Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, November 20, 1891, Image 2

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The Enterprise Correspondents:
Sweep the Field. j
Happening In l.oUtl OutsMe of
Oregon CHt Industrial Hews j
NflRhhorliood Notes.
Looah, Nov. 16. A social Jane m givn
at Mr. iewkirk's last Friday evening.
Mr. August Fischer, of the On-iron City
cisar factory is visiting Ids sonsal Fischer's
Another blacksmith shop is hing started
In the ninhborhoixl.
A black bear was awn at ton Kirchem't
place a few days ago.
WiM strawberries are again in bloom,
which is another evidence of Oregon's glori
ous: climate.
Mucli of the fall sown wheat is up and
looking well.
The protracted rains have retarded farm
era very much In hauling on their grain
and other products ot the farm.
Many farmers are now harvesting the po
tato crop which is very bountiful this year.
A pleasant surprise was given to Mr.
Boroham Hawley on the evening of his
twenty-second birthday by the young folks
of the neighborhood assembling at his fa
ther's home in honor of the event. Re
freshments were served and a very enjoya
ble evening was passed by all.
Cara, Or., Nov. 9. Glad to hear from
that '-other fellow." Calla's gum boots
aren't long enough go allow wailing through
mud and water more than ankle deep in
search of items.
It is jolly to know that an abler body is in
the field, and the lively happening in and
around Cams will not go unrecorded. We
heartily endorse Fanner s sentiments with
rvirard to the roails. Not only the steep
grades but the deep holes, broken corduroy,
rocks, rixns and stumps make a trip to Ore- j
gon City a dreailed tak. However, the best !
method of improvement would he to run I
an electric or steam motor, or any kind of j
railway along this Molalla road, and then j
we wouldn't care what sort of roads the
county had. Selfish? It's the onlv way to j
make permanent improvement, anil the
good example mtg lit be fol!oe'.
To Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Jones a line
boy born November 1. To Mr. and Mrs. J.
Graham a daughter, born November 6.
Weight nine pounds.
Four extra seats it is thought will soon
be purchased for the school house. Aver
age attendance of pupils for the ( a-t mouth
thirty-two. Our teacher, Mr. J. R. ..elson,
gives good satisfaction.
Miss, Nov. IB. Our young folks are pre
paring to give a musical and literary enter
tainment to be held at the Heaver creek
school house under the auspices of the
Mink Amateur (brass band. A pleasant
time is anticipated.
Jack Frost has put in an appearance
again. "We beheld his cold but sparkling
fai e last Sunday liifiht for the first time this
We have had so much rain that the
farmers are behind hand with their fall
We are sorry to say that Rev. Mr. Jones
has left our community for another place.
His future borne is Oswego. Rev. J. Hylva
n us has also left this parish and moved to
Mountain Home near Springwater.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Moehnke spent part of
the past week at home on the farm.
Miss Lizzie Wolf had a pleasant visit in
Portland last eek.
Miss May Shannon is home once more to
remain till after the holidays.
Miss Lizzie Jones has just recovered from
a severe si!l of sickness.
The Mink Amateur brass band, under
the leadership of Mr. John Moehnke, have
once more resumed their daily practice.
They have some fine new pieces with which
they will favor us at our coming entertain
ment. The boys deserve much credit for
their playing. Chatterbox.
Park Place
Pabk Place, Nov. 18 Grandma Welsh
is lying very low at her home at this
place and her relatives and many friends
are somewhat alarmed at her low condi
tion. It is hoped that by good nursing and
medical treatment she may recover.
A nice little baby girl was bom to the
wife of Mr. Cliff Sarver, Sunday morning
last. Both mother and child are doing
Mrs. A. M. Washburn was favored with
a pleasant visit last Friday from her sister,
Mrs. M. L. Kenworthy, of East Portland.
Mr. L. D. Leonard has built an addition
to bis house in Edgewood which is not only
convenient but greatly improves the looks
of the building.
