Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, July 10, 1891, Image 2

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Ml I.
! lri-letr.
.V Larjff Crowd Attend the Moot
Iuti.lJaUroiut Mat "or.
r'KllUY, Jl'l.Y 10,
Tun Fourth of .Inly was pt;rrll,v ol
wrvcd throughout the State of Oregon in a
IvftMiiinx manner, which indicates that tho
leo;leof the northwest re are not lacking
in the elements of patriotism and love of
country. The foreign element ol our onu-
laliou, unlike some see I ions of the middle j
mnl western states, quickly assimi ate with j
our ideas of government, ami hcooni patri
otic citizen. Theevaimlo st by Clm ka-
1.:t(re Band ol Hr-H.--t)ior
I'vtiHtl Nor and There.
I.AmisGAriiKRiNU. Sunday itnoisetl
a 1 are crowd at the ramp grounda. It
was estimated that fully eighteen hun
dtvd people wore In attendance. Tlio
usual sorweos were licld, and those hav-
mas county in raising the national colors t in stands report having had prosper-
ovtr the school houses in every section
should be emulated by other counties in
the state, as nothing tends more effectu
ally to inspire a love of country and a pror
retard for the principles of our govern
ment, Since the late rebellion, annrvh
ism has been working insidiously, to under
mine the very foundation of our country.
But their efforts have lcn cheokel to a
great extent. Still, danger lurks to a i?si
tile fearful extent, and it becomes the duty
of every good citiren to guard in every
way against the probable spread of such
in h. ernes.
1M Kront Street. I HARDWARE
Nnrlhwiol""! Allium h"
w-Tprs-nru-SJ saws
. Plll'Uil,
........ I.kiicb -tirelileitt---TullM""lrl
lion of Book Hull, June 1:1, '01.,'
Hayinu Skason.TIio h.ruieri of this
section aro now kept busy haying, I'ully
live hundred tons will bo cut on thin
prairie this oaon,
Laiuik Uam or HoiiK. Over one i
hundred head of burses ' heing (ma
tured on the Nat low pt.ice, They were
brought her bv J. K. Smith, the rail
road contractor of Cortland.
Makkiai.k Kimoh. It luit been ru-
iotir.t.1 lmr.1 ft it' tliti oinI few titles tltitt
th nt.nriago of Mr. I, W. Smith, the ( Vl'Sl'l'tlt Wftljjt'i (VlUTUIltoii.) H S Proof ( " 1 1 A 1 1 M .
railroad builder, and Misa Katie Kehni, . , . .,, , . .,;
ItOJIJIOl'ti ttlltl MUIH1 V linj'l't'is)
I'oilland, t'regou,
iir Uiu -- -ailwr aimi,
uir ji'h'OAN 1
the oiutor, would be soletnnUed In Ore
gon City Wednesday a1 lot noon, alter
which they would take the train to Bar
Iowa, which they decided (or their Itttuie
homes. We wish them all iimiginahle
happiness, and a hearty welcome, will
j await thotn by our ciluen.
Saw Mux IIiknuo. Sttiith'a
A initio FiK'H. Ht'l't'. Clt'Hreii
Oivgou City Agent,
.'A KM
YWl l
Tits people w!e travel over the roads
in the vicinity of O egm City highly
comuiend the course adopted by tho
Count; Court in the matter of tho im
provement of the Moss Hill mid. This
plan of road woik is suh-lanti.il, and np
pivciated by the p-op e. The gr.;,!o was
es'ahlisdred by a competent engineer,
and the contract let to the lowest re
sponsible bidder. When the Court let
the contract for this piece- of road they
knew exactly what it would cost. The
road is constructed on a perfectly easy
grade, ami ei.dit-ino.'i tiling is being laid
next to the bank, which will thoroughly
drain the road for ears to come. With
a coat of grave! over lh-j top, this
thoroughfare will lemaii, a lasting
monument to their go.wl jmlm.-nt as
road builders.
A jo: sihkr of the la
visetl a schetuc vu rviv
withhold this M ar'- i h
market until tarmc
rice, or at ha-t a ;ri
the avetae. A ciici
v liich a tvom'es tl.i
ctvat co:idn.i;itio: ,,
the far.uor-' org:i!ii; :
decljre i t)o s!i.v a
the condition- ol the
pearati.-,.t,t.u-, tin j
Kanied. !.o;io to for".
