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nnl lnrlctr,
I. . .
Omsii to i misconception of instriio
lions of the proprietor, the writer ftill to
convey his real intention in th article on
the liuiuslrial Exposition in last week's Kit-
TunrRisi. After the coniiiilttee apiwinted
by the botml of trale to rer an exulta
tion, had decided not to proceed, it nu not
the intention of Thi KuTitrMsa to tuper-
eed thia committee by preparing an xtillilt
tor the Industrial Kxpoaition, but to have a
pariuanent exhibit of Clackamas county
productions in tlx business oftic of thia
journal. Already tome valuable samples
have sent in, and the patrons and read
ers of this paper are nxpiested to bring sam
ples of grains, grasses, fruits, vegetables,
minerals, woods, and manufactured pro
ducts, which will be appropriately label!
with the name and residence of the pro
ducer. It is not the intention of this office
to prepare and arrange an exhibit for the
Industrial Exposition. Hut there is an urg
ent need of a place where immigrants and
people trom the Kast can see with theirown
eyes the productions of the soil of Clacka
mas county. Hundreds of people come to
Oregon City, remain a few hours, and leave
with the impression that this is all there is
of Clacksniiis county. To remedy the ex
isting condition of affairs, Tux KTicrRisB
will give space and properly arrange such
exhibit, am! asks the co-operation of its nu
merous readers. It will prove valuable as
an advertising medium for Clackamas coun
ty, and will undoubtedly be the means of
adding desirable population to this section.
This will prove a cheap as well as effective
way of advertising, and can 1 made a great
success. 8ami le of grasses should be gath
ered at once and matured in the shade.
Send in yor.r specimens, and we will have
something to show the intending settler that
Clackamas is a producing county.
It is high time the )eople of Clackamas
county were "getting a move on them" in
the matter of securing belter mail facilities.
I'eople living along the Clackamas in the
neighborhood of Viola, Logan, etc., bitterly
complain that they do not get the Oregon
City paper.-, which are sent out on the trains
Friday n.ormng, until the following Mon
day or Wednesday. This is neither the
fault of the Oregon City or Clackamas post
offices. The mad for l.ogan and Viola leaves
r'ackamasat 1 o'clock 1". M. Fridays, and
the Oregon City papers are evidently carried
through by the mail agents to l'ortlaml,
where they lay over two or three days be
tore they urc returned to Clackamas the dis
tributing office. The only direct remedy is
fort!.e people living on the m-r Ciacka
mas to petition for a mail service direct from
OrennCity. and havetlie same endorsed hy
lie t-ui!,e men of this place, and with
the proper recommendations and forward
ed to our representatives at Washington.
The remedy can behadfor the asking, and
no delay should be made in drawing up and
circulating such petition.
Tn consolidation ticket was elected In
Portland last Monday by majorities ranging
from 4000 to M4 for the city otllclala, and
thecouncilmen were elected from l.W to tl7
McKito.KY is vindicated by the republi
cans of Ohio, who have unanimously nomi
nated him tor governor. Unbounded party
enthusiasm was exhibited. Thousands of
people assembled to do honor to Major Mc-Kinley.
It i a si Kit sea la closed, and the two great
governments will protect the seal. Naval
vessels will start at one from San Fran
cisco to assist in driving away poaohers
Doth English and American authorities will
see that the poachers are driveu off, and the
provisions of the agreement between the
two nations will be carried out.
Thi horrible accident at Hern June
15, resulting from a broken railroad
bridge, and precipitating hundreds of pas
sengers with the wreck into Ilia river, rivals
in horrors the Johnstown disaster. Mem
bers of the leading houses of Hale were
ameng the unfortunate passengers, and in
some Instances whole families were lost.
Thi baccarat scandal ol Umdon, wherein
it appears that the prince of Wales ami sev
eral ol the nobility of England were impli
cated in gambling for heavy stakes is shak
ing the very foundation of the royal throne.
When Americans lose a few thousand in a
social same of poker, the matter is never
mentioned, but it is evidently different with
the aristocratic Britisher,
Urge Crowd lit Attendance,
New People Coming ami on the (J round.
