Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, October 16, 1891, Image 2

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The EnttM-nrisp CotTosjiondonts
!Sw m I lie .Field.
Hantwi:ivs In l,cnHtl Outside
Oregon City Industrial Items
Xi'lKiitiiirliuod Ndtos.
newly marital conpl i tli boyot
llu UiMglilmrhixvl thought tt wmilil I the
rjHr thing to k!v thorn charivari lust
AitimUy ntVtit, It was dmw an hrown ami
the young cip!o tnyloiitisiilirel as pro.
jH'rly started on their life Journey,
I.huk, ;r,, (Vt, The memlwrs of the
ISavenwomt lUntist rhun-li ile.Mtv to ten.ler
Mr. Fred Uerhor a vote of thanks for his
persistent and etHvtiml efforts in Mvurittfr
Ml for the rhuroh. Hud it not been for Mr.
tierher the ohutvh omiM not yet have en
joyed thi, milch netsled addition. The hetl : well as of Oregon Oitv
nung 111 posnion ikm .uomi.iy morning,
and its loud, clear notes made all clad who
fcearvl it. A. It.
j Mountain View.
I Moi-sr.viN Vinv. iVt. ".The family of
; 'James IVive, ol Iowa, arrived last Satur
day and are delighted with Mountain View,
They will kvate hire permanently.
K. J. 8vva(Vonl, of Salem, sxnt a couplo
of days with his brother J. 1 Swathml, a
short time slmt?, and was very highly
t I'li'ju.l'vl nun (nugnnttuui .uounimn view
Mr, Parnell soli! liisttMi new tract here for
Monday, the ,Mh, to Wm. Wade, Kv
erylHHly wants to come to Mountain View,
and are willing to jvay for it,
A number of Mountain View neonleluok
Wn.soviii.it. Oot, S -lWcsor Rork fa- ; ,ie cushion hi IV.itUml tt. wfc
j Our jmhlic school began on the Mb under
; the able management of Professor Johnson
and Miss Aggie lioattie, the attendant be
ing about one hundn'tl,
James Htvkart is buiUliiijc a tine and com
modious atltlition to his residence, wltirn
vorel us with one of his famous lecture t'ri
tlayewning; but the attendance was wr
owing to a misunderstanding tMiuvrning
the time.
Born, on the 5th instant, to Mr, and Mrs,
I.. .Myers, a son.
Many of our villagers attended the fu-
1 will add greallv In Its tfvxhl ui nearamv nml
neral of Timothy linker at rieasant Hill, i c,tin .'nieii.-i
He passed away on the 4th instant at the
age of eighty-two.
Stafford, Or., (Vt. 12.-People are get-
Mrs. Henry Jackson Is visiting in eastern
Oregon hoping to benefit her health which
has been greatly impaired by chronic asthma.
Another evidence of the growth of Moun-
Mr. 0, W, Oraee, our enterprising mer
chant, who was also proont.
The alliance la profcrvaslntr, finely and
wishes all farmer and laborers to come and
join it, ,
Mrs, 1, L Clarke has the prettiest bnhy In
our town, and we think she woultl take the
(treuilutnat the I'orllaud exposition,
Oi.vhkh, Or,, tVt. 12.-We come this
wet'k with the sad news of the death of our
esteemed friend Mr. 0, Hogers, who, after
much patient sullering, died Saturday, the
10th, with heart disease, Mr. Hogers leaves
a w ills and twochildrcn w ho haveth heart
felt sympathy of many friends, tleorge,
th elder sou, is seriously allllcted with the
rheumatism, from which we hope he will
soon recover.
Mrs. Tlnnerstel is visiting friend at
Mountain Home,
Mr. Ollck ami wife, of Missouri, are visit
lug their children here. We understand
they are well pleased with the country, and
we hope (hey will conclude to make their
home in our midst
('has. Moran has his new bam almost
Oeorge Orsce is laying in the largest stock
of goods that has ever been in the store
which he sells at very reasonable price.
Mr. J. Ileesoit gave a dance the 10th. A
f gtKnl lime was reported.
Mr, V. Klelnstnith and wife are rejoicing
over the arrival of a new daughter at their
place. I.a.
T--T.FTrT-T(rlrSE5lI?, to
1M trout Kttwt. I HARDWARE
NoNliwMeru Agenu lor
Ptullaml, tUvgoii.
m,,inr i,u- atlver nimIi ,
Hopo. (Went glh
Onwont Wotlgos (warruntwl) 1 A 8 l'rtH.f CImIiih. Aicmlo Fi!'H.
