Oregon City enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1891-194?, July 03, 1891, Image 6

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it vi m.M.
K II M lti.Kr:iililMl Sketch f Tho
If ell Known Trmicrin't
The follo.viinr ,rvi aketcli of Hit l-l't nl
Mr. Iceland, in runt i United lv one ol Id
Ivi Iftaud, wline death oeeiired
four hiPoh smith east of Oregon City,
June 2,Mn, MM, wa bom in tlia oit of
Brief Pararapha of a Local and Orn
erul Nature.
A lain number of pxruraioniata were
up from I'ortUnil Cuntlay .
tine! limim. ,o rent in central looa
tton. Apply to V. F, I. Co.
I'ure Willeal Mineral water on
lr. tVrt toendonhall. niton oy of
Poil Is ml, waa in town Momlav,
Mr. K. li. SmUit't nw il0,i'0tl
enoe ia bainti (unditl toward coni'Ktton
on tlie wet video! Hut river,
('ommmal.mer Moeitlka l imliliit
Ida new rvaidonoe on tlie. rxlenalon of
diaiylil at K.li. ('auHe'.d'a, 5 eta glana. j Seventh atreet, toward completion.
MiIW,o( Portland, wa IjieKueittl V, T. lUmiey thin act nireliand
ol Mrs. T. V. Font lam Sunday', j 47 ,na of Un.l from T. A. ToppU'ton,
Prof. W. K, Johnni'ti, will em'l a
neat cottage Ht Mountain View thin
Mis Aimia rioien, o( Milwaukia, iaj
' in I'll., ll... .J I
New York, March 4th ISIS. His yontl ; V,ilV.
w spent in mm. Mini tnou isiamt.
Born of poor parent he hail to obtain
Mr J A. Hlover haa t train been ap-
what education ha could by hi own , ,!" cemetery ny me
effori. fler working in lumen U''.v wnnril.
hop to chum nfflc lent ram he went j Mf w VtmYtn o,takanie. ,
to the Quaker acho.il at Providence , vimting her daughter, Mm. Meeerve and
Rhoite Island After leaving school he j Mia 1 onyeia.
taught for aome time ami all this w hile
wan preparing himself to txke the tielil
aa a lecturer on temperance to which
he devoted most of his lifetime work.
Ue first lectured in the New Kuglantl
atateg and came to low where he t
one of the pioneer of Cedar county and
the first active lecluier on temperance
in that state, as al-o he was in this state.
Mr l.cland was a sironis atiolitionest
and lectured in some of the Southern
Prof. Kijrleir and Mr. J. W. tirayare
attending the s'ate teacher' institute at
Neaport tins week.
Hon. Tfuva.
count v. was
luisiness w ith Hon.
near thi citv, paving therefor, S(HH1.
Mr. S J. liarrinon, of I'anhy. went to ;
I Milwaukie thi wk to complete ar-
i ranircmenta for establishing an A. O. V. 1
j V. lodge at the latter place. , j
Read A, Y. tnliwan' new adverliae
inert He make a pecilty of metal
roofing and Huting, hop drying work j
done, alao tinning and plumbing.
1'eople who ara in town with their i
children during tli Fourth of July, I
should go to K. Prlei'a, the well known ;
artist, and (ret their picture taken.
Messr. Hauill'on A Washburn, ol
Paulsen, of Washington ! 'rk have tradinl Kastern Oregon
in tl.e c.tv th wwk on ' propertv lor ni'a acres aojoiuing ine
V. 1 piel. ' Oregon Citv Cannery, and a house and
Mr. ChKrles Cutiiiig was in from his ' 4 ,,,w ,u,,ir 1"' ,,,,,K"-
mountain ra.i.-h this week, visiting In; T,,(, uu ,;ill1l,v,,1 , , spinning
old Oregon CUv Iriends. ; . , . .,, . . ..
1 room ol the a oolcn mills ent on a strike
Mr. Louis Nobel, the genial InniUor-l ; thia wwk for higtier pay. I'p to the
of t'le l,it4it lltili,' lias Lhiiw lo San . n.i .
ata.es just befo.e the war. many times ; Krancico on a brief visit. ' U,H " ,'n , ,""
running the risk of his life Mr. U-j xl - , t. ; have not Unadjusted.
land om-e traveled an.l hvtnred m con.p- j Jm w slmw a rj(lf Vlj, u,
any with John B. (tough. Finally Mr. McMimiville Friday and Satunlay.