Other Moles of Interest.
The Government is paying McKinley
prices for Indian supplies. The contracts
recently awarded, amounting to over $2,
OfO.OO, call for blankets, clothing, woolen
and worsted manufactures, calico, hardware,
household utensils, agricultural implements,
provisions and grain. As General Bussey
sums up the result: "For all manufactured
goods the prices were as low or a shade
lower than last year; for beef, flour, and
other agricultural products the prices were
somewhat higher." While the tanner and
mechanic are enjoying greater prosperity
and still brighter prospects under the influ
ence of the new tariff, all manufactured
goods, including woolens, cottons, boots and
shoes, leather, iron and steel and hardware
of every description, cost the Government a
iittle. less than last year.
It is stated thai a religious association in
Iowa has decided to form a gospel trust, in
order that " young men desiring to preach
should be discouraged," as they ''interfered
with men already ordained and getting good
salaries." This brings the gospel down to a
business basis, and as preachers mustjlive as
well as other people, there seems no cause
for complaint. It may be found in the long
run that the welfare of true religion will be
found in a return to primitive systems
some of which still prevail in the commun
ion of Rome. When a person conies w ithin
the influence of the gospel, and is impelled
to preach and spread it, he will give himself
to the church, living in its service, and so
employed, is sheltered and protected during
Tils great importance of having an open
river hctuecn the Falls and Portland Is
daily becoming more apparent, hor the
first time our saw and pulp mills are getting
logs from the Columbia. Spruce and Cot
tonwood are both suitable for the manufac
ture of pulp, of which there are immense
ouantilies up and down theColuinbia. The
increasing commerce of Oregon City is an
urgent apeal for an open channel. ;
Thi people ol Oregon City should rally to
the front, and substantially assist West Ore
gun City in celebrating the Fourth of July in
a manner befitting this national event.
This celebration can be made an eventful
one and the people should be liberal in con
tribuling to make It a grand affair. Oregon
City successfully observed Iecoration day
and it will redound to its credit to aid the
West Oregon City people in having a patri
otic, glorious old Fourth of Julv celebra
I Thk present arrangement at the slate S'ii-
itentiarv, wliercbv Messrs. iioldsmilh A
Lowenberg secure all the prison hilxir of the
slate, will soon expire by limitation. This
contract prison lulor is ruinous to the liest
interests of the country, and other methods
should be adopted to keep the convicts em
ployed. In a nnniberof the Southern states
ihe convicts are employed in working the
stite nads in the various sections with lien
eticial results. It would lie a grand thing
for the roads of Oregon if the convict labor
of the state could lie thus used.
Thk present stand still in the values of
town property can be accounted for from the
very fact, that it has far exceeded the actual
value of farm lands to an unreasonable ex
test. But this state of values will not long
continue. Farm lands are steadily appre
ciating in value, and prices are surely ad
vancing. The vastareaof government lands
subject to homestead and pre-emption en try,
have heretofore had a tendency to keep the
prices of farm property at a minimum fig
ure, liut now that desirable government
land is hard to get, the fortunate possessor of
farm hinds will find them rapidly increasing
In v.ihic, and town real estate will advance
in. proportionate ratio.
II . w ninny of our democratic contempo
rary will oe honest cnongli to give the ail-niirii-tratioii
credit for the diplomatic vic
tory it has won by persuading the British
government to agree to its proposition ior a
cessation of the killing of seals in liehring
neat And how many of those which have
been trying to make it appeartbat the presi
dent hal repudiated Mr. Blaine's original
proposition and w as working upon his own
ideas, will be fair enough to state that the
president did nothing of the sort, but took
up the matter just where Mr. Blaine had
left it and carried it through.