Ltg,Uor.s ami Wood Chopper iSpft'lnltion.
Orogtui City Agont,
t'l t u,t .
tine almost discouraged over the potato ; uw ls ' '''! "'at Marion Parling,
erttp this vear, prices lxing so very low. pn,Pr''t0' 4t "ur steam woodwork fac-
Mr. Havid McAr-hnr and his'dausliter I "T " T'"8 ''l'" for his work,
Maggie, of Central Point, gate Station! a PKnt K.ng felt want by
visit Sundav last. i adding to his shop a nrst class American
','.'",.".',.. ., . . j feed grinder, and will from this time on tie
Mr. t.Delker laid up with rheumatism, j rund , Um ,(, fof
Conrad Schrailer, jr., is building a new i feed either bv the sack or ton. Turn.
house. He expects to get a bird to put in it
J. A. Sauer has biugh a horse, harness,
and new hnggv, and is as happy ai a lark.
We Cx.
II sir 1 1.
j HtJti.u, Or., (Vt. 13.-The harvest is
(over and has been gtutd all around. The
j rains hate been light so far vet farmers
M taiji'AM, Or., Oct ti,--Karmers are busy
digging Kitatoes, gathering apples, and pre
paring for their fall sotting.
Miss HatUe Starrett, of Silverton, com
menced a term of school at MartUam Mon
day. Miss Cecilia lliglcy, of Salem, Is
teaching the Thomas school.
Scttral Maniuamitc are visiting th ex
positional Portland this week.
Sahorn Jack Hros. startetl their fwtl
mill Monday, and will continue to grind for
team or wagon i but not so well for Mr, l.a
hour, for his wagon was nearly an entire
wreck when the horse werv stopped,
We are sorry to learn of the departure of
Misa Susie lieichwviu from Mr. John
llartman's, where she has been stopping for
the lt mouth or two, for her home In
Clackamas County Jurj Ut.
Folloiii)j ' a list of the jurors ill aw u
by the I'onntv clerk last Tuesday to aerve
at the term of circuit court beginning the
first Monday in November, being the id
proximo, together with tno piecinct tn
which each resides:
FJIIott Pralne
Kitiorr Prairie. Oct. 12. Plowi
potato digging is the ortier of the day
though a little too dry to plow good.
!,.. ....!... .1...:.... .1.. ...!..... T.....l....
,.l.,., :.. . 1l ! 1 .1. t .lie 'U. II. Hilling ,nc nilll.-( Ull lUl'BUaj
,'..,. , , and Saturday ot each week,
uuprovetl. t nut mckiinr. ii inin; b itn .
g and . lilv ah i ,r , rei airin l ho ntnit. ic t
the onler of thedav.
Mr. V. Pnrtl )m ht I'dll .t.uu.l.. ..
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ross went to Portland ,i f,t i,
; f,...-.,,.. mnvi in,,, niiiw (Kill, .UTS.
Port! is improving in health.
I 1-ester. Shipley and family just returned
j from a pleasuce trip to Corvallis. They
j reptirt a pleasant time.
J. L. Bennett and R. H. Randolph were
last TbnrMtay to visit friends and to take in
the exposition.
G. W. Killin is building a tine residence
on his farm. We think he will hate it fin
ished in time to give a thanksgiving dinner
and invite ail the neighbors.
Sehamet had rented A. B Brown's
P. L.
Orrin Coldren is talking of going back to
Kansas this fall.
Levi Erb is busy w ith his clover butler.
L. E. Fast.
Pleasant Hill.
Pleasant Hat, Oct. 8. Threshing is
nearly over in this vicinity ; the machine is
now on its last trip around.
Mr. G. Vaughan is very low with typhoid
-Mrs. M. C. Graham, of Jtewberg, is visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Zim-
Mr. J. X. Wood baa gold hi hops at the
low figure of five cents per pound. This is
a bad start and we hope others will not fol
low his example.
Mr. Ed. Baker's youngest son is very low
"With typhoid fever. Dr. Giesy, of Aurora, is
at'ending him.
Quite a number from our vicinity attended
the Newherg fair and report a very pleasant
time. Mrs. V. S. Young took the blue rib
bon on grapes, and Mrs. Marion Young the
blue ribtwn on her outlined bed spread.
Cncle Dan Baker, another pioneer of '52,
passed aw ay in his seventy-ninth year Sun
day, Ihe4th, at 12:50 P. M.,and was buried
Monday at 3 P. M. Beatkk e;
visiting their old comrade, L. II. Calkins
last week. The former and Mr. Calkins
had not met ttctnr. ioc thv n...! I,. !
