARDWARE
M,,filioirn atrnu t
Imiter -PUmii4. - Uanea Ueelde
I'oitUnd, trgoi.
-Tini!,ah -iiii tali-
-liter ttsei.
liojM'. CtWi'iMii ?!t
sosition she has held for t.early four years V. U Mack's tor a street.
with entire credit. Louisa Knight has sold the house and lots ( Irtn'OH City A I'l'llt
Mr. (ialbreth, the gnmin, was born and ; that Mr. Ilissell now iM-cut-tea as a renter, to ' " . f '
reared in Washington county, near Tualatin, j Edward Hutchinson of llublvanl who will j ,.. . ...
He is a young man of steady habits and well move here as soon as Mr. Hissed buihU
likeil bv evervone and is a farmer by oceu-' house on the land he purchased of V. I
Crt'sct'iit Wedge (wurnintcl.) H A S Proof CltAinit. .tvalt Filt'tt.
Lojp is ami WikkI ('hoj'xrjt SjN'i iallit.
pat ion. May they always live happy to
gether and good fortune crown them with
success, is the greeting by one who was there.
H. M. B.
Another Batch of Items.
WiuHiiivn.it, Pec. 21. Anyone thinking
our roads perfis'tioit should have been at the
last school meeting.
The school children went home Friday
evening to enjoy a two weeks vacation, and
to watch for Santa Clans.
Mrs. Henry Miley Is sutTering from a se
vere at Lick of the rheumatic fever.
Mrs. Seeley was o unfortunate as to slip
and full last Wednesday, spraining her right
wrist. Her left arm was broken some time
ago ami is still weak in consequence. Grand
ma possesses her sharp of true grit, however,
and bears trouble patiently.
What is going to happen? C. T. Tonne
was rxitiielled a short time ago lu ac
knowledge himself a sick man fora lew days.
The Chinese gravel crew raised ami liallast
est the side track to the new depot Saturday.
The new dcit has a large freight room, a
w atting mom with redwood seats around on
Die inside, an oillce w ith a large Iiay window
enabling the agent to see all trains a ndle
before they reach the station, a baggage and
parcel room and a drive way convenient
THK t'KohwMi W U,o Ut.U.
and Mraas of liutldlttf the New t oenl j
To th K Kpitoh: While much t tltig
at ami communicated nit the puxhng road
lUi'tion, I will olh-r by wayuf fuggesllon a
tew borrowed ideas on the mule, the road
tiuilding and raising Hie funds to h the
enough for any dray. It it painted a dark ! rr",u ",)w
stun, color and I, ..,..l.-d .t,ni.l the mil. ! ,r"m Howanl'a to Oregon City, It. ele-
side alsuit eight feet lo keep the boys from
pleasure to the farmers. The property own- j " B!"
however, are shiikihe " l"Vv " "
trs of Handy village
their heads dubiously but they do not say
much. Woodrat.
rations and ilotvsioii, i could ml ay
defa.1ng it with their knives. i ve ''r- '" "' improving u.e.i
The fnitiHlWorkmen and the Clood Temp- ' n,tt" """"" m"'" rets.rta uiiiavorw
lr ,.., ..,,.,! .0 .,i.fi.,ii,-ibly on the " Kaslhaoi Mule," Then
first of January, The OihmI Templars will
meet on the lirst and third and the Work
men on the second ami fourth Saturday
evenings of each month.
C. P. Ihx and family have moved to the
Shindler pla e, near his null.
j (!. SV. Miller has returned to his family in
Michigan, but wilt return with them in
Oeo. Susbauer is getting up a -titioii for
a licensB hi retiiil liquor.
Bed : Room : Suits
From $ 1 1 .00 Upwards this Week.
fa: tlMI II tt MTOItr..
Opposite th Pott OfTlco, Oregon City, Or.
Kew Era News.
Meiv Kha, Mec. 23. St. Nicholas will ar
rive here December 'Jlth ; so say the little
The !a-t shipment of the machinery for
the New Kra mill will arrive this week
when work will begin at once to overhaul it
and place the new- machinery. The owners
of the mill are talking of establishing a
fern- for the accommodation of the people
on tiie nest side of the river.
llr, X). H. Telcher left Lewiiton last Sun
day for this place and will probably arrive
here Wednesday or Thursday.
At te l'helps X Roads, which is in the
stale of Oregon, Mr. and Mrs. l'helps gavea
dance on last Friday evening which was at
tended with pleasure and those in pursuit
of pleasure. Good music waa furnished by
the Blanchard brothers and every one pres
ent had an enjoyable time. At 11 :30 o'clock
all wore invited into the dining room where
a well tilled table awaited their immediate
action. After partakingof the suptier danc
ing was resumed and continued until 2
o'clock when the pleasure seekers bid good
nig! t, wishing that Mr. and Mrs. l'helps
would live long to enjoy tlie comfort they
have in their elegant new bouse.