Mr. Frank Bnscli, of this place intends
to move his family to Oregon City this
wilder so as to be nearer his place of busi
ness. Their many friend.') and acquaint
ances w ill regret their leaving this neigh
borhood very much.
Mr. Suider.ot Forest Grove, holds services
eacii Sunday evening at the Congrega
tional chapel. The services are well at
tended and greatly appreciated by all
church-going people. Sabbath school each
Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. Rev.
Edward Gittens of the M. E. church of Ore
gon City has kindly consented to preach
for us next Sunday Nov. 21st, directly af
ter bfcobath school. All are cordially in
vited to attend.
Mr. Collins, the florist ot Clackamas
Heights, is daily shipping beautiful roses,
Violets and chrysanthemums to Portland
where be finds ready sale.
Wrr,0!viixE, Nov. 10. Our town looks
forwe-d to a prosierous future. A new
TJnpnd Brethren church will soon be built
at a est of 11000. There is a prospect of
an '. t Macksmith shop, also another store.
Mr. C. T. Tooze's mansion is nearly corn-
pleted. It Is a fine structure of the latest
style and beautifully finished. Wilsonville
is not lacking in pride nor energy, but some
of our people 1 fear must be given a little
more time to manliest it,
Mrs, Kate Stein, ol Portland, Is visiting
her mother Mrs. Wagner.
Miss Rosa Wagner will start next week
for I -a t; ramie, where she will spend the
winter with her sister, Mrs. Seaman. Miss
Wagner is a lively young lady, and her
many friends, wish her nice visit and a
speedy return.
Misses Etlle and Winnie KautTttian of
Sea berg are here visiting relative and
Wni. Jacp left last week for Hong Kong
where his uncle resides. It la not often a
young man ol twenty gels to see as much ol
the world as Mr. Japphas seen. He has
been in Kith North and South America and
many of the countries of Europe, besides
being twice in Australia.
Mr. John Rose and family are about to
move to the farm belonging to Judson See
ly, which they have rented.
C. Myers's family left last weak for Ne
braska. Mrs. Charles Tooie expects her new up
right piano to come upon today's boat
Mrs, Barber's organ will soon be here
from the east. Our neighborhood will no
longer be without musical Instrun enta.
A wedding announcement will perhaps
appear among our next items,
Onrsolioolho-.se is In need of paint In
side and out. For this purpose the scholars
are preparing a short literary entertainment
and basket social to be given on the evening
of November 'X All are invited. Indies
are requested to bring baskets tilled with
lunch, to be sold to the highest bidder. No
admittance fee charged, but a pleasant time
is promised. Vaso.
CLA-KAa, Or., Nov. 11. The Clacka
mas literary and dehatingsociety w asorgan
ired Friday evening, November tl, with six
teen members. They adopted with slight
variations the constitution of a similar soci
ety at the Willamette University. Professor
Thomson was elected president, John Tal
bert vice president, 0. E. Pease secretary,
Mr. Oglesby sergeant-at arins, and E. C.
Hamilton treasurer.
The next leachors' association will 1 held
at Clackamas the last Saturday in Novem
Imt. Charley Nachand had his collar bone
broken during a rough game with some hoys.
W. G. Welch recently sold some fourteen
acres of land to Mr. Bagley. Mr. Uagley
is welcome! to Clackamas, and there is room
lor many more.
Jacob Johnson (not junior) and wife will
occupy the Huggins bouse. Cary Matlock
has bought the Conway proierty and John
Conway has moved to the Miller house.
Mr. RielihotMs moving to his house at Clack
amas to which Johnson A Chapman have
been making an addition.
An enjoyable party was held at Marion
Johnson's Saturday evening in honor of
Miss Cora.
Willis Johnso'i will attend the Portland
business college.
Married, on Thursday, the 5th, James
Crookshank and Miss Uaverin. A party
was given in their honor Monday evening
and a good time is reiwrted.