Mil! result i.i ;.nli: !
Il would a;r :tr that this M-liensc
w!a! v:-io:iarvat p -e .. and it i'
er's alliance has do-
it is proposed tt
crop Iroui the
- f tii cet their own
i i o,si Irrtil'i y aUte
:tr ha K-en s.-ut tint
!ao, auil siii;i;rsts a
i-.Kii.M.i i,ie:v..rs of
" :. as it'i,-;,s!-itiori is
d i.;ei'vtnal. and as
a:id ,::,a. k. t tip -o
ti:cers. u iio a.c of
a:i organization that
r toe aririiltiirtsts.
stt:l!C !
would he pleased to see him eng Aged in
that business at this point, and will
five him all possible encour.igetnent,
Hum k a v l i.H A f.oNii Stav. Miss lies
sie Shcppar 1 returned Iroin IK'tiverlast
Meek where siie has made her iioine for
tlirf last live ycais Mrs. Sheppard is
now visiting Mrs. .Miller of Oiegou I ity,
and will make her home at H it low s pro
vided the eiiinate will not be detrimental
to her heilth.
ill 1h- carried ! Ar His Oi i l'or. We are pleased to
: '''"'"' to o I see Mr. John Sitm again taking charge
; of the r iilroad otlice. He has also been
Xkt wkihe'ciackaini cotiuty teach-1 :,l'li'''l nt for Wells, Far & Co.'s
ers norn.al institute will lie in ac:ive ses-1 c-xpi'ess.
l'AtxriNi! Contr vrr. Mr. J. A. Smith
rweived the contract for painting the
ons business.
rttoroaKD Ku.koai. Mr. William
Harlow spent a few days last week in via-
iting sotneot me largest tanners iH'tween j 8aw Mll L n, KN -Sioith'a mill,
here and Will oit in the interest of th!,, x ! ,,, i,,,, eaiigbi lire
prvH'-wd railroad. He reports finding j las, Satuhtav ni ;ht, and before any aid
the sentiment of almost all to be in favor j wu(l u, n,nitftl,j was(Vnipletely envel
of the ro-td when it ianhown up to them j0((1 ln ft.im(l Blul wilim, a t 0.
in the proper light and thorough'; un-1 We svmpathie with Mr. Smith In liU
dersto.r.1 The great inenvase it would ; ll0(lvj. xie mill will U rebuilt at
In' ;to the value of their real estale, as 1 om,0
well as other benefits to lie derived from I ... ... , ., , ,,
, I W iikat III visit Harlow & Co. will
it. We hope to see every lar.ner work, li(jitli0 limik,, to ,
lor us early comp,el.on, u rap.tal hke , Ui, h wj(iu t(( jr
tnat repivsen tea tv .Air. Muuu is noi to , , . ,, . . . , .
, , . , , reach. A new tairbanks grand scale .
K lound every day to he put into rail- ... ... ... I ,i ,tl,...i .... n, tr.tiiio. H
, - . "in ' inn, in H' hip nitnii'ii, nititii nut . " '
road construction. It Ik-lioovot , K,,a ,vnvlli(,m.e , Wl,iu,i,.g, apa.s to l enjoying g.-d health and
hind owner in the territory from l.arlows : ... . , ,. , ; . wi(h ,,,,, ,,riMlHH U
oj t i i m io iikv au at 1 1 . e pink lit mis : ,1111 1 01 tt t- 1
, ' well established, and will p.iv the htcl
toa 1 at once, and not let the opportunity ; , , , .
. , ,. . i est market price in cash.
ami lii st class road.