(tough resolved to go to Kiiroi and !,,.. .... 1
, I'r. rrank Wormian, of Iortlanil,
deaimlMr. Uland to accompany him. f nmnW l( ,hjs fiv Snn,UVi
but Mr. Lelsnd d-linel, so as to devote (ie j.est of Jutice Fonts and family
hi labor to reform in America. . , . , , , 1 '
Mr llnds.ni the last irt of bis i The relative of the lute Ivi Wand 1 Mr. Frank Albright, who haa la-en
.ctt ir,,:::;;; ; : - ,r,,m
Coast states and British Columbia. Mr i hi ju,,,,., ' ; J' revived from an a.vident mvr-
lland died as he had lived. fnn ! m : ., .. .. , ing while the president was here, ha so
, The contract for excavating the foun
dation for the new brick block 10 he
envied by the commercial Bank, and
(i. A. Harding, has been let to Messrs
; William A Parker, ami the work begun.
t t, ... : 11 . . . 1. . 1 . - -
. it . t r.i w iioi n il' over ..... 'i. . ...
t..m..i..n ,.(i..,,..,..rU. -.i I, . M.M : , , . .. ... ...... . . tar recovered mat n win tie rea.ty to
v ...... 1 . ... . 11,? pvikkii nun, a, ,t rt 'rtrgoii v ny vJ
many of the fallen from the drunkards
In 1SS0 he was married to Anna Alice
and two children were born to them,
William Levi, of Crawford, Co. Iowa
and Hannah Mary Bagley, of Santa
Ara, California.
In 1S.V), he procurred a divon-e from
his wife and was married to Caroline
Xeweil. of Cresco coun'y, Iowa, in I Si IS.
By his second wile were tliri'- chi'dren,
Lester., Ida I... and In V.. all of whom
are now living. In 1SS'.', Mis. Leiand
passed to the other shore. Mr. Lel.ind
was a sincere Christian, bcloniiirg to
he Friends 01 (Quaker church, in New-berg.
ThU. A K. will
morrow, after I ne celebration ceremonies ,lm9 ' M I'1'1 in " 'ml
aieovei. ' next week
Mr. F T. Barlow has ui tiered and' Michael Weidner, the U year old son
received the new twenty foot flag for the 0l j. Weidner, near Mink. Blurted out
West Oregon Citv School. It will le ; t ,tnt, W)Illt, ttst Sunday morning
raised tomorrow. nj WHS fmln,i lyinic insensible on the
The committee ( 100 have f irmed a :m,"''. '' having fell from the horse
ioiii!,m.,i ontaniMiioi, in I'orilan.l ' in aoine way. He was taken home ami
ui:d will cntf.tvor'o continue the work
'if muiiicip tl reform.
Warien & Holm ui have received a lot
of folding chairs, camp stools, folding
tables, etc.. and other fnrii'ture suitable
' for ranipirg out
Me-rs. E. X. Foster and J. N Head,
of Katie Cn-ea. will oia-n out a cotii-
His remains were followed to the ' plot stock of general merchandise at !
grave by many friends, and laid to rest ti'at p'ace in aliout three weeks.
in the cemetery at Canby, .lune '."tltli Mrs. Mary Holman. and daughter.;
The services were conducted by J. IK, ,, . , ... ,, . a . ,. ., I
, ... ' ! Helena, of M. lleiens, were in the citv
Matthews. '
Thus ends one generation to be fol j t,', '-'k W of Hon. r. A. Ml-
lowed in the e.iine itsilstep by another, j fr"1"- Mrs. Holmim's brother.
ST J0I1VS ( iriKII l( M lltll.l ' A string band will provide iiiusio on '
M.JIIHS t A I IIOLlt. X , Unii.lt he Kiat for the band excuHon ;
I next Thursday. The boat will remain ;
Closes Antitlier 5ucce.f!ll Sclltml U;!r at st- Helens untiM after dre parade.
laist Friday. 1 Closing out sale of sash, door, antl .
1 mouldings at K. Finlev's shop back of
At the clofe of St. ..Mm' school, which ! ''l,e c"'s liardw are store. The best
Largains everotlere.1 in I'regon (. ny 1
live.1 until one o'chvk p. in.. Tuesday,
and was buried Wednesday.