A number if farmers' alliance people at
tended the locture at Milwaukie Monday
evening. Hie 9aKer was neariny ap
plauded, and an alliance of twelve members
was organized with Alfred I.uelling presi
dent and Phillip Oatlield secretary.
Nov. 18. Mr. Green has gone to eastern
Oregon .
An indignation meeting was held Sunday
to protest against a saloon at Clackamas.
Later reiorts are to the effect that there
will be a great public hall built on Mr.
Gray's lot instead of a saloon.
The big house back ot Mt. Hood street
will be occupied soon and congratulations
will be in order.
Mr. Welsh received f In? per acre for his
fourteen acre tract.
At the literary and debating society the
question, " Resolved, that life tenure in
public office is detrimental to republican
institutions was argued pro and con and
the judgment was in favor of the negative
by the censor. The question for debate
Friday evening, the 20th, is " Local option
and high license vs. prohibition," William
Robinson and Prof. Gibson being the
Died, at Clackamas, Tuesday, November
17th, of paralysis, Mrs. Ellen Chapman.
The sympathy of numerous friends is ex
tended to the bereaved family.
Mr. Storts expects to bring a number of
settlers with him upon his return from
Mr. W. A. Holmes's family are expected
from Kansas on the 19th instant.
Marks Prairie.
Marks Pkaibie, Nov. lfl. Once more ye
reiorter is on deck with sharpened pencil,
and as the rains have ceased and the
weather cleared up we are all happy. The
long continued rains have greatly delayed
the sowing of fall grain, and potatoes in a
number of patches have not been dug. But
with a few weeks of good weather now every
thing will come out all right in the spring.
We notice quite a number of names of
non-resident and non-voters in Canhy pre
cinct are attached to the published applica
tion for a saloon license at Canhy. Can it
it be possible that persons living outside of
Canny precinct are so anxious to have their
names appear upon an application to sell
liquor that they will allow their names to
be attached and used outside of their own
Miss Bertha Marks, who has been visiting
the old folks at home, returned yesterday to
her. studies at the Willamette University at
Salem. She was accompanied by her father,
Hon. S. F. Marks.
We are pained to announce the sad death
of Mrs. Mollie Bachert, the young wife of
David Bachert. She died of typhoid fever
at her home Thursday, November 12. She
was buried at the Aurora cemetery last Sat
urday at 2 o'clock P. M. She leaves a hus
band who is also very low with the same
disease, and a baby about six months old.
Mr. Fred Stahl, an old man who lias
been living in this county for some years,
was struck down with paralysis while on
the streets of Aurora last Friday. Ilelln
gored in n unconscious state until 1 o'clock
Sunday morning, when lie died. II was
buried at Aurora Monday.
Our roads are In very bad condition just
now owing to the heavy rains, and also on
account of tin hauling of Urge loads of
lumber from the new saw mill to Barlow,
We notice step are lelng taken toward
making better roads leading Into Oregon
City, Would It not also le wise Idea tor
the people to wake up and Improve all the
main roads In the county? They surely
need It.
We would also beg leave here to call the
attention of our school daddies to the had
condition of our district property. The
fences are down, the windows broken, the
house not siittlclently sealed, no wood shed,
no well within halt a mil, and everything
In bad condition generally. Something
ought to be done and that at once.
We notice that Aurora Ixxlge No. SI A. 0.
U. W., Intends to give another grand party
on Thursday evening(Thankgiviiig). Au
rora Lodge has the name of giving very
pleasant and enjoyable parties, and tills one
will be no exception. This artalr will be
public and all are cordially Invited.
rwf Pond".
Fao-i Pond, Nov. 15. A couple ot days
good weather are Wing improved by the
farmers. There is a very small acreage of
grain sown here a yet. John Kruse has
about ninety acres sown and wants to sow
TheTualatin Secular union met today In
Tualatin grange hall with a good attendance.