AllRll'l t.Tl'RAt. lMtI.KHP!r lU'SIXKsS
Mr. Andy Kchor, the well known ma
chine man, was in our town several times
this week looking after machinery or
dered by him for different parties, and CiacuniM
also looking over the ground with a view 1 Well, we w ent to Sanday, to celebrate
of putting in a large stock of inaohinery : the glourious Fourth, and we said before
and vehicles. Mr. Koeher has had long ; we went that the beer would How free as
experience in this line of business, hat- ! water, but we was away off; there were
ing represented several large houses of ten beers to one water. It was all beer
Portland for the past ten years. He is j as far as the eye could reach or the noe
well versed in alt it. tiranciies 01 ine tin- count smell. It was nil lieer, beer. .
plement bnsiiit ss. and list a host of ; beer, everywhere, and not a drop of Soorctit'T of Mali-, t! W Mclhiile
friends throughout the country who 1 water to drink. Thete is nothing inore t,ua rm.,i ,,. .i,,,., i,,,.,, , .eveial
to say about the celebration exi ept that )ml tl, c,,i, rnia, tmh b im-
a gem!
Are you wanting cither a Farm
or a small tract
Call and examine our choice list.
Willamette Falls Investment
I I'KKsoSAt.s. Mr.J.Hislges, Mr. Fonts
I Mr. Henry Kohler, of Oregon City, ami
I Mr. J. A. SchnarU ami J. Nolan.
', rortland. were in town this week
on 'lis laige (arm, which is being o well
munagi'tl ami conducted by 0111 worth)'
fitetul Mr. Jtinies I. loicr.
We notice with genuine giatilbntlou
of ! that the damage caii-cd by ( ole s heavy
logging team to the rd f'otu the
praitie to Aurora, has been partly re
imired, ami we trust the road will l put
in good condition in time for the moving
of the thousand bushel of gram which
will I e hauled to Aurora Ibis season
! The MellitKlist cnmplnoetlng held at
ll'attby for the last two weeks, was well
j attended by residents of the prair'e
IW'I AsloKAI..
if u -h H.i:bii!atio:i c.
tlitoiig.'i succes.-fuliy with .
ninny iuteresteil parties.
.-ion, which will continue for two weeks.
It is exacted that e.ery teacher in the
county will attend, and participate in the
.tercise. UK intended to be instructive,
ami w ill he eoi.dueie ( 1 art ol the time son.e
tlrtiigatter the style 01' au "ex; erience meet
ill, liistitatea properly lon.lttctcil are
productive orinuth good, an.l meml ers of
scbobi Iwurds shoiih! make it an object to
I pte.se, it, at least a part of the time, as it
will bring them into closer relations, anil
give them a better understanding of teach
ers' wurk.
Reports indicate that the great herds of
cattle in Eastern and Southern Oregon are
being brought up rapidly, and there is a
possible danger that the price of beef will
be greatly advanced before many days. It
is probable that an attempt is being made
to "corner the cattle market. Newspapers
report from various localities throughout
the state show that representatives of an
KaL-rii syndicate are buying all the cattle
that they can get and making no etlort to
to send them away to any market. This
tends to confirm the idea that a systematic
.effort in being made throughout thecoun
try to raise the price by reducing the
supply. '
Jcnn 1 irs ndv
Review, ni d"
build tip a tii
ant to n w
ness. The
CCS s ill I
hf pi
ine . oit
!! in.::,a.
as 1 ,ip. r
having the
the best re-
. -ays the lioebiinr
It won t alone
it is of 'reat assi-t -
i. legitimate bn-i--are
t'iC l.io-t sl;e
j :im-. !i!d tie, e
1 nltt:i'n will hriu'
The State Aliiatu'O ii being organized
t rortland this week. A platform has
been adopted, and every portion of the
Btatt; is: well represented. W. W. Mv--ers,
Charles Moran and Dr. Gaucher,
are representing Clakamas county.
Okkoon City is progressing. A fire
limit has been established, and the city
council are pushing the work of street
improvements, and extending new side
walks in every direction.
Tub Itata has returned to the Pacific
coast under the protecting wing of the
Charleston. The Itata will pay a fine
for vielating the laws of navigation.
Anotiikb change has occurred in state
official circles. Dr. L. L. Rowland suc
ceeds Dr. Harry Lane as Superintendent
of the insane asylum.
Tub death of ex-Vice-I'resident Han
nibal Hanpin, of Maine, retnovea a
great man, who has been a prominent
figure in the history of the country,
Mrs. Kandall requests the party who
carried of the painting to return the
game and Kave rerions trouble.