The new steamer lralda, running from
I'ortland to St. Helen and Kalama,
mitkes close connection with the Oregon
'City boats This will afford a splendid
opportunity for those desiring to visit
St Helens or Milton during the week of
the eiicampiiieiit. The lralda leaves at
thefis.it of Washington street.
Councilman J. (i l'orter returned
this week from Kastern Oregon , where
he baa (e'en lor the last nnuitli, purchas
ing wool fu" the Oregon Citv woolen
mills. He .Hiught considerable rpianti
ties at H.-ppner, IVndlet.m and The
Italics. Tlie warehouses of the company
are now full, and they have wtsd enough
to keep them running until next season.
closed last Fiidav, June 2rtth, a nnmiar
of silver medals were distributed among
the successful pupils w ho contested for
prizes as follows:
Class A For good conduct, Mifses ' t jt y.
Louise l aquet, Kose Miller, Mattie !
Draper, Birdie Walker, and Fannie ;
Cragin. For proficiency in studies, j
Misses Martha Meyer, Mattie Praper, j
Biidie Walker, Fannie Cragin Floral
Paquet anil Master William Moliee.
Class B. For good conduct, Misses
Mr. Itenjamain Cawson an employ of
the woolen mills of this place, tlie.l of
pulmonary consumption 'ast Monday.
Mr. Klsia Fonts, of Central Citv, Neb. 1 He was a member of I'nity Lodge No.
is the guei-t of Mr. Joseph Hedges, of 17, A.O. V. W , of San F'ran. isco.
Caneinah Mr Fonts ia a cousin of i The member of Falls Citv lo.h'e of this
i Mr. Hedges antl Justice Fonts of this 1 city, took charg" of the remains and
i sent them toSan Franriaco, accompanied
Mr. A. W. Cheney has purchased A wile an I too rhilrilren.
house and lot on the hill on F'leventh , ,. ,, , , ... ,, ...
street near ( apt. Capt. CalitTs resi- j Mr- -1"1"18 ( a,,n
dence, where he will reside in the i Calm, of San Francisco, were ;n Oregon
future. City during the week, on their way
.i- home from Alaska. Thev brought with
l,n o...w,, nl
L-n. . ....,.. i. ,i,.,. them some prettv views of Alaska
a ifTll'luiK , i..' iiii.(;,iiik l. viii' , Ulcic , , ...
! - :n 1... ,1. vi;..i,.ii. scenery, and made some sket'-hes of
Annie (ileason, Veronica Hen.n.elgarn, churd, on Sundliv Slln,Uy 'ac-hool as l". in ar"n'1
ClaraMillor, Ellen Gleason, and Masters I uml at 1"-lop m wh,le 1'e"- rhev ",e "lhew and
Henrv Hurth, Thomas Gleason, John I " V r" ,, . fe" wl t'",,n' K,"""i,'lr"w '
. . .. . ' Evervbodv wi ake in the celebrat on Milwaukiu.
fortl. h'twanl llemtnelgarn. ani fla al , ,W(J()n cj,y ,0
This school under the management 01 1 morrow. The grounds offer a magniti-
Fathr Hillebrand and the Benedie- cent view of the Falls. Oregon City and
tine Sisters, is acquiring a wide celebrity I the gurroumiu.g country
for its thoroughness, and the practical! TheY. p. S. C, E. of tha Congregat
way in which the students are prepared ; mnal church will give a lawn social al
for the active duller, ot life. Over eighty 1 the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
students have attended .luring the past ' E- t'harman next Tuesday evening, July
. 1 , , , ;7. Adinrasisn 10 cents. Icecream, 15
year, and the school has a prosperous ; (n,s '
outlook lor the future.
' Oregon City Has an Opportunity to
i Secure a Factory Employing
I Four to Six 11 11 ml red
! II 11 ml.