There were some good declamations ami
readings. Mrs. Kate Kehm Smith favored
us with a good piece written by her lor our
union which was read by Frank Kruse.
The members of the union hope to hear from
her again at some future time.
A very enjoyable all'air in the shae of a
tatty pulling was given by the Muu.es Mary
and Amy Andrews at the residence of John
Kruse last evening. Those present were
Misses Bida and Linn Sharp, Ella and Susie
Turner, Rosa Wagner, Lena Filers, Mrs.
Katie Prince, Messrs. Alfred, Waller ami
Perry Sharp, James, Allwrt, and Herbert
Turner, Chas. Wagner, John Tyler, Henry
Rubb and Richard Sandy. The evening
was spsMit in playing ditfereiit kinds ol
games and at 10 o'clock they begsfii pulling
tally w hich lasted about an hour, when they
went to the hall and had a few dances, after
which lunch became the next order of busi
ness which all enjoyed very much.
Simon Peters had his arm broken Friday.
hile felling a tree it struck against another
and a limb tlew back and struck Mr. lVters
on the right arm above the elbo. Din-tors
Carll and Vergin of Oregon City reduced
the fractured limb.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kruse went to Port
land last Thursday to attend the marriage
of their niece, Miss Eva Short, to Mr.
Frank Shaw, both of Portland. Mr. and
Mm L'rnui mill tnL trill tit KrttMMirt.
Vt asliington, to visit tlieir sou oeiore tney
return home.
Miss Edith Ihiv.il, from IWnicia, Califor
nia, was visiting the family of John Kruse
the past week. Miss Dnvul was bom in Ore
gon and moved to California nine years ago.
She thinks the country has changed a gru it
School starts In Frog Pond tomorrow
with Mr. Henry Robh as teacher.
The school in the German church closed
Friday to let the scholars go to the English
school .
Misses Mary and Amy Andrus will visit
old friends the couing week in Canhy and
adjoining country. H. M. II.
One of the Interested Farmers Makes Some
Pertinent Sii;gptions.
To the Editor: In your last issue I no
tice a number of communications over as
sumed names In reference to the wagon
road question, w hich very properly is the
burning question of the day. I have Just
returned from a trip to Butte Creek or Mar
quam and three things struck me very
forcibly: First, the great amount of good
level land between Wright's bridge and Mar
quam. Second, the very small amount in
cultivation, apparently not more than one
acre in fifty. Third, the awful condition of
the roads .
The road from Wright's bridge to Mar
quam is almost a straight line with only one
hill of any imiortance, the Everhart, which
I am told can easily be shunned. Now all
this long stretch of road wants is to he
thrown up on either side ami planked, and
all the produce north of the Kverhart hill
would naturally he taken to the Falls City.
The amount would be Immense and in
creasing every year until all those broad
acres would find their natural outlet at Ore
gon City. But when It has crossed the Mo
lalla bottom it meets the Howard, Paine,
and Eaton hills, to say nothing of the Bea
ver Creek bills and many other hills on the
present road. Now the question arises,
What shall be done to escape this Icarful
and almost impassable piece of road from
Wright's bridge to Oregon City? I answer
let the committee appointed by the board
of trade cull to tlieir aid old settlers along
the route suggested by one of your lust
week's correspondents (Native) and make a
careful examination commencing at or near
the McCord place, and select the same route
viewed by the late K. L. Kasthatu some
yeurs since and as suggested by your last
week's correspondent. They will find an
excellent route for this thoroughfare until
they reach the vicinity of the Alpine farm,
and from there take the survey made by Mr.
Thlelson, who made a railroad survey for
B. S. Pengra, until they reach the Milk
creek valley at a point between J. Knott's
and Howard's mill when the entire dilll
culty will be overcome.
The advantages of this route are; first and
altogether the most important, it will be lo
cated on the most level route that can be
found from Oregon City to Wright's bridge.