Vicksburg, Miss., in Sept. 1SK3. They were
formerly business partners in Wisconsin.
Our school began Sept. 21 with Prof.
Elmer Watta as teacher. Mr. Walts is a
graduate of the North Indiana normal
school and baa very tine recommendations
as a teacher. He is giving the best of sat
isfaction here.
Our quiet little hamlet has been somewhat
excited for a few day by the rumors atloat
of the great boom our sister burg North
Oswego is going to have.
Mrs. i.. baton is in Portland being treated
for dropsy by M rs. Dr. Ford Warren . She
is improving very fast.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown, of Portland, spent
Sunday with their sister, Mrs. A. W. Ship
Born, on September 21, to Mr. and Mrs.
Ed. Whitten, a son. Hazeua.
Beaver Creek.
Beaveb Cbf.ek, Oct. 8. Miss Martha J.
Penn.an, of this viciiyty, arid Charles Hin
ton, of Portland, were united in marriage
at Canby, on the afternoon of October oth,
by Rev. Lowther. The young couple im
mediately went to Portland where they will
reside. Their many friends wish them much
badness and prosperity.
The sawmill company known as Criteser
4 Co., has collapsed, and several parties are
losers. The mill has fallen into the bauds
of Joseph Cahill.
Georee Rider has returned hoaie from In
dependence. He contracted the typhoid fe
ver during his absence.
Sliss Agnes Thompson has been secured
by the school directors to teach the winter
term of school in this district.
Hurt Adams has gone to Portland where
be has had a morbid growth removed from
one of his eyes.
1 ne apple crop is a good one, and the cod
lin moth has not done damage to as greut
an extent as last year. Clackamas county
sc.-ms to be poorly represented by exhibitors
at the Portland exhibition, which ought not
to be. Native.
Marks Prairie
Mai-.ks PiuiRiE, Or., Oct 1.5. John Daley
hat j,;.rcha.,ed a farm on the Molalla and
mot e l his family there. Erank May and
Frank Hilton have moved from the Marks
fan i to the place vacated by Mr. Daley.
Farmers are nearly done with their po
tato harvest. The crop is not so large as it
was expected to be and the price is also
very low-twenty cents a bushel being of
fered on the prairie.
A man named McCully and Ed Graves,
hot'; f.r whom had been drinking, got into
a row last Tuesday. The fight seemed to
have been sought by McCully and during
its .i-.eress T. Graves took a hand and
punished McCully considerable.
J"r .k Moore will leave fur l.lu ),,.,.,
"'":ri in a few days. James and Archie
d will go east in about two weeks.
" " ill return here.
ml Mrs. P. Gilliam recently came
"sntucky and took up their abode
' ' !s uncle, James 11. Dozier. They
Molalla, Or., Oct. 6 Our locality was
tolerably well represented attbe Butte Creek
Fair. Robert Baty carried oil the blue rib
bon for the best team, John Shaver re
ceived several premiums on his Hereford
cattle. What a county fair old Clack
amas could have if she could be induced to
waken up and see what her united strength
would show in the aggregate from the little
mites all around. A great many people
expect too much and do too little for the en
couragement of our county fairs. What a
pleasant and profitable annual reunion the
people could have If they all would
"get there" in earnest.
Dr. Alexander, deceased, is missed very
much among his patients and many friends,
he being one of those solid men, honorable
and matter of fact, and a conscientious
physician. The doctorjwill not be forgotten
very soon.
Mr. J. J. Herman has been very ill with
pneumonia for two weeks.
The Sawtell Bros., recently from eastern
Oregon, are building on the Ira Moody do
nation claim.
Samuel Engle, Esq., is leading off on a
great improvement In the way of a new
plank fence about his premises.
Mr. Ingram, Molalla's gardener and fruit
evaporator, is now handling the pippins and
pumpkins by the tons. The engine pur
chased from Barlow doesn't run much, hat
ts there on a blow off.
W. A. Shaver has a force of ten men log
ging up his thirty-five acre patch of blank
Miss Mary Ridings is recovering from her
spell of illness and probably will soon be
about again.
Miss Anna Garrett, who was poisoned
with cocoaine by a Portland dentist, and
has been in a critical condition for so many
months, is now recovering. Dr. Brewer, of
Silverton, has been attending to the case.
Now comes Dr. Hargraves's "Dipsocura"
thirst cure for liquor, tobacco and opium,
without a single failure to euro.