Mossy to Loan. f'rotn t-VJOup. In
terest, six per cent. Time, 5 to 2:) years.
Privilege of paying off loan after two
years, 'ill loan you 7o per cent, of
value of properly, or all money reeded
to buy lot and build a house. Un
limited capital. Call on James Shaw, or
W. A. WoTiiBithi-ooN, Uootns 5 and 0.
('barman Block.
warehouse of W. W. Irwin, and also
the Zcek building.
Saloon Pikciiask. Mr. Geo. Schnit
ker lias purchased the saloon of Mr. T.
Grady, who hag gone to take charge of
the steam shovel for the !. P. K. K. ut
Grant's l'ass. The building he has
rented "for three months to Mr. Schnitker,
at the end of which time he will return
and resume business.
Li'mheh fbom Ci.aci.ama9. The de
mand for lumber baa been go great that
Mr. Henry Kobler has bee obliged to or
der two car loade from the Clackamas
mill. Three carpentero are now at work
on his building, and oon Mr. K. will be
serving meals and entertaining the boyg
with a bowling alley.
Ticking Pka. Mr. Vanburen has a
large force picking pea. They will fin
ish his crop tbi week, when tbey will
commence picking the large pea licld of
Wills Iiros Toe peas have been en
gaged by the IV Hand and Salem can
neries. l!of Ut Vi.l;s I'l.KNrv. The prospects
forag'iod price for hops are Haltering.
Several hep 1 at vers were ill town this
week and reported they had been unab'e
to ctvagu any bops thug far. The pros
pects indicate im large a (rice as last
NtAKiNO Completion. Keek Bros, say
they will have the Oakey hill finished at
the expiration of their contract, August
1st. They have a large number of men
and teams at work and are making good
Fkom Fi.okida, Mr. F. It. Strayer,
brother of J. I. Strayer, lately deceased,
arrived here from Florida last week,
where he was engaged in gardening. He
has taken up the interests of hia late
brother, and was much surprised to find
such a good quality of gardening land.
Anotiikb Biii.niNO.The Mollett Bros,
have commenced the erection of a two
story building on corner Second and
Main streets.
Livery Staiii.e Movkd. J. D. Renner
has for the past two weeka been busy
moving the laige stable across the track.
It will be fitted up in a commodious way
so that the public rmay have the best
accommodations for livery and feed.
Visit Afteb Many Ybabs Mr. Her
man Ketler, of Portland, paid our town
a visit last week and was agreoably sur
prised, to seethe many changes made
since his last visit. lie predicts a briyht
Medal I'kkskntation. The citizens
of Barlows presented Miss Katie Kehm
with a gold medal in honor of the dedi
cation of Keek's hi.H. Tho inscriptions
were, "High Appreciation of theCitzetis
of Barlows, Oregon, to Miss Katie
Kehm." On the other side, "Dedica-
line speech, and tiie Clackamas, band of
', course done well. There was a 1ght
iluri;:g the dav, but no one injured.
I Taking it all in all, it was a Hiii.nci.il
success to the man who owned the
; ground.
Claekatinis lodge No. 57, A. 0. I'. W..
at their last meeting installed the fol
lowing othveis: Master, S. !. Jones;
Foreman, C. Chapman; tKciseer, J
C. I'atteck; liecoider, 11. S. Gibson;
; Financier, A. Mather; Receiver, James
: Boots; Guide, C. K. Pease; Inside
J Wstcbman, Win. Johnson ; Outside
j Watchman, James IMshajter. f (S. M.
iV., Sol Garrison, frcim Canbv, was
! present and conducted the installation.
Ticking Has and nicking hay is the
1 rder of business among- the farmers in
thie vicinity at present.
i pioved
1 ....
In almost every neighhorbo.Hl there
' is some tint' or more jkosdur wh"r bves
, have lieeii saved by ChauiU'rlain'" t ol c.