1 An interesting meetingof the Women'! r"" W.vbminhtos St., J'okti.vnii, Or.,
Foreign Mission Society of the Baptist ! Ji nk 29 Editok Kntkri'Hirk. You
1 ctnircn, was nei.i in .-aiem msi rri'iav u-lll uoo V,i Vriitnv on,l ..,i
1 1:. i 1 ....1 Ic I.... Xl-.. I I' h.;..u ..I, J 11
nc ui i.ione i.Ltic oiiorina; ktatiierings ' Jiunj.n . v. iiiue, ui
A Farewell party.
gays the Salem Statesman, which are
always so pleasantly remtmbered, took
place at the resilience of Miss Waterous,
on I'iety hill, Friday evening. The
occasion was a farewell party tendered
by Miss Waterous to Miss Azalie Coch
rane, who yesterday took her departure
for ber home in Oregon City, after aUut
a year's residence in this city, during
which time she was teacher at the
Capital Business college, making her
borne with Miss Waterous. The even
ing was happily spent in card-playing
and merry conversation, not to mention
a delicious lunch served in Misa Water
ous' inimitable style.
Those present were : Miss Waterous,
Misa Nettie Cochrane, of Oregon City,
Miss Azalie Cochrane, Hon. and Mr.
8. F. Chad wick, Hon and Mrs. Napol
eon Davis, Mr. and Mrs, A. Plamondon,
Mrs. A Cox, Mr. and Mrs Saubert,
Miss Mary Chad wick, Misa Angle Mo
Culloch, Miss Edesse Plamondon, Miss
Addie Plamondon, Mr. A. W. Giesy.
Miss Cochrane has made many friends
during her stay in our city, who will
be ever ready to welcome her again
among ns.
Park Plack. Social. A very pleas
ant social was given by Mrs. J. A.
Chase to the Sunday school children of
the Park. Various games, were indulged
in. Candy and fruits were in abund
ance, provided by the hostess
i.11'1 1 Jllll'lill . .Hlfl, Ji. V. IIIZIIB, Ull ,, ., . , ,
this city, president of the society, pre-1 0r,oman' ,liat a ,r,l,ni1 ,jf m",e
School Superintendent Alex. Thom
son, w ill deliver the ora'ion at West Ore
gon City tomorrow. Prof. S. A. I). Gur
ley will read the Declaration of Inde
pendence, and Mr. Munson is grand
The ladies of St. Paal's Guild will
furnish the refreshment or the band
excursion next Thursday. Thi assures
plenty of good eatable, aad ia a sure
indication that everyone will fare well
on the excursion.
Assessor J. W. Noble and derjutv J.
0. Witherill are very busy at the Court
House, nnielung up the assessment roll.
They have about completed the
arduous work of traveling over the
county looking for assessable property,
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Ereytag, accomp
anied by their children, Otta, Paul, and
Annie, started Monday for Austin, Texas,
where they expect to reside in. the
future. They desire to say good bye
to their friends through the columns of
The Lntkbprisb.
Last March the people of the West
Oregon City school district voted a tax
and issued $2000 bonds to erect a new
school house. Thev disposed of the
$2000 bonds issued to Mr A. D. Putrow,
of this city, at par, and will soon have
their elegant new school btiillding com
pleted .
tlie older Sunday school children were,
Mrs. Apperson, Mr. and Mrs. Straight,
Miss Kinearson, Miss Brown, Mr.
Ereytag, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, and
and many others. .
Notwithstanding the hot weather,
County Clerk Johnson has issued the
Among j following permits to marry during the
past week: Louise fli-dv and I). M
Baker, Mirgaret A. McGue and Charles
O. Kose, Ellen Kutherford and Andrew
Graham, Maria Sutherland and lwis
M. Kossangie.
been here for the purpose of lool.ing
up a location for a bicvele factory, to
employ from four to six hundred hands
! in the manufacture of cycles for the
Asiatic and Australian trade, as well as
the American. The concern Mr, Gol
den represents, have already three large
factories in England, and employ 1,700
people and wish to locate a factory here
in order to escape Wm. McKinley and
his little tax. I tried to have Mr.
Golden run down to Oregon City with
me in order to show him the bounteous
power of Oregon City a a location for a
factory, but Imperative duty urged him
to Utah and Chicago, so I could not de
tain him. He left a proposition with
the Portland chamber of commerce, and
I bope Oregon City will combine with
Portland, and try and secure this very
important concern for Oregon City.
Fancy four hundred skilled workmen
and their families coming to your city
at once from England, and other part.
Shall be happy to run down and talk to
a mass meetingof your people on thi
sutject, and as a Portlander of ten year
standing I would like to see the factory
established right tst Oregon City, if pos
sible. Propositions are before Astoria,
Seattle, and Tacoma Chambers of Com
merce, on the subject. I write Mayor
Sullivan today in the matter..