The entire citizens' consolidation ticket
w as elected in Portland last Monday. The
Oregonian, regardless of the 0ien sack of
the bosses and the champions of ring rule
and corruption, made a fight for the people
and was upheld by the better class of busi
ness men. But this wss only the beginning,
for after the consolidation election the bosses
united their forces and made a vigorous
tight But the Oregonian never relaxed its
vigilance and the Evening Telegram and
Oregon Express stood firm. It was conced
ed a few weeks ago by a majority of the
people that it was exceedingly doubtful if
consolidation would carry, hut these Journ
als never swerved from the line of duty, and
the people who desired pure government
stood by their convictions. The people of
Oregon can now point with pride to their
metroiolis of 80,000 inhabitants, and rejoice
that it has an honest municipal government
I.vstk.U) of the tariff policy of President
Hamsun's administration diminishing our
fuH-n ' umerre, asthe free-traders so con
fidently , rediclcd, the autumn export trade scctim; to Portland.
,mi, : -1 he t!.o large.st on record. Ail
(he rci' Kurojan steamers sailing from
Ne,v York have their cargo capacities en
engaged monthii ahead.
Thibx will soon be an opportunity to
remedy the gigantic evil of contract prison
labor in the Oregon state penitentiary. The
contract held by Messrs. Goldsmith A low
enberg, the stove foundrymcn.whereby they
control the working force of the state peni
tentiary, expires by limitation. There will
now be no valid excuse of not getting rid of
this obnoxious arrangement. Contract
prison labor in the Pacific states is working
a hardship to manufacturers as well as
skilled labor. In the statesof both Califor
nia and Washington, grain bag manu
facturers control the labor ol the
penitentiaries, making it impracticable
for that industry to be carried on in
Oregon. A well known capitalist, who fore
saw that the soil of this country was admir
ably adapted to the production of flax, atul
that the straw could lie used in the manu
facture of grain bags to good advantage, ser
iously contemplated the establishment of
a bag factory in Oregon City but found It
was impossible to compete with the peniten
tiary made bags of Washington and Califor
nia. The Canadian government has placed
a heavy tarill' on penitentiary stoves brought
from the United Ktates, which will have a
tendency to discourage their production.
Okeoon C'itv must awake to the import
ance of holding her prestige as a commerc
ial center. liailroads have it in their power
to make and unmake towns and we must
have railroad communication with interior
points if Oiegon City expects to remain the
commercial center of Clackamas count v.
General Manager It. Koehler, of the South
ern Pacific railroad says it is not profitable
for them to litiild parallel lines of road, but
that they intend to build feeders to the main
line, tapping the best sections wherever
practicable. Recently Mr. Koehler, accom
panied by Mr. Wm. Barlow, went out from
Barlows and made a general examination of
the proposed line from Barlows to Wilhoit
Springs, Thus it will be seen that there is a
possibility of the Bouthern Pacific building
a feeder from Barlows that would tap all
that rich section of country to Wilhoit
Springs. In that event Barlows would be
come the commercial center for the thous
ands of acres of fertile lands, whose outlet
should he Oregon City. Again, when
this is done there is nothing to pre
vent their building another feeder up the
Clackamas, taking the trade of all that
In that instance ( trei'on
mid be lell in the enld. I he dnmrc r
i io;iniiienf, and Oregon Cily should make
li-i':i.'uc eiiorts to secure the. early con
DumcATtoM or Zkkk ll vi.t,. The bril
liant lady orator, Miss Katie Kttlim, was
listened to by a Ur te and enthusiastic
audience. The chinf feature of the even
ing ol eouriw was the speech by till lady
on "Th Needs, o( the Hour." Ureal
bouquets ol 1 Franc rem and other
llowera that Hood upon the tablo near
the akttr tilled the air will) perfume.
Kiiatonthe program was muslo by the
Aurora airing hand. A poem was then
read by Mia Kehm, AnoCier Instru
mental jlec by the band, atterwhich Mr,
C, W. IUilow Introduced Mia Kehm In
few appropriate words, and llitt orator
camt Ul ore the footlights under loud
cheers and enthusiasm.
Mr. Chairman, I-adies and tlen'leinen :
I am pleased to lie in the busy, beauti
lul, and promising voting city ol Bar
lows, and it does me groat pleasure to
meet such an Intelligent audience as ia
assembled here this evening hhes,Mktt
then upon superstitious prejudices, and
not to be backward in expiesaiug your
thoughts among the people to break a
lance (or freedom ol thought and tint rain
meled expression ol ideas. Wo must in
troduce the social feature into these
gatherings to keep pace w ith the literary.