Mrs. E. Shirvin and her lumber, Mrs.
j West, went to Westport Tuesday, where
I they will remain about two weeks visiting
I relatives,
j The water question I again being agitated
I by ourcitisens. The facts In the cs are
i very conclusive that plenty of good water is
I very essential to our low u, and the sooner
the project is put in cflect the better,
j The new M. E. church at Woodburn,
I which is one among the finest in Marion
county, will he dedicated Sunday, October
! lXth.
One of Mr. If. L Skirvin's son shot and
killed a porcupine on their farm about one
mile from town this week. As these animals
are very rare in this state the sight ol one
dead was quite treat to some of our Web-
Mr. M. Whitlock, a much respected citl
sen of this place, while on his slock ranch
near Elk prairie, was handling a vicious
bull on Monday the 5th instant, when the
animal became unruly and by some misiiap
struckl'ncle Mitch, as he is familiarly called,
on the leg below the knee, breaking the
limb In a most (rightful manner. He was
taken to his home on Butte creek the same
day, and at present Is resting quite easy.
Mr John Ferguson and Misa Annie
Thomas, both of Soda Springs, were mar
ried on last Tuesdav.
Mr. Henry Long has about completed Ids
new residence, which is a mell planned and
tasteful structure.
Jacob Miley, fanner. , I'nion
August Kullemier, farmer . .Tualatin
John lsilan, fanner Canyon Creek
0 W. lla-rta, (armor Chcrrvvillo
! lV'tinia O'Hrien, farmer Oswego
Alln-rt Walling, nurseryman Oswego
t , , Kisley, limner Oswego
i David l oder larnior. , Needy
Reula'ii Wright, (armor ,.lrpor Molalla
S. M, Hamsby, (armor . .I'ppvr Molalla
t II. Foster, fanner New Era
W. 1 Davis, farmer Oswego
A, O. Kruae, fanner Tualatin
J. A. Switle, (armor I'pia-r Molalla
W. . Sawtell, (armor Upper Molalla
A. W. Fauci" , latw.icr Oregon City
ti. A. Kiniie, (armor Needy
I,. N. Huffman, fanner . , . , , .(iartleld
Jacob Corber, sr., lurmui, .Harding
A II. Wing, fanner .Lower Molalla
Enoch Kong, (anurr Maniiiam
J .M. Drake, fanner Maruuaiu
W. W. Myers, merchant . .Oregon City
Mark liobbins, fanner . .Msrqimiu
U.S. tiihson, afhiMil teacher .Eaglet 'reek
K. D. Wilson, merchant .Oregon City
Fred Uliihn, farmer .... .Heaver Creek
Kobt. tiamtiiill, laborer , .Oregon City
Pt'iij. tlalstvad, farmer Damascm
J. A. Thaver, (armor Oregon City
J. II. lloiing, farmer Damascus
v, f. wiMiwKr. ft i iiirrtm
I u..wir hi.h! at (ifii!i a in! Caskets kind South ol I'ottlaittl. Also cloth
and Metallic Casket furnished to older. l.adie Huria! Kobe d
lient' lllirial Kobe ill (tt.a k.
Also Waguu nml Cnmugo Making, llorno S1hruij nti.l (;,,,
oral I'llai ksittitlting on sliuit iiotico.
City View Market.
BOYER L LACEY, Proprietors.
whoi.ksai.k am i:i:r.ii. dkai.kks is
Fresh 1M, Mutton, Fork, Ham, Ilacon, Lnnl
IWThc last of MKAT kept aiul riitisfitfiimt givit.
Shop on SKVKNTH STKKKT, nt hca-I of Stairs.
Oregon City Express No I.
l ight freight and parcel delivered to all
parts ol the city.
order wild f T Iltrlow.
II E S TAUll A X T !
Meals served day and night. 0ytr and
Chops in any style. Side entrance
for ladies.
Mis sTHsrr.
Ci.AKKE'g, Or., Oct. 8. The farmers of this
vicinity are preparing for fall wheat sowing.
Mr. H. C. Ringo has sown one field of
winter oats.
Mr. Greenberry Kogers has been quite ill
for some time.
We had a surprise party at the residence
of Jur. CLa.'i. J.loian lu.4 evening in honor
of Miss Grace Moian's birthday. We had a
very pleasant time, and among the many
present we were glad to see the face of M r.
Win. Grace, of Burner, Oregon, brother of
M.vbmI-am, Or., Oct. 1.1. -Quite a number
ol our farmers are shipping their fruit green
to Portland where they realue a better price
than when dried.
frank Cormile killed two deer at one shot
with a rifle while In the mountains one day
last week.