W, 3. Moh.ian.
The above communication has been
handed to the secretary of the
Oregon City Board of Trade for their
Cf Matter ami Fact Around the Fall.
Pasturing l'en-0iir Flower Warden.
Thi (lrl
There I still considerable complaint
about cow vturin on lha street of
Oregon City, wpeoially in some of
residence portion of the municipality.
"The treet 111 front of my yard look
none like a cattle yam than an Improved
street In acity,"aiJ Fud Chainian,
as he returned from a reeounolter of ,
('. S, alley, with a view of petition- ;
ing the council to have the same wid
ened. Ol course, the ow nei of cow s con
sider that they ought lo have the Inallen-
able right to pasture them on the utrect. j
One attractiv feature ol Oregon City
that trike the vUitor very favorably, i j
the universal prevalence of well kept ;
flower garden. No city in the tate ;
afford a greater number of Mower gaid- j
ens that present a more attractive display
of varieties than this citv. Exclauiit-;
lion of delight Kie lieaid aluiust daily;
from viiitoi who are constantly arriving
by 1 ail and boat. This order of things
is not confined to the main portion of
the city but extends lo all the surround
ing suburbs.
Notwithstanding the continuous growl
ot the moss-back crank, who howls.
' about lh degeneracy of thegl.lsof this
' age.. It i nolewoithy fact that a con- :
siderable number of thegou Citv young
ladle ara bread earners Many of
these do Hot pil'u avocations from
ncc sity, but piobubly piefer an active
! busy l(e to pending their time in coiu
itaralive Idleness, It I iuietetmg
10 obse.v the nuin.ious guls
tripping grutvliilly along at an
early hour in the morning, weeding
their way to factories, stores, odices,
'printing eslabhsbnienl and oilier
resM'ctalile positions tilled (iy theiii.
These girls have a healthy look an I an
sir of indes'ndeni e iiImhiI lite. 11 thai is
pleasing lo note. Some ol them are ex-M-rts
in their respective lines ol work,
and command good salaries. As teach
ers, aleiiogiapher and tyis wiiters, tele
graph tiM'rat.ns, book-keepers and
other occupations te. pining keen !
ceinmenl and rapidity of execution
'women are becoming veiy piohYicnt.
1 It has U-ell di'inoiixtiaicd that uoo.eii
are more puiiHlakiog in their m k ,
.1 general rule, titan men, ant can
alwavslie depended 011 and .1" ii"t g"
till on sprees ot tli-ipalion. W hat the
aveiagt so called lcn,Mr:ile vonng num.
w ho is winking I r a salary, "pen I for
cig.'its, base hull, etc., would He, would
clothe rcsftiihlv any of the young
hldlt.'S ot llr.'ton City. As a t'oli-e.'ielt. e
their sphere ol iiseiiilln, s i d.-i.ing,
and they can see llieu way ciear U a
comfoitable suhiteiict 111 the (unite,
without tying themselves d"n In lb
drudgery ennsetpiciil oil an nude. table
marri.tge alliance.
(birr Cullies! Far 1'iilnt s.
1 Another grin I glove contest will t ike
1 place ton ght at the Armory Hall be
tween Oregon City's favotlte boxer,
, John S. Claik, and Pat Mcllngh, of
: Wisconsin, for mjIii(s. Mr. Clark, hv
1 hi gontleiiianlv conduct has tin, copll
i dence of the isople of this vicinity. He
( is a skillful and soenrilie boxer, and It
j in line condition, li there is no winner
1 at the end of the eighth round the referee
I shall order another one.
j Teacher Heeled.
I A meetingof the school board was
I held last Satiitdav evening, and the
tleliiiqumit tax roll ordered turned over
; to the sheriff for collection. All the
1 teachers who had positions in the tire
gun (.'it v public school .luring the past
year, w ho made application, were re-j
1 alerted as follows : J. W, Gray, Misses
I Fannie l'orter, Edith lilaspisil ami May I
j Kelley. Miss draco Itaitd, and Miits
' Metla C. lirown, from Ohio, were elected !
I teachers. The ptincipal and arotheri
I teacher yet remain to be selet t"d, An
other meeting of the boattl will tit.
1 sot ill.
I -
Leave fur Camp (illili.ni.