Second, it will be two and a half or three
miles nearer than the present route. Now I
would not if I could bar the board of trade
committee from examining other routes,
but would only ask them to examine the
above route and choose the best route, and
Mew Oasli Store at
Sell all Goods
100 pounds Dry Granulated Sugar,
100 44 Extra 0 Sugar, only -
All other Goods at Rock Bottom Prices. Highest
Price paid for Produce. Wo carry a full lino
" m Front Stmit. HARDWARE I Portland, Oregon.
Norlhwoaivrn Afrni. fur
liturr Mumouit, Uiioe Urctdeul TulllMmiib IViler Uiu-e Ullver ImI Raws
Crescent Wedges (warranted.) li & S Proof Chains. Art-ado Kilt. Hoik. Crescent Pu.-ol
Loggers and Wood Choj'tHTS Specialties.
Oregon City Agent, WILSON A COOK
so accommodate the greatest Miimlirr. I
have confidence in your committee thai
they will not be biased In their actions by
any personal motive, and I truly liox no
one on any of the propiwod lines will allow
his iK-rsonal inlcn-st to control his better
judgment, but let all work together for the
ai' ompli.-ditmmt of the one end, vis. : to se
cure the very best route .dble to our rap
tdljyjrowing city and county seal. I w ould
suggest that when the route Is determined
upon that a subscription be circulated along
I lie route and In Oregon City to raise funds
and secure the right of way that the road
may be opened at once.
And now in conclusion I would suggest
that all yourcorreskiudents that write on
the road question hereafter sign their
names, ohserviuit onlv the omnium rules of
courtesy, one towards tlte other. I will In
my uext oiler some suggestions in reference
to the kind of road to bull. I and plan of
raising funds for its completion. I would
suggest the names of the follow ing gentle
men to assist vour committee in viewing
out the route above suuitcstcd : Win. Ruler.
J. M. Findley and Silas Wright.
Allot' which is respectfully submitted.
J. C.tsro.
Alpine Farm, Nov. Pi, I 'M.
The First Quarter Century.
an nin.i.tsT paper.
The Oregon City KsntHPKisa completed its
twenty-tlfth year last week. It has had
many editors and proprietors during that
time and is now an excellent paier. Rose
burg Review.
ona or Tilt BUST.
The Oregon City KNTKiratse, now the
oldest newspaper in Clackamas county, and
one of the best journals In the state, com
pleted the twenty-fifth year of its existence
last Tuesday. Salem Statesman.
The Oregon City Entskphias entered u win
its twentv-slxth volume last week. It has
had the usual varied career of papers of
long standing. Its appearance Indicates a
deserved prosperity. Central Point hnter
(IO0D papkk now.
The Oregon City Entwinus has just
reuc lied its twenty-sixth birthday, and cele
brates the event by giving a brief account of
its history since Its birth. The Kntkhckisk
is a good paper now and may It succeed.
East Portland Chronicle.
The Oregon City Entkri'Mhic last week
completed its twenty-fifth year. Since its
inception the paper has been republican,
democratic, independent, an organ, and
finally full into republican hands, Messrs
Muserve and Lawrence. It Is to he regret
ted that at one time the files of the Kntkii
frisk were destroyed by fire, as they would
be of great value to the compiler of the his
tory of Clackamas county. The Entkb
pnisr. is very ably conducted In all its de
partments, far ahead of the. town In which
it is nubllshed, and a credit to the whole
county. Upon the completion of Its twenty-
fifth year we oder congratulations and best
wishes for the future. Oswego Iron Worker.
It 1b no eany thing to drew! coarne
handi hair so as to make it look graced)
or becoming. By the uhb of Ayer's
IIair'8 Vigor. Huh dilhculty is removed
and the hair made to assume any Btyle
or arrangement tliut may be Uumred
Give the Vigor a trial.
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