All classes, religious, political, finan
cial, social, indiistiial or otherwise, have
their organisation acliiig as a radiating
center from which Ibev exert their es
pecial influence from which tlirty devel
op their par'ietilar interests. People are
fast becoming more literal In their way,
and it is only a short time when one ran
express themselves will) no tear ol any
one criticising their ftvethoughtism. We
talieve it ia within our province lo ac
complish much (or go-si, not only for
this young city and state, but for our
whole Pacific (Mast, by orgai.iwd effort
and expression ol opinion upon public
mutters. In conclusion she spoke of the
American flag that was streaming at (till
mast above the hull, and the credit that
was due Mr. John Zeck in erecting audi a
commodious building and having it dedi
cated (or all intervals towards anvance
nient. When Bhe atopiicd sneakine
cheers and applause were indulged guile
decry. Congratulations followed, after
which the hall was soon cleared, when the
music of Ihe Aurora band started the
ball to rolling by a grand march.
I.ookimi hit a Mux Sirs. Mr. Hush.
of Clackamas, paid our town a visit tins'
week, and while here looked into the wa
ter power, lo a corresndent of Tim
Ks i KKi'HisK he remarked, "In all my lile
I never! saw such a natural race as vou
have heie, and with very little, work the
entire Molalla river can lie turned into
this natuiial race, and can have siillicieut
water to run anv reasonable amount of
machinery, and I shall return with some
associates who wish lo examine the
power also. Harlow A t o.
us very good inducement."
Sri'CEKKKi' i, Bai.i. The party given
in the new hall last Saturday evening
under the auspices of Mr. W. II. Mills,
wan a successful aluir tn every remcl.
A large number from 1'urlland andOn-uin
uiy were in attendance, and a most
pleasant time was participated in bv a
verv larL'e and select taltiMrin nf tm.rrv
makers. The Aurora band furnished
he music, ami the pleasant affair was
carried on into the wee small hours.
Homk Auain Mr. and Mrs. William
Barlow returned home last Monday after
a pleasant inn to I'enver. Tlipy return
better pleased with Orcnon than ever he-
Ricint Visitors. Among the recent
visitors were Mrs II Hammond. Misses
Amy and Addie Deas, .Mrs Wm Haulm,
Mr A Oarson, Jas Anderson and Fred
Stephens ol Poitland. Mis Hertie Shaw
and Mia I.ura Miller ol Oreiron City.
Mia Katie Kehm and Mr W W Jesse o(
New Era, Mr D W Smith o( Port Town-
send, W II Keen ol Butteville. Messr
Giesy, Kyle, Strause and others ol Au
rora. Mohk Comkrs. Mr. Henry Koehlr o(
Oregon City, purchased two lots on First
and Irving streets, Uon which he will
erect a building immediately. He re
cently sold his farm in the near vicinity
of Grahams and decided to select Bar
Iowa for hia future home. Mr. Koehler
is well known throughout Clackanirs
county, and we predict (or htm a suc
cessful business in whatever he may en
gage in.
Will Soon Rkti rn. Mr. A. J Oak
ley writes (rem Peakshill. New York,
stating he will start for home about the
20th of this month. We w ill be glad lo
see the old gentleman back to his liulo
A Nekiiihor'h Kumar. Mr. O. II.
Byland, of Needy, paid our town a visit
this weeV and remarked his being agree
ably Burprisod at the progress being
1M Front Hlreet." HARDWARE
Northwester AeU t"
Portland, Oregon.
-Occident Tulllelmilh -Pellet -
-df llw,
llll,''V' .' '
Crescent Wedges (warranted.) H & S Proof Chain. Areado File.
Logger and WihhI Choppers fywialtiea.
Oregon City Agent,
Aro you wanting oithor a Farm
or a small tract
Call and oxamino our choico list.
Willamette Falls Investment
A valuable quarry of building alone
has been loiind on the heights near Ihe
liiriliture factory . which, if properly
worked, would le quite valuable
The I'niiiiie Manufacturing Coin puny
is doing giusl w ork and daily matiulac-
tiliing a line lot o( furniture that Is sen!
to the home wtireroom" in Oregon City,
and to Portland where the headquarters
o( ihe factory aro located Air. ,VJ.