I Tomorrow all tlm officers and privates
' of Company K, of this city, w ho can pos
'siblv leave their business will stint for
the encampment at Milton station, near
1st. Helens. It is expected that nil the
I companies of the First Kegiinelit w ill be
ion hand. All mail for the soldiers at
j the camp should he addressed to lloiilton
1 post office. Three hundred mid ninely
jone dollar have been raised for the utii
i forms, which were shipped from Ohio
last Saturday. The following order
directed to Company F, has been issued
by Col. lleehe: "Companies F.Oregon
City, Captain E. S. Warren, and It, Me-
Minnville, ( aptain ii. L. Heath, will
leave their respective tpiurters ami pio
rced to Portland, as tho commanding old
cera of their companies have been re
spectively instructed, so a to report to
the regimental commander at the Union
depot in this city on July 4, in time to
depart with the regiment for camp,
Cornell lllll Allowed.
The following bill were ordered paid
at the regular meeting of the council
held Wednesday evening :
L L Porter, recorder, $31; C Huntly,
stationery, $1 75; Kidney Smyth, sur
veyor. $,)2 50; C Holberg. street super
intendent, and money paid out, $) 26;
Chas Bltzer, cleaning hydrants, $2; John
Kelly, night policeman, $110; l'osj A Co.,
supplies. $ 40; JH Purdom, chief ol
police, $81 ; Warren & Holman, mattras,
$3 75; C Bold, labor, $H; O C Mfg Co,
supplies, $7: 0 C Electric Co, $S6 70; J
Andrews, labor, $2.
Order of Procession July 4th.
The procession, will join at the sus
pension bridge on Main street at OiltO
a. m. as follows:
First, Chief Marshal; Second, Oswego
Band; Third, G, A. K. ; Fourth, Citi
zens on foot.
The line of march will be along tho
sidewalk leading from flie bridge to the
picnic grounds near tho West Oregon
City school house.
8. A . D GUKLKY, President of the day.
TI Gil! Wm Sf
u urn axti
HciiiLiuartor for l!M,t. sl"M'' (''"lhK anj
(i.ioilis. l'v tlu liiKl"' l,r,',, f,,r V.Mittlu
lltlft", fUlll Kt'lU tllC I'v'Ht (mnmIk tit
LOWEST apiouin
'K 0
1 or
l M"
,. ii t
.l si
t a
Bargains. Bargains. Bargaii
Zl ;l
). '
I Wr
All le w 'tvles lor ladies, ni!e and
children. Iiiiuiind and Juninmnird. 21
per t ent. Ic-s than I'oillaiid nr 0rgn
City prices tln Int.'.' s.itinent of
men's an I Ian Sinniiier Hats.
.lust receiveda late line t la lies,
nii'sc slid clol, liens !ioe, whlih We
ate selling at l.ir Is loW n-gular p.i.fs
No cheap gotMla- all betl itmtrtula.
lliirlinglotl Fl Hlachln,
i 'hit Krltl lliirtm h,t
' 0
We ate now iwdliiig i'n
tiS pounds graliliiatrd niiw
in ,utet ptn su'ar, .
I'l poilli.lt lioldcll I' sij
tiivo tii a mil ami Mitisl'v yoursclvca
ell J
Ml N
with .our itiirt S. "f.J
i lii.
Hamilton & Waslibi
is u,
j I',
lie, I
40 i
I. i
, j,.
II trrade uf lrpNCl Lftft.lV i
a F'lH Sl.M-k of l.iimls r on Iiatol ami rts
. r, I ts protiildtv. Their sts k t Hibrcccs
t'lf i iu C'-iiiir:, ftitslir u nl
I'ii'ui lMiiiil IHiiu iisloii MufT.
Special I'.ills Cm, St titl in ymir or.lcrs l f,,rt" the Sj.rii
a i.
Ii i
ID - Bl
in : tho : .;
Onion from the country j'minjitly (ill
I4S Third Street, Portland.
Id I 11 A II l .(', IIJII V M:1M
lunuuo; b uiiuiiL)! a u
Near Mc
l '
Of All Designs, From tho Smallest E:
CMlcl's Chair h
To tho Largest I"
lit Uookinir ('hairs of noat ami nol.hy dcyipii
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Oregon Picture Frame Compf
Moiddiiifs, Mirrors, Frames, rioture'n, I5ric-a-
KngravingB, Ktcliings, etc. !
108 Third Street, Portland.
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Arlington M