I 'holora and Diari bme Iteuie ly, or who
. have been cured ot ehr mi.- dunlin. by
it. Such perns lake eeial p!ei-nre
in recouimeieling the remedy lo 1 ihers
i The praise that loih.ws the intro bicti.-n
ami use makes it erv po ular. -ml
.'tUcent Istitlesfor sale byti. A. Harding,
Now istlie tune to piovtde yourself
urn! family with a n imble remedy lor
; bowel complaints. 15 is almost ceii un
: ti bo nc" h'd, anil no fituulv can nll'ord
I to b Without it It cwis i'llt it ttilh'
I and may tie th;) ineails of saving imieh
t su tiering, if not life. There are manv
jilitlerent remnlies in use, but 1 Inimn'r
lain s t olir. I lioleia aim I'ljirmuM
Beineily is nndoiibtetlly- the U-st. '."
and oil i-ent Isitties (or mle by ti. A.
llarrling, Ihueeift
Farmers, Attention.
Von will save iiioiu v liy taking your MACHINERY
Flic 0KM(i0i ('ITY IltOX WO!
I'lic Is'st of material uwil, mnl mme lut fkillei
(Jive its a trial mid ns II our price re int as low n
I III' li
lotio proinjdijf
ivork !titir.ititi'il as rvpreen(ii. All w
iol atlctnlcil to wilhi'Ut delaV. All kiln!
Machlnory Supplies Kept on Hand.
('listing!" furnished Ag nl for tird A Hmdy's CeWrji
'rtction Mi-liil, innl Moinins N !f I ti!'ru'tittng lucking i
Shop. 5th anil Watt.T Sts., Oretron City. C
Near l.oiins A Albright's I'-uti-hi-r Shj.
Mr. K. I. Blakesle, of f'entralia, waa
visiting friends in this vicinity this veek.
Miss. Jessie McCord, ia a guts of
Mrs. 8. V. Luelling.
Corporal J. C. Hungerrd was home
en a flyitiff visit Tuesday, from Camp
Gibbon . lie- reports a jolly time.
Mrs. E. E. Givens haa returneil to
her home in Blackfoot, Idaho.
At Concori, Jnly 1st, to the wife of T.
K. Wortbiogton, a son.
The Kvaageliital chuwh will hold
cimpmeeting for one wek at Seltnan's
grove, comiuuiiciug Saturday, the 1.1th.
George Wessenger iias- returned from
Job Work Joiit' on .shtrt notice
at this Office.
F.ifin Orrii K at Oart'iotc I'ity, On.
jiiii 1st. Iran.
Not ir it hrreby given that that the
following named settler baa riled notice
of his intention to make dual proof in
stipportof hie claim, and that said tmsif
w ill be made before the Beg'sttor and Hf
ceiverof C H. Luiul Olllce at Oregon
City, Oregon, on July 2tnh, !H, via :
Tlifwnas II Moore,
I're-einplion, V S No. Tli'.'H, for the n. of
nw1.. , se1.' of nw '.', ne1. of '. uf sec
U'ti, tp i s. rf . He names the fallowing
witni-wsto prove Ins coiitrniioiis resi-
uleiice upon ami cultivation M snnl huul.
I viz: David Hatch, II Overton, SAO
Oregon City Sash and Door!
Carry the Largest St, k of
Sash, iHirs, Illimls, .Moiililins. fa
III )rej;ou City.
S.cinl sies nf Dotus mil Windows made to order Turittt-f
estimates for Stair Work and Storo Front
I'uniislicl on )licatui. l!ttilirs, give in a call, kin w if
is not of the ln-itt, and our pricfH m low a t!i lowesL I'liw
in i)licatitui.
Factory. Cor. Main and llth Sta.. Oregon C
!!e Vnttr On 11 !as!cr.
Tacoma. lie is again rtiMling mat cesses 1 Pnler. I' W l'almal"er, all ol tinrins
at the shoddy mills. I Vl'le postnlficv, ChickumaH (.utility, Ore
,' , , llJOIl. J T. A ItstlS ,
W e were favored with a visit fr.n the ; - pi K.-d-ter
proprietor last Weilnes'iiiy. lull again!