Warner grange meets next Saturday when
lie" i dicers w ill be elected for the ensuing
yeai. All members art; reijuested to be
fi'jhcrt MatLevm has moved to his re
ccnil;' purchased place in the Leland neigh
borly Od.
Le-'er T.eland ably edittd the last paper
for i'u: literary society aid due credit should
be his for the effort. Biiohty.
Frog Pond.
Fuou Po.vd. Dec. 20.TIie nsual amount
of mud this weather brings is most disgust
ing. It in hardly possible to go anywhere
with a team any disbtrice without being in
danger of being stuck In the mud.
Tv, 'latin Grange No. 111 met yesterday
with good attendance. Mr. Kobb received
the Hot two degrees and is a full fledged
gra --,i. The election of officers for the en
su; t -ea: t' :1c place resulting as fo'lc'tes:
Ma r. Fra-ik M. Kruse; overseer, (Jeorge
C. I (..-'; lec'.iir'T, John Tyler; chaplain, 11,
E, r.mry; tcward, Oscar Larson; gale
kct. Peter Larson; treasurer, Thomaa L.
The reciuit storm overt urned a bee hive
belonging to Mr. Frank See ley, who benev
olently attempted to assist his pets back to
food and shelter. They expressed their
gratitude by gently (?) alighting iim their
benefactor to his entire dissatisfaction.
Some of our people have bad no small
amount of trouble in getting their wheat
shipped, as the river is high and the boats
will not stop for it.
A school meeting was held on the 18th
inst. for the purpose of raising money to
hold another term o( school to commence
January 4. It seemed to be the desire of
almost the entire neighborhood that there
should fie another term. Nearly fo was
subscribed bclore the clerk had time to Jot
down a single name.
It is an easy matter to send children to
"skule" while the public funds last, bnt
when a subscription is raised for that pur
pose it is plain enough to see who are inter
ested In educational matters. There will
probably be a nine months school here
during the coming year. Vtf'i.
The Board of Trade Holds an Important Meet-Ing-.Otlier
Note of Jnterent.
Caubt, Dec. 21. The board of trade met
in regular session on the evening of the 18th
ut Evans's hall, President Wm. Knight in
the chair, and Win. Cribble beingajK)lnted
secretary pro tern. Notwithstanding the
evening was quite stormy the attendance
was about up to the average, there being
some thirty members present. Afler a brief
discussion as to the necessity of more exten
sive advertising in order to secure to (,'anby
its share of the immigration now coming to
this coast, it was decided to accept the prop
osition sf the Ehtkkpkmk for a half page
write-up in its New Year's edition and take
live hundred copies of the paper. On mo
tion of Mr. Wolgarnont a committee of five,
consisting of 8, J. Garrison, L. P. Howard,
V. L. Miick, J. C. Wolgamot, and W. M.
Hbatik, was appointed to confer with the
editor of the Entkhi-iiihk and give hint such
information as may be desired in getting up
the matter for the v. rite up of the town and
A proposition was submitted by J, L.
Crouse, of Wilhoil, to put in a ferry across
the Willamette at Hhar.k's landing. The
terms of hi proposition were that the board
of trade fcivc him a tubu.dj of IJO, $100 of It
to be paid when the lumber it in the yard
Other Notes from I'anby,
Cxsev, Dec. 2o. Mr. (ieorge Miller, our
live real estate agent, loll last Friday lor the
Fast. He goes home for the purpose of di.
sing of his prorty there and then return
ing and making his home here. We ejpect
to sec him hack about the middle of Feb
ruary. He w ill bring bis family mid some
friends with him w ho intend to muke Canby
their future home.
There were twenty-five lots sold here dur
ing the pust three weeks, and ail sold to
parties who exct to build duellings next
V. L. Muck has purchased a strip of land
lying between his place and the Albert l.cc
addition to Cauby, giving him the privilege
of the street, and has laid off seven acres in
quarter-ai re lots. Mr. Ilissell lias purchased
one of these lots of Mr. Mack on which be
will erect a neat cottage as soon as the
weather becomes settled.
Mr. Jennings, our photographer, has
pulled down his tent and left for parts un
known. Mr. (ieorge White ami Miss Annie Keil
were married December 17, at the residence
of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Keil, near Aurora, in the presence of about
riS Invited guests. The Aurora string band
was present and rendered splendid music
for the occasion. The dinner wits llrst-class
and the wedding presents were too humor
ous to mention. The afternoon was spent
in social conversation anil music, and In the
evening the hapnv couple were serenaded by
the Aurora brans bund, which rendered
choice music for about'un hour when every
body started for homo with well filled
stomach and happy luces. Long may they
live and luippv may they bo.
NoM DK Pl.tlMK.