White, the new siitMriiiUndeiil, recently
from Cleveland, Ohio, has taken hold ol
the management o( ihe factory, and as
he is a man of enterprise and stir, and
one wlio thoroughly umixrsiamis ins
hiisiuc. hesiieaks quite favorably lor
the o.llce which he tills.
Messrs. IVniglas A Matheson, (he pro
prietors ol the new steam saw mill on
Clackamas Heights, are manufacturing
some valuable luuilier and have en
staiulv on hand a nice lot ol rough and
dresed lumber, and are able lo lill any
and all ordeia left to them.
The post ollice established herein An
emit. IS1M). receives four mails duilv
l.snt quarter, commencing January ,
and ending March 'M, showed a raiiielhi-
i lion of about I'xl w orth of postage stamps,
and will probably excetd Ihe above
amount at the end o( Ihe present quar
ter. The Paik Place Cash Store is in a
flourishing condition, ow ing lo itslieing
conducted on S'ru tly liusine principles.
The genial p!onetors, Hamilton A
Wa-lilmr n, meriting the coiilldence of
their patrons, have siitlicienl encouragi
have offered ! luent to contimi iliv enlarge their ln;i-
ncss iiicording lo the demand of Ihe
public. All outers can be tilled ill the
groeery department, besides fresh bread
and vegetahlea received each morning.
They also carry a full line o( dry gutsl'
and" a cuielully selected assortment ol
millinery, together with lioots and shoe,
hardware, etc.
The Park Place district school, taught
by Mr Slupp, is in a good state of pio
urvss. The little Congregational chapel
was secured hy our school directors lo
accommodate (he school for the ensuing
year. At the annual school meeting the
vo'ers of our district condemned Ihe old
school house on the north side of the
Clackamas river, and decided in the fu
ture lo hold the school on the south side
at Park Place. Thia year the ground
will he purchased with the view o( erect
ing a large and coiniHo,liouvliool build
ing the year following. There are now
over Ilk) scholars in the school district,
and the people are determined to secure
good school advantages such aa will lie a
great in lucement to houiersoekers.
ftrui'nn of the proposed railroad from this
city to Molalla and Wilhoit.
West Oregon City.
Cherries beginning to ripen.
A family bv the name of buker have
moved into the vacant hoiiso near Mr.
Parker's place.
Mr. Lock iH building a house on lps
property here.
Mr. Goodfcllow lias built a house ami
moved into it.
Work is progressing on the new school
house, which when completed w ill be a
fine building.
Children's Jay will be observed here
by the Sunday school next Sunday.
Mr. Pailior iH building a house on one
of his lots hero, lie has recently buill
n house on his ,'!() acre tract near horn.
llehuH Mi-cur'jil llio Kervices of nil ex
perienced man mid will engage in the.
poultry hiiHiuesH, having already creeled
a suitable building in which ho will
place an incubator.
I t has been decided to celebrate tlio
Fourth of July in grand H'.ylo. Kvory
bodv ia cordially invited lo attend.
and assist in kindling anew the fires of
The Mag entertainment takes nlac.e
one week week from next Katnrduv
night. Alreauy a great many ticket
have been sold for the occasion. It is
expected r largo crowd will be present.
Turk Place (ileiiiilngs.
I'urk Place, the pleasant suburban
portion of Oregon City, is having a steady
growth, and oilers many indticeinenlK to
settlers for cheap and pleasant homes,
Tho (Ihliing industry uflordn employ
ment for numbers a large part of I ho
year, while many pleasun; seekers and
tired clerks and ollice nn.ui stroll hen; to
spend the day fishing in the Clackamas
Oswego Notes.
We had a splendid time last Sunday
on the excursion. It was as we staled
on the posters the beet of the season.
O. W. I'rosscr came out a little short,
but wo came out full of the best ice
cream we have had this year.
Our Hon. S. C. Haines was presented
with a bouncing big girl by bis better
ball. The old gentleman is around with
the cigais.