Mr. Tubert Hook, of Moant Angel, has
capped the climax on producing two ol the
largest sweet potatoes ever raised on Web
foot soil. They weighed i and 3J4 pounds.
They will be sent to Portland where they
will be placed ou exhibition in the "Oregon
on wheels."
The Birtchet boy returned from the
mountains Friday where they bave been
hunting for the last week. Three neer was
the reward for their labor. We acknowledge
a good slice.
The M. K. quarterly meeting will be held
at this place, commencing October 31, and
will continue over Sunday.
Sheep buyers are quite frequent in these
parts. Farmers are realizing a good price
for their sheep, which proves that a good
herd of sheep is very profitable stock to
Professor M. V. Rork organized a Farm
era' alliance at this place last Saturday,
Thirteen were admitted as charter mem
bers, and quite a number more express
themselves as desirous of becoming mem
bers. A lamp belonging to Mr. A. V. Davis ex
ploded in his barn last Thursday morning
when he was feeding his horses. The hay
caught (ire in many places, but by the cool-
beadedness of Mr. Davis it was extin
guished, not, however, without burning his
hands severely. Dos Qcixotk.
Wagon Work, Machine and Gen
eral Repairing.
Shop oa Main treH, opposite P. II. T. A L. (
tallies, Oregon Clly
Corner of Front and Morrison,
For general repairing he stands
without a peer. For flrHt-c!aan, re
liable goods his store in second to
none. Try him I
You will aavo money ly takrutf your MACH INERY to
Tin beat of material umhI, nnJ mm but akilli d labor employ
tuve Us & trial ana nee u our jiricea ar not an low a th lowest, kl
work guarantoral as n.feiMntoI. All work ilme !.roitittIy, Stwci
( 1... I :.i ii... tii i i
juub siK-uuCTi m nun. mi ui'iny. aii anniH oi
Machinery Supplies Kept on Hand.
Canting furnialM-il. AgmiU for War.l ,t Itraily'n (VK-brattkl Ant
Friction Metal, ami Morrison's Self-Lubricating J'acking.
.jajii JiuAiYfc A' tu., rropnetors.
Shop, 5th and Water Sts., Oregon City, Oregon.
Near Login A Albright' HuU hVr Shop,
i eei
Makquam, (Jet. 8. Onr setiool is pro
gressing nicely un.ler the management of
Miss Starrett.
C. E. Young of this place is on a husiiiess
trip to eastern Oregon.
The daughter of O.W. Hcntloy who has
hecn very sick, Is improving under the
care of Dr. C. B. Knight of this burg.
We are glad to learn of the convalescent
tate of John Ifarttnan, one of the pioneers
of Oregon, and father of our genial mer
chant and representative, E. M. Hiirtrnaii.
Professor M. V. Kork organized an alli
ance on the Oth after an interesting lecture
on the banking system, lie is an able lec
turer and well .jiialilied for the position lie
The teuins of Messrs. Adams and Labour
ran away on the 7th. Fortunately for Mr,
Adams no damage was done to cither his
The Best Place in the City
O Bt'V
ETC., TO.,
Next Door te Mverniore'i lintel,
Tin: i ii:wt tiMix.
Parties dimirinu Wood Turning, Pat
terns, Brackota, or
Shop Carpenter's Work
Will beHuitod by Calling on Mo.
Doors, Windows and Blinds
a-. U. BESTOW,
rOpp. the Congregational Church
oa 1 Mail Jeweler, do
I.IMI'OhTKK Of I ANt I'K. Al l H IS "
Watches, Jewelry, Clocks and Opti
cal Goods.
iu.j mm wreut, Ai-ar Mnrriaon Ht. Ladic' Trivate Kntrnce Ujwtftirs.
Have opened out tlie largcHt Stock of General
Ever P.rotiKht to Molalla.
lur H, k ciuhrnot-ii imilM Hue ol
- . ..
fviI!!' HATS ('AI'S, J.AniMHan.l (iKNTS FURNISH
j ' '
Agoiitelor KNA11-, 1JURUELL & GO'S. Complete lino of
FA KM MA C 1 1 1 NEK Y-
Full SLrf of Bimliiijr Twin nml Oil.
HighcKt juifo j.aiil fur all kind of PRODUCE.
flWOivui.Hu call. ylH1 will 1, fairlvdi.alt with.
I , ' -''It.. . , , . , , t .... ,r, inmnfMf'-' vnpr
I ..: . i;i-'mJ J.Ui '.