Allow No Indebtedness Deduction.
lily on toe " Katthaoi mole, I hen we
think it would te adv liable to robs at (he
old road uulte to avoid the ' backtuiirs" of
the several lulls. It is very essential to find
the lightest grade rather than the ahorteat
distance between the two outls, ami it
ems as if Mr. Johnson has mapivd out
uboitl the nearest of the proposed route in
the c. iiier of his triangular ilrcrl tion,
wbii h would reach tiie greatest unmU-r on
tin easy grude and somen hat shorten the
distance. The future uc!uliic ut the pro
posed " trunk way" ilns adsoii (be route
selected lor ' the greatest good to tin-great,
est number," etc.
Of nil the horrible muds a pliink road caps
the cliimix when two or three years old,
or at the time the plunks In-gut to hrcak. We
Undcrsliind thut the most of the pliink roads
in t'siuida were soon replaced with broken
stone. They were made of pine iih,It uml
gave way in three years. Probably our llr
would lust alsitit (nice us long without re
pairs ifmiwfdfour Inches thick and uotoier
eight lie lies wide. Theioul roiul would do
in wet weather but In dry times would dis
count a Loudon fog, requiring a sprinkler
to keep It dow n. Holidity, smoothness of
surface, durability and cheapness are the
items to be duly considered It would not
be wise to begin building a mad that would
last only live or ten years then have to build
a new foundation lor some other kind of
road. My idea is to coniiuence on a broad
gauge grade whatever kind of material is
used, have no narrow high grades bul grad
ual convex from ditch to ditch, uud the
ditches should be so that a vehicle could
not be easily ditched by running into
them. A county highway should be con
structed to withstand the travel during wet
weather and the Destroying elements of
It has been said thut, a good road Is a
creditable monument to any county. Then
why not ease some of the burden of the
present time Into the future with the glories
of this inoniimeiitiil mud wo propose build
ing for future generiilions us well as for the
great necessity of the p resent age. And us
good roads will b wauled in iiiiiny other
sections of the county mid in many coun
ties of the slate, wecould not oiler u scheme
for raising funds Hint would work so gen
eriilly well throughout the comity mid state
as tlie one suggested by Dr. Cnsto oi
uiiichoiiik me i;oiisi)iiii.iou SO Its to allow
bonds for building the
I he appropriation
I O ta lit
All Kinds of Tin, Sheet Iron and Copper Work
Promptly Done.
Miop on Mrteulh Hi., arar lrot.
To the F.bitoh: I favor Dr. Oonclior's
plan for Improving the roads. Give us a
law allowing no indebtedness, and a live or
six mill tax, nil road taxes to be collected by
the sheriff and the money spent on three or
four roads leading into Oregon City, and in
a few years you would see some good roads,
I see a good many of your correspondents
writing of the wnste of money by supervis
or on the mails. Now I would like to hear
from one supervisor that ever got flifi In cash
to upend on the road, excepting one or two
near Oregon City. J. C. Ukaiilky.
enmities to issue
proper kind of roads.
ai;!;ed for at our last legislature proves that
money is wanton elsewhere In the state lor
road building. Ily the county issuing the
bonds ut a low rate of Interest, sny fi per
cent, redeemable in thirty years, the iiies
tion of " iioii-tiixnble bond's" ought not lo
cut any figure in supporting an objection,
for it is probable, thill, taxable hmuls nl. a
very low rate of Interest would liiingon the
market while the people continued to will
low through the mud. Then some mlghtob
jed m pitying a low loll for keeping the road
in rej.itir mid paying Interest on the lunula,
even In tins nge, thinking their personal h
erties were somewhat interfered with. Our
interest is a lirl class road to the county
scut through Upper Molulla,
. W. Thomas,
Molulla, Or., Dec. 18.
You will nave immt'V ly takniR your MACHINERY'1
The lx'Ht of material im, ami none hut elillml lttlmr tMnploywl
Oivo uit a trial mid hoo if our price am imt bn low nit tliti lowest, All
work Kunriuiti'ml aa nrwnt.Ml. All work il.mo promptly. H'xvwl
job attorn Iml to without delay. All kimln of
Machinery uppltos Kept on Hand.
Canting furniHhcd, Annul fur Ward tt Brady' Celebrated Anti
Friction Metal, and Morrisons Helf-Luhricitting Tacking.
JAMES KOAKE & CO.. Proprietors.
Shop, 5th and Water Sts., Oregon City, Oregon.
V.ina T, f. M J l tl a 1 ttl. ...
... ... m i i hi iuv n mivriMT nii"jt
17 IIjh, 1). (. Sugar $
18 to 2011m. 15 rown Sugar
100 11m. D. 0. Sugar
100 lbs. Urn. Sug. 4.40 t
Arbuckk'H CoIlVio