Mr. M. wlo.n vou iiavt more time. 1
ev peo( io aioeec!,.'!- liow mil-b
tlnoi iuone-i-nis. t'-eir u : -1 m s nn-l ,io-
road supervisiii- of district No. 1, that pulses, ami in fact a!l Ihe-r neo,l:il en
he has in.'jle i,r Ua'ions to eraile and 1 cr.'v d- i-in ds on the Ini 1 n:.,i,i ,iw a, t'..n
gravel tnat partofth. coui.lv road known ! f;f ". vil'1'
.... . ! nested dinner may inuk
as ll-'gs liai'K. nils is a unlet
At his- New Mill,
'J tllilcs fl'olu Ore
lni" 11 Full ,
Itiislic Flo
oil ( it V, mi till' M4"i
I... k of
and Oiliii
irfortneil bv Un hard Scott,
w nil :m.o,
ol' ;,.M
needed improvement, and ii we had
mor sufh men as Mr. Scott. e would
soon boast of as good road as any ia
the Mute.
We hope (hat liefore long some meas
ure, will be taken to repair some of tbe
streets, especially towards the depot.
The proprietor otTitK K.ntiiuimiisk.oh his
viHit here last week, had the extreme
pleasure of traveling over this road and
he vows he will take out an accident
policy next time lie visits our town.
There are two new house being
erected in town. i'.nz.
Mark's Prairie. t
Owing to 'picnics, campmeeling, "und
sich," ye reporter ha? not had titno to
gather news, ho will not occupy much
of your valuable space this week.
Klge Brown, while returning at night
from a wedding ut tl.e resilience of Cas
per Weismandtle last week, was thrown
from his horse and badly injured. He
is nil right again now and waiting or the
next trip.
Sain Shell, Esq., our singing teacher,
has just returned from Denver, Col.,
and reports times very hard and thous
ands of men out of employment.
Mr. Geo. I'urnett, who came to Ore
gon, from Kentucky, uhotit fifteen years
ago, is visiting relatives ami old time
Mends on the prairie, Although a resi
dent of this slate for so long, this is the
fust time we have met him in Oregon.
Father Mark, of McMinville, ia visiting
the vital ore.nih. A poorly di
ilinner in. iv iniik-r one uuano
.nth a friend. A congested lover tnav
bring imaginary gloom and trouble into
the sunniest dav. A rheumatic pain
inn v keep you from biininess or woik
ami entirely change some marked out
policy A few doses of Moore's K
vealed Remedy will gi tone to every
function and make you enjoy your
friends and anil work.
l.rWMIll Pur Sale
The rnlll fit New Km will In- sttlil si a Wioiin.
Hits lle tH-st liM'Rlf'-li of any talll In the roomy,
belliifo't ttntli tlie VV 1 1 hi men ion! railroad, tniv
iiiK HlHrKe Kniin irrowlinr dlttrlet lo draw from.
Kiii witlt-r power Hlxlrs'ii tirres of tilhi
hle Inuil ko with the nntl properly, (exxt tenns
will te iriven mnl nn etperlcticed iiiilier witli
r Hiniill eiihlt-il will flinl this n )ityOnc lnvei.
merit. Call on or a-!-l;e K. C. MHtJd.u k, New
Kra. Ortumi.
John son Si Idli'iinoi, Attorneys,
I hereliy jIvb riotlee Dint I ha 'e lieen
Appointed by tlm (tnuiity (Ji.iirt nf Clneknnnis
rittinty, Orcimii, AdiiiinlHtrHtor of the estate of
Andrew IlolsluiK, der-enneU, All persoiis liny
I11K cliilms HRiilleit Hiild estule will pr!Heat
them, duly verified, nt the officii of W (,'.
Johnson, lawyor, In Oregon Clly.lo'egon, with
in six rnoulhii from the diite of this uotiev, or
tho sural! will not he allowed.
If you want Tl IK I5KST, buy
lioll. rant, titol tw prnpt rly jH Ikhiu.1 to mlvanco in p'
the .ai, with Htnall ,,.,, ,-, it n,xt t(, i(n .b0 toK
lor himself. I'i-hvh are low nW) un,
(tan give yon
clioice Farm
.. .... 1. 1.. 'i' ... 1 ,, .
mi, uric t own ailU MUUU'
tm 11 (tall.
ri'H not to l.o ,,1 f llnv l(H,r Ul,(ti Kstatefii'
at us in lurp. ah, Hlllll tn(,t iomri.
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