O. W. Prosser is agent (or the Salem
Canning Co., and wants all the cherries
lis can get. lNii:i,
Hegular wehfoot weather. Hough on
campmcc tings, picnics and bycycle rid
Quite a number ol our people attend
ed the picnic at Marquauis hint ! utiinlay,
having a good time.
We witnessed 1'iof. Kork's financial ex
hibition of figures how betook the bull
hy the horns and the bear by I'm wool
Four other mounter ho referied to w ith
some emphasis, known as Democrat.
Republican, "Oregonian" und Method
Molalla will celebrate the Fourth of
July at Wilght's Spring Prof. Jtork or
ntor of the day
Southern M. K, enmpmeeling closed
Sunday night at. Teasel Creek, with
small success in way of additions. Kev
ereuds Mullurv, Craig, Cross, McFarlcn
and Atkinson, wih as many local preach
ers, conducted the meeting,
Woitre soiry tlrnt onr "compliment
ary" item Iiiih so puzzled llie, Willioil,
correspondent of the Kast. Ilidge division
of the table land in qneslii'm Ihe pinna
cle. Yet it may be consoling to iiiin lo
attribute t he disordered stule of t In- bal
ancing faculty lo In grippe und diM'or
hiicu in altitude ; for U-ing too high, il's
puzzled i too low, it's dazzled ; with both,
it's bedizzened, as were ye scribe a year
or two, or three ago.
"Valuable" mill wanted. Slrangn us
it may seem the foregoing item reminds
us of u once very "valuable member" ( ?)
of Molalla society, who suddenly disap
peared, taking part of the society with
him. The society is still wanting, but
now in a paternul sense in other terri
tory ; bo the rumor goes. I'.vm.
lluckleii's A nil mi Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
ItruiseH, .Sores, (Fleers, Salt Rheum)
Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, und all Skin Krup
lions, and positively cures Piles, or no
pay required. It, i h guaranteed to give
perfect, satisfaction, or money refunded,
Price U5 cents per box. For sale by (J
A. Harding.
Farmers, Atttention
Vou will nv money y luken ymir MACHINER
The last nf material used, nml nons , skilleil
(live us n trial nml nee if our riiTit aro not as low as the k.
work gtinriiutceil m represented. All work done iiruiiitit!i
joint utlemled to without delay. AH kinds of
Machlnory Supptlos Kept on Hand.
Casting furnished. Agents for Ward ,v Itrady'a (Vlrb
Friction Metul, and Morrison ' Self-Luhricnting Tucking
Shop, 5th ami Water Sts Oregon Clty.C
Near Ligtis A- Alhright's 1'mt. her Shop,
Oregon City Sash and Door
Carry the I, ardent Stock of
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Et
In Oregon City.
Special sien of J)oor and Window h made to order. Turning
Estimate! for Stair Work and Store From
Furnished on application. Uuildem, give us call, am! i
ia not of the IwhI, and our price a low a the lowest Pra
on application.
Factory, Cor. Main and llth SU., Oregonl
At Inn New Mill, C.J miles from Oregon City, on this Molil
has a Full Stock of
Ituslic Flooring and Ceiliii
And ull grade of Kmigh I.umU-r of the hest quality. B.
order and delivered promptly.
Pioth nirin and town nronertv w K,i,.l t .i ...,.. in u
U, . i - i j '"Mini v livi inn "
it; man with hi, in mm ill r,.i ;i . :n . il
e ,. , " " 11' Al, VO II1IISICSIUIU IV v-
lor Imiisclf. I nci'H art) low now, und
can give yon pnceH nol to I
choice Farm LuhIh in Inri
Hiriinie i own uml Suhurl
uh a call.
1 hud of nny other Keal KnlalDliit
ami Hiuall InictH, on cany ieruH.
Hill lU'oiiei'tv. Corroyiuow oni'ii SO 1CI
The New Remedy. - - Absolutely!
Thousands Already Cured
i-xi'liihlv.) AkuiiIb liirClin.kiiiimhC.Muily.TIIUH. ClUKMAI"
' 1 ' j